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At Thy Word, Lord
48-0305, At Thy Word, Lord, Unknown, Phoenix, AZ, 49 min

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L-1 Victory over every demon that's possessed the people of this land. [] Their...?... is together, Thou art our Saviour, and our God, and our Healer. Oh, come Lord with such power that'll shake the building. May there be an outpouring of the... [] May every heart be caught away, Lord, up into the seventh heaven, above all the earthly things to live and be...?... Give us Thy assurance tonight of this, by sending forth the Holy Ghost now in this hour. Help me; speak through these mortal lips just now, for we ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Amen.
L-2 Someday 'fore long we're going to see Him Who is the invisible One in our midst tonight. At this point of the reading of the Scriptures, that Jesus' ministry had become very popular. About seventy percent of His ministry was upon Divine healing. He healed the people, not to show His authority; He healed the people to fulfill the Scripture. For the Scripture said that many of them came out to Him, and said, "We desire signs," and so forth.
Said, "You hypocrites. You can discern the face of the skies, but the signs of the times you cannot discern." Said, "When the sky is red and lowering, be foul weather; and clear, so forth by the setting of the sun." But He said, "Now, if you can discern that, you ought to know His days, because the prophets had said, Isaiah said, 'The lame shall leap like a hart; the tongue of the dumb shall sing.'"
And that was the day that the people were living in, to see the manifestation of God's testimony concerning His Son, Christ Jesus. [Matthew 16:1-4], [Luke 12:56]
L-3 And God is the same. Christ had made the claims that He was the... He, the I AM. And He said... Therefore, the testimony of two, in the law was right. "Mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established." He said, "If I testify to what..." He made His claims. And God testified in Him. Then that made it so. [Matthew 18:16], [Deuteronomy 17:6], [II Corinthians 13:1]
Well, isn't it just the same tonight? He, in His days of His visitation, He had people who looked for Jehovah way back, as He was in the wilderness with Moses. But He said, "As you have believed in God, believe also in Me." God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Now, He said, "You believed in Him back there when He was in the form of Spirit, now the Father is in Me. And I am in the Father, and the Father in Me. Now, you believe Me for the very works' sake." [John 10:38]
L-4 Now, many people are looking forward... Some of them say, "I believe God can do all things." Anyone that's even got their right mind knows that God can do all things. If He cannot do all things, He's not Almighty God. But if He is Almighty God, He can do all things.
Therefore, the trouble of it is tonight with people, they're looking for God way millions of miles away, when God is right here in your midst now. Think of it. The One that you love, the One that you serve is here. He spoke these Words, "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, there I will be in their midst." That's just as true as any of the rest of the Scripture. [Matthew 18:20]
L-5 Now, He promised that He would do these things, sending signs and wonders. And now, God has made that known to the people. Now, if you can get the vision of it, and will believe it, tonight will be your night to be healed. Now, if you doubt it, there's no matter... If Christ Himself was wearing my suit and my shoes, He was standing here and you had the... [] You would go away from here just as sick as you are now. He cannot save you against your own will. He cannot heal you against your own will. You must believe that He is, and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Amen. And is that right?
Now, He's here to heal tonight. Why would He heal some and leave others go? See, it's not God's will for any of you to go unhealed. It's not God's will for any of you to go unsaved. He died. He came to get a... []...?... And sickness is because... Sin is because of sickness.
L-6 To rid it, put it away. Divorce it, get away with it. God divorced everything of the de... [] Upon the human... [] When Christ died at the cross, a perfect deliverance. Delivered everything... [] He's free from sin, free from sickness. Only through... [] Christ at the cross. [] Right. What would be the... [] For... [] to have God...?... free him... []
Now, in there, the minister was speaking before me, building the people around faith, preaching on the subject of the miraculous God. He said...
Now, you've seen the eyes of those people who were born blind; standing here seeing, counting the lights, and asking what they was, and different colors; deaf, dumb, cripples, people had been...
L-7 One man come there from Texas with his wife in a wheelchair, had been there for sixteen years in the wheelchair. Flew her in by plane. And a few moments after she was prayed for, she was walking the aisles, a glorifying God.
The next night, the man come in the prayer line. I didn't know. I took hold of his hand; there's no vibrations. I looked up and he was crying. He said, "Now, Brother Branham, I guess I played the part of a hypocrite. But I understand you're a poor man. I want to give you a--a little offering to the Lord."
I said, "I don't receive offerings."
And he said, "Well, here is a little check..." [] Said, "Not just for saying the prayer." He said, "Look. That's my mother setting there that was crippled for sixteen years."
I said, "Well, I never healed her. Christ healed her."
And he said, "Well, here. I just made out this check." A check made out for five thousand dollars. He was an oil man worthy of it. I tore it up. I--I didn't want none. Then, you see, what I want is your faith.
L-8 Look. In a few years from now, I will say within the space of five years, maybe a little longer, maybe a little less, your money won't be worth the paper it's wrote on. It won't be worth nothing.
Over in Russia today, they have their houses papered with thousand dollar bills. It ain't worth nothing. Confederacy... That's right. And we're coming to the same thing.
A missionary here in Miami the other day was talking to me. He walked down the streets of London, England, where we were going to there at the London Hall. He said, "I had six hundred pounds in my pocket," which was dollars. And said, "My little girl wanted a little cookie. And those six hundred dollars would not buy that little cookie. I had to have a stamp first. It's rationed."
Mark of the beast... No man can buy or sell except he that had the mark. And it's coming right here. You listen to it. You'll probably be seeing it 'fore I get back here again. It's right at the door, and we're near the end.
L-9 So don't think of money. Don't think of homes and land. Think of Christ Who is coming. There's nobody can put hopes in anything else but Christ now. That's right. Everything, our whole future is on the coming of the Lord. That's right. That's the hope of those who are asleep, and of we who are alive.
Now, notice this. Now, in--in that meeting there that this minister had spoke to them, upon... []... miraculous God; how that God came down. In the beginning and created the heavens and earth; how that He come upon a brazen serpent.
And then somebody, of course, when those claims was made, they said the... "Why, who ever heard of such." You couldn't prove it by the Bible.
But God told Moses to make a serpent. Why did He do that? That the people could have something to look at. Now, that's just human. That's just human for somebody to--to look at something. The natural eye has to see something.
L-10 Now, the serpent wasn't a healer. But God put His gift of healing upon that serpent. Do you believe that? He did. And now, if somebody looked, 'course wouldn't believe. But somebody looked and believed. And when they did, the serpent bite was cured. Then others begin to look and believe. They knew then that God was testifying through that serpent, that He was Jehovah-rapha, the Healer. And He's yet Jehovah-rapha, the Healer. He's not the I was; He's the I AM, not something that was, something that is, now, present tense.
All right. Now, when they looked upon that brazen serpent, and they were healed, now, that was miraculous. Then after the days of the brazen serpent, He came down with His Angel upon the pool of water.
L-11 Now, look. That brazen serpent could not pray for anybody, could it? It could not lay hands on anyone. Yet they recognized God in that brazen serpent, His gift. The pool could not pray for anybody, could it? But God put His Angel upon that pool, and the people that recognized it by getting into it was healed. Is that right? Now, the miraculous God. [Numbers 21:9], [John 5:1-9]
And then he went ahead to say that God came down and dwelled in Christ. God also sent His gift down in Peter, the apostle, also in Paul, even to laid in their shadows they were healed. Is that right? They recognized God, His miraculous... [Acts 5:15]
And then he said, "Now, isn't it a strange thing, that the God back in the days that promised deliverance to Israel, after sojourning down there for four hundred years, He brought it to pass when the people's in need of healing or of deliverance. He brought deliverance to them. Now, the people of God is in need of healing. And God promised to send the gift. Isn't it a positive fact that God will keep His Word? Sure He will."
L-12 Then he said, "Man can make a claim of anything, but if God doesn't testify of it, it's wrong." He said, "Now has God..." [Tape quality for sixteen seconds is very poor so the text is not included because it is not intelligible--Ed.] I'd give anything I have if I could go in somewhere and set down, and listen to an old fashion, Holy Ghost, godly sermon preached. Oh, my. []...?... But it seems like, when you get there, every thought's on healing then. And then pray for the sick. [Hebrews 11:4]
L-13 I came up tonight and I heard them girls singing. I want to get here real early tomorrow night, hear some more of it. That helps me. It encourages me. I like to hear it. I like to hear good preachers.
I would--I would love to heard Jesus when He went down to the seashore that morning to speak upon what God was doing for Him. I would like to have heard Him that morning, wouldn't you? He went down, and the people pressed upon Him to hear the Word of God.
Now, look. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word of God. Is that right? And He was the Word. In the beginning was the Word, the Logos that went out of God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelled among us. He was the Word of God manifested on earth. Do you believe it? [Romans 10:17]
Here He goes. And they were standing there hearing the Word. Now, some of those sisters... []
L-14 Didn't work on Him. They heard that there's going to be a meeting down at the river. So they went down to the river. Some of the brothers, they didn't go to plow that morning, or go... [] They went down to the river to hear Christ. There's some of them didn't believe Him to be Christ just like some of them don't believe healing today, to be your healing. They don't believe in a restoration of the gifts. That doesn't keep it from being so. Somebody's going to hear it. Somebody's going to believe it.
They didn't believe Him to be the Son of God, but God manifested Hisself through Him and proved it by signs and wonders. He promised in the last days that there'd be a church of scoffers. We've got them. And He promised there'd be a Church that signs would be following it. We've got it. That's right. So it was on one side of the other tonight. And each one of us in here are either on one side or the other. That's right. [II Peter 3:3]
L-15 Now, notice. Then, when they all pressed down to hear Him, there was a... Two or three fishermen had been fishing all night long. One of them's Simon.
I always believed that Christ knew right then that, just what was going to take place and He knew that Simon was up there. And it had been said... They pulled all night and hadn't caught any fish.
I guess you people here in the... out here in the desert don't know very much about fishing. But--but anyhow, it's the most discouraging thing to fish and don't catch nothing.
So they'd pulled... I see a lot of them laughing. There's some fishermen here. So they'd pulled all night long and hadn't caught any fish. And there they'd set down washing out their nets.
And then I can hear Peter say to Andrew, say, "Well, there comes that Divine Healer down." They heard so much about Him. "Let's hear what He's going to say." I can see him; he set down on a stump, you know, down, way down on the river somewhere. You know how the... Some of the... Fellow when he comes in the meeting the first night, a little skeptic. He's as far back as he could get...?... All right. He set back there, you know, the... wondering what was going to take place. [John 21:1-6]
L-16 And I can hear Him begin to speak about how that God promised that He would heal the people through Him. Isaiah's prophecy was fulfilled. He was the One that was to come, the Messiah. He was speaking to them upon those subjects, telling them how God had healed by Him through other parts of the country. Now, He's healing right through Him then, bringing salvation, deliverance to the people, and so forth.
And I can see the old apostles pick up chunks, move up just a little bit closer. Oh, my. I like to get just a little bit closer, don't you?
I can see him move back, say, "Come on, Andrew. Let's...?... move up a little closer. Then first thing you know, He just left a chunk alone, got standing up with the rest of them. Listened to Him. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-17 My, I like to have heard Him speak, wouldn't you? He spoke not like one of the scribes. He spoke with authority. And He begin to speak and tell the people, not what somebody else, but what "I." Now.
Now. And I can hear Simon say, "You know, there's something about that Man's speech that seems a little... [] I like Him. I like the way He delivers that message." I can see him walk up a little closer. Then after Jesus had got through speaking, He was in Simon's boat. I can hear Him say, "Now, Simon..." Oh, my. I wonder what he thought. "Simon, thrust out now, into the deep. Launch out into the deep, and let down for the draught."
Now, that was kinda peculiar. "Go out there in the deep and let down for the draught? Why--why, look. We're--we're fishermen. Now, we're just not somebody that has a--a--a line stretched on the banks...?... we--we fish. We know what kind of... How the signs are to catch fish. And we fished right through here all night long, and we haven't taken a thing. Just think, all night and haven't taken nothing."
Well now--now Peter... Now, watch. Here's a test of faith. Now, I believe that God always puts people through a test of faith. Prove him first. Prove all things. And a real Christian enjoys a test of faith. [] I don't...?... He takes his...?... [John 21:1-12]
L-18 Then when he come out here to the side of the mount... [] Isn't that something? I believe the apostle said that our trials are better than gold to us. Think of it. God might've let you get sick, in order that you might be a testimony, that He might heal you, that you can stand on His Word. Then when you reach the opposition, you can say, "I know." Beyond any shadow of doubt, you're... Oh, my. Witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria. A witness is somebody who's really done something, been somewhere, and seen something. Is that right?
Now, remember. A witness has to be a witness, eye witness to know what they're speaking of. It can't be secondarily. If you go down here at the courthouse and say, "I seen a wreck on the streets," and you looked at it through a window glass, you could not be a witness. Got to be right there personally. You can't double see things, you've got to be a correct witness.
Now, isn't that a thought to think of now, sister, you setting there with the blinded eyes, with the glasses on: probably bad eyes or you wouldn't even have the glasses. Now, isn't that something, to know that God let that sight get in that condition, that He might give a testimony? Isn't it wonderful? That we would know that He come up... [Acts 5:32]
L-19 "Why is he blind?" and they said, "Who sinned, he or his father?"
Said, "This case, neither; but that the works of God might be done." God wanted some witnesses. Now, He sent His gift of healing to heal you, that you would go out and be a witness, then stand the test of faith. Walk out and claim your God given privilege. Sure. That's right.
Now. Then I can see as He said, "Now, thrust out into the deep, or launch out into the deep, and let down for the draught." Now, He was educating that man, so that he would know just how to... After while, he had a great trial, remember, many of them. But he had to be educated. [John 9:1-3], [John 21:1-8]
L-20 Now, maybe you have to be educated. Maybe that's why the sickness is on you, that God has to educate you to a place that He is, and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Maybe that's what your faith is give to you. That's why the sickness come upon you, to test your faith. Then you can walk out here in Phoenix, or--or Douglas, or wherever you're from, and say, "I know. Nobody can tell me; I know He's a Healer." [Hebrews 11:6]
How many in here's been healed by Divine healing, let's... Do you know it? It's true. Amen. It's true. You are His witnesses. Oh, my.
Now, here we are. I want you to notice it. Then He said, "La--la--launch out now and let down."
So he said... Peter said, "Lord, we've toiled all night long." We seined through these waters, in other words. "We've fished and fished, and we haven't even got one fish."
Here it is, get it. "Nevertheless, at Thy Word, Lord, I will let down the net." See? "I know we've done everything humanly. All... We're... Our knowledge, our ability, we're at the end. But at Thy Word, Lord, I will let down the net." [John 21:1-6]
L-21 Now, look. You probably been to doctor's. You had a operation. You've tried everything. You might been through prayer lines before. But "At Thy Word, Lord, tonight I'm going to let down the net. I'm coming tonight to let the net down. I'm going..."
Well, you say... "There's no fish there."
"You seined through, Peter. You kn--you know you seined through all night, and there's no fish there."
If God said, "Let down the net," He will put fish there. See?
And I believe tonight, if the doctor says you can't be well, and the Word of God says you can be well, God can put anything... He can put new cells; He can put new eyes, eardrums, whatever it is, He can put it there. Don't you believe it? [John 21:1-6]
L-22 When He met Abraham, 6th chapter of Genesis back there, He met him in the Name of Jehovah, of God, the Almighty. Now, the word in the Hebrew is from the word "El Shaddai," which means "the--the breast, the nourishing," like the woman nourishes her baby. Abraham was ninety and nine years old, no children. His wife, Sarah, was past eighty. She had... They had no children. But God told him, "I am El Shaddai. I am the brave--the breast. I'm the Almighty." In other words, "No matter how weak you are, I can nourish you back to health again. He's still Almighty God. He's El Shaddai tonight.
You say, "I'm old, Brother Branham. Is healing for me?"
Yes. Amen. It's "whosoever will, let him come."
You say, "I belong to the Methodist."
I don't care where you belong, healing is for you if you believe it. El Shaddai, the Almighty. Let down the net, Lord.
You say, "Well, I'm old. Well, I've had this infirmity, this female trouble; I've had this for years and years. I've tried the doctor and everything. But at Thy Word, Lord, I will let down the net." [Genesis 15:1-15]
L-23 See, if you've got something to stand on... The Word of God speaks of healing. It says there's healing. And it is... []...?... And I wouldn't have the... []...?... wouldn't be tonight, ask Lord, I'm going to let down the net... []
There was woman with a blood issue. She'd been... [] Spent all... []... for use with the doctors, and not any good. Some of them, of course... of even trying any farther. Maybe she'd been prayed for. Maybe she'd made the offerings... []
The prayer line was so great, she couldn't get through the prayer... [] So she said in her heart... Glory. "If I can touch even the border of His garment, I'll be healed." And she pressed through the crowd and touched the border of His... []
Turned, and said... []
Peter said, "Behold the multitude..."
He said, "I perceive..." [] Has gone... []...?... Friends, weakened.
He's still the same tonight.
L-24 The maniac at Gadara, his mind was gone. Everything, every hope was gone. He'd lo--left his family. He was a maniac, into the wilderness, tombs, the graveyard, a real devil's hangout, an old dead place like that. All right. They still like them kind of places.
Notice. But he...?... [] The doctors... [] They'd failed.
Maybe he knowed that God... that the Messiah would come... [] His right mind.
He's still God tonight just the same as He was in that day. Friends, wake up. The hour... []...?... His gifts, the power, the promise of God stands near tonight to whosoever will, let him come. If it'll work on others, then God testifies of that. And if God testifies of it, it's true. Don't let it pass by you. Take God at His Word. Yes, sir.
L-25 There was a man; his baby had died, his little girl, twelve years old. Jesus was on His road to Jairus to heal his daughter. And the message come that the girl's already dead, "Trouble not the Master."
I can see his countenance fall. My. He thought, "My girl is dead." He joined hisself with the unbelievers. But all the time he wanted to believe Jesus.
There's a many one in this city tonight wants to believe the full Gospel, but they're afraid of their position. That's right. They want it. They're hungry to have enough salvation to holler, "Gloria a Dios" That's right. There's a lot of them like that. But the trouble of it is, they think more of their pride and their dignity than they do of the lovely Christ of God. Oh, my.
But He's here. He's still Christ. And He proved Hisself, that He will give those the Holy Ghost that'll come God's provided way to receive it. Amen. That's right. Now, He will heal those likewise that'll come God's provided way to receive it. [Mark 5:22-43], [Luke 8:41-55]
L-26 Now, notice. At the great difference... And these people now as they come along. This little old Jairus, his heart dropped; "The child's dead; trouble not the Master."
I can see those sacred eyes as they moved over, said, "Fear not; only believe." Oh, my. He knew where He was standing. He knew that child would be raised, for Jairus had true faith to come in the midst of all the doubters.
I can see them as they walked back. One of them say, "What'd I tell you about that Divine healer? What'd I tell you about that? He went off down there now and he brought disgrace upon the church, and so forth."
But Jesus moved right on down the line. When He went into the room, He said, "The daughter... The girl is not dead, but sleepeth." They laughed Him to scorn. They still laugh at Him. And He put them out. And today, those who laugh at God's eternal power, being omnipotent, they're put out of the Kingdom. All right. [Mark 5:22-43], [Luke 8:41-55]
L-27 Then when they come to the place, He walked in, put them all out but Peter, James, and John, took the...?... []...?... deliver... For, look, all of everything there was gone. The human had pulled away. He knowed their faith. But He was possessed. Get it! It was powers. Took from this mortal body of His, out into the spirit land, and called back the spirit of that girl, that had been dead for hours. Out into that land...
I'm thankful tonight to be acquainted with that same One Who can call the spirits from out of the spirit land back into the life. [Luke 8:41-55]
And He was standing there, Lazarus' grave. All hopes was gone. Lazarus had been dead four days and was in the grave, stinking. Look at it...?... They heard that Jesus... They went out...?... I believe...?... Born the virgin birth...?... Almighty God...?... [John 11:1-45]
[Tape quality is very poormuch of the text is not included because it is not intelligible--Ed.] [Mark 5:22-43]
L-28 There was God raising the dead. Yes, sir. Said He hungered. When He come off the mountain, looked upon the trees, there was no figs to eat. They said He was hungry like a man. I know He was a man hungry when He was look... [] But when He took five sandwiches and fed five thousand, He was God. That's right. That's true. I know that to be true.
I know that when He was down there on the boat one night where, I guess, ten thousand devils of the sea had swore they would drowned Him. He was laying asleep, tired, and weary from the healing services, laying in the back of the boat. God knows I have a little idea of what He suffered. Laying there so sound asleep. Even the waves and the wind could not wake Him up, He was so sound asleep. But then when He was laying there, He was asleep like a man. That's right. Then when I see Him raise--sleeping like a man, but raise, put His foot upon the brail of the boat, look up to heaven, and said, "Peace." Then down to the earth--to the waves and said, "Be still." When He made the winds and waves obey Him... He was a man sleeping, but He was God that stilled the winds and waves. That's right. [Mark 4:35-40]
L-29 When He was dying at the cross, crying, "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?" He was a man in His death, but He was God in the resurrection. That's right. "Only I can have power to lay My life down, I have power to raise it up again. No man taken It from Me, but I lay it down freely." He was. He's still tonight. [Matthew 27:46]
When He was standing there at the side of the grave of Lazarus. And I can see Him standing there as a man, frail, crying, and the tears running down His cheeks. Yet He knew He could raise Lazarus. But that was His human feeling for the people. And when He stood there by the side of the grave, He said, "Take ye away the stone." He knew that somebody had to do some part.
You got your part to do. []...?... move the stone. Those two little frail women. And when they took away the stone, I can hear Him clear, "I thank Thee that Thou hearest Me always. But for these who stand by..." [Mark 15:34], [John 11:30-46]
L-30 Look at Him. Here it is; get it. I can hear Him scream with a loud voice, way out there in spirit land, "Lazarus." I believe if He hadn't have called him by name, there'd been the general resurrection right there. And I believe it. That's what I think of Him. That's right.
He said, "Lazarus, come forth." Oh, my. Corruption knew its Master, the spirit, likewise. Lazarus had been dead four days. His soul was somewhere in eternity. I don't know where it was at; neither do you. We won't argue about that, where his soul was. But anyhow, it heard the Voice of the Son of God. And a man that had been dead four days, stood up on his [] again. [John 11:30-46]
He's the same yesterday, today, and... [] You believe it? "Nevertheless, Lord, at... [] I will let down the net."
L-31 Old Paul, at the end of his... The saint, at the end of his journey, "I've fought a good fight, I've finished the course; I've kept the faith. Henceforth, there's laid up for me a crown that the Lord will give me at that day." Notice another thing, what he said there in his going away when he said he fought the good fight and everything. He said, "Oh grave... Death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory? Oh death, show me where you got...?... Where you at?" A challenge. "Come down, death. See if you can scare me." All right. Looked down and seen that six foot of mud laying there, said, "Oh grave, where is your... [] "Show me where you can show it to me." Say, "I can hold you. I can show you an empty tomb in Jerusalem." Amen! He's still Christ tonight. "Death, where is thy sting; grave, where is thy victory?"
May I add this with Saint Paul, "Sickness, show me your place to stand before our God...?..." [II Timothy 4:7], [I Corinthians 15:55]
L-32 But nevertheless, Lord, at Thy Word, I'll let down the net. I don't know how You're going to take my soul from here when the wheels of mortal life stand still, but at Thy Word, Lord, here I'm coming into dark eternity, trusting you...
"I don't know, Lord, how that through a prayer of somebody, that You'll heal me. But at Thy Word, Lord."
You say, "That's in His Word?"
"These signs shall follow them that believe; In My Name they shall cast out devils. (Is that right?), speak with new tongues, take up serpents, drink deadly things; and if they laid their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
"At Thy Word, Lord, here I come. I don't know how it's going to happen, but here I am." Don't try to figure out God, take Him at His Word. [John 21:1-12], [Mark 16:17]
L-33 There Peter up all the night and the boat tossed about. And the first thing you know, he seen Jesus coming. He said, "Lord, if it be..." [] Didn't know what he was saying... [] But ye shall receive. "Come." "Lord, I know it's probably forty fathoms deep here. I don't know how I'm going to walk. I know it's just as impossible for me walk on this water as it is on that air. I am not trying to figure out the chemical first. I'm not trying to figure out whether there's a board under there for me to walk on, if You told me to walk, at Thy Word, Lord, here I come." That's right. [John 21:1-14]
L-34 If he could take Him at His Word, what about you tonight, after nineteen hundred years of tests... Hallelujah. Why, brother... [] Word... []... to figure it out... []...?... "I'm taking You..." []
Some old boys one time that took Him at His Word, wasn't afraid. There was some Hebrew children down in--in Babylon. Daniel purposed in his heart he wouldn't defile himself with the king's meat: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, also.
And there come a decree, that ever who would not bow down to a certain image, would be put in a furnace het seven times hotter than it ever was het. All right. Now, there come the test. [Daniel 3:8-25]
L-35 After you're prayed for [] tomorrow, the next day's going to come the test. Don't you worry. You... Everybody in here that ever received the Holy Ghost, a few days afterwards, come the test. Is that right? When you're healed, that demon in there, the body of it begins to die out. The test is coming. Satan's going to try to return back. When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man, he walketh in dry places. He returns back, brings seven other devils worse than he was. Is that right?
Notice. Let the house be garnished, and swept, and ready at that hour... Here it is, get it. He returned back. But he found the house garnished and swept. Then there the Holy Spirit in there to keep him away at that hour.
L-36 Now, these Hebrew children, I can notice them. As they were praying, they didn't pay any attention to the king; they didn't fear his command. They wanted to know what THUS SAITH THE LORD. And they turned their faces... []...?... prayed just the same.
Notice, closely now. All right. The decree was made. Then if the king put his seal upon there, he must keep it. He's going to burn these three Hebrews up. I can hear Belteshazzar, or--or Nebuchadnezzar, rather, say, "We will teach these holy-rollers what to do around here. We will show them who's boss around here."
And don't you worry, but what that time's coming again. That's right. Right at the door... Oh, my. You're living in the shadows now. [Daniel 3:8-25]
L-37 Notice. Watch. He said, "We will see what will happen to these boys. We will test out that Holy Ghost religion and see what it does. We will burn it out of them." Brother, it's been tried to be burned out of a many a man. But you can't burn the Holy Ghost out; It's fire Itself. That's right. They tried to boil It out of John. But they couldn't boil It out of him in hot grease. That's right. You can't boil It out; you can't scare It out; you can't run It out; It's there to stay.
Notice. I can hear them say, "We will throw them in the fiery furnace." I can see king Nebuchadnez... []...?... highest robes, and set down, priestly robes around him. Said, "Now, watch them... Watch them scream at their test." [] Any of those old...?... []...?... you after this healing meeting too. [] But at Thy... [] That's right. []... David and Goliath... [] [Daniel 3:8-25]
L-38 "But at Thy Word, Lord, here I come." Oh, no matter how big the opposition looks, I... You meet me as a Philistine with an armor..." [] "I meet you in the Name of the Lord God of Israel." There it is.
Satan says... All the doctors says you're going... [] I'm coming, claiming that he... []...?... for this purpose. "I meet you right back. You can't have no power over me, for I am free. Christ, He makes me free."
L-39 I can see them walk on up there. Tie their hands behind them, march them down the death march to the fiery furnace. I see that scaffold as they went up to the top of the big pits. That morning was... [] Blazes going up. I can see that great sight.
Notice just a minute now. Give me your close attention and pray. I can see them as they started up this pit now. I can see King Nebuchadnezzar setting up there and saying, "Now, look. Watch them how they shriek and holler there when they get up there."
This time is shaky time. I can see... First thing you know, Shadrach looked around at Meshach, said, "What do you think about it?" Begin to feel this heat coming on him. We will feel it; don't worry.
I can hear it... Meshach say, "Listen, I don't care. Our God's able to deliver us from that. But at Thy Word, Lord, here I come. That fire will probably could consume us like that. But at Thy Word, Lord, here I come. I will not bow down to anything else. I'm taking You at Your Word. I'm a coming."
All right. They walked a few steps farther. Oh, my. The heat was so great, till the men begin to get a sickening feeling. They was pushing them to... []...?... [Daniel 3:8-25]
L-40 The time come. I can see them begin to shorten their steps; the spears stick up a little harder. "Move on. Move on." I can hear Shadrach say again, "What do you think about it, Abednego?"
"Well, I'm taking God at His Word. We know that our God has done many things. He opened the... [] He brought us here. He's done those things."
And the God that lived in that day lives today. Tonight, friends, we've got hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of years of testimonies this side of that. Surely we can take Him at His Word. [Daniel 3:17-26]
L-41 On up to the fiery furnace. Right down, stopped there, into the furnace they go. Looked like nobody's concerned.
Said, "What do you think about it, out there? What do you think about that religion now that you trust Jehovah? See if He will deliver you." [Daniel 3:17-26]
"Oh God, look at them remarks. Nevertheless, at Thy Word, Lord, I'm coming these next few steps." See them raise up...?... God's always concerned about His people. Don't you believe it?
While there's something going... [] Let's look up in the heavens and see if they ain't something going on up there the same time. Oh... [] I can see Him setting on His throne looking down. I can see something coming to the right. What is it? It's an Angel. They call Him Gabriel... [, fourteen second portion unintelligible--Ed.]... concerned in Babylon, He's concerned in Phoenix tonight. There was three in Babylon; there's hundreds in Phoenix. He's here... [] Prayer line... [] At Thy Word. I will have to be judged for what I say. You'll have to be judged for what you believe.
Notice. I have seen them all night... []...?... them world...?... the wicked... []
L-42 "...?... the powers. And I turned over a mighty--and turned on all the water faucets there was in all the deep, and I flooded the earth and drowned everything that was. Let Me go down there. I'll wash Babylon off the... []... believe He could've done it. Don't you? He had the power to wash Babylon off the face of the earth.
I can hear the Majesty say, "Yes, Woodworm, You can..." [] Last... [] Sister Morgan's here. I believe she's one step... [] See them raise off the... [] the final steps. A king...?... of the saints... [] Raised off His... []...?... I can see Him stand up there upon His throne. I can see Him say to a big white cloud out there...?... [] I can see Him say, "Come here east wind, north wind, west and south." Called the four winds... [] "...?... towards the earth.' Everything in heaven obeys Him. []...?...
L-43 Let our hearts be...?... We're afraid to take Him at His Word. Said, "Come here." How do the winds do it? That's not for me to question. Down along the throne came this big white cloud. I can see Him step out on this big white cloud. Glory to God. Like the... [] Lightning. He say, "East wind, north wind, west and south, I'm going to drive you into Babylon this morning. I see our brethren is in need. Woodworm, I can't let You go. Gabriel, I can't let You go. I'm going Myself." Amen.
I can see Him as He... [] Across the sky... [] Last, He picked the time.
And about the time they took the last step... And, "At Thy Word, Lord, here we come." [Record.skips.] Hallelujah.
L-44 He's still Christ tonight. Don't be a scared. Take Him at His Word. "Nevertheless, Lord, I will just take... [] But at Thy Word, here I come, Lord. I will take You at Your Word. Here I am, Lord. I don't know how I'm going to take this last step. I know the doctor says I'm dying... [] Thy Word, Lord, here I come." You don't know how... [] "I'm not trying to test how it can be done. Lord, at Thy Word, here I come. Nothing in my arms I bring; simply to Thy cross I cling. I'm taking You at Your Word."
Shall we bow our heads. O God, have mercy tonight. [] Enough You're standing here. Thou has been the Healer through the ages. You was the One that said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." The last words that was spoke from Your lips...?... before You departed from this world. The last Words that's recorded in the Gospels, You said, "They shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover."
O God, the Scriptures said You ascended on high; You give gifts to men. Some nineteen hundred years is gone. Won't... [] From the Tree of Life, for You... [] Let... people go... [] O God... []
[Congregation sings in Spanish. A minister speaks in Spanish--Ed.]
[Tape quality is very poor so the text is not included because it is not intelligible--Ed.]
I do not know, I have to be honest... with what's standing before me. Now, you know...?... them diseases are demons. You call them cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis. Jesus called them a devil. Now, anybody knows that the word "devil" means "a tormentor," not tormenting your soul, you're free from that by your Gospel preacher and the Word of God. Is that right? I'm not for that; I'm not a preacher. I come for healing of your body.
Now, to rid that tormentor, I... You can't... You'll never be saved and receive the Holy Ghost, unless you believe the Word of God and the man that's preaching it. Is that right? That's the way you get healed, the same way.
L-45 Now, I'm going to pray for as many as I possibly can in these next thirty-five or forty minutes so you can get...
And tomorrow night, bring all your sick. We're going to stay right here until everyone's prayed for tomorrow night, 'cause the next night... Is tomorrow night your last... []
And I want to see everybody. All you dear Spanish people who's got your people around close, they can't get in at Tijuana now. They called me today from Oregon, up in there, to see if they could get a--a white man to come into the--the prayer line at Tijuana. Only one promise of the white people at Tijuana, that's one man given to the Spanish people...?... So now, you come in...
L-46 And I certainly thank God for the hospitality and the friendship of these Spanish people who's permitted all to come together. Yet the meeting was just for the Spanish. We love them, don't we, white people. Is that right, everyone?
I tell you, friends, I have not seen the faith amongst my people that I have seen here. That's right. That's true.
And I'm just... Oh, I wish that I could get down in Mexico for awhile. But they won't permit it still, on account of the riot. But if I could just get down there a little while with Little Joe, or somebody here, who could interpret it for me, and I could just stay a little while. Oh, my. I believe God would turn the nation upside down. I believe it, 'cause they're... The Catholic people are taught to... Is there a Catholic in the building? Let's see your hand if so. Sure, there they are, plenty.
Now, watch. Fine. Catholic is taught to believe what his priest says is right. Is that right, friends, Catholics. I know. I... My people were Catholic, was born...
L-47 Now, notice. Listen to this. You see, the protestants just believe it. Yes. If they don't believe in this church, they'll go over to that one. But Catholic, as long as he's a Catholic, he has to stay...
Now, here. They're taught to believe. They believe Divine healing. And here, they're taught to believe a man, to believe what he says is true. Therefore, when they come, and I tell them this, and they see a set of cross-eyes straightened, or deaf ears opened, they know that has to come from God, and they'll believe it. They'll just sometimes fall prostrate right at this, to your feet like that.
You never see them come by humbly and appreciative. Oh, my, that's where God moves, right in that channel. It's wonderful, isn't it? Certainly. God is making up His jewel. You understand what I'm speaking of.
L-48 Now, shall we bow our heads now for prayer. Father, realizing that I be afraid to step into this realm now, without You would hold my hand... Now, my mind is going back to around two years ago, when in the room that night, that Angel of God came walking in there and said, "You are--been borned in this world to take a gift of Divine healing to the people. Many will not believe you; yet many will. If you'll be sincere and will get the people to believe you, not even cancer shall stand before your prayer."
Angel of God, I do not see You. But I know that You are standing near. Please, Thou knowest my heart, and know how I love these people. Stand by me tonight. And may not one go through without faith. And I know that Your Words have been true. I've took You at Your Word, for You said You were sent from God. I believed You. And You've stuck by me. You have confirmed the Word with signs following. Now, again tonight, in this March the fifth, this Memorial night, may You stand now and heal every one. Grant it. May every demon be submissive to the Name of Jesus Christ.
And now, Father, I step out here in this realm of Spirit faith, challenging every demon that's here in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-49 Here's a little deaf boy standing. Vibration plugs on his ears, born that way. Now, remember, the little fellow don't know what hearing is. There it is, moving. Now, how many believes now. 'Course, the first one stepping right here to be a miracle.
Now, stands the One Who talked to me. I felt It just then. I feel It now. If I'm not telling true, God is my Judge. The One Who spoke to me in the night, that night in the room, said, "When you feel this feeling (like I feel now), I will be standing by your side." He's here. How many believes that I was sent to do this?
Now, will you please, do not raise your head until you hear my voice on this microphone say, "Raise your head." That's inside, outside, 'cause you're... [] Work on the little boy. []
All things are possible, only believe.
All things are possible if you can just believe Him.
L-50 We was looking at her little leg there, Brother Joey and I, how she'd move her little leg like that, just before prayer. And then in a few moments when that pressure left the little thing, they walked off like any other little girl...?...

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