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Life Of Demons, And Visions
51-0721, Life Of Demons, And Visions, Civic Auditorium, Toledo, OH, 69 min

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L-1 It was... I was at my mother's house, and I was going to stay all night down there. I'd been praying for the sick, and I got in late. And so I just stopped off at mother's. And I was talking to her. And we went to bed. In a little while I come--I got up. And I just couldn't rest. Did you ever have those restless nights? Be careful, if you're a Christian, that might be God dealing with you. See? So I'd got up and was walking around. And I turned... I got a burden; I thought, "Well, maybe somebody's sick somewhere, and they want me to pray for them."
And I got down, and I couldn't pray through. And just went on for while, and after while, I looked across the room. And did any of you women ever wash, and bring your wash in like that, and pile it down in a chair? That's my mother. And then iron barefooted in... And if she knew I said that, she'd turned me over her checkered apron again. But I've seen the poor old thing, many times stand there, and standing with her iron, you know, barefooted, ironing. And she...
L-2 I thought she'd laid her clothes in a chair in the corner, in the bedroom there. And it looked like something white. And it begin coming in closer to me. I looked at it. And it wasn't the chair; it was something moving, white. And it... It seemed like I went into it, or it come into me. And in a few moments, I was walking down through a wilderness country, and I could hear a lamb bleating, going "Baa-baa." Did you ever hear a little lamb cry? It's the most pitiful thing in the world. And it was bleating. I said, "That poor little thing. I'm going to see if I can find it."
And I started up towards the brush and stuff. And as I got closer to it, it wasn't a lamb. It was a human. It was calling, saying, "Milltown. Milltown." Well, I never heard of the place in my life. So when I came to myself... I went to church the following Wednesday night. And I said to some of them, "Anybody know where Milltown is?" No one knew.
L-3 So then, Sunday night, I announced it. "Does anyone know where Milltown is?" And a brother by the name of George Wright, I guess many of you that go down the Tabernacle know him.
And He said, "Yes, Brother Branham, about thirty-five miles down the Southern here." Said, "I live close to it."
I said, "I will be down next Saturday; God wants me to go to Milltown. There's somebody down there in trouble."
He said, "Small city about five hundred people, or a thousand, down on the Southern there..." Said...
I said, "Well, I'll be down."
L-4 We went down, and I remember, I went to that grocery store where the street corner turned. I thought, "Wonder what the Lord wants of me?" I went in and bought a box. And come out there, and I thought I'd preach right here on the corner." Well, I got up on the box, and I--I couldn't think nothing to preach about. And all the folks there in the country, you know, come in on Saturday and do their shopping.
Brother Wright said, "I'm going up on the hill to do a little trading, Brother Branham, got to take some eggs up there to a man." Said, "You want to ride up with me?"
I said, "Yes." And as I went up, there was a big white church standing up on the hill. And I said, "Say, look. Isn't that a lovely church?"
He said, "Yes, it's a pity about that church." Said, "That's a Baptist church, and the pastor there got in some trouble." And said, "The church went down, and they never had a pastor there since." Said, "The city taken it over. Congregation all left and went to other churches."
L-5 And I felt the Spirit of God tell me, "Stop." I went over there and the door was locked. And I said, "You go ahead, Brother Wright. And I... You come back and pick me up after while."
And after he got gone, I knelt down there, and I prayed. I said, "Lord, if You want me in this church, unlock these doors for me."
And so while I was praying, I got up, and I heard somebody coming. It was a man walking around. He said, "Hello!"
And I said, "Howdy do?"
He said, "I seen you were praying."
I said, "Yes, sir. I--I just... I'm a preacher, and I just was praying here on the steps."
He said, "You want go in?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
Said, "I got the keys."
I said, "Thank You, Lord." I said, "Thank You, Lord." All you believe in that? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. He's real.
L-6 And he opened the door for me, and I went in there, seat about three or four hundred people. And I walked up to the place. And I bowed my head and prayed. I said, "Who owns it?"
Said, "Oh, the city." Said, "We just... I just take care of it here." Said, "Only thing we have in it is funerals, and so forth."
I said, "Wonder if I could have a revival here?"
Said, "See the city official."
And I went down and asked him. He said, "Sure, if you'll put a meter in it."
I said, "Well, I work for the Utility Company, I'll put my own meter in."
He said, "All right."
I put the meter in, and announced around there that I was going to have a revival. I never will forget the first man I asked. I said, "Going to have a revival, sir, will you come?"
He said, "Say, we raise chickens around here. Ain't got time to go to no church."
I said, "Well, couldn't you just let the chickens alone for a little while and come to the meeting?"
L-7 He said, "Oh, we ain't got time for nothing like that." Said, "I got my business to take care of." Said, "You take care of your own."
I said, "I didn't aim to hurt your feelings, sir."
About ten days from then, you know, they had to take out time to bury the man. He died. And so they buried him right down there in front of the church.
We started a revival. And... Oh, I went out and prayed in the woods, and I thought the Lord give me a great message, and I was just burning at my heart, to deliver it. I said, "Oh, we'll probably have a big crowd there tonight. Maybe the Lord wants me to hold a revival."
L-8 So I got down there. You know who was there? George Wright, his wife, and son and daughter. I had four in the congregation. I preached the message the Lord had give me just the same. And then the next night, there was an odd-looking fellow walked up to the outside. And he was a... They told me he was a backslidden Nazarene, once belonged to the Nazarene church and had backslidden. Had his corn cob pipe in his mouth, and he knocked it out on the side of the building, hair hanging down in his face, and tooth out on the side. And looked in, said, "Where is that little Billy Sunday they're talking about in here?" like that.
Mr. Wright went back and got him, and set him down. I was up there reading the Bible, behind the pulpit. Brother Wright come up, said, "The hardest boiled fellow there is in the country, just walked in." Said, "Oh, he's a rip-snorter." Said, "His name is William Hall. He runs the florist up here on the hill."
I said, "Maybe that's the one the Lord's after."
So I got to preaching. Brother Wright went back to him, said, "Do you want move up front?"
He said, "I'll take care of things back here. You go on up front."
And as the meeting come on, when the service closed, Mr. Hall was kneeling on the rail, a praying to God. He's my associate pastor down there now. And still... A few nights there was some healing taken place. And then that started the crowd. We had to hang the PA systems out in the trees. But it seemed like, yet, it wasn't all.
L-9 So there was a young lady that belonged to a certain church there, that I won't call no name; they don't believe in any Spirit; just the letter, "We speak where the Word speaks, and silent where It's silent."
And they had made a proclamation there, that anybody that went to that meeting would be given their church letter and sent home. Her daddy was a deacon in the church. And so she got a hold of one my little books. And this lady, girl, she's about twenty-five years old now. Her name is Miss Georgie Carter. She'd been laying nine years and eight months, that she'd never raised her head off the bed: TB. And they couldn't even put a bed pan under her. They kept a rubber sheet, and had a draw sheet. I guess you know, Brother Ryan, have to pull the draw sheet like that. She'd never seen the outside world, nowhere out, even the windows, for nine years and eight months.
And somebody come told me, but said, "You can't go pray for her," said, "she's crying for you." And just as soon as they said that, seemed like that was the one I was to go see.
L-10 Well, her mother and dad wouldn't let me come. Said, "No, we won't let that deceiver come." And then after I got ready to leave the revival, her daddy said, "Well, he'd leave the house." And her mother said she'd--she'd leave and if to satisfy the girl. So I think they must've got permission from the preacher, just to let me come down there.
So I went in to see her. And the poor little thing had my little book laying there. And on the back of the bed, before she could... Got passed, putting her hands back, the paint was all rubbed off the bed where she had held, and cried, and prayed for deliverance. But her church didn't believe in Divine healing. And she got this book, and she seen in the paper where another girl had been healed, had been sent in a vision. And she wanted to be healed.
L-11 So, oh, poor little thing had just cried so. And I went in; she said, "Brother Branham, I just believed if you would come; Jesus would let me get well."
And I said, "Will you serve Him, sister?"
Said, "All my heart."
And her little old arms, she couldn't raise her sputamin cup. She'd start, and she'd go, "uh, uh, uh," and then they'd have to hold the cup. She'd go, "uh, uh, uh," to spit in it like that. And that's the condition she was in. I knelt and had prayer for her, and went out of the room.
L-12 And about two weeks from then, I was back again to start another meeting. We'd had a three, four night's meeting. And there was another minister up there, who didn't believe in immersing. And I was going to baptize a bunch down there in the river. And he'd had a revival in a tent. And he said, "If anybody, one of my congregation, even walk in that church, where that crazy Divine healer," said, "I would... I'd absolutely take them out of the church." He said, "The very idea..." Said, "That fellow will drown you in the water, you know." He said, "Well..."
I went up there to have a baptismal service that afternoon. And little Georgie, I told her, I said, "Now, now, sister, I can pray for you. That's all I know."
She said, "Will can you do for me, like you did for that Nail girl?"
I said, "No, that was a vision, honey. I have to see the vision first."
I said, "If He ever sends me back, I'll come back. But I believe you're going to get well," encouraging her faith.
L-13 And so, the last day of the service I went over to baptize at Totten's Ford. Many of you people around Corydon know where that's at. And so I went over there to baptize. And here this minister had closed his service, and all the congregation was standing on the bank. And I walked out there in the river, you know. Oh, my, that glorious feeling, the water, splashing around everywhere. And I baptized about fifty people that afternoon. And while I was standing there, just seemed like an Angels was setting on every branch of the tree.
L-14 And I was standing there, started to pray like that. I said, "As God sent John to baptize..." And I said, he said, "Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all nations and baptize them. These signs shall follow them that believe." And about that time, the Holy Spirit swept down across that bank, and the entire congregation of that minister walked out into the river, screaming with their good clothes on. I baptized every one of them that afternoon--every one of them. That's right. That's true.
Women screaming with silk dresses on, young ladies, and mothers and dads, and bringing their kiddies, and everything. I baptized till it was almost dark. They had to pull me out of the water. And so I was to have the meeting down at the Baptist church that night. I went with Brother Wright and them to eat supper. And mother Wright, she's a real cook. Way back up in the country is where they live. And I said, "I don't want supper right now." I said, "I'll go over here to pray. The Lord wants me to pray. There's something leaning heavy on my heart."
So then, he said, "Well, when I ring the dinner bell, you come, Brother Branham," said, "'cause we're going to have to hurry."
I said, "All right."
L-15 And I went over there, and I knelt down. Did you ever feel like, you know, the briars stuck you, and the floor was too hard? Did you ever have that? That's the time to press on. That's the devil trying to keep you from it. Move right on. As long as you're doing right, you can't be doing wrong. See? You can't go this way, when you're going this way. And I know it's right to pray. And I just kept on praying; the--the wind blew, and a sticker hit me in the face. I just said, "Thank You, Lord." And kept on praying.
And after while, I got lost in the Spirit. Did you ever get lost in the Spirit? Excuse me for talking fast like a bush on fire, but I'm trying to hurry up. But I just got lost in the Spirit. I didn't hardly know where I was at. I heard that bell ring, but I was having too good a time with God then to think about supper. And the bell rang and rang. And I knowed it was getting dark. And I was just praying. I said, "Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness."
L-16 And just then it kinda quietened down. I thought, I'd get up and go on over then. Maybe the first bunch would be away from the table. And I said, "Thank You, Lord."
And as I opened my eyes, shining right down though a little dogwood bush there, was a Light, kind of an emerald-green, yellowish Light, shining right down on me. And a Voice spoke like a great deep Voice, way back there in the woods, and said, "Go by the way of Carter's" That was enough. That had it. I jumped up and started screaming, I run down. They had search parties looking for me out in the woods. I jumped over the fence and down there in the field, and jumped right into Brother Wright's arms.
He said, "Brother Billy," he said, "mama's been waiting supper on you for a hour." He said, "They're out everywhere over hill here, hunting for you."
L-17 I said, "Well, Brother Wright, I'm not going to eat supper." I said, "Georgie Carter is going to be healed completely in the next few minutes." She was about eight miles away.
He said, "What?"
I said, "Yes, sir. THUS SAITH THE LORD."
He said, "You mean she's going to get up?"
I said, "She's going to be normal and well in the next few minutes, soon as I can get there."
He said, "Can I go with you?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
And there was a man there from Texas, just brought his wife up, and she was healed. He said, "Brother Branham, can I go with you?" He had seen the Nail girl healed, few weeks before that.
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "You mean that little pile of bones that..."
I said, "She's going to be healed just in a few minutes."
We jumped in the car and went down. Now, God works on both ends of the line. Don't you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-18 When they was having a prayer meeting down at John Mark's house, Peter in the prison, the Angel of the Lord was there. You know what I mean.
And then this woman, the mother, Mrs. Carter... I want you all to write to her if you want to. She was very critical. But she... The little Georgie cried. She promised God if she could get healed that afternoon, she'd go down and be baptized. So... And she hadn't raised off that bed, now, her head up, for nine years and eight months.
And then, she was laying there crying, and her mother got so worked up. Her mother set there, a fairly young woman, went gray-headed and took the palsy, just setting there by that bed all the time, day and night, just what little sleep she could get. All right.
Her mother went in the kitchen; she knelt down, she said, "O dear God..." Sincerely now, just been taught wrong. Said, "O dear God," said, "have mercy on my poor little girl in there, poor little thing laying there, just a few days from death. And she's laying there. And that impostor come through this country here, claiming to be something." And said, "And he's got my child all tore up." Said, "God, have mercy." Started praying like that. [Acts 12:5-17]
L-19 Now, here is her testimony. I don't know this; this is her words. She said, "She raised her head up like that; she was wiping the tears from her eyes. Her daughter lived next door. They was good people. And the sun was setting in the west, and was shining in like this against the wall." She said, "She seen a shadow coming down the wall." And she thought it was her daughter coming around the house. But when He got right up to her, she said, "It was the Lord Jesus Christ." Said, "He walked right up close like that. He said, 'Who's this?'"
And said, they looked. And she was seeing me with this high forehead, and this Bible laying on my heart, coming, walking into the house. And she said, "Oh, mercy, I--I--I've went to... I'm asleep." She never seen a vision. She said, "I'm--I'm asleep."
And she run in and told Georgie, said, "Georgie, I was out there a few minutes ago, praying, and it looked like I seen a form on the wall, looked like Jesus. And I seen that Brother Branham coming," said, "with two men following him. He had a Bible over his heart." And about that time my door closed outside, and here come me and the two men.
L-20 I tell you. Oh, my, I feel good. Brother, you'll never know how it feels till you know just where you're standing. Then all devils out of hell can't stop it; there's nothing can. You know where you're at then.
And walked up to the porch. I never... It seemed to me like that I felt myself come out of my body, and seen my body open that door and go in. And there was that little girl was laying there. And the mother just keeled over on the floor and fainted. And I walked up to the bed where she was at. I said, "Sister Georgie, even the Lord Jesus, Who you love and trusted all this time, has met me in the woods, and said that I must come and you would be made well. Therefore, in obedience to the commission that was just given me some few moments ago in the woods, I take you by the hand, and say, 'In the Name of Jesus Christ, stand to your feet and be made well.'"
L-21 And that poor little girl, weighing not over thirty-six or thirty-seven pounds, just a bunch of bones... Why, she couldn't have stood if she had to. Not only stood, but she jumped to her feet, screaming to the top of her voice. And there the people begin to scream. Perfectly normal and well. And her mother fainted. And her sister come running in there. And she didn't know what to do. She begin screaming, her hair... running down the road, pulling her hair like that, 'cause something has happened. Her father was coming across from his barn with some milk, in--in a little container like this. And he heard the piano playing, and he run into the house to find what it was. And there was his daughter that had never moved from that bed for nine years and eight months, setting at the piano, playing, "Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross. There's a precious fountain, free to all, a healing stream, that flows from Calvary's fountain," perfectly normal and well!
My, here come the Marengo Baptist preacher, and all of them, coming in there. And she run into the yard. She blessed the leaves. She blessed the grass. She was so happy.
Brother, sister, that's been about six years ago. Tonight, Georgie Carter is playing the piano at the Milltown Baptist church where I'm still the pastor. Write to her. Miss Georgie G-e-o-r-g-i-e C-a-r-t-e-r, Milltown, Indiana. Get her own personal testimony.
That same Jesus Christ that healed Georgie that night, is right here tonight, to do the same thing for every individual that's standing in the Divine Presence. Do you believe that?
L-22 Our heavenly Father, may Thy Presence come near. O God, may It anoint every person that's in this Divine Presence now. May the power of God saturate this little waiting group here. Men and women setting there, and perspiration running off their face, they're faithful, Lord. Now I ask You, God, knowing that You have to be sovereign to Your Word. You can only heal us as we believe. But if it's possible, Lord, may the Angels of God set at every row, visit up-and-down here tonight, around on this platform, down through this audience. And may every person receive a Divine touch from Him, Who I testify of.
God, grant tonight, that this will be the greatest night that we've ever seen in all the days of our life. May the power of God enshroud this building. And may these people who are faithfully waiting, fanning with the fans, may the Spirit of God move upon every one of them and heal every person in the building tonight. Grant it, eternal God, through the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Dear brethren, pray. I believe God's going to do something for us tonight.
L-23 Would you do this for me, audience? Would you be waiting, watching, and the first touch of the Holy Spirit that touches you, in answer to prayer, just a few moments ago, will you rise to your feet and give God glory? While the things are going on here, God is moving in the Spirit through His people. When God does something for somebody, then you stand and accept your healing also.
I tell you, if you'll do that, there will be a wave of glory hit this building, and when the Holy Spirit falls in that, that's when the water is troubled. Step right in and get yours at that time. I won't be able to minister to every one of you. But the Holy Spirit can touch every one of you at the same time. Don't you believe it? Then walk out of this building, committing it to God. Testify of it; believe it with all your heart; hold unto it, and watch what happens. God will answer. Amen. You believe that?
L-24 How many cards did you give? All right. Start right from this, just line up the line. He give F from 51. Get start it right here, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, just as many as you can crowd in there, I guess. Let it get up to about... Well, you can get... Can you get more than ten in there? All right, try the first ten, and then maybe we can get some more after that. 51 to 60, that's six... 51 to 60. And then as soon as that crowd gets down, as soon as they level down, if there's more room, step right up. Just start 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, up to 70. That crowd gets down, start right on to 80, like that. And then when that gets... By that time, every one of you ought to be in the right position, the Holy Ghost falling over this building for every one of you to be healed.
Go ahead, Brother Baxter.
All right, we're going to start right quick, while they're--they're lining up there and getting them--the ushers are getting those people ready. All right.
L-25 Who has believed our report? Believe it's the truth? Wonderful. How many knows that you've received a healing this week? Let's see your hands, over the audience, anywhere. Look at there, Brother Baxter. I know that's true.
How many believes you're going to get a healing tonight, from God? Let's see your hand. He will never turn you down. He can't turn you down. He's One Who can't turn you down, because He's God. Now, as far as just the people setting like this, setting in here, friends, I look down here at these people; I see one, two, three wheelchairs, four wheelchairs. Now, the rest of it, yeah, five, here's one setting here. [Isaiah 53:1], [John 12:38], [John 10:16]
L-26 Now, you people in the wheelchairs, don't think your case is... Now, what you want to do is this: accept your healing. See? Just say, "I'm healed now. I'm healed right now." See? And just keep believing it. And if you'll just only exercise enough faith, enough to get up, God will show it to me, then you get up, like that lady did setting over there, the other night. Did you see that lady setting there in that wheelchair, all up--up like that. And I looked over there and I seen her. And I seen she'd been to a doctor and all. The first thing you know, I seen her going walking, like that. I said, "Stand up. It's over." Because God had made her whole.
Now, you be in prayer, and be reverent while we pray. All right.
L-27 I believe God's going to answer prayer. I just get everything ready, so that... I believe it, don't you? I believe there's something going to happen tonight. I'm just looking for it. I just feel it. All right.
How do you do, sir? You going to believe down there now? All right. Have faith. You all going to believe along here? Along here, and back in here, going to believe with all your heart? All right, that's fine now.
All right, brother. I'm... After speaking, makes me just a little shook up, you know, I get... I guess that's humanly nervous, you know, just it's... It just happens that way, I guess. But, anyhow, I've got to get myself quietened down to the anointing of that Angel of the Lord.
Now, I don't mean that that would heal you. That has nothing to do with your healing: only might make your faith greater (You see?), or something like that. 'Cause I presume that you and I are strangers. I don't believe I ever met you. I don't know you. []
L-28 You, you look like you have headaches or something. Some kind of a... Isn't that right, something wrong up in... Let's say it's sinus. I see you setting like that. You see?. And you're--have kind of a weak spells come over you too, don't you? Get real weak. Say, you're a minister too. I see you. You're--you're a minister of the Gospel. I see that. And you got a heart trouble; you smother, isn't that right? I see you hold your... Is that true, minister brother? Come here just a minute. We are brethren.
L-29 Our heavenly Father, I ask for mercy for my dear brother. And I pray that Your Spirit that's here now, will bless my brother. Go on him, and heal him, Lord. And may from this night, henceforth, he will never be bothered no more. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, brother. Go now, and go to be well too.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.] Oh, my! Now, when I turned around like that, it just feels like a whole solid pull.
You've had an operation. If I'm... See if I'm wrong. Didn't I... When I seen you covered, but didn't they remove something from your body, a rib or something like that? Oh, seven ribs from your body. I seen the surgeon as he turns. One was a tall, thin man, that done the operating. Is that right? He had a--a white thing over his face. He turned... There was several at the table. One blond nurse, I see go back to one side. You been nervous and weak ever since, haven't you, sister? You've been at sanatorium; nothing seems to do any good. Was that true? Come here.
L-30 Dear heavenly Father, the poor little dying woman, comes up close to receive her blessing. I'm thinking, what would You do? Father, You'd lay your hands upon her. You'd rebuke that demon; he'd have to hear You.
And now as Thou has ascended on High and give gifts unto men, and her... She's been prayed for, and her faith, Lord, is trying to believe. But ere she die, Lord, help her.
Satan, as a believer in Jesus Christ, as representing Him in His vicarious suffering at Calvary, I adjure thee, by Jesus Christ to leave the woman. Come out of her.
You go from here tonight, eat what you can. Weigh yourself in a few days and write me your testimony. God bless you, sister.
Another thing, since you was a child, you have a seeing...?... One of your eyes...?... move them up...?... []
Just telling her something that I seen in a vision, which was...?... it... Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
All right, bring the lady. Now, every one just reverent as you can be.
L-31 [] Now, take this other hand, and feel it, touch that hand here. See? See what I mean? Now, it's just... That comes right to my heart. It kind of like a "brrrr." That's that cancer. It's alive. And now, the Scripture says... Now, being watching you, the cancer is in your throat, isn't it? Is that right? Yes, ma'am. I see where it's found... 'Course, you couldn't tell it outwardly, but you--you can...?... by the vision.
Now, isn't it strange, that other human will put their hand on there and it doesn't make any difference? And then you walk up here and put your hand on there, and there it is. Isn't it?
Now, then, there's Something here, that's got me anointed, that's able to know what's wrong with you. Is that right? What it is on here: did you see that picture of the Angel of the Lord, that I showed? You've seen It. Now, that's what It is now. Yes. The picture that I showed here, had that Angel's picture above It, where I was standing.
L-32 Now, now, there's something wrong with you (See?), a cancer. And you lay your hand on here, and as soon as we make contact, something jumps. Now, what is it? It's the cancer on you, and the Angel of the Lord here. Now, it's trying to hold you, and God is wanting to heal you. Now, I can't make it go, but your faith in Jesus Christ will make it leave it you. See? It's a life. Now, what is a cancer? It's a germ. It's a developing of cells. It's laying in your neck, sapping your blood, soon will have you gone. See?
Now, now in the way of Divine healing, if you were the cancer, I'd just call your life out of you, and your body would drop down dead. After while you'd just decay and go away. For the first few days, if it leaves you, you'll feel wonderful. Your throat will feel good. But then, it'll get worse than ever. And you'll spit up big pieces and things. And many times, people when they get real sick, like that, they say, "I've lost my healing." Don't you believe that, if it leaves you. You keep on testifying. The man, Jesus told the man, said, "Thy son liveth," and the man believed what He said. See? You believe what's told you.
L-33 Now, if by the Spirit of God, I was able to see what your trouble was, and your life, and you know that's true, now, what He says this way, will be true too, won't it? If that was true, not knowing, this will be true by knowing. Is that right?
Now, I want you to put your hand here again. I want you to watch. Now, I want you to see; it isn't the position the hand's held in (You see?), it's just the same anywhere it's...?... here.
Now, the Bible said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established." Is that right? You come a stranger. I don't know you. You put your hand on mine, something flashes up. And I'll tell you what it is. There's one witness, isn't it? And you're watching it now. Look at it there. Now, watch it. I want you get up here close, so you can notice. Watch here how it comes and goes. Now, there it's dying down. See?
Now, I feel it coming... Here it comes again. Now, look at it. See? It's just like waves. Now, that cancer is excited. The life of the cancer, the life of that germ in there, is excited. That's a spirit, because near here, you and I, stands the thing that can make it leave there by your faith.
L-34 Now, I'm going to pray for you, because you know you got cancer. You've been very nervous and upset. I'm not reading your mind. But you know what I'm talking about, don't you? I don't even have to say it. But now, what I'm trying to do, is to get this to leave. Now, I'm going to pray, and I'm going to have the audience to bow their heads. I want you to watch my hand. If it--if it goes away, you're healed. That'll be three witnesses. Is that right? If it stays there, you still got cancer.
Now, remember, I can't make it go. Now, the reason I ask you to--to--to watch (See?), you're the one that's got the cancer. If it goes out, there'll be a cancer at large. See? And if this, now, if your faith is all can make it go. Now, I want you to believe while I pray. And I want you to watch my hand, see if it moves in any way at all. See? And then if that just drops down, the swelling leaves, the vibration off of there leaves, if it comes normal, just like this hand, you're healed. If it doesn't, you're not. See? I have nothing to do with it. It's your faith from here out.
Will you bow your head audience?
Our heavenly Father, just in order that the little woman and these ministers sitting here looking at my hand, might know that Thou art Christ, the Son of God, and know that Thy servant is telling that which is true... You said to the prophet Moses, "With them two signs, they would believe." And these people believe, without these signs. They believe You. And now, Father, I ask for mercy for this poor little woman, which we know that cannot live much longer this way. Have mercy upon her, and heal her, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. I ask for her healing.
L-35 Now, before I raise my head, or look, it hasn't stopped; it's still running. Isn't it, lady? It's just like it was. Now, to the audience, it hasn't stopped. It's still running. Now, I can't make it stop now, sister, because...?... exposing that...?... But now looky here. Look...?...
[] Claiming power over you, by the sufferings of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, come out of the woman. []
Now, friends, I wasn't just trying to talk loud to you. I'm not trying to deafen your ears. But sometimes them demons gets disobedient, and then you've got to cast them out. If they could go out easily, all right, but you come to the house and you... And I told you go out, and you went on, it was all right. But when you have to throw you out, it's different. See? And you--you just can't be babying them things around. All right.
Bring the...
L-36 Are you in love with Jesus? Isn't He wonderful? Now, if He was standing right here tonight, wearing my suit, He could do no more for you, than what He's doing right now for you. He could know what was wrong; He could tell you what was wrong, but He'd say, "The Son can do nothing except the Father show Him." Is that right?
And He said, "Now, these things that I do, shall you."
You remember when Nathanael came to Him, told him? "I knew you. You're a Christian," in other words.
"When did You know me?"
"Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
What did He do? He saw him in a vision. Is that right?
L-37 Now, here stands a little girl, standing before me. I don't believe I know you. Are we strangers, honey? I don't know nothing about you, do I? Nothing at all. And what, just to say... Where are you from? Ontario, Canada. And we're born many miles apart, years difference. I've never seen you, in my life. If there's anything in the world that I could know about you, it'd certainly have to come through supernatural power. Is that right? You know the girl, Brother Baxter? He's from Canada too. Through Jesus Christ we can meet on common ground, can't we? That's right.
I want you to walk just a little closer. I see you're very frail. I don't know what's wrong with you. But I just want you to talk to me, as I talk to you. I don't want you to be...
L-38 [] An asthma, isn't it? Asthmatic condition. Say, you--you've been examined in a hospital, or something for that. Isn't that right? I see a doctor is around you. Say, I see something different. You was in an accident too. Haven't you been in an accident? You were hurt, wasn't you, in a--in a auto accident? Is that true?
Now, let's see if I can go back again. There's something about a doctor, wasn't it? Did you hear me talking? That wasn't me. That was--that was wasn't me. It was in my voice, but I wasn't doing that. Now, whatever talked through me, and whatever It said to you, was that the truth? Now, just--just say if that's the truth. Just raise up your hand that--that was truth. And it wasn't what you was thinking about. You wasn't thinking about those things, was you? So it couldn't be my mind-reading, could it? It'd have to go back behind that, didn't it? Things that, I guess, nobody in this auditorium would know about, 'less it was you. See? Or unless somebody that's real close to you would know it.
L-39 Now, I told you the truth, haven't I? Now, do you believe me as God's prophet, that I've told the truth? You do what I tell you to do. I'm going to lay my hands upon you, sister, dear. I've got a little girl at home. And I know if she was sick... Now, in commemoration of what Jesus said when He died at Calvary, He healed you. And now, you're aware that some supernatural Being, which you believe to be His Presence, is here now. Is that right? I bless thee, my sister, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He take this asthma from you. And may you leave from here, tonight, to go back to that lovely country, to be a well woman, and testify of God's grace to you, all the days of your life. May He use you in starting an old fashion revival in your community, by your testimony. For these blessings I place upon you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-40 What do you think, you're healed? All right, you are. Now, you can go off the platform, healed. God bless you, sister.
Let us say, "Praise be to God."

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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