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At Thy Word
51-0928, At Thy Word, St. Nicholas Arena, New York, NY, 101 min

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L-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening friends, my heart jumps for joy when I think that people, I'm living in a day when people are interested enough in God to set in a meeting like this and wait through the afternoon for the evening service. That makes me happy to know that--that our Saviour still has people who love Him that much. And for just a--a service as no more than what ours is; but yet, there's enough interest there and love of God in people's hearts to make them want to set and wait for the services. That's marvelous; I know that God will surely bless you every one.
Now, although the--we cannot accommodate the people in churches, that comes to the meetings, for seating room and so forth. But my favorite place to have services is in the church. The church is a place where the Angels of God encamped around. And the public places, most of the time, there's all kinds of violence and wickedness goes on, it becomes a place... Now, that is not a superstition, I can feel it and know it when we come into the meeting, that there's--there's wicked angels. [Psalms 34:7]
L-2 Many people speak of God. And what's an amazing thing to me, friends, that many times people speaking of God know so little about Him. See? They speak of it as... They know it as a joy, and they know they're saved; they are. But when it comes to dealing with spiritual things (See?), that's altogether a different phase. It has nothing to do with that joy that comes from God. The joy's just like, well, it's a--I would say, the bubbles on top of the water. You see? See? That's wonderful; it's good to bubble dance, as we would call it, to rejoice and the blessings fall upon you. But when you come down face to face with spirits, why, it's so much different; you'd be surprised. That's right.
And now, I don't want to keep you no longer than I can possibly help. I want to read some Scripture, and go right straight into our service, and do all that I can to help you tonight. I can only be able to help you as God will permit it done by me. And God can only help you as your faith will permit Him to operate in you. And now, that I might be sure to get this clear; that operations of spiritual gifts are not for an individual. But the operation of spiritual gifts is to go into the church and to--to edify the church. See, it's not for me; it'd be possible, I could stand here sick, and God would be healing the people out there, and I know about it. See? And it would never touch me. See? It's just a channel that works through. You understand? [Ephesians 4:12], [I Corinthians 12:7]
L-3 The acoustics so much better here, can you hear me up there in the back all right? Well, that's fine.
And it just works through like that. See? And it could pass right... It's just a flow of the... I believe, that even the Holy Spirit and Angels, and all are just attributes of God; it's just a part of God. It's His make-up; it's part of it that went off, His Spirit and so forth, that He created to be His helpers around in His great office of glory. And I believe they're just like secretaries and so forth, to--to help carry on the Master's work, and they come to the earth for us earthly people, and--and they... certain times and certain...
I believe that we must be born for these things; I--I do that. I believe that we're all baptized with the Holy Spirit and brought into the Body. And then we become sons. But then after sons, there's a placing of sons, or the adoption of sons. [Romans 8:14-19], [Galatians 4:5-6], [I John 3:1-2]
L-4 A son was born in Israel, and then after eight days he was circumcised and become an Israelite; but he was borned of the father. And then, if that child was given a tutor, Galatians teaches us, then after he was raised up to a certain age, and he become very faithful to the father's work and everything, he was a very fine boy, and was eligible to fall heir...
Now, the father didn't know what he would be when he was born; he might be a gangster; he had might be slothful in father's business; he couldn't turn his kingdom and his things, his work over to that boy. But when the boy proved to be a right boy, and the tutor, which in our case is the Holy Spirit, that takes word to the Father and gives a report of what we do, then if we be found faithful for so long, like the child was. Then he was taken out in the public square, and a purple robe was put on him, and there was a law of adoption. And then that boy was adopted by the same father who gave him birth. And he was brought into the family. And then, he wasn't only ad--only a son, but he was heir, co-heir with the father of every possession he had. Did you ever study that, Doctor Bosworth?...?... [Matthew 17:1-5]
L-5 Now, that's what's the matter with the Pentecostal church tonight (See?), too much differences. As soon as you get saved, you start this way, and a little trial comes along, and you fall off, and you go this way, and this way, and ups-and-downs, and fusses and fights, and carries on until... How could God trust you with those things? To adopt you into the Kingdom of God, into His possession, give you heir to all the spiritual benefits of...
If the church would only held together and quit fussing, and splitting up, and arguing over little baptisms, and things like that, you'd been a lot better off. And one church against the other (See?); that isn't sons. God can't trust you.
Divine gifts are very sacred. And remember, a person could send their soul to hell with one. If you'll notice on the platform on my cases, my patients, I'm very careful of what I say. I weigh every word. I find the condition of that soul before I say anything.
L-6 Now, the meeting going to end now in two more nights, for this. Someday I hope to come to New York, where I could stay long enough, till you could get spread out far enough till we could get a real meeting.
Now, but Moses was a prophet. God made him a prophet. And God trusted Moses, because he was born to be a prophet. God foreordained that, when He told Abraham He'd bring His people out. I believe Moses was ordained then. He was born a proper child, and when he came out, what a marvelous boy. And he had his ups-and-downs, but in the wilderness God told Moses, "Go speak to the rock, and it'll bring forth its water."
Instead of Moses speaking to the rock, he smote the rock. And that was one time that God's complete program was broken. See? Christ was only smitten once; we don't smite Him any more, we speak to Him.
But Moses, after the rock had done been smitten, smote it again; it didn't bring the waters; he smote it again. He was a prophet; he had the power and authority from God to do whatever he wanted to do in that manner. See? But he broke God's commandment. God brought forth the water and answered His prophet, but then He dealt with Moses later about that. He wouldn't let him go over in the promised land. You remember that? [Hebrews 11:23], [Numbers 20:8-12]
L-7 You remember that young prophet by the name of Elisha, who was the successor of Elijah? And he went baldheaded when he was just a young man. Some little children run behind him, saying, "Old bald-head, old bald-head, why didn't you go up like Elijah?" And in doing so, it angered that prophet. Maybe turning around, he had bald--No, maybe a hair on his head, turned around and looked; he knew it was right, the children was calling him bald-head, but it angered him. And he put a curse on those children in the Name of the Lord. And two she bears come out of the woods and killed forty-two little innocent children. Now, anyone knows that's not the nature of the Holy Spirit, but it was an angered prophet. See? You have to be careful, examine every case. [II Kings 2:23-24]
L-8 Now, I wish just, watching the clock, so that we can be sure to get away in time. I want to read some Scripture found in the 18th chapter of I Kings. Elijah, one of the mightiest prophets of the day. The 18th chapter, and we'll begin at the 36th verse, when we find that Jehovah verses Baalim, where the true and false prophets came together. And there, the great warfare was on. And Elijah said, "Let's see who's God. Let the God that answers be fi--by fire be God." Now, listen what this--this reading of the Scripture:
And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, and said, LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that Thou art God in Israel, and that I am Thy servant, and that I have done all these things at Thy word.
Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that Thou art the LORD God, and that Thou hast turned their hearts back again.
Then the fire of the LORD fell and consumed the burnt-sacrifice, and the wood, and... stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.
And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, He is God; the LORD, He is God. [I Kings 18:36-39]
L-9 Shall we bow our heads. Dear heavenly Father, "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word of God." In the reading tonight, as we're reading it, Thou art here to listen. And our minds travel back to many hundred years ago when it was a controversy between Baalim, the god of the world, or the god of that age, and the true Jehovah God. And when Elijah, Thy prophet, was so discouraged, and set up on the mountain at Thy command... And then when the time came, when You showed him a vision of what was going to happen, for truly it is written here, "I have done all this," says Elijah, "at Thy Word." He saw what was going to happen; he knew it had to happen. And we're taught in the Scriptures that Elijah was not an immortal being; he was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly. [Romans 10:17], [I Kings 18:36-39]
And Father, we thank Thee tonight, for this marvelous gift of the Holy Spirit that's now in the church, moving. As it was in the days when Peter was on the housetop and saw the vision... When in John Mark's house, when he was in prison, the Angel came down and delivered him. Paul, preaching, said to the man that was crippled, "I perceive you have faith, Jesus Christ heals you, stand on your feet." The man was made whole. You see the vision that he had out there on the stormy sea that night, the Macedonian call. Agabus the prophet coming down from Jerusalem, catching Paul there where the four daughters of Philip had prophesied. And here come Agabus, a vindicated prophet, taking the girdle strings from around Paul, and bound his hands and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD." [Acts 10:9-20], [Acts 12:5-17], [Acts 14:8-15], [Acts 16:8-15], [Acts 21:8-15]
L-10 O God, those brethren have gone on to glory, sealed their testimony in their life's blood. And here today, He's drawing again. You'll take Your man, but never Your Spirit. And here's Your Spirit living among us today, moving in and out among us. The great Gospel age, just a drawing to the end of the world... The fig tree putting forth its bud, to look down there in Jerusalem tonight and see that flag, the oldest flag in the world flying, the first time its been flown for twenty-five hundred years. Truly, the fig tree's putting forth its buds. [Matthew 24:32], [Mark 13:28], [Luke 21:29-32]
And now, we here in America, blessed with the Holy Spirit begin to fall in the last day, calling the people from the Gentiles for His Name. How we thank Thee to be here in this church which represented this message for years and years. Founders, many of those sleeping out yonder in the dust of the earth, but one of these glorious day breaks, Jesus shall come and all sorrow will be banished and tears wiped away. Those immortal souls that's resting yonder in paradise will come forth like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We shall appear here on earth, and then be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air. It does not yet appear what kind of a body we'll have, but we'll have one like His, for we shall see Him as He is. No more healing service then. For we are living with the--the Son of righteousness with healing in His wings. We shall abide under the shadows of His wings throughout ceaseless ages. Set down by the evergreen trees where the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. Arms will be stacked; the smoke will dry up on the battlefield. There'll be no more wars or disappointments. [Revelation 7:17], [Revelation 21:4], [I Thessalonians 4:16-17], [I John 3:1-2], [Malachi 4:2], [Revelation 22:1-2], [Acts 15:13-15]
L-11 O Eternal God, let this meeting tonight be more than a healing service. Let it be a healing for the Body of Christ, bringing it together in one place in Christ Jesus that the great manifestation of the Holy Ghost could go out here and visit these sons of God. Inspire their lives till there would be such meetings take place across New York here and cause this great city to shake under the power of the Holy Spirit, the impact that might fall here. And grant it, Eternal God. We know these things work together for good to them that love You. [John 1:12], [I John 3:1, 2], [Philippians 2:15]
Now, O Lord God of heaven, as Elijah of old called for mercy, so I call tonight, and we all call together. Hear us Lord, and give us a memorial meeting tonight. Grant it, Lord, one that will be long remembered, because the blessed Holy Spirit will come down into our midst and will vindicate Jesus Christ present, by speaking the secret of the heart, healing the sick, the lame, the blind, the halt. May there be such a joy among these people. I know this street will be crowded here, after a bit like it was on the day of Pentecost, each one with joybells ring in their heart, the Holy Spirit enshrouding them, going forth with a new vision like they've never had before. Grant it, Lord Jesus, for we ask it in Your Name and for Your glory. Amen. [Romans 8:14, 19], [Luke 1:35]
L-12 He is so wonderful. No wonder the prophet just... He called Him the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Counselor, then he said He's just wonderful. His heart just got so full of joy when he saw him he could only say, "He's wonderful." [Isaiah 9:5, 6]
Now, just a little testimony. I will pick up tonight in our journey overseas, as I left off last night with the healing of Mrs. Nightingale. I just wonder how much impact her testimony has in South Africa when we get there, such a noted person...?... She's the great granddaughter of the founder of the Red Cross, and a noted woman.
And now, ever since the hour, I believe, my feet's touched the foreign soil, the Holy Spirit never left me. It was constantly there, speaking, seeing things. We go downtown together, Ornskoldvik, and Brusenberg, and many of the places of Sweden and--and Finland. And no sooner than we get downtown, the Holy Spirit would come down and say, "Now..."
L-13 For instance, one day Brother Lindsay and I were setting there and some of us talking, and I said, "Brother Lindsay, on the road back we're going to see two ladies will come out dressed in black, and they'll walk out on this side of the street, and they're going to come over holding their hands out, like that. They want to know what's wrong with them." And I said, "We won't be able."
He said, "Is that?"
I said, "Yes, that'll happen just before we get in."
We'd been gone about twenty minutes and here come the ladies dressed in black. And we--I--he said, "Well, Brother Branham, that's certainly amazing."
I said, "Well, just in a--a little bit from now," I said, "there's going to be a man with a blue suit on, a white hat is going to come down the stair steps to our left, is going to try to get me to go up and pray for his wife which is laying sick."
L-14 So we went up about three squares, and turned to the left, and started down, here come the man down in the blue suit on, a white hat, and wanted me to go up. And now except something materializes in front of you, It speaks here at the platform, It speaks wherever God desires It to speak; I have no control of It.
I remember, I spoke this before. I went over, right in this same pulpit I believe, that when I would... The first It came to me I was on a train. Just left my mothers house, was going to Miami, Florida, to have a meeting there in a tent. I was going to help out, there's back about three years ago, I guess, something like that. A minister was there holding tent meeting; I went to stay with him for two nights. And on the road down I had a vision of a little boy. Now, watch your Bible here, of a little boy that would be about eight years old, and the little boy would have a boyish, a little bobbed like hair and dressed very poorly. And his little... Was going to have an accident, and his little foot would be run through his sock. He had on, very odd dressed child. I said, "He'd be killed in an accident. And he will be laying by the side of the road dead when I find him. But the Lord God is going to give him his life back again." And I made that statement at the platform before about seven thousand people that night.
L-15 And the next night before I could get in, they wouldn't let me come in. I believe Brother Bosworth was there at the time; you remember the case. And so Brother Bosworth was amazed: I seen a man get throwed by a horse in the meeting that night, and he'd broken his arm. He was back over in the meeting, and I said, "There sets a man right back there now with a white shirt on." I said, "Stand up, sir, and stretch forth your arm, for Jesus Christ has healed you." And out went his arm...?... he was healed. And Brother Bosworth was so amazed; I remember that was his first time, I believe, of ever seeing that like that.
So the--a little boy had got drowned about four or five years old, and the father wouldn't permit the undertaker to take him until... He'd been in the meeting the night before and thought that that was, might be his little son. So they met me out there, and he was screaming and going on. And so some of the ministers said, "We can't take him over there."
But I said, "Let's go over and look at the little boy, perhaps it is." And I said, "I think this little boy must have hit by an automobile, 'cause he's so mashed up." But I said, "However, I'll be glad to go look at the little fellow."
L-16 We went back out into the big, some kind of park there, where some Duchess or something let them have the place to put the--the tent up. And so then I went back over there, and it was a little black headed boy, very nicely dressed; he'd... I said, "No, that isn't the little lad, because this little boy's got brown hair, and he's--he's kind of a good size boy, about eight or nine years old, pretty good boy." And I said, "This little boy isn't dressed, or he doesn't look like the child." And I said, "It's a rocky country with a lot of cedar trees." I said, "It isn't... and pines." I said, "It isn't this country; it isn't positionally laying. It just has to be exactly the way it's showed." See? And I said, "It isn't just exactly right."
L-17 Now, and that's the major and the real way that God wants to operate this. Now, this is just His permissive will, this way. It's just when I come here, and pray, and cry, and beg to Him before coming, until that is laying so close it forces me into it. And you see the vision, and it'll cut off.
But when it comes upon God's perfect will, it just moves down and some times I'm out for about two hours. Then He sends in different parts of the country and different places; that's just every time perfect. And here, It might call diseases and so forth, and It might see what's wrong with the people and maybe what's going to happen, but it takes constant pressing, or yielding to the Spirit to go into it. Then maybe you'll just drop in that and drop out, drop in, drop out. It'll cut off; you've noticed it like that. It'll go and speak for a few minutes; then drop out. If I keep on talking to the patient, It'll drop in again and maybe come out.
But when He takes me in there, I just stay in there till it's over. My wife, setting present now, knows sometimes you're out for maybe for two hours. Not a bit of breath, you can't... Your heart's beating, but no breath. See? It's when you become into another--another world.
L-18 Now, so I offered prayer for the little lad and went on. And then on my... We went on to services. We got to, up and Mrs. Florence Nightingale had been healed, and we went on into Finland, Helsinki, and went up to Kuopio that night. And we'd had about two services at Kuopio, or three. My, the place, the people, the Laplanders and all, they'd pack in there. And the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Lord, as It would come down, It would move, there'd be an interpreter standing here, and It move out there upon the people and I'd say, "I see a woman stand up with a certain-certain thing, and what she's done, and where's she's been, and so forth, like that." I didn't even know their language.
And then when It would drop out, the interpreter would speaking, I'd say, "It's that lady." She'd raise, screaming with her hands up like that, and people would just throw their crutches away, raise up out of their chairs, and... It was God to them. And they just--they just worshipped right in with the Spirit and they received...
L-19 Why, one night they just piled up crutches and things to try to hold them around me for them to hold like this, they wanted to take a picture of it, some old canes, and clubs, and everything, that they'd been walking with.
Then I remember, I'd been fasting; it was just like tonight. Fridays is a fast day, has been for me for a long time. Then I was up on the--at Kuopio, up at the tower, I forget the name of the tower, and they were all up there singing. Oh, them poor little Finns. They're such a pathetic thing there; those Russians just beat them down and cursed them. And--and we went up there on a little old train, honest it was pathetic, and they burnt wood instead of coal.
L-20 And--and if you ladies here in New York had to dress the way those poor women do over there, it'd certainly take some of the prestige out of it. See them young ladies, big boots on, dresses that thick and everything. There's no foolishness about them. Everything, even their songs are in minor, everything there seems to--everything they get they have to trust God for it. And they're honest, and good, and sweet, and kind. And they see God moving like that, their hearts would just melt in them, and they just throw up their hands and holler, "Kiitos, Jesus," was "Thank You Jesus," like, you know, just with their, just scream out.
And I will never forget, it was in the tower, and they were singing, On Golgotha. There was an Englishman from England down there; he was drinking. When we went down, we led him to Christ. He got so stricken by the song. And we was trying to lead him to Christ. Then I said to the brethren that was with me, my manager; I said, "Something's fixing to happen." I could just tell; there was something, the Holy Spirit trying to condition. You see? Watch how far man and Himself can get away. I said, "Something's fixing to happen; I don't know what it is."
L-21 And after this vision of the little boy, I guess it's wrote in ten thousand Bibles right now. I told them; I said, "Write it in your Bible; find out if it isn't right. Somewhere that little boy is going to be raised." And I promised them there that night, and a few other places, "It'll be in the "Voice of Healing," their magazine, Brother Lindsay's magazine, when it comes out, "See if it doesn't happen and the boy isn't just that way. I don't know where it's going to be, but He prepared me and showed me a vision, not to worry when it comes, to walk out there."
Well, it was almost two years since the vision. Well, as I was coming down the hill, we noticed way ahead of us there was a crowd of people on the road. A car had struck two little boys. And there's not many cars in Finland; I imagine it was a thirty-five model Ford, probably sold for about twenty-five hundred dollars. And gasoline about a dollar and half a gallon, I suppose would be here. So without any money, you know how--how scarce. They go--their taxi cabs are horse driven.
L-22 And so, some of the brethren were coming down in cabs, we had the pictures of it all in Kodachrome color. And then when I looked down there, and a car, a model V-8, '35 model V-8, green, two door sedan, old shabby looking car... Two little boys was running across the road, coming from school, and they got there, and this car was driving terrific speed, about sixty or seventy miles an hour coming, and the little boys got excited, and one started one way and one the other. And the driver whirled his car like this to miss one little boy, and when he did he struck the one to the left, right by the chin and just picked him up and threw him against the side of the curb and slammed up against a tree and concussed his little brain. And--and the other one, it hit him right solid like that, run over him, mashed him up under the wheel. And the wheels were spinning so fast, and the driver lost control after he--like that. Well, he lost control and the car jumped up over some rocks and went way down through a field and wrecked down into a pile of rock down there.
L-23 And it run over the little boy, and the wheel was spinning so much, till it kicked his little body way up in the air like that, and he just slumped when he fell down. Well, they'd laid him out there, and he was dead; and they put the coats over him and things. And we come by, we couldn't get into the crowd, or cross the road, there was hundreds of people had gathered out there. And one of the chief men, I don't know, something like the mayor of the city or something, was there. And so as soon as I come up...
Mrs. Isaacson; she was American born Finnish woman who was giving the interpretation. Many of you might know Mrs. Isaacson, and there's someone who knows her. And, how many knows Mrs. Isaacson in here? Now see, that's very fine, several of you know her. Well, she was the interpreter at--at the meeting. And she was my... She wrote me a letter not long ago, said, "Here's your voice to Finland." A very fine lady...
L-24 And so, she said, "Brother Branham," said, "the--the crowd just now said, 'There's that miracle worker from America, let's see what he will do about this.'" See just how carnal the people's mind can get, like that.
So they'd went over there, and they'd come back crying, said... And Brother Lindsay went over, and I never seen the poor brother cry so in my life, as he come back, and just a weeping. And I said, "What's the matter, Brother Lindsay?"
Said, "Oh, Brother Branham," he said, "don't look at it." Said, "It's most pathetic thing; the little boy's just crushed to pieces."
He had a own little boy in America, and I had my own Billy Paul setting here, and I, my little boy. I didn't want to look at him. Brother Moore come back crying. Mrs. Isaacson said, "You ought to see him, Brother Branham."
L-25 Well, I thought of them brothers and their children at home, and we've been over there quite a little bit, of course I was homesick. I love my family like any other man loves their family. I'm leaving right now the sweetest little thing, a little girl baby, six months old, and she's just gooing at me the other day, I tell you, my heart was pulled apart nearly. She won't know me when I get back, but God will fix some way for us; and He has. And my little Rebekah setting up there now, looking down at me. My, she won't even go to sleep at night, 'less she's laying on my arm. And I'm a temperamental person, and I--I love my wife and family. And it's hard, but Jesus said, "Who will not forsake his own and follow after Me is not worthy to be called My disciple."
I don't have very much to offer Him; that's such a little sacrifice when I think of His great redeeming love. But I'm... All that I've got, I will happily give it to Him; that's all. But no matter what we'd ever do, I know we'd never be worthy to be called His disciple. But if I knock on the door that day when I leave this earth, if He will just let me in, I'll be well paid for.
L-26 And I went over to look at the little fellow. And oh, my, I never seen such a sight, that poor little fellow there, his mouth open, his tongue hanging out, and his little eyes set back, and his little hands like that, and his foot pulled through that sock, and little pantywaist on, like we used to wear when we were little children. And--and his oh, his foot through that sock, poorly dressed, and there he laid there and his little mouth open. I took up his little pulse and it was gone. And I put my hand on his heart; it was gone. I said, "Poor little fellow."
I turned around and started weeping, turned away. And just like someone put his hand on me like that. I looked around to see who it was, and there was nobody standing there. I started to walk on, and I just couldn't make my steps. The Holy Spirit (You see?), It been warning me, that that shock was coming. You see? I'd have missed it altogether if it hadn't been a vision.
L-27 So then, I turned around; I looked back at that child again. I said, "Take that off his face." They took it off his face, and I said, "I--I seen that boy somewhere." I said, "Looks like I--I seen him." I said, "Ask..." We had about fifteen ministers with us. I said, "Sister Isaacson, ask those ministers if he belongs to their church."
She spoke to them in Finnish, "No."
I said, "Has he been in the prayer line?"
I said, "Something, I--I know I've--I miss seeing. That's the little boy, I've seen him somewhere." I said, "Looks like that I..." And just then, it begin to come to me. I seen that little funny haircut, them little brown eyes set, that poorly dressed, and that foot run through that sock; I said, "I know him." I said, "Brother Moore, look in your Bible, and Brother Lindsay."
Said, "What do you mean?"
I said, "Back there on the flyleaf." I said, "That's that little boy that I seen two years ago in that vision. See them rocky country there, them pine trees?"
L-28 Oh, my, all devils out of hell and all of his forces can't stop it then. The time's there; that's the spoken Word of God ready to come to pass. Nothing can stop it.
And they got the little boy, laid in the flat there, I said, "Now, you watch," I said, "this little boy will be alive again in a few minutes."
I knelt down; I said, "Heavenly Father, way over in the homelands in America, when You spoke to me one night in a vision, said, 'This little boy,' and here it is just exactly the way You said it. Then Lord, hear the prayer of Your servant." I said, "Death, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, according to a vision He give me in America, give back the life to this boy."
The little boy raised up normal and well, just as normal as he could be, without a broken place on his body anywhere. I told that story right here in this--at this Tabernacle. How many remembers me saying that before I left here--'fore I left to go over there, that that would come to pass? See? And then it did.
L-29 I don't have time to finish it. One little incident just before I close, 'cause it's getting late. I don't want to take too much of your time; I want to pray for you.
And after that got scattered, I tell you, the next night, two or three city blocks, you couldn't even get around the place for the people. They had the soldiers out there, when that was noised abroad. Tomorrow night I'll get the results of the other little boy that was taken to the hospital.
But this... I never forget that night when they was trying to take me into the line. Those Finns had seen God moving; that was all... Oh, they were just thrilled. I started in the line; there's some soldiers pushing me, two in front and two in the back, and the people standing there. They were just standing like that, and the tears just rolled down their cheeks when you'd pass by. Oh, my.
L-30 Oh, Christian American, I wonder some times. Then them standing there, some of them Russians that could cross the line; when you're born in Russia you can only go forty miles from your birthplace or you have a visa. And some of those Russians stand there; they'd stand there, and they'd see the glory of God. And the tears just roll down their cheeks like that, and they'd run to those Finns, and those Finns would put their arms around the Russians and hug one another.
There's the answer. Any power of Almighty God that'll let a--a--a Russian hug a Finn, or a Finn hug a Russian... See, they wasn't angry at one another; they didn't have to... They wasn't angry; they loved one another.
And Christ is the answer now. Let people quit their meanness and serve Christ. But they'll never do it, as long as this kingdoms are the kingdoms of Satan. They'll never be; they'll fight until Jesus comes. Don't you believe that?
L-31 What's the matter? Is the little boy, or child got sick or something up there, you're taking him out? I seen them leaving with the little boy; I thought maybe he'd gotten sick or something. All right.
Notice, going in that night, they were pushing me along and one of the--the people... I started through a little old room there, and the--the door of the ladies rest room opened. And a poor little Finn stepped out there, a little girl. I never seen such a looking sight. And she looked at me; she bowed her little head like that; I just stood still. And the soldier started to push me on; I shook my head no. See? The other two went on, two in front of me, was going to open the door. And I knew she wanted to talk to me.
L-32 I looked at her, she had a big brace around her like this, a big metal brace. And one leg was shorter than the other, and it was limp, just hanging loose on the inside of her brace as it run down on a big high built shoe that had a--a place in the toe here that come up, a strap went over her shoulder and hooked in the back of this big brace. And when this leg was, here, when she would let her weight down, it would hit on this brace (You see?), and she had two crutches. And she'd set her crutches out like this; and she'd throw her little shoulder; and that would pull that limb out; and she'd make her step like that as she pulled out. She was just about this high. And the poor little dear, her little skirt ragged. And I found out later on she was a little war orphan; her mother and dad was killed in the war. And there she was in that condition.
And she looked at me, and--and she bowed her little head. She thought she'd done something wrong when she come out like that. And she looked up at me so pathetic and dropped her little head. I--I motioned to her.
L-33 And they give me some of that old money they had, and all--after they'd all get in the auditorium, I'd slip out and--and get that candy, you know, and give to them little kiddies. And I had a string of them as long--city block long following me.
And the little things, little girls, they'd pull their little skirts out like this and say, "Kiitos," Thank you, you know. "Kiitos" means "thank you." And they'd pull their little skirts out like that and thank me, you know, for the candy. And I'd go on down and see another bunch. I had a lot of that old money, you know, I just would give it all I could do. I just love little old kiddies any how, I wallow them.
And so then, I for--never forget this; she come over to me, putting her little crutches out like this, and she'd walk, and she'd put her little crutches out and walk again. And she got right up to where I was, like that. I just thought I'd just stand still and see what she was going to do. Child like, about ten, eleven years old. And she got up to where I was, and she picked up my coat like this, just put it in her little hand, raised it up and kissed me on the coat pocket, dropped it back down. I looked up at her, or she looked up at me, rather, and I looked down to her; and she had little blond hair and them little baby blue eyes. She looked up, and her little lips was quivering, the tears dropping off of her little cheeks. She pulled her little crutches out like this and caught her little skirt, she said, "Kiitos," "thank you for letting her..." Oh, my, looked like my heart was bigger than I was.
I looked out there, and I saw a vision of that child going walking away without her crutches...?... I said, "Darling, I can't make you understand me," I said, "you're healed, honey, Jesus makes you..." And that soldier kept pushing me on like that, you know. And I got on in; and they had our meeting.
L-34 And then I called out the bunch of prayer cards, and--and we was praying, and--and--and getting the people through the line. And after while, Howard, my brother, he come, said, "Time to leave."
And I said, "Well, let's call just four or five more."
And so then there been such a marvelous thing done; so many had been healed. And the--and God was sovereign. When I called for the next number in line, I heard something rattle, and she had the next prayer card, coming to the platform. Oh, what a feeling. There she come. And I said, "Sister Isaacson, come near, just quote my words now."
And so the little girl come up to me, just so happy, you know, I said, "Sweetheart, you're the little girl that met me out there in the hall."
And Mrs. Isaacson, of course, talking, you know, giving the interpretation. She... And she knew who it was. I said, "Jesus healed you, honey. Your respect for His Son out there, and for His servant, and for the Angel of the Lord," I said, "your deep reverence and respect healed you, honey." I said, "You're well. Now, you have some of them to go over there and take those braces off of you. And when you're taking that off, hold your hands on your hip disk, and as you pull the braces off, let your little hand slide just about the distance that your leg is short, come back and show me."
L-35 So I went on called the next one, and it was stand there, and the Angel of the Lord came down, was showing them what was wrong. And then, just about that time, I heard a noise, and I looked, and here she come running across the platform, the braces and crutches above her head, stomping her little feet, up the steps, and they all looked at her, and she went back down just as hard as she could go. Oh, I think
Amazing Grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
I was blind, but now I see.
It was grace that taught my heart to fear,
It was grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed!
L-36 Let's bow our heads. Heavenly Father, some glorious day when life is finished, the last prayer meeting is held, the great day comes when the Church rises in victory and triumph, goes up to meet the Lord in the air. And when we crown Him the King of kings and the Lord of lords, O God, I like to walk out on my little porch door somewhere up there, look coming up the road and see them, Lord, coming to set around the porch. We get each other by the hand and walk down by the Sea of Life; no hurry. There's no more prayer meeting; you don't have to rush from here to there. Cause over these thousands of dear people, Lord, that's received Thy grace and been healed.
Now, Father, as I think of that poor little ragged thing, walking the streets with her crutches, no doubt many time her little dirty hands wringing, and her eyes crying for a piece of bread. And here we throw plenty out in the garbage can that would take care of her. Oh have mercy, dear God. Some glorious day Jesus will come.
L-37 We're just about to go into the dark lands down yonder, beneath the earth, where them lepers will be setting at the gates, and poor little dark children living off of fat of animals, and whatever they can get. Help, dear Father.
And now, tonight here in this great mammoth city where the wealth of the world almost lays, towering buildings like great canyons, as you walk through the streets. But someday, up through the we'll see the Son of God walk out there and say, "Time shall be no more." Then the earthquake, and there won't be one stone left upon another. Oh, to think, Lord, that we'll go home, then it's all over, that glorious event.
But while we're here tonight, proclaiming, in our humble way, the best that we know how, the redeeming love of Christ Who came from glory all the way down here, gave Himself, an innocent substitute for we guilty sinners... And His Blood tonight pleads for our sins, "Father, forgive them; they know not what they do."
L-38 Lord, look tonight upon this sick bunch of people, some of them are here with cancer, heart trouble, and diseases that's going to kill them right away. They can't live, Lord, 'less You help them. Doctors has give them up. O God, have mercy and heal them. Also there are the crippled setting here, they may live a normal lifetime, Lord, but they're prisoners. Help them to receive tonight, that they may be healed too.
And may that worst prisoner there is in the building, that sinner, far off, prisoner of...?... Like an eagle that would beat his wings till his weary eyes would fall back in the cage, he's captured. He's a heavenly bird, soars high in the air, and here he is caged up, looking up to the heavens, to where he once could be and be free. Then to see him fall back exhausted from beating his wings. That's a horrible sight, but, oh, what a much greater horrible sight it is to look down these streets tonight and see men and women who are created to be sons and daughters of God, to see them running into booze joints and honky-tonks, beating their head and wings against the bars, trying to find relief, when they ought to be soaring into heaven by the Holy Spirit. Oh, what prisoners, Lord. May something be done tonight that'll cause them to look up and say, "Lord Jesus, unlock this prison; let me spread forth my wings, fly away from this place." Grant it, Lord.
L-39 May every person in here that's bound by sense-bound existence, only trusting on what they can see, hear, taste, feel, or smell; may they fall away from that tonight, go up into the realms of the higher. And may this church literally rock with the power of God. [] Now, [] Send the Holy Spirit, may every Angel that You've ordained to be at this meeting tonight take His place now, standing by the sick and the afflicted, by the sinner, by the skeptic. Lord, send the Angel that stood by Thy servant, [] and proclaim these things that I've spoken to be true. That they'll know it don't come from a man, it comes from God. Hear me, Father, hear me. For I ask it in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-40 [] What He is, my friend, if He turns me down at that day and tells me, says, "William Branham, you can't come in." And if there is such a thing as having this, and I have to go away to the lower regions of the lost, I--I--I believe that that love that's anchored in my heart will live on, and I'll look up and say, "I love You, Lord Jesus," just the same. For if there was no heaven to go to, I'd still make my choice to serve the Lord Jesus. For even what remunerations there is here on earth from His blessings, I still long to serve Him.
I want everybody to be reverent; I want you enter right in now to the spiritual realm. I want you to believe, and pray, and hold with me now while I'm here. This is a church house; the meetings are to raise up into a place now to where it be far beyond the other place. And you people up there, you pray, up there in that audience. Believe God; believe that God will move up into them balconies up there tonight, and back in there, and down through this a way, over the audience everywhere, and just enshroud this building. I believe He will do it; I believe He will.
L-41 Now, here He's more willing to do it, than you are to receive it. See? Could you imagine Brother Bosworth expressing to this ocean out here piled up in one tube about two foot high, or two foot across? What a pressure there would be trying to find one little crevice to leak through. Now, divide that by ten thousand times, and you'll find the pressure of the Holy Spirit, trying to find that little crevice in the heart, that true faith can leak into there and to heal you. How to glorify the Father for the death of the Son of God...
[] and I'll give you...?... [] And don't just--don't say it, mean it (See?), and then start praying. Now, that's your--that's your testimony. Then start praying until the appropriated faith has entered your heart. And when your--when the faith has entered into your heart, then God will pull me from here to you. And if I told you out there, your conditions, and what was wrong with you, and what God had done, and what He would do, would you believe it? You'd have to if it was the truth, wouldn't you?
L-42 Then if the Holy Spirit come down and told me to tell you... Well if I say, "Go on your road, the Lord bless you." I don't know what will happen, there's nothing happened. But when I speak to you saying, "The Lord Jesus hath now, THUS SAITH THE LORD, made you whole; you're healed." I don't care what condition you've been in, watch what happens then. And whatever you're told to do, go do it, no matter what it is, you go do it.
Here a few days ago, a lady was told, she was in a dying condition, and--and horrible at that. And so she was... I said, "Now, you go," and told her what had happen; she was quivering; and she said, "Yes, yes, sir; yes, yes, sir."
I said, "Look, now at about three days from now, you're going to be crossing the street, and a little newsboy is going to hit you and almost knock you down. You're going to be very provoked at it at first. And you're going to turn around excited, and you'll look up, and there's going to be a big clock in a tower striking twelve o'clock." I said, "When that happens, you know I've told you the truth and your cancer... You're going to have some time with it, but you're going to get well."
And it was just exactly that way. See? The woman's well on her road to recovery now. Doctor can find no more of the cancer...?... So now, now, be reverent.
L-43 Now, I can do nothing in myself, but it's what the Holy Spirit speaks, that can I do. How many understands that now? That can I do when the Holy Spirit says do it.
Now, if the organist, pianist, or the organ, or whatever you wish, either one, I want you softly, if you can, that glorious song, "Only Believe."
Paul Rader wrote that song. Not long ago in California when he was going home to meet Jesus, he called for his brother, Luke, he said, "Luke, we've been through many a tough fight together," but said, "parting time is near at hand, Luke." He said, "But think of it, in five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the presence of Jesus Christ clothed in His righteousness." Closed his eyes and went out to meet Him. That's the way I want to go. Let me die with the harness on me. Yes, sir. I want to go like--like one of the brethren of old, one of the gallant heroes of God, and die preaching the Gospel. I believe it; I've lived by it; I want to die by it. God be blessed now while we bow our head.
L-44 Dear Father, come near, I pray Thee. Help Thou Thy humble servant at this time, that I might know Thy Divine will and might be able to con--comfort Thy people. And may the Angel of God, Who met me that night in the room... Lord, He's never said His Name, but You know Who It was, He claimed He was sent from You. And now may He come near and minister to these people through Your humble servant. For I ask it in the Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.
I'm just a little late; I always like to close a service by ten if possible. Now, if you be real reverent now, everybody be talking to God, praying, believing with all your heart, God will bring it to pass. Don't you believe that? Now, just reverently while I'm speaking with the sister. 'Course first, you've got to contact her spirit. See? She is a spirit; I am a spirit. Then we've got to contact each other. I want you back in here to believe with all your heart.
L-45 Mother, this is sure a lovely tabernacle, isn't it? She's just a little bit nervous. You see? I just want to talk to you just a moment. Don't be excited. Now, we are--are strangers. I don't know you. I don't believe I ever seen you in all my life. But we are--we're strangers, and we--we're here trying to... I am trying to be God's servant, to do something with the gift of God that would help you to believe God. You understand that? Yes, you do. And if I can do that by God's Divine gift, I will feel then that much has been accomplished.
Now, you're--you're suffering, or sick. And 'course Jesus healed you back nineteen hundred years ago. But it'll--it'll have to be something to quicken your faith to bring you up into that place to where you can accept it. Now, many read on the Bible here and say, "Yes, the Lord said this." Now, that's the Word of the Lord, isn't it? That's the Word of the Lord. Now, that is to the Master's multitude. It's God's Word, and we must believe that, 'cause it is God's Word. Then that's to the multitudes. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-46 Now, then if He should take me as His servant. And now, He never spoke this directly to you, but it's just the same as directly to you. But He never said, "Mrs. So-and-so at a certain age and a certain time...?..." But then, He has a prophetic gift that He sent into to His Church in these last days to stimulate the faith of the people. Then if He should speak through me, that would be secondarily, but it would be His Word just the same. Now, to doubt this written Word would be sin, and to doubt His spoken Word would be sin. See?
Now, you must be prepared, and all you in the prayer line, to believe. And if you do not believe, I'd just step out of the line, 'cause, be assure, you'd be worse off than you ever was in all your life. See? For He said, "Go in," what no more? That's disbelieve. Unbelief is sin, "Go and sin no more, lest a worst thing come upon you." He wasn't talking about some immoral act; He was talking about your unbelief. He that believeth not is condemned already. See? It's your unbelief is what condemns you. God don't send you to hell because you're a sinner; He sends you to hell because you reject your provision that's made for heaven. See? You just reject that... You don't have to do a thing to go to hell. Only thing you do is just reject Jesus, just fail to believe His Word, that's all you have to do. See, Satan's always put a question mark across that. But that is THUS SAITH THE LORD. [John 3:18]
L-47 There's... I guess you wonder why I'm stalling. See? I could feel that impact of faith moving. Just be reverent, as it's getting near me. Now, the Angel of the Lord is coming near this platform right now; I can feel It moving down. It's coming from this side here, right this a way, right down this a way. Now, be reverent. I trust that before the services are closed He will appear visibly.
Now, He will before certain people. Sometimes it's before masses and multitudes, but you remember, the--the wise men, what did they see when... and they followed to Jesus? Nobody else saw it. It passed right over the observatory, every planetarium, is that right? And every city had a planetarium. They kept time by the stars, is that right? And isn't it strange that them wise men went right through city after city, city after city, following a star that even the star gazers and the men in the planetarium in telling the time and things, never saw nothing of it? They were looking for it; that's where it's at. You get what you expect. [Matthew 2:1-2]
L-48 Now, little mother, I just want to speak to you just a second now again. You're aware that something's going on; that's just the anointing (See?) that's just moving along. Now, this audience, that they might see... And a woman of your age would have no right to say anything wrong but what would be true. Now, there's a feeling that's moving to you now, warm, welcome, sweet...?... isn't that right? If it is raise up your hand? Now, see, the--the Angel of the Lord is at the platform now. And your faith is begin to pull Him this a way. That's a little bit hard, because the audience feels this impact, setting right against me this way, moving down with faith up there, and moving (You see?), which is causing a little interference; but that--that's all right. See, it's--it's just like a radio dial; it's just everywhere, that...
You are--you're--you're suffering with some kind of a... It's in the lower organs. I see an examination of something going on there. It's in the bladder, isn't it? It's the bladder. It's a--it's a cancer, mother, on the bladder. You have other ailments too, don't you? Heart trouble and... Isn't that right? Smother a whole lot. I see you trying to get your breath, catching like, but you do that much, don't you? Wearing kind of a light checkered looking dress when you was doing that...?... All right.
L-49 You--you're--you're a stranger here, be--you're not from this--this place, are you? You come from Pennsylvania, didn't you? Uh-huh, uh-huh. A little city, lot of trees and things around. Isn't that true? Mother, come here just a moment.
Dear heavenly Father, I pray Thee to be merciful to our dear sister, to heal her of this hideous demon that's trying to take her life. May it leave her and never return. And may this great pressure against her poor heart... Grant, Lord, that she'll have many more happy days.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, come out from the woman. We curse thee as Christian believers, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, that you depart from this woman, go into outer darkness, and bother her no more.
Now, just a moment. Yes, mother dear, it has left you now. You go back to Pennsylvania and you rejoice. I see a another in the city you're from begins, starts with a P too, doesn't it? Now...?... can go now and...?... healed. God bless you.
Let us say, "Praise be to God" through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gives us the victory now. We have now... There is therefore, now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who have believed this report, and we are in Christ Jesus, and therefore there's no condemnation. God is working. All right, everyone real reverent. [Romans 8:1]
L-50 And, yes, the man sets, sitting there in a chair. Everyone bow your head. Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this our brother. Satan done this evil to him, and wanting to cause him to be hurt. But Thou art here Lord, to make him every whit whole. Grant, Lord, that this spirit that binds him, may it leave him, may it come out. Give Thy servant faith over him. [James 1:17]
Thou demon of deafness, that's deafening the ears of this man, I come in the challenge of faith in the Name of Jesus Christ; you can't hold this man any longer, come out of him in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Now, brother, you're perfect. All right, raise your heads. The man's perfect. Do you hear me? [The man says, "Yes."--Ed.] Say, "Amen." [The man says, "Amen."--Ed.] I love Jesus. ["I love Jesus."] Glory to God. ["Glory to God."] Now, what, I say--whisper, then you say it out loud. Amen, amen. You say it out loud what I whisper to you. [The brother repeats everything Brother Branham says--Ed.] Amen. Praise the Lord. I love Jesus. Praise the Lord. Jesus loves me.
He does that...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," like this, everybody give God praise.
L-51 The Bible said, "And all the people give glory to God." Marvelous, the man's in perfect condition, perfectly. Many times you notice in deaf people, it--it's a challenge. They can't hear, and you have to it with predominating faith, go in there. See, you enter into another line of--of... Well, there's no need of trying to explain it, because you--you--you can't do it. You see? It's in a flow, another world. Just believe; that's all. Have faith in God; God will grant it to you.
All right, come, lady. Everyone real reverent. Look here: what's causes deafness? See? There's several things can do it. But you know, if you go to the doctor, and he'd examine your ears, he'd say, "Now, here, the," for instance, he says, "the--the nerve in the eardrum is dead."
"Well, doctor, what killed the nerve?"
"I don't know. The only thing I know is what I can see. But I know the nerve itself is dead in the eardrum."
"Well, what killed the nerve?"
"I don't know."
L-52 Why didn't it kill it all over its body. Like if there a transparent band around my hand and you couldn't see it, my hand would turn black and blue and swell up. Well, the doctor might come and say, "Now, the circulation stopped in here."
"Well, what stopped it?"
If it's transparent and can't see it, it's, "I don't know." He can't feel it. That's the only thing that anyone can work on, is what you can see or--or feel, of some of the senses will declare. Well, now, here's what it is: It's the devil. Now, Jesus said it was. And you believe Him? Speaking in the Bible terms, He said, "When the deaf spirit come out of the man, he could hear." The deaf spirit... And if the doctor can't tell why that nerve is dead, why, it's a demon setting there, it's cut off the hearing of that ear.
Now, if I wanted my hand to receive life again, is to loose this transparent band here, circulation. If nature's not hindered, why, it'll function all right. Is that right? Well, that transparent band has got everything cut off and so nature can't function. Move the band, it won't... Might not be well right then, but it'll get well; give it a chance. And if the devil is gone out, the man can hear. That nerve becomes active again. See? And the Bible said it was a spirit. When the deaf and dumb spirit went out of the man, he could speak and hear. Is that right? All right.
L-53 How do you do, sister? Now, I want... Which one of these is tape, this? This one? All right. Sorry I didn't see you, as I was talking. And I didn't know that you was the one to come up. Now, we are--we are strangers also, aren't we? I do not know you. But you're a little excited just now. I'm not reading your mind, but there's, everything's running through you; you're wondering. Now, you're--you're Christian. But now, I want you just to try to be just as, just looking, just try to let every nerve settle; for I am here by God's grace to help you to get well.
And, of course, I see you're wearing glasses, and that's--that's one thing that's wrong with you. 'Course the audience sees you got glasses on. But they in just a few moments maybe the Holy Spirit will speak to me and tell me something concerning you. And I'll talk to you just a little while, perhaps maybe in talking to people...
Now, you can't with everyone, 'cause it's something that breaks through. I mentioned glasses just a few moments ago, and I felt that. You know, even a little thing like that, the Holy Spirit so sensitive, It'll move back. There's something there that's wrong though; I can see that now. But I can't tell just what it is. And but God does know what--what it is.
L-54 And now He is able to reveal it to me, if He will. And then if I talk to you a little while and just kinda catch the feeling of your spirit, then whatever's wrong, God will show me what is wrong. And you--you believe that don't you, sister? Yes. Your--your trouble is in your stomach. Isn't that right? Yes, sir. It's a stomach trouble that's bothering you. And I see a lump; oh, it's a tumor. Say, that tumor's in your stomach; that's where the trouble's at. It's a tumor in the stomach. Is that true? Yes, sir.
Say, don't you have a, some kind of a diabetic condition too...?... That's right, you do. Say, I see you some time ago you were healed of the blood disease. And I seen that blood change back. I see a big meeting; you were rejoicing, happy. You were at a meeting where there was many people; I see lot's of people, but it must have been years ago, you look younger in there. It was the night you received the Holy Ghost. You're... Sometime ago. Is that true? All right, then you may go off the platform now well. Jesus Christ makes you...?... whole.
Everyone say, "Praise the Lord." I appreciate that, audience when it goes in; I couldn't tell what it was; the people were screaming and going on in the meeting. If the audience would be reverent just at that time you can hear what they're talking about. You see?
L-55 Now, the lady is going to get well. She's going to be all right. She's going to be sick after a bit. In about seventy-two hours she'll get awfully sick, maybe vomit awhile. But don't worry; she'll vomit up that growth that's in her stomach, and she'll--she'll be all right. just have faith now.
What do you think up there in the audience, do--do you believe that with all your heart. All of you having faith? All right. Just don't fear, only believe, and God will bring it to pass. Whatever you desire in your heart, believe. When you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it. Is that what Jesus said? "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it."
You believe it up here? Well, all right. Come, lady. [] [Mark 11:24]
L-56 ...?... He is the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star, the Root and Offspring of David. See, He's both the Root and Offspring of David (See?), He that was, which is, and shall come, the Alpha, Omega (that's A and Z), beginning and the end, He that was dead and is alive forever more. He's just got so many titles till we just call Him Jesus, shouldn't we. That's all He is. And He is the Son of God. And He died one day for you and I and the sins of this world. And His Blood was shed on Calvary.
And that holy, unadulterated Blood... Mary knew nothing about any man. God, Jehovah moved over Mary and created a Blood cell in her womb, that brought forth the Son of God. You believe that? Then He shed that Blood, which every baby is the blood of its father, not of its mother, of its father. The blood cell comes from the male sex. And that had to be in that case, 'cause God is--is the Father of Jesus Christ, and His Blood is holy, unadulterated Blood, and He offered back to God in the--in the place of our sinful blood. Born in sin by our confession, God transformed all of our sins on Him, and He paid the price, and we're free. Isn't that wonderful?
And to think, just as sure as God raised Him out of the grave, setting at His right-hand tonight, making intercessions upon our confessions, that same God has promised. He swore by this covenant, that we that are in Christ Jesus, born into that Body, shall come forth in that Body...?... to be His Bride.
And as God taken from Adam a rib and made Eve out of it, He taken from the side of Christ and made the Church out of it. And we together will walk in the paradise of God someday. Won't that be wonderful? And you won't have stomach trouble there, and you haven't got it any more now. Go eat what you want you; you had ulcers in the stomach, and they're gone. Eat anything you want to, mother, your faith has made you well. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Genesis 2:21-25]
L-57 All right, come. Oh, what a glorious feeling, moving from that audience now, such a marvelous faith. Looks like that just anything could happen. Just looky here, friends, how--how would we have to have a few dozen come up here in the prayer line? It shouldn't be. If one person, if it's proven to be the truth, then that settles it. And now, God wouldn't let me tell you part truth and not the rest of it truth. He wouldn't stand for that. God is all truth.
And remember, I tell you; the same God that's--that's here, revealing this, this is by a spiritual gift that He has given to me to vindicate His Presence with you all. And just as He is willing to heal here, He's willing to... That's His attitude toward every one of you, every one of you. He's just as willing... He never died just for this person, or that person, or that person, He died for all of you. Praise be to God. He died to make all of you well.
And in His attitude is just as dear to you, isn't just the same to you, He loves you just as much as He does that colored sister that was just healed just now of the stomach trouble. He loves you just as much as He did Congressman Upshaw, there that had been crippled for sixty-six years in the field. He loves you just as much as Florence Nightingale who on that cancer over her stomach, and was gone to probably thirty pounds of weight, or thirty-five. And now weighs one hundred and fifty-five or sixty pounds. His attitude towards you with cancer is just the same as her.
If God can heal one person here with cancer, He can heal every one of you with cancer. And He has healed every one of you that's got cancer. The only thing you have to do is just accept it. And I am just His servant here in a vindication that He, through His grace, might come down on me, and speak through this channel, and to--to vindicate His Presence with you. He isn't dead. He isn't in the grave; neither is He on the cross. But He's with you, even in you, and will be until the end of the age. See? Now, that is true. "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (See?), if you know the truth. Now, that is the truth, if I speak these things.
L-58 Here stands a woman; I don't know you; I never seen you in my life, know nothing of you. Well, then, you just got a prayer card out there, and was called in the line and here you stand. Is that right? Now, if there's anything... If I can tell you what is the disease that you have in your body, then that ought to prove to this audience that it's the truth come from God. Is that right? Now, if looking this a way out in this audience, if God will reveal to me what's wrong with this lady here, will you believe it? And will you accept it? For you would know that He's the High Priest of your confession, that He's at the right-hand of Father to make intercession for anything that you confess He's done; it's all yours. The checkbook's in your hand. Everything that heaven owns is yours, you got a checkbook. The only thing you have to do is say, "I believe it; I'll sign my name to it; it's mine." Go right on out believing it, testifying of it, and you'll get well. See? Amen. [Hebrews 3:1]
L-59 I say that once in a while to kindly make myself a little stronger so I can go longer.
All right, sister, if God will reveal to me what's wrong with you, and just tell me here... You know His Presence is close enough to make you well. Is that right? All right, what about your kidney trouble you had? All right, go off the platform and be well now...?... Let's say, "Praise be to God." Now, believe, don't doubt.
Now, her only weakness there, is from the Holy Spirit standing there. You seen it how it was wrapping her up. That's the reason I know as soon as I looked at her again I knowed what was wrong with her. See? 'Cause her faith was moving right in (You see?); I could feel it pulling from me. I was getting weaker and weaker. She was healed of that while she was standing here. You see? I knew what she had.
Do you believe? Up in the audience there, you believe? That's fine, God bless you. You out in here believe? Oh, how wonderful. And up in here? All right, that's wonderful, all right.
L-60 Now, here's another lady; I don't know her. But she's a Christian. And she has faith. She's a believer, and God can reveal to me what's wrong with the woman. If He can reveal what's wrong with this woman, He could reveal what's wrong with that woman, or that person, or this one here, or that one up there, or over here, wherever. Is that right? It's wherever you set your mind and watch, it would take place. You believe that? Then have faith.
Look here, sister; you believe me as God's prophet? You do? What if I told you that tumor would pass from you, would you believe it? All right, go, and believe it, and you shall receive it...?... Let's say, "Praise be to God."
Now, you don't have to have a prayer card; the only thing you have to have is faith. You believe that, mother? With all your heart? You had heart trouble, didn't you? All right, stand on your feet, Jesus Christ has healed back by standing (That's right.), the lady with the black hat. That's right. Receive your healing, sister, and it's over now, you can go. Go home, be well. Thank you. Amen. Have faith in God. [Mark 11:12]
L-61 Oh, how I love Him, oh, how wonderful. I wish you could feel that--that glorious feeling here. Not only is the Angel of the Lord here tonight, but the Holy Spirit's here. For the Angel of Lord, it seems to me is kind of settle. But the Holy Spirit makes the people rejoice and happy (You see?), and that's what does it. Oh, how wonderful. His ways are past finding out, aren't they? He lives, He lives, I know He lives. He lives within my heart. [Romans 11:33]
How do you do, sister? You're type of person that's once believing, you believe. Kind of hard for you to see it. You do a lot of worrying about things, cross bridges before you get to them, build castles that never come to pass; 'cause that's your nature. But if you will believe me as God's prophet, you do? All right, the diabetes will leave you and you can go home and be well. Can you believe that? Go ahead, and you have believed; you can receive. God bless you in the Name of the Lord. Let's say, "Praise be to God."
L-62 Now, before I look at this woman I can tell there's something tearing at her right now. That woman's got something seriously wrong. How do you do, sister? What'd I tell you? It's death. Now, watch. I'm not sure, just a moment. Cancer too. Now, everyone reverent and bow your head.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this poor mortal, knowing that she can't stay here much longer unless You help her. Free her, Lord, give her her days of freedom yet, that she dies not. But may the Spirit of God come upon her, and help her, and bless her. [James 1:17]
Satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I ask that you come from this woman, come out of her, I adjure thee to go in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.
L-63 Hear me now? You're all right now? There you are. You okay now? Now, you had cancer too, didn't you? You're go off the platform rejoicing and be made well; you had your hearing and your healing, go.
Let's give God praise, everybody, let's give God praise.
The woman had been under surgery, and everything came that, but it's... But if--if she'll just only has faith now, it'll leave her and be gone. It's--it's gone now, just keep her away from unbelievers and things. Doctors has told her there's no hope at all; they give her up. Oh, she's--she was deaf, but now she hears. Oh, my, just as sure as the deaf spirit went from her, the cancer life went from her, and she's going to live. Because Christ lives in her place to make intercession for her at the right-hand of the Father, God Almighty.
L-64 All right, come, lady. Believest thou this, with all your heart? There's where your trouble's at, was in your heart;, you had heart trouble. Is that right? I want you to put your hand on mine; I want you to say, "Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Healer for heart trouble right now." In the Name of Jesus Christ receive your blessing. Now, go back home in Georgia and say, "Praise the Lord." [John 11:26]
Say, sir, you had the same thing, didn't you? Yes, sir. Go on off the platform, you got well standing there...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." God is here; He's omnipotent, the Healer of every disease, the Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the end.
Every once in a while I keep seeing the Spirit of God hanging over a lady over there with a red dress on, setting right down there. I don't know what it is, but there's--she's either been blessed, or healed, or something; it's the lady setting there with the red dress on. It keeps moving out, and it hangs over her. I don't know what it is. All right. Are you--are you a Christian, lady? [Someone says, "She was healed in one of the previous meetings, night before last."--Ed.] Oh, was you... You been healed? Well, that's what it is. Amen.
L-65 I don't remember, these things. They tell me what happens in the meetings. It seems to me like I dreamed it or something. And right now, if this audience could only know how I felt; my hands feel a bit larger, my lips feel thick. And when that Spirit comes down, I just have to listen to myself to see what I'm saying. It isn't... He just takes a hold of the subject. You see? It does the talking, not me; I have nothing to do with it. All right, be reverent everyone. Believe with all your heart, God will bring it to pass, always.
How do you do, sister? My, I believe you're a nice little mother. You have a wonderful feeling to your spirit, moving, seems to be so welcome. If--it's been suffering for quite a bit though. Had an old trouble that's bothered you a long time. You know what I'm speaking of. And you've also got a tumor; you been bothered with heart trouble. But Jesus makes you whole right where you stand. You're--you're expecting of it, is what does the work for you. You're healed, go on off the platform rejoicing. Just a little still faith, just--just enough to... She was under a kind of a influence; she'd didn't know what was taking place all at once, but that's the reason I didn't talk to her no more than what I did. There's lot's more to her life, but I'm sure she understands.
Jesus told the woman at the well... Just let's give God praise, she's just coming out of it now, to know what's all of it... Let's say, "Praise the Lord." How wonderful. All right, everybody reverent.
L-66 And come, sister. Good evening. He's certainly wonderful, isn't He? To think that He would come down here and do these things for us, and bring Hisself present. See, I--I--I can do nothing of myself. I'm just His servant. See? And if I would say that I would do that, I'd be telling something wasn't true. For I--I cannot do that; I have no control of it. I do not control It; It controls me. See? It's the One Who leads me and tells me.
Now, we are strangers, I believe. All through your life you've had a hunger, haven't you? And now, here in these days that you're coming to now... Yes, I see something coming before me; it's a... Oh, yes, you have a stomach trouble, don't you? Isn't that right? You've never served God like you wanted to; you've never entered into that place that you've hungered and thirst for. Isn't that right? Right. Do you want to receive Him? May the Lord Jesus heal you and fill you with His Spirit until your heart is bubbling over with His grace. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen. Go now and receive, sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Have faith in God. It's such a pull, a blast right out through here. Now, I honestly, my dear brother, sister, if you would just enter into that other--that other dimension now, enter that realm... Just don't think about what, how sick you are; if you'll just move on up in here to God, where you can touch Him, something's going to happen in a few minutes, if you'll just get up there (See?), and believe now, have faith. Believe with all your hearts. God is here to bring it to pass. [Mark 11:12]
L-67 There's somebody right in there keeps pulling on something, right in that way. I can't place where it's at, but my attention just keeps pulling up into that--that sphere right up in there. It's somebody praying. There's so much between me; I can't locate who you are. Have faith.
Now, when I said that, it changes and comes over on this side. Here it is pulling from here. Believe. Do you? What if the Holy Spirit was here to just tell you what was wrong with you, mother, would you believe it? All right. Your heart trouble's gone. Your female's gone. And you can go...?... Let's say, "Praise be to God."
Just childlike simplicity. Look, live, and believe.
L-68 Just have faith now. Believe that God is, and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. You believe that? With all your heart? All right. Oh, I see right now, it's in her ears; she's--deaf spirit on her. [Hebrews 11:6]
Almighty God, Author of Life and Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this woman and heal her. Thou art here, Lord, and this devil knows that his time has come. To this woman entering into this sphere of faith here, he knows that he's got to lose; he can't hold her any longer. Thou, deaf spirit, come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ I charge thee to leave the woman. [James 1:17]
Can you hear me? Do you hear me? This was in the ear that's been deaf all that time. Do you hear me? Say, "Amen." [Sister repeats.--Ed.] I love the Lord. Praise the Lord. Jesus loves me. Amen. You are healed, sister, go on your road and rejoice.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." How marvelous. Have faith.
L-69 You with your hand up, what do you think about Him? You want me to say something to you, didn't you? I'm not reading your mind. You believe me as His prophet? There's something wrong with you. Been wrong a long time, hasn't it? You got migraine headaches. Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Only believe.
L-70 What are you setting there, colored lady, with your hand up? Do you believe I am God's prophet, that He sent me to help you? Do you believe that I will be able by God to know what's wrong with you? You've had a misunderstood life, haven't you? Many times, many heartaches and trials you've went through. I see something, dark streak hanging down a long road behind you. But you've changed now, you're suffering with a stomach trouble, aren't you? Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus and be made well.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."
L-71 Way back there, setting there with that yellow looking... Yes, you kept looking this way so sincerely. You were praying a few moments ago; I noticed you. I felt something pull me. I don't know what's wrong with you yet, but God is able to reveal to me and tell me what is wrong with you. Do you believe that? Would you stand up just a minute? So you get a...?... The lady's trying to pull. Just a moment till I can get you just above the rest. Do you believe me as His prophet? You believe that what I said is the truth? Your faith, you believe in God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit? You believe in that? And you believe in me as His prophet, is that right? It's a blood condition; you're anemia. Is that right? Raise up your hand; receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Let's praise God.
L-72 There sets another lady setting by you there, with a pink looking hat on, setting there praying. You believe, lady? You do? You believe me to be His prophet? You accept it the same way, you believe that I'll be able to tell you what's wrong with you, and you'll believe the Presence of God is here and my testimony that Jesus Christ healed you nineteen hundred years ago, is made visible to you now, do you believe that? [] Nervous condition, isn't that right? You think you're losing your mind and everything. See? You just... The devil beating you around the stump every way, is that right? Go home in the Name of the Lord Jesus and receive your healing for He has made you well.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." You believe Him?
Here sets a poor woman setting here, her hands wiggling around in the air, a young looking girl. Yes, there's something strange about that woman. I feel now a real strange spirit moving from her. It's right down here by this end; it's a young looking woman. It's something that's beating me right now, just as hard; it's like a dark breath coming this a way. It's horrible looking. Oh, it's a epilepsy. This lady setting on the end here is a sufferer of epilepsy. Is that right, lady? If it is, stand up on your feet. The Lord Jesus Christ bless you, lady, and take those things from you.
L-73 Hallelujah, you believe? Lady, you believe? All right, you can go home and not have ulcer any more, you can go home, be made well in the Name of Jesus.
Do you believe out there? All right, here He is, do you want []... on your feet then, put your hands on one another, that polio victim, that you... Now, receive your healing.
Almighty God, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, may the Spirit of God fall just now and heal every person in this building, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out, Satan.

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