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Accept God's Gift
53-0219, Accept God's Gift, Pentecostal Holiness Church, Tallahassee, FL, 23 min

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L-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be here tonight. And I am sorry that we have a--such a standing up condition, everybody out--out on the street. And my son came down to get me, and he said, "Why," said, "dad," said, "they're standing all around, out on the streets and everything." He said, "Hurry, hurry, hurry." So that kinda makes it kinda hard when you have to hurry, hurry, hurry, isn't it? But it--it isn't so bad of me hurrying as it's bad on you having to stand like that, is what I'm sorry about.
We've been very happy to be here...?... Tallahassee: enjoyed every moment of our time here. I hope that someday we can come back to be with you again for--to--for we are really expecting someday for God to give us a tent or something that we can have services in. It's kinda hard when we have to--you know, our people coming and our places maybe not big enough to take care of them.
L-2 We thank you for everything that you've done. We thank you for all the ministers, for what they have done, the cooperating of pastors. You attend church. Work hard. Men like that who believes in these great principles of God, what they've taught you to be true, God has come around and confirmed that it is the truth. So you must believe that. They are men of God. So I trust that every one of you brethren that's helped in these meetings, that you're--that you're services will get greater and greater all the time. And to you people, may God richly bless you.
And there's been many, many things that has been done in the services that I have never said nothing about it as yet. I've just let it go. But you'll find out after I'm gone... You pastors, remember this, that after--after I'm gone, you'll see that there is many things that's been done that people doesn't know nothing about yet. But you'll find out that women and men will be coming to you and, "My stomach trouble's gone"; "My arthritis left." Now, pastor, if you'd mark that down to see if that isn't true. You'll notice them saying that. So we thank you.
L-3 And my manager just told me they taken a love offering for me. I appreciate that. I didn't really deserve a love offering, friends. I--I didn't... But I--I appreciate it because I'm really trying to get money together now to go to Africa and to other places. That's what I'll do with it. See? Send me over to Africa to the thousands and millions of people setting in black ignorant darkness. I know it'll go to the right place; I promise you that, that it'll... Every penny of it will be used for the cause of Jesus Christ. What little... Maybe I might have to pay a little food bill or something at home, my grocery bill and so forth, but outside of that, every cent I get goes right straight into foreign missions. Then I go myself to be sure that I--that I'm getting it over there right and use it. The Lord bless you is my prayer.
L-4 And I will give Brother... I believe this sister or somebody told me today that it was a Pentecostal Holiness. Who's the pastor of this Pentecostal Holiness?...?... You're the pastor? You know Brother...?... Is that right? [A Brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Is that right. Well, that's very fine. Well, he's a... Certainly, Brother Freeman, and I, and Brother Fischer, we're all very, very fine, good friends. I'll sure bring them news that we had a real meeting down here in the--in the Pentecostal Holiness Church then, when I tell them that the Lord was with us down here. The Lord bless you all, every one of you.
L-5 And now, tonight, you standing here, I'm just going to read a Scripture, and then we'll start praying for the sick just in a few moments. I know you're tired standing. I know the ones outside and in the basement and around is tired standing. I wish there was something I could do right now. Wish there was just something within my power that I could just raise up, and bless everybody in here that they'd just be praising God, and blessing God, and everyone be healed and go out, and there wouldn't be any sick or crippled or any... Wouldn't I love to do that?
Oh, if I could, I would just do it right now. But it--it isn't in me to do it. I can't do it. I'm just a man. See? The only thing I can do, is offer prayer for you and tell you the truth. And if by being the meetings, what the people come, is... It's something that the ministers has preached. Your pastors, maybe years ago has preached to you that God would do these things just before [] It's only confirming what your pastors have preached to you would take place. And in doing that, humbly I'm trying my very best tonight, to bring the Gospel to you in the way that I believe God has ordained that I should preach it. Receive it, will you? And then, you believe just exactly that this is the truth.
L-6 Now, to you on the outside, and in the basement, and you who are not able at this time to see in... The Lord Jesus Christ at His vicarious suffering and death at Calvary, purchased healing for every mortal in the world, ever will be in the world. Jesus has already paid the price, and in the sight of God you are already healed. There is no sickness in the sight of God. You're already healed. Every sinner here, inside, out, wherever you are, your sins, as far as God is concerned, is forgiven you now. But if you do not accept it, then when you come into His Presence without the Blood of Jesus upon you as a son or daughter, then you're condemned as a--when you get there, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." [Isaiah 53:5], [Genesis 3:1-3]
Now, you don't have to die in that condition. You can't help being a sinner, 'cause you was borned a sinner, but you can help be--remaining a sinner; for in the sight of God, sin is already covered. He couldn't look upon sin. He'd--He's just and sovereign. He'd have to just... []...?... right then. God cannot look upon sin; He's holy. But the Blood of Jesus holds it off as a bumper on a car. Every time you sin, the Bumper, Jesus Christ, catches you at your sin before it reaches God. Aren't you ashamed the way you've treated Him?
L-7 I remember one day when I looked up there and saw what He done for me, I crawled humbly to Him. There laid my name on top of a book, and, oh, what was written under it. I said, "Lord, will you forgive me?"
And seemingly, He took His hands, dipped into His side, and said, "Yes." And He wrote across that book, "Pardoned," closed it up, and put it back in the sea of forgetfulness. I've been happy ever since. I'm trying my best in my humble way to tell every mortal on earth: "Jesus Christ loves you, and He's the only thing that's holding the wrath of God off of you. Receive Him as your personal Saviour."
And when you've done that, now, He that--was also striped on His back, "with His stripes we are healed," or "we were healed," not we will be, we have already been healed. Every person has been healed. And now, the only thing you have to do, is to believe that first in your heart before you can say it. If you're just saying it from your lips, it won't do you any good. But from... See, we... [Isaiah 53:5]
L-8 This isn't a shallow affair. It isn't something that's just like... I heard someone say, last evening on a--on a broadcast, "Every person that believes has--has been filled with the Holy Spirit."
Now, I, not disagreeing with the minister, but he--he just probably didn't understand the Scripture. Paul, in Acts the 19th chapter, asked those Baptist people up there, had they received the Holy Ghost since they believed? not when you believe. The Holy Spirit is a Gift of God after you believe. It's God's Gift to you for believing. But you can believe, Jesus being the Son of God, and accept Him as your personal Saviour, and still not have the Holy Spirit. The Gift of the Holy Spirit is God's personal gift to the believer. You're saved because you believe, but you're filled with the Holy Ghost when God's personal Gift comes upon you, which is the Holy Spirit. [Acts 19:1-6]
Now, see, it's not a shallow affair. It's something deep. We're not babies any more; we're men and women. The church should be in that condition tonight, not shallow, but deep in God.
L-9 Now, healing is not something that you just say, "Well, I... yeah, I believe it. I believe it." Now, that's all right. If that's the best you can do, just mentally, or just say, "Well, I... Yes, I--I see it. I believe that; I accept it." Then if you accept it on those basis, keep saying it over and over. Say it out loud. Say it over and over; just keep saying, "I'm healed. I'm healed." Say it until actually you believe it. And when you believe it, then it's going to take place.
Don't have a negative testimony. Every time when you confess, "Well, I still feel bad today. I guess I..." you go right straight back in the same rut that you was in the beginning. There's not a man or woman in here that is baptized with Holy Spirit but what would start your confession, "I believe I've lost the Holy Spirit. I believe It's gone from me. I believe I..." you'll go right down; you'll never... Can you... [Romans 10:10], [Hebrews 3:1]
L-10 Listen close. You'll never live above your confession. Jesus is the High Priest of our confession (Is that right? Now, Hebrews 3:1, now any scholar knows that same word "profession" is "confession" too, same translated.), now setting at the right hand of the Father to make intercessions upon what? Our confession. He can't do nothing for you until first you confess He's done it. See? [Hebrews 3:1]
When you accepted... Now, I wasn't saved... I'm not saved tonight because I get happy and shout. That isn't it. I'm not saved because the gift of God works through me. I'm saved because I have met the conditions that Jesus Christ required from me. I'm saved according to the Bible. See? Is that right? See? On... And not because I feel like I'm saved. Satan can whip you around a stump on your feelings, but he can't when it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See? He can't do--go that. He can't wade across that; that'll defeat him.
L-11 Now, when you believed you were saved, setting in your seat, out in the--wherever you was, you accepted it and begin to confess and tell people you were saved. Well, you kept on saying, "I'm saved."
The people said, "They ain't no difference in you," but you believed there was. Is that right? And you kept with your confession and after while it worked righteousness. All your neighbors and everybody knows you're saved now, because you believed it, you confessed it. Why, what happened? What changed you? He's the High Priest of your confession, setting at the right hand of the Father, making good what you're confessing.
Now, that's the same thing it is by healing. You accept Him as your Healer, renounce your feelings. It's not by feelings; it's by faith. Say you're healed; believe you're healed; act like you're healed; associate with those who believe in healing; and God will bring you right out to a perfect soundness of health: will not fail. [Romans 10:10], [Hebrews 3:1]
L-12 Just an illustration. I'm trying to get faith moving (You see?), so I can see what the Holy Spirit will do here for us in a few minutes. Don't never look at symptoms. Lady, don't you look 'cause you're setting in a wheelchair, or this young fellow here, that's no more to God than to heal a toothache (See?), not make a bit of difference.
But now, look. He's the High Priest of--of your confession. Now, if there's any fellow that ought to had a--a bad case of symptoms, would've been Jonah when he was going down to Nineveh. He was backslid, going to Nineveh, or to Tarshish, instead of Nineveh, on the wrong ship, going the wrong way, backslid, running from God in a stormy sea. They tied his hands and feet, throwed him out of the ship. He went down into the sea. A whale swallowed him and went plumb to the bottom of the sea to rest his swimmers as all fish does. There he was, tied hands and feet, backslid, a stormy sea, many fathoms deep in the sea in the belly of a whale. [Hebrews 3:1]
If there's anybody should've had symptoms, it was Jonah. If he looked this way it was a whale's belly; everywhere he looked it was a whale's belly. But he refused to look at it.
You look and say, "I'm setting here."
Somebody else look, say, "Well, the doctor told me I had heart trouble. I had arthritis." Refuse to see it; refuse to believe it. That's right. [Jonah 1:1-17]
L-13 Jonah said, "They are lying vanities." He said, "Once more will I look to Your holy temple," told God.
Because when Solomon dedicated that temple, he said, "If Thy people be in trouble anywhere and look to this holy place and pray, then You hear from heaven."
And he believed, Jonah believed that God heard Solomon's prayer. And he started saying, "I'll not look at this whale's belly. I'll not think about my backslidden condition. I'm looking towards Your holy temple and making confession." And God sent oxygen down there, and kept him alive for three days and nights, and delivered him right in Nineveh where he belonged. [Jonah 2:1-10]
Well, if Solomon prayed that prayer, and if... There's no one here that's in the condition or half way like Jonah was. You ain't got nothing like the symptoms he had. Well, if he, in that condition, could look to a temple where it was built by hands of a man, and a earthly being, a man, Solomon, sitting and praying, and could have faith in Solomon's prayer, how much more ought you and I, tonight, setting here, look to the throne of God where Jesus stands at His right hand with His Blood there to make intercessions on your confession. Just refuse to have the symptoms. [I Kings 8:22-61]
L-14 Symptoms is something like, say tomorrow, when you go home now, to your place, the express agent will come up and say, "Are you Mrs. Joe?"
"I have a present for you."
"All right. What is it?" He hands over a--a basket, or box, and you hear something hitting in that box. You look in it. It's a big box of snakes, rattlesnakes. Well, you don't want them things.
Well, you say, "I don't want them."
"Oh, but they're yours. Somebody sent them to you. Here's your name. Here's the name. It's somebody sent these snakes to you; they're yours. You have to take them."
Now, in one sense of the word they're yours, in another sense they're not. Somebody sent them to you, but they're not yours until you sign for them that you've received them. And when you sign you received them, then they're yours. But if you refuse to sign for them, he has to take them back to the express company. The express company has to send them to the one that sent them to you. Is that right?
Well, don't sign for nothing the devil brought. No, sir. Just refuse to have it. No, sir. Say, "I just haven't got it. Devil, you take it all back. That's all. I won't have it." Refuse to have your sickness, your arthritis, whatever it is, "I just haven't got it. By His stripes I'm healed." Stand right on your ground. Confess it. Believe it. Stay there. God will bring it to pass. No matter what it is, just believe Him. [I Timothy 4:7], [Hebrews 11:24]
L-15 All right, you're a lovely group of people. I--I'm not a--much of a preacher, but I'd sure like to talk a little while tonight, but I can't. I'm--I'm 'afraid I'll get away from the... I been praying all for hours now for the anointing of the--for healing and then come right around and start preaching, it wouldn't be just the thing to do.
I want to read some Scripture, and then we'll call the prayer line. Saint John, the 5th chapter, 33, 33rd verse beginning. Listen close, now.
Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness unto the truth.
But I receive not testimony from man: but these things I say, that ye might be saved.
He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.
But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given unto me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me. [John 5:33-36]
L-16 May we bow our heads just a moment, everywhere, if you will. Now, in deep sincerity, friends, inside, out, everywhere... Now, let's look to the Author and Finisher of our faith, Who promised if two or three would gather together, His Name, He'd be there.
Now, Lord, we believe that You're right here. We come, God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, because we have no name or merits of our own to come in. If we would come in our own name, You would not receive us. But we are so deeply concerned tonight about sick people and the conditions of these, Your children, till we come placing the Name of Him Who promised that if we come in His Name that You'd hear our Lord Jesus Christ. "Whatever You ask the Father in My Name, that I'll do." So we come in His Name, and knowing that the God of heaven, the great Amoyah, the... And looks down on this church tonight, look, standing out in the yard, down to the basement... Those great x-ray eyes of Yours, look like true to the soul of man, nothing hid, You know everything. You know every person. Not even a sparrow could fall in the streets without You knowing about it. How much more You know we're praying now? Father, will You--will You do this for us tonight. [Hebrews 12:2], [John 14:3], [John 15:16], [John 16:23]
L-17 If I found favor in Your sight, Lord... I've tried my best to serve You and all I know how, knowing that I made many mistakes and deserve to be cut off tonight, but it's through Your grace, Lord, that it--we're here.
Lord, since You have told me, and sent me out to pray for the sick, I've tried to be humble. I didn't have to have great big places to go to. The little church is all right for me. Whether... Just wherever it seemed like You want me to go, I try to go. I've always tried to give honor and glory to Jesus Christ, our Saviour, trying to carry out the works that I feel that He has started back there and promised to be with the people to the end of the world, giving Him all praise and glory.
L-18 Now, Lord, look down upon this waiting group of people. Send the great Spirit of God upon them. And may, as it were, the Angel of healing, stretch His great wings across this building tonight, shut off all unbelief, and may there be such a great joy in this camp after while, that they just run under His blessings, Lord, and wait. And may the great big still drops of mercy and faith drop down from His wings upon every person, that they'll just drop loose from every sin, every shackle, be free, and come and serve Him, be healed of their sickness. And when we're going to our separate homes tonight, God, bless each one. May we say, as them from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us," because of His Presence. God, bless this little church. Bless every church that's cooperating. And someday, Lord, grant that if it be Thy will, we can return to this lovely city and there have an old fashion revival for many, many weeks, and many things might be done. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Luke 24:32]
L-19 Thank you. And now, let's begin tonight. They give out all new group of prayer cards today, a whole new group, many, many, starting with the letter "M." And now, we'll have... Can't stand too many at a time. How many could we stand up here? All right. Who was it they said they... Yes. All right. Okay. The pastors, and Brother Baxter, and them suggested we just call about three at a time, 'cause keep them from standing up. All right, that'll be just fine.
Well, let's just start right out the first one then, just start right down. Who's got M-1? Where's it at? M-1, prayer card, M-1. Look on your prayer card, they'll... It'll be a little card like this, that'll have your name and address on the front of it; on this side over here has... On this side down here has a--a letter "M," it'll be a 1. M-1, M-2, M-3. Let's see if we can get them out. Some of them is, I guess, outside; some of them's in the afternoon meeting; some of them maybe standing down in the basement. Wherever you are is got prayer cards beginning with the letter M, be ready now to be called. We have M-1, M-2, M-3. That be enough to...

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