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Prayer Line
53-0600, Prayer Line, Roberts Park Amphitheater, Connersville, IN, 3 min

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L-1 ... out a prayer card. That's right. Do you believe? All right, just let that group walk right down here first to the platform--just them without a prayer card. Now, I'm going to get the prayer cards just in a minute. We'll comb right through the building; we want to get everyone prayed for that we can.
Now, now, how many in here's going be in prayer right now? Now, I'm going to call on these other lines all around here so we can get ev... []
All right. Now let--now let's--Now, let you come ... Stop... Well, let that be just enough, 'cause you'll have to stand too long in the line. Now, everyone... How many here will pledge that you'll-you'll pray for these people while I'm praying for them?
Now, how many in here believes that God gave this gift which is a gift of discernment or prophetic gift it's... Don't only do this, friends. Mercy, it's... You've read the books, haven't you? It's just no end to the tens of thousands of things that the Lord has done through this. But now, wait. He told me to pray for the sick. That's my duty to pray for the sick.
Now, now, let's see... Now, just a moment. And now, don't let any more stand, if you will, till I get these prayed for, then I'll make another call. See? We want to get every one prayed for that we possibly can. All right, Sonny, are you just about getting ready there? Get--you can't get too many in this line 'cause if we do, why, we get in trouble. You see? Now, how...
You people standing here, now, I don't know you; never seen you; you haven't got a prayer card, nothing about, but you believe if I'll ask God, with your faith believing, you'll get well? Do you believe it? You believe it all along? Do you believe that? Now, don't come 'less you do (See?), 'cause it'll harm you instead of doing you good; for the Bible said, "Go ye and what no more... sin no more?" How many believes the Bible says that? Well, what is sin? Unbelief. [John 8:11]
How many knows that unbelief is sin; that's the only sin there is, is unbelief. "He that believeth not is condemned already." Is that right? You don't even--you're condemned. See? Lying, stealing, and drinking, and so-so forth, that isn't sin, that's the attributes of sin. You do that because you believe not. If you believe, you don't do those things. See? That's the attributes. So now if you're coming, come believing, or a worse thing will come upon you. Don't just come like you're coming to go through, touch a totem pole or something.
Now, to the rest of you standing in the line, everyone now, let's bow our heads right quick.

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