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Prayer Line
53-1118, Prayer Line, Evansville, IN, 41 min

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L-1 There's no serving the meetings. How many has been in my meetings before? Let's see your hand. Before this meeting here, before Evansville? All right. Tonight, being that I'm hoarse, couldn't preach, I'm thankful that I have another gift. Uh-huh. See? See? Don't need any preaching. Let, God can do the preaching. That right? Let God do the preaching, whatever He want to preach tonight, that's the reason He let me be hoarse.
L-2 Here stands a lady, I've never seen her in my life, know nothing about her. We're strangers, aren't we? Don't know each other? Never seen one another? Therefore, if the woman's here, I never seen her, we're years difference in our age, maybe raised miles apart, but God knows her. Don't you believe that? He knows me. Now, by a vision, He can tell me what's wrong with her. Do you believe that? That is this: If Jesus has risen from the dead, if Jesus was standing here, He'd know what was wrong with her, wouldn't He? And He said, "The things that I do shall you also." Is that right? Well, we thank Him for that. And we know that He's here, and will He do just exactly what He said He would do.
Now, I want to talk to her, just a minute, like He did the woman at the well; contact her spirit. Does anybody here know this woman? Then you know what's wrong with her. Then if God Almighty will reveal, by a vision, what's wrong with this woman, then you'll accept Him as your Healer? Will you do it? How many will do it? Raise your hand. Say, "I believe it." I want to talk to her. [John 4:1-21]
L-3 I'm your brother, sister. I don't know you, but when Jesus talked to a woman at the well, wasn't very long till He found out what her trouble was. She had five husbands, that was her trouble. Yours may be tumor, gallbladder trouble, I don't know, maybe cancer. I don't know, but He does know. And if He can, in His power, reveal your trouble, will you accept your healing? You will? You will. Uh-huh. You believe I'm able to do this through Jesus Christ?
It's not exactly for yourself. That shocked you, didn't it? I see two boys. They're aged, so they're brothers to you. And one of them is fixing to have an operation; it's for a rupture. And the other one has heart trouble, and some kind of a cough, asthmatic cough. You are a Christian, but neither one of those are Christians. You are praying for their soul. Is that right?
Is that, what was said, right? That was me making the mutter, but it was Him doing the talking. You believe ye shall receive what you've asked for?
Could the congregation hear that? If you could, raise up your hand. Good. I just didn't know how much... When I come out of that building a few moments ago, I couldn't whisper, and so, I come over here by faith. See? But, He's here. Now, come here just a minute.
Our Heavenly Father, You know the condition of the woman, the desire of her heart. I pray that You'll grant it. May she receive just what she's come for. And my hands laid upon her, as Your servant, I ask this blessing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. He Who could tell me what was in life, can tell me what will be in life. You go believing just what you heard, you will receive just what you believe. God bless you.
Let's say, "Amen." Let's say, "Praise the Lord." God is "a object of worship." God knows all things, so He never leaves us, nor forsakes us.
How many out there hasn't got a prayer card and wants God to heal you? Raise your hand. Just raise up your hand, say,"I want God to heal me." You're praying. I appreciate you. You have faith. I know God will help you, and will heal you. [John 4:1-21]
L-4 How do you do, sir? I suppose you and I are strangers. Yes, sir. Never saw me before? All right. They're getting your voice on that mike, there. And... But if we've never seen one another before, no contact in life, yet God knows both of us, doesn't He? He does. Well, He can reveal to me what your trouble is. And then if He can reveal your trouble, you're conscious that Something is taking place because It's the Angel of the Lord.
Yet, I don't know why He let me be hoarse. It's for a purpose. Sure it is. Maybe to keep me from preaching, maybe to hold me back just a little bit. I go like a house on fire. He has to slack me up once in a while. [The brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] You do? Same trouble. Well, lot of times God has to, sometimes, bring us to a--a place where we can recognize Him. That's right.
You have a... you have some kind of a kidney condition. Isn't that right? And you have a heart trouble. Yes, sir. [Brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And above all that, one of the greatest things you need is Jesus Christ to be your Saviour. Yes, sir. You're not saved yet. You've put it off a long time, haven't you, Dad? Hair's turning gray, you know it's frosting for Eternity. He's been good to you, hasn't He? You want to accept Him now? Your estate, you want to accept Him? God bless you, then. Come here.
Heavenly Father, forgive every sin, grant it, tonight, and may the affliction of his body leave.
Thou demon, I curse thee, in Jesus' Name, come out of him.
And may this man go in peace, and be made whole. For God's glory we ask it, in Christ's Name.
Look here, my brother, your sins are forgiven; you're going to get well; and you're going to live a different life now. Go and join with some good Full Gospel church, and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and God bless you.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord."
L-5 You believe with all your heart, sister? If God will reveal to me, here, what your trouble is, will you accept your healing? You were standing there praying. That's only a contact. You believe I'm God's servant? You have a rupture. Isn't that right? You believe you're healed now? Amen. God bless you.
L-6 How do you do, lady? You have a little baby there, I see, little girl, very sick. Do you believe that I be God's servant? You believe that God is willing to make that baby well? Now, I can't talk very well, so I have to see a vision. And through that, if God will reveal this baby's condition; the cause of it or the cure of it; if He knows what made it sick, He surely can know how to cure it, doesn't He? If He knows what has been, He knows what will be, doesn't He? And I'm not looking at you, see, for I see it's the baby.
Cursed be the devil that's done this. That baby has inherited a disease that's been handed down, which is a social disease that's come into the baby, and it's caused this trouble. Isn't that the truth? Yes. Uh-huh. That's what it is. You believe God will make it well? Bring it here to me.
Lord, I lay hands upon this baby and knowing that it'll die, sure, if You don't help it. As I lay my hands upon it and bless the little thing, I ask You to heal it. May Your Spirit come upon it, and may the power of God overshadow the baby, and may the Light of God shine into its life. This, it cannot help; and may it live, as I bless it, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for its healing. For Your glory, Lord, I ask. Amen.
Sister, could I talk to you? Oh, yeah. I just seen a black hanging over the baby. May blessing be on your child. So, have faith. No matter. Don't worry, he's not with you today. All right. I want to hear from you in a year. I want to hear from you. God bless you. I believe the baby's going to get well. Go, believe...?... God bless you.
What medical science can't find, God knows. You believe that? Only thing they know, the baby was afflicted, but before it can be afflicted, it had to have something to cause it. God, Who is sovereign, knows all things. All right.
L-7 Come, sir. Oh, I see. It was your concern of the baby. I seen that Light hanging over you. See. I have blessed the baby in the Name of Christ. It's your sister's. Believe it, both of you. And brother, you believe the same thing with all your heart that God is going to let the baby get well, you'll see it. The blessing of God is on it. Within the next seventy-two hours, you'll see such a change in that baby. It'll be miraculous. (Leave that. See? Uh-huh. Huh.)
L-8 Sir, you believe me? I'm just your brother, but He Who is talking at this platform is your Lord. I see a table coming between us. Now the table is removing and you're going from it. But, there's something, it's a--it's a stomach, a ulcer in the stomach. Is that true? And there seems to be a strange thing about you. Just a moment. I see you're kneeling and praying with your hands up in the air about something, to get well. No, it's not. It's to receive the Holy Ghost. It's what you're seeking for, isn't it? Isn't that right? Come here.
God, may he receive It in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Grant, Heavenly Father, that he will receive It and be healed, through Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, brother, be healed and receive the Holy Ghost, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-9 Come, lady. Be reverent, everyone, if you will.
What you weeping for, sir? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? If God will speak to me what's wrong, would you accept your healing? Stand up on your feet just a minute. A lot of spirit there. Look upon me as God's servant. You're suffering with TB. Isn't that right? You are healed. Jesus Christ makes you well, may you be made well. Have faith in God.
Just believe. You don't have to be up here. You have to have faith in God. You don't need to be up here; just believe, just believe.
L-10 Are you the patient, lady? You believe me to be God's servant? Are we strangers? We are. You saw me eight years ago when I was here. God bless you. You--you must be a nurse, usually wear white clothes, and white shoes, white stockings. You wait on sick people, and you have a--a nervous condition that's bothering you; a diabetic condition. Isn't that true? Come here. Are those things true? If God could heal you in the other meeting of something else, can't He heal you now of this? Just bow your heads.
Almighty God, I lay my hands upon this woman, knowing that right now You're standing here. And I pray that the power of God that raised Jesus from the grave, grant her healing just now. I rebuke this sickness; ask for her healing, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
My dear sister, go on your road rejoicing, thanking God. You're going to get all right. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
L-11 Bow your head, if you would. It's a deaf person. Let every head be bowed.
Lord, be merciful. Grant, Lord, the healing of this person, who comes humbly to You. May the power of God strike her body and make her completely whole. Grant it, Lord. Satan's did this evil. I claim victory over him, in Jesus Christ's Name, may he come out of her.
How long have you been this way? [The sister says, "How long deaf? For seven years."--Ed.] Do you even know what happened here? ["Yes."] Can you hear me, now? ["Yeah, I can hear out of that side."] Can you hear me, now? ["Oh, yes, I can."] You can? Say, "Praise the Lord." ["Praise the Lord."] You're healed. ["Praise the Lord."] This is her deaf ear that was healed. Say, "Praise the Lord." ["Praise the Lord."] "I love Jesus." ["I love Jesus."] "Amen." ["Amen."] You're normal. You had a little trouble with unbuttoning your blouse. ["Yes."] Isn't that right? ["Yes."] I just done that so it would spur on your faith. That's gone, too, now. You go on your road rejoicing, and be well.
Do you love Him? Say, "Amen." He's marvelous.
L-12 Sister Wood, there it is by you, again. Uh-huh. I don't have any idea what's wrong with you. Why not now, Sister Wood? Accept it now. Believe Him with all your heart. How your faith will pull it there.
L-13 You believe, sir? Are we strangers? I don't know you, but God knows you. I want to ask the congregation...
Visions have a weakening. The Lord couldn't talk with Daniel... unto him. Do you realize that Daniel saw one vision and could not straighten out of his head for several days. You all know it.
God knows this man, I don't. We are total strangers, but God knows all about him; He knows all about me. If I've testified the truth, if Jesus Christ was standing here, He could tell what's wrong with him; tell why he was, and heal him. But as far as healing him, Jesus has already did it when He died at Calvary. The man's faith... and that's why he's here, is to get more faith to believe God. Hallelujah.
L-14 Look unto me, sir. The reason I say that, the real meaning, I want you to all understand: Elijah said to Jehoshaphat, to the rest of them, too, "If it wasn't I respected Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you." Peter and James said, "Look on us." In other words, it's to attract attention. [Acts 3:4], [II Kings 3:14]
Now, if God can help you by revealing what's wrong with you, or whatever that He wants to, without telling, will you accept Jesus as your Healer?
Now the man's going away from me. I see a house, white. It's a stomach trouble, a stomach condition that's in the man, ulcered stomach caused from a nervous condition. It's come way back.
Is that the truth, sir? If that's the truth, would you raise your hand? Now, if God knows... Whatever He said, that's the truth, isn't it? I don't know you. If I talk to you five minutes longer or a few minutes longer it would go on, back into why he's standing there, or something else. When I talk to the person, then that happens. You believe that? Does the audience believe that? Let me talk to the man just a little. Just keep looking this way. Believe Him with all your heart.
No, here was the vision. What was it? What was the...? Something wrong with the mid-section here. Something about eating or something another about a stomach or something. Now, you're aware that something is going on, isn't it? Now, that won't hurt you. Have you seen the picture of that Angel of the Lord? They had them here selling them tonight. That's what That is on you now. You're...?... a man. We're both here as Christians trying to help one another. I'm trying to help you to receive Jesus as your Healer.
You... I see a woman. It--it--it's your wife, and she's holding her side. There's something wrong. You got a little girl. Your little girl's got a stomach trouble, too. A little girl, three or four years old, and she's re-... Is that the truth? You believe me to be His prophet? Go put your hands on your wife and baby; go and eat what you want to, Jesus Christ makes you whole. God bless you. God bless you and be with you.
L-15 You believe--you believe with all your heart? If God, without vision, or, will just show me what's wrong with you, you accept your healing? You have heart trouble for one thing, and you got a female disorder for another thing, had it a long time. You believe that God heals you, now? You accept your healing? Then go off the platform rejoicing saying, "Thank you, Lord Jesus." God bless you.
L-16 Come. Where is the lady that was healed just now? Lady. Call her attention to me. Look here just a moment. Just stand right there just a minute. What was your trouble? What was you healed of? Uh-huh. That's all right. Just go ahead. Thank you.
L-17 There was a woman standing before me. She was a... Mother, do you hate nervousness? It's a mental nervousness. You're always upset. The devil's tried to tell you that you crossed the separating line, many things. Just get so tore up, and especially in the evening and afternoon. Isn't that right? You get real nervous. You tire real quickly, have to sit down; can't stand up. Yes. That's right. It's a nervousness. Come here. You believe God gave me authority? If He can make the blind to see, do you believe He could, we can cast that away from you? Let me have your hand.
Almighty God, I hold her hands. She's Your child, my sister. Have mercy on her.
Satan, come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman.
That's it, lady. Will you do as I tell you to do? Go out of here just singing and rejoicing and happy, think nothing about it. It's gone from you. You're going to be well.
L-18 Do you believe?
Reverent, if you can, just a minute. It's very difficult. You understand.
You're ready for surgery. You got a tumor. You believe God can prevent the surgery? Do you believe that what's around you now is healing you? It is. Just go on your road and thank God for your healing.
L-19 Come, sir. How do you do, sir? Heart trouble; another thing, stomach trouble. Isn't that right? You want to eat? You accept Jesus as your Healer? Go eat what you want to, then; God will be with you, and feed you.
L-20 Here, as this woman, coming, Satan is stirring the audience. Don't be suspicious. Walk just a little closer, will you, sister? Now, here is a black shadow. See that little woman setting there with a black hat on; something strange was taking place then, wasn't it, lady? Felt strange. You got female trouble. She has, too. Is that right? Female trouble. That's right. You're both healed. God bless you. Jesus Christ heal you.
L-21 Do you believe, as you're coming? If God will reveal it... If Jesus Christ was standing here, He'd know what was wrong with you. That right? It's a blood condition. I see your blood dropping down. It's diabetes. Is that right? You believe God will heal you? You believe God will fill you with His goodness, His Holy Spirit, and make you, you'll live? Go receive both of them, in Jesus Christ's Name, go.
I pray that You heal her.
L-22 God bless you, sister. Do you believe it left you as you come across the platform? It did. God bless you. Amen.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." You believe? With all your heart? Are you believing?
There It is, right there, on the lady, again. Yeah. It's the lady next to her, same row. Yes. Yes, He's right by you, sister. There's that Light, right above you. Stand to your feet. You suffer with a hernia rupture. You believe He heals you now? God bless you. Go home, and be well. Have faith.
L-23 You believe? Kind of have a trouble getting up, stiffening, arthritis and so on. Is that right? You had on these same clothes. You was trying to move down the other day, something made you so stiff you could hardly get your leg over a step. Is that right? I'm not reading your mind. But that's the truth, isn't it? All right. It's gone from you now. Go home, rejoice and be thankful to God. Amen.
L-24 You believe Him? You got heart trouble, sir? Believe God made you well?
God, in Jesus' Name, heal him and may he go home and get just what he needs, in Jesus Christ's Name.
I want you to write me, brother. You do that, you'll get a new heart, and be made well.
Be reverent. Look here on me. Some of you in this section go to believing. Down in there somewhere. Somebody in the back, way back: believe.
You believe, lady? With all your heart? You believe God can reveal to me what your trouble is? If He can, then He's going to heal you. Is that right? If I lay hands on you, you'll get well? You have arthritis. Come here.
Lord, help her. I pray that You'll heal her, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be made well, with God's power, I ask that You'll heal her, in--in the meeting, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Raise your hands, my sister. Clap your hands together. Now raise your feet up and down, raise your feet up and down. It's gone. Now you can go off the platform, whole, shouting, rejoicing.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."
L-25 Here. There it is again. Everybody... I see a little girl and she's a little bitty thing. She... There is something wrong with her. She has a... it's in her nose. There she is. She's got hay fever. That right? Well, Jesus Christ makes you whole, honey. God bless you.
Aren't you the mother of her? Is that right? Heart, kidney trouble. Is that right? Heart trouble and kidney trouble. Christ makes you whole, too, so you can go home and be happy. God bless you. Have faith in God.
Now, I challenge any of you to believe.
That spirit was pulling her. Excuse me, I'm not mixed up, but I... something... what was... where was that little girl, was just healed? Is she... where--where is she at? Yes. Yes, that's all right. All right, just a moment. That demon's disturbed; he's calling, screaming for help from others. Be reverent. Looks like you could see That, see It moving here, It's a Light.
Lady, you setting there praying, you have sinus trouble, don't you? Yes. Both of you. The two, one next to you, also, you have sinus. Go home, now, and get well. Jesus Christ healed you. God bless you.
L-26 He's standing by that other lady. Yours is a colon trouble, in the colon. Is that right? You accept your healing? He makes you well; go home and be well.
L-27 Come, lady. As you're coming, do you believe? With all your heart? You believe me to be His servant? With all your heart? Come here just a minute. Life hasn't been a flowery bed of ease for you. You've had a lot of trouble, and recently, too. I see a dark streak going with you, following you. There's always been something wrong. You're a temperamental person. You're always building bridges you never cross, taking other people's troubles. Is that true? Yes, ma'am. I'm not reading your mind, but your life, you couldn't hide; neither could anything else in here. One of your greatest physical defects now is a stomach trouble. You can't eat because your stomach's drawn up like that all the time from a nervous condition, caused you to have peptic ulcer. And when you belch up your food, it makes your teeth real achy like that. You thought it was gallstones, but it isn't. It isn't gallstones, it's acid out of the stomach.
How many in here has stomach trouble? Stand to your feet right now and be healed with this woman.
God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, as Your poor unworthy servant, I rebuke every devil power that's holding these people. May every one of these demons now who's pulling out here, may they come out of the people. I rebuke them that they leave these people. May they go eat and be happy. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask this blessing. Amen.
God bless you. Every one of you, go eat what you want to. You, too, you're healed now. Go and be happy.
L-28 I tell you, Christians, I just don't know which way... The whole thing looks milky to me out there. It's your faith. It's your faith that's doing it. If you believe me to be His servant, do what I tell you to do. Accept your healing right now. There's not a one of you here, no matter what's wrong with you, if you'll raise and believe on God's Son right now for your healing, you can have it right now. Surely, I tell the truth. God is a vindicating it's the truth. Do you believe? Then let's every one stand to our feet. No matter what's wrong with you, get up anyhow.
Lord, I now ask You to heal every one of these people. May Your Spirit move over them, rebuking every devil, and may they be healed just now, every one of them. May sickness leave, and the power of God take its place, through Jesus Christ's Name.

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