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53-1213E, Faith, Philadelphia Church, Chicago, IL, 84 min

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L-1 Why, thank you, Brother Boze. Thank you, sir. Thank you, dear Christian friends, for that real welcome, and to our dear Brother Mattsson Boze for his fine introduction and for the love that so freely is shared between us. We have great fellowship, this little pastor and I, and all the people around here.
We are very happy indeed to get to come to Chicago. Always glad to come here. Always feel such a warm welcome. I believe it's the city just ready now for the outpouring of the Gospel and the power of God. And I don't know any better place for it to start than right in the Philadelphian Church.
I kinda refrain a little bit from making this statement that I'm going to make, but I have been just constantly coming to me and I know what the office is going to be this next week at home. As far as I know, this is my last meeting before going overseas, and I'm asking you now to pray for me as I go over into the--the dark lands of Africa, and India, and different places, to preach the Gospel, this same Gospel to those people over there who are needy.
L-2 I'll be... When the nights are dark and the storms are on and--and all kinds of witch doctors and everything's challenge you to every... I'll remember I got a faithful group in Chicago praying for me. I'll--I'll remember that. God bless you. And you'll have a part in the great resurrection when Jesus our Lord shall come. Then we'll be perfect in His image and we'll have no more sorrows, heartaches.
The first thing I want to say, my wife got on me today. She said, "Billy, last night you said to the people about finance." She said, "You take none." Said, "The way you said it, the people will be misinformed." I... And after she told me what I said, it would be.
L-3 I said, "I wasn't here for popularity. I wasn't a this and that." I said, "I was here by--by choice; the Lord had sent me." And I said, "It wasn't for finance, 'cause I take none." See? Now, that is what... I didn't mean it, just say I didn't take a finance, 'cause how could I live? See? I couldn't do it without accepting it. But I mean it's not for me to... I don't go to take finance. That isn't my purpose of coming, to do that. See? I don't mean it that...
At the end of the meeting they give me a love offering. And that love offering I pay my debts and what I have to have to eat and my family. And our clothes are mostly given to us. That's true. And we don't deserve that. And yet, what I... Just what little piece of what little I do have left over, if I have any... My expenses runs me around a hundred dollars a day. See?
L-4 I send out thousands of handkerchiefs per week. And that mailing and everything, they go to Sweden, Finland, all over the world. See? And so some of those packages that's sent off costs as much as two and a half a package or something to send overseas. And rushing...
See, we have somebody and--and to interpret letters and so forth and send them to Germany, to--to Ireland, to England, to--to Finland, and to, well, German... Africa and all over the world. They go everywhere, over in to Korea and down in Japan. And so you just have to pay for it.
L-5 And then all that I have left over in a--of--of every penny, who God is my solemn Judge, it goes straight to foreign missions. 'Cause someday I'm going to have to answer for what I've done here on earth. And I'm going to have to answer for my stewardship.
I've stood in the pulpit when I certainly so tired and weary that I've had to hold to the sides, and wonder if I was really in the pulpit, or where I was at. But my stewardship is to preach the Gospel, and to do these things. And I've done it whether I've felt like it or not, because I've got to answer someday for it.
L-6 That's one thing, and another thing there's something in my heart just gives so much love, that I--I--I know that this is the only time I'll ever be mortal. And I've got to do all I can do right now. And I love people, and I--and I... If I didn't love you, I couldn't love God.
So I have a boy here and a little girl in the meeting tonight, little baby girl of two years old. And really, if it come to the--the choice, if you--which you wanted to love, me or my children, you love my children if you don't love me. It'd make me think more of you if you love my children. Well, that's the same way with God. You're His children. And if I can't love you, then how can I love God. See? So I--I just trust that He will bless you.
L-7 Now, the--the thing that I was just to say, going to say, was this: So many questions has been asked and Billy was telling me and Brother Boze [Brother Branham coughs--Ed.](Pardon me.), and many of them, about the convention. I don't like to mention it, but the reason that I come to the convention, "The Voice Of Healing" convention, was I was invited to come by Brother Lindsay. He wanted me to come through the convention; I couldn't stay, do that because I was with Dr. Lee, which is, I guess, in the building tonight.
The Baptist people down in Florida in a meeting, and I had to--to cut that meeting off. I was supposed to stay there until the fifteenth. And I cut the meeting off in order to have one night at "The Voice of Healing" convention. And fine bunch of brethren in that convention. And so I wanted to meet with them all again and shake their hands.
L-8 Brother Boze, at the time when I was here last, this last summer, said, "Well, during the time of convention will you give me one night? Just after you're through with the convention then have the following Sunday at my place."
And that's just love that he has for me. And so I said, "Why, sure, Brother Boze, I'll be glad to do that."
Well then seeing the convention, my time to speak would be on the eleventh, I called him from Florida the other night, called him up and told him that I'd also be here on Saturday night. I'd have Saturday, and of course, that pleased him real well. And so he said, "Well, that's just fine, come on."
L-9 Well, I started on my road home, my boy and I. We were driving our little truck. We had a long, hard drive. But when we got home I was real tired. And that morning about three o'clock, the Angel of the Lord come to me and said, "There's something wrong in Chicago."
Well, I wondered if it was here. And then He showed me Brother Gordon Lindsay doing something. And he was putting it off on someone else to come tell me something. And He showed me a man was going to meet me and to take me from the meeting. Well, I couldn't understand; that's all He told me. And I told my wife and many of the friends around home, "There's something wrong."
L-10 And when I got up to Chicago, up here to the hotel, Belmont Hotel, where we was staying... Mr. Moore had made reservations there for me. And when I got to the hotel, well, Mr. Moore said, "Brother Branham, something is wrong." And I'm giving it to you just in detail so you'll know. He said, "There's something wrong."
I said, "I... the Holy Spirit has told me there's something wrong. What is it, Brother Moore?"
He said, "Well, "The Voice Of Healing" has decided that if you were going to have that meeting for the Philadelphian Church that they wouldn't permit you to preach tonight in their pulpit, in their convention."
And I said, "Well, what's wrong with that?"
L-11 He said, "Well, you... They just made a decision that--that some of the churches here in the city, and "The Voice Of Healing" together, if--if you were going to preach for Brother Mattsson Boze at the church, that they couldn't have you to be their speaker." Well, said, "Now, you'll have to make your decision. And if you will cancel out your meeting with Brother Boze and go on and have the... You can speak tonight at the convention. But otherwise, they won't let you do it."
I said, "Well, I just won't do it, because I won't cancel my meeting with Brother Boze, 'cause I've promised him, and I want to be a man of honour. I want to keep my promise. You see?"
He said, "Well," he said, "well, Brother Branham," said, "you--they're... I--I'm your friend." And he said, "I just wanted to tell you 'fore you get there."
L-12 Was... I said, "Well, I'll go in. I want to go in, 'cause I want the people to know that I kept my word, 'cause they'd advertised it around the city." And I... Now, many times people advertise that I'm to be at the place, friends, when I know nothing about it. I--I don't known about that.
But if I've promised, and God being my helper, I--I'm going to do all that I can to be there, because I wouldn't want to be disappointed. I wouldn't want Christ to promise me something here and then back up on His Word. And He won't do it. And if I'm His child, well, I won't do it either. I'll be like my Father. You see?
L-13 And so I'd promised that I would be here, so I got in the car and we went over. And just as I walked into the front door, Brother Velmar Gardener, I believe was his name, got me by the arm, and rushed me into a side room. Said, "Come here just a minute, Brother Branham."
And I didn't get to see the--get into the audience. He... And then in come Brother Hall, one of the others of "The Voice Of Healing.' And he caught me and he said, "Now, Brother Branham," they put the same thing to me. And I said... Said, "Now, you make your choice."
I said, "I'm going to stick with Brother Mattsson Boze on my promise." And I said, "I... that's definitely."
He said, "Well." And then some ministers come in and said, "I don't think this is right."
I said, "Well, don't think nothing about it, brethren, it'll be all right."
L-14 So then they discussed it a little while. And then the first thing you know I started to go out into the audience, and they had me outside before I could get into the audience. And then, so I didn't have a chance to even... And I heard them announce that I wasn't there. And I had a brother that'd been sick or something another. Well, that's...
Well, I've got a brother that's been failing for about two years, which the Lord told me two years ago, and I told you right here in the pulpit about that, that he wasn't going to live, a young man, because he failed to serve the Lord; and--and he's not going to live, I know that. And I seen my father come from glory and mark out his grave. So I--I know he's to go.
But, my, I don't know when that'll be. But as far as me not being there, I was there forty-five minutes before the preacher got to the platform to preach. And I was setting in the room waiting to be called. And so they... Then they said that I wasn't there. And then I said, "Oh, that's mis--that's misrepresenting something." You see? I said, "Someone ought to say that that's different."
L-15 And now, nothing against the brethren, but it was a misrep--misrepresentation, that I--I was at the building and there in time to preach, forty-five minutes before they started preaching service, and was in the building. But that's why it was.
Now, do not hold that against the brethren. It's just; that's what you get by organizations. It becomes--it becomes a bunch of politics. And God is not pleased with any of them, and there will be no organizations represented in heaven. The very church itself, the word "church," means "called out." And it'll be called, "Come out of Babylon," confusion.
L-16 And here's what I want everyone to know from my heart. If you ministers are setting here, if you're Assemblies of God, if you're Oneness, if you're Baptist, Methodist, or if you're first rain, second rain, forth rain, latter rains, how many rains, I don't care who you are; I don't care what church you represent; I'll go with anywhere God leads me to go. It's perfectly interdenominations, drawing no barriers at all. And I must be that way, because He leads me; and I must go where He leads (See?), regardless. [Romans 8:14]
So it's perfectly interdenomination. I don't... And I believe that men in the Assemblies of God, in the--in the other churches and all around, God has His children and His people. There's good people in all those churches. And that's... When Jesus comes, He just not going to take the Assemblies, or the Oneness, or the Latter Rain, or this. He's just going to take the honest in heart to glory. That's right. That's what I believe He's going to do...?... [Congregation claps--Ed.] Thank you. Thank you very much. And I'm glad you feel that way.
L-17 It's going to be the pure in heart shall see God. And they'll never has been a church, that's... If you are historian, or reader of Bible history, there has never been a church that God ever raised up that when it begin to get in those kind of a condition, God laid it on the shelf and moved out somewhere else, just every time. [Matthew 5:8]
L-18 And the organizations, that's the way they do. Now, like the first around the apostles were fine. The second round, they begin to get their doctrine, the Laodicean doctrine and so forth and they... And then it started off. Well, that's the they been with Luther, that's the way it was with Wesley. That's the way it was with every revival on down through Nazarenes, Pilgrim Holiness. Pentecostal is next in line. See? It's... They just get to a place till they begin getting this, and politics, and pulling, and things like that.
Jesus said, "How can you," let's see now, don't know whether I can quote my Scripture or not. "But when you desire honour one of another (That's right.), how can you have faith?" That's right, "How can you have faith when you desire honour one from another?" See? Brother, from the ap--apostle to the least of the body one... I'm just as much in love with that finger as I am with my nose. And I--I love it all. It's all me. And I... That's the way God is with us. We're--we're all His, don't you think so? And He loves us all. [John 5:44]
L-19 And the Lord bless you now. I hope I made it real clear and never hurt anyone, but I--I just--I refrain from saying those things. And I did night before last and today, and I just... They just kept telling me, "Well, you better make yourself clear. There's a group of people here, and they're going to..." And then some of those men there has magazines, went around taking pictures, and I didn't know what they was going to do. And I learned today they're publishing it in their magazines and things like that.
So I don't know, that may be a little out of the way. We... But that's up to them. To me it was all right, the only thing as far as speaking, I was plenty tired. I went back and went to sleep. But I was... But for me the only thing it was, when my wife told me as she was standing in the door, that a poor little fellow come down, his chest all caved in, and his poor little frail arms, probably cancer or TB eat him up, and he had probably spent his money and what he had to come there because that meeting had been advertised.
And maybe if I'd have prayed for him, it might... Or he'd seen something take place the platform, it might've helped him to believe the Lord. And if he come there intentionally... Now, I didn't have to pray for him, any of the other brothers would've prayed for him or any of the--the laity there could've prayed for him, it'd been the same. See?
L-20 Wouldn't I had... But what it was, he was expecting me to be there. And that's kind of a--a let down, you know; it kind of ruins the atmosphere. After me promising to be there, and he'd say, "Well, Brother Branham doesn't keep his word." But I did; God knows it. So now, the Lord bless you. And I hope to... as soon as I return back to come to Chicago for a good long meeting, when we come back...?... [Congregation claps--Ed.] Certainly thank you. The Lord bless you and...?... you; that's very fine. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. God bless you. That--that shows that you really love me and you love the Lord. And I--I'll do what I possibly can to get back with you as quick as possible. You pray for me now as I go to the other countries.
L-21 God bless you. Mattsson Boze, for the next thing, he said he taken up a love offering for me. I didn't expect that, friend. No there's some little lady or man, set back there the other night and give my wife a Christmas card, the person may be in here now, that had enough money in it to pay my expense up here and back, which would've took care of the whole thing. And I--I just appreciate that. [Congregation claps--Ed.] Thank you kindly.
May the Lord bless each one. And what you give, I... Jesus said, "Insomuch as you have done it unto the least of these My little ones (which that would be me), you have done it unto Me." So that... I--I pray that He will bless you in that measure. [Matthew 25:40, 45]
L-22 And now, I'm very happy tonight, I believe, to see my good friend again back there, Brother Ryan. He usually follows me around in the meetings and... Brother Ryan, I'll kinda be disappointed if I don't see you show up in Africa, India, somewhere. Amen. He's been a friend of mine for a long time.
He was the one who produced the bicycle to me. I guess you heard me tell about one time that I was going to take up an offering, and I didn't have nerve enough to do it. And he gave me a bicycle, and I painted it and sold it for five dollars. And... He was riding the bicycle down and then he left it there, said it wasn't very good. So I got a ten cent can of paint, and it looked pretty good. Some kid give... And I didn't have to take the offering.
L-23 So God bless you, Brother Ryan. And the rest of my good friends. If I'm not mistaken, here's a little sister right here that usually comes with Mrs. Dommico from here. Is that right? I thought I recognized you a few moments ago. And was you the one that was healed that time of the cancer, or one of your friends? It was Mrs. Dommico, one of her friends that was healed with cancer, was it? Mrs. Dommico herself.
And is she in the building? Is she here? Well, that's very fine. I haven't spotted her as yet, so... Oh, yes, over in the corner, that... God bless you, Sister Dommico. I think they're natives here of Chicago. Her husband has a spaghetti company. They've been very, very close friends of mine. And I'm so thankful for that.
L-24 Now, if I... Somebody setting here that I don't recognize, and well, remember, I just didn't call them out to make them conspicuous. I'm sure glad to see you also, every one of you. 'Course Brother Beeler down here, he's just my side-pile, here taking the recordings. He goes to the meeting and very humble and very fine man.
If Brother Beeler ever comes this way, receive him in the grace of God, for he's a--a veteran from the war that got his hand shot off overseas, and give his heart to Christ and come back and has become a Full Gospel preacher, interdenominational. And he's in Jeffersonville now, and a very fine Christian brother, and a staunch speaker. So we're happy to have brother with us.
L-25 Now, God bless you. And I got two hundred and eighty something miles to drive yet tonight, so I want to speak just a moment and call the prayer line. Thanks for your kindness and everything.
Now, in the Book of Exodus 23 I want to read just a--just for a short, brief time. I think according to the time I got about fourteen minutes.

Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.
Beware of him, and obey his voice, and provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgression: for my name is in him.
But if thou will indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and adversary unto thy adversaries.
For my Angel shall go before thee, and shall bring thee unto the land of the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites, Jebusites: and I will cut them off.
Thou shall not bow down to their gods, and serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images.
And you shall serve the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. [Exodus 23:20-25]
L-26 Now, let's bow our heads and speak to Him just a moment, if you will. Now, our Father, in holy reverence we come before Thee to give thanks and praise to Thee for all that Thou has done, knowing that we're unworthy of any of Thy blessings. And to think that a few years ago, now, that I was away from You, and I didn't know You. But tonight Thou has loved me and redeemed us from a life of sin, and now has brought us into this great fellowship, one with another, while the Blood of Jesus Christ God's Son cleanses us from all unrighteousness, and has give me favor and love with Your children. And how I love them, Lord. And I pray that You'll bless them. Bless this little church, Lord, and all the churches that's represented here, throughout the nation.
And I pray that You'll bless Brother Boze here, Lord, as the little brother has faithfully tried, and stood, and toiled, and labored. I pray that You'll bless him and his lovely congregation. Give him the exceedingly, abundantly. And to see the hunger in his heart, O God, he has a vision of the outpouring of the Spirit in Chicago.
L-27 And He's just... Seemingly he just can't let loose. He's determined to see it go through, because it's burning in his soul. O God, may that come quickly. And may there be just the desire of his heart given, a revival that will sweep this great city, Lord, from one side to the other one, like back in old days. And may there be a--a Holy Ghost fire burning in every place in this--every place in the city.
Grant it, Lord. And may there be a revival that'll cause just thousands and tens of thousands to come to Christ. Grant it, Lord. Bless these dear people. And bless Your servant now, as I go other places and across the seas if it be Thy will. And may You keep these people in perfect peace. Grant it, Lord.
And may their hearts be full of love and may the altars be full of fire. And may this little church grow and prosper in the grace of God. And may great signs and wonders be poured out up of this church, Lord, that the people might know in this city, that here is a lighthouse of God. Now, if I have found favor with You, Lord, I pray that You'll answer my prayer. And grant these things in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-28 God speaking here to Moses, and telling him that, "I'll send My Angel before thee to keep thee in the way." Now, I just to change the atmosphere from speaking of events that's passed, I'd just like to bring it back to this upon God's Word, before we call the healing line, just for a few moments. [Exodus 23:20-25]
Now, God had made a promise to the children of Israel, that He was going... He made it to Abraham many, many years. Four hundred and twenty years beforehand, God promised Abraham, or He said his seed would sojourn in a strange land for four hundred years and He would bring them out by a strong hand and would give them the land where Abraham dwelt in then. [Genesis 12:6-7], [Exodus 13:9]
L-29 And Abraham believed God. And He give it to him unconditionally; by grace He gave him this promise, and Abraham an old man with having no children at the time and had been waiting for twenty-five years. When he was seventy-five years old God met him and give him a promise of a child. And Sarah, being sixty-five years old at the time, way past the time of bearing children...
Then they believed God. And they walked by faith, and Abraham looked to God to fulfill His promise, and called those things which was not as though they were. What a beautiful foregrounds for Christianity. I want you to see it, how that we are the children of Abraham.
Now, God promised to save Abraham and his children unconditionally. "I have (past tense) already did it." Now, you say, "Well, I wished I was some of Abraham's children." You are if you're Christian. "For we being dead in Christ take on Abraham's Seed and are heirs according to the promise." [Romans 4:1-22]
L-30 Then if we are God's children by heir, then, heirs of the kingdom, heirs of Abraham, then we should walk as our father Abraham walked, and call those things which are not as though they were, if God has said they were. See? If God said they are then we don't know how it's going to be; but God said so, so we just believe it and move forward, walking by faith. What a beautiful life.
Just think, Abraham at a hundred years old, yet many disappointments, many upsets he had like all Christians do, waiting on the promise, but yet he had... The Bible said that he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief. There's many things taken place: famine, distress, and the things happened, but Abraham didn't stagger. He still believed that God was going to give him the baby. [Romans 4:1-22]
L-31 And when the baby was born and become a young child of maybe fifteen, sixteen years old, God said, "Now, you take this child and go up on the mount and offer him up as a sacrifice." In otherwise, "Abraham, I made you a father of nations; now you're about a hundred and twenty years old, and here's the boy, the Seed; you waited twenty-five years for him. Now, I'm still going to make you a father of--of nations and I want you to take and destroy the very only foundation you have now. I promised you the child and here's the child. I want you to get rid of the child." See what I mean, double? And how's he going to be the father of many nations if he waited all that time for the child, and then God tells him to go and offer the child up?
Then he goes and offers up the child, and was going to take his life, and God spoke to him. You know the story of how that God proved His--His loyalty to His promise by Abraham. Then He told him, his seed, how they'd sojourn in a strange land. And they did. But He said He would bring them out and give them that land wherein he dwelt.
L-32 Now, since that time the Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites, and all had... The Gentile heathen nations had taken over this beautiful paradise in there and had occupied in that land, yet God promised... Very beautiful type of the Millennium, oh how wonderful. They moved in, took cities that was already built; corn was already planted, just moved right in, a beautiful type.
And how, now, God is getting ready to fulfill His promise to Abraham, four hundred and twenty years. Trouble set in. And then God sent His Angel down and told Abraham, or told Moses, rather, "Now, I have promised Abraham that I'm going to give him that land. And I promised it to his seed. And you are the seed that's going to receive this promise. And now, the land is all sowed down by these different nations, but I have give it to you."
L-33 Notice, the arrangements of the Scripture. "I have already give it to you. It's yours; now go take it." You get it? "Now, I'm going to send My Angel before you, and He's going to prepare the way. And I'll send hornets before you, and I'll send... They'll drive out the enemy. And I'll send My fear before you, and it'll cause fear to set into the people." [Exodus 23:20-25]
Now, look, there was a land. Now, looked like God would just go down there and sent a plague and killed all the people out, and said, "Now, the houses are laying there, just go in and bury the dead." Or--or sent a storm through or scared them all out or something, but instead of that, He said, "Now, I've give you the land; now you've got something to do. Now, the promise is yours; the land is yours. I have already give it to you; now you go over and possess it. Now, I'm not going to give it to you all in one year. If I give it to you all in one year, then the wild beasts," He said, "will come in and multiply against you. But just as you push out, and are able to take the land, I'll give it to you just as you're able to--to take the land."
L-34 What a beautiful thing tonight for Divine healing. The promise is given to you: "By His stripes you were healed." It's yours by promise. Now, we have to go in and take it. Maybe you can't take it all at one time. Maybe you can just accept it tonight. [Isaiah 53:5]
Like I said this morning, if you wanted a oak tree in your front yard and somebody give you an acorn, you've already got the oak tree. You've got it in seed form. The only thing you have to do is plant that seed; it'll produce the tree. So as soon as you get the seed, you've got the tree (That's right.) in seed form. And just as soon... "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word." And when you hear that Jesus Christ is the Healer, He's raised from the dead, reproducing His life, has healed the sick, you've already got your healing in seed form. That's right. It's already yours, right there. "Faith cometh by hearing." [Romans 10:17]
L-35 Now, the only thing you have to do is to push out the Amorites and the--the days of miracles is past, and all this, that, and the other, and just go in and take the land; that's all. Push away all those theologies and all this explaining away, and say, "The promise is mine." Just go in and take it; it's yours. Oh, what a beautiful promise.
Now, He said, "Don't bow down to their gods." Now, a lot of them people try to say, "Well now, look at this one and look at that." You know like some of the women would probably pick a little Perizzite baby and say, "Now, looky here, isn't he cute? Isn't he cute? Let's keep him."
Now, the command was, "No, destroy him. He's very cute when he's little, but he will raise up to be just exactly like his dad." That's exactly... "So you just get rid of it in the beginning. Let's just get rid of that fellow and go right on." [Numbers 33:50-56]
L-36 We want nothing but pure unadulterated faith in this revival coming on, men and women who's going to believe God and say, "That's God's Word, that's the truth. I don't care what the rest of the world says, I'm going to stay by God's truth. That's right. See? I don't want anything else; I don't want to have any..."
Well say, "This person, they're a good person, but--but they just don't believe." Well, I just... I want to get rid of it right now. I just... "They don't believe in Divine healing, they don't believe in the power of the Lord." Well, then just get right away from it right then. Don't have nothing to do with their children, 'cause it'll grow right up into unbelief again. That's the... Yes, sir, I believe today... [II Corinthians 6:14-18]
L-37 Like Doctor Palai is going over to India. He said, "Well, Brother Branham, shall I--shall..." And these converts, they claim to be a million in the congregation. God has promised three hundred and fifty thou--three hundred thousand in the converts. And he said, "What shall we do with them? Shall we all take them into the Anglican church?"
I said, "If you start in your organizations, you're going to build the thing right back around personalities of this earth, yet, and you're going to have the same thing we got now. Don't build it around any certain organization, any certain person, but build it around Jesus Christ. That's the One. Put it right around Christ. And let all denominations, whatever they are, look up to that brass serpent that was lifted up in the wilderness. And men look and live." [Numbers 21:4-9]
L-38 If they go to looking at their church, and how fast this is growing, how this is materializing, the first thing you know, they'll get their eyes off here on to that. Let's look here and let that go. Keep looking up. Now, He said, "I will give you the... (I, not will give you), I have give you." Amen. That's past tense. "I've already give it to you; now go in and take it."
And when they come up to Kadesh-Barnea, that was the great judgment seat of the world at that day. There was a great big well there and several little wells, a very type of the Church now, the great Church in heaven and its little tributaries down here on earth, giving out its little springs of water, bubbling up into Everlasting Life: people, children of God, filled with the Spirit, just rejoicing in the Spirit. [Numbers 21:4-9], [Acts 2:1-4]
L-39 Then the showdown come, and I believe (wouldn't have time, two or three more minutes), but I believe that the--the Church of the living God... Now, here it is; I want you to see it. I believe the Church of the living God has come now to Kadesh-Barnea. I believe we're at the judgment seat. Now, just before crossing over let's not make that mistake that they made.
Then they gathered out a elect out of each tribe, men, and sent them over, twelve spies. And ten of them coming back and saying, "It cannot be done. Oh, we're just grasshoppers in their sight. Their cities are walled; it's a pleasant land," doubting God's promise, said, "It's a pleasant land." But said, "We just can't take it, because we're too small. They're great walled cities, great giants of men, and we look like grasshoppers." [Numbers 14:1-39]
L-40 But they had two people there, Joshua and Caleb; they wasn't looking at how big the walls was, how big the men was; they was looking to what God said. They said, "We can take it." That's right. And on the road back they brought back some evidence, great big bushels of grapes, or bunches of grapes, brought back as a evidence that God had kept His Word.
To you dear Philadelphian people, regardless of how the wind blows, how it seems this way, or that way, or how many threats comes from the outside world, keep your minds on what Jesus said. He give us a promise; it's already ours. I don't care how great the opposition looks. God will fulfill His Word. Let's look to the Word of God. It's here for us. [Numbers 14:1-39]
L-41 "I have give it to you already. Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it, you shall have it. Whatever you ask the Father in My Name, that will I do. (Yes sir.) Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world. The things that I do shall you also." [Mark 11:22-23]
Here it is again, "If ye abide..." oh, I like that word, "Abide," not run here, and run there, and run here, and run there. But, "If ye abide in Me and My Words abide in you, then ask what you will, and it'll be given unto you." That's right. "If ye abide..." I like the abiding Church, don't you? Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine. You sing the old hymn. God has promised it; it's ours. Every man and woman in here has a right right now to claim your healing. [John 15:7]
L-42 Listen, God bless you. I want to tell you just one thing. I know I'm holding long, but I just want this one little thing. I know, and I want you to remember. There's something fixing to happen. Remember, I told you that. There's a step up coming in the Church now. See? These things that you're now seeing, are going to be just little things after while. Something's a moving.
And I say this by the power of the revelation of Jesus Christ, whom I... Every one in our doctrine, in our baptism, we've come to a place, but there's some key that'll unlock something here. Now, he saw the Book sealed on seven seals. And when the... Daniel saw the same, and when the thunders uttered their voices He said, "Don't write." What that was in the Scripture, but it'd be revealed in the last days. We're at the time. We're at Kadesh right now. [Revelation 10:1-4]
L-43 Here a few nights ago, I went into Brother Vibbert's, over from--over at Paducah, Kentucky, crossed over into Evansville. Oh, Brother Bosworth was with me. And I said, that day I said... It just kept burning on my heart a message, that I knowed that something God had promised on the opening up of the power, yet I'm waiting now for Him, which I believe will appear to me visibly.
I say it with reverence; I've seen Him twice. 'Course it was vision. He was standing in the air. One night I stood, and I even broke a straw off the field, put it in my mouth and chewed it. Looked again, I said, "Surely this is not vision." I stood there in the broom sedge a looking. I'd been praying all night. And I looked again; I seen Him with His foot like that and His hands folded, looking towards the east.
L-44 And I walked around this way and cleared my throat. And when He looked around at me, raised out His arms, I fainted and didn't come to till the next morning. And I have an idea what He looks like. And I've been feeling for the last few months that I'll see Him again. Here in... pretty soon that He will reveal again His... something that's fixing to come forth.
Oh, brother, if I have it right, God forgive me if I'm wrong, but seeing it in the Scripture, seeing that when He rose and ascended up, He received a new man... Name that no one knowed about. Then I see Him coming in His power. I went over, and I said, "Don't no one bother me today. Let me stay alone."
L-45 And that night at Brother Vibbert's church I prayed, cried, I called Billy and I said, "What prayer cards you give out?" And we called up about twenty-five. All down through that line there wasn't nothing at all that I could see, that I looked, and I for... only woman was hard of hearing in one ear. So I just kept talking. I said, "Call another group."
And when I got the other group, the very first one in the line, a poor old daddy leading his boy. And He said, "Brother Branham, I come from Cincinnati." He said, "I brought my boy over to Owensboro, brought him down by bus." Said, "I never could get a prayer card and get in the line. But I'm so happy to be here now."
And I looked, and I said, "What's the matter with your boy?" He had his head down, young fellow about eighteen.
L-46 Said, "When he was about eight years old, he hit a dynamite cap with a hammer. And it blowed this eye completely out, wasn't nothing but a socket. And this eye, the end of the cap bursted right into the sight and shattered every nerve." And he said, "Ever since we've heard about you, we've believed God would answer your prayer if you'd pray for my boy."
Standing there with an old dirty jacket on, not dirty, I didn't mean to say that, but washed-out. His shirt open, his underclothes here, just a typical old daddy holding his boy so reverent, a fine looking young man standing there. And I said, "Well, come here, brother, and let me pray for you."
L-47 And I put my hands on him. And I said, "Heavenly Father, I pray Thee if Thou will, O God, have mercy upon him and open this blinded eye." And when I asked, it was two big in the auditorium there was two big lights shining like this. And I said, "Son, look up to that light and see if you can see."
The poor fellow looked around this a way trying to see the light in the dark corner. And I turned his head. I said, "No, up this a way." And I got his face turned up that way. He said, "I'm sorry kind, sir, but I--I can't see nothing."
And his dad said, "Brother Branham, if you had a--a powerful flashlight right in his eye, he'd never know it." Said, "Every nerve in his eye is bursted."
I said, "And you still have faith."
He said, "Yes."
L-48 Now, usually I would've let that boy go (See?), and said, "Now, son, the Lord bless you, and may He give you your sight." But there what I had in my heart, digging down...
He said, "If thou..." When He said to that tree, "Cursed be that tree, no fruit grow on you." He said, "If you shall say to this mountain, be plucked up."
I said, "Who ought to have faith? If anybody ought to have faith..." I'm ashamed after back yonder from a little baby, the Angel... the first thing I remember nearly was God speaking to me in a vision. And down through the age He's never failed one time. When He met me in Person as an Angel and told me, "I'll not fail you. I will be with you," I thought, "Who ought to have faith? I ought to be ashamed." I kept standing there; I thought, "If this is true, if God has said, 'I am the Vine ye are the branches.' If we be in God then we're energized by His Spirit. And His--my hand are His hands." [Mark 11:12-14, 20-26]
L-49 I looked at the boy again and I begin to feel Something inside of me. Now, friends I know that'll work. I've seen it in hours of trial when something will actually happen. You can't bluff it; it's got to be there. It's got to be the thing.
I remember that night and that maniac walked to the platform, Portland, Oregon. Many of you has read of it. That just one case 'cause of quoting it, because it was in the book. When that man walked to the platform, insane, about a hundred or about two hundred forty, fifty pounds, seven foot tall, about, walked to the platform, five hundred preachers shrunk back.
He spit in my face and said, "You hypocrite, you deceiver of man." Said, "You call yourself a man of God." Said, "I'll break every bone your measly little body tonight." And they begin to scatter back. And usually I would've knowed what to done. But when I turned to that man, I knowed he was whipped right there. There was Something on the inside moved up and said, "Don't fear, I'm standing with you."
L-50 That was it. When that happens, I seen it in the tremendous time in that momentous minute. And when I knowed that man was going to be defeated... When I... He drawed back his fist, and I said, "Because that you have challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you'll fall across my feet."
He said, "I'll show you whose feet I'll fall across, you hypocrite." And he spit in my face again. His eyes balled out and his teeth like that. He drew back his fist to strike me like that; I said, "Satan, come out of him."
He went, "Eeewwww," And begin to run around, around, around, and fell and pinned my feet to the floor till the police had to take him off of my feet. What was it? The power of Jesus Christ all present standing there, because he had challenged the Spirit of the living God.
L-51 I remember here not long ago when my boy struck a habit that he ought not to had among some young boys, and I kept telling him. God had warned him. He almost got killed. Then He showed me one night in a vision; He said, "Watch, Billy." And I seen him fall and just limbs over limb, over limb, over limb, going like that, falling to the ground. And I thought... I screamed, "O God, have mercy on my boy. It's the only boy I have, Lord. Don't let him die like that."
And he was going, falling through space like that. And I come to myself in the vision, I was standing in the room screaming. I thought, "Oh, my. Did I wake my wife up?" I looked around, I thought, "No." I thought, "Oh, my," and I got down and begin to pray. Looked brassy in front of me. I thought, "Oh, my, God, don't let my boy be killed like that."
L-52 I went and told Billy. Went on a few days, he had been fishing down the river. He come back up, and he said to me... We got a doctor friend there that's a very good pal of mine, Dr. Sam Adair. And so some man come over from India, and I went down in New Albany, we was talking over the possibilities of the Pentecostal churches of India cooperating in the meeting and so forth.
And while we was down there, wife was up getting the baby's tooth ground. And while I was setting in the car, something said, "Get out of the car, go walking." He wouldn't speak where them men was. I said, "Is that impression?" I went like that and seem like I just went off. I could hear my ears puffing out. I heard a voice say, "Get out of this car immediately."
L-53 I went out of the car and started walking down the street. I said, "Excuse me, brethren." I walked down the street. He said, "Return home as fast as you can. Something has happened to Billy." And that quick we, wife come down; we jumped in the car and took out home.
When I got to the porch there my mother-in-law was standing on the porch screaming, saying, "Billy Paul come up by Dr. Adair's and had a sore throat, and he give him a shot of penicillin; his heart stopped on him. He's in the hospital now. The ambulance has been here. They got him wrapped; they got specialist from Louisville. And he's unconscious, laying there dying," said, "even his toes is that big."
L-54 Well, I dumped everyone out, got in the car, and ran out there, and here come little doctor down through the room. He seen me; he throwed his hat in the floor like that. Said, "Bill, I've killed your boy."
And I said, "Oh, my." I run into the room. There Billy laying there, with a tube in his nose and mouth open like that, face just as black as it could be. They give him shots of adrenalin. His blood was twenty over thirty, I believe it was, his heart... And there he was going down. They give him adrenalin in his heart, drop lower, give him another shot of adrenalin, drop lower.
He said, "I've killed your boy, Bill." And he walked down the hall crying. I walked in.
L-55 I said, "Shut the door." I got down; I said, "O God, now..." And no more than I knelt on my knees, Something moved up there. And I knowed something was happening on the inside. That time when it has to be, when it has to be It moved there; I said, "God, he's gone as far as medical science is concerned, but I ask You to be merciful and don't let my boy go."
And while I calmly reached my hands to him, that vision broke before my eyes, and I seen him going, whirling again down through the air. And I seen two big arms reach under him, catch him like that and go to bearing him back up again like that. In a few moments he was setting on the side of the bed talking to me. Yes, sir. And they didn't know. There wasn't...
L-56 What is it? Brother, in that moment in time, in that spur of a moment... Now, if that faith can come at that time, why can't it stay all the time? When that boy, standing there and his eyes blowed out like that, I looked at him and there's something... I said, "Lord, this what I'm believing. Now, there's a keynote how to go in there, and I believe that God's going to let me know it."
So then if that happened, these things that you're seeing will be so amateur up the side of what that'll be when it is fully revealed. And then stand there by that boy, I said, "Lord God, if I have found grace in Your sight, let it be known right now. If I am right I pray that You'll bless." I turned around to the boy, I started crying. I couldn't help it. Something on the inside of me pushing, I just couldn't help it.
L-57 I put my hand over his eyes and I said, "O God, be merciful to him. And now, Satan, you done this. God never intended this boy to be blind, never. So I give this boy his sight. In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I give him his sight as God's servant and my hands acting in His place." And that what I thought He should tell me to say, I said it.
And when I dropped my hands down, that boy let out a scream and said, "Daddy, here I am. I can see." And he grabbed his daddy around the neck and got so excited till a Baptist preacher setting on the platform grabbed a chair over his head and run through the audience, butting people as hard as he could with a chair turned over his head. What? Brother, excuse me, I didn't... Amen.
L-58 We're on the verge, brother. Somebody's come back from Canaan; the grapes are good. It's our land. God give it to us. We can take it, God said so, didn't He? God said we had it; it's ours. And we're living in the last days; don't you believe it? He said, "In the last days I'll send down the rain in abundance like that. Both former and latter rain will fall in this day. And what they had back there plus what God's going to give us is right now at hand. Amen.
I'm... I believe it with all my heart. And I believe we're at the age of the battle. Don't you think so? Let's not push back. If they want to push back, let them push back. But we're going forward. Amen. It's ours. God said, "It's yours; now go in there and take it." [Jeremiah 5:24], [Hosea 6:1-3], [Joel 2:23]
L-59 Joshua raised up there a little later on and took that sword in his hand, crossed across there, and just before he got into the walls of Jericho, well, there stood the--a Man with His sword drawed. He said... Joshua drawed his sword, said, "Are you for us, are you for them?"
He said, "Nay, but I'm the Captain of the host of the Lord." Yes, sir. "And I'm come..." And they marched around those walls and let down a shout, and they took Palestine because God give it to them by promise. It was theirs back there in the beginning; they just had to go and possess it. [Joshua 5:13-15], [Joshua 6:1-25]
L-60 Divine healing, the Power of God, is yours tonight. Let's possess it. It's ours. Push out every Canaanite, and every Perizzite, and every Hivite, and Jebusite, and all the other nights and let's go over and get the day. Amen. That's right. 'Cause the day spring from on high has come with glory and blessing. Amen. You love Him? [Exodus 33:1-2], [Exodus 34:10-17], [Joshua 11:1-23]
Let's bow our heads. Heavenly Father, my heart beats fast tonight, for I know that there's something right yonder. The day spring is fixing to break now. And we thank Thee, Lord, for this great blessing that we have. And now, bless Your church tonight. Give us grace and power. Give us Yourself in our own being to bring deliverance to others, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-61 Many of you Christians here tonight don't know where you are. You have a right to these things. Did you ever go down here to the arcade somewhere, or walk into a great big variety store? You look around, now you just maybe just living on one thing. But in a variety store you got here's something, and over here's something, and over here's something.
And coming into Christ is like coming into a big variety store. We have joy; we have peace; we have long-suffering; we have Divine healing. We have speaking in tongues; we have interpretation of tongues. We have prophecy; we have everything. It's a big variety store. Is that right? And by one Spirit we're all baptized into this big variety store. That's right. [Galatians 5:22]
L-62 Have anything. Maybe something may be a little high for your reach; God's got a step ladder over here; let's just get on it. I like to look around see what I got, don't you? See what we got. God's got all these things setting around here for us; let's just reach up and get them. If you need healing tonight, let's go get it.
Just a little bit high for you, say, "God, get me on the ladder right quick; I want to see what it's all about." He will take you. Lift me up above the shadows, give me fellowship with Thee. In the light I see the fountain and the Blood that cleanses me, and giving me these God given rights. Amen. Excuse me, I--I...?...
L-63 What--what--what prayer card you give out, F, F? All right, all right let's see now. The boy said he give out prayer card F. Let's take... I believe last night he give out F-2.
[Congregation sings "My Faith Looks Up To Thee."--Ed.]
God bless you. Lord bless each one. May the good Lord bless you each one now. I'm sorry to take your time like this. But you're such a lovely people. I--I don't have to say that. But I--I because I mean it is the reason I say it. So God be with you and bless you each one is my sincere prayer.
All right, would you come? 'Course anyone, all of you has been in my meetings before, I suppose. Is there anyone here that never has been before? Raise your hand. Never, nev... There's few new-come people. Thank you.
L-64 I... Christian friends, I--I am not the... Sometimes newspapers and magazines say, "Brother Branham, the Divine healer." I'm not the Divine healer. I--I'm the broth--your brother. See? Jesus was the One done the healing. Now, if our Lord... I... Here's what I believe and contend: I believe He rose from the dead.
And I believe if He has risen from the dead, that He said, "The things that I do shall you also, and greater than this, for I go to My Father. I'll be with you, in you to the end of the world." When He was here, He didn't claim to be a healer, did He? He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works." [Matthew 28:20], [John 14:12]
L-65 And when He passed through all those crippled and twisted people at the pool of Bethesda in Saint John 5, why He was very... The people were put out of course 'cause He didn't heal but one person. He was laying on a pallet, maybe prostate trouble or something. Well, Jesus said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." Is that right? In other words...
What's the matter sister, did you a little disappointed because you didn't get in the prayer line? I seen you walk back by there. They... You come in later in the prayer line. Well, that's fine. You don't have to come in the prayer line if you'll believe. You believe me to be His prophet, with all your heart? You do, you do. [John 5:1-19]
L-66 If I'll be able by the help of God to tell you what's wrong with you from here, right now while the Holy Ghost is here to anoint, will you accept your healing? You have something wrong with your bowels, don't you? It's bowel trouble and you have diabetes also. Is that right? If that's right, raise up your hand. All right, now you go home and be well of it. God bless you.
Jesus never disappoints people. He always... All right, come, brother. I suppose maybe as far as I know, we don't know each other. I don't know you. And God knows both of us though, doesn't He? And now, if Jesus was standing here, He--He wouldn't... What He would do, He would just... He could tell you as far as your healing, He said, "When I died back there, I paid your healing there."
L-67 But the only thing He'd try to do, is do something to get your faith up to believe that. Is that right? Well, He's still the same lovely Jesus. Now, He's--He--He don't have any hands tonight but--but our hands. He... His lips is our lips. And His... And the Bible said, "Let the mind that was in Christ be in you."
Now, He turned, just like to that woman then, perceiving their thoughts. Is that right? To the audience He said, perceiving their thoughts He said to a certain person, "Why are you reasoning in your heart?" The same Jesus that rose from the dead just said to that woman there. Is that right? It's the same Jesus just working in His power. [Luke 5:22-24]
L-68 You just start out there, you people. How many's out there without prayer cards and wants to be healed, let's see your hands. Is...?... All right, all around. Oh, my. It's massive, back especially. All right. Just--just believe. It's the only thing I ask you to do. So you just believe and God will make you well. Yeah.
Now, reason I get people on the platform, usually I have to talk to someone. But tonight just as that poor woman looked up to me there, I seen that Light standing over her, and It followed her right on to her seat like that. And I knowed He was standing there; if I could get her attention just a moment, why, I knowed He'd tell me what was wrong with her. That's all she had to have, just a little faith to raise her up, boost her over the place; that's all. See?
L-69 It's just if you... It has to have this and this to agree. You see? See? If you got faith up here, that's good, but it has to be here too. See? This is the one that operates the little boat down here (See?), this one here. If this one and this one will agree with that one, then you... It's all--it's all right then; you got it made. See? That's... And on it... It's just something that God does.
Now, first God sends His Word. That's the first and the initial. Anything contrary to that is not of God. See? That's God first. Then He set prophets in the Church to bring His Word. Is that right? That's secondarily God's Word to an individual. See? Maybe if you'd done something in your life that was keeping you from being healed, God could speak directly.
L-70 Now, He said, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." But maybe there's some reason you can't be healed. Then He speaks through His Word, secondarily through His prophets, and reveals the secrets of the heart. [Psalms 103:1-3]
How many of you people in here believe in speaking with tongues? All right. Anybody believes the Bible believes in speaking with tongues. You couldn't say it was wrong, 'cause the Bible said so. When they put Dr. Reedhead out of the Sudan Missions because he spoke with tongues, why, I said, "You'd have to put Jesus out, He spoke with tongues." You'd have to put all the apo... You couldn't take Paul's teachings, 'cause Paul said, "Forbid not to speak with tongues." That's right. See? So you see what I mean? Paul... You couldn't take Paul's teachings 'cause Paul said, "Don't forbid to speak with tongues." And they do forbid to speak with tongues, and put their best man out because they get close enough to God to speak with tongues. See? See? So you couldn't take any of the disciples in. [I Corinthians 14:39]
L-71 Some dear person, a Nazarene brother, very dear sweet brother, he said, "Brother Branham, I just... We just won't let people come in our church that speaks with tongues."
I said, "Then Jesus couldn't come, 'cause He died speaking in tongues." It's true. And He taught speaking in tongues. The Bible teaches speaking in tongues. All the apostles, all the saints, and everything believed it, taught it, and received it.
Well now, Paul said, "If you all speak with tongues and there be no interpretation for edification of the church, some unlearned person would say, 'Now, aren't you all mad?' But if one is a prophet and will reveal the things that's in the person's heart, then they'll fall down and say, 'God's with you.'" Is that right? [I Corinthians 14:1-33, 39]
L-72 Well now, all those gifts goes in the Church. Is that right? See, how did I know the woman here? Never seen her, never knowed nothing about her. She looked like she went over there to get in the prayer line, probably without a prayer card, so they just sent her back. See? So, and so that was it. But she don't have to have the prayer card; she just has to have faith. And God honored that when she passed by.
Now, here's a man; I don't know him. God knows I don't. Don't know nothing about him. But God knows him and knows all about him. His very breath he's breathing now is by the mercies of God. If He'd call that life out of him, all this petroleum and light and stuff that his body is made out of will just go right out, and he'd--he'd die. And he couldn't operate no more. He'd be gone.
L-73 So God is the One Who does the healing. He's the One Who knows all things. You're conscious that something's going on. See? You've been conscious there's been something dealing with you ever since you've been standing there, and you know it. That's the Angel of the Lord. Have you ever seen the picture of It?
That Light you know in the picture? You saw that. Now, that's just... In my picture where that discussion that night... Well, Dr. Stonewell has just explained it scientifically, just like...
It's power, the Holy Spirit. And He knows you. He knows us, knows we're brothers. And I know that you're a Christian. And I know that you're a believer. And I know you're suffering with nervousness. And I know another thing, that you got rheumatic fever also. And I know one thing, that you're--you--you have a calling to preach the Gospel. And you don't know which way to go and what to do. Is that right?
L-74 You believe He's standing here then? That right? I tell you what you do: Don't you wait for any--somebody to give you something that you don't deserve and don't need; you just stay close to God and preach the Gospel. See? Don't look and let this take you in and this indoctrinate you with this or that. Go on, start you a little prayer meeting out in a cottage somewhere, hold, watch and see what God does for you.
Then just as He moves, you just move over here. Then when He moves over here, you move with Him. Just keep on. Let Him lead you, you'll go right on then. You--you... God bless you. Your rheumatic fever is going to leave you and your nervousness is gone. So God bless you, my dear brother, and give you the desire of your heart in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go.
L-75 What say? [Brother asks Brother Branham a question--Ed.] Just let Him lead you. Just whatever, you just keep moving and just... When He... Just where He's got you, stay right there until you feel that He's moving you somewhere else.
Now, don't take (See?), don't take anybody, what anyone else says. You go move right with Him. And when He moves you somewhere else, just keep on moving. He will--He will... That's the way I have done, my brother, since a child. So he will--He will do you the same way. God bless you.
L-76 Howdy do, sister? Of course I suppose we're strangers too. We are. And do you believe me to be God's prophet, or His servant? You believe that? Well when I said... "Prophet" means "preacher (You see?), just a--a minister." All right, then our heavenly Father knows you, He knows me. He knows us ever since we were children, ever since... Before we were born He knowed us. We was here in life for a purpose. And God gave us something to do.
Now, you are a believer. You are a Christian believer. I feel that now. And you're suffering with... Yes, you have some sort of spells like. It's epilepsy. Is that right? You fall out. I see it when it... Epilepsy, that's right. And it seem like there's somebody by the side of you that... Oh, it's your husband. And he has a... he's nervous and has a heart trouble. And He... And... Isn't that right?
L-77 And you're not from this city. You've come from the west, Nebraska, somewhere like that, somewhere over in the west. Is that right? You--you believe that God will make you well now? Cursed be this devil that's tormented the woman, and come out of her as I lay hands upon her. In the Name of Jesus Christ may she go from here and be made well. Amen. God bless you, lady. Go now and rejoice and being happy.
You believe Jesus Christ the Son of God?
Howdy do, Lady? We are strangers I suppose, first time of meeting in life. But God knows both of us. If we've never met in life before, then if God would know something... You see, lady, longer you talk to people, more vision. But I just try to find out what's wrong with the person, then just go ahead. For there's more we've already called in the line. I try to get all them through.
L-78 And I've been six weeks now in meetings, till I get real nervous. You can see how it makes me just in a few moments. And frankly, you just keep coming and going to me, like that, after these ever what's passed through the line. Christian friends, you'll never know the effect that this takes on the human being. For hours afterwards you're wondering whether you're talking to somebody in the vision or whether you're not.
Imagine being here now and somebody standing here, and you go back in a world forty or fifty years back, and see what they're doing, and you're back there with them, and you're talking what you're seeing. You're--you're there with them, yet knowing that you're standing here on the platform. Put yourself in that for a few times and watch what happens.
L-79 Daniel saw one vision, and it troubled him at his head for many days. But I've got to a place now with all these weeks of work, till I'm just becoming real shattery. I can feel it moving on me right now. But I want you to pray. I want you... In your--in your heart just be silently praying and believing. [Daniel 4:5], [Daniel 7:15]
Now, I--I want you to have faith. I want each one of you just raise with your hearts moving. Keep quiet. Be reverent. Be seated, and just keep reverent and quiet as you can.
And I want you to look at me, lady. As I say that, "Look on me," it's just like... The prophet Elijah said, "If it wasn't I respected of the presence of Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you," He said. [II Kings 3:14-15]
L-80 But we're... You say we're strangers. All right. We don't know each other. But now, we are... You are a Christian. You're a Christian believer. And there's something strange about you. I see a--a water. It's a rolling; it's a sea. And you're not from this country. You're--you're from Italy. You're an Italian. And you used to be Catholic. And you have turned Christian. And you're a war bride. Is that right? Your husband is kind of a little fellow with kind of heavy hair. Is that right?
And you... You're standing for an uncle, or relative somewhere in Italy. It's suffering with a--a venereal disease, syphilitic. And he's Catholic. That's left. Is that right? What I told you there, what that... You heard my voice, but it wasn't me; it was someone else talking. See?
L-81 But I see you, the way you are now, the way you really are in this life. I seen you a few moments ago, what you was somewhere else. Seems to be a little girl or something another going to a Catholic church or something. Was that right? Come here. O God of heaven, blessed be Thy Name. Thou Who can do all things, bless this young woman. I pray that You'll be with her and--and grant Lord that whatever her request is, that You will grant it to her.
And in commemoration of our Lord Jesus Christ Who has raised from the dead and standing here now in our midst a showing signs and wonders of His resurrection, infallible proofs that He has--has risen from the dead and is not dead, but He's living in His Church... We thank Thee for this. And bless this girl and grant her request in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, young sister, and His mercies upon you.
L-82 Excuse me. Just don't think I'm beside myself. Sometimes you... I--I can't explain it, people, it... You--you wonder. You're somewhere else and then you--you have to wonder where you're at. It's... You're the patient? You're the pa... You--you come... You you're the person that's here to be--to see me. All right, sir. You believe me to be God's servant? You believe that? Well, God bless you. Then I can help you. For the Angel of the Lord told me, "If you get the people to believe you, then be sincere when you pray, nothing's going to stand before the prayer."
L-83 And I said, "They won't believe me because I'm uneducated. I can't present it the way that I could..."
He said, "There will be given signs as there was to the--Moses the prophet, to vindicate that this is truth." And He told me what would take place. He said, "Do this and they'll believe you."
Now, we being strangers, probably raised miles apart and born years apart, but God knows both of us, doesn't He? But it's not for you. You're standing for a friend. And that friend is got a bladder trouble. He doesn't know it, what's wrong with him. But he--he's got a bladder trouble, and they're fixing to operate. And you've come to stand in his place just for his success. [Exodus 4:1-9]
L-84 Come here. Almighty God, may Your mercy be granted to this woman, and may she receive this blessing. May she be all right, normally and well, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Lady, just a moment, that lady's in the hospital isn't it, a Swedish hospital? All right, that's all right. God bless you. Go on home. Amen.
Howdy do, sir? Do you believe me to be His servant, the Lord's servant? God bless you. And I--I am sure if you believe that, that I can help you in--in His grace. I see quickly that you are a believer. You're a Christian. And you--you suffering with--with a nervous condition. And it's caused you to have a heart trouble. You have a heart trouble.
L-85 And you're a preacher. Yes, sir. And you're from Ontario, Canada. Is that right? Go on, you're going to get well, brother. God bless you. May the Lord bless my brother and make him well. Amen.
Do you believe with all your heart? Have faith. Just have faith in God is all I ask you to do. [Mark 11:22]
Howdy do? God bless you, mother. Been in this world, I guess many days. But you still... Everybody wants to live as long as we can, don't we? Now, you're suffering, sister. I don't blame you. God's... Age means nothing to God.
One of these days you're going to come back a beautiful little girl like you was many years ago. All this gray hair... Death has set in, it's going to conquer sometime. But when you return, what death has done to you... Death will be taken away and just what you was at your best was what you'll be then forever. Won't that be beautiful and wonderful? God's Word teaches that, mother.
L-86 Now, you've got a ulcer outside the stomach. And then you've also got a hernia. And you've got high blood pressure. Is that right? And you got arthritis. Is that right? You couldn't hide your life. But now I'm going to ask God to heal you. Almighty God, grant her blessings Lord, that she ask coming age, but yet creeping up here believing that You will do it.
How You fed her all through life, You've taken care of her. And now, Lord, may she be comfortable and healed in the--the rest of her days. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you. Now, go believing with all your heart and God make you well.
Just have faith in God. Believe with all your heart; God will bring it to pass. [Mark 11:22]
L-87 Howdy do, young man? You believe? If I be God's servant and--and He's here, His Presence, which I'm sure that you're conscious of something. Now it's your attitude, what you think it is; that'll determine what you get. But I couldn't heal you. If you're sick, I don't know. But if you are, I couldn't heal you because Christ already did that.
But you are... You're sick. But your sickness is nervousness. You're real nervous. And here's another thing. You're seeking something; that's the baptism of the Holy Ghost. God, give It to him. In the Name of Jesus Christ may he go tonight and be healed and well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, brother. Be of a good courage; you're going to receive it. A blessing waits on you.
L-88 All right. You believe me to be His servant, lady, with all your heart? You believe that God will make you well? You have a lump in your breast, don't you? You believe it's going to leave you? May I come... You come forward this way?
Lord, in Who lays life, and in Whom lays healing, I ask that this depart from our sister, in Jesus Christ's Name. May she live. Grant it, for Your glory. Amen. God bless you, lady. Now, go thanking God, live reverent and true to Him all your life.
Do you believe? You believe that God will take that anemia condition away from you and make you well? You do? Go, rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord."
Now, Father, I pray that You'll grant this blessing to her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, go thanking God. Don't doubt nothing just say, "I received it; I got it."
L-89 Now, howdy do? Do you believe? God bless you. You believe if God is here can make you well? You do? All right. Now, what you have, you have diabetes for one thing, heart trouble for another. Is that right? You believe that He's... You believe you're healed now? God bless you. That's it. Amen. God be with her and bless her in Jesus Name.
All right. Now, when I said heart trouble to that lady, something swept over you, didn't it? You was healed the same thing. God bless you. Yes, that's... It's gone from you now; you're well. Go and God bless you.
L-90 All right, you have kidney trouble. And you also have arthritis. Is that right? Almighty God, take away the curse from this woman as I bless her. In Jesus Christ's Name may she go be made well. Amen. Now, look sister, you must act your faith. You believe it? Then go off the platform rejoicing and happy, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord Jesus."
Nervousness and heart trouble, my. Is that right? You believe He's going to heal you now? I curse this disease of her body and say for it to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out from her. Amen. God bless you. Go, sister, rejoicing and being thankful.
L-91 All right, do you believe with all your heart? You believe me to be His servant? I believe that with all my heart. And because you have respected, not me, but God Whose Presence you're standing in, the kidney trouble's left you. And you had female trouble. And it's gone too. So you can go off the platform and rejoice and say, "Thank You, Lord."
Do you believe me, young fellow? Do you believe with all your heart? Somebody in here is believing; it keeps turning me real hard. Now, just a moment. It's left me and went that way. It's... The--the Holy Spirit's over the audience now; it's not at the platform. It's over the audience.
L-92 That lady setting right back there, she has female trouble and stomach trouble. God bless you. Go home; be well now. God make you well. See who It's moving to. Oh, have faith in God.
Brother Beeler? It's... No, it's that lady setting there. Yeah, it's rectal trouble, isn't it? That's her. He makes you well, so you can stand up and accept your healing now. Be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless you.
You were setting there praying or anxiously believing, trying to move in because you was asking Him to let me speak to you, 'cause you seen you wasn't going to get in that prayer line. Is that right? Now, I'm not reading your mind. But you couldn't hide your life now. That's right. You're going to get well. Now, don't worry. Just go on and be happy and rejoice. [Mark 11:22]
L-93 Do you believe setting there, sir? You have persistent headaches, don't you? Is that right? You believe that He's going to make you well? All right. Stand up and accept your healing. Be made well. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may God make you well.
You want to get over that epilepsy, setting right over there? Yeah. You believe? You believe He makes you well? Stand up to your feet and accept your healing then and be made well. That's the way; just keep praising God, keep believing. God will make you well.
What are you crying for, sir? You're trying to seek the Holy Ghost, aren't you? Little fellow setting there, isn't that right, sir? Stand up and say, "Lord, I believe You're going to give me the Holy Ghost." God bless you. You're going to receive It. There you've got the Holy Ghost right now. See? Praise the Lord.
L-94 That's the way: get in dead earnest. What did you think of that, fellow, when he almost fell on your feet there? A God that can send him out... That man come from Switzerland. He formally come; he's now living in Fairbanks, Alaska, and comes down the road. Has got truck line runs up and down, has swimming pools and things. That's right.
You're suffering with TB. Would you like to be healed? You believe God will make you well? You believe it? You believe He heals you of TB? Something strange happened; you had a strange thought when that man fell in there, wasn't it? Huh? All right, stand up on your feet and accept your healing of TB. God bless you. Go and may the Lord make you well.
L-95 Have faith in God. Just the only thing you have to do is have faith. Amen. Colored sister setting there, you want to get over that female trouble? Little green dress on, you believe? You want to get over the female trouble? You was wondering if I was going to say something. That's right? All right. It's gone from you now. You had a drainage that, that was an abscess, but it's left you now. God bless you, you can go and be made well.
You have an asthmatic cough, don't you, sister, right over there, causing a heart trouble also? Setting right on out about three, four people out from that lady, that--that's right, raise up to your feet. God bless you now; go home and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. [Mark 11:22]
L-96 Keeps hanging around that colored... No, it's that other colored lady right... Oh, you have stomach trouble, don't you, lady? Setting right, yes... He healed you just then. Go home, eat what you want to now. That was a peptic ulcer. You been nervous. It's come time of life what done that and you're--you're healed now. You can go home say rejoice and be happy in Christ. God make...
Just a moment. Well, you had a stomach trouble too, didn't you? That's right. You got an ulcerated stomach also. You were healed the same time, so you can go home now and eat what you want to and be made well. You...
Are you believing? Are you ready to receive your healing? Our Lord Jesus is here to make every one of you well.
L-97 Let's bow our heads just a moment. Now, Father, with kindness and reverence we come to You, believing with all of our heart that... I don't know what else You could do, Father. You sent a brass serpent one time, and set it on a pole, and those who looked, lived. You had a pool, Bethesda, and all that stepped in with faith got healed. You sent Your Son, and He died that we might be made free from sin and sickness.
You've healed us all along and You said that, "The things that I do shall you also, and greater because I go to My Father." You said, "A little while and the world seeth Me no more, yet you shall see Me and these things that I do, you'll do also." And tonight we see and know that You're here, and that You're healing and doing the same things that You did when You where here in... on earth many years ago. [John 5:1-19], [Isaiah 53:5], [Numbers 21:8-9], [John 14:12], [Matthew 28:20]
L-98 And oh, great Father, I ask You to bless the prayer of Your servant. And I'm asking for these dear people who are setting here and Satan is trying to rob them from life. And I--I pray Thee and will thank Thee. And I thank Thee, heavenly Father, for healing me standing here in the pulpit tonight. Walking in here after missing sleep so many nights with a tremendous headache and now it's gone. And I'm so thankful.
And I--I pray that You'll heal every one that's here. Grant it, Lord. You--You said just move... believe it. And I now as Your servant, I condemn every sickness in here. I take every spirit in my own control in the Name of Jesus Christ. I--I--I do this for Your glory, Lord.
L-99 And I say to every demon power that's got the people bound, You can't hold them any longer. I come as God's agent. I come as His servant to serve a warrant on you tonight. I come to serve this notice, that Jesus Christ freed these people nineteen hundred years ago, and you can't hold them any longer.
Tonight they believe. Tonight we're here. The walls of Jericho will fall. The people will go in, and we'll possess the land. I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ, every sick spirit, affliction, come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ, that they may be made well through Jesus Christ's Name.

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