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Prayer Line
54-0619, Prayer Line, Unknown, Des Moines, IA, 48 min

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L-1 ... the whole Scripture there. Christ wasn't smitten twice; He's smitten once. So he took that rod and went down there and smote the Rock: it didn't bring water. And he smote it again and said, "You rebels, must we fetch water for you out of this rock?" But God dealt with Moses later. Is that right? He was kept out of the promised land for that one thing.
There's a little preacher one time, a prophet, who had a double portion: Elijah. He went bald headed when he was a young man. Some little children running behind him, teasing him, said, "Bald head, bald head..." And he turned around and put a curse on those children in the Name of the Lord. And two she bears killed forty-two little children. Is that Scripture? Now, that wasn't the Holy Spirit; the nature of God wouldn't wanted that. See?
L-2 But you have to watch what you're doing. So that's the reason I watch every case to be sure. Now, to know if there's sin in that life, I'd better be careful. But He never told me to do that now. He told me; He said, "Now, the first thing..." How many remembered when I first started out, when I took the people by the left hand? How many remembers that minute? And did I tell you that He told me, "I'd know the secrets of their heart." How many remembers that? Has it come to pass that way? See? Just exactly, it'll always be when He... Whatever He says, it'll be just that way; it never can fail. It's Almighty God, not me.
Now, when--if one of those cases could be proven to be the truth, then every person in here ought to believe the Lord Jesus Christ. Now look, friends, to you, you might've heard of all kinds of 'isms' going around saying I have power to heal. And I've read magazines and been in meetings, disguised, when I'd feel ashamed of myself. Now, you Baptist and Methodists friends in here and so forth tonight, I know that's true. These people, Pentecostal people, has a lot of 'ism' among them, but they really got a real article there too. That's right. They got the... That's the reason I come with them, because I'm one of them. That's exactly right. I got the Holy Ghost too, so I know.
L-3 Tomorrow afternoon I'm to speak on that, so be sure to come. Now, they got a real article. When you see a lot of--of make belief, remember that... When you see a...?... that's real...?... [There is a lot of feedback which makes it difficult to understand what is being said--Ed.]...?... Remember that.
Now, that's true, there's people having funny feelings, and all "this, that, and the other," and a lot of that is pure human psychology, but behind that is a real genuine Jesus Christ Who heals the sick. That's right. And it's--it's true, and I know it. I...
Someone said, the other day, said, "Billy, while you're in America," said, "why don't you just quit preaching that?" Said, "Just--just go ahead and preach the Gospel and let it go."
I said, "I done come too far now, brother. I done seen too many things happen." No, I can never turn back. God help me keep my face on Calvary and do as God tells me to do. But there's one thing I do believe, taking just every case, one by one, like that, I'd get to a thousand more in a meeting if I'd just go ahead and pray for them. If they knew that--that... The only thing He told me, said, "By this they will know..." See? They will abso... And I think I've combed it too hard.
L-4 Now, when I come back from overseas and had my American meetings, I have made it to the "Voice of Healing" down there, and it'll be published. So that you might know also, when I've come back from overseas, God willing, my American meetings, I'm just going to line them people up--a big line of people, and start praying for them. Just when the Lord'd tell me say anything to them, I'll do it. But outside of that, I'll ask the person what's wrong with them and so forth, 'cause just a few of that, and I'm so weak I can't hardly stand up.
L-5 How...?... Did you ever read in the Bible where visions made people weak? When the woman touched the hem of His garment, didn't He say virtue (That's strength.) went out of Him? Is that right? Daniel saw one vision, and he said he was troubled at his head for what? Many days. Is that right? Just... You're out of the world; you break off into another dimension that the world knows nothing about. And you come back; then after two or three, you wonder where you're at, if you're out there or here. You're looking... Say, here stands someone before you: you see them twenty-five, thirty years ago, something they were doing; you're right there with them. You're speaking, yet knowing that your voice is coming here on the platform. And I'm with that man in Louisiana or somewhere else, many, many years ago. And I'm speaking to that person, saying what I'm seeing, and don't know, don't realize I'm standing here, 'cause I'm standing there at that time, looking the way they're dressed and everything. And you can hear me speaking about it. Then when I come to, and I wonder, where... Yeah, here stands... Yeah, this is the patient. See? Just let that happen two or three times and see how you feel. It just beats you to a place and then that's... [Matthew 9:20-22], [Luke 8:45-48], [Mark 5:29-34]
L-6 Some of them said, "I don't understand why they take you out, and you pass out; and everything when you're going off the platform. Let it happen once or twice (Uh huh.) and see what it is. Now, I don't... I think one or two of those would--should settle it with the people. But, whatever the Lord leads, that's the way we do.
Coming back, I aim to try it that; we'll just go and set up my meetings, and just line up the people, and start praying for them. After all, it's the prayer of faith that saves the sick; it's praying for them, laying hands on them. That's what Jesus said do: just pray and lay hands on the sick and it'll be so.
L-7 Now, if the organist will, sister, in your kindness, if you'll give us that little song, "Only Believe," just for a few moments that's a--if you please. I... After speaking and testifying like this, why, you get to feeling emotional like you want to scream and shout. And--and then the... But the anointing for healing is different.
And the Angel of the Lord, that's a different feeling that... You just got a feeling like there's, you know Somebody's standing right near you. And I trust that tonight He'll be so close, till you'll see Him tonight. How many's ever seen It in the other meetings or something another around, the Light hanging there... Yes, I see there's hands around. It... They--they--they took a picture of It.
L-8 Here the other night, It come right down in my church before the people. There was a colored lady standing there asking for another man, said, "I got a colored friend, said if I ever got in contact with you, Reverend Branham, to have you to pray for him. He's been paralyzed for a long time." I turned to look to the woman... I seen the man. I said, "Sunday morning he'll be in this tabernacle. He's a tall man, wearing a dark suit. He'll walk right here and shake my hand Sunday morning. THUS SAITH THE LORD." Brother, you can mark that; that's true.
L-9 And Sunday morning the place was packed to see what would happen. I'd spoke a few moments and I said, "A... The Lord spoke and said there was a colored man coming from out of the country here, somewhere, and wearing a dark suit." And I... My barber, Mr. Egan, just kept motioning his hand like that, and the old fellow raised up his hand. I said, "You that wants to be prayed for, just line up on the side of the wall over there." And they lined up over there. And the audience was watching him (See?) to see what he would do, 'cause he's supposed to come down here. And I just stood there. He started to go on the line up there; he come down half way in the middle of the church and started to go in the line up there; turned around; and walked right over here, reached out his hand and shook hands with me, right exactly where It said. Oh, screaming and going on in the church. See? It'll happen just exactly the way He says it'll be. It'll never fail. Mark it one time. You got on--on tape recordings. Just find out what He says and see if that doesn't happen just the way He says it does.
The Lord bless you now, while we all kindly sing lowly now. Now...
Only believe, Only believe,
All things are possible, Only believe
Only believe, (What time we supposed to close?) Only (You watch me.),
All things are possible, Only believe.
L-10 Brother Mitchler, excuse me, a--Mitchell, I mean... Is that the patient? All right, bring... That's fine. I was just asking my brother what time we were supposed to evacuate the auditorium here. I was asking there... He shook his head: at no certain time. That I... Might've been a custodian spoke to my boy, standing behind him. I thought maybe he did say there was a certain time for us to close, but I suppose not.
Now, bear with me. I got one more night to be with you. Lot of dark waters... 'Course troubles is ahead of me. You know that. When you stand before witch doctors by the dozens standing there, and don't think they won't challenge you. I tell you how I'm depending on people praying for me then. But I've never seen one time... You can ask any of the missionaries returned to the fields or anything, but Almighty God put them to shame, and made them turn around, and accept Jesus Christ. Never one time...
L-11 'Course, you know I'm stalling for something. I am; it's true. It's His anointing. See? Here stands a woman; I--I never seen her. Just imagine yourself standing here now, and there's at least two thousand people here. In two thousand people, probably some critic setting there, just wanting to find one flaw; just one thing; that's all they want. And someone standing there with a lot of faith, believing...
My wife said last night, there was a lady on the platform. What happens, they almost tell me about it when I get home, 'cause it seems like I've dreamed it... My wife said there was a lady, might've been an Armenian, or an Indian, or something in the back. And said there was a lady on the platform who had been prayed for, and said it told her all about something that happened or something another... And said, this man looked over to the woman, and I believe one of them had been healed in the meeting before when I was here. And he said, "I know that woman," said, "she's had a--an accident," said, "she can't raise her right arm." And so, they just kept saying, "Wonder if he'll find that?"
And said then, just a few minutes I will--turn to the woman and said, "Raise up your right arm." Said, "Up went her right arm like that," that she'd--that she would've been... Sure, sometimes I... The vision... I don't say everything I see. I try to say what's--what's I can, to make the people have faith (You see?), just to believe.
L-12 Now, here stands a woman, I suppose we're strangers aren't we, sister? Never seen each other in all of our lives, and here we are. And now, who is she and where's she from? What's wrong with her? See, that--there it is. And now, the people are expecting, if I have represented Jesus Christ well, to know that. There's people setting right out there in the audience that's sick and afflicted. The same Lord Jesus that the woman touched the hem of His garment and He turned around, said, "Your faith has healed you of that blood issue," the same Lord Jesus is here tonight and your faith can touch Him; and He can turn around through human voice and say, "Thy faith has healed you of certain-certain thing." Is that right? Certainly.
The same One Who carried a conversation with the woman at the well and knew what was wrong with her, is here tonight to carry a conversation with her. Don't you believe that? Now, the thing we have to do is submit ourselves, get just completely out of the picture and let Him just take over. See? This thing can't speak without a voice. It'll bring a voice, but there has to be a voice behind it to speak.
Now you pray for me now, 'cause I'm struggling right hard at this time on account of a speaking the way I did, testifying before the service. But may the Lord grant... He's here now. Amen. We thank the Lord for His goodness.
L-13 You're the patient, aren't you, sister? I suppose we're strangers to each other, not knowing each other in this life. But you're aware that something's going on. It wasn't here a few minutes ago, but you know It's here now. Is that true, lady? Raise your hand if that's true? Now, there's no person can stand here but what recognize that. See? Now, that Light that you see in the picture, just whirling around, is right around the lady now. Every once in a while as the vision begin to happening now: she's breaking away from me and then coming to me, breaking away from me and then coming to me. And I see she's in trouble, and she's seriously ill. Yes, she has cancer. Isn't that the truth? And you've a... You don't live here. You--you've drove in here from about a hundred miles away from here. Is that right? I see you on a--on a trip, but you're going another way. You're going--you're going westward. You're--you're returning a--with a disappointed look on your... Oh, it was at a meeting. You've just been to another meeting, or... It was my meeting, 'cause there's--there's--there's hills. It was the Mammoth Gardens. It was Denver. You was at my meetings and never got it--never got in the prayer line. But you've come tonight. You won't have to come no more. God bless you. God be with you, sister. Lord, bless my sister, I pray through Jesus Christ's Name. I thank You, Lord. Amen. Grant it, Lord. God bless you.
L-14 There He is... Now, the best I remember, that woman had been somewhere or something, and had been turned away from a meeting somewhere. Was that true? Turned away from a meeting? Because there wasn't a room. Now, the rest of you here, could believe right now, every one of you be healed. That would be sufficient.
You know the reason you can't accept it like that? You've been taught, "Lay your hands on the sick." That's the reason. Isn't that right? How many believes if It wouldn't even say nothing to you, just pass through, lay hands on you, you'd get well? [Feedback comes again--Ed.] You believe the anointing of the Holy Ghost is...?... over them brethren, now would you believe that? I see... I believe you'd get well.
L-15 How many we got standing there? I'm going to break this program right now. How many we got there? 10? 10? All right. Who's got prayer card 11? 11, 12. Who's got 12? W-12. Who's got 12? All right, 13. Who's got 13? Raise your hand real quickly now. Let's get some more people in this line. We're going... 14, who has 14? 15? Who has 15? 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 40, on up to 40, 50, on up to 50, line up.
You're going to see the glory of God. If you can believe, hold your faith. 50? Who has prayer card 50? Am I too far now? Raise up your hand, who has prayer card 50? 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, on up to a 100...?... Line up along here. Line up according to your numbers now. The ushers will help us, if they will, or some of the minister brothers to keep them in line there as they're coming, if you will. All right.
L-16 Now, let's... What... How many is standing, just leave them stand now until these get through, just a moment.
May the Lord Jesus bless you, grant this faith to you. If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He's here to perform and to do that which He has promised to do. Is that right? He promised that He would heal the sick, and He'll do that healing of the sick if you'll just believe it. Have faith in God.
I was watching them lead a lady. Lady, you setting there without a prayer card; you're setting there with a... Yeah, you have gallbladder trouble. You want to be healed of it? You believe God will heal you of it? Yes. Uh huh. Stand up on your feet. You, standing there looking on the other lady had compassion, wondering about her being her led there, wasn't you? I'm not reading your mind, but that's the truth, isn't it? And you've had gallbladder trouble; isn't that right? You don't have it no more now; you're healed; you can go home. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Have faith in God.
L-17 Lay your hand... Being that you was healed, lay your hand over on that man with his head bowed. He's praying there, right over... Here, right in front of you here. See? No, the next man, the second man there, in there, lay your hand on him. He's got a rupture; he wants to be healed. He's praying, ask the Lord now, for his healing.
Father, I pray that You'll heal the man. And may it all go away from him and may he be perfectly whole. Grant it, Lord Jesus, for Your glory. Amen. God bless you, brother. Don't weep now; you go home and be well. All right.
Billy, is--is everybody lined up? You getting your cards lined up? Oh. Just keep praying then, watching this way.
L-18 Now, sister, if I don't say one word to you what's wrong with you, just ask God, you'll get well, will you? What is your trouble? I want to ask you. You have asthma. You believe that the Lord's going to heal you? You believe His Presence is here now? Are you conscious of His standing--you're standing near something besides your brother? Come here. Father, I pray that You'll heal her. And may she go from here, tonight, and be made completely whole. I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, go rejoicing, sister, and be happy.
L-19 All right, brother, bring the lady. How many believes the lady'd get well? Certainly she will. Now, the anointing is the only thing; that's His Presence. Now, as this woman comes near, she's coming near, and she's seriously sick. I know what's wrong with the people as He reveals it, but I'm just not doing that. Just what... If I don't say a word to you, you'd still believe anyhow, won't you, lady? You'll believe with all your heart? You must believe, sister. You realize you're very seriously. You have a tumor, don't you? The tumor's in the stomach. You was just at a doctor. The doctor told you this tumor's covered the whole stomach. You think it's cancer, 'cause it's covered over the whole stomach. You come pretty near dying, about two or three days ago. And then on the road here you had to stop, on the road coming here tonight. Is that right? Don't stop going home. Run and tell what the Lord has done for you. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I condemn this devil and may it go out of the woman in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go rejoicing, sister; believing, having faith. Have faith now, as you come.
L-20 Now, brother, just come. Now, before you get here... See, I'm going to try to pray for all these people. Tell me what's wrong with you. Weakness of the body. You believe that the Holy Spirit is here now to help you as I ask Him? O God, be near my dear brother, and grant that this weakness will turn to strength and may he be healed through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, you believe you're healed now, do you, brother? Go rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for healing me and making me well."
All right. Come, lady. Now, you believe with all your heart as you come? Confess and tell me what's wrong with you before you get here. All right, come here now. You believe that He's going to make you well? You believe you're standing in His presence, not your brother, His Presence?
Lord Jesus, that she's...?... knowing now... And if You're with me in this, Lord, prove it to me tonight, if this is what You want me to do. Heal this woman, I pray, in Jesus' Name, as I lay hands on her. Amen. Go rejoice now, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Amen. That's the way. Now, as you leave, go rejoicing, being happy, and--and may--and be made well.
L-21 Come, lady. Now, as you come, before it strikes me, tell me what's wrong with you, 'fore you come. What is wrong with you, lady? Chest condition, come...?... You believe He's going to heal you? Lord Jesus, I pray now that You'll heal her. While the anointing is close, I cast away the evil spirit that's making her sick, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Now, go rejoicing and being happy, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the healing."
All right, come, brother. Do you believe the Lord Jesus is going to make you well? With all your heart? What is your trouble, brother? Prostate trouble. All right. Sir? You believe that He's going to--to make you well? Don't you have a little trouble with your hearing too? That's right. Come here.
Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal him. Take away the evil from him. I cast it away, that this is visible so the people can see that You're here to do it. Give him his perfect hearing; in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.
Now just a moment. All right, I want you to come here, sir. How long have you been hard of hearing. Been several years. Can you hear me all right now? Why don't you say, "Amen?" Just say, "Praise the Lord." "I love You." All right. You're perfectly normal, brother. That's something plain, course people could see. Your prostate trouble caused you to be nervous, getting up at night and things. You're healed, brother. Go on your road, rejoice, and thank the Lord. All right. Let's say, "Praise be to God."
L-22 Come, sir. You believe as you're coming? You must believe if you get well of this cancer, 'cause it'll kill you, sure. But you believe God's going to make well? O Lord God, I pray that in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that You'll cast away the enemy from him. And may this man go from here tonight and be made well. I ask this blessing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
I want you to bow your head just a minute. Keep your head bowed just a minute. I don't all time ask God for this. The man's blind with them cataracts, and he's got a evil spirit of cancer on him. You see? And you keep your head bowed just for a minute. Want you to keep your head bud.
Lord, if I am doing wrong, forgive me. I'm not doing it, that to make a show: Thou doest know my heart. But that the people might know that You're the Lord Jesus Christ and I be Your servant, I pray that You'll condemn the blindness of this man's eyes, that he can receive his sight, that he might go away from here with sight in these eyes, not have to be led, but be made well. Grant it, Lord. Cast away this evil from him. I ask it to leave him. In Jesus Christ's Name, come out of him. Amen...?...
Look at me. Can you see me? Put your--put your finger up--up--up into my face now. Hit my nose like...?... Now, see my hand? Now, the cataract is dead in your eyes. Look out over the audience there. Count me those lights right on the building there; show me where they're at right now. All right. That's exactly right. Now, you won't have be led now: you're healed. God bless you. Go off the platform rejoicing. God bless you, brother...?... Praise the Lord. Be grateful, my brother.
Now watch. For the next few hours you're going to see better and better and better all the time. See? The life that was in that--that--that growth that's over your eye... You've been just feeling bad lately too (See?), getting tired and wore out and everything. You was not conscious of what was going on. See? But you're going to feel good now. Now, that's going to be...
You're going so see better tomorrow. You can watch cars and everything. But then in about 72 hours, about three days, you're going to go--almost go completely blind. Then you'll notice your eyes are running a whole lot. Just keep praising God for your healing, 'cause that dead growth will have to swell. You see? That's right, and then it comes off. That's... You got it. God bless you. See? Look out there...?... Raise up your hand, wave to the... There he is. The blind may...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody, for His goodness and mercy. Now, have faith in God.
L-23 All right. Come, lady. 'Course, we see you have a patch over your eye. Just come forward. That's all.
...?... How did it happen? Yes, ma'am. Now, 'course anyone can see you have a patch over your eye, and you have female trouble also. Isn't that right? That's right, but come here.
Now, Lord, Your servants, the doctors, has failed to find out what this trouble is, but You know where it's at. Satan, you've hid from the doctor, but you can't hide from God; you're exposed; come out of her, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come over this way. Now, you don't need your patch now. You can go home well and healed. Let's say, "Praise be to God," with all of our heart.
All right, bring the lady. Do you believe, lady? If I don't tell you one thing, yet you believe me? [The feedback returns--Ed] You believe that...?... You have ...?...
Come. Without saying one thing to you, do you believe that you will get healed if I ask the Lord for you? Come. God bless you. That's the way.
Heavenly Father, as our sister stands here, and she knows she's standing in Your Presence; so do I know that we're in Your Presence. I ask for You to heal her, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Now, look back so the audience will know you're going home to be well...?...
L-24 Come, lady. Do you believe the Lord's going to make you well, sister? Do you--do you accept Him now as your Healer? Something hit you then, wasn't it? That was Him; it's finished. Believe now with all your heart.
Do you believe, sister, with all your heart? Believe you're walking into His Presence to be healed? In the Name of Jesus Christ, grant that our sister be healed. Amen. That's...?... healed, sister. Go rejoicing.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God. Now, just because I'm not telling those people what's wrong with them, I know what's wrong with them; He reveals it. He knows what's wrong. Certainly, He does. He can reveal it, but this way, the people's getting healed just the same. Don't you believe that?
All right, come, lady. You believe me to be God's prophet--or servant? "Prophet" means "preacher." You understand that? The reason you believe that, 'cause you're a preacher yourself. Well, isn't that right? That's right. Yes, ma'am. You have female trouble and low blood. And you're a minister. Is that right? You're healed; in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ be made well.
L-25 Do you believe it sister, with all your heart that Jesus going to make you well? Come here. Father, I pray that in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that You heal this girl. May she go from here tonight, happy, rejoicing, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
I want the audience... It's the first time I've ever done this in all my ministry. You watch these people as their coming, the expression on their face as they enter around through here. A great anointing is sweeping around this platform right now. That is right, friends. I believe this is what He wants me to do: I can get to more people.
You believe, sister, as you come? Come, believing; you shall receive what you ask for. Heavenly Father, I intercede for my sister, asking that You make her completely whole. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, happy and rejoicing.
L-26 Come, lady. Believe with all your heart as you come. If I don't say one word to you, you believe the anointing is here? If I tell you what was wrong with you just right quick, would it make you have more faith? It would? You got stomach trouble. Is that right? I mean, you had stomach trouble; you don't have it now. You can go and rejoice. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." Just be in a attitude of worship, rejoicing. The Holy Spirit... The Bible said, "And the people gave glory to God."
Do you believe you're going to get well, my brother? Come. As I, Father, following Your command, You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." And as my brother stands here in need, I lay hands upon him, asking in Jesus Christ's Name that he recovers. Amen. You have to, don't you, brother? You're going to get well. Going stop everything you ever done wrong, going to make everything right, and go and serve the Lord, aren't you? All right. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? All right. God bless you. All right. Be rejoicing and happy.
L-27 Come, believing with all your heart. Do you believe, sister, as you come? With all your heart? Now, God bless you. Many of you had troubles, but I believe they're ending. Lord, I pray that You'll heal her and may she go from here tonight happy and rejoicing and praising You, in Jesus' Name Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, happy and rejoice. Believe God with all your heart.
Come, come. Bow your heads...?... God, Who made heavens and earth, this poor woman Satan has done this evil to... And it's written, "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word." How could she hear when she's deaf? And I pray that You'd help her. Satan's done this evil. He'd want to cause her to walk before a vehicle somewhere and be killed, but you're here to make her well. Now, as Your servant, having the authority by the Word of God, as a minister of the Gospel, and a gift, ministered to me by an Angel which is present now, Satan, I adjure thee, thou deaf spirit, come out of the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave her.
That's better. Hear me all right now? Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? You're normal. You're well. The deaf spirit has gone from you. God bless you. You've had a hunger for God for a long time too, hadn't you? Wanted closer walk with Him, closer baptism? Go, you're going to receive it now. God bless you.
L-28 All right. Come. Praise be to God. You want to get over that hernia, sir, setting there? Your faith has healed you. Stand up; Jesus Christ makes you whole. Go home now; you're healed. God bless you.
Oh, people, can you believe the Lord? His Presence is here. His mighty works are past finding out, but He reveals to His servants His secrets. Hallelujah.
Howdy do, sister? You believe me to be God's servant? With all your heart you believe it? You had a lot of trouble, haven't you? I'm not reading your mind, but you realize you're in the Presence of something besides a man. Isn't that right? You had an operation, and they--and then there's a tumor or something. You had them--had it again. But this is the time when the Lord Jesus is going to make you well. You believing with all your heart that the Lord Jesus Christ is here? Say, wait a minute.
Ahh, you have been healed before. That's right. You was in the line last night and was healed: it's gone from you. That's right. And now, what's... You've got something on your heart. I seen a man going away from you. It--it--it's your husband. He's left you about two years ago, and you want to ask for him to return. Is that right? May the Lord grant it to you, my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go and...?...
L-29 Believe. Have faith. Sir, are you believing? With all your heart? Been nervous a long time. Isn't that right? Jesus makes you whole. You believe it? God bless you. Go rejoice, and you won't be nervous no more. God be with you.
Come, lady. Heart trouble's a horrible thing. But Jesus Christ is the Healer. You believe it? In your case, is it so? Come here. Father, to the dying; may mercy come. And I ask for her healing through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. Go, thanking God now for your healing, sister, and you get well.
Do you believe, sister, as you come? You believe if we ask, then you're going to get well? Lord Jesus, grant that she will be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. May she go from here, happy, rejoicing. Raise up your hand and say, "Praise the Lord." Just... May He grant it to you, sister, His anointing. See? Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
All right, come. You believing, sister? With all your heart? Come this a way. O Lord, Who created heavens and earth, grant the healing of our sister. May she go from here and be made well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, rejoice now, happy, thanking God and praise Him for His goodness and mercy.
L-30 You believing, sister? You--you must believe Him now. O Lord, have mercy and heal our sister as she's passing through this line. Lord, they said they laid in the shadow of the apostle Peter. They believed so much that Jesus Christ raised from the dead, according to his message, they laid in his shadow and was made whole. Grant, this woman be made whole, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
All right, come, sister. You believing? That's the way to do it; you're already healed. Just pass right on through there. That... If you ask that girl... Just ask her. When she passed by that piano, a dark spirit raised from her and went away. I'm not a fanatic; I know what I'm talking about.
All right, come, lady, believe Him with all your heart. You believe He healed you? You accept it right now? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be made well. Amen. Thanks be to God.
All right. Come, lady. That's the way, with your hand up, believing with all your heart. I condemn the disease of your body; may it go, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Pass through, rejoicing, as I lay hands upon you for a confirmation of His Word.
L-31 Come, sister. Jesus Christ said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." I'm a believer. Come now, believing. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you go off of here and be made well. Amen. Believe with all your heart now.
Come, lady. You believe with all your heart that you're going to be made well, as you come? Father, I pray that in Jesus Christ's Name, that she'll be made every whit whole. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go rejoicing, being happy.
All right, come, lady. God bless you ...?... You had hospital experience, haven't you? Yes, sir. You had two of them. That's right. And you're ready for another one, and afraid this is cancer. It may be. But you know Jesus Christ heals cancers? And what's that to Him? Because it was operated once and failed, the doctor done his best two times. But Jesus is going to do His now; it won't return. In the Name of Jesus, may it leave this woman, and may she be made whole, in Jesus' Name. Have faith. Believe with all your heart.
L-32 Come, sir. Are you believing? Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal this man. May he go rejoicing and be made well. Amen. God bless you, brother.
Come, my brother. Are you believing with all your heart? Raise your hand and say, "I accept Jesus, my Healer." And in the Name of Jesus Christ, may he be made well. God bless you, brother. Go rejoicing and happy. You're healed.
All right, come, being happy now; rejoicing as you come. Come, lady. Are you believing? With all your heart? You believe if I'll ask Him, God will make you well? It's all right, sister, go on. Don't have to ask, your faith...?... [The feedback returns--Ed.]
God bless you, brother. You believe that you're going to get healed tonight? Even with this affliction and all this, even arthritis, but you believe He's going make you well? Amen. [The Brother continues to speak to Brother Branham--Ed.] God bless you. Our kind heavenly Father, this poor little brother, who's been afflicted at this time, and now he can't even swallow his food. The doctors can do nothing about it. Lord God, I send him, in Jesus Christ's Name, to eat his supper. Grant it, Lord, that he'll return here tomorrow, giving You praise, through Jesus Christ's Name, that they might know that You're a God Who keeps the Words that is spoken by Your servant. Amen. God bless you. Now, go and eat your supper, and come back tomorrow night, show us what you can do. All right, sir, God bless you. It shall be that way. Amen.
L-33 God bless you, sister. You believe that Christ can make you well? Take... O God of heaven, have mercy upon our sister and heal her tonight. I pray through Jesus' Name, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go happy now, rejoicing, and believing with all your heart that God is going to do it.
Something happened just now. I wasn't noticing. Right in here. You, setting there with epilepsy, you don't have any prayer card, do you? That's a praying... You believe that Jesus Christ healed you? All right, stand up on your feet, little lady. The spells leaves you, in the Name of Jesus Christ. You don't have a prayer card, so you couldn't get in the line. You don't have to have that; you just have to have the faith that you got. God bless you. Go and be made well now, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-34 Come, lady. You believe me to be His servant? You believe what I would say would be the truth? If I can know what is in your life now, I'd surely know what will be hereafter. Is that right? You're a very sick woman. You suffer with a--kind of a hernia, isn't it? That hernia is located in a strange place; it's in your throat. Is that right? You was in a doctor... He's kind of a strong like man, and he told you in operating that he'd have to take this whole side out there. Is that right? But Jesus Christ don't have to move a muscle. You believe it? Come here. I condemn this demon in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out from the woman. Amen. Go and believe, and be made well.
Believe God. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everywhere. If thou canst believe, thou canst receive. Have faith in God.
You believe, brother? Lord Jesus, bless my brother and make him well. May he go from here tonight, rejoicing and happy and made well, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, brother. You can go rejoicing and being happy, thanking God for your healing.
L-35 Come, sister. You believe with all your heart? O Lord, I pray as I touch this sister's body, as by contact of laying on hands. And may the Spirit that now anoints Your servant, may It see through this, that I have asked for her healing in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go (That's right.), believing and receiving.
Are you believing, sister, as you come? Believe with all your heart that God is going to make you well? Come here. And Lord Jesus, as I touch her body with my hands, as Your Spirit is here anointing now, I pray that You'll heal her, Lord. May the Holy Spirit Who now guides me, may It see to it through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Don't doubt nothing; just believe with all your heart.
Bless your little heart. Here's just a child. [[]
L-36 You have heart trouble, for one thing. Another thing, you're anemia. Can you believe that Jesus' going to make you well? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her and may she go from here tonight and be made whole through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Rejoice, sister; be happy, God making you well.
How do you do? You believe me to be His prophet?
Sir, you that's setting there with the blue shirt on, praying, you got a spiritual difficulty. But don't worry; it's going to leave you now. He heard your prayer. God bless you.
Can you believe with all your heart? You believe me to be God's prophet? You believe that He can heal you? And your son, your son has an oppression. You believe that Jesus is going to make him well? You believe He's going to make you well? All right. Come here. Father, I ask for mercy for this people. May Your Spirit come upon them now, and may they both be delivered through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. Don't fear, sister. Go happy, rejoicing now, and receive your blessing.
You believe, sister, with all your heart as you come? You believe that He's going to make you well? Father, I pray that You'll heal her in Jesus Christ's Name. May it be so. Amen. Go rejoicing now, saying, "Thank You, Lord," and be made well.
Christ healed you. Do you believe it? You accepted it? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ I join prayer with you and ask Him for your healing. Amen. God bless you, sister.
L-37 You believe as you come? Woman's got trumpets in her ears. You can see she's deaf too. So let's see if we can have the Holy Spirit to make her... Will you bow your heads just a moment? I'm awfully weak, friends. Wonder if you could just bow your heads just a moment. And I shouldn't have started those visions, I suppose, but it's striking now. Just a moment, maybe God will heal her. Don't no one raise your head now, please, in Jesus' Name, till you hear me call you.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of everlasting life, and Giver of every gift, let it be known tonight that Thou art Christ, the Son of God, and I be Your servant. And let it be known, Lord, that You can give hearing to the deaf; You could give peace to the weary; You can give sight to the blind. And Thou does do all things well. And let this audience know tonight that You're God here. And this poor woman is unprivileged. I pray that You'll heal her. Take this away from her and may this deaf spirit leave her; in Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Now everyone keep your heads bowed. [] [Brother Branham claps his hands--Ed.]
L-38 Bow your head again. It just didn't leave her. Sometimes they're...?... The crowd is upset a little and... Now, everyone be just quiet and to yourself and see if I can make it leave her. Everyone keep bowed, if you will, please. Just be in prayer now. Now, heavenly Father, You know my heart. And You said, "The effectional fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." And a man righteous, is not sinless: it's one who confesses his sins; he's righteous through the One he confesses through. And I, Your servant, confess my sins through Jesus Thy Son. And Father, to see the spirit's sullen and wouldn't turn the woman loose, I ask that You'll take him away. Not that we have to see miracles to believe, but that this might be known tonight, that You're the Lord Jesus, and I have truly testified of You correctly; and that You are the same yesterday, today, and forever and You heal the people; and Your Presence is here to heal every person in the building. Let it be known tonight, these things. And now, give me faith as I go to charge this enemy who's stalled. And may I have power over him to cast him away, for it's said, "When the deaf spirit come out of the man, he could hear." And they said, "Why couldn't we not cast him out?" He said, "Because of your unbelief."
So, Father, You, Who sent an Angel down to the room, You Who stood by me through these thick and thins, and over the world, around these battles, I pray, not that these people in the audience would hear me. May they not hear me, but that You might hear me, Lord; that this woman that's deaf, might hear. And let it be known now, that Thou art God Who heals the deaf. And I charge this spirit, as I come in a challenge of faith, I charge this spirit: in Jesus Christ's Name, thou deaf spirit, come out of her.
Hear me? Now, you can raise your head. You hear me now? Hear me now? Can you hear me now? You're healed now. It's gone from you. And you're well. Go on your road rejoicing.
L-39 Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Jesus Christ the Son of God can heal every one of you the same way, right now. You believe it?
Let's stand to our feet, right quick, every person in here. I want you to do what I ask you to do. Lay your hands over on somebody near you, if you will, right across the seat or something.
I see somebody standing back there on crutches. Don't pick them up no more; put them on your shoulder and walk out tonight. Jesus Christ makes you well.
O Almighty God, shed forth Thy blessings tonight. Let Thy mercies be known in here tonight again. Thou art God alone. And Your Spirit is here to cast forth every evil power, and You can do it tonight through Your great power. And this church, in one accord, is praying. The Bible said, "They were assembled together, and the building was shook where they were assembled." May the power of God shake through this building once more and deliver every person, that they see that You're here and know the secrets of the heart.
Satan, you're exposed; you can't hold these people any longer. Come out of them; in the Name of Jesus Christ go from them.

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