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57-0309E, Jehovah-Jireh, Madison Square Garden, Phoenix, AZ, 98 min

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L-1 Our kind Heavenly Father, we want to thank You from the very depths of our heart, for all that Thou has done for us. We're unworthy of the blessings that Thou has bestowed upon us, but we are grateful for them. And now, we pray that You'll smile Your blessings continually upon us, and especially tonight, as we have just remembered, that tonight is the night we're to pray for the great host of people. Give us great faith. May great wonders be done for the glory of God. We asked it in Jesus' Name, Amen. Be seated.
I had just remembered that tonight was the night we was to pray for all the people, and he'd forgot to tell me, that he was coming down and give prayer cards for all those people who just wanted to pass through the line. And I'd forgot about it till just here at the platform, that we was to do that. And it hadn't come into my memory, rather, since coming from the place. So I thought I'd change my text then and talk on something else. That I was going to talk on something, but I'll change it now.
L-2 And we want to thank all you ministers for this morning, attending the breakfast, we just had a real jubilee this morning. The Lord blessed in a marvelous way in the wonderful fellowship that we had with God's children this morning.
And now, tonight, I believe the recording boys... This will be the last night for the books and the pictures. They'll be at the concession stand, wherever it is. We don't sell on Sunday. I've never did it and I... The--the books and those things are not nothing that we make anything from. I buy them myself from Mr. Lindsay. And then I'll get somebody to sell them for me, and the meeting has to support the books. Now, they... you're... Now, if I was printing them myself and selling them, or could get them printed real cheap and sell them... But it's not... That isn't the idea; not to make anything out of them, no. It's the--getting the message to the people. And so, you'd be invited, if you're planning on getting one of the books or pictures, it... get it tonight.
Then, tomorrow afternoon there is to be the service here in the place, the Lord willing. And then tomorrow night closes out this campaign. I know that there's other campaigns coming to the city of... Phoenix seems to have plenty of them. And that's good. I'm glad you do.
L-3 I was just speaking to a minister just few moments ago, and a well known minister here in the city. He said, "Brother Branham, the Phoenix people love you."
And I said, "That certainly is mutual."
I wished I had time, when I come into the city, to go to each one of your homes and have dinner. I know you got good cooks. And I--I would sure like to do it. But it's seemingly, that in these meetings I've just got to constantly stay on the field, until I'm just get so wore out I can't go.
Brother Moore, I was trying to get him to preach for me. Said, "I tell you, if you preach and you fall over on the platform, then we get a doctor, and he says the reason you're in bad shape," said, "I'll try it next time."
I said, "Now, Brother Moore..." But we're happy to be assembled with you tonight.
L-4 And now, even in our... in our day that we're living in... And this morning I was speaking at the breakfast on the subject of Joel, where the one... where he saw the worms, different insects, eat down the tree--God's heritage. And we tried to name what those worms was. And how that each one of those worms is the same worm, just dies and comes back a different insect. And it's been the devil all the way along. He broke up brotherhood and the things that they had in the first church and the false unity of the church while we try to unify people with organizations. Organizations unifies themselves.
L-5 But Christ died for the whole body. See? It's not just the unity amongst one organization; it's the unity amongst the entire body of Christ. And those old worms has just... Every time that the--this little tree that's been cut down, and it's laying there just as a stump--and every time some life starts up, the first thing you know, we build a little organization around it, and the worms get in it and eat it down. I said, "One of these days, God's going to bring down some insect powder, and He's going to spray these worms; they'll quit eating from that time on."
When a man can be so isolated from those things by the love of God and the Holy Ghost, it'll never touch him. We have people who's found that place. I've known men that wouldn't make any difference what organization you belonged to or what you believed, you're a brother anyhow. They wouldn't draw any lines. That's... If it can work on one or two, it can work on the rest of us. That's right. We can all be the same.
L-6 You know, I was thinking over in Job, the 14th chapter, it said there's hope in a tree if it dies. And it's... Even the stalk grows old, the roots of the ground, through the scent of rain, water, it will bring forth boughs again.
Now, that Gospel stump, that's in the ground, the Pentecostal blessing, only thing it needs is some Pentecostal water. And Pentecostal water is the Word, for we are washed by the water by the Word. And just some good old fashion Holy Ghost gospel teaching will certainly put that thing right back in it's place and bring it out again. That's right. [John 14:7], [Job 14:9], [Ephesians 5:26]
L-7 Now, I told Brother Moore, this afternoon, if I preach longer tonight than twenty or thirty minutes, for him to stick me in the back. And so, I just...
When I come to talk I'm a long ways from being a preacher or theologian. But what I know about Jesus, I love to tell others. And I just put everything that there is in me in it, because it's my Lord's Word.
And if I was doing a job for you out here busting concrete, I'd do the best job I could do. How much more, doing for the Lord? I want to do my best when I walk to this platform, do everything that lays within me to win souls to Christ, 'cause I know and you know we haven't got too much longer to do this.
L-8 Now, being that we're going to have the type of meeting that we will tonight, I'd like to encourage faith. People passing through the line like that, they must have faith. So I want to read just a verse out of--the 14th verse of the 22nd chapter of Genesis:
And Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh: as it is said, to this day in the Mount of the Lord it shall be seen. [Genesis 22:14]
L-9 God, in the Old Testament, had seven compound redemptive Names. And when this picture was taken, that you see out there of the Pillar of Fire, as I regard it that way... And the night that it was taken is when Brother Bosworth asked a Baptist preacher in a debate, in Houston, Texas, this question: He said, "If you will answer me this one question, yes or no, I'll walk off the platform." He said, "Was the redemptive Names of Jehovah applied to Jesus? yes or no?" That settled it.
If the redemptive Names of Jehovah was not applied to Jesus, He was not Jehovah-jireh or Jehovah-rapha. The Lord's... or Jehovah-jireh, "the Lord's provided sacrifice"... And if He was Jehovah- jireh, He's Jehovah-rapha, also, "the Lord that heals all our diseases"; they're inseparable. Just like you can't separate them.
You can't separate God from His nature and His motives. And if He is Jehovah-jireh tonight, "the Lord will provide a sacrifice," if He wasn't that, then He wasn't the Lord's sacrifice and He wasn't the Saviour. And if He is Jehovah-jireh, He's also Jehovah-rapha, "the Lord that healeth all thy diseases." That settles it. So there's no way of answering it; just say it's yes or no. To deny it, is to deny Christ being the Saviour. To accept it is to accept Him as your Healer. So there's no way out of it. And I'm so glad of that. [Psalms 103:3], [Genesis 22:14], [Exodus 15:26], [Exodus 17:15], [Judges 6:24], [Psalms 23:1], [Jeremiah 23:6], [Ezekiel 48:35], [Acts 2:36], [Hebrews 13:8], [Isaiah 53:5]
L-10 Now, we're going to speak tonight on this one compound redemptive Name: Jehovah-jireh.
And now to get a background of our story... Everything... You must not take just one little Scripture to prove anything. It must lay out in the whole view of the Bible. That's the way we want to do it. The subject must run completely from Genesis to Revelation; it must tie right in with the rest of the Bible in the right place.
And Abraham... We'll have to go back before we get this sacrifice... We'll have to go back and find out who Abraham was. And I truly believe that the Spirit of God that was in Abraham, was a part of Christ. I believe that to--the part of the Holy Spirit that we have today is a part of Christ.
L-11 Being that I said what I did this morning, I would like to explain this: what is these great gifts and things? Christ was in Joseph. Do you believe that? Look how he was sold for thirty pieces of silver, almost thirty, and was hated of his brothers, loved of his father, just exactly like Christ. And how that they hated him because he was spiritual--could see visions and interpret dreams--spiritual, just like Christ. He was throwed in a ditch, supposingly be dead, just like Christ. He was raised up from the ditch and set at the right-hand of Pharaoh. And when Joseph went forth, they blowed trumpets and said, "Bow the knee to Joseph." He could find Pharaoh's princes at his own pleasure; and no man could come to Pharaoh, only through Joseph--perfect picture of Christ.
When David was dethroned out of Jerusalem, and was drove up on the Mount of Olives by his own people, his own children, as David went up the mountain, he looked back over Jerusalem, weeping. Eight hundred years later the Son of David, rejected in Jerusalem, set on the Mount of Olives and said, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have gathered you as a hen does her brood?" It was the Spirit of God in those men. [Genesis 37:4], [Genesis 27:29], [Luke 13:34]
L-12 Now, God is like a great big diamond. And that diamond has been chipped or cut in such a way... A true-cut diamond reflects many rays of light. And when we see in the church, so many different gifts of the Spirit, it is only the reflection off of the real Diamond. And one may seem a little peculiar to the other one, but it's the way the diamond reflects the light. So God does that also in the way that He reflects a gift of the Bible. One has the gift of knowledge, the other one has the gift of tongues, and another one has the gift of something else. It's God, reflecting these lights. And they are lights that's gathered in one person; that's Almighty God.
Now, Abraham was a part of God. Jesus said, when He was here on earth, "Is not it written in your laws that ye are gods? And if they call those gods to who the Word of God come to," how about Him being God? They were gods by measure. He was the Fullness of God. God was in Him, reconciling the world to Himself. [John 10:34-35], [Isaiah 53:5]
L-13 Now, Abraham... Let's take just a little look at his life. Who was he? Where did he come from? Was he a special-born child? a seventh son of the seventh son? No, sir. He was just an ordinary man. He come from his father, down from Babylon, and perhaps was raised around idolatry. But God by election chose Abraham, not because that he was a good man, but because God elected Abraham.
And that's the only way that you'll ever come to God. It's God's election. God does the choosing. You have nothing to do with it. There's no man has sought God at any time. You can't seek God; it's God seeking you. It's something in you, creating that desire. And that's the reason there's Divine healing if the Bible didn't even say so. It's that creative something in the children of God, that's hunting for that fountain that's open. But the strange thing, when you find...?... the fountain, like the disciples that night who was praying for help, and the very help that come to them, they was afraid of it. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-14 Now, notice what God did. Now, Abraham in the Bible represents election; Isaac, justification; Jacob, grace; Joseph, perfection. Then it run out. Perfection... Joseph was a perfect man; there's nothing against him in the Bible.
But on this election, God chose Abraham, not because he was an educated man, not because he was a smart man, but because that God saw something in Abraham before the foundation of the world. And that's the reason you are a Christian tonight, is because that God saw something in you before the foundation of the world and put your name on the Lamb's Book of Life, before the world ever was formed. How you going to lose? How can you do it? The Bible said...
The biggest fault that I can find with any of the churches, and especially the real church that's borned again, they don't know who they are. You don't realize what the privilege that God has given you; you're looking for something way off in some kind of a millennium. But that's one the devil has pulled over you. "Now we are the sons of God." Not we will be, we are now. And every Redemptive blessing that the Lord Jesus died for, is our personal property right now, everything that He died for--not we will be; we are now.
L-15 Now, let's watch Abraham and see what a promise God gave Abraham. God gave Abraham the promise and made the covenant with him unconditionally. Not "if you'll do this, if you'll do that...," he had nothing to do with it. God said, "I've already saved him and it'll come to Me in old age." That settles it.
When man makes covenant with God, man breaks his covenant. When man and God had covenant together in the garden of Eden, man broke his covenant. Then He made a covenant with him through the law; man wouldn't even keep it. But God was determined to save man, so He gave the covenant to Abraham and his seed--Abraham and his seed, unconditionally. Not because you do this, and because you do that, or because you have this or have that, but God made the covenant unconditionally. That's what the Bible said.
L-16 Now, you say, "Well, I wished I was a Jew." Well, that which is outwardly, is not a Jew, but that which is inwardly, says the Bible. "And we, being dead in Christ..." the Bible said that we take on Abraham's seed, and we are heirs with Him, according to the promise.
Every man that has been filled with the Holy Ghost, has the seed of Abraham in him, because he has the faith of Abraham in him. And Abraham believed God before circumcision or anything else, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness. You see it? That takes the scare out of you. It's not, "Oh, if I can just keep hanging on. Oh..." That isn't the idea. I never did try to hang on. He done the hanging on, and by grace He saved me. It ain't what I do, it's what He done. What I do doesn't matter anything. It's what He's done for me. Now, if I love Him, I will do everything that's in my power to do the right thing for Him. [Galatians 3:29], [Romans 4:22]
L-17 Now, if a man says, "Well, I just... I'll just... (Presbyterian idea), I just walk up and shake hands and say, 'I got it. That's all right. I got eternal security.'" Brother, you're off the track.
My wife, I love her. I made a covenant with her to be her husband. And if I was away from home, and some woman would come to me and say, "I love you," and I wanted... felt like that I would make love to the woman, and Meda would forgive me for it when I went home, I still wouldn't do it. Though I knowed she'd forgive me, I wouldn't hurt her like that.
And a man that loves God, you don't quit drinking, smoking, just because you think you're go... keep you from going to hell. If you love the Lord, you'd do it because you don't want to hurt Him.
I seen fashion, clothes, and...?... people to wear their... They used to wear long dresses, long sleeves, and long hair. That's all right. They should, but that isn't what takes you to heaven. You could have your hair long, your dresses long, and have a temper enough to fight a buzz saw, and hate your neighbor and everything else. But the reason that you do keep yourself the way it should be, is because you love the Lord and want to keep His commandments, if you're Abraham's daughters, Abraham's sons. That's what does it.
L-18 Now, Abraham believed God, when God met him, and talked to him, and said, "Now, Abraham, I've called you; I'm making My covenant with you; and I'm going to give you a son."
Now, Abraham was seventy-five years old. And Sarah was sixty-five years old. And he married her when she was just a little girl, 'cause she was his half-sister. Now, they'd lived together since they were little ones, been husband and wife all through the healthy days of Sarah. She's sixty-five years old, about twenty-five years or better passed the menopause. And it was impossible for her to have that baby; but yet, God asked Abraham to believe the impossible. And He ask you, the seed of Abraham, to believe the impossible, because His Word is a creative thing. [Genesis 18:1-15]
L-19 Abraham just held onto God's Word; he believed God. That's all he had to do. Now, he didn't look to how impossible it was, he just accepted, and took God at His Word, and went to rejoicing over it. God loved that.
Now, Abraham didn't say, "Now, wait a minute, Lord. When I begin to see something happen, when I begin to see and know by all signs of nature, that we're going to have this baby, then I'm going to tell the people about it. But You couldn't expect me to go down and tell the doctor, and get everything ready. We're going to have a baby. He'd laugh at me. I'm seventy-five years old and she's sixty-five. [Romans 4:17]
L-20 What do you think would happen today if an old man and woman, sixty-five and seventy-five, would walk into the doctor's office, say, "Doctor, we want to make arrangements for the baby." The doctor would say, "Say, is this your wife?"
"I'd like to examine her. Why it's impossible. Did nature come just according to the time?"
"Well, it's impossible for her to have it."
Then you say, "Well, doc, I suppose you're right." and go on back, it wouldn't happen.
But Abraham didn't look at what the doctor said. Abraham looked at what God said. And Abraham's seed does the same thing. They don't look at what science says, they look at what God says. Oh, I'm so glad that He still has seed in the earth. They looked at what God said. They take God's Word for it. [Romans 4:17]
L-21 Now, could you imagine Sarah going down to the finest shop that she could find, an old woman, sixty-five years old with a little grandma's shawl over her head, going down through the shop buying birdeye and pins and everything, getting ready. You'd imagine what the people would say? "That old lady's gone off at the deep end." But you know why? She had God's Word for it.
Could you imagine Abraham going around testifying to everybody, "Glory to God, we're going to have a baby now."
I can imagine seeing a fellow say, "Poor old man." See?
See, every time that anyone takes God at His Word, it's considered a fanatic. And God asks you to believe for the impossible, because He's able to do that which is impossible. "Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong, giving praise unto God." God wants you to do the miraculous. He wants you to believe the miraculous. And by accepting it by faith, you prove what you believe He is. You see it? God wants you to take His Word for it. He speaks it, and if God has said it, all heavens and earth will pass away, but that Word can't pass. [Romans 4:20], [Matthew 24:35]
L-22 Now, another thing God does... He told Abraham and Sarah to separate themselves from their company. God calls for separation. How much different it is in us choosing anything? We chose... we choose mixers. Oh yes; "I tell you that's the socialist little fellow you ever seen. Now, he's not a fanatic. He won't preach anything against television, and all this kind of stuff like that, about women wearing bobbed hair and all these things like that. You never hear it spoke in our church." Just because he hasn't got the real audacity, he hasn't got the baptism of the Holy Ghost to back it up. That's all.
What we need is God-fearing preachers who tells the truth. That's right. Now, that's what makes the separation.
If I was choosing a pastor, and I was on the board, and had to select a pastor, and he was one of those wishy-washy, kind of sissified guys like that, I sure wouldn't vote him into my church. I... anything, I'd vote him out, and get a man that did believe God's Word, and took God's Word, and preached it, and stood on it. I want a son of Abraham up there, a son of God. [Genesis 13:9]
L-23 Now notice, Abraham had to separate himself. And as long as his kinfolks hanged around with him, and he didn't do what God told him to do, the blessing never was made manifest. And as long as you keep holding on to a little petty something, a little something here, a little something there, God can never fully bless you as long as you try to take God for a totem pole. "You know Brother Roberts is in town. Hallelujah. I had him anoint me and pray for me. Glory to God. If this don't work, a Paul Cain comes through (Hallelujah), I'll give him a round. And then when Brother Branham comes, I'll let him give me a round too, and see how I come out." You'll just be the same old guy with the same old disease. When they let them...?... there's nothing good in any of us. But when you forget about preachers and personalities and look to the Lord Jesus Christ, then you're going to get somewhere. Take God at His Word. See?
It's God's Word what's creating. God's Word is a seed. And a seed sewn and taken care of, if it's germitized and a good seed, it'll bear the kind of fruit it is. So if you need healing, ask Him and there's a promise in here; every promise is yours.
L-24 Now, we find out then, a little later on as he began to move on, then there come a separation time, that he had to separate himself from his kindred. His father died. As long as the old man was along He never did bless him. But after all was separated, God appeared to him.
Lot had took his choice, went down into Sodom. As long as Lot hung along, his argument... And as long as you stick around with unbelievers, you'll find the same trouble.
But when Abraham was ninety and nine years old, ninety-nine, that made Sarah eighty-eight... Could you imagine Abraham? Could you imagine when Abraham went and told Sarah, his wife, saying, "Sweetheart, you know we've always longed to have children?"
"Oh, yes, Abraham."
"Well, bless God, we're going to have a baby."
Watch Sarah say, "Abraham, I--I--I don't understand."
"Neither do I."
"Well, how do you know we're going to have a baby?"
"God said so. That settles it. God said so; He's going to do it." [Genesis 18:1-15]
L-25 Well the... after the first few days, why, maybe the first month, why, he comes to Sarah, and he said, "Sarah, how are you feeling, honey?"
"Not a bit of difference. Abraham, are you sure?"
He said, "Glory to God, we're going to have it anyhow." Sure.
"How do you know, Abraham?"
"God said so." The second month passed. "Sarah, how you feel? Anything happening?"
"Not a bit of difference."
"Glory to God, we're going to have it anyhow."
"How do you know?"
"God said so." The first year passed. "Sarah, you still are going to have those diapers and things ready?"
"Have you felt any different?"
"Not a bit."
"But hallelujah, were going to have it anyhow. God said so." Keep my thoughts on them, they'll be all right. See?
All right, when twenty-five years passed, twenty-five years passed. "Sarah, how do you feel?"
"No different."
"Glory to God, we're going to have it anyhow!"
There you are. He didn't look at circumstances; He looked at what God said. He was looking at the Word. [Genesis 18:1-15]
L-26 Here some time ago, went in to pray for a boy that had diphtheria in his throat and he's choking to death. Dear old daddy come over with the mother... Anointed that boy... First, they wouldn't let me go in. And the doctor there, the head doctor, was... I learned, was Catholic. And I said, "Well, you'd let the priest go in."
He said, "That's different; you're a married man and got children."
I said, "I mean just as much to that boy, as the priest would mean to a Catholic boy." I said, "The father here has sent for me to come pray for the boy."
He said, "But you got children, Reverend."
I said, "I know that, but I've got a Saviour, too."
He said, "Do you know that you could pass the disease to your child?"
I said, "Doctor, I appreciate your ethics and all that you do, but there's one thing you don't understand." I said, "My God can shield me from that. He's done it a many times through leprosy and everything else. I take His Word for it."
L-27 And when we went in he dressed me up like a Ku Klux Klan. And when we went in there, and knelt down to pray for the boy--just an ordinary little prayer... Got up. The Mother's on one side and the Dad was on the next side. The boy had been unconscious for two days. And his heart had went so low, till the cardiogram showed... I forget what it was. I don't understand the machinery of it, but the nurse said it would never rise again; it couldn't; never had been known to rise--his heart beat.
L-28 And then when I got through praying, just a little prayer, got up, the old father reached across to the mother and he said, "Mother, isn't this wonderful?" Said, "Oh, praise God for healing our boy."
The boy was still unconscious. I looked at him, and honest, my heart admired him. And the mother said, "Yes, Dad, that's just wonderful. How we thank the Lord!"
And the old brother put his hands up in the air and sung, "Oh, God, how I thank you for healing my boy." Boy laying there dying.
And the little nurse standing there, she walked over to him and she said, "Sir, I don't understand." Said, "How can you take that so lightly, when your boy is dying?"
"Oh," he said, "he's not dying." Said, "He's living and going to be well."
"Oh," she said, "I can appreciate your faith," and she said, "but there's one thing you must understand, sir; this machine is scientific, and if that hand went way down here, it can never come back again. It never has and it never will."
The old patriarch put his arm around the little lady and he said, "Look, little lady... See, you're looking to that machine, for that's what you've been trained to look at. That's all you know about." But said, "I'm looking to a Divine promise of God that He will raise him up."
The boy is married now and got a family!
L-29 What? It depends on what you look at. If God made the promise, God's obligated to keep that promise, no matter what the circumstances is.
L-30 Then God told Abraham... He appeared to him in the Name of El Shaddai, "the bosom," and He said, "Abraham, I am the Almighty God. Walk before me and be perfect."
And He had... He said, "I am the El Shaddai, the breasted God." The "El Shaddai" means "breasts like the woman." No not breasts, but breasted. "I am the breasted God. I am the Strength-giver.
Like a little baby, when it's sick and fretting, crying, kicking, squalling, and the mother picks it up, and she leans it on her bosom, and it begins to nurse the mother's strength... And as the little fellow starts nursing, the first little taste of strength, he quits crying. And mama just pats him a little, and he's satisfied while he's a nursing. He doesn't fret any more, and he's bringing in his strength all the time. [Genesis 17:1-9]
L-31 Well, that's what God is to the believer. He is the breasted God. He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed. And the believer lays right a hold of the Breast of God, the Word of God, the New and Old Testament, and he lays right a hold of that Divine Promise, and nurses, and blesses God, and pulls on the believer--on a belief from God, till he nurses back his strength again. And he's satisfied all the time he's nursing. Oh, my, I like that.
He don't go to his hou... "Do I grow a inch awhile ago?" He don't pay any attention to whether he growed an inch or not; he's just nursing.
That's where a believer is. If it's explained to them by the Bible that He heals the sick, the believer just takes His Word for it and that settles it; that's all.
He don't say, "Am I any better? Can I move my finger a little more? Can I twist my foot?" That don't have one thing to do with it, not one thing. It's what's happened in here! It ain't what's happened out here; it's what's happened here in the heart. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-32 Man believes God from the heart. And as long as that Divine Promise can find a anchoring place in the human heart, there isn't all devils in hell can ever tear it away from him. It's there. He believes it. He'd--he'd die by it, for he believed it. And holding that promise, after all he keeps holding it and believing it, the finger begins to wiggle. Then the hand begins to move. See, he's nursing the strength of God into his own body.
L-33 And then God told Abraham, He said, "Now that you're separated from Lot..." He took the bad choice. All the fields was watered down in Sodom. Big cities were built full of sin. And isn't it strange that that lukewarm believer, Lot, would go down to the best place he could find, the most beautiful place he could find, take the road of ease? And isn't it strange thing that sometimes people who say that they believe God, they want to take the road of luxury? They want to take the road where there's no trials. They want to take the easiest way out. They want to take the way that's not persecuted. They want to take the road of ease. They're just a lukewarm believer.
But Abraham, the man of God, gave Lot his choice and taken what was left. Oh, I just love that. A real believer will give you your choice; he's willing to take what's left. There's no selfishness in a real believer, not at all.
L-34 Now, notice again. After Lot had separated and taken his place, God appeared to Abraham. He said, "Abraham, rise up. Look all around. Look to the east; look to the west, to the north, and to the south." He said, "Every bit of it belongs to you; it's all yours; I've give it to you. It's yours..." Well, Abraham was going to fall heir to all of it. So He said, "Get up and walk around through the land and see what you own." I think God calls His children of Abraham to do that.
If this little group of people gathered here tonight would only get up, if the people in Phoenix alone, would only search out through the Word what you have, you possess all things. All things was given to us by Jesus Christ, if we're believers. [Genesis 13:14-15]
L-35 You know, if I bought a home, and it was mine, I'd go through the thing, see what I had. I'm just kind of a prospector; I like to dig around, find out what I got. I'm an heir of salvation. I'm an heir to divine healing. I'm an heir of heaven. I'm an heir to the earth. I'm an heir, joint-heir with Christ in all things. Then I like to look through His Book to prospect and see what all I'm an heir to.
You know, it's just like a great big arcade--a great big place. If they told me I owned that arcade, I would go around and see what I had. I like to pull out this drawer and look in it and see what I got in there. Or I'd go over here and open this place up and see what I got in there. Or I could go somewhere else and look. And if some place looks just a little bit high, I'd just get me a step-ladder; walk right up, and pull it down, and look at it, see what that belongs to me. It's all mine.
Well, that's the way it is in the Bible. If anything looks too far away, too big, too high, just get down on your knees; that's your step-ladder. "Lord, let me understand it." Just keep moving right up till you touch it. Look it over; it belongs to you. It's all yours. It's for every believer.
L-36 Some time ago I was talking to a man named John Sproule. He's a good friend of mine. Used to go through the country many years ago, with the old gray barns. I don't know if he was ever out here or not. He went through the eastern country. And a lot of you eastern people will remember John Sproule. And he was one of Brother Bosworth's converts. He was healed with a bad throat where He'd got gas with him... mustard gas sucked into his nose and throat and brain. And he didn't have no voice at all, and Brother Bosworth prayed for him; he got healed. Called his wife up and she fainted. And he went out anointing the sick and praying for them.
Took a little vacation and went over to France and went out to Alsace Lorraine France. He was going through a great garden, and he found a statue of the Lord Jesus. And he was standing there with his wife, he said, in amazement, saying, "Look at that. What did the sculpture mean? Why, the thing doesn't have nothing but just... it's a shape. You can't see no suffering of Christ there."
And a guide come up to him and said, "Mr. Sproule, I suppose you're criticizing that?"
He said, "I am."
He said, "Now, come here just a moment." And he took him up and there was a altar built there beneath the statue. And so he said, "Kneel down." And he knelt down. Said, "Now, look up."
"Oh," he said he felt like his heart would just break. There was every suffering of Christ. There was every agony that He went through. Looked like the sculptor had reproduced that in His features of His face.
L-37 And so he turned and looked again to the--to the guide. He said, "Mr. Sproule," said, "You see, the sculptor had in mind one thing." Said, "That when he made this statue, he didn't make it for people to stand off and look at it this a way. He made it so the people'd bow down and look up to it this a way."
And that's the same way it is with every promise in the Bible. It isn't for you to try to mix it with your worldly wisdom, to try to figure out, "How could God do this? How could God do that?" The Bible wasn't written for that. The Bible's promises were written for you to bow down and look up to. Then they'll look different to you, when you look up to them like that.
L-38 God kept His promise with Abraham. He gave him the child. And the little boy when he was born, growed to about twelve, fourteen years old. And you know how that must have been a lovely thing in that family.
Now, a mother of about a hundred and ten, fifteen, a father was about a hundred and twenty-five or thirty... If we have time... I might have preached on it once before, how God turned them back to a young man and a woman (And I've had it in magazines and so forth.), and made them over again, which He will do every borned again child of Abraham, someday, in the Resurrection...
L-39 And then one day God wanted to make it real plain to the people in Phoenix. So how He was going to do it, He was going to give this Abraham a double test. So He said, "Abraham, take thine son, thy only son, and take him to a certain mountain, where I'm going to show you, and there sacrifice him.
Now, what if Abraham would have took the second thought? "How am I going to be the father of nations, when here I am this old, and You're asking me to kill and destroy the only evidence that I have that You'll keep Your Word and make me a father of nations?"
How God loves to test His people. Every child that comes to God must be tested, child trained; no exceptions, everyone.
And maybe tonight, that you're sick, just to have a little child training, just a little testing. Don't be discouraged. God's on the throne. He knows all things. If were truly borned of the Spirit of God, everything's working together for our good. He's going to make everything right. He promised He would. He swore He would. And He's got to keep that Word. He's kept it now for oh, thousands of years to every believer. Would you be any exception? No, sir. We're no exception. Now, watch Him now. [Genesis 22:2]
L-40 Watch how this beautiful act takes place. Now, Abraham did not want to tell Sarah about this; 'cause that only little curly-headed boy of about twelve years old, how hard it would be to take that little fellow out and tell Sarah. The mother just didn't understand. "How am I going to tell her... to take this little boy out and go to kill him? Why, she wouldn't understand it."
And there's many times we have to go ahead and do things and preach things that we really don't want to do it, but we just don't understand it. But God's working everything just right. See? It's all for the good.
Sometimes you can't tell your congregation; you can't tell the public. You can't tell your own church why. But you've got to do it anyhow.
L-41 Now notice, one morning he gets up, chops the wood, and puts it on a little mule, calls a couple of servants, and got the little boy up, said, "We're going out to worship." And they went three day's journey.
Now, I can walk any time, twenty--five to thirty miles a day. And I drive a lot in a car. I have... I patrolled for seven years, averaging twenty-six to twenty-eight miles a day through wilderness. And those people then could walk better than we can now, 'cause we're used to riding and so forth.
But now, if he walked three days at twenty-five miles a day, he was seventy-five miles back from civilization. And then he lifted up his eyes and saw the mount way off, where God had showed him in the vision. And so when he got to the hill (I just love this part), he said to the servants, "You stay here. The boy and I are going yonder to worship, and he and I will return." Did you get it? "The boy and I will return." [Genesis 22:5]
L-42 How are you going to do it, Abraham? Explain to me. If you've got the knife and the sheath here, and a vision from God telling you to go kill that boy, how are you two going to return back? But God believed Abraham... or... Abraham believed God. He didn't take no second thought. The only thing he knowed, God gave the promise. And if Abraham had received Isaac "as one from the dead," he knew that God could raise him up from the dead again. And if you, being dead in sin and trespasses, without any nature to serve God at all, and God by election called you and gave you His Spirit without you making any choice... "No man can come to me except My Father draws him first." And if God did that through you, without you being able to make a choice, how much more will He heal you and keep you, when you've got a choice by a sworn effort of His. What a marvelous thing, how that God promised! Abraham didn't take the second thought. He said, "Well, God's been good. He kept His promise. I don't know how He's going to do it, but He will do it."
I can't tell you how God does it, how that He could heal a man that's dying with cancer, and the doctors has give him up, and he's eat to pieces, but if it would be necessary, I believe tonight, I could produce five hundred cases of it. Sure. [John 6:44]
L-43 Today, as I was going into the restaurant to eat, the breakfast, a little man standing behind me... And he said, "Do you remember me?" I didn't; but somebody had told me, that that man was brought to the meeting with TB so bad, till he couldn't even whisper. And I believe he's one of the sponsoring pastors tonight. Or, he's a minister of the gospel, preached with a voice like a roaring lion. How can God do that? I can't explain it, but God said He'd do it. That settles it. You take His Word. You don't try to figure it out. You can't figure it out.
I've seen so many times that people say, "We've got it figured out. I got to--I got to understand it." Then it isn't of faith any more. Faith is not what you understand; faith is what you accept, and can't explain it. It's a act of faith.
L-44 Now, when he took the boy, the fire, the wood, and went up the hill, little Isaac got curious. If you see, it's a perfect picture of God leading His Son up Mount Calvary--certainly is: the Father and the Son, the only begotten, just a perfect picture. And when they get up to the top of the mountain, little Isaac said, "Father," said, "here is the altar. Here's the wood. Here's the fire, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering? He couldn't understand.
Look at Abraham, and not a quiver in his voice, he said, "My son, God will provide for Himself a lamb for the sacrifice." Didn't know yet what was going to take place. He was stepping right up like the Hebrew children, right up to the fiery furnace. "He... Our God is able to deliver us, but nevertheless, we won't bow to your image." [Genesis 22:8]
L-45 So when he got there, he took little Isaac, put his hands behind him, tied him, tied his feet, laid him up on the altar, pulled back his little hair away from his face. Could you imagine the feeling of a father? Pulled the knife out of the sheath. Little Isaac never squealed; he never made a offer; he was trusting his father.
Oh, how those real dark hours could come, yet a real believer will trust his Father. He will trust Him. Like Job said, "Though He slay me, yet I trust Him."
And when he drew the knife to slice the throat of his own son, raised it up with his hand, no doubt a little tear come down from the beard across his face. But as he raised up to slice the throat of his own son, about that time something caught his hand. And the Holy Spirit spoke from the heaven and said, "Abraham, stay your hand." And about that time a... a little ram bleated behind him. A ram, a male sheep, had got his horns hooked in the weeds, in the vine. And Abraham loosed his son right quick, went over and picked up this lamb, ram, and laid him upon the altar and killed the ram in the place of his son. [Job 13:15], [Genesis 22:12]
L-46 I want to ask you something, seriously now. Where did that ram come from? Think of it, practically seventy-five to a hundred miles away from civilization, wolves and lions and everything else in the country. And besides that, he was up on top of a mountain where there's no water, and the ram could not have existed there. And why didn't Abraham see the ram when he was picking up the stones all around him to make the altar? It wasn't there. It was impossible for it to be there. It would been... If the ram would have stayed that far away, it'd been killed. It wouldn't have been up on top the mountain, because you know yourself, sheep don't stay up there. Sheep stays in the meadows, the brush.
But here was this ram up there. Where did he come from? God created it. And that's the reason Abraham called the place Jehovah-jireh, "the Lord will provide the sacrifice." Now, he didn't see a vision. A vision doesn't produce blood. The ram had a corporal body. And it had literal, corporal blood. And he killed the ram and offered the ram instead of his son. Why was it? Abraham was taking God at His Word plumb to the end. And God is able to do the same thing here tonight to the seed of Abraham, who will take Him at His Word.
L-47 No matter how sick you are, what's your condition, if you'll just step right up and take God at His Word, God will provide. You say, "I have no blood. I'm anemic." God can provide blood for you. You say, "I am... my tissues are eat up with leukemia." How about the little boy was on the platform the other night? I was just told tonight, the little boy was taken back to his doctor, and he was pronounced absolutely negative--the same doctor that examined him before. What happened? He's Jehovah-jireh: "the Lord will provide." And men and women will provide the faith; God will provide the substance. "For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
Oh, seed of Abraham, don't you believe that He will provide for you tonight? And besides that, my brother, sister, He has already provided the lamb. And it's already made. The only thing you have to have is faith in His Word. Let us pray. [Hebrews 11:1]
L-48 Our dear blessed Father, as our hearts beat beneath our shirts tonight, the skin of our bodies, we just can't express what we think about You. How we're living in this great marvelous day.
We think, in our lesson tonight, that we didn't have a chance to get to, how that You told Abraham, "Look at the sands of the sea. Can you number them? No. Neither will your seed be numbered." Then he said, "Look up to the stars. Can they be numbered? No. Neither will your seed be numbered."
I'm thanking God. What was it? From the dust to the stars, the seeds of Abraham, in the same promise, the same covenant. Someday You'll speak the Word, and every seed of Abraham, that's in the dust of the earth, shall shine like the stars forever. We thank Thee because Thou hast, by grace, given us this unconditional covenant that has called us by Thy own dear Son, the Lord Jesus and give us Eternal Life, that believe on Him.
And now, Father, tonight, I pray that these words, though scattered through a tired weary throat, that You will let them go because of the motive that I had behind, to speak Your Word. It was to create faith among the people. And we're going to call these children of Abraham up to this platform to pray for them. So, blessed God, will You meet them here, as they fulfill everything that is promised. Give them the faith, for it is written in the Bible by the Lord Jesus' own words, "If they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover." That's the promise. Let the children believe it, Lord. Oh, we know they will, if they are the children of Abraham. They'll take God at His Word and call those things which are not as though they were.
May it be said, Lord, that tonight will be the great night when the great sick line will be lined up here, that every one of them may be healed and accept the Lord Jesus as their Healer. For we ask it in His Name. Amen. [Genesis 22:17], [Genesis 32:12], [Genesis 41:49], [Mark 16:18], [Romans 4:17]
L-49 I'm very sorry to be so hoarse and kept you as long as I did, but you were very nice to set and wait. Thank you very kindly. Now, I say to you, I love you also, and every one of you. And I pray now, that each one of these people here, visitors... There are just fine churches in this city. The pastors here... I don't think there's room for them on the platform, but they're around here. You get with some of these pastors now and find you a good church to go to in the morning. Go to Sunday School tomorrow, and stay for church. They'll be glad to have you, some of these good full gospel pastors, here, they'll welcome you to their church. Then I think it falls lot tomorrow afternoon for another service and then close out tomorrow night. I don't know when I can ever be back to Phoenix again. That I can't say. But I pray that... I've longed before I come here... I've been here so many times I feel ashamed of myself. And I--I... Before I come, I gave it very much consideration and prayer. And I thought, "Well, God, I know how those fierce times are that I've...?..." and I said, "But will You just do something special for me when I'm there this time? Let something happen, Lord, that'll do Phoenix a whole lot of good. Grant it, is what my prayer is." I don't know what it will be. I'm not asking God what it will be, but I'm just asking Him to do it--something that will leave, partings leave behind us, footprints on "The Sands of Time."
L-50 Now, I believe I told Billy... told you all last night, that anybody that wanted to receive a card--not under the anointing, discernment, but just to come through the line to be prayed for-- to be here tonight and get your card. And I... [Brother Branham asks about the prayer cards--Ed.] You give them out? What? Fifty? And what? F? All right. He gave out prayer cards "F" to those people; F, 1 to 50. And now... I'm sorry... 50 to a 100, 50 to a 100, F 50 to a 100.
Now, we're going to try to pray for every one of you. And now... let's see... Let's stand up. Who has F number 1? Would you raise your hand if we could get them. Look at your prayer card: F number 1.
Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, I tried to take one. All right. F-50. Who has F-50, raise up your hand. Prayer card F-50. All right, lady, would you come here? 51? All right, lady. 52? 53? 54? 55? 56? I wish you'd let them stand right out that way tonight, if it's all right with you. Say, we're going to have to have someone to... Brother Jack and them here? All right. 51, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? 57? 58? 59? 60? Whatever you have, raise up your hand. F-60? 60...
Brother Sothmann, if you will, Billy wants you over here at this end of the line. 60? 61? Raise up your hands real big, 61? 62? 63? I believe the little Mexican girl there raised up her hand. All right. 64? 65? 66? 67? 68? 69? 70? 71? 2? 72? F-72? I--I never seen the hand, I don't believe. F-72? Would you raise up your hand, who has, F-72? Oh, well all right, lady. 73? 73, would you raise... 74? 75? 76? 77? 78? 79? 80? 81? 80... 81, did I see the 81? We don't want to miss anyone. 81? 82? 82? 83? 84? 84? Prayer card 84? Some of you help me a little bit...?... 85? 86? 87? 87? 88? Does she got it? Sister Juanita, she has 87? 87? All right, 88? Prayer card F-88? All right, 89? 90? 90? All right, 91? 92? 93? Prayer card F-93? Do I see it? F-93? 94? 95? F-95? 96? 96? F-96? Have I missed it? A... F-96? You're... all right. 97? 98? 98? F-98? F-98? 99? 100? All right.
L-51 Now, this is the type of line that we used to have when we first come to Phoenix. How many's here tonight, was at my first meeting when I was in Phoenix? Well, my, my, just look. You remember when we come to the prayer line, the people would lay their hands over on mine, and I'd stand there just for a minute and I'd hold their hand just a minute and the Holy Spirit would reveal what was wrong? You remember that?
Remember, I said it would come to pass... the Lord told me the night that He met me, that He would--it would come to pass, if I'd be sincere, that He would take it, till I'd know the very secrets of the heart. I didn't then. But how I said it would come to pass that way if I'd be sincere. How many remember me saying that in my first meeting? See? Has He done it? That's right. See?
L-52 Now, He met me some time ago, several months ago, and there's fixing to be a change in my ministry. It's a change for the better.
There'll be a woman come on the platform one of these days. She'll be wearing a brown coat suit, packing a baby. That'll be it; a little woman with a baby in her arms with a little... I may say it wrong. It's a little skirt in a little... (is that what you call a coat suit, Sis? it's a--a...) two piece suit, two piece suit. I don't know much about ladies clothes. I can't... I don't... never even bought my wife a pair of stockings in my life. She can buy them herself, but I--I made a mistake on that, one time, and you know in my life's story, I was supposed to get one kind and I got another. So I just let them do it from then on, so then...
I was going to buy my little girls one of those a--a little jumper jackets, or what--ever what the ladies wear, you know, the... Oh, I don't know. Like the little lady's got, there's got the--the... setting there with the a--rose on her. What do you call them things? Blouse, that's what it is. I was going to buy my little girl a blouse, and I had my daughter-in-law go do it. I didn't... couldn't do that.
L-53 So have faith now. The Bible said if there be one among you which is spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord will make Myself known unto him, speak to him in dreams, reveal Myself in visions. And if what he says comes to pass, then hear him, for I'm with him. And if it comes not to pass, then don't hear him, for I haven't spoken to him.
Now, I'm telling you from my heart, those visions that you see here at the platform, that's not me doing that; it's you doing that. You're the one's a doing that. It's your faith anchored; I just submit myself. And as I submit myself to God, then your faith does that very same thing, pulls it like that.
Is there anybody here in the prayer line or outside that never see it operated, let's see your hands... never did see it operate? Just about two or three. Now, I don't know... If the Lord, maybe... I'll try to, maybe, one or two, if the Lord will permit. They get anointing; then I want to pray for this handkerchief. Then, maybe Brother Moore can watch the door, if you will for just a minute, and then let the people come through. [I Corinthians 14:37], [Acts 19:12]
L-54 Now, if--if each one of you coming, if you believe with all your heart and with all your soul, now what does it take? The Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Is that right? "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." How many knows that that was the last words that Jesus Christ said on this earth? St. Mark 16: the last words that ever fell from the lips of Jesus Christ said, "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
My ministry's never been too effective in America, but oh, how it goes overseas. Brother Moore was telling me this afternoon, he said, "Brother Branham, as hard as you preached this week, if that would be anywhere outside the United States, you'd see a hundred to two hundred thousand souls won to Christ. That's right. Now, you see what a shocking living condition we're in here. Oh, my... It's becoming to a mass Corinthianism. That's right. Just everything, "This is thus and we did... ; we won't have anything to do with this; and this-that." Back off and take the Word. Believe God. [Mark 16:18]
L-55 Poor little America! Feel sorry for them. But the hour is at hand. God can't judge a just people; they've passed from judgment. But He has to get in this fix, so He can send His judgment. You just remember, "We are in for it." Just keep that on your books and see how long it's going to be.
Now, if the mighty works would have been done in Africa that's been done in Arizona, they'd have repented long ago. If the mighty works that's been done in Arizona, had been done in Germany, they'd have had no war; they'd repented long ago.
In Germany I made my altar call five nights and got ten thousand each night, or... and... but fifty thousand souls won to Christ in five nights, and never touched a person. They'd just pile up, and heap up, and everything, of crutches, wheelchairs, just pile them in corners and everything.
L-56 Brother Julius Stadsklev is somewhere in the building, tonight; I seen him awhile ago setting here--Chaplain Stadsklev. He was with me in South Africa or Durban, where many thousands of people to a big race track (And we were only there about three or four days, something like that.), and they were still coming to the meeting a week after I was gone. And a altar call was made of the line to call--we couldn't give out prayer cards. We just let the missionaries go out and take two out of this tribe, and two out of this tribe, and two out of that tribe--just about fifteen tribes there. And they lined up a little prayer line. And the first one coming to the platform was a Mohammedan woman. And that woman when I said, "Why did you come to me as a Christian if you're a Mohammedan?"
The interpreter said, said, "Well, she believed that I could help her."
I said, "Why didn't you go to your priest?" Well, she believed I could help her. I said, "Have you ever read the Bible?"
"And if Jesus will return and do the same things that He did when He was here, and let me know who you are, what's happened, and so forth, and what you're here for, will you believe it and accept Jesus?"
She raised her hand; she would. And the Holy Spirit come down, said, "You went with your husband--he's a low heavy-set man with a black mustache. You went to a... to a..." She was a Indian, "went to the doctor the other day, and he examined you in the female glands and said you had a cyst that should be operated on."
She said, "That's right," and she accepted the Lord Jesus.
That shook the Mohammedans till ten thousand came to Christ at one time.
L-57 And I met a missionary who was saying, "The precious jewel, the precious jewel"; he'd been there thirty years preaching and had won one Mohammedan. Brother, the Mohammedans and Hindus came from the old Medes and Persians; they alter not! That's right.
But the real genuine Lord Jesus in action at one time where... and when I made the altar call that afternoon, which I believe, and Brother Julius, I believe you'd believe the same... way over what was said... but thirty thousand came to Christ at one time--one altar call.
And F. F. Bosworth, and if anybody ever met a saint in this modern day, it's F. F. Bosworth. Yes sir, I'd stand with that if I was dying this minute.
And that old man stood there looking over that ground weeping, and was estimated twenty-five thousand miraculous healings taken place, and never touched a person, just stood there and prayed for them. Seven truck loads of all kinds of sticks and stretchers and things was picked up off the ground, where they walked right away from them. Twenty-five thousand... Think of it! And here you can preach till you snuff your life out, and one say, "Well, pretty good message. Oh, I don't care to go back any more."
Ain't that America for you? Oh, your day has come. I'm not talking to the church. Your day's at hand, too; that's the rapture. Praise be to God.
L-58 Brother Stadsklev, wasn't that a wonderful meeting? Would you just stand up a minute? Here's the author of the book, "A Prophet Visits Africa": Chaplain Julius Stadsklev, a captain in the United States Army, now. He was trained, I believe, at Wheaton or somewhere there, and this same college and so forth that Billy Graham come from. Went right along with me, writing that book, and taking those pictures. He was standing there that night when that--I saw that bus coming in, the first night when I landed there in Africa. And there was that bus moving. And then I saw that boy, one leg six inches shorter than the other. Chaplain Stadsklev was standing right there taking that note when it happened.
When I looked around, I seen a little green car fly sideways and hit into a tree, and broke the back of a young girl. I couldn't find her. Why, she was laying way down under here. And when I arrived, there... "Remember, better be careful, what you tell her..." But I saw a vision of her rejoicing and running. I said, "Stand up on your feet, young lady. Jesus Christ makes you well."
Her mother said, "Oh, no, no! She can't stand. If... The doctor says, if she moves she'd die." Her back was snapping together. And the girl sprang to her feet, rejoicing. And the mother fell on the cot the girl come out of. That's right. Brother Stadsklev has the pictures of it in the book. See? That settled it. Thousands times thousands swarmed to Christ.
L-59 But we try to study it out. I--I'm not talking about the church in America. Looky here tonight. How many in here is saved? Let's see your hands; every Christian in here. See? Sinners are not interested, hardly. They don't want to come. Don't care nothing about it. Just about sinned away the day of grace.
I seen in '33 how cars would look before the coming of the Lord. They're pretty near in that shape. You remember, I prophesied this... You mark it in your books... I've told you many times--every time here. There'll come a time... America is a woman's nation. And a woman will rise up, soon, in America, and become a great person, like a president or somewhere, before the coming of the Lord, I believe. See? Just remember that, that I've said that. And cars will become more like an egg shape, just before the total annihilation or the destruction comes to this nation. Let us pray.
L-60 Now, heavenly Father, here we are. We're on the threshold of a--of a new event. Here's many standing here, sick and afflicted, to come through the line. Behold your servant, Lord. Here's handkerchiefs laying here, packages, letters; they're going to the needy. I bless these handkerchiefs in Christ's Name. And may everyone be healed. Grant it, Lord. I pray that this blessing will be received by everyone, and as American, as a servant of God in this nation, and this, His people, I bless this people in Christ's Name.
Oh God, I pray that You'll bless every minister. And oh, may we get a little vision of lost souls and scream as loud as we can, for the end is at hand. Grant it Lord, I pray, in Christ's Name, Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-61 I'm going to try something just now. Now, I want you brothers to watch, 'cause when I get under, if the anointing would come, I'd like to pray for all these people as I promised, but I'd like to pray for them, so you could get them moving first, so that the whole group could be prayed for. But I'd like to first feel the touch of...
I can't help it friends, you may think I'm a fanatic, but I know within myself, that I haven't got nothing here. I'm just a man. And I--I want to feel that something and know that anointing is here before I lay hands on these people, though I can't stop with them as they do... can't do it. So I'd just like to feel the anointing for the first three, or four, or five people or something, then you brothers just watch. Would that be satisfactual with all the crowd?
L-62 And how many out there is going to join with me and pray with me now? Up in the balcony? See? All you people look up there. There's at least a thousand people here tonight. I judge, that many, anyhow. I'm a poor judge, but say, there's a thousand people here. There'll be a thousand prayers going for you at once, all the children of God. Look here, what kind of people, every one of you that's born again raise your hand. See what... God's got to hear it. Now, He said, "Where two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." He's here. Now, a little vindication of that, may the Lord God of heaven grant it for the glory of God.
Brother Moore, you stand there and the next two, three, or four passes through, you see I just get a touch of weakness, then you start the line coming. [Matthew 18:20]
L-63 Now lady, you're standing here for something... I don't know. He does. You know I don't know nothing about you, and don't know what you're here for. But what do you... Says, "What do you try to do, Brother Branham?" I'm yielding myself.
Just... Did the Bible say in one place, "Behold the lilies of the field... "? That's in the Bible. What does a lily do? He toils all day and night just to yield himself to the bees, the passer-by, to give out. He was made a lily. God made's honey, so He makes the lily to give out the honey.
He gives gifts in His church. We just yield ourself, we yield. Now, if God will permit me to know what you want to ask God for, just a moment, would you believe with all your heart.
Now, you know that I don't know what you're praying about now. I--I couldn't tell you. But if you'll ask God something, and He will tell me what you want, will you believe. Would the audience believe then? Now, this is for you, children. Now, each one believe it. While you're out there, believe yourself.
Now, it's just a time for the lady. The lady is--wants to be prayed for for a heart condition. It's a dropsy. You believe that He will make you well of it and heal you, give you what...? Aren't you a minister's wife? I thought so. I believe I know your husband. All right. Come here just a moment.
Our blessed heavenly Father, we bless this woman in Christ's Name, that she will receive her healing, for the glory of God. Amen. Now, God bless you, lady.
Now, to you lady, do you believe with all your heart? The Bible said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Your trouble's in your throat. And that's called an ulcer of the throat. And it's got a... it's caused something in the gland, and it's affecting your ears. That's right, isn't it? Now, you believe? Come here.
Oh, blessed Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. God bless you. [Matthew 6:28], [Mark 9:23]
L-64 How do you do, sir. Do you believe with all your heart? God can take the cataract away. I can't see it, but you've got a cataract. And you're believing God for it. You believe me to be God's prophet? You're not from here. No, sir. Your wife's with you. And she's already accepted her healing. And you're from Ohio. Right? Your name's Weber. That's right. Now, hurry back and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
How do you do. You believe? Young man, I don't know you; I've never seen you, but there's a dark shadow over you. The doctor has condemned you to die; that is, he said you had a tumor in your head. He gives you six months to live. Won't you surrender now, all your habits and everything with it? Will you do it? surrender to Christ? quit smoking and everything else? and give your life to Christ, and...? Will you do it?
I condemn this devil on the basis of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ, that this shall leave this boy and may the report be back from the loosening of Your child. May this young man live and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, young fellow. All right.
L-65 God bless this man and heal him in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless our brother: heal him in Jesus Christ's Name. Heavenly Father, bless our sister to heal her in Christ's Name. Bless this little boy, Lord, and heal him in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this man and heal him in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this young man and heal him in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this lady and heal her in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this little lady and heal her in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this lady to heal her in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this girl and heal her in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this man and heal him in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless our brother and heal him in Jesus Christ's Name.
Just a moment. Are you praying, audience? Be in prayer now. There's visions over the audience, even. Oh, my, it's so hard to run this kind of line. Pray for me. You pray for me, too. Keep praying, now. Just keep praying.
L-66 Oh Lord, would You bless this person in Jesus' Name. Lord, bless our sister in Jesus' Name. Lord, bless our sister in Jesus' Name. Lord, bless this woman. Lord, bless this dear woman in Jesus' Name. Lord, bless this dear woman in Jesus' Name. God bless this Indian sister in the Name of Jesus, I pray. God bless this young lady in the Name of Jesus, I pray. God bless this lady in the Name of Jesus, I pray. God bless our sister in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless our brother in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless our sister in Jesus Christ. God bless this fine brother in Jesus' Name. God bless this little boy in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this lady in Jesus Christ's Name. The Lord bless our brother in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless this lady in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless our sister in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless our brother in Jesus Christ's Name. God bless our sister in Jesus' Name. God bless this brother in Jesus Christ's Name. Grant it, Lord.
L-67 Now, while we're waiting a minute, how many in the audience that's been prayed for, believes, you accept your healing, and you wanted hands laid on you. I want to see if you believe now. Lay your hand... Raise your hands up, you that's come through the prayer line, believes you're being healed. Thank the Lord. That's good. I may be altogether wrong, it may be in America we're supposed to do it this way. I don't know. All right. Have faith, now. Keep praying. All of the audience, keep praying; everybody praying. Just closing my eyes and laying hands on the sick.
God bless our dear...?... brother in Jesus Name. God bless our dear sister in Jesus' Name. God bless my brother in the Name of Jesus. God bless our sister in the Name of the King. God bless the brother in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless our sister in the Name of Jesus Christ. God bless this child in Jesus' Name. God bless sister Waldrop in Jesus' Name.
L-68 Just a moment while we're standing here. This woman, here, died in the prayer line, when I was here the first time, Mrs. Hattie Waldrop. Her husband is a plumber, been a bosom friend. And the woman had cancer, and she wanted to come anyhow, whether she lived or died. And in the prayer line, somebody told me that someone was dying. And the Lord healed that woman. That's been about ten years ago, Sister Waldrop. [Sister Waldrop says, "Last Monday."--Ed.] And I was... Ten years last Monday. She knows the very day and time, and she...
One night, I believe, I was up in Canada, way up in Saskatchewan, Brother Sothmann, and they called me to pray for her little grandson, I believe it was? [Brother Branham speaks with Sister Waldrop--Ed.] Grand--sister's grandson, what was wrong with it? Brain hemorrhage and polio... in the St. Joseph's hospital and prayed for him on the--by the phone, and the Lord healed that little boy perfectly normal and well. He was in the house, and we eat with our sister over there one night. Wasn't that right, Sister Waldorp? God bless your heart. God bless you sister.
L-69 Let's say, Praise the Lord." Amen. My, my. How wonderful. How great Thou art! How great Thou art! Oh, I wish I could sing that. How great Thou art! Isn't He wonderful. Now, everybody bow your head and pray. All right.
Dear God, I pray for this lovely little child that You will heal her and make her well in Christ's Name, Amen. God bless this, our sister. And by laying on of hands, Thou hast said in Thy Word, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." This I do, in Jesus' Name.
Likewise, to our sister, I lay my hands in Jesus' Name. Like manner, to our sister, in Jesus' Name, may she be healed. Like manner, to our brother, in Jesus' Name, may he be healed. In like manner to our sister, in Jesus Christ's Name, may she be healed. In Jesus Christ's Name, may our sister be healed. In Jesus Christ's Name, may our brother be healed. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the baby be healed. Bless our sister and heal her in Jesus' Name. Bless our dear sister and heal her, with hands laid upon her in Jesus' Name, amen.
Now, think friend, if God speaks anything, He tells the truth: These signs shall follow them that believe. Be in prayer now, as you bow your head. Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ's Name may our brother be healed. Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed. Amen. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-70 That's so much easier than the other way for me. If that's the way you desire it, that's sure my way too. But now look, what have we done? We've laid hands on the sick and prayed for them. Is that right? How many believes, that went through the prayer line, that you're healed, let's see your hand, everyone that went through the prayer line. Praise the Lord. You know, that may be the right way. All right.
Is there any persons in here now that's sick that hasn't been in the prayer line, let's see your hand. All right. Looks like there'd be about a hundred or more. All right. Now, just keep your hands up. Now, I'm going to raise my hands up. What are we doing? We're trying to touch Somebody. Who is it? The One Who stands omnipresent, Who knows us. If you're reaching your hands, I'm reaching my hands. And we're all reaching our hands. Oh, God, be merciful.
L-71 One day, when Moses hands was lifted up, the battle went favorable. And Oh God, today we are lifting our hands, believing that our faith is lifted up to Jesus Christ, Who was lifted up for us. And we believe Your healing power. Oh God, let it rain from the skies like a shower, upon every individual here, and heal them. Grant it, Lord. May it start healing power, power in this building just now.
Everyone that believes that you're healed, clap your hands together. Hallelujah. Then it's over, and we're healed. Then Christ is here. Then God is here. Then the angels are here. Then God gets glory out of it all. Praise be to the Lord God.
All right. Seven more. While we bow our heads just a moment, I'll ask Brother Moore to come and take this service today.
You going to be prayed for son? I pray that you'll bless this man and heal him in Jesus Christ's Name, amen. God bless you. Now, let's bow our heads just a moment. Brother Moore...

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