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Spirit Of Truth
63-0118, Spirit Of Truth, Church Of All Nations, Phoenix AZ, 108 min

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L-1 Let us remain standing just a moment now while we pray. Let's bow our heads.
L-2 Our righteous Heavenly Father, as we are approaching Thee now in that all-sufficient Name of the Lord Jesus, we want to give Thee praise for what Thou has done for us, what our eyes have seen, and our ears have heard in this last days of the closing scenes of this world's history, when time is fading into Eternity, and we see the Lights a shining, we know it's not long now until the Coming of the Lord Jesus.
L-3 We would ask Thee, Heavenly Father, to remember us tonight. And if there be any evil in us, take it out, Lord, tonight, that we might be presentable to Thee if You should come tonight. We pray for the sick and the needy.
L-4 We pray for Thy Church, both here and abroad, around the world, Thy children everywhere of every nation, that we may wash our robes in the Blood of the Lamb, and listening for that call, "Behold, the Bridegroom cometh. Go ye out to meet Him." May we be able at that time, Lord, by the grace of God, and by the merits of Jesus Who we trust in, to trim our lamps and go forward then to meet the Bridegroom. Take the Word of the Lord tonight and circumcise our hearts. Take all unbelief out. Give us a great service. In Jesus' Name we ask it. Amen. [Matthew 25:5-9]
May be seated.
L-5 It's certainly nice to be back here in the... this sanctuary of the Lord, tonight, in the service. We had a most glorious time last evening up at the... Brother Groomer. And I remember last year we had a glorious time.
L-6 We've had a great time, everywhere. The Lord has just blessed us exceedingly abundantly, more than I ever thought He would do. But He's just so full of mercy and kindness. It's just good to know Him. Isn't it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] And to think "To know Him, is Life." To know Him, is Life.
L-7 Now, tomorrow night, we're going to be down to Central Avenue Assembly, I believe it's called. Brother Fuller, another fine brother. And I think it's a big church down there. And we're hoping maybe that we can have a--a prayer line, if it's all right with Brother Fuller. So we...
L-8 And then, the--the next morning, we're to be at, I believe, called the Apostolic Church here in Phoenix. And I don't remember just who the pastor, that brother, was. Was I there last year? [A brother says, "No. That's a new, Mexican church, Brother Branham."--Ed.]
L-9 And then Sunday night at our precious Brother Outlaw's church up here, the Jesus' Name Church. And I'm with great anticipation, and my family, to get in there and hear some of that good singing.
L-10 Billy Paul ought to know it, every bit, by heart. We played that song, I'm Going Up, Up, until, honest, the thing is wore out, on the tape. He'll start in the office, and every time of the day when I go there, no matter, he's playing that, "Up, up, up." It's something! We've played it out, and the record is pretty near worn out.
L-11 You know, I kind of had a feeling tonight. That, I'm a little hoarse. I thought, "My, if I could just see somebody, would speak for me," and happened to look over here and see Jack Moore. Just exactly right. I never... Oh, I believe that would just be wonderful, Brother Jack. [Brother Jack Moore comments--Ed.] Now listen at that.
L-12 And I believe I see Brother Roy Borders setting out here, too. Yes, sir. Brother Noel Jones setting over here. Oh, my! We're just all around, everywhere. I think it'd be a good time, maybe, if I'd rest a little bit, you know, and have some of these fine men to get up here and speak for me when I'm hoarse, you know. Brother Jack said, "The Lord is not in that revelation." Well, I was tired when I come. And I--and I been a little tired, all along.
L-13 And I see the people standing there, and how they have to stand, and I kind of glad I stand with them. Now, the Lord bless you.
L-14 And we are looking forward now to these other meetings coming up. And then next week it's down to the Pentecostal Assemblies, and on up. And we wind up, next Wednesday night, at 11th and Garfield. I can't just remember them all in mind. At the, I believe, the First Assembly of God in the city. And--and then the convention starts at the Ramada.
L-15 And now there is a banquet for the Business Men down at the--the main city of Arizona, Tucson.
L-16 And, course, we all know that Phoenix and these places, just outskirts of that city. And that's right. That's the main place. That's my hometown, you know, so-and-so, up on the hill. And then this, just kind of the outskirts of it, why, it's nice to have you all as neighbors.
L-17 So, I believe it was Brother Rasmusson, one night, said something like that in a meeting, and, oh, my, like to tore the meeting up. I believe we was at--we was at Houston. And was Ramsar. That's who it was. He said, the night the Angel of the Lord came down, they took the picture, and he said, "All you people around here from--from Dallas," said, "we know that's the outskirts of Houston." And, oh, my! Texas couldn't take it like here, as some of you could. So there was a big hush over the meeting.
L-18 Well, He is mighty good. And now I think we'll turn in the Scripture here, and just give a little testimony for a while. Wouldn't that kind of change it? I've just beat it around so hard till I'm getting ashamed to look at you. And maybe give you a little bit of rest, and give some testimony of the goodness of our Lord.
L-19 Let's find a place in Saint John, the 16th chapter of Saint John. And I got 16:12. I would like to read from--from that place in the Gospel of Saint John. I like to read the Word, because the Word is what makes us know that it's Truth. Beginning with the 12th verse, and listen close now, 'cause I want to give testimony.
L-20 And then we'll try to get in just a little early. I been keeping you so late. And tomorrow night, why, we'll stay a half-hour extra. That'll make it about one o'clock, won't it? [Brother Branham and congregation laugh--Ed.] So, so, this is beginning with the 12th verse.
I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now.
Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.
He shall now... glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall show it unto you.
All things... the Father has are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you. [John 16:12-15]
L-21 You know, last evening, especially, we had a little sample of that. Now, we being a full Gospel people, believing in all of the operations of the Holy Spirit. And now, that's the only way we can be full Gospel, is to believe the full Gospel, all the Lord has written. And I believe that we are, ourselves, are nothing. We are just like...
L-22 As I said to Brother Carl, yesterday, looking at a tree, I said, "Isn't that a beautiful palm tree? But, after all, there's nothing to it but a bunch of volcanic ash. That's all it is." And I said, "How different it is now from that eucalyptus tree. Well, what's a eucalyptus tree? Volcanic ash, with just a life in it." I said, "After all, what am I and what are you? Volcanic ash, that's exactly, from the earth; dust of the earth, with a life in it."
L-23 But each life has been planted by the master Life-giver, and He knows just how and what to do. And everything that He has placed here on earth is for His glory. The stars are for His glory. The winds are for His glory. The flowers are for His glory. And we are the crowning of His glory.
L-24 But it seems like that everything will obey Him but man. Man just seems to... He has such a time, because that he was the only thing that fell. Everything else stayed in its original condition. But, man fell. Therefore, God has a battle with him, to get him to do what is right, and to obey.
L-25 And one of the great problems for God, down through the years, as the history of the church goes, is to find somebody that He can completely get in His control. He only needs one man. He's always used one man at a time. We studied that last few nights: one man, not a group. He just wants one. That's all He needs. Cause, two men would have two different ideas. He just makes one man, represents Himself through that one person. Never did He do it otherwise than that. See?
L-26 Now, He's got one Person today, and that Person is the One we just read after: the Holy Spirit. He is the Person that God has sent forth, the Spirit of Jesus Christ into the earth, the Spirit of God, to manifest and declare Christ through His Church, see, just to continue the Life of Christ through the Church. [John 16:13-14]
L-27 Now, it's such a marvelous thing, and--and yet it's so simple, if we would just stop and think. We press, we quiver, we--we fear, we get in flusterations and doubts, just thinking. "Well, must I press in?" It isn't that. It's just yielding, see, realizing that you're nothing, and just let Him completely take you over, take over your thinking, take over.
L-28 Now, I don't mean to walk up to Christ with--with just a--a blank mind. I don't mean that. You come to Him in your right mind, and in a--a--a penitent mind, and humble. And then say, "Lord Jesus, here am I. Now, it's written here in Your Word, that You 'had many things yet to say to the disciples.' You said, 'They could not bear them now.'" And perhaps that's our case today, we cannot understand them.
L-29 God can raise up just a little something different, and altogether we denounce it. Instead of searching the Scripture to see if it's right or not, we just quickly throw it away, "There's nothing to it." We ought to search out these things, find out whether they're right or not. And remember, if they're not right, they'll finally die, for Jesus said, "Every plant that My Heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up." [John 5:39], [Matthew 3:10]
L-30 But I think it was Gamaliel that made that great statement that time, "If it be of God, we don't want to be found fighting against It. And--and if it's not of God, it'll come to naught anyhow." So, study it and think of it. [Acts 5:38-39]
L-31 And now, He said in here, "But when He, the Holy Ghost, is come." [John 16:13]
L-32 Now, someone said, some time ago it's been, speaking, said, "The Holy Ghost is actually your mental mind. You think." That would put the Holy Spirit a thought.
L-33 But the Bible said, "When He..." And "He" is a personal pronoun. See? See? "When He," the Person, Holy Ghost, God, "comes, He will reveal these things to you, that I've told you." [John 16:13]
L-34 Then, you see, there's no other way of knowing what is Truth. Only by... You cannot get it by culture, by seminary experiences. You'll only get it by the Holy Spirit. He's the One that's been sent to reveal It.
Now, then, He also said, "And He will show you things to come."
L-35 Now, Hebrews, the 1st chapter, said, "God in sundry times and divers manners spake to the fathers through the prophets, but in this last day by His Son, Christ Jesus." See? It's the Holy Spirit taking over possession, or taking possession of the Church, to operate Christ in the Church. Then, you become as He was. He become as you was, so you could become as He was. See? He become you, that you might become Him. That, it's--it's above understanding. There's no way to explain it, and don't try it. Just accept it. He spoke It, and that settles it. Just say it's right. Believe It. [Hebrews 1:1-2]
L-36 Now, as a young Christian, I've always made this statement. I was glad God got a hold of me before the church did. Hard telling what I'd have been. But I--I was thankful of the leadership and the direct contact that the Holy Spirit impressed my life with, before I ever surrendered it. For, as a little lad, I knew there was Something. He had talked, and I'd talk to Him. He talked back to me. And I begin to notice that the things that He told me, as a little lad, that they begin to happening just exactly the way He said they'd do. So I knowed it had to be true.
L-37 Now, I'm an old man now. And I--I have never one time... And can call the world to--to a standstill, and ask them. "Put your finger on one thing that He ever told me, in THUS SAITH THE LORD, in the Name of the Lord, but what was absolutely the truth and fact, and come to pass, out of the thousands times thousands of things." What does...
L-38 What am I saying that for? See, I've put us all as volcanic dust. But it's the promise of God's Word. Therefore, I cannot have confidence in myself. You cannot have confidence in yourself. But, together, we can have confidence in What has taken over ourselves. The Holy Spirit has taken us over. We must have confidence in That. And as we place our confidence in That, then the results comes.
L-39 It would be out of reason for me to try to--to even scratch the surface of telling you some of the things that the Holy Spirit has done in my own broken-up life, my days. I say this with His Bible open, His Word. And that's what He is. He is the Word.
L-40 See, this--this Seed here comes into the volcanic ash, in a way of a spiritual Being. God comes in as Spirit and operates through the ash. So, it's not man. It's God.
L-41 And if I should set down, and take time to write out the things that I have seen Him do, it would make a volume of books. And to think of it here, fifty-three years old, and can say before God, His Church, and the Bible, in the presence of this group, that: I have not one time ever seen It fail; perfectly on the mark, every time.
L-42 Exception, of the other day when I come westward. You've played the tape, many of you, I guess, and you understand. I don't know what. I'm waiting. I'm here now. I don't know why. I'm just waiting.
L-43 It may be my going-home time. It looks very much that way. If it is, there will rise somebody after me, that'll take the Message on. He'll be an odd person, but he'll rise after this and take the Message on. And you listen to it. As long as it's Scripture, stay with it.
L-44 If it isn't, there is coming another portion now, for I do believe that we're living in the last days, and I am thankful that I have lived in this day. I wouldn't trade this day for no day. This is the most glorious day that's ever been on the earth. There is no other day that's ever taken this day.
L-45 Oh, what would Moses, Elijah, Paul, Silas, those great heroes of faith, in the days gone by, could rise up and pick up a history book, and look exactly what they had prophesied about, come to pass, and see where we're at now? Why, they'd have them in jail, in a hour. Certainly. They would be like wild men, up-and-down the streets, just as hard as they could go, blasting the Gospel. "The time is at hand." Then we see, tonight, that we fall very short of the glory of God.
L-46 But I would like to rehearse just an instant, to kind of get the church...
L-47 By the way, did Billy Paul give out prayer cards in this church tonight? I just come from Tucson a few minutes ago. [Someone says, "Yes."--Ed.] He--he gave out cards. Now, that's going to be an awful way of trying to bring them by. We'll try it.
L-48 I won't take too long, just giving testimony upon this Scripture.
L-49 That, Christ keeps all His Words. He has to. He has to do it. See? I don't have to do it; I'm a mortal, subject to mistakes. He is immortal, infallible. He has to keep His. See? But I don't have to keep mine. You don't have to keep yours. But He does. Oh, doesn't that place something in you, to know that He's--He's absolutely bound to that Word? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-50 And this week, how we have come through the Bible, with those prophets and patriarchs, and each time show that when the church got away from that, God sent someone right down and shook them right back to that Word again, lining up the church. It's always been. That's God's policy. He chose men to do so.
L-51 Now, if He had chose the stars to preach the Gospel, it'd been done a long time ago. They'd never got out of His will. If He'd chose the--the sun to preach it, or the--the winds to preach it, they'd never have got out of His will. See?
L-52 But we're on the basis of free moral agency. We can act the way we want to. And that's the reason that we been such a heartache to Him. Always this way, and wanting to inject our own ways, and get away from His way. See?
L-53 And I--I have said before, man is constantly praising God for what He has done. And he's always saying what He will do. And then, at the same time, ignoring what He's doing. See?
L-54 Man will say, "Oh, God opened up the Red Sea. Yes. Glory to God! That's right." "Yes, Jesus is coming again. Hallelujah! That's right." But, talk about Him today? "Ah, that was for another day." See? See? Always what He has done, what He will do, and ignore what He's doing.
L-55 That's the same conditions that Jesus Christ found when He come to the earth. Exactly. God had promised what He had did. And here He was, standing before them, and they didn't know Him. "He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not." That's right.
L-56 "But as many as did receive Him, to them gave He the power to become sons of God." That's the glorious part.
L-57 It was some time ago, a little vision I would like to speak to you about. And I don't know, I maybe never said it but just to an individual somewhere. But I--I just lost one of the greatest persons on this earth, to me, my mother.
L-58 And I--I love my mother. How that I'd see her get away from the table, when we were so poor, had nothing to eat! And she... Papa would bring in some bread, where he would sweep out a store, or something, and they'd pour the coffee over it, then put sugar on top of that. And mother would act like she wasn't hungry, so that us kids could have something to eat. Oh, I--I can never forget that. See? And the many times that she'd pick me up, and the things she did for me. But, you know, God is--is just so full of mercy. He understands all those things, when He has to take them. And I--I love Him for it.
L-59 It's always been, that, before any of my people die, I see it before it happened, in the vision.
L-60 I seen my brother, when I was only about eighteen, nineteen years old. I seen him before he left. I wasn't even a Christian, but I saw the vision come before me, seen my brother go.
I seen my father when he went.
L-61 Howard, many of you remembers Howard. "Howard," you remember me, two years before it happened, I said, "Howard, I seen your place marked. You're next." I said, "Get right, brother, because you're going to go next." And he did, just exactly. And then, here some time ago...
L-62 Now, I hope this don't sound sacrilegious, but, just to show the--the concern of God. God is always concerned in little things, the same as big things. I want to say this for the benefit of some of these fine preachers. That may be... And I throw myself in it.
L-63 Now, we would, every one, like to be a Billy Graham, but we... And we'd every one like to be an Oral Roberts. But, we, we're not a Billy Graham or an Oral Roberts. We are God's servant in the field that He has placed us in. See? No matter how little it is, or how great, it's just the same in the sight of God, always the same, to act right in the place where you're at. Always, it's a great thing to follow the Lord.
L-64 I would rather win... or go and have a church with fifty people in it, in the will of God, than to go have five thousand out of the will of God. Sure. God can do more with a man in His will, in one hour, than He could with a man out of His will, in fifty years. See? He is stumbling and staggering, like shooting in the dark. But when a man is really in the will of God, and knows his calling, he should abide there.
And now, visions, how the Lord God works with them. I...
L-65 "When He, the Holy Ghost is come, He will reveal these things that I've talked to you about." Now, there's no need of trying to figure it out, any other way. He is the Author. He surely ought to know what He wrote. See? The Bible said He wrote it. "Even men of old, moved by the Holy Ghost, wrote the Word." And if the Holy Ghost is the Author of the Word, surely He knows how to interpret It better than we do. Let Him do the interpreting of It. And you know how, the way He interprets It? Now, don't miss these things if you're coming to a healing service. Look. Don't miss this. How does He interpret It? By this, by vindicating It, see, making It so. [John 16:13-14]
L-66 That's what Jesus said. "Search the Scriptures. In Them you think you have Eternal Life; and They are the Ones that says Who I am. They're the ones that speak of Me. And who can condemn Me. Who can accuse Me of sin?" Sin is "unbelief." "If I don't do the works that was written of Me, then don't believe Me. But if I do the works, and you can't believe Me, then believe the works, because the--the Word spoke of it." See? That's just common, everyday sense. [John 5:39]
Now, God, "Gifts and callings are without repentance." We know the Bible says that. They do it. [Romans 11:29]
L-67 It's been about, almost two years now. I was... One morning I was walking in the--the house, and had set down in a chair. Now, this seems very strange, that God would include an animal. Like some precious brother, on that vision of Heaven, of that little carrying-up I had; I believe I told you about it, once, or some meeting. He wrote me a letter the other day, and said... Business Men's Voice packed it. Said, "It was... your vision was all right, Brother Branham, your translation. But, listen, it was all right till you said your horse, that you once rode, come put his head on your shoulder." He said, "There is no horses in Heaven, Brother Branham. Heaven was made for human beings, not horses." Well, I thought...
L-68 Well, usually, you see anyone like that, you have to explain everything, they're just trying to pick something. See? You can't explain God, anyhow. You got to just to believe Him.
L-69 But it might comfort him. I said, "Brother, I never said I was in Heaven. In the vision, I asked for Jesus, and they said He is still beyond here. I was in a state like paradise. But, that it might help you, the Bible said, in the book of Revelations, that, 'Jesus came from the Heavens of heavens, riding on a white horse. And all the host of Heavens was following Him, upon white horses.' So there must be some up there in the Heavens of heaven."
L-70 God is interested in everything. He's interested in little things you do, or the big things you do. He's interested in how you take care of your little flock, or you other fellow take care of your big flock. He's interested.
L-71 Some time ago a famous, fine brother of mine, we were down at a--a... fishing at a place. I was come in, off the meetings, was resting. We had been fishing with snails, and we caught a nice mess of fish. And that night we was running our trot lines, and we run out of bait. Late in the afternoon, I went out to catch some little bluegills, these little bitty fellows. Can't... The big ones you could eat them, but this is just small bait fish. I flipped the line in, fly line, was catching them, putting them in a bucket.
L-72 And Something struck me, setting upon this boat. This boy had been a Jehovah Witness, and his brother had just got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, and so the two boys was with us. And as I was catching these fish, all of us, Something struck me. I said, "You know, there is going to be a resurrection of some life, like a little animal." Well, a little animal?
L-73 Now, many of you remember of the foregoing of the Word, that said, "There'd be a little boy would come back from the dead, had been struck by an automobile." Brother Jack Moore is with me tonight, who was over in Finland when that happened. See? Many of you here remember me telling it through here, see, told you to write it in your book. Notice.
L-74 And Brother Woods turned around, Brother Banks Woods, the one his boy was healed, with polio. And he turned and said to his brother, "You just watch. Something is fixing to happen." I kept on catching the fish, you see. So we baited up our lines with the fish.
That night we caught nothing.
L-75 The next morning I said, "There was some, quite a few, bluegill over there."
L-76 He said, "Say, by the way, didn't you say there was going to be some kind of resurrection of life?"
I said, "Yes."
L-77 I tell you, when I left home, they was... My little girl... We're kind of... You people can have them if you want them, now, see, but I'm scared of a cat. And so I--I just don't like that superstitious feeling you get around them. And so we don't have them around house, and--and I believe the cat can realize that I'm afraid of him. So, my father was afraid of cats. So, then, my little girls knowed not to have any cats around there. And the little...
L-78 My little girl walked down the lane with another little girl, and she come back, all sad-looking in the face, and she said, "Daddy?"
I said, "What do you want, honey?"
She said, "A horrible thing has been done."
I said, "What is it?"
She said, "If you just only knew!"
I said, "Well, tell me."
L-79 She said, "Somebody has throwed out a poor old cat, down the lane here." And said, "The thing is about ready to die, can hardly walk." And said, "Daddy, do you mind if we feed it and take care of it?"
L-80 I said, "Certainly not. If you want to feed it, just be careful. Don't let it scratch you." I said, "Let me see the cat."
L-81 So when they brought the cat around, I got a box, and, course, the next morning we had a whole bunch of kittens.
L-82 And then, so, the little--the little boy of mine, when I was leaving, little Joseph, he was looking at them. Oh, he thought they were cute, you know, climbing around, you know. And--and so he gets one in his hand; he squeezed a little too tight, and he dropped it on the concrete. The little fellow begin turning around, around. I thought "Oh, my!"
L-83 And I thought, "Well, now, that may be that little old kitten, when I go back home." You remember the opossum case. I thought, "Well, it might be that kitten." So then we were setting back in a little cove, fishing, and we was catching these pretty-good-size bluegill then, throwing the small ones back.
L-84 Brother Lyle, Brother Banks' brother, was fishing with a reeling pole, great big hook, and a big bunch of worms on. He let that little old bluegill swallow that hook plumb down in his little belly. And when he pulled him up, he said, "Now, I wish you'd look at there," just about that long. And he just... He couldn't take the hook out, I guess. No other way; just cut the string off. And he wanted to save his hook. So he just pulled gills, belly and all, out of him, like that, and throwed him over on the water. And he--he quivered three or four times and just laid there. He said, "You shot your last wad, little fellow."
L-85 I said, "Lyle, when he starts to bite... Get a smaller hook than that. When he starts to bite, take this fly rod laying here, and just as he starts to bite, catch him. See? Before he gets it in and swallows it, catch in his mouth." I said, "That's the sport of catching them."
L-86 "Ah," he said, "I'd make the wrong pull," and just went ahead. And he tried a few times, and missed about three or four. He laid the thing down, said, "I'll just let him swallow it again."
L-87 So this little fish floated around on the water there for a little, oh, I guess, thirty minutes. And the waves begin to get up and come in.
L-88 I said, "Well, we'll have to leave pretty soon. We got a bucket now, so we'll have to leave."
L-89 And I raised up, to throw it back over on some lily pads, and jerk it off. There was some of the big red-belly back there. So I started, pull the--the--the bait off of the pad, you know, flipped it over on the pad, and jerk it off, as you fellows and women know about fishing.
L-90 And when I started to do that, all of a sudden, Something came down through them hills, just like a Wind pouring. And It went upon me. I dropped the pole, and stood up in the boat. I looked around. I heard a Voice say, "You see that little fish?" And there he was, laying there.
L-91 I said, "You see the little fish?" just as He said it. There his little fins was stiffened out, and he was laid on the water for a half hour. And this Bible is laying open now. See?
And He said, "Speak to him, and give him back his life."
L-92 And I said, "Little fishy, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I give you back your life."
L-93 And those men standing, watching. That little fish turned over on his back, and down through the water he went. They like to fainted. Lyle washed his face in water. He said, "I'll wake up after while." He said, "I--I know I'm dreaming."
I said, "You're not dreaming."
L-94 And right on the same time, I guess I had, on prayer lists, thirty or forty spastic children. And how God would go around, from them spastic children, and bring up that little fish, it just goes to show that He is interested in everything.
L-95 Why would He use His power to curse a fig tree, when there were thousands of lepers in the land? And He bypassed those lepers and went over and put a curse on a fig tree. And said, "No man eat from you," and the fig tree withered. Used His power, showing that He's interested in trees. He's interested in fish. [Matthew 21:19], [Mark 11:20-21]
L-96 He's interested in you. He's interested in me. And He's interested to see His Word made manifest, and He's depending on us to do it, for we are His agents. Nothing in ourselves. It's Him; yielding ourselves and walking with Him.
L-97 Saw a vision that morning. I seen a large animal laying on a side of the hill. Oh, it had a mammoth set of horns. I was on a hunting trip in this vision, along about ten or eleven o'clock in the day. And I slipped over and shot the animal.
L-98 And then on the road back, a mammoth, big grizzly bear raised right up against me, and I shot him.
L-99 And then I seen them take the horns, and a little hand reach and get the horn, put the tape on it. It measured forty-two inches, from the top of the beam to the top of the horn, forty-two-inches high. I never seen any animal like it, great big spikes on his horns. And, yet, it looked like a deer, but it's, oh, my, make two or three deer. I never seen anything like it.
L-100 "Well," I said, "probably it'll come to pass someday. I'll just write it down."
L-101 I went down in Kentucky with a friend of mine, and Brother Miner Arganbright called me, said, "Brother Branham, are you busy?"
L-102 Said, "Not so bad." I said, "I was on my... I got two weeks now. I'm on a little vacation."
L-103 Said, "Run up to Canada, to Alaska, with me. We want to organize a Business Men's chapter at Anchorage and also over at Fairbanks."
I said, "Sounds all right, if I can get the time to do it."
L-104 He said, "Well, Brother Branham, if you'll do it, I tell you what, we'll give you a nice grizzly-bear hunt."
L-105 Thought, "Oh, that sounds fine." I thought, "Oh, oh, there's the vision. See, that's it."
L-106 "A nice grizzly-bear hunt," I said, "that sounds good. I don't go for that. But, while we're up there, and some of the guides wants to take me out, free, I'll be glad to go."
So, he said, "Well, they, they'll do it. We got it fixed up."
I said, "Well, now wait. Let me pray over it."
L-107 And I went up in the woods that day, and every time I prayed, farther away I got, all the time, completely away from it. I thought, "That's strange." And two days after that, I called Brother Arganbright. I said, "No."
L-108 He said, "Brother Branham, we just getting things arranged."
L-109 I said, "Don't do it. The Holy Spirit has condemned it." I told him the vision. I said, "I--I don't know, Brother Arganbright, but it's strange. But He won't let me go up there, and, yet, it sounds like that--that would be the place."
And he said, "Well, now, we're all set to go." And I said...
L-110 Now, many of you will see Brother Arganbright. He's coming here now, to make ready with me, to go overseas after this meeting. And so you can ask him the story. So we said...
I said, "No. I just can't do it. The Holy Spirit tells me not."
L-111 It's best to obey, no matter how much, how good it looks. I'm going to preach on something like that tomorrow night, the Lord willing. So now, remember, no matter how good it looks, if God isn't in it, stay away from it. No matter how glamor it looks, stay away from it. How prosperous, stay away from it if God isn't in it. Stay away from it. Now we're going to speak on that tomorrow night, the Lord willing.
L-112 Now, then when I went home, Billy said to me, my son, he said, "Dad, do you know that hunter that you went hunting with last spring up there, by the name of Southwick?"
L-113 "Oh," I said, "up on the... in the... below the Yukon there?"
He said, "Yes."
Said, "He's got a letter here for--for you."
L-114 He's Brother Eddie Byskal, which is the head of the--the ministerial association of that northwestern country up in there, a very fine boy, may be here in this meeting. He's planning on coming this a way this time. Fine little boy, and he's got a nice family. He's--he's missionary up there now to the Crees, Cree Indians. And I was just with him last fall and then, or last summer, rather.
L-115 Then he, Eddie, wanted to take me over to Bud's, which was one of his converts to Christ. His wife was a staunch Pentecostal. Bud was a rancher, and he just recently come in. But he had been lotted, where they drove the Indians out and put them on the reservation, a great territory for hunting. About six... Oh, I guess he got about three hundred square miles, or more, around in there, for a territory lotted to him by the Canadian government.
L-116 Well, that spring, when I was up there, we went bear hunting after the meeting, but when we... in May, but the chinook come and it cut us off. We had about... He had never heard of anything about the meetings, and Eddie kept pouring into him about the meeting.
L-117 And he said, "You don't mean to tell me that, today, that God is showing Himself, and show things that's coming before it happens?"
Eddie said, "That's exactly right."
L-118 So he kept talking to me. He said, "You know, I got a brother that's got epilepsy." Said, "If you could just only get to that brother!" Said, "I believe, if I could ever get him to one of your meetings, I believe he'd be healed." I said... Said, "He's had it all of his life."
I said, "Perhaps so."
L-119 Well, it don't get dark up there at that time of the year, you know. The sun just goes down, and gets... Oh, you can, any time, midnight, one o'clock, you can just stand and read the newspaper, or anything, you see. And about--about the last part of May the sun never goes down. It just barely tips, about gone, about ten minutes, and comes back. So we just lay down whenever we got tired.
L-120 And then on the road coming out, we met the bunch of Indians. And, oh, I got the old chief back there. They let him stay there because he's had two children. They bury their children in a log, their loved ones. Some kind of a religion. And they hung them in the tree, so they just let that family stay there. Nice old fellow, past ninety years old, setting up in his saddle just as good as one of his boys.
L-121 And so we left the next day. He said, "There's no way across now. Go up over the mountains and this way." Oh, it was another hundred miles, to cut a trail. So, we couldn't do that. It was too late. We started back.
L-122 And on the road back, Bud has got a string of young horses, and some of them got down in muskeg and things. And I was going along there, talking, Eddie and I. And Bud was on the lead horse, trying to get out. We had twenty-one head. And I had got a rope on one, got him out. And just soon as he got out, then my own saddle horse got in. And here I was, getting out over there. And I was muddy, you know. In a few minutes, I got up on my horse, and wiped the mud off my clothes, like that, started off.
L-123 And right before me, across that hill there, come a young man. I looked at him. I moved back in the saddle and stopped my horse. And I seen him fall in a fit, going over and over, and frothing, and got real arrogant, and just tearing up everything. Then he quietened down. I seen an old salamander. I seen his shirt burning.
L-124 Eddie was about half a city block ahead of me, trying to get another horse. The young horse run off the trail, getting over in there, pulling the packs off of him, bucking off. So then I run up there to Eddie. We got the horse quiet. I said, "Eddie, I got THUS SAITH THE LORD for Bud."
He said, "Brother Branham, what happened?"
I said, "A vision. I seen his brother."
He said, "Oh, get him."
L-125 I said, "Hold the horses back. I'll spur mine and get ahead, run around these horses, see if I can get them and hold them against the side of the hill."
L-126 I run around the cliff, like this, with my... on my horse. Pushed him up, and got up there. And I put my hand over on the saddle. I said, "Bud?"
He said, "Yes, Brother Branham."
L-127 I said, "I want to tell you something. Your brother..." and described him.
He said, "Yes. Who told you?"
I said, "Nobody. The Lord just showed him to me."
I said, "Will you believe me as His servant?"
He said, "Certainly, Brother Branham."
L-128 I said, "Send down," about--about eight hundred miles back to civilization, "get your brother to come up here. And the first time he falls in one of those fits..." I said, "He's had these since about two years old. You might not believe it, but it's hereditary. Your grandfather had them."
He said, "Now, that's the truth. That's right."
L-129 I said, "Now, when this boy has this fit, you jerk the shirt off of his back and throw it into the fire, and say, 'This I do in the Name of Jesus Christ, according to His Word.' He'll never have another one, as long as he'll believe it."
L-130 He just raised up his hands, started screaming. He said, "I've never seen it done, but you sure told me just what my brother looked like, and told me the truth about my grandfather."
I said, "That's right."
L-131 After we left, he sent and got his brother. And he was going out to cut trail that morning. When, he come up on the bus, coming up; pass us, two or three times a week, up-and-down the Alaskan highway. He come over.
L-132 And Bud's wife, Lila, is just a little bitty thing, a little woman, about big as a bar of soap after a family's washing is done from it. Just a little... Got five children, and a sweet little woman.
L-133 And so Bud went out to fix his horses, 'cause he's going to cut trail, so we could get back in that with his hunters.
L-134 And as soon as he was gone, well, his brother in there, without taking his good clothes off yet, he fell in a fit. And they were camping in an old barracks, where the Americans, when they was building the highway, had it there. And when... They had a big old salamander as a stove. And little Lila... He got--he got rashal when he got them spells. And she was scared to death of him, and she would clear a window, something other, get out of the way. But she started to jump out, and she thought of what had been said. She had been in one of the meetings, down at Dawson Creek.
L-135 She rushes over there and straddles this big fellow, jerks that shirt off his back, crying, buttons and all, his white shirt, walked over to the stove, and said, "This I do in the Name of the Lord Jesus, according to the Word of the Lord that was told to us." And he's never had one since. That settled it.
L-136 He had sent for me to come, a free hunt. And I'm always looking for them free things, you know. So I thought... "Well," I said, "I'll go. I'll see if the Lord lets me go." I prayed. And just no more than praying, everything moving right that way.
L-137 I took Brother Fred Sothmann. He's here somewhere in the meeting. Where are you, Fred? There it is. Yeah. He's one of the trustees of our church. Brother Fred knows that this was told three months before it happened. Is that right, Brother Fred? And, I guess, Brother Simpson. How many is in the building tonight that knows that, before it happened, was told? Raise up your hands. There you are. And was told before the church, exactly what would happen. Well, I didn't know this to be the time.
L-138 So I went up to the--the Alaskan highway, and Brother Fred stopped off at a friend's, to go moose hunting. It's too far back there for moose. So we're up in sheep country, where we was going. And so we... I took a--a piece of--of chalk or dirt, and drawed on the windshield. I said, "Now, Brother Fred, so if this is the time, you'll remember exactly what it will be." And he remembers it.
L-139 I went on up. That night when we got in the camp, Bud said, "Brother Branham!" He hugged me and jumped up-and-down, speaking in tongues and hollering, you know. He said... And that, an old rough cowboy, too. And he--he just praising God. He said, "You know what, Brother Branham? My brother hasn't had a fit from that time on. He's perfectly normal and well, year before."
L-140 I said, "As long as he will believe it, it'll continue that way." And I said, "Now tell him to surrender his life to Christ, and serve Him the rest of his days. 'Go and sin no more, or a worse thing come upon him,' See?" I said, "Tell him to do that now."
L-141 So I said, "I have another vision," and I told him of the vision. I said, "Now, there was some little fellows with me. We was on a hunting trip. They were small men. And one of them had a green, plaid shirt on."
L-142 And he said, "Well," he said, "Brother Branham," he said, "I don't have a green, plaid shirt." His boy, Blaine, eighteen, said he doesn't have no green plaid shirt.
L-143 Eddie Byskal, another little bitty fellow, weigh about a hundred and ten pounds, he said, "I don't have one either, Brother Branham."
I said, "Well," I said, "now, the animal..."
He said, "What kind of a animal was it?"
I said, "It looked like a deer."
L-144 He said, "There's no deer up here. This too high." He said, "Maybe it was a caribou."
I said, "A caribou has a panel."
Said, "That's right."
I said, "This had spikes."
L-145 He said, "Well, Brother Branham," said, "we're going to sheep country, not deer country or anything like that."
L-146 I said, "Well, it's probably another trip. Brother Arganbright... It might have been Alaska somewhere," I said, "'cause it was a mammoth, big grizzly."
He said, "What kind of a grizzly was it?"
I said, "Silver-tip." That's the most famous of all of them.
L-147 He said, "I'm a guide. I been in these woods here all my life. I've never seen a silver-tip." Said, "I've seen a regular old grizzly. But," said, "I've never seen a silver-tip, never seen one in my life."
L-148 I said, "Well, there is some, one somewhere, and I'm going to get him."
He said, "I'll say that's the truth." He said, "I'll say that."
L-149 We took off, three days later. We made camp plumb, up above timberline.
L-150 And God help me, if they stay that way till the Millennium, let me live there during the Millennium. I just love to bathe in that nature there. Oh! Anybody couldn't see God there, is--is blind, deaf, and dumb. Just to see Him reflecting Himself in those great, mammoth mountains! Oh, my! The deep calls to the deep, then, and up there just having a glorious time.
L-151 So we went up on one mountain. You just have to walk straight, like that, to get up it. Oh, no timber, just simply caribou moss is all you see. We seen about thirty or forty head of sheep. There wasn't none big enough to take. It was just little half-rounds, and three-quarter rounds. I--I wanted one big enough to come out of there with, so I going that far back. So we... I went back down.
L-152 And the next day we started across, and Eddie fell in the water when he started to jump across, a big pair of shoes on.
L-153 Going up the side of the mountain, Bud stopped and said, "Let me have your glasses, Billy." I give him glasses.
L-154 We'd walk a piece, and talk about the Lord, and shout, and run up-and-down the side of the hill, just have a glorious time. It's good to go, hunting trip, if you go with brothers.
L-155 And so he took my glasses. He said, "Brother Branham, there is your ram. There's about eight of them laying about six miles, right there on top that other peak. Look at them. See them together?"
I picked up. I said, "I'll say, there they are, exactly."
L-156 He said, "Well, we might as well go back down, start in the morning about three o'clock." Said, "We ought to be up there by nine, or from ten. The old rams will be laid down. That'll just be the time."
I said, "What's them other things walking around there?"
L-157 Said, "That's caribou." I said... So, six miles away, you know, it's hard to tell what they look like.
L-158 And then, from then on, six hundred miles, the way the crow flies, there's not even a path or a trail. And when you hit the West Coast, you go about eight hundred miles to Vancouver, there's not even a speck of civilization. And the next civilizations, going this way, is Anchorage, about seven or eight hundred miles. Go back this way, you run into the little city, Yellow Knife, where you get a ship in there once a year for the Eskimos. And, next, you hit Russia. So, you're really to yourself. That's where God can take His rest, up there, from all of our troubles and trials that we put Him into. So I like to go up there and talk to Him when He's resting, you see, so then when like it was last night on the--on the ship.
L-159 So when we went back down, and the next morning we started early. Along about eight o'clock, we had wound through shintangle and everything, till we got to the top of the hill. And on the road up, here went an old cow caribou, and a nice-size bull. He went, started up the hill, and big panels on him. And I said, "Well, and so there is the first caribou I ever seen in the woods, wild. I've never been this high before."
He said, "Yeah. That's a caribou."
L-160 So we went on up the hill and looked. The sheep wasn't there. So Bud and I walked around. And Eddie started slipping around, and Blaine, his boy, looking around for game.
L-161 And we walked over here, and, oh, my, I just screamed out, "Glory to God!" I looked down there, and there was them big snow-peaked mountains; yellow caribou moss below the snow. And just below that come in the evergreen, which was the pygmy spruce. And got a little farther down, there was the buck brush, red. A little further that, was the quaking aspen, yellow. All reflecting in the lake down below it. Oh, my!
L-162 Bud and I just put our arms around one another, and just danced a little jig around there, just screaming and shouting, and praising God. And we set down with our arms around one another, and just praised God. And had a wonderful time, I guess, about two hours.
L-163 And I said, "Say, wonder what become of Eddie?" We called him "the Dude." So, we went back. We started across the hill. I said, "He couldn't get lost up here."
L-164 And said, "No. Blaine is back over there somewhere, and he's an Indian."
L-165 So we looked around, and I seen a movie camera laying there. I said, "That was Eddie's." I looked back down the hill. And I went over this way, and he went the other way.
L-166 And Eddie was going, "Sh-sh-sh-sh." He was stalking that little, bull caribou. And he was going to take him back down, feed him to the Indian friends that he was missionarying to. So, he shot the caribou. We went out and cleaned it out.
L-167 Come back, it's along about one o'clock. We found our saddle horses again, about a half a mile, away where they was standing. And we were standing there. He said, "Brother Branham, you like to walk?"
Said, "I sure do."
L-168 He said, "If we scale this mountain... Them rams went across this way, and went down into that other hole there, maybe. If they didn't, went back this other way." Said, "Let's let Eddie and them go back, and go through this cut down here, and take my saddle horse and your saddle horse, and pack the caribou to the camp. And we'll walk just up through here and hit that place. And we ought to get in about ten or eleven o'clock tonight."
I said, "Fine. We'll do it."
L-169 So, we was standing there. We just eat a can of sardines, apiece, each one of us. And we buried under the moss, this sardines. And our bread, we had in our shirt, and sweated till it was all in one big lump. But it was good, when you're hungry. And it's all right. So, we stood there.
L-170 And I was just looking around. And I looked through the glasses. I said, "Bud, looky here. What is that over there?"
L-171 About three mile away, there laid that caribou. And it was an odd one. Wasn't panels; it was big spikes. I said, "You remember? Looky here. There is that panoramic, just exactly. And there lays that animal, just the way." I said, "There's only one thing that hinders the vision, somebody with a green, check shirt." And there stood Eddie with a green, check shirt on. I said, "I thought you didn't have one."
L-172 He said, "My wife must have put that in the pack. When I fell in the water, yesterday, had to change shirts." He said, "I didn't know she had it in there, Brother Branham. I'm sorry I told you something wrong."
I said, "You just had to do that, son."
L-173 Oh, Bud begin to shout. He said, "You can stand right here and shoot him, three miles away. Can't you, Brother Branham?"
I said, "According to the vision, I was right on him."
L-174 He said, "Brother Branham, I tell you, how you going to get over there?"
I said, "I don't know, but I'm going to get over there."
So he said, "How you going?"
I said, "Going around this panoramic."
L-175 He said, "That's shale." And I... Said, "If you slide, you'll have about thousand of tons of snow on you, in about a second."
L-176 I said, "The Lord will take care of that. That's the way I went, in the vision, right on around."
He said, "Well, I'm going to follow you." Here he come.
L-177 And these boys said, "We'll stay here now until we see you get the caribou," and they said, "then we'll--we'll go on down, take the horses and go on in. We'll meet you down at the end of the draw, about, oh, about four or five miles down."
He said, "All right."
L-178 So we started around, Bud and I. In about a half-hour, we worked right around. And that caribou laying right there, looking right at us, and never seen us. He must have been asleep. And went up over a little cut, and come back, and come up within thirty yards of him. There he laid. This mammoth, big animal, rose up from there, and I got him.
L-179 And while we was setting there, taking the cape, and so forth, from it, like that, Bud said, "Did you say these horns was forty-two inches?"
I said, "That's exactly right."
L-180 He said, "Brother Branham, they must be a hundred and forty-two," great big head.
I said, "No. It's just exactly forty-two."
Said, "I got a tape measure down there."
I said, "Do you doubt it?"
He said, "No, sir."
L-181 He said, "But, wait a minute, didn't you tell me that you were going to get a big grizzly bear before you got back down? There'd be a silver-tip, before you got back where that boy was, the green shirt on?"
I said, "That's the truth."
L-182 He looked back down the hill. Well, there isn't a thing that high, nothing at all. Just moss, all you see, miles and miles, just rolling hills of moss. He said, "Where is he at, Brother Branham?"
L-183 I said, "He can provide one. He said so." I said, "Do you doubt that, Bud?"
He said, "No, sir."
L-184 Well, coming down the hill, we come like this. He would pack the rifle a while, and I'd pack the head, then vice versa. Just have to walk sideways, coming down, them big horns just raking into the moss. And we got within about a mile of it. We stopped and looked around. He said, "That old bear better be showing up, hadn't he?"
I said, "What you--what you bothered about?"
Said, "Nothing."
L-185 We went on till we hit a little glacier coming across. We set down there and got cooled off a little. Said, "Brother Branham, just think of it," said, "we haven't got over about, oh, less than a half a mile till we hit them boys, and somewhere between here and there you're going to kill a silver-tip."
L-186 I said, "That's right. That's right." He said... I said, "You're doubting that, Bud."
L-187 He raised up and took me by the hand. He said, "Brother Branham, my brother has never had a fit from that day to this." He said, "The God that could tell you of my brother, wouldn't lie to you."
I said, "Bud, he'll be there."
He said, "Where will he come from?"
L-188 I said, "I don't know." I said, "Bud, I'm fifty-two," then. And I said, "I've saw visions, since a child. And when I saw this caribou here, killed, and you see if his horns isn't forty-two inches. And then, the same vision, I on my road back down to where that company was, that I was with, I killed this silver-tip bear, grizzly."
He said, "Brother Branham, I can see for twenty miles."
L-189 He said, "God is going to have to pull him up out of the ground, or bring him down out of the skies, or something."
I said, "Don't you worry. He'll be there."
L-190 We went about another hundred yards. He was just about wore out too. This weigh about a hundred and fifty pound, this trophy. So, coming down the hill, and you set it down. He said, "Whew! I'm about give out."
L-191 I said, "Yep." We come into a little pygmy, pygmy spruce then, about that high. There was a few grouse flying around, and there was ptarmigan hens, and so I throwed some rocks at them like that.
So he said, "Did you ever eat any of them ptarmigans?"
I said, "No. I don't believe so."
L-192 He said, "They're fine. They're as good as grouse." He said, "Brother Branham?" Took off his big old black hat, fanned hisself. Said, "About time for that old bear to show up, ain't it, boy?"
And I said--I said, "Bud, you're doubting that."
L-193 He said, "No. I'm not. But, Brother Branham, I--I--I just can't understand."
L-194 I said, "Neither can I. It's not for me to understand. It's for me to believe." Amen. God in Heaven knows these things are true. Would I stand here and say this, it wasn't true?
L-195 Then I started to turn around, to give him the rifle, and me pick up the head. And as I turned, I said, "Bud, you got them glasses around your neck. What is that standing up there on the side of the hill?"
L-196 And he throwed the glasses up. He said, "Oh, help me," said, "if it ain't somebody's milk cow!" There ain't no such thing in the country. Said, "That's the biggest grizzly I ever seen in my life. And so help me, look at that yellow sun shining on him. He's a silver-tip." Said, "How far you say he is?"
L-197 I said, "He's about two mile up there." And we was about wore out. He said... I said, "What are we waiting on? Let's go."
And he said, "You sure of getting him?"
I said, "Sure I'm going to get him."
He said, "What's that gun you're using there?"
L-198 And I said, "Now, never mind about that." It was a little bitty gun some brother give me in a meeting one time, several years ago. I said, "A little, cheap.270." And I said, "All right. I got... I... It's going to be."
L-199 We kept going a little closer. And the closer we got, the bigger that bear looked hisself. Oh, he looked like a mammoth haystack setting up there on that moss, you know. Stand, great, big, mammoth thing, head about that wide, you know, and jaws sticking out, great big paws. And he was poking up these little blueberry branches, like that, you know, eating them. And so set, great big fellow! We got about, oh, about eight hundred yards of him.
L-200 He said, "Hey, Brother Branham, did--did you ever shoot a grizzly before?"
L-201 I said, "I've shot many bear, Bud, but I never did shoot a silver-tip grizzly before."
L-202 He said, "You know, the silver-tip is the biggest fighter of all of them."
I said, "Yeah, I understood that."
He said, "He don't know how to die."
And I said, "Well?"
L-203 He said, "Don't... How--how--how far you have? How close you have to get to him with that?"
L-204 Now, you just ask him. Write him a letter. I'll give you the address. He said, "Let anybody write me about it, that wants to, on any of those things. Let me tell them." And so...
And I said, "Well?" I said...
He said, "Now?"
L-205 I said, "No, no. I was closer than this, Bud. I was right up, close to him."
L-206 He said, "We're getting pretty close now. He can charge at any time."
L-207 I said, "I know it. But," I said, "Bud," I said, "it'll be all right."
L-208 He said, "Now, when you shoot a bear," said, "now, Brother Branham, you shoot him in the back. You have to break him down, 'cause he'll keep on fighting, and can't get up then."
I said, "No, according to the vision, I shot him in the heart."
He said, "I hope you didn't make no mistake on that."
L-209 I said--I said, "I didn't." I said, "I remember that." Cause, in a--in a vision, you're in--you're in one conscious, and both, as we explained it the other night. You're in two. You can't forget it. See? So there you are.
L-210 So we got in again, about--about two hundred and fifty yards. That was just the last little coulee we went over. I said, "That's just about it now. Look at him. Isn't he a beauty?"
He said, "Yeah, I guess he is."
L-211 I said, "All right, Bud. Now when I raise up from here, he's coming." I said, "You just watch."
And he said, "I'll be watching."
L-212 So I put a shell up in the barrel of the gun, you know. And we was down under this little coulee. Just as I raised up, here he come. My, my! I stopped, shot, and it just sounded like a pea-shooter hitting him. Boy, it never a bit more checked him up, than nothing. And, my, before...
L-213 You talk about speed! I never seen anything like that. He, they would outrun a horse, deer, or anything, you know, a bear can, like that. Him coming down that hill, right towards us, like that!
L-214 And now, 'fore I could get another shell in the gun, he dropped dead, about, oh, about thirty, forty yards from me, just turned end over end; took heart, lungs, and all, from him. It was a Nosler bullet, you hand-loaders know. So it--it blowed him up, and he fell over.
L-215 Bud, standing there, looked over, was real white around the mouth. He said, "Brother Branham, I didn't want him on my lap."
I said, "Neither did I."
L-216 He said, "Whew." Said, "I want to tell you, after it's over, boy. If that hadn't have been one of them visions, and I'd seen happen before, I'd have never come up here, that close to that bear, with you."
L-217 And neither one of us could budge him. He weighed around a thousand pounds, I guess, so, mammoth, big fellow. We couldn't clean him, we got... skin him. We started on down. And we said... "Brother Branham?" We picked up the horns. He said, "If them horns are exactly forty-two inches," said, "I'm just going to have a running fit."
L-218 I said, "You better have it right now, then, 'cause that's what it is."
L-219 He said, "I have never seen a--a--a... It seems to me like I'm dreaming this."
L-220 And when we got down there, and I said to--to Eddie, I said, "Now you watch. Blaine will put his hands."
L-221 Now, you remember, there was a little hand around that horn. Remember, Brother Fred, how I told you it would be?
And I said, "You watch it," to Eddie.
And so Bud said, "Wait." He got his horse over there.
L-222 And we had bear on us, you know, and those horses just tearing up everything. You know how they do when they smell a grizzly or any kind of a bear. So I--I went over there, held, trying to hold the horse, the saddle horse trying to get away.
L-223 And he went over and got his tape measure, and come walking across there, looking at me, like that. Said, "Come here, Blaine." I punched Eddie. Put it down on this. Amen. And so help me, forty-two inches, on the nose!
L-224 Now, them horns shrink about two inches when they dry up. That grizzly bear is laying in my den room, and the horns are hanging on the wall. The taxidermist had fixed them, and fixed them up. There is a tape measure hanging on them, forty-two inches, exactly.
L-225 Now, what would God tell a man something like that for, about a hunting trip?
L-226 When I got back, mother was sick. I went to see her. She said, "Billy?" See, He was encouraging me, getting me ready for something.
I said, "Mama, the Lord has always healed you."
She said, "Billy, I'm going Home to see dad."
"Oh," I said, "mom, don't talk like that."
Said, "Yes, I am." I prayed for her.
And Brother Fred and all of these witnesses setting here know.
L-227 Then, next thing you know, they had her in the hospital. The doctor didn't even know what was wrong. Well, I went out to pray for her. She said, "Son, I'm going." And now, my mother was kind of a powerful woman, anyhow.
L-228 One day, couple of days after that, I walked in. She was standing there, looking right up towards the Heavens. She said, "Billy, I see you."
I said, "Why, sure, mama." Said, "I see you right here."
L-229 She said, "Oh, you're so old, Bill," said, "your white hair and beard just hanging together. You got your arm around the cross, reaching for me." I had a good idea then, that was it.
Now, you brethren here know that to be the truth.
L-230 The next day was Sunday. I was preaching. They sent me word, "Your..." I said, "I do not believe that mother is going. God always shows me, my people going. But, mother, He's never showed me nothing about it." Here come a message in. And I was right in the middle of my Message, like this. Someone come in, said, "Go, go to your mother right now. Call her on the phone. She is dying, at this minute."
L-231 I said, "Death, hold her still. The Word of God is more important than that."
L-232 This man setting right here, Brother Borders. After the service was over, I went out to see my mother. I met Brother Borders. He said, "Brother Branham, you're not quite six foot, but I seen a ten-foot man stand in the pulpit this morning."
I said, "Brother Borders, God will take care of all that for mama."
L-233 And a few days after that, they called me out to the room, and she really was going. Gathered in the children, stood around the bed. I said, "Mama, are you really going?"
She said, "Yes." Then she couldn't speak no more.
L-234 I kept telling her, "What does Jesus mean to you, mother?" I remember baptizing her in His Name, long ago, out in the water. I said, "Tell me what He means to you now."
She said, "More than life to me."
L-235 I said, "Mama, if you're going, I'm your boy, the... a preacher. I want to know, from my own mother who is going to meet God. I want to hold your hand here, mom."
Said, "I want you to." I kept holding it.
L-236 She couldn't talk. Looked like she was paralyzing, her face. I said, "Can't you talk no more, mama?" She couldn't make... I said, "Listen. Is Jesus still just the same to you?" She could nod her head.
L-237 Then she got to a place she couldn't nod her head no more. I said, "Mother, is Jesus everything to you now? He is coming for you, in a minute. Everything, to you?" She couldn't move.
L-238 I said, "Mama, you only got one thing, to see you're batting your eyes. If Jesus still means just the same to you as He always did, the day I baptized you in the water, bat your eyes real fast." She bat her eyes, and the tears running down, like that.
L-239 And a little Wind come, sweeping into the room. Mother went Home.
L-240 I come home, went out at the funeral home, picked out the clothes. Oh, you know how it is. You've had to do the same thing. The kids all crying, one down in one place; one, another. I said, "Mama was the hitch-post. We'll never be the same no more." Doc and his family in this corner. Jesse and his family in that corner. We just buried Howard, recently. I said, "Well, we're gone, boys." I said, "We'll... We won't come to see one another. Mama was our stay." I said, "We won't see one another, no much more now."
L-241 I went up home, nighttime, after we got her clothes picked out. I went up home.
L-242 Mrs. Domico, anybody know her, from Chicago? Been a very dear friend of the campaign. She had give me a Bible. (Excuse me.) And it was one of those red-letter Bibles with a zipper on it. And somebody, when I preached that sermon, The Lamb And Dove, they had sent me two doves, as a holder. Another brother of mine, Brother Norman, had sent me a little dove. And a lamb, and Brother Borders give me the lamb. I picked up the Bible. Meda was over in one corner, crying.
L-243 And all you Business Men here know, when I was in Jamaica, seen my mother-in-law, told you at the table out there in Jamaica. I said, "Someone of my people is dying, that hasn't got any teeth. I see them going." Right at the table, Demos Shakarian and all of them setting there. Few hours from then, my mother-in-law just almost dropped dead, one time, see, no teeth, just exactly.
L-244 I said, "I seen a young man spit blood." I called, said, "Don't let Billy..."
L-245 Is anybody here was at the--the Jamaica meeting over there at that time at--at Jamaica? Can't see. Yeah. There is two. So then...
L-246 And I said, "It must... Billy, don't you go up there. I seen a young fellow spit blood." And it was my brother-in-law. He went, had a hemorrhage when his mother died. It just throwed him in such a shock.
L-247 Then standing here that day, I picked up this Bible. I said, "Father, I don't know. Maybe just Your love, You didn't show me her going. But I'm so broke up, God. Will You just give me some word of comfort out of Your Word?" I said, "Let me just read something that's comfort, comforting to me." I just let the Bible open up like that. There it was, big red letters, "She is not dead, but sleepeth." And I went in the room. We went to sleep.
L-248 About eight o'clock, next morning, got up. They was going to have her fixed up, along about noon, so we go down and see her. Meda went out to get the children's breakfast, and little Joe crying. Becky in one corner, still crying, "Will I ever see grandma again?"
L-249 I said, "Yes. Yes. You'll see her. She's just across, went upstairs." I said, "She, we'll see her again." And she loved them little kiddies, you know.
L-250 And, so, and they was all crying, "Can we see grandma this afternoon?"
L-251 I said, "You can see the body she lived in, but grandma has gone up to be with your other grandmother, them up in Heaven."
L-252 And Joe couldn't understand it, my little boy, you know. He just couldn't understand it. He said, "Then will grandma come back down tonight?"
L-253 And I said, "No, no. I don't know when she'll come back. When Jesus comes, she'll come back."
L-254 I was standing there. And I turned around, walk in the room. And when I did... Don't ask me to explain it. There's no way to explain it. I seen myself standing out there, just the same as I look across this audience. And I was leading songs. I never did that. I can't even sing, at all. So, and there was a great, mammoth crowd of people.
L-255 On this side, the--the auditorium looked like it was outside, like, oh, I don't know what you would call it, kind of down a hill, and kind of like a amphitheater. And it was so far back, the lines was, till they had to be raised up like this, so the ones so far in the back had to look this way. But all right in the middle... Just three rows, like this. And right in the middle was just like windrows ricked in, of little spastic, crippled children laying in them rows.
L-256 I had on a dark suit, and I was singing, "Bring them in, bring them in, bring the little ones to Jesus." We sing that at church, quite a bit, especially in dedicating of children. And there was like a--a box here, where the celebrity set, and the pulpit was close to that. But I was down, leading songs. And all at once, me standing there, looking at myself, then... Oh, don't try to think it out, 'cause you can't. Then when I was here, then it become here. I don't know. Two of them went together. And it's...
That's a good thing when your two go together.
L-257 I got a camera up there. Coming down, I didn't know how to take a picture. I looked through the thing, and, man, I could see five or six different objects. So I begin to focus it. Billy told me, said, "Focus it, and they all come to one."
L-258 It's a good idea to do that, you know. You see things different when you go to focusing. And use God's Word for a focus on Him, and you'll--you'll see what I'm talking about. But get It in focus, first, you see.
L-259 So standing there, looking, and I went into that vision. And while in there, I noticed a renowned person come back at the back of the place. And they were... I said, "Well, they're coming to the celebrity box." So they come walking up this way. And I thought, "Well, I'll sing once more while that lady is coming." She was dressed old fashion.
L-260 Now, some of you ladies will remember this, when they wore kind of skirts, like, around here, and it went way down over laced-up shoes. And they had kind of a full... What is it you call them things, like--like this lady has got on here now? That blouse. Blouse, one of those things like that, and had real full sleeves in it. You remember them? And went up around the neck here, with a little kind of a little button of a thing went in here. Then, a great big hat on, turned up on the side. And the ladies, them days, they wore long hair. So they pulled it down like this, and set a hat on it, and put a pin in it, you know, to keep it on, for they had to ride sidesaddle and things.
L-261 So this lady was coming up, and everybody was respecting this lady. And I thought, "Well, she'll go to the celebrity box."
L-262 So, then, I said, "Once more, all on this side, 'Bring them in.' Now over here, 'Bring them in.' Then all in the middle, all together now, 'Bring the little ones to Jesus.'"
L-263 Just as I said that, this lady had already entered the box. I could see, when she entered the box, everybody stood up. And they were kind of doing like this, recognizing her, and she was recognizing them.
L-264 I thought, "Well, it's time for me to preach. I'll go praying for them sick people." I got up here on--on the pulpit, like this, and the box was right, oh, as close as this brother setting here. And I turned around, like this.
L-265 I thought, "Well, now, that lady will bow to me, so I'll just recognize her." And so when I turned around, she already had her head down, like this. I was putting my head down, like this. And when I raised my head up, same time, meet her, it was mama, young, pretty.
I looked at her. I said, "Mama?"
She said, "Billy."
L-266 And just then, lightning begin to flash around in the building, thunders roared, and a shaking come. And a Voice said, "Do not fear about your mother." Said, "She is the same way she was in 1906."
And I said, "What, 1906?"
And Meda said, "What's the matter with you," my wife.
I said, "Honey, 1906, what was 1906?"
She said, "Why?"
I said, "A vision, I seen mama standing right here."
Said, "You seen what?"
I said, "I seen mama."
Said, "Sure enough, Bill?"
L-267 I said, "Yes. She was standing right here, and she was pretty. And He said..." I said, "She was just a young woman."
L-268 So I went and got the old family record. You know what she was in 1906? My father's bride. That's the year she was married. Now she is part of another Bride, the Bride of the Lord Jesus.
L-269 Someone from somewhere sent me a nickel. I got it here in my pocket, 1906.
L-270 "And He, the Holy Ghost, when He is come, He will reveal these things to you that I have said, and will show you things to come."
L-271 Now, what is it? The hunting trip was only building me up, you see. One of the best trips I ever took, knowing that, this great shock. That was love. And, brother, sister, if all these other visions has been perfectly right, of what the Holy Spirit has showed, it's got to be the Holy Spirit. The Bible said, that, "If it come to pass, then it was Him."
L-272 Then, what a hope we got! Someday we're going to leave this place. We're going back to a young man and woman, never to die no more. I'd rather know that than to know that I was going to be a president of the world and live for a million years. I'd rather know that I was in the hand of God.
L-273 And I'm glad to know, tonight, that that same Jesus that made that statement, He is here, after two thousand years. See, it can't perish. It's Eternal. And He's just same Jesus tonight that He was the day that He made this statement. And He will still confirm that Word, if we'll believe it. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-274 "When He, the Holy Ghost, has come, He will not speak of Himself. But He will take the things, that of Mine," that's the Word, "and will show them to you. And then, also, He will show you things that is to come."
L-275 In the book of--of Hebrews, the 4th chapter, the Bible said, "The Word of God is sharper..."
L-276 Now, Who was the Word? Jesus. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word was made flesh. Dwell..."
L-277 "The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to asunder, and to the marrow of the bone, and a Discerner of the thoughts in the heart."
L-278 That's our God. We're not lost, friends. We're still in grace of God. I--I feel, to talk of anything, and speak of a past tense... And as I said last night, as those disciples were trying to live on the meeting that they had the day before, looking forward for another, but forgot the very Creator of the wind and waves was laying in the boat.
L-279 The God that was up there in those mountains, to place that silver-tip grizzly, according to His Word, that lays there on the floor, for evidence.
L-280 Now, if you wish to write that man, just write Bud Southwick, S-o-u-t-h-w-i-c-k, Bud Southwick, Fort Saint John, British Columbia, and just let him write the letter back to you. And by the way, if you're taking a hunting trip, there's a good guy to go with.
L-281 Now notice. He has told that amongst all those hunters up-and-down that road, till I believe I'm going to have a real meeting the next time I go up there, just with guides, yeah, to see those things happen just the way they do. That was last year.
L-282 This is this year, right now. That same Jesus that made that promise, said, "I'll never leave you nor forsake you. I'll be with you always, even to the end of the world." You believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-283 With such evidences, with such truth vindicated, positive truth, how can we feel any other way than like we'd just like to go through that roof, be raptured? Have we let the things of the world dull us, in such a way? Where, we see such vital things that's positive, proven to be the truth.
L-284 Now, each sick person in here, if you will only believe that same One that made that promise, and by the same One that took that epilepsy off of that boy, that man, He is the same God that's right here now. If I could take it off of you, I would do it, but I can't do it. He's already purchased that for you, and the only thing you have to do is to believe it.
L-285 What if the boy would have fell in the fit, and the little woman said, "Now, what's that shirt got to do?" That probably wouldn't work on no one else. See? Just on him, 'cause it's sent to him. Naaman dipped in the river seven times; but somebody else, dipping, probably wouldn't get over their leprosy. See? But notice. It's what He says is the truth, a vindicated, perfect truth.
L-286 Now, it's getting late, to call even a prayer line. Let's--let's just stop that for a minute.
L-287 Let's just think. Is that what God promised? That would be the genuine Holy Spirit that would do that. That right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Well, who would say that He wasn't the Holy Spirit? He was. "I and My Father are One." The Holy Spirit was His Father. "She shall bring forth. That Holy Thing which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost." So, the Holy Ghost and God is the selfsame Spirit, and It was in Him.
L-288 And watch what He did when a woman touched His garment, when He looked out upon the audience and perceived their thoughts. Don't the Word say, that, "The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, a Discerner of the thoughts of the heart"? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Does not He promise, in Saint John 12, or Saint John 14:12, that, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also"? ["Amen."] Or, has it ever failed, but what it's the truth?
L-289 Then, God is here. He is here to make every person in here well. He's here to save every lost soul. And before I make an altar call, as I feel led to do, see, to make this altar call, let's just call on Him. How many of you will forfeit, or say, "If I can..." Maybe the strangers here, say, "I never seen one of those meetings. I--I've heard people talk about these things, but I--I've really never seen it. It would encourage my heart if I could see the very Presence of Christ come in among the people and do that same thing that He did." Would it encourage you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-290 Let's bow our heads; a word. Every eye closed. Now let the Spirit, that follows the Word.
L-291 Now, Father, I have, the best that I know how, you know my heart. Knowing that these people are suffering under this heat, and that they're crowded in, standing, but they been very patient. I can imagine it was the same kind of a crowd that stood on the bank that day and heard You speaking from the boat. And then You told them, "Launch out into the deep and let down the net for the draught." Not see if there is some there. They were there.
L-292 And how those notable words of that apostle said, "Lord, we seined all night and took nothing; but nevertheless, at Your Word we're going to let down the net." And when they obeyed Your Word, they enclosed a multitude of fishes, even till their nets begin to break.
L-293 Lord Jesus, no doubt that many women left their washing that morning, many men left their fields, from the crops, fishermens left their nets, to hear the Word of God. Lord Jesus, if You were here in physical form tonight, it's very doubtful that any more than what is gathered, would gather. But these people believe that You are not dead, that You raised from the dead, and You manifest Your Word and keep Your Word, the Word that I have read to them out of the holy Scriptures tonight.
L-294 And as our Lord one time was handed a Bible, or the--the Scroll, and He read, and He set down. And He said, "This day this Scripture is fulfilled."
L-295 Let it happen again, Lord. Let it be again, that this very day, this very night, that the Scripture that I read may be fulfilled. And we're all been teaching, through the week, that that was to be the very thing that was to prove the end time. And then our hearts will go away, happy.
L-296 There may be many here, Lord, that You're speaking to. Help us tonight to know Your Word, Your Word vindicated to be the Truth. Grant it, Father.
L-297 And while we have our heads bowed, just for a way of survey, to quieten myself from preaching. How many of you in here, that is not really a born-again Christian? Now, you may go to church, but that's not what I'm asking. You're... If you're not a born-again Christian, but you believe there is a living Jesus, a real Holy Spirit, and you would like to be remembered to Him now. Would you just, while every head is bowed now, and eyes closed, just raise up your hand to Him, "Lord, remember me." God bless you. God bless you, you, you. God bless you. God bless you. That's very fine. Is there others?
L-298 Now, we're not very many in number. But, do you know, it's the world that looks for big things and large numbers? As we said last evening, it was only the little, quiet voice that attracted the prophet to come forward with his face veiled.
L-299 Now, you have faith in God. My brother, my sister, have faith in God. And if our great, kind Lord Jesus will come where this Word lays here, His Own Word, open, and will prove to you that this Holy Spirit, that I speak of, is the Truth! You might have been confused many times with many things, but it only goes to show that there is Real somewhere. And when He does that, I want you that raised up your hands, to come, see me, just a moment.
Now you may raise your heads.
L-300 Lord Jesus, take this service into Your hands now. I am Your servant. And all the preaching... Just one Word from You will mean more than all we could say in a lifetime; just one Word. Grant it now, Father, as I commit this, those testimonies. You know they're true, Father. You was the One Who gave them. And never have they failed. Grant it, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-301 Now, how many people in here, that does not have prayer cards, that's sick? Raise up your hands, everywhere in the building, that does not have prayer cards, and sick. All right. And those that have prayer cards, raise up your hand. Be about the same. And they're all mixed up.
L-302 Now, to look over the audience, first, to be honest before God, before you. I know that, I'm looking over here, that some friends of mine setting in this corner here. Brother Noel, his--his... and Sister Jones, and Brother Outlaw, my son, this brother here, and Brother Moore. I don't know this brother, but I've seen him in the meetings, the last few times. I can't make this brother name out, either, but I know him just by face. Sister right here, Sister Williams. Sister Sharritt setting on the corner. Way back in the back is some people from the tabernacle at Jeffersonville.
L-303 Setting right here is a precious old friend of mine, ninety years old, that comes from Ohio, drives across the country. And I'm leaving for Africa, and he and his lovely wife asked if they could go to Africa with me. Said, "We'll pay..." Ninety years old, a German brother, never knew the Lord. When I preached one night, he come in with his good clothes on, to be baptized. Ninety years old! Outside of...
L-304 I believe, oh, this is Brother Waldrop and Sister Waldrop setting there. Now, that's about as far as... and Brother Borders. Now, that's about it.
L-305 Now, I'm calling their names. Now, if you who know me like that, don't pray. See? Pray for me. See?
L-306 But I want you who don't know me, and know that I don't know you. I want you to say in your heart, "Lord Jesus, I've heard this spoke of. I--I heard this minister tonight read this out of the Bible. I heard those testimony, and I've heard similar, you know, of different times this happened. Are we that close to the end, Lord? Are we that close?"
L-307 Remember, when that sign was done to Sodom, the city that burned, Jesus referred to it, said, "As it was..." That was the last sign that they received before the city was destroyed. And Jesus said that will be the repeat in the coming of the Son of man.
L-308 Now, you know that's right, how that, the God, God in flesh! How many believes that was God talked to Abraham? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Yeah. Well, the Bible says, "Elohim," so, that, that's the--the--the great Creator of heavens and earth, the all-sufficient One. He was.
L-309 What was He showing? He was in a human body, stood there and eat the meat of a calf, and drank the milk from the cow, and then could vanish out of sight. "I will visit you according to the time that I promised you." See? Called him by his name. And with His back turned, said, "Where is Sarah?"
Said, "She is in the tent behind You."
Said, "I'm going to visit you according to the time of life."
L-310 And Sarah said... [Brother Branham makes a silent gesture--Ed.]... back in the tent.
L-311 He said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" Remember, the Bible said she was in the tent behind Him. Said, "Why did Sarah laugh?"
Sarah said, "I didn't."
Said, "Yes, you did." See? That's right.
L-312 A Man standing there, God representing Himself in human flesh. Jesus said it would be the same thing at the coming of the Son of man: God in His Church, you, me, representing Himself. Now, there was a little woman...
L-313 When God was in Christ, He had the Spirit fully. He was God. I'm just one of His servants, and you're just one of His servants. We have the--the Spirit by--by measure. He had It without measure. "In Him dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily." In me is just a little gift, and in you is a gift, of Him. But, no matter how little it is, it's the same Spirit.
L-314 Now, if that is the Spirit of God, It'll do the works of God. Now, you pray and say, "Lord Jesus, a little woman one time touched His garment." And we say...
L-315 Over here in the New Testament, he said in Hebrews, he said, "He is a High Priest right now, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." How many knows that's the Bible? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Sure. Well, that's got to be true. [Hebrews 4:14]
L-316 Well, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, how would He answer you? Same as He did yesterday, if He's the same today.
L-317 Now, you pray and say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch Your garment. And then, You give Brother Branham a little gift, to encourage us. And he don't know me. I'm setting way back here," and over here, and down here, and wherever. I'm set... He don't know me, but You know me. And let me see Your great Spirit, Lord. Not as I have to do it, but just to help encourage me and the rest of them, because we have read the Word. Let me touch Your garment, then You speak right back. Let me be used tonight, Lord, for that purpose. It'll show the whole audience that You're still alive." That be wonderful if He'd do that?
L-318 Now, you just kind of pray, you yourself, quietly. Say, "Lord, let me touch Your garment." I'll yield myself to the Spirit, and then may the Holy Ghost do the rest. Cause, now, I've talked, testified, but I can't do no more now. I'm at the end of my road."
L-319 I just watch the audience, to see if I... I have to see it, you know. You understand that.
L-320 Back to my left, way back, about middle ways back of the building, is a woman praying. She is fixing to die, if God doesn't help her. She has cancer, and the cancer is on her breast. Oh, may she not miss it!
Help me, O Lord.
Sister, if you will believe! Oh, my! She is going to miss it.
Lord Jesus, help us, we pray.
L-321 Mary May. There you are. Are we strangers to one another? I don't know you. You don't know me. Was that the conditions, and what everything was said was true? Then, believe. It'll be over. Amen.
L-322 Now, from the darkness that was over her, it's light. Just as sure as that boy, the epilepsy stayed away from him. The same God, the One was up there in the north woods, is the same God here. Just keep believing. Amen. "If thou canst believe!"
L-323 Here It is over a woman setting here in front of me. She's got something wrong in her back. It's a disc out, in her back. She, she isn't from here. She's from Montana. Her name is Miss Stubbs. Stand up, receive your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.
You don't have to press. Relax.
L-324 The big fellow setting here, looking at me, doing like that. Believe. You'll get well. Got nervous trouble. If you believe it, God will make you well.
L-325 The lady with female trouble. Believe it, and you can get well. Go back home, and have faith in God. Why did I say go back home? You'd have to go back to New Mexico, to get there, Mr. and Mrs. Watkins. Now, you know I don't know you. Amen.
L-326 The lady right behind you, with that ulcer on the leg, Miss Brown. Will you believe that God will heal you? You look so interested. Now, you know I never seen you in my life. On the left leg. Now, you believe with all your heart, you'll get well.
L-327 Lady trying to move, and she has arthritis. It's binding her, bad. Mrs. Fairhead, you believe with all your heart, and you'll get well. Now, you know I never seen you in my life. That, oh... [The sister says, "... healed before. I been healed before, and I know It's going to heal me."--Ed.] Amen. Yeah.
L-328 You believe with all your heart now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now, what will He do? "He will take the things that I have told you, and will show them to you. And then He will show you things that is to come." You see what I mean? ["Amen."] Do you believe Him? ["Amen."]
Now let's bow our heads again.
L-329 Now, you that know that if you would pass away from this life tonight, that you'd be... wouldn't be... you'd be gone, you're not born again. "Except a man be born again, he cannot even see the Kingdom." Why don't you come right here? Stand here and let us pray for you, right here, just in a minute? Will you come right now in the Presence of this Spirit?
L-330 You'll never see anything happen greater until you see the Coming of the Lord. Now, just remember. Surely I know what I'm speaking of, or He wouldn't grant the ministry. Don't let it pass you now. Are you sincere?
L-331 Would you come? If not, then, between you and God, it lays. I am innocent. I'm clean of all blood, because I have told you the Truth. I've preached you the Word. I've told you what He was. And He, when He come, He proved what He was then; and He lets me prove what He is now. He's the same as He was then. You believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-332 Then, how many sick is in here then, other is here that's sick? Raise up your hands.
L-333 Now put your hands over on one another, and let's pray the prayer of faith for you.
L-334 Now I want to ask you something, quietly. If God--if God can come and do that miracle! A miracle is something that cannot be explained. Now, if you wish to question any of these people around, go question them, any time of anywhere. See? Just remember, it is God. This here is just amateur visions. Who, who, what's doing that? It's you, yourself. You're the ones doing that.
L-335 You see, when that woman touched His garment, He said, "Virtue went out of Me." But when the Father showed Him about Lazarus, and He went away and come back, and raised up Lazarus from the dead, He never said "virtue." That was God using His Own gift, and the other was a woman using God's gift. [John 11:35-45]
L-336 I am not God's gift. Jesus Christ is God's Gift. It's just a gift that He gave me, that I was born that way, with the subconscious and the conscious (first conscious) right together. You don't go to sleep; you just see it. The Holy Spirit comes upon the subconscious just like it does on the first conscious. If it come on your subconscious, you'd have a spiritual dream. It comes upon mine, I don't dream. I just look there and see it. See? And, we're born, you can't make yourself anything different. You are born that way. See? "Gifts and callings are without repentance." What is it to do? To manifest Jesus Christ. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
L-337 With your hands laid on one another, I trust that you'll put your heart in God's care right now, "Lord, search me. Have I become so numb by the things of the world, that I'm failing to see this great hour that's passing by?"
L-338 You know, that's the way it's always been. It went right through the church, and they never knowed it. That's history. Don't let it pass, friends, to see a word proven, over and over, see the Word of God manifested, and the very Person of Jesus Christ come right in among this people and do exactly the way He did before.
L-339 Heavenly Father, I feel now, Lord, that Your Word was read. The testimony was given. The Holy Spirit came down and vindicated that Word and the testimony. Now it's in the hands of the people, Lord. It lays in their lap. There's nothing else that I know to say. And I don't know of anything else You wrote in the Word, that You would do, because You've already healed them. It's just to make them to believe it. And You doing a thing like this, and how can we doubt any longer? How could we permit Satan to numb our conscience any longer?
L-340 Satan, I pronounce this healing upon these people, and say to you, "I adjure thee, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, get out of here. Come out, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and let this people go."
L-341 Now, if you believe Him, stand on your feet. You believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Raise up to your feet then, and give God praise. Raise up and believe it. Don't doubt it no more.
L-342 In the Name of Jesus Christ, let the Holy Spirit bring joy, power, resurrection Life to this people, Lord.
L-343 Give Him praise now, and bless His holy Name. We love Him. We praise Him. We adore Him, the matchless One, the Eternal One, the Son of the living God. In His Name, receive Him. He's here. Amen.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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