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63-1128M, Testimony, Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA, 66 min

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L-1 Brother Don, thank you. This is kind of a sudden surprise. [Someone says, "A nice one."--Ed.] Well, it's a... ["Amen."] Thank you, ever who said that. ["I did."] Thank you, very much.
L-2 I was enjoying those songs. My, I like to hear that! You know, I love good singing, and I hear plenty of it when I come down here. Usually I'm not... When I come down, having healing services or something, I have to kind of stay alone, by myself, and then the boys get these tapes. And then when I get home, or have some work to do in the office, then I sit down and listen to those tapes, over and over. And I hear everything that's said.
L-3 And I'm glad to see Brother Gerholtzer here this morning, an old friend of the Gospel; of many years ago was out in this same work, praying for the sick, perhaps years before I ever knew about praying for the sick. And so, and other men here, personal friends. I see a great host here last night from the tabernacle up at Jeffersonville. And so we are very glad.
L-4 And I met Brother Young Brown. I said, "Brother Jack said his name was 'Young,' and it fits him." When he told me he was sixty-something years old, I could hardly believe it. He hasn't changed a bit since the first time out here in Shreveport. That's right, just looks the same.
L-5 Well, God is good to us. And I--I like those, the way them songs this morning, with--with the depth to it; something that's real, something that--that--that means something. You can drink it in. I--I could hardly refrain from crying right out loud, when I heard them singing that song, about something about the 23rd Psalm there. And then--then come over, and this lovely song that they just sang, the trio there. Just to think of the...
L-6 There is something in it, that you feel on the inside of you, your emotions pulsating, knows that the Kingdom of God is near at hand. All these things that we have talked about and wondered about, is now fixing to take place. Some of us may fall asleep before that time comes, but that will not prevent our resurrection, because, it gives the--the privilege of coming before those are changed.
L-7 "Trumpet of God shall sound; the dead in Christ shall rise first; then we which are alive and remain." Did you notice the order of the resurrection? "Shall be caught up together with them." We meet each other before we meet Him. "Be caught up together to meet them... with them, to meet the Lord in the air." [I Thessalonians 4:16-17]
L-8 See, He is God, and then when He wants to be worshiped, that's what His very nature is, is to be worshiped, because He is God. And He knows if we were there, be looking out of the corner of your eye, see if the other one is there, but, and then it wouldn't be the complete way of free worship. When we stand there, and--and we know we've met each other first, and greeted each other, and then to stand by Him Who caused it all, and sing the songs of redemption! As Brother Jack has many times made the statement, "When Angels will circle the earth, with bowed heads, not knowing what we're talking about." See, because they never been redeemed. But we had to be redeemed, and how we'll crown Him the King of kings and Lord of lords.
L-9 I don't know what to say. I didn't think about saying anything; I just come up here. I guess it's testimony time, just to give a testimony. And so, tonight, the Lord willing, I think... I've looked at the little schedule, and I... for the--the services, and I think I'm to bring my message tonight, on the Easter or, pardon me, Thanksgiving message tonight. And then we want to take then, perhaps the rest of the week, if the Lord willing, in praying for the sick. We want you to gather out, after this little jubilee of Thanksgiving, which is a memorial of a great meeting that was held here one time at Shreveport, a few... about three years ago, when you had this revelation of coming in. And the Lord did bless so mightily here in that meeting! And I--I trust that the Lord will continue, and may there be souls saved here until the last name is on the Book in God's great recording station on High, those who have accepted Christ as Saviour, been filled with His Spirit.
L-10 Now let's just bow our heads a moment. I'm thinking of a Scripture here.
L-11 Lord Jesus, we are most grateful people this morning, but yet we're just limited with the expression. If our hearts could give away to what we--what we want to, we don't know how we would behave ourselves. And there, no wonder, You said, "There will not be room enough to contain the blessing that God would pour out upon us." And we are grateful for this. And we just pray, Lord, as we bow our heads in adoration of You, that You will receive our thanksgiving. There is so many things that we have to be thankful for, and we could not express them, but we just say, "Thanks be to God!"
L-12 And above all things that we are thankful for, is that great Gift of God to the world, when God gave His Son, to make a way for our redemption. We're so grateful for That! And we embrace That, and have since... Lord, I can remember, since a little boy, That's what I've lived for. And now as I'm getting old, know that the sun will just set, not many more times, till I'll be summonsed, and, what I've lived for, I'll go to enjoy. I know, Lord, that there is many fellow citizens of the same Kingdom, that waits likewise, this morning, for that time to come. For, that which we have taken the journey for, to serve Him and to try to direct our fellow man to a Life Eternal, that great hour is soon approaching. We can just somehow feel it down in us, that it's--it's nearer than maybe we are able to think.
L-13 And we pray that You'll bless us now, and continue with Thy blessings that Thou has been giving us this morning. And now as we read a portion of Thy Word, or a verse or two, we pray that the great Holy Spirit will take these verses, and a testimony, to His honor. In Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.
L-14 I thought of a place here, I believe it's found in--in Corinthians, Second Corinthians 9, the 14th verse, and 15.
.. by their prayers for you, which long after you for... exceeding grace of God in you.
Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.
[II Corinthians 9:14-15]
L-15 Paul, here speaking of the grace of God that's in you, the unspeakable Gift, of the Holy Spirit, that dwells among the people. He was thanking God for what that they had, the Holy Spirit had come upon these people, the unspeakable Gift of God, so rich and pure.
L-16 Now, I--I don't have nothing in my mind, exactly, so I thought I'd just kind of give a little testimony of my experience with Christ in the last few days. It's been most glorious!
L-17 All my life, you know of. You've heard me, many of you. And I thought I would say this for some of the tabernacle people that's sitting here. At... My congregation at the tabernacle is made up from about three nations, of a morning, when we speak; Mexico, Canada, United States. Pretty near every... Here the other day there was twenty-eight different states, for one little Sunday school service, see, twenty-eight different states represented. I want to say this to the glory of God. In traveling, I think that... Through prayer and supplications, being an off-cast as we were, rejected by the church world, so-called today, that tabernacle has growed into the mightiest headquarters of God's grace, of any place I know in the world. I have never seen such, of the Lord doing there. It's just it's unspeakable, how, what He is doing there, just in humility, just the people coming in from everywhere. And we're grateful for that little station, of where some of the people around the country gather in to enjoy the grace, and--and spread grace to the others.
L-18 Now, all my life, it seemed I wanted to go West. And many of you has read the stories and hear the tapes.
L-19 The tape ministry is a worldwide thing, everywhere. I think it's one way God has got scattering the Message back into the heathen lands, back in where that it has to be translated. And in Germany, and so forth, they got tapes they go to their congregations, of hundreds and hundreds of people; and put little things in their ears, and run it onto a tape. And just as I'm speaking, the minister stands there making the same expressions, and in the other languages, and bringing it out before hundreds. And hundreds are being saved and healed, just through the tapes going out across the world. All in English, but being translated in many, many different language in tribes around the world. We hear from them, back through the mail.
L-20 And now I'm saying this, it's going to be a personal testimony to the glory of God, that it might be that you would understand in the coming nights, of what I want to say, if the Lord willing. You'll understand. Like I was trying to say last night, the world coming to a place it's falling apart, politically, socially, economically.
You say, "Economics? More money!"
L-21 Yes, but where is it coming from? We're borrowed on taxes that will be paid forty years from today. She is broke. She is bankrupt, nation; not this nation, but all of them. And there is no way ever getting it back. And it's a trap set exactly to swing this nation into something. And all of you are wise on that. Well, who has got the wealth of the world? Who holds it? [Someone says, "Rome."--Ed.] Sure, it does. Rome holds it. And whenever we do, when we get broke, instead of these big merchants, tobacco, whiskey, and so forth, like... Have to get the money; what we'll have to do, either change the currency or borrow the money. And, when they do, it's the birthright sold right back, exactly, just as perfect, and just what the Scripture says about it.
L-22 I'd like to get a place sometime, the Lord willing, when a tent comes on the scene. And I believe that's soon now, soon I'm going worldwide. I got a worldwide meetings coming now. And I'd like to get a place where I could set down for about six weeks, and just take those things and go through them, you see, back and forth, through the Scripture.
L-23 And it's astounding to see the hour that we're living in! It frightens me. It frightens me, not because... In my heart, the joy bells are ringing, knowing that the Coming of the Lord is so close at hand. But, what frightens me, is to know that so many is unprepared for the hour that we are facing. That's the bad part.
L-24 How many ever heard the story about the squirrels up there that time? Many, oh, of course, I guess, everywhere. A little something like that happened the other day. And I was... You have heard the story about the mountains, coming down, when the Lord wrote those things on the mountains the other day. My, my life...
L-25 I'm not a preacher. Anybody knows that. I'm not a preacher. But it's made up in a--a spiritual form, of--of watching things and seeing things move, and forewarning people of things that's coming to pass. And it's just... That's my make-up. I can't help that, no more than you can help your make-up. But God has put us, each one, in the Body, to do certain things. And I watch every little move, every objective, every motive, 'cause everything is governed by... governed by spirit.
L-26 This church was put here for a purpose. There is a spirit behind this church. Certainly. Spirit behind your home, behind every building. Behind everything there is a spirit, motive, and objective. This church comes here to greatly exalt some human system or something, then its motives is not right; but if it's put here to try to achieve something for the Kingdom of God, then the motive and objective, both, is right, if the motives is directed that way.
L-27 Now, I been thinking, since the ministry, and the first, second, and third phase of the ministry. When I first come to Shreveport, I told you people that the Lord... you would lay your hands up, like upon my hand, and it would signify the same. And the Holy Spirit never failed one time, but what told you exactly what was wrong with you. I told you then, that. He told me that day, that, "There would be a time that when you know the very secret of the heart," not knowing that the Word says that will be. I didn't know that. But the Word does say that, "The Word of God is a Discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart," Hebrews, the 4th chapter. [Hebrews 4:12]
L-28 Now, that Word, you see, you must never leave that Word. You must stay exactly with that Word, the way It's written. Don't put no private interpretation to It. Just say It just the way It's written. That is God's Word, and that is God. God and His Word is the same, just the same. [II Peter 1:20]
L-29 And as I said last night, there is a portion of Word layed for every age. And there is some anointing comes down, that projects that portion of Word for that age. And you see where we're at today. Read what we're supposed to be doing, then you'll know how far we are. I only see one thing left, the Coming of the Lord Jesus, at any time, a Rapture for the Church, and we're to meet Him in the air. Now these things has got to come to pass in this day, just as He promised that He would do it.
L-30 And now about five years ago, after that had served its time. Each one of those phases had served its time. And He give visions, and many of you tape listeners, and so forth, know that there was coming one more phase, and He simply drawed that out so perfect. There is man sitting right here now, I'm looking at, was right there and seen it take place as perfect as I ever seen in my life. And even took pictures of It, of what the Lord God said would take place. And we went right there, and there It was, just exactly like He said. Just about...
L-31 Like the March 17th, the March issue of the Life magazine, you seen that circle of Light in the skies, thirty miles high, twenty-seven miles across. Why, moisture is only about nine miles high, and they can't even make up what it was.
L-32 And right standing beneath that, a man that is sitting right present now, was right standing there by me, when seven Angels come down from God, visibly standing right there, and told me about the end time, and these revelations and things of the Book of Revelation, the Seven Seals, and said, "Return home, and one by one will bring the Message." That, that's right. And It went right up, and begin to turn white as It went up, on up; and a blast that shook the mountains, till rocks, size of a--of a--a bucket, fell out of the mountains, like that. [Revelation 5:1-10]
L-33 And nothing was around. Even the newspaper said they checked to see if there was a sound breaker, or a plane, or something. There was nothing, no planes up, nor nothing. Besides, a plane breaker could not do that.
L-34 And then it was foretold it would be that way, six months before it happened, six months. And there It was. And the science searching it today, right there in Tucson and different places, they can't understand what was that up there. Then if you'll get the magazine and look, you can even see the shapes of Their wings is still in there as They're going up, the seven Angels. And we know that these things are correct, friends. Oh, if there ever was a time that the church ought to be in deep sincerity, it should be right now. Now!
L-35 But just, It's done something to me, in myself. For five years now, I've wondered what was wrong. I felt in my heart like I was--I was all crushed down with something, and I--I couldn't make out what it was. During the time of this great crushing, and so forth, I just plastered around and around, across the country.
L-36 And the government had me under an investigation because, when we have the meetings, somebody write a check "William Branham" and I'd just sign it and hand it back. And then we got a package of all--all of our meetings, and when they looked through there and found out that it went in to pay the campaign. Yet, as I signed my name to it, I identified the check to myself, and they had me I "owed the government three hundred thousand dollars." And they wouldn't let me leave, and I had to stay here, and so forth, for a great time to search through all of this. And--and I'm not, everything went... They said, "Yes, it went into the campaign, but the people made the check to you. And, when you endorsed it, you identified yourself with the check, and you owe taxes on it. If you ever even held it a second in your hand, it's still yours because you endorsed it."
L-37 I didn't know it. I don't know all the mechanics of this laws and things. I was supposed to have a stamp to stamp it, instead of sign it. When I signed it, it means it's mine. And then they cut right into the package and find, there, it was placed right into the fund and spent out like that. I draw a salary from my church, of a hundred dollars a week. There sits a trustee, sitting right there, that knows that's right. And that's all I get from that. And, otherwise, it goes right into the campaign.
L-38 Now, I felt like I was crushed, for the last four or five years. Well, I'd went up into Canada, just recently, on a little trip of going hunting. And when I did, the Lord helped me up there to lead a whole tribe of Indians to the Lord Jesus. And I have to go back when the--when the--the creeks thaw up, up there, and things, to baptize the whole tribe, in the Name of the Lord Jesus; because the healing of an Indian woman dying in a heart attack, that the priest wouldn't come to, way back in the jungles where I had to ride for hours, horseback. There are those sitting here now, who was present when it happened.
L-39 And now, then, coming down, I had to stop over in Colorado, to visit some of my friends there, some ministers. I'm a--I'm a guide in Colorado, and I was taking them on a hunting trip. Two or three of those men, three or four, five of them are sitting right present now to know this. And it's been awful dry in Colorado this year, as it has been across the nation. And fires were very... going to be very bad, so they delayed the hunting season a while.
L-40 But while we were up there, there come forth an issue that--that there was coming a blizzard. And it's dangerous to be in the mountains at that time, 'cause sometimes I've seen you couldn't even see your hand before you, for hours after hours, and thirty foot of snow dumped right out in one time, just in a few hours, right on top of you. You perish. So I told my brethren, that morning when we was leaving out, I said, "Now the blizzard..."
L-41 Practically a hundred man, or more, had been back in behind us. And here come jeeps, trucks, and everything going right on out, because they knowed what was going to happen. No one left back, but the cowhand himself back there, which, he winters back there.
L-42 And we were the only couple, only truck, that stayed in. And I asked the brethren. They said, "We're going to stay." So then, "All right," I said, "now be ready." And we went out and got... a Methodist minister and I went and got some more bread and stuff, so we could find it; it was about thirty miles in and back. So we come back, Brother John and them sitting here, they heard that and away they went; they got out at the time, so the blizzard struck. But we was going to stay over, and I was going to Tucson for a meeting, and I called my wife and told her that we'd... if I didn't get there, to let somebody else substitute in my place.
L-43 And the next morning we started out. I said, "Now, the first time," it was real cloudy, "you hear the rain fall, or anything, get back to that camp as quick as you can, 'cause within ten, fifteen minutes, you'll never see your way back again." And so I had the men placed out, and went up over the top of the ridge, walking up, trying to run deer down on them.
L-44 And I'd, a few days before that, shooting my rifle in, down in Tucson; coming back up there, throwed it out a little bit to the right. I shot a big buck that I had been looking for for many years, and it hit him too high, and he had died down there and I couldn't find him, the weather was getting bad.
L-45 I thought, "I'll run up and take a look." And when I got up on top the mountain, I noticed the rain started, the sleet falling, and the big drops of snow, the size of a silver dollar, just plastering everywhere, and the winds twisting. I knew everyone was on the run, back to the camp then. Well, I waited a few moments, and I thought, "I'll never be able to find this deer at this time, under this storm."
L-46 So on we went, started down the mountain, just could see about ten feet in front of me. And about... I was about four miles or more, to get in to the place. Knowing, I come down the mountain, knowing the country so well, 'cause I've herded cattle there for years and years. Coming down the mountain, I got about a half a mile from the saddle, of where crossing like this, across the range of where I was at. And there was...
L-47 I had been feeling that horrible burden. "I've cried. I've prayed. I've confessed. What can I do? What is it that I've done?" Like you had done something real evil; like you had hurt somebody, and you know you ought to make it right. What was I condemned about? I knew not. I said, "Lord, if You'll only reveal it to me, I'll make it right. But what have I done but stand and preach, and do all that I knowed to do? And I've tried to live clean, clear, and just according to Your Words. But what have I done?" And still that burden would not let up, year after year. I thought about it on the mountain, that morning, and I started down.
L-48 The day before was my anniversary, too, my wife and I were married twenty years before that. And I have never been home on our anniversary. And I always go up to the mountain, a little place where there is some quaking asp. The first year we were married, I didn't have enough money to take a honeymoon, for a little trip, and then take a hunting trip too, so I took my wife on a hunting trip for the honeymoon. So that looked like, kind of getting it, got both at the same time.
L-49 And I remember, a little fellow, I--I'd pick her up and lift her over logs, and things. And we got up to a little place, and took her picture, and its always kind of--kind of a fair. I think of that, and think of her black hair and how pretty she was; and now gray and just a few years has done to her.
L-50 I thought, "I believe I'll go up there, but it's--it's too hard." The snow was too hard then.
L-51 I knowed I had to get in, because they had broadcasted, "A severe blizzard on the road!" They had broadcasted it across the nation. I don't know whether Tom Simpson is sitting here this morning, or not. Coming down from Canada, he was told by radio, not to even go through that country at all. Everybody said, "Don't go through there. Go the other way, 'cause a horrible blizzard is sweeping across."
L-52 And I started down the mountain, thinking about that, and about ten o'clock in the morning. And all of a sudden, just as plain as you hear my voice, the Voice said, "Stop, and turn around and go back."
L-53 Now I couldn't tell this amongst people that's unbelievers. You only have to tell it to believers, and then, because this, the unbelievers will never understand it. You got to have a spiritual mind to understand spiritual things. The Word is spiritual. It's interpreted spiritual. And It's--It's God's Word. And I stopped, and I thought, "If I go back up there, another half a mile back up, the storm raging like it is..."
L-54 And David Wood had made me a sandwich, and, it was! I think he was getting even with me for making his father one, one time. We didn't have nothing but some onions and honey and bread, and, I put it all together, we made us a sandwich. And he couldn't hardly eat his. And I think he was trying to get even with me for that, so he put... I--I don't know what all kind he... And going up the mountain, the rain falling so fast, it got it wet, and it was just in one big wad. I thought, "Well, I'll eat that and wait."
L-55 And while I was standing there, thought, "That wasn't nothing. I just imagined. It was a wind, probably, was blowing, twisting through these trees." And I started to walk on. I just could not walk. And I thought, "Well, I--I believe I'll go back."
L-56 And I heard It again. "Go back where you come from." It said that. I started up the mountain, stopped. And I thought, "Maybe I..." I--I was getting scared to go back to where I was at, because the--the winds were so terrific.
L-57 Sometime God makes us do things that--that seems very dangerous and out of line. How about Moses with that stick, going down to take over Egypt? And everything we find like that, that God asks the impossibles, see, so that He does the impossibles, that man will know that it isn't him; it's God that's doing it.
L-58 I went back up to the top of the mountain again, finding my way through the blowing, twisting trees. I set down and took my gun, and keep the scope from getting... up like that. Bear run in that kind of time. And so I put my scope back under my shirt, like this, and sit down a moment. I thought, "What am I doing, sitting here?"
L-59 But God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. They're past finding out, to the carnal mind. They never catch a glimpse of it. And as I walked back up and sat down, sitting there thinking on God. "Wonder why I come back." I thought, "My, time I get to the bottom of the hill, that storm getting more terrific all the time, closing in, you couldn't see very far ahead of you." And now if you...
L-60 You don't have to believe this, but this is true. A Voice spoke to me, and said, "I am the Lord God. I've created the heavens and the earth. Nature obeys Me."
L-61 And then I sit there a little bit, jerked off my hat. And that Voice, somewhere, I couldn't see It. Only thing, I could hear It. It was around there in them trees, somewhere. I thought. Usually you see that Light that all of you know about, usually It's there, but I looked everywhere and I couldn't see the Light. I said, "Where are You, O God, my Creator?" I looked around. I couldn't hear It no more, hear His Voice. I waited a few minutes.
L-62 He said, "I am the Lord God that had you to speak those squirrels into existence." And all of you know about that. And so help me, with this Bible before me, on this Thanksgiving morning, if that isn't true, God may strike me dead at the platform now. See, it's true. He is still just as much Creator, a God--a God that could provide a ram for Abraham, can provide. He is still Jehovah-Jireh. The Lord can provide!
L-63 Where did Abraham get that ram? Look, a three-days journey from civilization, up on top of the mountain, where there is no water or nothing. And he had need of a ram, and there was a ram hooked in the wilderness, by its horns. And Abraham had went around and picked up rock, all around there to make this altar; but God still remained Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord will provide for Himself, that.
L-64 Whatever He has promised, that He is able to do! That's that Word in Matthew there, I think, Mark 11:22, "If you say to this mountain." I, I never could understand that. You know the story about that. [Mark 11:23]
L-65 And, so help me, that's true. He said, "I am the One that provided that, them squirrels," He said. Now when... I listened again, to see what He would say. Nothing stopped; wind just howling, going on. I--I have to bite myself, 'cause...
L-66 Let me tell you something. Real spiritual minds is one step from insanity. Did you know that? A scientific research will tell you that. Here you are down here slow and slumpy; and then you come up a little more spiritual, then you're about like this; then you go to like a dull axe; and then to a honed razor. Now you know which side you would fall on there. If a man tries to lift hisself up there, he is sure to go on the wrong side. If God lifts him up there, he is far above the average person. There is where visions and things break through. There is where the Kingdom of God is. Poets, prophets, and all were considered neurotics.
L-67 Jesus, Himself, was called a "crazy man." Said, "We know You're mad and got a devil." Mad means "crazy." Look at all the poets and prophets through the ages, had been considered that, that extremely try... Try, if you try to pull yourself up there, you're gone, you'll never make it. It takes a Hand reaching down from Glory, to hold you on that edge there, between the right and wrong things. And standing on them edges is where you look across into Beulah Land. [John 10:20]
L-68 Then on that very hour, It spoke again, to that very same time, sitting up there. He said, "I am the One that stood on the ship that night, and made the winds and the waves to cease." Said, "Rise up on your feet and rebuke this storm, and it will obey exactly what you say." That's been that third stage of the ministry coming. It's been moving up, for years. And look like there is something that keeps worried, I think, "Oh, don't..." But that's exactly what He done. And this is Him again, it's just exactly His Spirit again, just exactly. [Matthew 8:24-26]
L-69 But I've had so many carnal impersonations upon the other, it makes me scared to even think about it. Cause, you'll have that, just as sure as the world. There is always the mixed multitudes. And that carnal impersonation has to follow It. It did in His days; it did in Moses' days; it'll do it in every day. It'll do it in this day when the Holy Spirit is trying to do the work. But still, if a person is spiritual, the carnal impersonation only magnifies the right one, That, the--the real article of God.
L-70 And standing there, at that time, I raised up and I said, "Lord God, great Creator of nature, I believe that That's You speaking. Not one time have You ever showed me anything that was wrong, and not one time have You let me say anything but what come to pass."
L-71 I said, therefore, "I say to this storm that's a raging, 'Go to your places. Go back, leave this alone.' And I command that the sun will shine for the next four days, till these men can get their trophies, and I can help them get them, and get out of these mountains."
L-72 And the Lord God, Who is my solemn Judge this morning; that rain and things twisting, within a moment's time there wasn't a bit of it. I looked, and there was a wind come from the other way, across the top of the mountain, and lifted up those clouds like that. Within just a matter of a few minutes, the sun was broke up, right through the top, and shining right down, just as pretty as it could be.
L-73 Just the same way it did in Germany. You remember the story in Germany. When, them witches, fifteen on one side, cut, took a scissor and cut a feather, pointed it back this way, and stood there going through their enchantments, and said they would blow the tent away, of thirty thousand people. And Brother Arganbright was standing there. And here come the storm, a cloud coming right up. I stood there by Brother Lowster. Many of you know him, the American-born German here that's my interpreter there. And he--he stood right there. I said, "Don't interpret this." But I said, "Lord God, You give me a--a vision and sent me to Germany. These witches has brought up this storm. You're the God of creation, let it be known that You are God!" No one but what could understand English, and that wasn't a dozen there that knew what I was speaking about.
L-74 Just then the tent raising up like this, with thirty thousand people beneath it, jumping up-and-down like that, settled down, and the clouds and thunders roared away. In less than five minutes, the sun was shining right down through, when about fifteen thousand Germans came to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is still God. He is just as God as much as He ever was.
L-75 Well, as I stood there on that hill. Coming out about four days later, anyone here knows the truth, not one cloud was in the sky, from that hour, for four days.
L-76 When I come down and go out, went, buy gasoline when we come out of the mountains, I said, "We've been pretty dry."
L-77 Said, "Yes, it's been dry." Said, he said, "We was looking for a storm the other day, come up, but we don't know, the thing stopped." See?
L-78 I went on down to the other side of Colorado, stopped to get some gas. Billy Paul, my son back there, we were together. I said, "Let's just see if it stopped down here."
L-79 And I drove in, I said, "Good morning," so we started talking to the man.
He said, "Good morning." And he...
I said, "Sure a beautiful day!"
L-80 He said, "Yes, the old sun is coming out, hot again." Said, "She sure burnt us up this summer."
L-81 And I said, "Yeah." I said, "Well, that's all across the nation."
He said, "Yeah, I understand."
And I said, "It's getting almost time for your storms."
L-82 He said, "You know what?" Said, "All the papers, radio, and everything else, give the storm coming the other day. And the clouds come, and the storm started. And all at once, we don't know what happened to it, it all went away."
L-83 He is still God, just as much God as He ever was. But how can a man say those things unless God tells him first to say it? See, not under impression; but you know what you're saying, then do it. But wait, don't try to say, "Oh, that's the way!" Many people, I think, and--and gifts of God... Wait to know it is, you know it's God. See, wait till the Voice comes, and you hear It, and know It, see It, then you can say, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD." If it isn't THUS SAITH THE LORD, then it's your impression, it's what somebody else thinks. People requests people, "Say this for me. Do this for me." How can you do it, if you're honest with God, until God first tells you? How can I tell you, "Thus saith Jack Moore," and Jack Moore hasn't said nothing to me? See? It's got to come first from God, not impressed. It's got to be God, and then it will happen, for it is then THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-84 Now, everybody won't have that. No, sir. It won't be that way. It never was that way. It never will be that way. God deals with an individual. He did in the days of Noah. He did in the days of--of Joshua. He did in the days of Moses. He has always. He has never made a system. It's been an individual, 'cause two men ain't alike, no time. See, He never did do no more. But everybody didn't have to be Moses. They didn't understand it; they just followed. And the Holy Spirit, if a man is anointed of God, will direct you to follow the Holy Spirit and the Bible, for He is the One Who does these things, Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Ghost working in the people.
L-85 Standing there, I started to walk back down. I stood there. I cried. I couldn't help it, to see what had happened right there in a moment.
L-86 And the brethren up there, now how many was, is there somebody here? I know Fred Sothmann and them is here, was up there; no, Fred was with me at the other place. Is there any here now that was up there? Is Brother Banks Wood and them in here yet? Is there anybody here besides Billy Paul that was up there? These boys had just left, yeah, and Brother Wood, and Brother Taylor, or, I forget the other brother's name, four or five of them were standing there. These brethren here, Brother Martin had just left, left the day before, on account of the storm coming. You all remember the storm, the broadcast, they said it was coming. [A brother says, "We met it."--Ed.] Now, what say? You met it. ["We met it."] You met it.
L-87 Then, and now notice. Standing there, I thought, "Well, I guess I'll go down the hill."
L-88 And I--I made a vow to God, a few years ago, going out with the Full Gospel Business Men, that, "I wouldn't shoot game for somebody else, unless it was an emergency." I just wouldn't do it.
L-89 And, yeah, it's Brother Jack Palmer, is he here? Brother Jack, he was from Georgia, he usually comes up here. He was standing there. And the night before, he said, "Brother Branham, get me a deer."
L-90 And, my, I just shook, because, I--I know I had vowed I wouldn't do that, four or five years ago, 'cause that year I killed nineteen head of elk, alone. Just for them businessmen who sit around and talk their business. I'd have to go out and kill their game. And that just didn't seem... like put me in a murder class, but I wouldn't do it. I'll take them to where it's at, but I won't shoot it. So I promised God I wouldn't do that.
L-91 So then I had got, left the place, going back, started back down the hill, and a Voice spoke to me, and said, "Why not walk with Me?"
L-92 And I said, "Lord God, if that's You, I know that only the hand of God could part those clouds and do what You've done here." And the warm sun shining down, drying my shirt out, and steam coming up from it. And I said... A great cathedral, virgin forest, you know. And I said, "I believe I'll walk up this way then, Lord, if You have no certain direction. I wanted to go up there and stand just in a few minutes for a little memorial to my wife, of our--of our first and only honeymoon, you know, that we ever had a chance to go. And I took her on a hunting trip, and here I am here this year again, hunting with these brethren; and her down in Tucson, trying to keep things going."
L-93 And I started walking down through there, and I got to thinking. Now this is going to sound very funny. And I'll hurry, 'cause I know your service starts in about ten minutes. And so I was walking down along through there, and I was thinking, "Oh, wonder why that she never has said a word to me about going anywhere?" And this morning I want to tell you what happened, in a few minutes. I--I...
L-94 Every man ought to think this. I--I think there is not a woman in the world like my wife. She is just a wonderful person, a little pious, stay at home. She has always had my clothes ready. And I'd be out, gone on the trips, everything; come in, say, tease her a little bit, say, "I'm your husband. Are you my wife?" And like that, and kiss the children, kneel down and have prayer; and put on my clothes, to keep from having to lose my mind, nearly, from the crowds and things, take off and go fishing or hunting, away from her. She has had to bear it all alone, herself.
L-95 Then I got to thinking, "Well, maybe when I'm home, the only thing I'm always... the only thing I know is God and His Word. And I'm constantly talking on It." And I was going along there, and a thought presented to me, said, "Well, maybe she just let you go because it--it keep the people away, and so forth like that. And she can be a little more peaceful when you're away." And I begin to accompany that thought. I went, "Um," like that, and, when I did, I seen the whiskers on my face, from about a week old, and they were better than half gray. I thought, "Bill, you're just... you know where you're headed. You're headed right on out now, see, you're getting old. And you already crossed that fifty mark." So I was just thinking that, going along with my rifle hanging on my shoulder, walking along like that.
L-96 And all of a sudden, something happened. It seemed like, in every principle, I was a boy again. I don't know what mentally taken place, or what it was. And I looked, standing in front of her, and there in front of me, and there she stood just the way she was when I married her. I set my gun down. I rubbed my eyes. I looked at her and she held out her arms like this, looked at me. I bowed my head down.
L-97 Cause, I was going right up there for a little--a little memorial for our anniversary; stand by those trees, a bunch of little trees up there, quaking asps, just like there was up in the north woods when we went up in Adirondack. And I always go up there, each twenty-third day of October, when I'm up there.
L-98 And there she was. And I done sit my rifle down, looked there. And I stopped a minute, and I bowed my head. I looked back, and she was still standing there with her arms out. And I thought, "I haven't surely lost my mind." I looked again. I thought, "Why would this be?" Here I was, a young fellow. I looked at my hands, and I said I... "Lord, my responsibility in the world, to bring Your Message, surely this is something happened to me." And I looked again, and then it just faded away.
L-99 And I picked up my rifle, put it on my shoulder. And I said, "Maybe that's You letting me know the reason, it does break her heart when I have... when I come in, and go out hunting, and things like that."
L-100 But as I started walking on, I took off my hat again. I said, "God, I know that You are here. There is no doubt in my mind but what You're here. And I believe You, every Word. You, You make that sun shine down on my back. You're the One Who does these things. You're a Creator. I, I've been so dilatory, it looks like I'm afraid to take a hold. I'm afraid I'll do something wrong." I said, "There is one thing I will ask You to do. Lift the burden from my heart. There is no need of me trying to confess anymore, because for five years I've constantly cried out to You. What have I done? Tell me what it is."
L-101 And I was walking up the little hill then, right close to where I was going to stand for a few minutes, just to thank the Lord for my wife and for a successful marriage that God had give us, and the love we had for each other, these years, and our children. I do that every twenty-third day of October. And there was a little quaking asp, about, oh, ten inches thick, had come up about like this, and went out, kind of an L, and went up. And just as I was walking up the hill, I got real weak, and I just leaned over against that tree, like that.
L-102 And I could hear something patting on the leaves, just a minute. Now, the leaves had done dried, time I had walked there, about three hundred or four hundred yards. And I looked, and it was water coming from my own eyes, dropping off, through the gray beards, down onto the ground. I said, "O God, what a--what a failure I am." And standing there in that condition. I said, "I--I trust that You will be merciful to her." I said, "I--I ain't worthy to ask for mercy." I said, "Someday, I know I'm getting gray, and I--I got to go, Lord."
L-103 And I guess people think it's crazy, but I--I find God out in them places. That's--that's where it's real to me. I... It's just--just as real as it is right here; and, frankly, a little more so, 'cause, see, all of you, a part. There, it looks like I'm just standing with Him alone, talking to nobody but Him.
L-104 And as I stood there, I heard the brush break, and I kind of raised my head up; with a red shirt on now, and a red band around my--my hat, a red handkerchief wrapped around one of those western hats. And I--and I looked, and here stood two, three deer standing right by me, just walked up there; me in that red. All that shooting over there, a hundred man, they had been shot at forty times, I guess; why, sure, they'd have scattered right now. But they didn't. They just stood and looked at me.
L-105 And fine meat, two full-grown fawns and a big doe. And something said to me, "There is a deer for Brother Evans, one for Brother Welsh, and one for the Methodist preacher. There is exactly what the Lord God has given to you now. They can't get away. There is no way for them to." I had the rifle hanging on my shoulder right here. And before they could even got turned around, I'd killed all three of them, see, like that, before they could even move. They was right in my hands. And I... And I--I thought, "There they are, just the three. Easy to roll them right down the hill here, and then tote them right on out." And I thought, "That would be very easy. There is the three, then we could go home from there, take out and get out of the mountains." And as I looked at them there, they was standing, looking at me, just as quietly, about fifteen yards, twenty. Well, I just stood still.
L-106 And I don't know whether you fellows hunt deer, or not, but they're odd, when they--they don't... or are not certain, they'll fix their feet like this, go... [Brother Branham stomps his feet into position, and then repositions them--Ed.]
L-107 And then they watched me. I thought, "Well, there it is. Only thing, just throw my rifle over and they--they are gone."
L-108 And then I remembered I promised God that I wouldn't do it. And I remember that. I thought, "No, I can't do it. That isn't right. I promised God that I wouldn't do it." And when you make a promise, you stay with it. God expects you to. And there I thought, "Well, just perfectly in my hands, but yet I promised Him I wouldn't do it."
L-109 I said, "Go on, mother, take your babies and go on into the woods, enjoy yourself. I love this, too. You're in my hands, but I ain't going to kill you." And they come a little closer. Oh, how unusual that is, for deer. And they would look at me, you know, and turn their head. And me standing there, dressed in red, with a rifle standing in my hand. And they walked real close till they could almost... I could feed them out of my hand. And they just nosed around there, a few moments, turned around, walked on back a little piece. They stopped, come back again.
L-110 Something kept saying, "They're right in your hands. They're right in your hands. The Lord has put them in your hands."
I said, "But I promised, I promised that I wouldn't do it."
L-111 Since then, I thought, "You know, one time, David was led right to the very side where Joab was laying and... or where King Saul was laying. And Joab said to him, said, 'The Lord has delivered him into your hands.' But he said, 'God forbid that I would touch His anointed.'" See? See, you must watch when you make a promise. [I Samuel 26:11]
L-112 And then I said, "I promised God that I wouldn't do it, so I won't."
L-113 I said, "Mother, take your children and go on out in the woods. I'm not going to bother you. You're in my hands, you couldn't get away if you had to. But I--I'm not going to hurt you. Go on to the woods." And they come right back again, right around me. And I stood there. And I thought, "What is this? A strange thing."
L-114 I'm a nature person. I--I--I watch God in nature, the sunset and rise; it's a death, the life, the--the burial; the death, the resurrection again, everything. Like the trees, how Job said about hiding in the grave, "He'd keep me in a sacred place." And see the sap leave the trees, and go down into the grave of the roots, and come back up in the spring, the resurrection. Everything speaking of life and the resurrection.
L-115 And as I stood there watching them, they got closer, closer. Then they turned and walked on out in the woods. And I just stood there, just dumfounded, like.
L-116 And when they went away, that Voice spoke down again, that sun shining on my back, said, "You remembered your promise, didn't you?"
L-117 I said, "Yes, Lord, I remembered my promise. I know that's You. I can't see You, Lord, but You're here somewhere." I said, "I don't see You, but I hear Your Voice. I know You're here."
L-118 Said, "You kept your promise, you remembered your--your promise. I'll remember Mine, too. I'll never leave you nor forsake you."
L-119 Oh, my, I haven't felt the same since! I come off the mountain. All the afternoon, vision after vision happened, taking place. I come on down. It seems like everything has been different since then. A--a burden has gone.
L-120 About when the ministry first come to me, with feeling the--the person's hands, what it was, was a life in them, and--and we know how it went.
L-121 One night, in California, I was sitting with the Malicki family, Brother Moore remembers and Brother Brown, the Malicki family. And the little lady was going to take milk leg, from childbirth. And I--I had her put her hand out, I said, "There it is, you see the vibration of it. See?" And I said, "You, you're going to take milk leg." I said, "It's already working in you." And she did, almost lost her life.
L-122 And Brother Malicki said to me, said, "Brother Branham, how do you do that?"
I said, "I don't know. I can't tell you how it is. It's God."
L-123 And so I held my hand out like that. I said, "Here, here is my wife, I know there is nothing wrong with her. Lay your hands upon mine, honey." And she did, and there a tumor vibrated, from female. And I said, "Sweetheart, you have a tumor, honey, in the female glands."
And she said, "I--I feel no effects."
L-124 I said, "Sweetheart, here it is on my hand. Raise your hand up." She raised up, then lay it back down. "See it?"
L-125 Well, when we went, come home, we got a very fine doctor friend; I went to school with him. We took her down, an examination. Said, "Billy, there is nothing wrong with her." Said, "She is all right. No tumor there."
L-126 I said, "Sam, I don't want to doubt your word, see, because you examined her, but there is tumor there."
L-127 Everybody, over three or four years, when I go to get my physical, when I go overseas, she goes with me for a physical. And when it was, never seen it.
L-128 And about two years ago, I come in one day, now I--I must tell all truth. See, you don't want to just bypass anything, you must tell all truth. And I've expressed to you, my love for my wife. But yet we have to watch in them things. I'm telling you the truth. The Heavenly Father, Who is my Witness right here now, knows it's true. Oh, at the house, how it is, just this, that, and everything! The poor little thing is going through the change of life at this time, menopause.
L-129 And for the last couple years, about two years ago, when we had a physical, then the doctor found a tumor on the left ovary. It had growed to about the size of a--of a walnut. He said, "Let me examine that again, Brother Branham." Said, "About three months, if that goes to growing, it has to come out." Well, then we...
L-130 But just before that, I got something to tell you. I forgot that. One day I come in, and from the house, and I was come in to do something, and I turned around and went out. And I said... She said, "Can you go downtown with me, Bill?"
And I said, "Not right now, honey."
L-131 And she said, "What are we going to do about Becky, a certain-certain?"
I said, "Well, honey, I don't know just what to do."
L-132 And there was something come up, and she was so nervous she could hardly hold herself together. People at the house, all night long. And like night before last, even at one o'clock in the morning, here were people in, around the house, around the windows and every... So then she was real nervous, and she said something to me, snappy, that she oughtn't to have said it. See? She said, "Then, Bill, you're always gone, and I have to take care of these children myself." She said, "You're never here. We can't make our decisions together. You're either out, gone..." And she started crying, went in, shut the door.
L-133 Right then I said, "Oh, poor little fellow!" I said, "My, I ought..." And I started out.
L-134 And It said, "Read II Chronicles 22." It was when Miriam rebuked Moses, for marrying an Ethiopian girl; be better that her father had spit in her face, than to do this.
L-135 And I--I went back in, I said, "Sweetheart, you said the wrong thing." And she was crying. I said, "You said the wrong thing, honey. God is going to make you pay for that. You shouldn't have done that. I'm all tore up, myself. You shouldn't have said that."
L-136 And she said, "Well, Bill, I--I get so tore up." And I just turned and walked back, 'cause I knowed she wasn't in any mood to receive it, so I went back out.
L-137 And the next examination, about a month after that, showed the tumor.
L-138 Last year, here it come again. When she tried it again, now it was up to the size of an orange. The doctor said, "Don't put her off any longer. You must operate. That's at a fast growing tumor, is malignant. If it gets all fed over, and gets hooked into the side, what are you going to do?"
I said, "Doctor, we have faith in God."
L-139 I never said to the church, or nothing, I just let it go. We started praying. And I said, "Lord God, help us, please. I pray You would help us," and on like that. Tumor growed on and on.
L-140 Then when we left to go to Tucson, our doctor at home sent word to a doctor friend of his there, said, "If... You must take this tumor from Mrs. Branham, at once." Said, "If you don't, it's going to turn malignant." Told him, said, "The tumor has already growed, within a year, from the size of a walnut until the size of about a grapefruit," it had gotten so big. There it was, pushed out on her side, like that. And the other day...
L-141 She--she had put it off, going; I said, "Try..." We prayed. We cried. We begged, everything, nothing would take place. Then she was going, had to go last... let's see, yesterday. Yeah, yesterday she went to the doctor for the final. I said, "Well, I hate to do it, but we'll probably have to give in. And then, honey, you'll--you'll just have to--to give in, to have the... have it taken out, 'cause it's getting so big, our faith is not sufficient."
L-142 So, day before yesterday, before I left, knowing, she said, "Don't call me till after you have Brother Jack's service that night, then tell me what kind of a meeting you had, and how the people are down in Shreveport. Then," said, "I'll give you what the doctor said."
I said, "All right, honey." And I hung up.
L-143 Yesterday, day before yesterday, when I started to leave there, in the house, I went in and... Always when we leave, all the kiddies and all of us get together and kneel around there in the room, and pray. And the Lord, we tell the Lord... When I'm going overseas, I say, "Lord Jesus, take care of my family." And they pray for me, that God will help me, that we can meet together again. Then all the kids start crying and things, you know, 'cause, you know how it is.
L-144 Talk about President Kennedy being shot? I've had to be guarded many times from being shot with an infrared scope, and maybe at three or four hundred yards away, at nighttime. They can see just the same as they can in the daytime, through that spotter scope at night. And I've been in Catholic countries where radicals and everything, down in Mexico there where they sent back there, and send word, telegram messages wrote by everything, "We'll get you tonight," and so forth like that, going in and out, and looking for me. And perhaps I will get it sometime. That's all right. But I got Something that will take care of me when that time comes, see.
L-145 And then when I started to leave again, just by myself, the other day, I knelt down, day before yesterday, and I knelt down in the room. And I looked around. I had been there a couple days, lonesome, nobody there at the house. And I said, "Heavenly Father, I--I pray that You would be merciful now, and help me. I'm going down to Shreveport to do everything I can to help Your Kingdom." I said, "How many times has my wife and I knelt here in the room like this! We pray. And today I'm so lonesome for her." And I said, "Tomorrow she goes in, and perhaps I'll not be able to finish my meetings, because she'll perhaps be taken to the hospital, for this great tumor that we've asked You to take away. It's growed and growed, till now it must be taken away." And I said, "I--I've begged to You."
L-146 And I said, "Lord, if she said something wrong, when she... when there, I was torn up. If she said something wrong," I said, "Lord, just think, she has never one time, not one time has she ever said one thing to me going in Your meetings." I said, "You'll... She has always had my clothes clean and ready; and hold me by the hand, and cry and pray, and say, 'If I could just do something to help the Lord!'" And I said, "Look at her condition, Lord. And don't--don't do it. Don't, please don't, Lord." And I--I said, "God, help her, I pray that You will be merciful to her. And if she has to go through that operation, help her through, Lord. If I'd lose her now, I don't know what I'd do. I'm--I'm an old man. And them little kids to be raised, and what could I do? Be merciful to her, Lord. You know how I love her." And I said, "I--I just pray that You'll help her."
L-147 And as I was praying, I heard Something say, "Stand up on your feet." And I just went ahead, praying, 'cause I--I--I thought maybe I imagined that. And as I prayed on, Something said, "Stand up on your feet." And I stopped praying, and looked up. And the picture of Christ, the one that...
L-148 I never did care for Sallman's picture. I--I like Hofmann's picture, The Head At Thirty-three, you know. And I've got a big picture of it, 'cause, when I seen Him in the vision that time, that's just the way He looked. And there it was, I got it fixed so that He would be looking right at me when I was praying, in this picture.
L-149 And I looked up there, and I looked at the picture. And I looked all around. I thought, "What was that, 'Stand up on your feet'?" I thought, "Well, I'll stand up on my feet." And I got up on my feet.
L-150 Just that same Voice that spoke up there on the hill that night, same One Who always come. I said, "Lord God, was that You speaking to Your servant?"
L-151 He said, "Just say the word, and there will be no more tumor."
L-152 I stood there a little bit, to get to myself right. Many of you knows, in here, and the people in the tabernacle knows what was, that she had it. I said, "Then I say, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that that tumor shall leave her." Been bothering her so bad, she had been in bed for three or four days, with it. I said, "They will never even find a trace of it. For, the Lord my God, Who is Creator, Who can stop winds and storms, and can rebuke the seas, and bring forth that, He is the Creator of heavens and earth. And I love Him and believe Him, and I believe that this time is now nearing when these things are to be. And You, Who could create a squirrel and put it into existence, could take an enemy out of existence." I said, "When the Devil wrapped hisself in the storm... The winds is God's creation. The water is God's creation. But the Devil got into it, that's what did it, and put a--a spasm in the sea, like that." I said, "You could calm it. And You that could calm that, can take away the tumor from my wife. And I say that it is done right now, never shall it be found anymore. It's finished."
L-153 I went out of there with assurance, told my son and daughter-in-law. We come on down, and last night I run in here real quick to have the meeting; and went back, called her. And she knowed nothing about it yet. I didn't tell her.
L-154 And when she called, she was just all happy. She said, "Billy, I got something to tell you, honey." She said, "There isn't one sign of tumor left nowhere. The doctor said he couldn't find a thing." She said, "I was so happy! And Mrs. Norman and many of the sisters here, two or three of them, was with us here in the room." She said, "The doctor said, 'And you mean to say! I can't understand. A month ago, was a tumor there the size of a grapefruit.' And said, 'Mrs. Branham, rest assured, there is not one sign of tumor about you, no more."
L-155 It's the Lord our God! A thanksgiving day? Oh, thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ, that supreme Gift that is the same yesterday, today, and forever! That is true. I don't believe in taking oaths by the heavens or by the earth, or nothing else. But with the Bible over my heart, and God Whom I love, knows that every word of that is solemnly the truth. Thanksgiving day! When I thought tomorrow I'd have, or the next few days, I might have to even leave the meeting, to go. Couldn't even promise the people that I would be back at Christmas time, at home, for my children, to bring them back home again for Christmas; knowing, quivering down in my heart, that an operation waited my wife, with a tumor the size of a grapefruit. And there it was.
L-156 And the very Word of God, that said, "Say what you will, and it will be that way."
L-157 And I said, "The tumor is gone. They will never find it no more."
L-158 And it's gone, today. And the best surgeon and best doctors there was on this staff at Tucson, Arizona; when, a few days ago, there was a great, a great big tumor like that. And the same doctor could find no trace of it at all, and wrote out a free statement like this, that, "Mrs. Branham has no sign of tumor, nowhere at all."
L-159 Oh, thanksgivings to God! This is a day of thanksgiving, to me. To know, above that, that someday that little face that I married there, glory to God, someday these old-age marks of death will fade away, and we'll be there in the likeness of youth, and never no more to get old. And the gift of God, through Jesus Christ, of the Holy Ghost that we have received now, is what gives us this, this anchor.
L-160 And look at it today, friends. You talk about a thankful people. We ought to be the most thankful people of everybody in the world. Besides the healing, besides these things that's taking place, what is it? It's the absolute assurance that the same God, by the same nature, the same Pillar of Fire, the same Angel of God, the same Jesus yesterday, today and forever, is doing the same things, by the same Power, through the same Name. What an anchor of the soul, steadfast and sure! May the Lord God of Heaven richly bless you, every one.
Let us bow our heads.
L-161 Lord, I am so grateful, Lord, I--I don't know what to say. I just can't express it. When that hymn was sang a while ago, and them people singing that song; in my heart, just jumped for joy. And the testimony come upon my heart. And now, Heavenly Father, Thou knowest these things are true. Thou knowest, from the depths of my heart, that, and that it is the truth. I have no reason, Lord, to tell them nothing but that which is right. And I pray, God, that today... may my heart feel to see all these Christian brothers and sisters here, who are my brothers and sisters in the bonds of Christ, rejoice with me, with thanksgiving, for my little companion [] spared. []... the earth praise God. Let nature praise God! Let all that's got breath, praise God and be thankful for this great time we have.
L-162 Dear Heavenly Father, there I see there is a little boy sitting here in a wheel chair. There are others in here who are sick and needy. And just as You're the God of salvation for our souls, You're the God that heals all of our diseases and our afflictions. And You're still... with these testimonies, just one or two, when they rank into the thousands, that Your humble servant has seen You perform and do, without one blemish in it, anywhere. And we know that You are still Jehovah-Jireh, and You have already provided the Sacrifice for the healing. The very God that removed that tumor out of my wife's side, You're just as much God right here at Shreveport as You are in Tucson; and yet I was miles, two thousand miles from her at the time. I pray, God, that Your holy Presence will fill this tabernacle today, with healing Power, that will heal every sick person that's here, that these thanksgiving blessings might continue to ring out, back and forth, across the country, Lord, that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever. Grant it, Eternal God.
L-163 Now as you people are sitting here, put your hands over on one another and pray. Connect yourselves together by a unity of faith in the Presence of God, and remember that each one of you are privileged. God will judge me, whether I've told you the truth or not. Has it ever failed, have I ever told you anything but what happened?
L-164 As Samuel said that time, as when they was going to make a--a king, Saul. He said, "Have I ever told you anything in the Name of the Lord, but what come to pass? Have I ever begged you for your money, for my food?" "No, Samuel, but we still want the king. We still want our own earthly king." And Samuel knowed that God was their King. [I Samuel 8:6]
L-165 I tell you, this morning, folks, I bring you to record, have you ever seen the gift of God fail one time, that we read about this morning? No, sir. It's Jesus Christ, it can't fail. Science has proved it. The church knows it. And He is here right now, right at this minute. He is here. And the only thing it lacks is for your faith to pick up that Word and anoint It to yourself, and He'll heal you.
L-166 And with your hands on one another, cry out to God, with all your heart, and say, "Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, You Who can stop the storm, two thousand years ago, You did it and You do it again right now. And You stop my sickness. You make me well. And I'm grateful in my heart for You, the Almighty God."

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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