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53-1120, Demonology, Evansville Coliseum, Evansville, IN, 68 min

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L-1 ... Confession, that since a little boy, and when I was first converted, and when I met up with the--the people, the Full Gospel people, I've always had in my heart that there was something different. And when the Angel of the Lord met me...
And how many was in my primitive meetings when I first started? Is there anybody here was in my first meetings when I first started? How I'd take the people by the hand, you remember that? All right. And you heard me say that it would come to pass, that He told me, that it would come to pass if I'd be sincere, then I would--I would know the very secrets of the people's heart. You remember Him saying that? Now, it didn't work, it wasn't then, but He said, "It would be." Well, now that's taken place.
And He told me... I told Him, I said, "I questioned it."
And He said, "I'll be with you." Well, that's always been one consolation that I've knowed, that He was here.
L-2 I've often heard people say, "Brother Branham, why don't you take the initiative side. Go right out there and just take the side and rebuke the enemy." I was afraid to. Because I--I suppose, maybe, I'd, I maybe had seen something that I should not have seen.
And I do realize, friends, with all sincerity, that this is not just a--a drama, a stage show. We're in church and--and it's the--it's the power of Almighty God. And it's demon spirits are on people, it's if I tell Christians that... Now, I don't mean if...
You say, "I got the Holy Ghost, Brother Branham. I ain't got no demon."
Well now, I don't say, "demon possession," it's, "demon oppression," you see. Satan in the flesh, not Satan in the spirit. Satan in the spirit gives unclean habits and so forth, and unbelief. You might live just as pure and holy and clean, and yet, be a sinner. It's your faith that saves you. See. Many people, they're just as pure and clean, and yet, a lot cleaner, sometimes, than people who, professed Christians live. But yet, would deny the Holy Ghost, would deny every operation of the power of God; they're unbelievers, no matter, they're very religious. And the antichrist spirit is a very religious spirit, just to the mark, just as religious as it can be, the antichrist. Jesus even said, "It would deceive the very Elect, if possible, in the last day." That's true.
Now, so then it behooves you to know where you're--where you're doing, where you're standing, and what you're talking to. [Matthew 24:24]
L-3 Now, being that I've made this much confession, I'm going to tell you something I've never told publicly in a audience in my life, knowingly, unless it was under the Spirit, sometime, 'cause I do things then I don't know what I'm doing.
But on the platform many, many times, I see the spirit that leaves the person. They're in all kind of shapes. I'm fixing up a book on demonology, of what I know about it myself, in my personal dealings with demons; they're beings. They're just not just some thought, like Christian science says. It's actually a being, and you see it when it leaves the person, like a black shadow. I--I seen them, they look, some of them look like bats about that long, got long hairs hanging down. I seen them like that, and I seen them look like tortoises, and like great big spiders that weigh fifty pounds, or something, great big shadow like, and it leaves the people. Usually, that's epilepsy.
And it--it goes right over the audience. And Almighty God, Who we're preaching about, and surely, to be in the deepest of sincerity, I seen those things move over the audience. And I've seen them, sometimes, when the congregation will be just in one accord, that they'd see that thing themselves, many times. Hundreds and hundreds of people would see it move.
And therefore, it must take the very deepest of sincerity. It isn't a bluff, you can't bluff the devil at all, he won't bluff. But whenever you've really can produce the--the Blood of Jesus Christ, Satan can't stand before that. Now, that's just as true. [Matthew 12:43-45], [Luke 11:24-26]
L-4 Well now, here's what I've often wondered, and thank you for bearing with me tonight to explain this. Here's what I've often wondered. Now, I notice I got a great group of ministers back here, which I'm very happy for them to be here, my brethren. And I've often wondered and seen people come to the meetings that have been through meetings, went through prayer line, then the first thing you know, they wind up, up there at the house. Some of them possessed with evil spirits. They've been through there, they been prayed for, and prayed for, and prayed for, and oil poured on their head, and prayed for, and through this prayer... But yet it hangs right on. Now, there's some reason somewhere. If...
You know that there is such a thing as Divine healing, don't you? And you know that there is no hard case with God. Why, God heal leprosy same as He would a toothache. See? It's all under the Atonement. But when... You look, in reading articles, this person was setting paralyzed; healed. Here's another one with, maybe, with a last stage of cancer, just withered away; they're made well. Then see another person, maybe with just a--a persistent headache, or something, and just been through prayer line after prayer line. There's something wrong somewhere, there's bound to be.
Now, that's where the benefit of the little, humble gift that God gave me, if I can get that person alone and quiet and before God, it'll reveal just exactly what's the matter. There's something that they haven't done, or something that they ought to have done. There's some reason for it, somewhere. But you must find that, then the patient go makes it right, they get well. [Matthew 16:14-21], [Mark 9:14-29]
L-5 How many times has that happened? God only knows. Thousands of times that people who come, filled with the Holy Spirit, Sunday school teachers, and everything, and yet, way back down the line somewhere, something would happen. Here, the Holy Spirit reveals that right up, tells them just exactly what... "Why, I remember that, that's just exactly right." And away they go and make it right. That settles the sickness. See? Well, that's the reason (or the disease or affliction or whatever it is), well, that's the reason that the little gift, that God gave, comes in so wonderfully in the church.
But you go to doing that over an audience of people, well, then each individual must have that same contact, or they don't feel they're prayed for. They just don't do it. I've tried it eight years.
And you've heard me say in Owensboro, "Down in Africa, one's... I could stand here under the Spirit of God and someone setting out in there, it would discern one thing. Tell the person what was wrong or something another like that, every person would do just exactly what you told them to do. If they were laying twisted, bound up, they'd be wiggling and trying their best to get off the cot or do... And they'd keep doing it till they could do it, to get up. No defeat with them there."
L-6 But in America, it never did work just right. There's just... It's so much teaching in America, so many different teachings, till each one has their own idea. They'd say, "Now, my pastor said that that man was a spiritualist." Well, that settles it with you. Oh, you say, "I don't believe that now, Brother Branham." But way down, in that subconscious, it's still there. You usually move by your subconscious.
Just like a big ship going out to sea, the captain gives orders to a little man that goes down in the bowels of the ship, and oh, he don't see nothing. He just operates the way orders come from above. He don't know. He says, "Steer this way," or, "Turn this way," or, "Full speed ahead," or, "Back up." He just works according to what the man does up here.
L-7 Well usually, that--that's the way your subconscious works. It stirs you when up here, you're trying to think this, but way down here, there's something else moves you. Now, I know that. I've caught the patients by the thousands, on the platform, where they'll say, "Brother Branham, I believe that with all my heart. Yes, Brother Branham, I believe that."
And yet, down in there? I think, "God, if they believed it down here like they did up here, it would be different." See?
But they believe it up here, but don't down here. So, that--that won't work. This, here will overrule that 'cause subconscious will move on. You'll try to walk out with a mental conception saying, "Glory to God, I'm healed. Praise the Lord, I'm healed." And right down in here, that isn't saying so. So, finally this just rules that right away. And when symptoms arise, then you say, "Well, I just didn't get it." See?
There's where it's at. This has got to be with this. And this and this has got to be with that. See what I mean? And then healing takes place. Then you, your soul, and your mind, and all, is in cooperation with God, and the channel of God's blessing just flows right into you, and heals you. It's just got to.
L-8 Now, I've noticed that. And I've been very particular on what I was doing, I'd always wait. Perhaps, maybe God put that curse on... let Satan put it on. God don't put a curse on no one, but sometimes, He'll permit Satan to do it, he did on Job and many of them, you know; that, Satan puts a curse, God doesn't. God is love. But if you do something wrong, then you are just loosed to Satan for some whipping.
And then when this curse is on you, and then perhaps maybe, what if by power of attorney, that you go back and take the curse off, that God willed that it stays on there till this thing's made right? Then what about it? Then you're in trouble with God. Is that right? You're in trouble with God. [Job 1:8-22], [Job 2:1-10], [James 1:2-12]
L-9 Like a woman come on the platform there in Durban, she walked up, great big, strong, healthy-looking woman. The Holy Spirit spoke to her, told her who she was, where she come from, what her name was, and where she had been, who her husband was; told her she had a cyst on the womb.
She said, "That's exactly right."
I said, "Prepare for death, for you're not going to live but a few minutes." In fifteen, twenty minutes time, she was a corpse. They packed her out away. See?
I never speak that when I see death around a person, I just pray for them, and go on, 'cause I don't know. But this time I seen the funeral procession taking her out, and God had already said so, so that settled it, you see. I knowed she was going to die. So she died, just, she died yet on the ground. She just walked down, set down, set there a few minutes, then pitched right over dead. Just this normal, healthy woman, little cyst on the--on the female organ, that was all was wrong with her. But she died and it just foreseen.
Now, if I'd have been the healer, I'd have healed her. I couldn't heal her, God is the One. You have to obey what He says do. [Exodus 15:26], [Psalms 103:1-3], [John 5:19]
L-10 Then, in all of that, that's the reason. You remember Moses, who smote the rock when he was suppose to speak to it? How many remembers that story? You ministers do. He certainly got in trouble, didn't he? He didn't get to go over in the promised land. God just took him out of it, said, "No, come aside, Moses." Crawled up the hillside and there he died, the Angels took and buried him. And many other stories in the Bible, like that. So, I've tried to be very careful.
But there's one thing that I've always thought about. That God, by the power of His death at Calvary, has given to the church power to cast out evil spirits. Because Mark 16 said, "In My Name they shall cast out..." (Not, "I will"; "They will.") "In My Name they shall cast out devils." Is that right? "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
Now, that laying hands on the sick has been one thing, I've often wondered, as I said: There's not a mother in here but knows what laying hands on the sick is. Let your little baby be sick, and you pat it and play with it a little bit, how it quietens it. [Mark 16:17], [Numbers 20:7-13], [Mark 16:18], [Deuteronomy 34:1-8]
L-11 Did you ever have a horse that was nervous and upset or something, or, your dog? Just [Brother Branham pats to illustrate--Ed.] pat him just a little bit, put your hands on him, rub him, see. See what I mean? Now, there's a power of God by laying hands on the sick, because it's a--it's a commandment of Jesus Christ, to do so.
And last Tuesday, or, night before last, three nights ago, it's been, I suppose, when I was at Brother Vibbert's church, which I knew that was going to be the night that we was to be at Brother Vibbert's church, I think, which was Tuesday night. Brother Vibbert and I are close relation, and I thought if I was wrong, I wanted God to forgive me, and I was sure Brother Vibbert would, too. But I wanted to see a showdown one time, just a perfect showdown against Satan, for I've had some experiences without vision. [Mark 16:17]
L-12 And I remember at Portland, Oregon, when that maniac run out on the platform, three times my size. I weighed a hundred and twenty-eight pounds. He weighed about two-sixty, seven foot tall, great huge fellow. He come across the platform swinging his arms like that, cursing me, and spitting in my face. And said, "You imposing yourself to be a man of God." Said, "I'll break every bone in that little, frail body of yours." Well, he was plenty able to do it, by humanly speaking.
And I had just led two little police to Christ. They run out to grab him. I said, "This is not a flesh and blood affair." And no more than I had said that, till Something on the inside of me lifted up. And I knew he was whipped right then, because God had--had said so.
And he come across the platform and he stopped, out, about five feet from me. And He just... [Brother Branham makes a spitting sound--Ed.] ...spit, and it just flew all over my face. He said, "You snake in the grass. You hypocrite." Said, "Stand up here..." Sixty-five hundred people seated, beside just up and down the street. He said, "I'll just break every bone in your body." And he shook his big fist and, oh, his great huge arm. His eyes begin to roll around, his teeth set together, and He--and He would...
And these police found out that he had broke a--a jawbone and a shoulder of a minister the day before and they had a search warrant to get him, or, a warrant to get him, rather, right away. He was out of an insane institution. He just didn't like preachers. He just hit them; everything.
L-13 So, he thought, then, he could do it, and when he run up there...
And how the Holy Spirit leading, well, I know at that moment, now, without a vision first, Something said to me, "Don't be afraid."
I, when he come to me, I thought of what that Angel said, "I'll be with you." I thought, "If You're here, which You said You'd be, then what's he? How will this uncircumcised Philistine defy the living God?"
So, he come on up towards me, and he said, "I'll break every bone in your body." And he drew back his fist.
I said, "Because you've challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you'll fall over my feet." I didn't know I said that, see, that was the Spirit talking, It done took over, then. [I Samuel 17:26]
L-14 So, there was both challenges. And he run to me, he said, "I'll show you whose feet I'll fall over." And he drew back his great big fist, like that, and the audience set spellbound.
And just as he drew back his fist, I said, "Satan, come out of him."
And he threw his hands back like that, his eyes bulged way out like that, and rolled around. He threw his head back and ro-... spun around the floor, and fell on my feet, so that the police had to come roll him off my feet 'fore I could move. Right across the platform, he was perfectly just laying there.
The police said, "Is that man dead?"
I said, "No, sir."
Said, "Is he healed?"
I said, "No, sir, he worships that spirit. See? He'd bring it right back to him because he thinks he's right." I said, "He isn't healed." They rolled him over. I said, "Get him off my feet." He was cramping me, he's laying, that big man, up on my feet; I couldn't move my feet out and both of them together. And so I--I couldn't move my feet out, and they rolled him over, and I took my feet away, and went on to get...
L-15 And at that time, when all them demons had seen their chief man defeated: they just begin to raise up out of wheelchairs, cots, stretchers, and everything else, and walk. That was the end of the meeting. They just, everybody was healed and walked out. That was it, everything. See? Just...
Now, you see? When Satan was defeated there, the whole audience believed with one accord and went out. Now, if Satan is defeated in one case, why can't they do the same thing? See?
L-16 So, the other night, I said to my boy, I said, "Now, how many prayer cards did you give out?"
And all that day, I just stayed under prayer, I lived under prayer. I--I just set in the room, I wouldn't let Billy and them around me, I closed the door. I kept quoting, I said, "Angel of God came down to me and told me; when I was just a little baby, not over three minutes old; and when He hung over when I was a baby; all my life He's talked to me; He even had His picture taken on a picture." I begin to quote those things back. I said, "That night standing there when He walked to me." Not a vision, a Man, I stood there and talked to Him, just same as you would. Not imagination, the Man, I'd hear Him walking on the floor, He walked up, just as real as I am, or anybody.
And He stood and talked to me. He said, "You were sent, born in this world, to pray for sick people." He said, "If you'll be sincere, and then get the people to believe you, nothing will stand before your prayer."
And I said, "Well, they won't believe me, Sir." I said, "I'm a poor man and live among my people, who's poor, and I'm uneducated."
Then He begin to tell me about these things that would take place. And then He said, "I'll be with you."
L-17 And I thought, "There He was." And that night in the debate, when His picture was taken, where thousands of people were setting there in that big coliseum, this group here wouldn't make the choir. See? And all of them standing there, and that Baptist preacher just calling me everything in the world. I was setting up in the balcony, he didn't know I was there. Trying to make fun of Brother Bosworth, and had his picture taken shaking his finger in Brother Bosworth's face, and thing.
Brother Bosworth said, "I know Brother Branham's here if he wants to dismiss the audience."
When I came down I said, "Well, I'm not no Divine healer. I only speak of an Angel of God, who came and told me to pray for sick people." I said, "If I testify of the truth, God will testify for me. If God doesn't testify of me, then I'm wrong, I'm only testifying of myself." I said, "I'm testifying of Him and He'll testify of me."
And about that time Something went, "Whew!" Here He come, uh-hum, right down. He was testifying, about thirty thousand people looking at It. And they took the picture of It, and there It was.
And now, as scientific world begins to move into that realm, they begin to say, "That's true, that power..."
I thought, "Well, God, You--You--You told me to do this. And why can't I, while I'm in America, if they can't believe these signs, why can't You let me do something else for them?" I said, "God, I ask You tonight to help me, and vindicate, and You heard me say it before I come to the platform, I said, 'To help me.'"
L-18 And that night on the platform, we called up a few; in there we didn't get anything visibly that people could see. We called up another group and down along the group was a, first thing, was a boy; and his eyes had been shot out with a dynamite cap. One eye was completely gone, amputated and took out. And the other one was hit right in the middle, and all the sight bursted out of it; totally blind.
So, he walked up, I prayed for the boy as sincere as I know how to pray for anybody. And there his... I said, "Can you see, son?" And a big, bright light beaming down, like this, in his eyes. He was looking over this way to see the light, I turned his head around, I said, "This is the light."
He looked over that way, said, "I'm sorry, sir, I can't see a thing."
Well, I remember in showdowns and places. I looked back and I thought, "God, now here's a chance that I... If there's anything in my life, You take it away. If there is, I don't know nothing about it. But I know that You're standing here, and You promised this thing, and this is Your Word." In my heart, I begin to dig down to get a hold of something: Faith!
I turned again, put my hand over the boy's eye, and said, "Satan, you, who done this evil, all the sights are bursted, every nerve's killed, he's totally blind, he can't tell daylight from dark." And there he was, and I said, "I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ and command that the sight comes to the boy's eyes." I let a hold of my hand. He screamed and grabbed my hand, run off the platform looking at his hands, praising God
L-19 What was it? Two women, blind in their eyes, come to the platform, both of them received their sight. Here come a deaf man, come to the platform, the hearing come to his ears. He can hear to a whisper. What was it? That give me consolation.
When I return from Africa, God willing, that's what it was all about yesterday, reason I left. I'm glad I did. I thought I should go. And then it just begin to choke me dow-... []
L-20 ...?...on his poor old feet that's packed the Gospel 'fore--'fore I--'fore I was born. And we knelt there, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, God rebuked that demon from his foot that was swelled like that. It's gone now, and he walked just like he always did.
The Holy Spirit said to me, "Get to the wilderness as hard as you can." I grabbed my coat and hat, and I said, "Brother Bosworth, you take the pulpit. I'm gone." And I went out and stayed there till I got in connection with God. My voice come back, normal. He's revealed to me that this, this thing going on, now, is just a little, bitty thing. You wait till we return back from Africa.
Watch what's taking place now. The church is rising, brother, the power of God, the tide is high, moving on; we're going from deeper depths and higher heights. The old-fashion, apostolic, Pentecostal power of God that once dwelled on the disciples is coming back to the disciples again. That's exactly right. And I believe that things that you've never heard about is right now in making. I just feel, tonight, like a new person, just to know that His power is here
L-21 I got two more meetings to hold, one in Florida. And I heard today, that's right away now we're going to Africa. The meetings are getting set, and then when I get into that, and return back, I believe you're going to see a different meeting altogether.
And I believe the thing's: I want to get a bunch of ministers and get them together. The thing of it is, if you can get preachers moving in the Spirit of God, then you've got something going, you see, then you... They'll take it to the church and the church take it to here and from there to there. Not a new organization, but revive these that we have got, back to the Kingdom of God, back, again, to the apostolic Faith. The Lord bless you, friends. I believe we're--we're just at the verge of something.
Last night, way in the night, probably when you all were in bed, I was talking to Him. I could feel Him, He was near me. And as sure as I believe I'm standing here tonight, with this Bible before me, I believe He's going to appear visibly before me again right away, maybe 'fore I go overseas again. Oh, I trust that He will. I've got so many things to talk to Him about. And I--I--I trust that He'll appear to me, and by time I get back, I'll have a Message for you that comes straight from the Throne of God. Oh, how wonderful He is.
All right. Let's pray for the handkerchiefs now.
L-22 Our Heavenly Father: "What things He says, you do it," Mary, talking to the servant. And Lord, that's what our hopes is tonight, do just what You say, "Do." I pray, Father, that, as Thou has ordained in Thy Bible, and they... we're taught they taken off the body of Paul, handkerchiefs or aprons. Now, we know we're not Saint Paul, but we know that Thou art still Jesus, the One Who heals. And I ask You to heal every one that these handkerchiefs represent, all the special requests, everywhere, that Thou will heal them. Grant it, Lord, and may they get well, for Your glory. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-23 In the meetings, I have found something that my poor, Irish heart is just so thrilled, I don't know what to do. I--I--I know something of the Lord now, that I didn't know a week ago. See? I know that He has a channel. "Ye are the branches." We're the one that bears the fruit, He's the Vine that furnishes the energy, but the branches bear the fruit. Is that right? "In My Name ye shall cast out devils; nothing shall harm you by no means." Is that right? Then we're wrapped in the bundle of Life of God: every believer. [John 15:5], [Mark 16:17]
It's just like when you receive the Holy Spirit, God gives you a bank book. And at the bottom of every check, it's got Jesus' Name signed on it. And anything you got need of, just fill out the check and send it in. He'll--He'll--it's good. Don't you believe that? Why? The deposit was put in the bank at Calvary. "He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity: the chastisement of our peace upon Him; with His stripes we were healed." Any of those redemptive blessings, that belongs to every believer; if you're scared to fill the check out, well, it'll never do you no good. If you fill it out, and then tear it off, and put it in your pocket, it'll never do no good. Just tear it off and commit it to Him. Watch what takes care. God will take care of it. Is that right? [Isaiah 53:5]
L-24 Billy, I been looking for you. I thought you... I was looking for you to come up over there. What was that? W? W's and S. Well, let's call from W, then. Williams. All right. One to a hundred, each way? Well, let's call from prayer card W tonight, from, let's call from--from eighty-five to a hundred, pr-...[]
Now I believe, now I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe;
Now I believe, now I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe.
L-25 Our Heavenly Father, may each one of us now, pull down the shades in our hearts to the things of the world, and shut ourselves in with Thee. Say, "Lord, I'm just forgetting about my denomination, and forgetting about tomorrow, and its works and its toils. I'm just coming to You, Lord. I'm forgetting who's setting next to me, what they might say. I'm forgetting about my disease or my affliction. I'm just shutting myself in with You now. And inspire me, O Lord, help me to believe. Help me to believe all that the Scripture teaches, help me to believe all that the prophets have said, and the disciples and the apostles, Your holy men, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. And as we're taught tonight that Your Son raised from the dead, and promised that the things that He did, should His believers do also. And we realize that He didn't claim to be a healer, He only claimed that He did just what the Father showed Him. That's all He could do. He knew what was in their mind. He perceived their thoughts. And then, Father, appear to us tonight in that reality, and we'll believe."
And help thou me, Lord, Thy servant, and anoint Thy servant; unworthy, very much, Lord. I'm thinking of night before last, couldn't even speak a whisper, I didn't know what was the matter. But just a little talk, and everything's all right now.
But God, grant, it'll be all right with every person here, tonight. I pray for them. And You, Who showed mercy to me, show mercy to them. I pray that You'll send Your Angel now, the Messenger from God, Who reveals the thoughts of God to the human heart, that Jesus Christ might be glorified. For we ask it in His Name. Amen. []
L-26 ...-thing greater is just moving up. If our Master was standing here tonight with this suit that He gave me, what would He do? He didn't claim to be a healer. He only said, "I do just as the Father shows me." He knew what they were doing, what they had done. In our Scripture lesson, He knew where Philip was, before Nathanael called him, or, vice versa. He knew the thoughts in the woman's heart, that had five husbands. But to heal, He didn't claim to heal, only as the Father showed Him. Is that right? Saint John 5:19.
Now, if He's risen from the dead, He said, "The things that I do shall you also." Is that right? Well, then if He's risen from the dead, the power that He had there to know the secrets of their thoughts, know their hearts, know what was wrong with them, what they had done, and the reason they wasn't healed, and so forth, He could tell them. Is that right? But how many knows now, with your hand raised up, that Saint John 5: Jesus, when He passed through all those crippled and blind people, He never healed a one of them at the pool of Bethesda, went right by all them twisted and blind and halt and lame, thousands of them. And went over to a man laying on a pallet that had some kind of a trouble, maybe a prostate or something, maybe TB; he'd had it thirty-eight years, and He healed him. But if you notice, the Scripture said He knew he was laying there. [John 5:1-12, 19-20], [John 14:12]
L-27 Now, when the Jews questioned (the 19th verse), He said, "Verily, verily." Now, you Catholic, in--in your translation, in the Douay translation, it says, "Amen, amen." And the real translation in the King James, from the original Greek, it says--it says, "Verily, verily," means, "Absolutely, absolutely, I say unto you, that the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise." Is that right? Now, how many knows the Bible said that? Raise your hand. Saint John 5. Right. Now, Jesus did not do nothing until He seen the Father do it first. Is that right?
How many believes that He--that He knew their thoughts? Well then, He read their mind. Is that right?
Not one of these mind readers out here, of this devil's work. The devil has got a pattern for everything God has got. Do you believe that? If you see an old bogus dollar, you know there's a real dollar, made off of it. But watch, you don't see mind readers, and so forth, healing the sick, and preaching the coming of Christ, and getting people saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. They're out there charging you a dollar to guess a few things. That's the devil. That's exactly. [John 5:18-20]
L-28 But God has the power, He's perfect in His. And Jesus said, "The things that I do shall you do also;" (Is that right?) "even more, or greater; for I go to my Father." [John 14:12]
Now, here stands the... Is this the patient? Sister. All right. Excuse me. Sometimes some others stand around, I get interested in talking and I...
And everyone here knows that I've been, for the last few minutes, kind of stalling around for something, that is, I'm waiting for His Presence; for without His Presence I just... And you realize it's a little handicap tonight. If you'll notice, there's spirit there, there's spirit there, there's spirit here, there's spirit there; everywhere around me is spirits. See? Every person has a spirit. And now, watch: Here is someone praying, there is someone praying, here is someone praying, there is someone praying, there is someone praying. And then when the anointing comes down, here is pulling this way, and this way, and this way, and this way. See? And you have to bring one person to you, and get to a place to where you get your own spirit moving to where you can see here, and then you can see it single out in other places. See.
But now, I--I never seen this man before. I suppose we're strangers, are we, sir? I never seen you. I don't think I'd ever seen you. Well, I just come in town a few minutes ago, just to, long enough, get my clothes changed, and get over here. And so, you was just a man that they give a prayer card down here, and you was just called up here at the platform, and that's all there is to it.
L-29 But now, do you believe that--that the things that you've heard about in the Bible, about Jesus raising from the dead, you believe that's the truth? You do. And do you believe if He was here tonight, that, standing in here where I'm standing, and we were standing together, and He was visible...
See, He... The only hands that Christ has tonight, is our hands, only lips He has. He's setting by the Father, He sent the Holy Spirit back, the third person, the Trinity, to bear record of His being, which is God. That's God in us. And the Bible said that we become (Jesus said) we become gods, in a form; Scripture says so. See? We are gods. Because why? We are sons of God. I--I'm... In that way we are, because, just like, I'm a Branham because I come out of that Branham branch. And we are s-... In that way because we--we are sons of God, offsprings of God. You believe that?
I want everyone to be just as reverent as you can, now. I want you to rejoice and be happy. Well now, if you hear me say, "Keep your children near you," you be sure and do that, mother; 'cause there's two or three cases of epilepsy setting out here tonight, and that's a very dangerous thing. It'll go from one to another, just... That's the worse thing we have to contend with, is epilepsy.
L-30 Now, sir? Just to talk to you a minute, like Jesus did, that woman at the well. And in order to talk to her, you know, I have my own conception of that. That was, He sent the disciples away. And when He sent the disciples away to get something to eat, I believe He knew that woman was going to be there. And then, when she come, that was as much as the Father had showed Him, that He--He was to have contact with a woman. And so the woman come out, and that was the woman He had saw in a vision. He said, "Come here." And He said, "Bring me a drink."
And she said, "It's not customary for you--you Jews to ask Samaritans such."
He said, "But if you knew who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink." Then He, after He talked to her awhile, He went right straight and told her her trouble. Is that right? [John 4:1-30]
L-31 Now, you're pre-... you're conscious that something's going on. See. That's--that's His Presence. You just look to me just a minute, as His servant, as representing Him. You are... Now, that won't hurt you. See? That won't hurt you. You've had a... I see a something, it--it's an accident. You've been hurt. It's in a--a--a--a place like a mine or something; was in a mine, you been hurt. And you got something wrong with the--the--the--the side of your face (is paralyzed), and your ear. Is that true? If that is, raise up your hand. Now, just a moment, there was something... [] Ever what It said was right. Now that was--that was my voice but it wasn't me speaking. See. Do you believe me? You want to be healed? Do you believe if I'll ask Him, you'll get well? Then come here.
O God, have mercy upon my brother, who I bless in Thy Name. And I pray, God, that You'll heal him, and make him well. O Eternal One, Author of Life, and Giver of every good gift, while this man is standing in Your Presence, forgive every sin, take away the trespasses, and may this affliction leave his body, and may he go home to his loved ones and be well and healthy all of his life. Will you grant it, Lord?
Now, Satan, upon the authority of God's Word, and upon the blessed Presence of the Holy Spirit, and a gift that was ministered by an Angel: I charge thee by Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, come from the man, come out of him.
L-32 Just a moment. That was side of your face and...? Can you hear me all right out of your ear over there? You hear me all right? Hear me? Hands feel all right, your side, and everything? Take a hold of my hand, now squeeze it. Now, you believe me to be His prophet, don't you? You want to serve Him? If I'll tell you something that's ruining those nerves, will you stop it now? You have a habit you got to give up. You smoke cigarettes; you use tobaccos. Will you give it up? You stop it now? Will you give your life totally to Christ, then, seek the baptism of the Holy Ghost? Come here again.
O God, upon the confession of his sin, oh, I pray Thee to be merciful. Now, Satan, you can't hold him any longer. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of him. I charge thee to leave the man. Upon his confession and his expectations in Jesus Christ, he cannot be disappointed. Leave him, come out of him, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-33 Now, that's different, isn't it? Now raise your hand up, both of them, up in the air, now clap them together. There you are. Now it's all over. Now you can go off the platform rejoicing, receive the Holy Ghost, go to some good full Gospel church and receive the baptism. Amen. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." (All right, in a minute.) Let's give God praise. Different now, isn't it, sir? Amen. You're all right now, brother. What say? Yes, sir, you're all right now. You go back to your home and be rejoicing. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Everybody say, "Praise the Lord." You Methodist, you Baptist, you Catholic, everyone say, "Praise the Lord."
See the man come up there in his condition? See him walking away straight? See the difference? One of them was praying for him; and the sin was still on him. And I wondered why he didn't get that reaction, that arm still holding down and things. I wondered, "What taken place? What was the matter?" I looked back again, I seen the man standing on a street corner smoking a cigarette, and I know that's not right in the sight of God. That's right. Knowing the things I know, and I know that couldn't be. And there, God healed him then and made him well.
L-34 We all ought to praise the Lord, and be thankful. You all ought to believe Jesus Christ, right now, every one of you. You Baptist ought to be thankful, you Methodist ought to be thankful, you Catholic, you Pentecostal, all of you, ought to be thankful to God, and say, "Thanks, Jesus Christ." For in the days when Communism is sweeping the land, and atheism is sweeping the land; just think: thirteen million infidels hatched out last year in the world, thirteen million infidels. And the power of God here, showing visible signs, and things, that we are correct, by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, that He's here. It ought to make us so happy, we'd spread it everywhere tomorrow, tell the whole world about it. All right, now.
L-35 Yes, sir. All right, sir. Do you believe with all your heart? You believe that God is God? I see, course, you're--you're paralyzed, or your arm's bad. Now, if I could heal you, I would do it, I'd be glad to do it, but I can't do it. God can do it. You believe it? You believe He will do it? You believe if I'll ask Him to do it, that He will let you get well? You do? He will help you to get well. All right, sir. If you believe that, that's the way you'll receive it.
Now, let's just look to Him just for a moment, see what caused your trouble. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You... it's, you've had a--a brain operation for a tumor, and the tumor has been removed, and it's caused your paralyzed condition. That right? Now, if I ask Him, then you'll get well, wouldn't you? Come here.
Our Heavenly Father, the man has said that he believed he'd get well if I'd lay hands on him, and I do that; in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask You to heal him. Amen.
Now, go, believing. Go believe with all your heart. I want... Now, don't... Now, when he gets down there, when he gets to sit down just a minute, I want to see him again, just in a few minutes. I want you, go on, son, believing with all your heart. He said, if I, he believed, if I lay hands on him, he'd get well. I believe He'll do it. I believe He'll do it yet, tonight, if he'll just believe it. Don't you? I believe He'll do it right now. All right.
L-36 How do you do, lady? Do you believe with all your heart? You believe everything that you see comes from God, that you see here in this meeting? Do you believe this is the Spirit of God moving? I'm just your brother, you know that. But God is your Saviour. You don't believe I'd be reading your mind, do you, lady? You don't believe that. But you believe that God could help me to know what your trouble is. I trust that He does. And I don't say that He will. I--I believe He will.
Your trouble is--is a nervous condition. You're very, very nervous. There's a lot of that in the room tonight, much nervousness. Is that true? Nervous condition. Now, if you... Now, being that that was just a common thing, of nervousness, let's ask Him something else. That's what you're wanting me to do, you want... you... there's something else you got on your mind. Now, I'm not reading your mind. God knows, there's my hand before God and my Bible here. See? You're concerned about a child. Isn't that right? And that little child has some kind of gland trouble, or something. Isn't that true? And you're--you're--you're not from Indiana, you come from Illinois. Isn't that right? You crossed the river getting here. Isn't that true? Now, go put your hand on your child. Both, when you... Well, she... the baby is not here, you left it home; but I want you, go home, put your hand on the child, you're both going to get well. God bless you. Go home, God heals you. God bless you, friend.
L-37 Now, be just as reverent as you can, now. Be thankful and grateful. Now, it's beginning to get to a place now, to where, before, if you'll just be reverent a few minutes, then we'll... we--we won't hold you long. My face gets real numb, my lips gets big, my nose, my whole face. I look, like yonder, can't see too well. And I... Was that the lady was just... Was you just up here, lady? I seen, that Light's out there. Thank you, just...
L-38 See, here it is. It's this lady, right here. Hmm. Uh-hum. You believe me to be His servant, lady? You... It's some kind of a kidney and bladder condition. Isn't that right? Stand up then, accept your healing, say, "Jesus Christ, I accept my healing, now." See, you don't need no card, just need to be healed. God bless you, now. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll make her well. May she go home and be perfectly normal, I pray, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
L-39 It's something, isn't it, a great torture, or something, and there was something about... course, yeah, I seen something about eyes, but she was wearing... Well, there it is again. No, it's this lady, setting here, has got the eye trouble, setting right there, that lady there, with the black-looking dress on. Your eyes are going out, going bad, aren't they, lady? You believe God is going to heal you now? You do? You don't have glasses on. I was wondering. I seen the vision with a lady go-... with a, look like, a blind spirit around her, but I couldn't get them separated. You both look alike, dressed a whole lot alike. All right, you want to accept your healing? Believe that God heals you? You do? God bless you.
Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll make her well and may she go home now, and be perfectly whole, I pray, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-40 How do you do? You believe with all your heart? You do? You're... Thank you, brother, that's a good attitude. But now, I want to correct, for you. Now, from henceforth, don't have that negative; let it be positive from this, on. For, you believe you're in His Presence? It's in your throat, have a very bad throat trouble. You also, you got a growth, your neck. Isn't that right? You believe He's going to heal you now? Come here.
Lord, Who made heavens and earth, this demon's hid, visibly, from the eyes, but it's not hid from You. You know right where he is, and now he's exposed. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, I charge this choking spirit to leave this boy; may it come out of him, and may he get well, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Amen.
God bless you, young man. Go now, and be well. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Amen. All right bring...
L-41 See a thin woman standing in here; she's very thin, she wears glasses. She's suffering with a--a something, she's stiffened. It's arthritis, and she has, also, liver trouble, and her liver, and bladder trouble. Now, just a moment. I seen the lady, she's praying somewhere, it's somebody in distress, just till I find the lady, where. It keeps leading me thi-... Oh, here she is. She's... they got a purple-looking hat on with a feather in it, there. Was that your conditions, lady? Was you setting there, praying to be healed? All right, you're healed now. God bless you. You can go home. He revealed to me, what you were doing. Wasn't you asking to be healed, or something you're having, in prayer? You go home now and be made well. God bless you. Just have faith in God.
L-42 There He is, right there. You want to get rid of that sinusitis, setting there, lady? You were looking this way, so sincerely, praying. God bless you.
What do you think, sister? Kind of laughing. Do you want to be healed, too? Uh-huh, yes. You believe me to be God's prophet? You do? God bless you. You're from out of town, you come, no, you're from another state. You come from where there's a lot of lakes, it's--a--it's a--a pines; it's--it's Michigan, you come from Michigan. You have heart trouble, and you have high blood pressure. I see a young lady standing by you, with high blood pressure, a doctor is putting a thing around her arm; she's in her teenage, must be your daughter or something. Isn't that true? She's here, that's you. God bless you. All right, put your hands in one another's hand, there she is, all right, put your hands in one another's hand, let's pray.
Father, may they go home and get well, I ask for Your glory, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen. Grant it, Lord. Amen.
God bless you, now. You can both go home and be well. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Have faith in God, only have faith, that's all I ask you to do.
L-43 How do you do, sister? You believe me to be His servant? You're on a mercy mission. There's someone who lives near you or in... it's your neighbor. And you're standing for this woman, and she's dying, she has cancer. Give me your handkerchief.
Lord of life, let death go from the woman. And in commemoration of Your Bible, I bless this handkerchief to be laid upon the dying person. And may death go away from her bed, and spare her, for Your glory. I ask in the Name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.
Lay it on her, and let no one else bother till you put it on her. God bless you. [The sister talks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes. Uh-huh. Will do. God bless you. That's all right. God bless you...?... Believest thou this? Be reverent. Have faith in God. Don't doubt, believe. "All things are possible to them that believe." Don't you believe that?
L-44 That intestinal trouble has left you, lady, colon and intestine. Setting right back there. Just believe with all your heart, you shall have just exactly that. God bless you.
You believe, lady? The lady in the... set next to Mrs. Wood, just above. It's, no, it's an elderly lady that's got a sinus, setting down there on the end with that little, checkered dress on. All right, sister, accept your healing. Yes, that's right, you had sinus, you know. God bless you.
L-45 Sir, I thought it was you in the chair. Keep on believing now. The Light's near you there. You know It was on you. It was standing by you there, you felt It. Don't be discouraged.
You believe with all your heart? You believe me to be His prophet, or, His servant? Prophet's just His preacher. Do you believe that? You believe that God is here to make well? I couldn't heal you, lady. I don't have no way of healing you, but God can make you well, can't He? We're strangers, aren't we?
I want to know, the people in this audience, if God will heal this woman, reveal to her, do something in the supernatural, will every one of you accept your healing then? Will every one? How many will do it? Just say, "I'm--I'm sick, I'll ac-..."
It--it's got, I'm just getting so weak, I can hardly stand here, you see. All right.
L-46 I just want to talk to you a minute. And I'm... Was there two of them women? You've, you got, your trouble is your ear. You--you've had an operation in the ear, and it's still running, it isn't doing well. You've had a struggle, haven't you? You've, you used to go to a different church than what you do now. You used to go to a Christian church. Is that right? And you were setting near something square, it's a--it's a radio, and you was listening at a minister preaching the Gospel. And in there, you went from the Christian church to a Full Gospel church, you got saved and filled. And that minister that you was listening to is Brother Vibbert, he's got a piece broke out of the side of his tooth, I see it. Is that right? Was those things the truth? Come here.
O God, Who made heavens and earth, and made all things good and well, and You were pleased with it. But Satan marred those things. But Thou has sent Thy Son to correct all those things that Satan did mar. Help our sister tonight. And Lord, hear my prayer. And as Thou has taught us in the Word, "If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." So I ask the evil to come out of this woman, that's hindering her. In the Name of Jesus Christ may it leave her, and may she get well. For God's glory, I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Be on your road, and you're going to be all right.
L-47 On the handkerchiefs, we... Come, bring them. Have I prayed for the handkerchiefs? The handkerchiefs has been prayed for.
You believe? You believe God is going to make you well? Then go eat your supper, your stomach trouble has gone from you. You can go, be made well. God bless you. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Have faith, now, all of you.
All right, come. Bring the little lady, bring the child. Believe the asthma will leave the child, and believe it'll be all right, and He spoke it?
God bless it, in Jesus Christ's Name, may it go be made well. Amen. And, God, likewise to her, through Jesus' Name, may they both be healed. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go believing with all your heart. I believe it's going to leave the child, both of you, and your trouble, too, is gone.
All right, come, lady. Look this way. You got a kidney trouble. Would you like to get over it? You believe you have? All right. God bless you. Just keep going right on now, and believe Him with all your heart, you shall have what you've asked for.
Do you believe with all your heart, lady? Just come. You want to dodge that operation? You believe God will take the tumor without an operation? God bless you, go in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. Amen.
All right. Come, lady. Stop, where you are! Raise up your hand! Say, "I accept Jesus. My arthritis is gone." Now stomp your feet, and come across the platform, walking like a young lady. Come on, come on, you can do it, come on. God has made you well, yeah, there you are. Amen. God bless you. That's the way to go. And you go, and be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." All right.
L-48 Here's a deaf man. Everybody bow your heads, please.
O God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessing upon this man. Now, he's unable to hear the Gospel, maybe, this deaf spirit on him. But Lord, "faith cometh by hearing," and he can't hear, so Lord, give me power now, to overcome this demon.
Thou demon leave him. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of him...?...
You hear me? You love the Lord? With all your heart? Isn't He wonderful? Praise the Lord. Say, "I love Him." You love Him with all your heart? You going to always love Him? You're well now. God bless you. Go on, and do something for God.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
The worst disease in the world, kills more people than anything else; but Jesus Christ is here to cure your heart trouble. You accept it?
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may you be made well. God bless her in Jesus Christ's Name.
As you come, believe. You do believe? Second greatest killer in the world, cancer. You accept? You believe that He heals you?
Satan, you who've bound the woman, I adjure thee by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, that you leave her, come out of her. Go! In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Now look, you must die according to doctor, but according to Christ you live. Who do you believe? All right. God bless you. You can have your healing now, and you're going to be well, and live a normal life.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Romans 10:17]
L-49 How many wants to be healed? Stand up. Come here, brother. You didn't get in, did you, sister? Come here. You believe? All right, your back trouble has left you. You can go off the platform, well.
Come here, Brother Bosworth.
Heavenly Father, be merciful just now. Thou knowest all things, You know the great need, You know the people here, and I don't know what more You could do, but I pray Thee to be merciful. I thank You for forgiveness, and I thank You for all these things. And I pray now, that You'll heal every person here. May the power of God be upon them, and may the same Holy Spirit that's been here on the platform, move across this audience just now, blessing each one and healing them.
And with your heads bowed, your hearts towards God...
Continue with prayer, will you, Brother Bosworth? If you will.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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