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Jesus On The Authority Of The Word
54-0217, Jesus On The Authority Of The Word, East Alton -Wood River Community High School, Wood River, IL, 83 min

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L-1 Thank you, Brother Brewer. You may be seated. It's indeed a great privilege to be here tonight in the service of the Lord, to pray for the sick and the afflicted, to minister in the Name of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, Who loved us, gave His Life that we who are unworthy might be made partakers of His grace and His fellowship in the ages that is to come. And may His blessings and His august Presence anoint every one of us now with His Being, and may it not leave any until we leave the building, for He to receive glory.
We are always... The healing services usually make me, maybe a little nervous, not exactly in the way that would be the nervous like you might think. It's--it's the way it works on me, ministering to the sick.
L-2 And most always, spiritual people are considered odd or strange. We would think of the great poets of--the world has produced, for instance, like Stephen Foster. He was considered a neurotic. He gave America some of it's best folk songs: "Old Folks Of Home," "Swanee River." And after the inspiration would leave him, he would--he would go out and get drunk. And then when he finally called a servant and took a razor and committed suicide... And then, William Cowper, who wrote that famous old song:
There is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
Sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.

This famous man, William Cowper, I stood at his grave, just recently, in London. And after he received the inspiration to write that song, when he came out of it. He tried to find a river to commit suicide.
L-3 It's not bad while you're up there; it's wonderful, or while you're down here. But it's in between the time. You don't know where you're at. You say, "Well, that's songwriters." Well, prophets, Jonah, as we spoke of him last evening, God gave him a message to go tell a city the size of St. Louis over here, to repent. And the prophet, after delivering his message, up and down the streets, to a million illiterate people, some of them didn't know which was right or left hand. They repented in such a way, till they put sackcloth on their animals.
Then he set down under a little gourd tree. And after the inspiration left him, he prayed for God to take his life. He didn't know where he was at. Didn't understand. [Jonah 4:1-11]
L-4 Elijah the great prophet of old, Jehovah's great witness, when he went to Mount Carmel, called up Israel before Baalim, to see which was God, he said, "If Baalim be god, serve him. If God be God, serve Him."
When God anointed him with inspiration, give him a vision and told him how to do things... And he went out there and called all the prophets of Baalim and let them make a sacrifice. They screamed and cut themselves: no god. But Elijah killed a bullock, laid it upon the rock, the altar, and said, "Lord, let it be known that Thou art God and I am Your servant." And said, "I did all of this at Your command," showing that the Lord had showed him what to do.
And when he fulfilled the vision the Lord showed him, the Fire of God fell out of the heavens and consumed the sacrifice. It hadn't rained for three years and six months. He'd closed the heavens, because the Lord had told him so. And he told the king that no water, even dew wouldn't fall until he called for it. Then he went out, and set down, and prayed again, and there come a--a gush of rain. It watered all the land.
And as soon as the inspiration left him, by the threat of a woman he run in to the wilderness and wandered for forty days and nights. And when God found him, wandering around out there, wondering if he was beside himself, he had crawled back in a cave somewhere. God called him. [I Kings 19:1-18]
L-5 You see what I mean? Others, we could refer to. But people, Christianity and the way they have it today is so shallow. No wonder the unbeliever can hardly see how to believe Christianity. Because it's no more than a--a form. But Christianity is real in it's power. And if it's just ceremonial, any other--any other ceremony would take it's place.
I have nothing against lodges, but Masonry, Odd Fellows, or any of them, would be just as well if it's ceremony. It has it's good and bad, just like the Church. But Christianity is a living Being in mankind, that's a proof of the resurrection of--of God's Son, Who was God with us.
L-6 Now, we are going to read just a portion of His Scripture and just talk to you, just for a few moments. And now, we'll go right straight into praying for the sick. These meetings sometimes, I can't go to preaching.
I'm going to try, if the Lord willing, Friday night, have a missionary rally. My heart is thrilled over missions. I would tell you how I saw thirty-thousand raw heathens won to Jesus Christ in five minutes, where they broke their idols on the ground, walked up and accepted Jesus as personal Saviour: Mohammedans, Hindus...
I'm very hungry to get to Jerusalem. Brother Pethrus, of the Stockholm church in Sweden, The Filadelfia Church, which is the largest church in Sweden... They'd been bringing up Jews from down in Iran, so forth. You all have noticed the pictures in the paper. A very beautiful sign of the end of the Gentiles' age. God will return to the Jews now. The Gentile Church will be sealed away, finished, go out.
L-7 Those Jews never even knew or heard Jesus ever on earth. And they got the New Testament and begin to read it and see what He was: How that here when He was on earth, He performed signs. He didn't claim to be any great person. He didn't claim to be a Healer. He just said, "I do nothing except My Father shows Me." He said, "When the Father shows Me a vision, I--I go do what He tells Me to do."
They said, "He rose from the dead, says the Christian, and promised that the things that He did, the Christian would do also." The Jew said, "Let me see that happen, then I'll believe it. Let us see Him do the sign of the prophet, and then we will accept Him as Messiah." [John 5:19]
L-8 "The Jews seek sign, and the Greeks wisdom." You know the Scripture. Well, I would like to gather many thousand, as they got gathered now (or going to gather at Palestine), for the meetings. I believe the Jew once, in a same way of His Scriptures, be shown that Jehovah God was manifested in flesh. It's not any three gods; it's the same God, manifested in flesh, three dispensations. That's what stumbles him. And when he seen that to be a reality, he will accept it. [I Corinthians 1:22-24]
L-9 Here not long ago, when John Rhyn, been twenty years blind, Roman Catholic, set on the streets begging, selling pencils, or pardon me, papers, near Fort Wayne, Indiana. And when he was healed, I was interviewed by a Rabbi.
He said to me, "How did you open John Rhyn's eyes?"
I said, "I did not open them." I said, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, opened his eyes."
And he said, "Ridiculous. He was no Son of God. And He was not the Christ."
And I said, "Why would you think so, Rabbi?"
He said, "Well," He give his reasons. Said, "He wasn't... that Messiah was coming in power."
I said, "You were looking at His second coming, sir. The same Scripture spoke of His first coming, the blinding of the Jews, until the time fulfilled."
He said, "You Gentiles can't cut God in three pieces and sell Him to a Jew."
I said, "That's one error that wasn't cleared up in the reformation. God's not cut in three pieces."
He said, "You all don't even make sense. You say 'God the Father,' and 'God the Son,' and 'Our God.' Well, which one of them is your God?"
I said, "There's is only One there."
"But how could it be? If God the Father is one person, God the Son is the other person, God the Holy Ghost. Then you should say 'Our Gods.' That makes you heathens."
I said, "That would be, sir. But it's not that way." I said, "Jehovah God was in the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, was manifested in the flesh here to take away sin, and come again in the form of the Holy Spirit. It's three dispensations. That's the reason they was baptized the Father, Son, Holy Ghost." I said, "For the three dispensations of God, the same God. We have one God." Tears begin to drop off of his beard and he turned and walked away. I said, "Just a moment. You told me something a few minutes ago."
He said, "I will hear you some other time."
I said, "I want to hear you now. 'Cause I know that you believe He was the Messiah." And he wouldn't answer, and he turned and went on in. But their time is at hand.
L-10 I want to read here out of the Scripture: Saint Luke, 7th chapter.
Now when he had ended all these sayings in the audience of the people, he entered into Capernaum.
And a certain centurion's servant, who was dear unto him, was sick, and ready to die.
And when he heard that Jesus... sent unto him the elders of the Jews, beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant.
And when he came to Jesus, they besought him instantly, saying, That he was worthy... whom he should do this:
For he loveth our nation, and... hath built us a synagogue.
And Jesus went with them. And when he was now not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to him, saying unto him, Lord, trouble not thyself: for I am not worthy that thou should enter under my roof:
Wherefore neither thought I myself worthy to come unto thee: but say in a word, and my servant shall be healed.
For I'm also a man... under authority, having under me soldiers... I say unto one, Go, and he goeth;... to another, Come, and he cometh; and to this servant, Do... and he doeth this.
When Jesus heard these things, he marveled at him, and turned him about, and said unto the people that followed him, I say unto you, I've not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.
And they that were sent, returned to the house, found the servant whole that had been sick. [Luke 7:1-10]
L-11 We bow our heads and speak to the Author of this Word. Our most kind, heavenly Father, we thank Thee for sending Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son to us, when we were alienated from God, Gentiles cut off in the world, without mercy, without God. And in due season Christ died for us all, bringing all nations, God's created people, together as one unit.
And today there is neither bond nor free, male nor female, but all one in Christ Jesus. And it does not yet appear just what the final end will be, but we know we'll have a body like His, for we shall see Him as He is. And we thank Thee for this.
L-12 And now, kind Father, will You bless us with Your Presence again tonight? Will You come into the midst of the people, and may each person in the shades of their heart, be pulled down from any skeptic or unbelief. And may the Holy Spirit have the right of way and preeminence in every life and heart here tonight, that it might be said when we leave, that our hearts did burn within us because of His Presence. Grant it, Lord.
If there be any unbelievers, unsaved, save those, Lord, tonight. Grant it. May something be done just in a way, that the people will know that Thou art here. Circumcise the lips that speak, the hearts that hear. And heal the sick, Father, tonight.
L-13 And we read when You were here on earth, that the things that You did, You gave God the Father all the glory. And we thank Thee. Thou hast said, "It's not Me that doeth the works, it's My Father that dwelleth in Me." And tonight we are sons of God by adoption. And not "we" that doeth the works but the Father that dwelleth in us, He doeth the works. He saves us from sin, not ourselves. He heals us, not ourselves. But He heals us by His grace. We thank Thee for it. And we pray now, that You will speak, and may we hear. For we ask it in Jesus' Name, Thy Beloved Son. Amen.
L-14 "Jesus On The Authority Of The Word." I'd just take, just a few moments, if you will give me your attention. And I wish to talk just a little while, while the crowds are not too big yet. And when we go to filling up, then you can tell someone else. Always be reverent during time of the service, especially when the healing service is going on. Be open-hearted, open-minded. Just--just say, "Now Lord, I'm here to learn; You come teach me." See? And the Holy Spirit will teach you.
If you come with a kind of a sarcastic criticism, whatever you expect to see, that's just what you'll See? If you come expecting to be just disappointed, that's the way... You'll get what you expect, always. If you come to receive, you will be expecting to receive, and you shall receive just what you expected to receive. God always does that. He's--He's--He's sworn to His Word.
And now, maybe some things might be said that would be just a little different from your religious teachings. You might be Catholics or you might be something, other phase of religion, or some Protestant that doesn't believe in Divine healing. Whatever it is, you look at it just the way it is. Just look it from the standpoint of God's Word.
L-15 Now, we're going to speak just a few moments on "The Authority Of God's Word." Now, every Word of God is a written, sworn authority. It's the--it's the absolute right of the believer to accept this as the infallible Truth, because it is God's Word. "Heavens and earth will pass away but My Word will never pass away." saith the Lord. It must be fulfilled in it's season.
Well now, many times, it... Christians, and sometimes even ministering brethren, many times get a little confused on this. And who am I to say who was wrong. For I'm with the rest of you, and should be sitting listening to the clergy, and--instead of standing in front of them.
L-16 But, my brethren, the Word of God... Sometimes people get--say, "Well now, the Word said this. Let's take it just exactly the way it says." That's... Well, that--that is right. But that Word has to fall in a certain ground or it won't produce. See?
I've heard people get saved. They say, "I'm a Christian now. The Lord said whatever I ask in His Name, I'd get it. Amen. I'll ask for this." Now, that's not right ground maybe yet. See? You can't take cactus and grow it in clay. You put cactus in real rich soil, it'll die. Cactus grows in sand. And you take a--a pine tree and put it in that sand in Arizona where the cactus grows, it'll die, 'cause there's not enough moisture. Yet both of them is in soil. It must be the right Word at the right place, and it will take place.
Now, I've prayed for thousands of people, just as a routine of praying for people. But yet, I don't know what's going to happen, till He shows me what's going to happen. Then I have THUS SAITH THE LORD. Then the Lord has brought His Word in confirmation, then I know just exactly what He's going to do. When He tells me what He's going to do, then it makes a perfect faith. [John 14:13-14], [John 16:23-26]
L-17 If you notice Jesus, He only used those things as God permitted Him. Remember last night's lesson? He said, "The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." Whatever the Father doeth, He showeth the Son. And the Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." In other words, what the Word of God made manifest in Christ, was what God showed Him to do.
Any prophet, any spiritual man of any age, any time, was always exactly the same thing. So you can't jump at conclusions, say "The--The Word says this; I'll accept it and do this." You can't do that. It hasn't fallen right yet. But when the Holy Spirit comes, and materializes that, and shows you what to do, then you can do it, 'cause it's not you done. This is the written Word of God, the plan of salvation. But we have to be careful how we handle it. [John 5:19]
L-18 For instance, many times there are people come in the line and I pray for them. I never know what's going to happen. I just pray for them. And there is a power in prayer. Prayer will even change the Word of God. (That was a striker, wasn't it?) But it's the truth. The Word of the Lord... Would you not believe the prophets?
The Word of the Lord came to Isaiah and he went and told Hezekiah that he wasn't coming off his bed, he was going to die. And Hezekiah turned his face to the wall, and wept bitterly, and said, "Lord, I beseech Thee. I've walked before Thee with a perfect heart." And desired fifteen years more life, and the prophet wasn't gone till the Word of the Lord came again to the prophet. Said, "Go tell him I heard his prayer and he's coming off the bed in three days." Prayer changes things. [II Kings 20:1-13], [Isaiah 38:1-8]
L-19 Many times I see where there is people that--that's sick and going to die, turns dark around them when they're standing. I know it's the pronouncing of death. I don't see why, but that's all; I know to tell them then. I just pray for them and pass on and say, "The Lord bless you." Or "Maybe the Lord Jesus healed you."
In Durban, South Africa, coming across the platform was a lady, as healthy looking as the healthiest woman in the building. There was a hundred thousand people had gathered in there. And the woman come normally and healthy. She stood up there and I said, looked at her; I said, "I see you are a Christian."
She said, "I am."
And at the... Then I noticed again; I seen her going to church, and a group of people that she was with. I said, "This is the church you belong to."
And she said, "It is."
I looked back and I seen her, turn real dark around her. And I started to say, "Well, the only thing she had was a cyst on the ovary." She had been to the doctor. I said, "Your husband's wearing a gray suit and he has a black mustache. He waited in the hall while you was examined a few days ago by a doctor, that was a gray-headed man wearing glasses."
She said, "That's right."
And I said, "He said you had a cyst on the ovary."
Said, "That's right."
"He said it should be taken off."
"That's right."
"He wanted to burn it with radium."
She said, "That's right." Kept turning dark around her. I started to say, "Now, the Lord bless you and heal you my sister, pass her off the platform." Then I seen a funeral procession going, packing her. I knew I might as well tell her. It was over then.
I said, "Lady, you're a strong looking woman, very little wrong with you. But prepare for death for you're not going to live but a short time."
She said, "Sir?"
I said, "That is right, sister. Just make ready for God. Be prepared."
She walked off the platform, set down and looked at her husband, said, "What do you know about that?" and fell dead right there. They packed her out. 'Cause there was nothing could be done. I'd seen the funeral procession going on. And what God says is Truth.
L-20 Now, this is the Truth of God. That's the truth. Anything contrary to that is not truth. But that is to the nations, to the people, the plan of salvation. But to the individual, then sometimes, after God sending His Word this way and ministers to preach it... He sent to the Church, apostles, prophets, gifts of tongues, interpretation of tongues; that's all for the edifying or the keeping clean of the Church, bringing the Church together, separating out.
Just recently at the Methodist church in New Albany (The person may be setting here now.), before going to Africa... I'd just come from California on one of my trips. Just that you might See? There was come into the building that night in California, into the place where we were having service, several thousands.
L-21 And there was about twenty or thirty wheelchairs setting up like this, and cots, and stretchers, and so forth in the bleachers and on... And my brother, as you understand, in these meetings, that I have to keep myself away from people. 'Cause with that anointing, as soon as you speak to a person, right then you contact their spirit. See? And when you do that, you understand.
So I kept in a room; two men stayed at the door all time. And they come got me that night. I went down to the building, and just remember walking in. I was just standing by the side of the steps, the manager, one of them, Mr. Baxter, they begin to sing "Only Believe," and I come out before the audience. And I was looking out this a way, and I'd been several nights, and I'm... getting real weak. The meetings become more powerful all the time. 'Course you become more into the Spirit.
L-22 And I was looking like that, and I seen a little boy playing on a haystack, right out in front of me. And he fell off the haystack and struck a great crude looking frame across his... His back struck it. I seen a man pick him up. I just started talking; it was just right out in front of me, like you see every night going on. And it told just what was taking place.
Seen a doctor work on him and seen what kind of a doctor. I said, "I see him bore holes in the floor and set his bed. He can't even stand for people to walk on the floor. And now, they got him in a bed. They whirl him around or take him out in this bed. But he becomes a great man." I said, "Now, he becomes even a greater man. He is setting around the benches or something. They got a--a chair there... got him in yet. And--and people are applauding his speeches." And the vision left me.
L-23 And I looked. And coming in, they just got off of an airplane. And here come a wheelchair. They'd just got inside the building and it begin come... It was moving on down to get it with the rest of wheelchairs. I said, "That's the old gentleman now." It was about twice the distance of this building. I said, "That's the old man now."
And he was weeping so, I went ahead and told my brother to call the prayer line. And so we begin to get them lined up, and so the next thing taking place, why, they had an extension mike here, and Mr. Baxter said, "Brother Branham," said--said, "That old man that you were speaking to is the Congressman of the United States. It's William D. Upshaw."
I said, "I don't know who he was."
He said, "He wants to speak to you through this mike."
And he said, "My son, how did you know that I fell and hurt myself when I was a boy?"
I said, "I can't tell you, sir. I've never heard of you in my life. I'm sorry."
And he said, "Well, I was the president of the Southern Baptist Convention." said, "Dr. Davis, the one that ordained you in the Baptist church, was the one who sent me here to see you."
I said, "I am acquainted with Dr. Davis."
He said, "I been prayed for." said, "I've been a invalid in this wheelchair for sixty-six years." And he said, "I'm eighty-six years old now." And he said, "I have trusted God, since I was seventeen years old when I was hurt to heal me." Said, "Do you think I will ever be healed?"
I said, "I could not tell you, sir." I said, "I can only say what I See?"
He said, "God bless you, my boy."
And I said, "Thank you, kind sir." And I turned this a way and when I did, my brother, being the chief usher in the meetings, was getting the people lined up down there.
L-24 And I looked across this way and I seen a young doctor with one of these Medic coats on with a collar this way. He had a thing in front of his head here. A light that they reflect the light (and I forget the name of the instrument). And he had his arms folded, and he wore tortoise shell glasses, and he was shaking his head.
As the vision materialized more, I looked below him. There was a little colored girl, perhaps about six, seven years old. And he had taken her tonsils out. It wasn't successful and paralyzed her.
And when I told the vision which was before me, way down through the distance... Oh, several of the times of this building. I heard a typical "Aunt Jemima," let out a great big scream and she started up there, a great big heavy set woman. And she was just knocking ushers right and left with the... pulling a stretcher behind her. She said, "Lord, have mercy. That was my baby."
L-25 And so, they had to line up a bunch of people, 'cause you're not supposed to come to the platform without a prayer card. 'Cause that's the legitimate way we have of doing it. It's the only way we can. So the ushers had to turn her from the line. And they had to make a way there. She was screaming and going on.
She said, "Parson that was my baby." Said, "Will she ever be well?"
I said, "I don't know, Auntie. The only thing I can say is what I See?" See? I said, "But that..."
Said, "That was exactly the way the doctor looked. And that was about two years ago."
I said, "That's the same little girl." They had the sheet pulled down from her. I said, "That's the same little girl."
Said, "Well, is she healed?"
I said, "Auntie, I couldn't tell you. The only thing I know is just what I look at and See?" I said, "It's only by vision."
And she said, "I have prayed, and I have prayed, and I have prayed for it."
And I said, "Well, I wouldn't know, Auntie."
I said, "Howard, are you about ready for the first person to come?"
He said, "Yes."
L-26 A lady started walking up. I turned to look again out over the audience to tell them to be reverent. I seen, looked like, just like a dark streak moving. And it just kept coming in like that. And what it was, it was a street, or something, or a road. And this little colored girl was going walking down the road with a doll on her arms, rocking it back and forth like this. That was it.
Now, that's the Word of the Lord made manifest. See? Now, no matter what would take place, all the forces of hell could move against that. The woman don't even have to have faith. She don't have to have anything, 'cause God has said so. That's God's Word materialized. Then I had THUS SAITH THE LORD.
I said, "Auntie, as reverent as you've been, God has rewarded you. And your baby is healed." She started screaming and kissing her baby.
She said, "Oh, Parson, when will my baby get well? When...?"
I said, "It's well now, Auntie." I said...
She said, "Can..?" And the baby...
Said, "Looky here mother." And she raised up like that. And the poor old thing. She fell backwards like that, and begin screaming, and women begin to faint and fall.
L-27 And they got them up and they had a commotion there for a little bit. And when they got the girl up, and the mother, they had taken a hold of each other's hands, walked right down through before those thousands of people, mother and daughter.
The man that drove the ambulance stood there with such a depleted look on his face. And he took the stretcher back. I said, "You see what the Lord Jesus can do?"
L-28 And as I looked, I seen that old congressman, like a shadow, going walking like that. And he was setting there with a blue suit on and a red tie. Only in the vision he had a brown suit, a kind of a chocolate colored brown, with a white stripe in it. And I said, "Congressman, have you got a brown suit with a white stripe?"
He said, "My son, I just bought one yesterday."
I said, "You have been a very reverent man and it--has honored God all these years. And through the honoring of God and believing God, God has... rewarding you now, to give your last days happy. You can walk Congressman. The Lord Jesus Christ has healed you, THUS SAITH THE LORD."
He said, "When will I be able to walk, my boy?"
And I said, "Right now, Congressman." And up he jumped from that chair, threw aside... He had big crutches that went up over his shoulders, when they'd stand him up; it was like Mister Roosevelt, I... like that, in his back.
L-29 And a man, when it looked like God would have healed him when he was young (seventeen years old) not wait till he's sixty-six--or--or eighty-six, rather. And his back, all bones all brittle. But that man for the first time, eighty-six years old, since being an invalid for sixty-six years, rose to his feet.
Why, of course, Satan would say "You'd break his back if he gets up from there." But that's what Satan said, but God had said. See? God had said. Then the Word was manifest. See? And the man was walking normally and well. Passed through the United States, Great Britain, all through the known world, and even sent Joseph Stalin a letter of it. Personal friend of Churchill's. Many of you seen the Congressman Upshaw, I suppose, after his healing. How many? Raise your hands that know it. See...?...
L-30 And now, what is that? It's the Word made manifest. If it's not too, taking too much time, I want to finish this testimony in about few minutes. On my road home, coming home, I came in and my wife said to me, she said, "Honey, your old friend is dying."
I said, "Who?"
"Mr. Hall."
When little Georgie Carter had been laying in the bed down there for nine years and eight months, down thirty-five miles down the Southern... Never heard of the city in my life, little place. The Lord gave a vision. Went down there and healed her. She come up off the bed after laying there nine years and eight months and weighed thirty-five pounds. If you'd like to write to her, you can have--write to her. Miss Georgie Carter, Milltown, Indiana. She's my pianist at the Milltown Baptist church, now.
L-31 And then Mr. Hall had been converted. Which was a very, very foul man. And he was converted in that same meeting. And he's the pastor down there now. And so,
She said, "Mr. Hall has been pronounced with a cancer of the liver." And said, "He is laying at his sister's house, and his sister married the judge of the city's brother, and is down at his house. They brought him up here. He's dying. He'd been calling for you."
And I said, "Well, let's go down and see him." And I went down to see Brother Hall. And he was just as yellow as the color. Cancer in the liver, started off with a liver sclerosis, and it went into cancer. I said, "Who is your doctor, Brother Hall?"
He said, "Dr. Dillman." Dr. Dillman is a bosom friend of mine.
I said, "What about it, Brother Hall?"
He said, "Well, Brother Branham, I guess it's just the end of the road for me." Said, "I guess that's just about all that can be done, 'less the Lord undertakes for me."
I said, "Well, I'll pray, Brother Hall." And we prayed. And the next day, I went back; he was worse. The second day he was still worse. Looked like he was dying. Mrs. Hall come out and said, "Brother Branham, do you know anything?"
I said, "Sister Hall, I pleaded with God, just with all my heart." The Word's still the Word of God. But it just hadn't fell right then. See? It hadn't been given to me. It hadn't been given to him. But it's still the Word of God, just hadn't anchored right.
L-32 So we went down again. Mrs. Hall said, "Brother Branham, is there anything you can do for him?"
I said, "Now..."
Said, "Do you know of any other doctor?"
I said, "Doctors is just like anything else, you got to have faith in them." I said, "Dr. Sam Adair, here in the city, is our doctor." Very fine man, went to school with him. We fished together, hunted together, and played together, worked together now. And he sends his patients which they can't handle in medical realms; he will tell them, "Take off up to Brother Branham's and see..." And you ought to see what has been done for him. We'll get to it a little later, sometime.
L-33 But you write to him and ask him about it. He's a specialist. I called up Dr. Adair and asked him if he would go down and see Mr. Hall. He said, "I will go read the x-rays at the hospital." He went out. Called me back, said, "Yes, Billy. He's got cancer."
"I tell you, is there anywhere you can send him?"
Said, "You might send him over to Able's Clinic in Louisville, let it be examined." Took him over there and got a--a ambulance out. He was nearly dead then. Took him over there, and they wouldn't give them the diagnosis. Called back Dr. Adair. And he called me up; he said, "Billy,"
Said, "Your preacher friend is going to jump overboard in four days."
I said, "He is going to die, doctor?"
He said, "Yep."
I said, "My. Ain't nothing you can do?"
He said, "Billy, you can't take his liver out and him live." He said, "There's nothing can be done. The man's dying." Said, "He is a preacher. He ought to be ready."
I said, "Oh, he is ready. But he is a young man." I said, "He ain't over fifty-five years old. Plenty of work yet he could do for the Lord." I said, "Why God's a taking him, I don't know."
He said, "Well, Bill, that's hard for anybody to understand. We just have to accept it."
I said, "That's right." So that was a hard thing to go tell my Sister Hall.
L-34 But I went down that night, and I said, "Sister Hall, the doctor said in four days Mr. Hall will be gone. He's going to die in four days." And she started crying. I said, "Now, Sister Hall, you must remember; he's a Christian. He's ready to go. And if this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting." See? I said, "He'd be far better off. 'Course, you will be lonesome. At your age now, no children," I said, "you'll be lonesome, of course. But you must remember, God knows what is best and working what's best."
She said, "Brother Branham, has God ever said one word to you about it?"
I said, "Sister Hall, He hasn't said a thing to me." I said, "I prayed all my heart. Maybe He's just going to let him die."
Said, "Do you think he's going to die?"
I said, "Yes, I believe he is. I believe he is going to die. 'Cause all evidence, everything is against him, Sister Hall." And I said, "All... And as far as I know, there's nothing can be done. It must be the will of the Lord." I said, "I couldn't say."
So she started crying, poor old thing. And he was just barely living. He could just make out now and then. He was subconscious, most of the time.
L-35 The next day, I had one day off. And I--I like to squirrel hunt. But so, I had little old .22 rifle there. I was going to go squirrel hunting out in the woods to get some rest. I usually go out and set down under a tree and go to sleep and sleep the rest of the day. 'Cause I'm--just get away from the crowds for a little while, because you know what it is around the house up there.
The next morning, real early, we got through with the crowd in the house about twelve or one o'clock. And I set the clock to alarm at three. I got up real early, and got my little old squirrel rifle and my old hat, and started off to go squirrel hunting. I looked out on the runway. There was nobody out there, so I... And when I started through the room. And when I went into the hall, there hung there in the room a little bitty old apple about that big around, and green, knotty, worm-eaten. And I thought, "What did my wife put that on the wall for? That was the horriblest looking thing." You've seen them little old apples, like's off of a tree that hasn't been sprayed, you know, just real knotty and a hard looking thing.
And so I said, "What'd she put that on the wall for?" And I started on through, and I looked again. And it wasn't on the wall; it was hanging right in the middle of the air. And I realized that there was something to it. I knelt down. I said, "What will my Heavenly Father have His servant know?"
L-36 And I looked and here was another one hanging by it's side. And on down till five of them hung there, about right--and were cluster-like, five of those little knotty apples. Then down come a great big apple with red streaks in it and yellow. And it just made big chomps, like that, and went "Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp," eat up all five of them.
And then the apple disappeared, and this Light (that was in the picture that you all have seen here.), It was right hanging above it, going "Whewww" I said, "What would my Lord, have His servant know?"
He said, "Stand upon your feet." And I stood up. He said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, go tell Mr. Hall that he will not die but live." And that was it. No squirrel hunting that day. I run back and woke up my wife and told her about it. She said, "Oh, can I go with you?"
I said, "Yes." And we got ready at the break of day. We went down. Mr. Hall was... They had him back, rubbing his hands and things. And--and I went in. And I--I said, "He isn't gone?"
He said--said, "No, he isn't gone, Brother Branham, but he's just going." He said, "He's struggling." And his eyes was set in the back of his head.
I said, "Sister Hall,"
She said, "What you looking so bright about?"
I said, "I have THUS SAITH THE LORD." Oh, no one never knows what that means then.
She said, "Is it good?"
I said, "Yes."
Said, "Oh, what?"
And I said, "Just come in now. Gather everybody around the bed." We got around the bed.
Mr. Hall's eyes were setting back like that, and he was real yellow. And he kept screaming, "Someone, rub his hands."
I said, "Brother Hall, can you hear me?"
He said, "Who is it?"
And I said, "This is Brother Bill."
He said, "Oh, haven't I gone yet, Brother Bill?"
I said, "And you're not going right now, Brother Hall. I have THUS SAITH THE LORD. I seen this morning, about two hours ago in a vision," and told him what it was. And I said, "Brother Hall, you're going to live."
L-37 Walked out of the room, went home, called up Dr. Adair, and I said, "Dr. Adair?" I said, "You know the man was going to jump overboard in four days?"
"Yeah," said, "is he dead?"
And I said, "No, he isn't going to die."
He said, "What do you mean?" I said... He said, "How's he going to live with that cancer in him?"
I said, "I don't know, but he is going to live," I said, "'cause the Lord has said so." That's the Word of God: positive. See? There it is. It's in the right ground here, then...
Then he said, "Well, Billy," he said, "I never wanted to doubt you." And said, "I've seen many things done. I've never doubted you in my life, but the old doctor will have to see that."
I said, "Well, you won't die with old age, 'cause--until you see it." And I said, "You--you'll find out." And I went up to Erie, Pennsylvania, and through there and made a six weeks tour, come back for one day. I was going to Africa after that.
L-38 We had a high school gym there. It seated about fifty-five hundred people. And some of you probably was there that night, as all I know. Even may be people was present. We had one night in the gym that... So many in there, they had about the same amount on the outside, and the police out there, trying to keep order, and--for this one night. And when I got in, the people was just piled till you couldn't see where they were: just everywhere.
And I happened to look, setting down in front of me. There was Dr. Balden, a good friend of mine. I... His wife had been healed with asthma at my house. I said, "Glad to see you, Dr. Balden."
He said, "Thank you, Billy." He stood up.
I looked up there, and setting in the bleachers, and there set Dr. Dillman from Corydon. I said, "How do you do, doctor. I'm glad to see you in here tonight."
Happened to look, standing in the door, and there stood Dr. Sam Adair. He couldn't get in. I said, "How do you do, Dr. Adair?" I said, "I'm sorry we haven't got a seat for you, but" I said, "may the Lord bless you." Yeah. And I happened to look, setting back there, and there set Brother Hall, all reared back. He waved at me like this, you know.
L-39 I said, "Dr. Dillman, you remember a patient you had here not long ago, named William Hall?" I said, "Dr. Adair, you know the one you said was going to jump overboard in four days, and the old doctor had to see that?"
Obvious, said, "Yes."
I said, "You want to testify, Brother Hall?"
He said, "Praise the Lord, do I want to testify?" And he raised up and give a testimony there. They'd taken him out and examined him that very same night, couldn't find a trace of it nowhere. He weighs a hundred and eighty-five pounds: perfect health: Reverend William Hall, Milltown, Indiana, if you'd like to write him.
L-40 It's six minutes before the prayer line now. Maybe one more little incident. "The prayer of faith shall save the sick; God shall raise them up." You can't base faith on hope. You've got... Faith is positive. Every person that's got their normal sight would look at my shirt and say it's white. One of the senses declares and says it's white.
Now, if you've got faith, that says you are going to be healed, just as real and positive as your sight says that's white, then you've got faith. It's going to happen. But is has to be real... some declaration to prove it. [James 5:14-15]
L-41 We're so close to Missouri; that's the "Show Me" state. They say, "Seeing is believing." You've heard that haven't you? You... How many ever heard that old saying? See. Let's just see how foolish that is.
Come here, Brother Brewer. Thank you. There is a man standing before me with dark hair, wearing a striped tie and a gray suit, I say, 'tween gray and brown. How many believes that's the truth? Anybody can see him believes it. Now, there's only one way that I know that man's standing there; that's by sight. That's seeing.
L-42 Now, the man's there and I can't see him. There's no way at all for me to see him, yet I know he's there. I know he's there just as real as if I was looking at him. You want to argue with me; he's not there? Now, seeing isn't believing, is it? I've got another sense and that's feeling. I can feel him there. He's just as real as he is--I was looking at him. Seeing's not believing; Feeling is believing now.
Now, it's impossible for me to feel him. It won't contact him at all. Yet, I believe he is there, because I see him. Turn around, hit that piano with a (Thank you, Brother Brewer) a note or two. How many heard that? How many saw that music? I thought seeing was believing? Seeing's not believing; hearing's believing there. Is that right? Did you see it? No. Did you feeled it? Did you taste it? Did you smell it? No. You heard it.
Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you do not see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. See? It's just a positive fact; you know it. See? And it's got to be based somewhere, not upon just mythics; it's got to be based on THUS SAITH THE LORD. Then you know where it's at. Then it's--it's right. It's made positive. [Hebrews 11:1-2]
L-43 Reverend Mr. Johnson, far as I know, he may be here now. I was a Baptist preacher; he was a Methodist, and we used to have revivals. We was both from the same part of Kentucky. Moving out to Indiana, he was the pastor of the Main Street Methodist Church, one big fine church in New Albany. I had a little tabernacle in Jeffersonville.
He said after the Lord begin to bless the meetings, begin to come on, "Billy, you just ought to come give me one night."
I said, "Not to pray for the sick, Brother Johnson. I'm home to rest."
He said, "Well, just come down and preach for me one night." Well, I did. He said, "I promise you we won't ask you to pray for the sick people."
I said, "Not as I don't want to, but the thing of it is, I--I don't even... We... I've been living in my house for five years, and we have never eaten but one time in my house without the shades pulled down at in the window in the kitchen." People's... That's how... It's just coming home. Home's not home. But as long as you can help somebody, all right. See?
L-44 So when it gets too bad, then I take off, and go up to the mountains somewhere, and rest up a week or two, and come back. So then when... Going out that night at the church, they couldn't... They brought me into a back window. (Two men raised down, picked me up, and let me out.) He told me to go down to the bottom of the steps, said, "I asked you, Billy, that you wouldn't pray for anybody, wouldn't ask you to." But said, "We got a Sunday school teacher here, a lovely little girl, woman, young married woman." Said, "She's completely gone out nearly." Said, "She's a neurotic." Said, "If you'd just lay your hands on her," said, "I think it would satisfy her." Said, "She has been everywhere, been prayed for." I said, "All right, Brother Johnson."
And I went down, and I thought I was going to see a woman in a straight jacket, a lovely looking little woman standing there: looked to be about thirty-years old, normal, sweet-looking little woman. She said, "How do you do, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Are you the patient?"
She said, "Yes."
I said, "I was expecting to see you in a straight jacket." I said, "What is the matter, sis?"
And she said, "I just don't know, Brother Branham."
I said, "How long's it been on you?"
She said, "About eight years." And she said, "I've just done everything" and said, "I--I know I've lost my mind."
I said, "I don't think you have." I said, "Do you believe the Lord Jesus?"
She said, "Oh, yes, sir." said, "I have a fine young ladies' Sunday school class here. In the Eighteenth Street Mission I have service up there on Sunday afternoon, so forth, and teach a big group of children." I prayed for her, went on out. And two or three days later, I met her on the street (wife and I).
L-45 So when we met her, why, she went into the Fair Store, or the White House, I believe it was. I said, "There is that lady." And I--I said, "How you feeling?" She was with two women.
She said, "Oh, Brother Branham, if anything, I'm worse." She said, "I just--I just don't know what I'm going to do." She said, "I--I believe I can't last over another week." And so, she was in terrible shape. And I stepped in on the side and I prayed for her, just as reverent as I could.
And I said, "Go on now, believe." We went, was gone for a long time 'fore I ever come back. And she just kept the phone busy with my wife.
She said, "When Brother Branham's having another meeting, where he'd be under that Anointing," Said, "It's got to be something to cast that evil away from me." She said, "Something's got to do it." Said, "I just can't. I've been prayed for for men all over the country." And she said, "And I just... The doctors can't do anything." She spent ten dollars every week, had been for years, going to that famous psychiatrist in Louisville. Nothing could help her.
L-46 So one morning, when this vision right here, I got wrote out, which came to me, the Word of the Lord, which will take place in Africa and India, I'll give it to you so you can write it down. See if it don't come Word by Word the way He said it. That morning, He come in the room where I was at. And when my wife come out there, she said, "Bill, let me call that little woman first, will you?" Said, "Poor little thing." said, "She's in such a fix." I said, "Very well. You can call her."
So before she could get there, there was other people there. And there's a man from--from the Walnut Street Baptist church in Louisville, with a cancer in his liver. He's... That's been three--two years ago, going on three. And he's a member of my church over there now, the little tabernacle. He comes all the time. So the Lord told him what he had done. He used to be a baseball player, and told him something that he'd done that he must go straighten up. And he did. He lived.
L-47 So when the little woman come in, she set down. I had her take her out in the den room. I said, "I want to be by ourself." And we set down; I just got to talking to her, just like I would here at the platform. And she said... I said, "What's the matter, sister?"
She said, "Brother Branham, I don't know." Said, "I just... Seem like everything's just gone away and feels like I'm walking on the earth, if I happen to shake it, it's going to... I know it's standing in space," said, "it'll--it'll sink."
I said, "My, you ain't that heavy." So it was just on like that.
And she said, "Well, I just don't know what's the matter." said, "I know I'm crazy. I--I know I'm actually" said, "I'm crazy." and said, "They're going to send me away to the insane institution." And when you got to talking to her, you could see that it was something wrong then.
So I said, "Well, let's you and I just talk like, you know, like on a Scripture or something."
And she said, "All right." She was just wringing her hands, and taking her glove, and rolling it like that.
And I said, "Now, I'd just lay your gloves down, sister, and just--just relax."
She said, "Oh, I can't Brother Branham." She said, "I wished I could." She said, "But I can't."
I said, "Are you... You're a Christian?"
"Yes, everything."
I said, "Brother Johnson told me you was one of his most famous members, and he said, the most loyal members." And he...
She said, "Well, I'm thankful for that." And she said, "I try to be." And I kept watching her. And I happened to look coming right across in front of us, here come a little black car. And I seen it move into the shadow.
I said, "Was you ever in a car accident?"
She said, "No, sir. No I never was in a car accident."
L-48 [] "... by the gallon. They can anoint you by the day. All the people can stand around, and scream, and stomp, and yell, and holler," I said, "That devil will lay right there because he has a legal right to lay there." I said, "Now there's your trouble, if..." She... I said...
Said, "What shall I do?"
I said, "Go tell your husband. Make it right."
She said, "Oh, I... Brother Branham, I got two children," said, "It'll break our home up."
I said, "Now, that's all I know, sister." I said, "Now, all the psychiatrists in the world couldn't pull that out of you. There's nobody knows that but you and that man and I. And the Lord knew it. So He has revealed it."
And she said, "Well, I--I just can't do it. I can't do it."
I said, "Well, now..." 'Course, that... See? I started out.
And she said, "No, no. Wait a minute, Brother Branham." She said, "Don't go. Don't go. Just a minute." And she was crying. Poor little fellow, I felt sorry for her. But there is only one... This thing of feeling sorry for somebody and then the thing, you've got to be honest with people. That's what's the trouble today. We use too much petty sympathy. That's right, you've got to tell the truth and God will honor truth.
L-49 So she started out... I started out, rather, and she come to me, and--and I turned around to look at her, and there stood in the room, standing right by her side, was a tall black-headed man with wavy hair, combed over sideways. I said, "Is your husband a tall black-headed man with wavy hair?"
She said, "Yes, sir." And just then, he turned his back to me. And when he did, he had Chevrolet wrote on the back.
I said, "Does he work for a Chevrolet company?"
Said, "Yes." Said, "You know him?"
I said, "No, ma'am." But I said, "He--He's got the same thing to confess to you. When he was landed in another country, the place where he went," and I said, "It hasn't been three days ago since your husband was in a green Chevrolet car with a woman that worked in the office wearing a... black-headed woman with a pink dress on, and lived untrue to you."
She said, "Not my husband?"
I said, "Yes."
She said, "He is a deacon in the church."
I said, "I don't care what he is," I said, "No wonder Brother Johnson's having a bad time down there," and I said, "such as that."
L-50 That's some things that's the matter with half the churches today. If they'd get straightened up, you'd get things... And I said, "Now, we got four phones here." I said, "You call your husband and make that right. And then we'll talk to the Lord. But as long as that's there, there's no need of trying to do anything."
L-51 And I started out, and she... Meda got talking to her. She went and called her husband. There... The lady was with her, setting in the car. They went on down and met. In a few minutes, he got with her in the car (met her on the road). She said she had a confession. So she told him all about her side of it. And she said, "I want you to forgive me."
He said, "I will." And said, "Now, wasn't it a couple of days ago," said, "Wasn't you with this..." She knew the woman.
And he said, "Well, uh... Where you been?" And she... He said...
She said, "Is that the truth?"
He said, "Who told you that?"
She said, "Brother Branham."
He said, "Honey, it's the truth." And said, "If you'll forgive me, I'll forgive you. And we'll be a--go back to church and ask God to forgive both of us. And we'll live like Christians ought to. And we'll raise our children in the right way."
L-52 My wife said, "You think they'll be back?"
I said, "Yes." Peoples come in. After while she come.
She said, "Come here, Bill." I was in the room with some more people. And here they come up the steps with their arms around one another, tears streaking down their cheeks. []
L-53 O, Eternal God, Great Jehovah Who thundered off of Mount Sinai and wrote the commandments, Who thundered off of Calvary, said, "It's finished." The Word of God... What was finished? 'He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace upon Him, with His stripes, we were healed." It is finished.
Oh, let us look to Calvary tonight, to where it was finished at, and let us accept it. For by grace are we saved through faith, knowing it's Your calling and election. "No man could come," You said, except You called him: "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him."
L-54 Seeing Abraham back there, no more than any other man, coming out of the land of Chaldea, the city of Ur, coming down in the valleys of Shinar, from Babylon perhaps, an idolater, but God by sovereign election chose him. "Abraham, I have saved you and your seed after you." O God. Told him to look at the dust of the earth and to number it, sands of the sea, and then the stars of heaven: innumerable. His seed would be coming from the dust to the stars.
Your Holy Spirit tonight... We being dead in Christ take on Abraham's seed and are heirs according to the promise. How thankful I am to be setting with the election tonight. And they call me their brother. We call You our Father. And we're thankful.
L-55 Now, manifest Your love and Presence to the people. And when You, here on earth, when You talked to the woman at the well, You know her sin. You talked to Nathanael, a righteous man, You told him what he'd done before he come to the service. And You're Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. And You have rose from the dead and are living now forevermore.
Come Lord Jesus, and anoint this poor unprofitable servant, and use it as a channel tonight to issue Your Words to whomsoever You will. In Jesus' Name I ask it. Amen. []
L-56 Scripture says He is the same yesterday, today, and forever: Hebrews 13:8. Then Jesus Christ said, "The things that I do shall you do also. And a little while and the world will see Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Is that right?
Now, that's... If that is the Gospel, and that is the truth, then Jesus Christ will manifest Hisself. If it isn't the truth, He wasn't the Christ and it's all wrong. We can only make it right or wrong. And if Jesus, when He was here on earth, the very things that He did here on earth will have to be repeated or He did not... [] [Hebrews 13:8]
L-57 A real famous Jew came to Him by the name of Nathanael. After Philip had found him and told him he found the Messiah. He... "Nonsense." He couldn't believe that. He said, "Well, then..." Why couldn't he believe it? When he came and seen Who He was...
Jesus said to him, said, "Behold, you're an Israelite, in whom there is no guile." (In other words, a honest, upright, religious man.)
He said, "Rabbi (or Master, Teacher, Reverend), Rabbi, when did You know me? You're a stranger to me."
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree."
Quickly, he said, "Thou art the Son of God. You're the King of Israel." He recognized. His name's immortal tonight. [John 1:43-50]
L-58 Today, he'd probably said, "Mental telepathy. A witch." The Jews in them days called Jesus, because He could do that, and they said He was Beelzebub. Beelzebub is the chief of the fortunetellers, the worst of all the devils. But He wasn't. He was the Lord Jesus, the same Jesus, the same God that was on the prophet.
L-59 Now, let us, "Only Believe," just a few moments, if you will. Everyone with one accord. Just a little late. I'm sorry, I... You're such a lovely audience. I keep talking, and I shouldn't do that. Because it's...
Now, you realize... How many has seen the picture last night of the... it's the... been taken... The same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through the wilderness, has taken now, and hangs in Washington, DC, the same Pillar of Fire. What is it? It's the same God.
L-60 It was manifested in a Man called Jesus Christ. It's manifested today in His Church, the same God (See?), same Pillar of Fire. And here He is, we've got the Old Testament proof by the picture. And you'll see It. Watch this a way. It's been seen by millions of people around the world. Frankly, It isn't ten foot from where I'm standing right now.
And then the signs of the Messiah. Now, may the Lord grant. I just want to look down the line. As far as I know, there's not a person in here that I know, except my own son, standing down here with the ushers and Reverend Mr. Brewer, setting here, so far as I can see? God, Who is my Judge, knows that. I see no one else that I know. You're all strangers to me.
L-61 If I should look at this little baby setting here and say it's got a water-head, well, that's no mysterious thing. You'd say, "Sure, I can see that." But the person who looks healthy, that's the person. Now, how many out there doesn't have prayer cards and wants to be healed? Let's see your hands, everywhere. Raise up your hands, everywhere, that wants... Just so I... Now, I'm going to ask you... Now, there is ninety percent of you hasn't got prayer cards, 'cause there is only just a certain amount of prayer cards given out. 'Cause we can't get to no more.
But look friends, if you'll look this a way and believe with all your heart, just have faith, see if God doesn't turn right out in the audience like He did on Jesus Christ, and say the same thing. Jesus perceived their thoughts out there, told them what was wrong, what to do. It's the same thing tonight; it's the Lord Jesus.
L-62 Now, His Presence being here now... Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I take every spirit in this building under my jurisdiction.
(Now, who's leading... ) Now, we want you to be reverent. And now, I--I've got to talk to this man just a moment, just to see what the Lord would say.
Now, Jesus, when He had come to... He had to go up by Samaria and--before He went to Jericho. That's way out of the way. But the Father sent Him up there. The Spirit that was in Him sent Him up there. And He sent the disciples away to buy bread, meat. And a Samaritan woman come out to get some water. And He said, "Bring Me a drink."
She said, "It's not customary for a... You Jews to ask Samaritans such, 'cause they don't have no dealings."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink. And I'd give you water you didn't come here to draw."
Well, she was surprised. Said, "You have nothing to draw the water with."
So He talked to her a few minutes, then He said... Went right straight to her trouble, said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
He said, "That's right. You got five."
She said, "Sir, I perceive You are a Prophet." And she run into the city and said, "Come, see a Man Who told me all I ever did." He never told her all He--she did, but He told her where her trouble was. And if He could do that, God could show Him all things. [John 4:1-21]
L-63 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe that young man? You do. I'm a perfect stranger to you. I don't know you. I've never seen you in my life, know nothing of you. But God knows you and He knows me. And He set us both. He's give us our life. And everything that we've ever received good, come from God. You believe that? Then you are aware that something is going on. There's... What's around you. 'Cause I can see it just milling from me to you. You are a believer, a Christian man. Now, was that just what Jesus told Nathanael?
L-64 []... setting there just the same. You're a Christian man. And we're are brothers, kindred spirits. And you're one man, I'm another man. We're both God's children. Maybe there is something wrong, that you don't know nothing about. Maybe there is something wrong that you do know something about. God loves you. He sent me, then He could speak through me if I be His seer, and know where your trouble is and what to do. He may not show me; I don't know. But I--I know that we are both anointed now. And I know the same Angel of the Lord, that Pillar of Fire, is moving between us now.
Your trouble's in your eyes. Is that the truth? Yet your eyes look bright and nice, but they're not. They're going weak, growing dim. Nerves are dying in your eyes. It's a nervous trouble caused this. Another thing I see, you've--you've had an accident. And that accident has paralyzed a side or something, isn't that right? And it's not well yet. You're having trouble with it. Is that the truth? You're... If it's the truth... Now, you've heard what was said, but that wasn't me. That was my voice, but it was Him using it. And it was every bit the truth. Yes...?... Come here.
Merciful Father, Who raised up our Lord Jesus from the dead and made manifest His glory to us all, and we're living here at the end of time, at the closing out of this great age... The atomic bomb is just ready to burst at any time and annihilate the whole world. I pray that You'll make believers and will heal the sick Lord, as a token of Your love to them.
And now, I lay my hands upon my brother and ask for his deliverance. In the Name of God's beloved Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
God bless you, brother. Go rejoicing, happy... all right...
L-65 Now, reverent. Have faith. Believe. You out there, pray and just have faith.
All right, sir. Are you the patient, sir? You are. I suppose you and I are strangers to each other. I don't know you. Never seen you in my life. God knows you. [Mark 11:22]
L-66 Was you the one just prayed for, sir? I want you to look on me. I mean by that, like Elijah said to Ahab, said, "If it wasn't I respected Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you." But he did. If we're strangers, no contact between us all, God will have to do the contact, won't He? If God will let me know something about you that'll help you, will you accept Jesus then as your Healer? Or if it's... If healing is what you need. And it is.
The healing's what you need, because it's a stomach trouble bothering you. Isn't that right? If that's right raise up your hand. It's a stomach... It's a caused a nervous condition. It's made a ulcer, peptic condition of the stomach. You have had troubles with it. And you've... You're not from this city. You--you've drove here. You've come a--a long distance, right on a long ways. I see it... I'd say between fifty and a hundred miles. Something like that. You've come. You--you are...
There's just something strange about you. Just a moment. It's a... You've got a friend, and the friend has a heart trouble. And it--it... I believe the man's a Jew. And he--he is a little... don't know what about Jesus. He hasn't become a Christian, yet he's wanting a... The man's here in this building. Here he sets right here even, setting right out here beside of a lady, right there. My friend, Jesus the Messiah, the Son of the living God, accept Him now as your Saviour and your heart trouble will leave you. If thou canst believe, all things are possible.
Your stomach trouble has left you. You go home and eat what you wish to now. God bless you.
This is your time, my Jewish friend. The Messiah of God Who knew Philip, knows you and your companion. And this is your hour of decision. [Mark 9:23], [John 1:43-50]
L-67 Do you believe? With all your heart? Do you believe me to be God's servant? You have cancer and gallbladder trouble. You're scared that's cancer too, which it is. You believe the Son of God, His Spirit is here to make you well? You believe that this is Him speaking, not me. But He's speaking through here. Then if that be His voice speaking through me, then His Presence is here. He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they'll get well." You believe this? Come near.
O God, Who made heavens and earth, created all things by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I lay hands upon the dying woman and ask that You give her life. Spare it, Lord, and may the power of the enemy leave from her now. I rebuke it in the Name of Jesus Christ, may it go out...?...
God bless you, my sister. Go now, rejoicing, being happy. Just be real rejoicing and thank the Lord for His goodness.
L-68 And you may come, lady. If our Master was standing here at the platform in human flesh, like I am, wearing this suit that He gave me, if it's healing what you look forward to, He would point you to His sacrifice at Calvary. He could not do it the second time; He's already done it. You have to accept it. Then, realizing that between you and I, knowing that you are a Christian, a believer, then I can say you are my sister. Then our heavenly Father in His loving kindness, has sent to the Church, preachers to preach the Bible, teachers to teach it, prophets to understand the foreknowledge of God, gifts of speaking with tongues and interpretation of tongues to make manifest things in the Church. He's full of love.
Then by God's grace may I be able to transfer God's love, by the Name of His Son, Jesus, to you. You ought to believe in Divine healing. God bless you, lady. You've been healed once before. You was healed with a cancer of the stomach. Is that right? And you had arthritis and a few things, others, that you was healed with. Isn't that right?
L-69 And you pray for the sick yourself. Yes, sir. You go around praying for the sick. Then you've developed some kind of a cold like, it's--it's been bothering you. And you've had a x-ray taken. And it said a spot was on the lungs. Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn that spot, that it goes from you. And may you be made well in Jesus Christ' Name. I condemn that devil that would take her life. The things you're worrying about are darkness. See?...?... darkness is gone from you. God bless you, sister. Go thanking God and rejoicing, being happy.
Can you believe? All things are possible, if you can believe. [Mark 9:23]
L-70 How do you do? We are strangers, I suppose, to each other. We don't--do not know each other. Just God alone knows us. But to heal you, I could not. But your life or... could not be hid. God's standing here. He can make manifest. You have arthritis. I see you trying to move through the house sometimes, and you get stiff. And you... I see a... You're going into a place. It's a--it's a hospital or something. It's a--it's a operation. It's in the side. They--they--they took a--a cancer from the side. I see you... a cancer. I see it wrote on a little list that the doctor had. Kind of short like man. He wrote on the list, cancer. And it isn't--it isn't well yet. It isn't right. You're having troubles with it yet.
But Jesus Christ is here to make it well. You believe it? Come here. Kind heavenly Father, May Your mercy come to our sister. And we condemn the enemy now, and in the Name of Jesus, may it go, be made well. Amen.
Bless you, my sister. Sending Him...
L-71 How do you do? Now, you say, "laying on of hands?" Yes. That's what the Lord said. "Why lay on the hands?" That's what He commanded. Oh, I'm so grieved that the church falls so short. You don't realize... I'm just resting a moment. Visions make me weak. You're living in two worlds. You're here, and then in you're in another world. You can't help that. Just like you dreamed a dream with your eyes open. God does that in sovereign grace. Not because you asked for it. You couldn't ask for it. God does it Himself.
Before you were borned. This was set in order by God. It's your subconscious, scientifically speaking. Like you dream a dream. This conscience is inactive and this one becomes active. Then when you awake... When you're asleep, you dream things you did here. Then when you wake up, this one is inactive, and this one here is active. Then you remember things that you dreamed of years ago. You were some part of you somewhere.
Some people doesn't dream. Their subconscious is way back. A dreamer doesn't sleep sound. And then, he can't help it because he dreams. And a seer is neither his subconscious back there, nor here. It's right here. He doesn't go to sleep. He breaks from one world to another, from the natural to the supernatural.
The great prophet Daniel saw one vision, was troubled at his head for many days. It weakened. [Mark 16:16-18]
L-72 Do you believe? If God will reveal to me where your trouble is, will that be sufficient for you? You got asthma. Is that right? Now, go. Be well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
L-73 Come, little lady, so we can...?... Now, if you'd just only believe and will have faith and don't doubt.
Just a minute there, lady. Was you just prayed for. Was you just healed standing here? Were you just healed? Were you the lady that was here, prayed for just now? Yes, sir. I seen that Pillar of Fire hanging there, and I just... No, It's hanging at someone else. It's a--a different lady. She's wearing glasses. And the woman's got a skin disease. Have mercy. And God bless you and make you well now. Believe with all your heart, you can receive it.
L-74 Do you believe, lady, setting there? Had diabetes also. So just have faith in God. God would make you well. You're hugging your little companion there with that ulcerated liver. You believe that--that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will heal you, will make you well? If you believe...
Just like you standing there with that stomach trouble. You didn't... You had it when you come up, but you haven't got it now. So you can go ahead out and be made well.
L-75 Just have faith. Believe is all I ask you to do. Just believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is and a Rewarder of those who will diligently seek Him. [Hebrews 11:6]
You want to get over that arthritis? Accept your healing. Say, "I believe God with all my heart." Now, just go on off and never say you got it any more. It goes from you. Have faith.
Just a moment, lady. There's something happened right there, just then. Oh, I see, it's the man setting there, got asthmatic condition. You believe Jesus is going to make you well, sir? Stand up to your feet then, accept your healing. Stop your coughing. I condemn it in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God.
Only have faith is all I ask you to do.
L-76 You have diabetes, don't you? You want to get over it? You accept Jesus as your Healer? Then go and insulin days will be over for you. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you receive it.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
L-77 Oh, how God is moving to you. Been awfully nervous, haven't you? You believe me to be God's prophet? Yes, sir. They sometime thought you had a heart trouble, didn't they? A nervous breakdown, kind of a shaking... One... Yes. I seen the doctor when he told your heart trouble, it shook you. If you'll accept Jesus as your Saviour now, what you have been wanting to do for a long time... You're a sinner and need Jesus Christ as your Saviour. You accept Him as your Saviour now? Go, you're healed, brother, and you're forgiven of your sins. God bless you.
Believest thou this? The Angel of the Lord is near to heal?
Poor old mother setting there with that neuritis, you want God to heal you? Believe that He will do it? If you believe it with all your heart, you may have it. Stand up and accept it then. That's right. It's gone from you, mother.
L-78 Sir, do you realize, you that's rubbing your face, up there, that you're fixing to die with leukemia, isn't that right? Stand up to your feet just a minute. God be merciful to you. Father, I ask in Jesus' Name for the man's life, that he live and not die. Amen. God grant it.
God bless you, brother. Your friend weeping there, right setting next to you, has got asthmatic so bad, he'd like to be healed too. Would you stand up, sir, and accept your healing of asthmatic? God bless you.
You want to get over the female trouble, lady? Just go rejoicing, thanking God. And be made well.
L-79 Come. Little lady, just keep walking, that asthma left you when it left that man up there. Just keep moving and saying "Thanks be to God."
How many wants to be healed? The Holy Spirit here. If you need healing, now is the time to receive it. You believe me as God's servant? What more would Jesus Christ have to do to prove Him to be the Son of God here in your midst?
Your home is going to be happy, sir.
L-80 I want you to do this for me. If you believe me to be His servant, lay your hands over on one another, and you'll see the Kingdom of God come into you. Lay your hands over on each other.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn every disease in this building.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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