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Divine Healing
54-0620E, Divine Healing, K.R.N.T. Theater, Des Moines, IA, 102 min

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L-1 Thank you kindly, that makes me feel at home to be here with you tonight, and to know...?... you welcome me back. I hope that sometime, as--when I come again, if the Lord willing, and respond of your courtesy, that I will be able to stay longer when I come. I've often wondered if we didn't have a meeting sometime, where you can just stay, and the people--we don't even get a chance to explain to them how to accept Divine healing. Maybe two or three nights, three or four nights, just jumping from place to place. I'm--eight years of that, and around the world, I--I'm getting tired, and I--I want to settle down and have a good long meeting and just stay till the Lord says, "Well, let's move on somewhere else."
And maybe, if we don't have the healing service every night, and we have preaching service, and then have, maybe, healing service three or four nights a week, then it gives the people a chance to--as soon as their healed, you'll watch the deaf, dumb, blind, or whatever it is, when they come to the platform, they get it right then. But I've had people to stand at the platform, had been blind for years, and read this here Bible. It's a very, very fine print, and read this Bible, and walk down on the platform, and about three days be just as blind as they was the first place. Then [] Is healing lasting? Sure it is, but what it is, they get out, and the devil gets a hold of them, maybe, through someone else. And they get a little skeptic or something, then it comes right back to them.
L-2 You know, Jesus said, "When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man, he walks in dry places finding no rest. Then he comes back and brings seven other devils, worse than he was." And now, if the good man of the house (which is your faith) isn't standing there, ready to resent, well, then he will come in, and your last estate's worse than your first.
Then many times, people with a malignancy, or something, or tumor, or any kind of a growth, when it dies the life goes out of it, they get a relief right then. In a few days and you feel better. Then after about seventy-two hours, you start getting sick, really sick then, because that's a dead lump of flesh now. And then if it breaks up, it's--if there's no way for it to drop out, maybe, it's on the inside of...?... and so forth holding it, it'll drop down in the diaphragm or somewhere. Then you've got a lump of--of flesh in you that's rotten. Of course, your heart, the blood circulates and purifies the body, pumps through your heart. It makes the patient terribly sick, an infection, fever and everything. And then the person then says, "Well, I know when I was standing there, I was well for two or three days. But I guess I lost my healing." Well, that's the best sign in the world you got your healing. See? [Matthew 12:43], [Luke 11:24]
L-3 Now, a miracle, but it would have vanished, a miracle healing. But a miracles and healing is two different gifts altogether. One has the gifts of miracles; the other one has the gift of healing, or you might have both gifts of miracles and healings. There's nine spiritual gifts, and they all might be working in one meeting. We don't know that. That's up to God. But, anyhow, if the person through healing... Healing is when you in your heart know that God has done it for you, and nothing can wave from it. And that's when you're going to be healed. You're going to get well.
Same thing belongs to these people that's crippled. How many times have I've seen our Lord Jesus... And the way we conduct our meetings, it's almost just in now and then, you get crippled people in the audience. [I Corinthians 12:1-11]
L-4 They give out a hundred cards or more, and the only legitimate way you could do it, when you got an audience like this, maybe tonight, of three thousand people or more... Well maybe, then you got to--you--everybody, maybe two thousand wants to be prayed for. Who's going to be first? Well now... And especially in my type of ministry, there's just going to be so many of them get to come. But it's not by me laying hands on a person; it's you accepting the Presence of Jesus Christ. That's what does the healing. And many times you'll be watching the meetings, there's more gets healed out in the audience without prayer cards, than there are those who come to the platform with prayer cards. It's just--where, 'cause you got more faith to work on. You got one person here, maybe with faith where you got, maybe, two or three hundred setting out there with faith. And after you're gone, you know as it is every time, as it has been in meetings, I got letters after letters from Des Moines, that stomach trouble left, and all kinds of diseases left the people, after we were gone. And it's just a vindication of the Presence of the resurrected Lord Jesus.
L-5 Now, if God willing, I am here; I wanted to read you the vision that was given me as I told you I would.
I'd just come from Africa, and as all of you know by disobeying God, I--I got parasites, and like to died. They... Frankly, they said I was going to die. And it--I was laying in my room one morning, and as I lay on my bed this morning, I was at once in a vision, and I seen someone coming to me as a man walking down out of the skies. He had in his hands some typewriter paper, looked like clear sheets. On the floor, beneath me, laid some which had been written on. I was astonished as I could see in the room others, figures in the room, and see the man standing there. And he said, "As thou was wondering what would be your future..."
I said, "Yes. That's what I was thinking of."
He threw the paper towards the skies, and they went off, leveled off, one after the other, and a voice screamed from the heavens above, and said, "You future is clear."
And then, I was--come out of the vision. And again, I went into the vision, and I asked, "Would I ever fear or these parasites bother me any more?"
The doctor just given me up, said, "They was going to put me in a--in a place up here, it's a pest house like, coming back from over there with parasites." And he told me that I'd have a fever within ten hours. If the fever went to the brain, I'd die in ten hours, and if it went to the heart, I'd die. If it went to the liver, they--my side would push out and have to operate.
L-6 And I wished I had time to tell you how that happened down in Africa, when the Lord gave me a vision, said, "Don't go over there." I let some preachers talk me out of it and go this other way. I'll never do that again, by the help of God.
And He told me, and He said unto me, "It is finished."
And that very same day, I went to Doctor Lucas of Louisville, and I said, "Give me an examination." Just sent me home a couple of days before that. Wouldn't let me go nowhere with those parasites.
And I said, "Give me..."
He said, "You've got them."
I said, "Examine me."
He took another smear, and he come back, and he said, "Can I take it again?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
And he took it again, said, "What happened to you? You haven't got a parasite."
And I told him, "The Lord Jesus healed me," told him the story, him being a Catholic. I said, "Do you believe it?"
He said, "Well, I have to." Said, "Day before yesterday, you'd been coming here for six months with parasites just accumulating all the time, and two days from here, you haven't got a one." Said, "How can I help but believe it?"
L-7 Now, on with the vision. And He came to me again, never did that before in my life, not over one time at a time. But this time, It come five straight times. And It came again, and I asked how to conduct my meetings. As some tell me about Brother Roberts, and others, how they pray for so many. And He said unto me, "Just as you are led to do."
Then He came again, and I seen an Angel, which speaks to me, stands by my right side, and I was setting in Africa, at Durban, the same place, right where I left off and failed the Lord. He was sending me right back again to begin.
I saw great throngs of people, but the meeting raised into the air, and faded away as a shadow. I looked back and saw again; there was many people setting, even greater than the first meeting. Then the Angel which was speaking to me, turned me to the east, which would be that way. And there was so many people, that I couldn't even numerate. They went over hills, and an Angel, smaller than the One which was standing by me, came from the--above with a light, a oscillating light, and it showed over the hills at the people. And they looked like Indians, half dressed. They were rejoicing and praising God as I spoke to them. And I heard the Angel, which was above me, say to the Angel standing by my side, "There are three hundred thousand of those in that Branham meeting." And see if that's right or not.
L-8 And then, as I came to and was thanking the Lord in the room, my breath seemed comingly faintly, and then I looked again, and I heard leaves in my Bible, and here come my Bible, coming across the floor, and stood in front of me, and it turned to the 1st chapter of Joshua. And then again, I came out of it, and my wife, at the same time, it--sleeping in another room, had started into my room, at three o'clock in the morning. And as she entered the door, something spoke to her, and said, "Do not enter that room for there is a vision going on." And this three was hours later, at six o'clock, she then called me at the door. Never happened before in life.
And my mother-in-law, living just below me, immediately come up to the house, a very renowned Christian woman, and said, "What's happened up here? I started to wash my dishes, and something spoke to me, and said, "Go up and hear the news this morning."
L-9 I went to the bank to find out if I was going to have--owe any income tax, to take up my receipt, and I seen one of the bankers a weeping. When I come in the room, he looked at me and bowed his head down. I walked on across the room, picked up my canceled checks, and was returning, something said, "Go talk to him."
And I went to talk to him. He reached his hand across; he said, "Billy, the strangest thing." Said, "Did you know my people died with cancer. Last night, at three o'clock in the morning, I had a dream that you come to me, and laid hands on me, and I was made well." And now, he's perfectly normal.
It is written in the Scripture, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established. So has this. Now, you keep that in mind, and just remember that the Lord Jesus is sending me and I... [Deuteronomy 17:6], [Deuteronomy 19:15], [Matthew 18:16], [II Corinthians 13:1]
L-10 When the archbishop of India came over here and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, of the Eastern Orthodox Church... That's the next church to the Catholic. Our meeting supposed to be over there, going to be politically sponsored. I have a dinner set with Nehru. We're to meet with the king of Spain, and the king of--Prince Jordan, Prime Minister Krugar in South Africa, and politics sponsored to give it a nationwide publicity, and in Jerusalem to let us in.
And now, I'm just positive that this is going to be the greatest meeting that was ever heard. And then, when the archbishop said, "Brother Branham, let's set the meeting in order." He said, "Have you got the money yet?"
I said, "I've got pretty near five thousand dollars. I think that'll take us."
L-11 'Course, in India you can't spend a penny; you got to send the money ahead. They've got to have our money for everything. And none of those other countries, their money's no good here. You see? So we have to send the money.
And I said, "I think that'll, maybe, buy our tickets to go over."
And he said, "Well, let's set the meeting for February," he said, "the 23rd. I'll have Mr. Nehru to have a dinner for you that afternoon on the 23rd, that'll give me a chance to go into Africa and have this meeting and all over."
I said, "That's sounds good to me." Called Mr. Baxter, we got it set. And that night, my wife, which is present now, setting back here, I--there was people in the den room, and people in the other room, was ministering to the sick, and I'd had a long distant call, of emergency, a man was going to commit suicide.
He said, "I just want to call you preacher and tell you that I'm no good, and I'm fixing--you'll hear the gun fire, just in a minute."
And I said, "Now, just--just a moment. Lay the gun down; let the hammer down." I kept on till I hear--heard it lay down, and led him to Christ. And he got saved right there.
L-12 So I was on my road back to go in to minister to the people again, and standing in the door stood a odd dressed man. I never noticed how he was dressed down this way, but he had like a towel laying over his head. His nose was kinda pushed up, in that manner. And he said to me. I said, "How do you do, sir?" I thought he was just--some of them had just let him in. He was in there to be prayed for.
And he said, looked up like that, said, "Brother Branham, don't go overseas till September."
"Why," I said, "Why?" And the man was gone. And I went into the other room, and asked if they had seen anything like it; wife hadn't let him into the house; he... No one knowed nothing about him. And then that night, after the house was empty, I went in and was laying down along about one o'clock in the morning, and I dreamed that I shouldn't go over to Africa till--or India until September. I come in, woke up my wife, and told her. We set there a little while, I went back in again and dreamed the same dream again. And we said, "Maybe it's the Lord, don't want me to go over." And I went in, I said, "Lord, then I accept the vision as being You warning me, and the two dreams also not to go till September." I went to sleep and slept like a baby. So we go in September in the Name of Jesus Christ. Watch what happens. I know our Lord will be good to us. He promised it.
L-13 And I want to ask this tonight: when the winds are blowing hot in Africa and India, witch doctors, and don't think they're not here to challenge you... And in India they got the rope walkers, the fire eaters, everything else, and anything in the supernatural realm, they come and challenge it right now. When the ways are going hard over there, can I depend on this, that when I slip down to have a word of prayer, can I believe that there's people in Des Moines praying for me? Will you do that...?...? Thank you.
Brother Mitchell just told me that they give me a little offering to kinda help me along. I appreciate that, friends, and I--I'm a poor man. I don't have anything of this world's goods. They just build me a little parsonage to live in. I could've been a rich man, but I'd rather my riches would be up there. And oh, I couldn't take money from poor people. I just couldn't do it. And I wouldn't now. I'd get out and work every time I'd come to a meeting, if I just could. But it's just a call for the sick. And I--what little money I get a hold of, why, I put it in foreign missions, all we don't just have to eat on, and we--we live poor. Come to my home and find out, or let the investigation find out anything you want to know. I come poor; I will return poor. My people are poor, and I--I'll desire to remain that way.
L-14 And I appreciate--many of you people are poor people, and tonight, you probably maybe put in the last nickel you had. And on that great day, when we stand up there at the judgment seat of Christ, and you hear those heathens screaming, when, I--after you hear my name called, and I got to come up and stand on--the tape recording will be played, and the screen will show it all, and some of those natives and heathens from the other countries, saying, "Oh, Brother Branham, if you hadn't of come, I'd of been lost." and then God will look down to you and say, "You were the ones that sent him."
If there's any blessings to be got out of it, may you receive it. 'Cause I'm just doing it as a duty. Each one of you could do it. God sent me, and you're the one that's helping me go. May God bless you richly and restore to you a hundred fold. I'd be glad to have prayer with you at any time. You pray for me. May we meet again is my prayer somewhere this side of the river of life, and have a good old fashion meeting again here in America before we cross the waters. I mean that last water.
L-15 I'm not getting any younger. I'm already forty-five years old, and them's been some rough years. And one of these days, I realize that my--I'm coming down to the river. Each time my heart beats, I'm going towards a great chamber called death. Every one of us is. Someday my heart will make its last beat, and I'll have to enter in. I don't want to go in like a coward. I want to go in there, just want to wrap myself in the robes of His righteousness, enter into the chamber of death knowing this: that I know Him in the power of His resurrection. That when He calls from among the dead, I'll come out.
When the last battle is fought, I've often wondered, most Branhams--the hardest too, and that's my mother. They get the palsy when they get real old; they shake a lot. They're high strung, nervous type of people. Grandpa died recently, nearly a hundred, shaking. I, too, may have the palsy when I get old, I don't know, but I can imagine being an old man coming down when every--my work's finished, and the cold waves of Jordan hit me in the face, and I know I got to cross over. I--I just want to look back down the path where I come, see a lot of tracks through the briar patches, and over the rough places. I don't desire a flower bed of ease, while others fought to win the prize, and sail through bloody seas. Let's have the rough way too. I must fight if I must reign. I must get some of the rough parts. I want to take off the helmet of salvation, lay it on the bank, stick the old sword of the Word, here back in the sheaf of eternity, and scream to the top of my voice, "Father, push out a lifeboat, I'm coming over home this morning." I believe He will be there to meet me. That's right. That's my faith that's built on nothing less than Jesus' Blood and righteousness, and all around my soul gives way, He's all my trust and stay, for on Christ the solid rock we stand. All other grounds is sinking sands.
L-16 I shall read just a portion of the Scripture, God willing now, so that if my words happens to fail, then His Word will not fail. It's found in Saint Luke, the 18th chapter, 35th verse:
And it came to pass, as he came nigh unto Jericho, a certain blind man set by the way side begging:
And hearing the multitude pass by, he asked what it meant.
And they told him, that Jesus of Nazareth passes by.
And he cried, saying, Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.
And they went... before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried... much more, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me.
Jesus stood... commanded him to be brought unto him: and when he was come near, he asked him,
Saying, What will thou that I should do unto thee? And he said, Lord, that I may receive my sight.
Jesus said unto him, Receive thy sight: thy faith has saved thee.
And immediately he received his sight, and followed him, glorifying God: and all the people, when they saw it, gave praise unto God. [Luke 18:35-43]
L-17 Shall we speak, now, to the Author in a word of prayer. Father, we thank Thee tonight for Thy Word. And Thy Word is Truth. And we thank Thee for this story in the Bible, that we have just read, knowing that without one shadow of doubt, every iota is true. It happened. And we're so happy to know that--that man's blood, down through the age, though it cost that, we're sorry that it cost it, but it brought this Bible does tonight as free literature, and we can read it as American citizens, and have a right to worship You according to the dictates of our conscience, the way we read the Word.
And we're thankful for our nation, and for our people, and for the freedom that we have. And we pray that You'll preserve this, Lord. And we ask that You'll bless this audience tonight as many are setting waiting with anticipations. Thou has never disappointed any man who came to Thee with anticipations to receive something. You never would send him away empty. You'd send him away filled with the assurance and with the blessings.
L-18 And now, Lord God, speak tonight to us, and let it be known tonight that Thou art the Son of God, which has risen from the dead, and live among us. And You're not no longer dead, You've been alive two thousand years now, living through the--down through the ages, and are--is alive forevermore.
O God, and may every man and woman in here, that's out of fellowship with You, return to You tonight, or come for the first time and see how blessed it is to know Thee in the pardoning of sin. And may every sick and suffering person, as we're centering this part of the message on that subject, may they be healed.
Bless our brother pastors, every one of them, and all the members, and the laity that's represented here. The officials, the custodians, all those who have a part in this meeting, bless them. Bless the city, and help tonight, Lord, to send an old fashion God sent revival in this city, that'll stir the people city wide, and many find Jesus Christ. We pray that You'll begin it tonight, for we ask it in Jesus' Name and for His glory. Amen.
L-19 Our scene opens tonight in a rather a tragic condition. Now, the first principle I want to speak of, of course, basingly now, is Divine healing, because that's the subject that I--I'm doing this with. And I will see the way the Lord leads, the way we'll have the service. I want each one to be reverent, and in prayer, and believing on the Lord. And I trust... I see two or three people here, setting in wheelchairs. See, it's just beginning to get noised about. Perhaps, the man that got up last night, and put the crutches on his shoulders, and walked away, or whatever it was that I asked him to do. Maybe, he said to somebody else and then it just keeps accumulating, getting larger, and larger, all the time. That's the way it's always been. But we have to walk away then, and leave the people, for I got to leave yet tonight or real early in the morning to speak in Washington, D. C. at the Christian Business Man Internationally, and have a healing service at the White House. That's pretty good, isn't it? We praise the Lord for that. I hope that many of the friends that's invited senators and so forth, that the Lord Jesus will save the whole group of them, and give them the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
L-20 I want to have a healing service standing on the same steps where Congressman Upshaw, after being in a--a congressman for seventeen years, in the White House, and had been a cripple in the wheelchair, and an invalid, beds and wheelchairs for sixty-six years, going to healing service after healing service, till one night in Los Angeles, California. I never knowed, never heard of the man, saw a vision, him moving across that way. He was setting out there in the chair, and the Lord Jesus commanded him, said, told him all about his life, and what had happened, and how he got hurt, and all about it. And then told him, "Stand on his feet that Jesus Christ had made him whole."
And he rushed to the platform, touched his toes, and could almost do a hand spring at eighty-six years old. Living for... And he stood right on the White House steps, immediately after Billy Graham's meeting there, and sung to those congressmen, "I'm Leaning On the Everlasting Arms Of the Lord Jesus."
Now, may God grant tonight that I can have healing services right at the same steps.
L-21 Now, our scene is at a very cursed city. Jericho is in the valley; Jerusalem is on the hill. And a man like we read of the good Samaritan, when he was coming down from Jerusalem, going to Jericho, he was backsliding, coming out of the city of the blessed, going down to the city of the cursed. And that's when he fell among thieves and got stripped, and wounded and laying half dead: spiritually dead, physically alive.
And then this city was a cursed city. The walls had dropped down once, and Joshua cursed the city, and the person that would ever try to build it again. And now, in this city where they had in those days, and always been, wickedness, and rowdiness, and horrible living, perhaps, in the days of this blind beggar, that we're thing of, Bartimaeus, that perhaps, it was just as wicked then as it was in the days before it fell. And setting down in this valley, along about October in the year, theologians believe it was, maybe the cool breezes had already begin to start, little hope that this beggar had. Let's look at this man just for moment. [Luke 18:35-43], [Joshua 6:26]
L-22 The first place, he was shut off in a blind world, dark never seen daylight. That's a horrible condition. And another thing, if he--if the doctors of the city would've had any way to have done work for him, they--he couldn't have had it done because he was a beggar. He was penniless.
Now, to be poor and without money, is a bad thing, but to be shut off in a blind world without hope and without mercy, that's a tragic scene we have. Poor man, ragged, and his odds was against him. Perhaps, if he could've--if the doctors could've operated, he didn't have the money to do it.
I have great respects for doctors, for I believe that God sends them to the earth to do certain things. But I just wondered if they ever put a doctor on free will basis, like a minister should be or dares... [Luke 18:35-43]
L-23 I was looking at your telephone directory, this afternoon, and find out that you got around a thousand doctors in this city. Well, I just wonder if these operations that cost from fifteen hundred and two thousand dollars for a hour and a half's work, if he got a love offering for it. I wonder how many doctors we would have. Well, that's the way it should be. It should be mercy, because you're working on your fellow man, the citizen, brother, sister.
And I thank God for good doctors. If you need the operation, and they thought you needed it, you could give them a penny, they'd do it anyhow. That's the kind of doctors that every city needs.
L-24 And perhaps, this wicked, adulterous, city that this blind beggar lived might have had some of them kind of doctors, and again, they might not have had the knowledge at that day to know how to operate on him.
However, he was shut off in darkness, and was blind, and was poor, and was begging. And in those days, beggars strolled the streets everywhere. Lepers that couldn't work, blind, lame, halt, everything laid on the street. And a beggar had a slim chance of getting anything to eat. Maybe, the man had come out of a morning had had one coin he could give to the poor. The first one he met, he flipped it to him; that settled it. They probably didn't pay any attention to the beggars, they were so a--a--numerous, so many of them around that they didn't even pay any attention. [Luke 18:35-43]
L-25 He was really in a--an awful condition. And here he is. Let's picture him now and take just a little drama. I can imagine being in the cool of the day, maybe, the poor old fellow hadn't eaten for a couple of days, a cup of soup or something that somebody had give him a coin. And he was setting out at the gate. It's still very common through the oriental countries to find those beggars everywhere, still there.
And there he was setting at the gate, perhaps, in the afternoon, of a hot day it'd been, crunched down in the shadows. The crowds seat, the polished stones where many people coming from different parts of the country coming around Jericho... Let's just think of the old beggar setting there now in his ragged clothes, shivered down into the shadows. He didn't know how far he had to go to get in the sunshine. Maybe, get run over by a horse, if he got out any farther, setting there in that hopeless, helpless condition, and not knowing that just right down the road, come salvation. [Luke 18:35-43]
L-26 There might be that person, setting here tonight, maybe not so desperately as that man was, but not knowing that right here in the next hour, is salvation for you.
Setting there in that condition, and after while I imagine he begin... Let's imagine he's thinking in his mind, maybe reached out his hands across the curb and he rubbed the stones on the street, think, "Many years ago, Joshua, the great a--conqueror in God's army, led the children of Israel right up that same road. Not only that, but right, not very far from that same gate, Joshua was wandering around one day, and he met a Man Who drew His sword and claimed to be the Captain of the host of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Himself, standing there in Person just outside the gate. Over that same road, eight hundred years before that, come Elisha and Elijah on the road to Jordan and Elijah is going to be taken up in a whirlwind, and Elisha got a double portion of his Spirit, on that same road." [Joshua 5:13-15]
But the poor old blind beggar, the priest had told him, the clergy of that day, "Them things are past away. The days of miracles is past. Eight hundred years, God don't care about the people in that way no more. We have other things we preside to or go to, so we don't have them things no more." [II Kings 2:4-8], [Luke 18:35-43]
L-27 And he had been taught that, but somebody, perhaps a little girl, or a little boy, had come by and told him that there was a Prophet in Galilee that could make the blind to see, and the lame to walk. The priest didn't receive Him; the clergy of that day had nothing to do with Him. Just the poor and needy followed Him. His congregations wasn't too big, a large congregation of five thousand, where the Sanhedrin could call in two million. But His congregation wasn't so big--big, but it was those who loved Him, and believed in Him followed Him. And I can imagine the old prophet--or the old beggar laying there saying, "Oh, if that prophet would only come this way."
"Seek and ye shall find. Knock it'll be open unto you. [Brother Branham knocks--Ed.] Ask and you shall receive."
Everything had gotten quiet. All at once, people begin to come by whispering. The old, blind beggar wondering, "What--what are they talking about?"
And after while, the crowd got thicker. Well, over here it was snickering and laughing. Hear somebody holler, "Ha, ha, ha. Here comes that religious fanatic, that holy-roller." Who was it? It was the priest, the highest of the clergy, say, "Here, comes that miracle worker. Let us take somebody out here now, and see if He can heal them. Then we'll believe Him."
And I imagine blind Bartimaeus saying, "Wondering, if that's the Prophet from Galilee. But who am I? I'm just a beggar. Well, all these crowds now, hundreds, multitudes around here, and worming in and out, why, I've had no way to have an audience with that Man. But if I could only get to Him, I'd ask Him something."
"Blessed are they that hunger and thirst, for they shall be filled."
There He is, and after while, I hear the priest snickering and laughing. I hear the young folks laughing. But after while, again I hear another group coming by; they're singing, "Hosanna, Hosanna." I hear a little woman, maybe reach down and say, "You know, I would love Him. My little blind baby when He laid His hands upon it, it got its sight."
I hear another little woman say, "My boy was crippled, and He prayed, and my little boy's healed."
And I hear blind Bartimaeus saying, "Who is this that passes by?"
Some of them said, "It's Jesus of Nazareth, the Prophet of Galilee." [Luke 18:35-43], [Matthew 5:6]
L-28 Oh, there, opportunity had presented itself, but how could he ever attract that Man where everybody wanted to see Him, all this crowd. Some of them will laugh at Him, some of them to scorn Him, some of them to challenge Him to heal somebody, liked the devil did when he first met Him. "If Thou be the Son of God, turn these stones into bread. Let me see You do it."
That same spirit still lives today. "Perform a miracle here. Heal this one let me see you do it." When you hear that, you know where it come from.
"Turn these stones into bread, and I'll believe You. Let me see a miracle." On the cross, "Come down, pull your hands loose, and come down. We'll believe You." See that same spirit. Now, the man that it was on died, but the spirit still lives in other men. The Spirit of God, that was upon Jesus Christ still lives and reigns today. God takes His man, but never His Spirit. His Spirit comes from one to another. [Matthew 4:3-4], [Matthew 27:40], [Luke 4:3-4]
L-29 Elisha received a double portion of Elijah's spirit. That same Spirit come on John the Baptist, and is predicted to come again in the last days: same Spirit. The men are gone on, but their anointed.
The Pharisees, the mockers, the scoffers, the religious people, who made fun of healings and powers, the devil being their guide, said, "Now, if Thou be the Son of God..."
And they say the same, "If you're a miracle worker. If you can do this. If you believe Jesus is the same yet, do something, let me see you." [II Kings 2:9]
L-30 Just a few months ago, I was in a place in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A man stood on the radio and said, "I will give one thousand dollars in cash for one statement that can be proven that one person was ever healed by Divine healing."
Why, I was staying in a tourist court, and I had fifty calls in about a half hour. People who was healed and had the doctors go with them, said, "Come on, let's go collect that thousand dollars. You can it for missionary work."
So we just got a group together and went over. I knocked at the man's door; I said, "I have come to collect the thousand dollars."
And he said, "Who are you?"
I said, "I'm Brother Branham." Oh, he just criticized me on the radio.
He said, "Well..."
I said, "You know you said you spoke where the Bible spoke, and was silent where It was silent. I want to see how silent you can get in a few minutes." And I said, "Now, you said a..." I said, "Here's evidence of cancer, blindness, and everything, and here stands the doctors right with them to give testimony. I want the thousand dollars."
"Well," he said, "I tell you." He said, "Reverend Branham, here's what it is." Said, "We--we--our headquarters is in Abilene, Texas, so I tell you what we have to do." Said, "We'll take some little girl, and go over there. We'll put her in a office before where all of us ministers are standing, and we'll cut her arm and you heal it, and then we'll give you the thousand dollars."
I said, "You're suffering with a bad case of mental deficiency." I said, "Any man that will even think of such a thing." I said, "Your anointing is of your father, the devil, that said to Jesus Christ, 'Perform a miracle before me, and I'll believe You.' I believe He heals if I never did see it in all my life. I'd still believe it because the Bible said so." So that's the way they worm out it, like a worm in a lemon. All right.
L-31 But there's nothing to it. Just don't be afraid; the Gospel moves on, and the power of God moves on, and people are getting healed day after day all over the world. Jesus Christ is still the same yesterday, today, and forever.
If I pray for five hundred people tonight and all five hundred died in the morning, tomorrow night I'd be praying for the sick again. That's right...?... thinks, that's what God's Word said. If I died tonight, and road... If five hundred people died tonight, in fifty years from now, they rose up in the resurrection and said, "Brother Branham, don't you believe Jesus Christ. It's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong. You accept something else." I'd still say, "Let me die in Jesus. I believe Him. He's my heart; He's my life; He's all I got." And I believe every believer in Christ, that's been borned again has the same attitude towards Jesus Christ. Amen.
Whether we live, die, sink, or drown, we still believe Jesus Christ; His Word is real. No matter whether I can make it come to pass or not, or whether my faith is strong enough or not, Jesus' Words is always right. [Acts 2:37-39]
L-32 Now, in this case, and this blind beggar, no one to help him. And I can hear him raise up and say, "Have mercy on me, Jesus of Nazareth."
Some of them said, "Set down. Why, He ain't got no time to fool with you." Some of them said, "You've been taught the days of miracles is past. Set down. Don't... What you hollering about? You act like a fanatic, like some of that bunch of Galileans." And they were poor, common people. "Why, do you fool with them? Set down. Nobody will give you a coin any more, if they catch you hollering and carrying on like that. You're little mere--meager living will be..."
But something down in his heart told him, "If I can ever get an audience with that Man, it's finished. If I can ever hear Him say..." [Luke 18:35-43]
L-33 Now, Jesus was on His road to Calvary. Every Bible believer knows that. And Jesus was God in flesh, King of all prophets. And being with that Spirit, He knew what He was facing. That He must go to Jerusalem and somewhere under the hands of wicked people, and His own children crucify Him. And He must die, and Gethsemane was facing Him.
I can imagine Him, seeing His cool, stern face setting as a breeze come down, as He walked ahead of the crowd like that, going towards Calvary. The weight of the world, the redemption of all the world, the healing ministry that we have in the world today, rested on His shoulders. The healing of Congressman Upshaw rested on His shoulders. The healing of my blinded eyes rested on His shoulders. The sins of my life, and your life, rested on His shoulders. And the sins of every mortal died on the face of the earth, rested on His shoulders.
How concerned He walked. He didn't hear the howling mob, some of them laughing, making fun of Him, and probably throwing rotten apples at Him, or something as He went along. The others hollering, "Hosanna, Hosanna." What a mixed screaming multitude carrying on. How could He hear that poor beggar way over against the wall? But he had faith. [Luke 18:35-43]
L-34 And as He walked along, he cried out, "Thou Son of David, have mercy."
Probably ten--ten hundred or more crying the same time different things. It wasn't--I don't--I doubt Jesus even heared his voice. But what happened, with all that facing Him, the faith of that one man, him in the condition he was, poor, outcast, blind, and a beggar, stopped Him in the middle of His road. The faith of one beggar stopped Him, all that facing Him. Stopped, He looked around to see who it was. He felt that tug of faith pull from Him. Hallelujah.
He's the same tonight. One person's faith in this building, can turn Him and stop the heavens.
One man's faith. He couldn't hear the one who was crying, screaming, but somebody had faith like the woman touched His garment. He looked around over the audience. Looks out and sees that man, said, "What would you that I do for you?" Oh, that just thrills me, to see Him do the same thing right here. "What would that I would do for you?" [Luke 18:35-43]
L-35 Some of them said, "Now..." The people, probably the lady with the little baby had been healed, said, "Oh, He calleth thee. Be of a good courage."
Now notice, in the condition total blind, setting ragged, poor, He said, "Come here."
How is he coming, immediately reason would say, "Why, Master, you've asked me something to do that I can't do. How will I know how to find You in all that multitude of people over there screaming, and crying, and going on. And--and how am I going to find You?" Reason would have said, he couldn't have found Him, but faith goes into action. That's what we need here tonight: faith to take action. Faith jumps and leaps. "No matter where He is, He's bid me come, I'm going." There you are. [Luke 18:35-43]
L-36 I can see them little, old, skinny, bony arms go through that ragged garment, reach out to the audience like that, throwing the old ragged garment down, knowing that he'd never need it no more. Yes, sir. His little, old, bony arms reach out like that, here he goes through the multitudes, staggering trying to find Him.
Jesus said, "What would you that I do for you?"
Now, he didn't say, "Lord, I know days of miracles is past. There's no need to meaning that, but I know You're a heavenly Person, so I want to ask You, how beautiful heaven's going to be? What kind of a harps are they going to play up there? A--a--am I'm going to be able to see after I get up there?"
Blind Bartimaeus knew he'd see when he got to heaven. He knew all those things he would get when he got there. But the thing of it was, he had a need then. And he knew that Christ was able to supply it. He said, "Lord, that I might receive my sight." [Luke 18:35-43]
L-37 Oh, my, no matter what they said, "The days of miracles is past; it can't be done," he said, "Lord, my faith has stopped You. I've got an audience with You. Now, that I may receive my sight."
Jesus never said, "I'll heal you." Jesus said, "Thy faith has saved thee." Hallelujah. "Hallelujah" means "praise our God." He's worthy of all praise. Said, "Thy faith has saved thee." In other words, "If you've got faith enough, in all this multitude of crying, and mixed up, and half believers, and half critics, till I can feeled your faith pull Me to stop Me, that's enough faith to heal you. Thy faith has saved thee."
Well, he begin to rejoice; perhaps couldn't see yet. The multitude went on. Jesus set His face right on going. If--if the man had that much faith, he'd get all right. So He--I can see Him going on down the road, going right straight towards Calvary now. And the multitude keeps going quieter, and getting quieter, and quieter. And I see blind Bartimaeus standing saying, "Now, He told me I was going to get my sight. I believe it. I--I've never seen my hand, but--but--but I believe I'm going to get my sight." After while he said, "I see it now. I begin to see. Here it is. I can see my fingers." And down the road he went rejoicing, praising God that he had received his sight. Sure. Jesus said so. [Luke 18:35-43]
L-38 If his faith was strong enough to touch Jesus enough to stop Him and have an audience with Him, then Jesus is passing this way tonight. Every man and woman in here, suffering with diseases, can have an audience with Him. I declare that Jesus Christ raised from the dead and living among us today. And the very things that He did then, He does tonight. In His resurrection He looked out upon His audience, He knew the secrets of their hearts. Is that right? He does tonight.
And He said--He talked to the woman at the well; He knowed where her trouble was.
He said to Philip, when He come to him, met the--brought Nathanael, looked out over the audience, said, "Nathanael, you're a good man. A honest man."
He said, "How'd You know me?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
He said, "Thy art the Son of God, the King of Israel."
He said, "Because I told you that, you believe?" He said, "You'll see greater things than this." Because he believed. [Luke 18:35-43], [John 1:43-51]
L-39 I read a story once of blind Bartimaeus, a fiction perhaps. I will quote it before we pray for the sick.
He said blind Bartimaeus in those days, he had two little turtle doves, and they done little enchantments for the tourists. They had to do something outstanding, or they couldn't live--couldn't make a living, begging, and they had no other way to live. So said, "Those little turtle doves would do tumbles." Said, "One night--he had a little girl, and she got sick. So he went out and prayed, and he said, 'Lord, if You'll heal my little girl, tomorrow I'll give You those turtle doves for a sacrifice.' So the Lord healed the little girl, and he kept his word. A few nights later, his wife got sick. She was sick to dying. And the doctors could do nothing for her. So he went out and prayed again, and he said, 'Lord, if You'll heal my wife, I'll give You my lamb.'" In those days--the blind men today, are led by dogs. In those days they were led by lambs." So he said, "I'll give You my lamb." So the Lord healed his wife. And the next day he was on his road up to the temple to do what he had promised the Lord to give his lamb.
And Caiaphas was the high priest in that time, said, "Blind Bartimaeus, where goest thou?"
He said, "Oh, high priest, last evening my wife was sick unto death. And I prayed the Lord to spare her life, and I'd give Him my lamb." And he said, "He spared her life, and I'm going up to the temple to offer my lamb as a sacrifice unto the Lord God."
Why he said, "Blind Bartimaeus, thou cannot offer that lamb. I'll give you money to buy a lamb."
He said, "Oh, high priest, I never promised God a lamb; I promised Him this lamb for the sacrifice."
He said, "You can't take that lamb. That lamb is your eyes."
"And said the old blind man straightened himself up; he said, 'Oh, high priest, God will provide a lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes.' That day he was setting, shivering in the cold, he heard that noise coming up the street, God had provided a Lamb for blind Bartimaeus' eyes." [Luke 18:35-43]
L-40 He provided the same Lamb tonight for every man and woman that's--boy or girl that's in this building, that wants to receive this Lamb. God has provided Him as a Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world, Who was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, with Whose stripes we are healed. Shall we pray. [Isaiah 53:5]
Father, we thank Thee for the Lord Jesus, and for His loving blessings, and to see Him. How I would've loved to see Him that day when He was talking to Philip and Nathanael. How that Israelite must have been astonished when he stood before Him, and knowed where He had been. How the woman at the well must have thought when He told her, "Go get your husband.
She said, "I have none."
He said, "You've got five."
How they must have felt. And when the disciples would reason in their heart, trying to keep it a secret from Him, and He'd turn around and say, "Why are you reasoning in your heart?"
Where He knowed where a fish was that had a coin in his mouth to pay tribute, where two mules was hitched where two ways met. And yet, with humility to stand at the Sanhedrin courts and say, "I can do nothing except My Father shows Me."
See His friend Lazarus take sick, and know what the public is going to say, and He run away. And they sent for Him to come pray for him, and He went away farther. But on returning, He said, "Now, our friend Lazarus sleepeth." And then He told His disciples that he was dead, and He said, "For your sake, I'm glad I wasn't there, but I'll go wake him." And at the grave He said, "Father, I thank Thee that Thou has... hears Me always, but for these that stand by, I say it." Knowing that You had showed Him, and told Him to leave the country, to let this happen, and then come back and raise Lazarus from the dead. [John 11:1-15], [John 5:19]
L-41 I'm so happy tonight, Lord, that numbered with many thousands around the world tonight, that my name is on Your Book. And I know You by the fellowship of Your suffering and Your resurrection, through the amazing grace that Thou has provided.
And by a Divine gift, which was ministered to me by an Angel, that Thou does know all about, Lord. Unworthy, but telling me to go show people these signs, and to tell them of Your soon coming. And would be a sign that I should pray for the sick, and nothing would stand before the prayer. And how You confirmed that between--around the world with potentates, monarchs, kings, and I believe it's still in it's infancy. And now, sends us to Africa again, and over in those countries.
O Lord, I believe You're coming soon. On this hot night, here in Des Moines, may Jesus, the Son of God, Who did these things, and before going away soon, and said, "These things that I do, shall you do also. Yet a little while the world won't see Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world."
Come, Lord Jesus, and anoint Your servant. And anoint Your children setting out here, that working together by the Holy Spirit, that tonight might be a night of nights for the healing of the sick, and the saving of the souls, the sealing away of the people. For we ask it in Thy beloved Child's Name, the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen. May the God of heavens ever bless you.
L-42 If the Holy Spirit shall anoint at this time. I go to... I noticed last night, it'll never do me no good to mix the audiences up like that. I can't do it. You've either got to get away from it altogether or accept it altogether.
And now, I--I say this to you people, if I never see you again this side of the river, I'll have the same testimony over there. I have been truthful to you. I've testified to you the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. I've told you, what He was then, He is tonight. And the only way that He has to represent Himself here on earth is with you and I. And God has set some in the church to be teachers, some to be a--for different gifts, some prophets, some different things. He set them in the church for the perfecting of the church. You all believe that, don't you? You're taught that? That's Scripture. We might try to say it was some other day, but we're only trying to hide behind our unbelief. God's Word never changes. It doesn't alter; It's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
L-43 And tonight the Lord Jesus has given we, poor people, this privilege tonight to see the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. I want to ask you something, if you were going down in Des Moines tonight, and someone told you that the Lord Jesus was here in Des Moines... Different churches have their different phases, their different theory, theology that they teach. And every one of them... I have no right to condemn what they're doing. Any man that breathes the breath of Jesus Christ, breathes His Name, I love him. I might different with him in doctrine, but still just the same, if he's God's child, he's my brother, and I love him. If he's Baptist, Presbyterian, Orthodox, or whatever he may be, it makes no difference to me. I never joined any denominational church, and I don't intend to. I intend to stand between the breach and say we are brothers. Let's break down our differences, and come love one another, and the world will come to Jesus Christ when we do that. But as long as these wars and things among us, how can they believe.
Now, let's love one another. And I believe this, friends, with my faith, and you've heard my story of how people before me, of course, were Catholic. They come from Ireland, both Branham and Harvey, mother and father. And they... I never have any religious teachings. But when...
L-44 The first thing I can remember in life almost, was a vision. It's a gift. It's just like I probably explained here when I was here before, I don't know. Just like dreaming a dream, some people dream dreams. Some doesn't. You're dreaming, it's your subconscious. And an ordinary man, let's say his subconscious hears it first, when he's here. When you go to sleep you dream of things that you did when you was awake. When you wake up, you remember things that you dreamed even years ago. Is that right? Some people never have a dream. A person that sleeps sound doesn't dream. It's these people that doesn't sleep very sound that has the dream. They're not altogether awake or not altogether asleep, rather.
Now, the man that doesn't dream a dream, his subconscious is way away from him. Now, neither one of those man can help, because he--this man can't say, "Well, I'll dream you a dream tonight." He couldn't do it.
And this man never dreamed a dream couldn't say, "Well, I--I will dream a dream," or this one say, "I'll never dream another dream." That's all determined by God. And I believe God deals in dreams. Not all dreams, of course, and it's not too accurate without an interpreter. But now, a seer, one who sees visions, his subconscious is neither back there nor here. They're both right together. He can't help it. God did it.
Do you believe those gifts are borned in a man, when he's borned in this world? The Bible says so. That's right.
L-45 Oh, there's gifts in the church, like you say, "Gifts of prophecy. What about?" Yes, brother, but there's a vast difference. That's what they do; latter rain people get off the grounds. You've tried to make a gift of prophecy, a prophet. It's altogether different. A gift of prophecy is to be judged before two or three judges, but never a prophet's to be judged. His word's true from cradle up.
Jesus Christ was the Son of God from the garden of Eden, the woman's Seed. You believe that? He had nothing to do with it; God determined that.
I believe Moses was borned a prophet when he come from his mother's womb. Do you believe that? He had nothing to do because he was Moses. God made him Moses. Is that right?
John the Baptist, seven hundred and twelve years before he was born, Isaiah saw him, and said he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness. He was borned that birth. Had to be named John, because they wouldn't let him name nothing else. His father was stricken dumb because he doubted the Angel. Is that right? How could he help that? Predestination, fore-ordination. Read the Book of Ephesians, it sets--it sets the things in order.
L-46 Jesus told His disciples, "I knew you before the foundation of the world." Before the world began, He knew it. All things was made and ordained there. We're just working according to the scales--the schedule, rather.
Jeremiah, Jeremiah 1:4, I believe it is, or 4:1, I forget now. I think it's 1:4. God told Jeremiah, said, "Before you was even formed in your mother's womb, I knew you, and sanctified you, and ordained you a prophet to the nations." Is that right? How did he have anything to do with it? It isn't. You're born that way, if you can't make...?... [Jeremiah 1:5]
L-47 Jesus said, "Who taking thought can add one cubic to his statue." You can't make hair black or white. You are what you are by the grace of God. God had did this, not what you done. When you try to make yourself something different... I'd like to make myself a Billy Graham, but it wouldn't do me no good. I'd like to make myself a--Brother Mitchell, stand up and preach like that, or Ern Baxter. Didn't do no good, I must be William Branham. [Matthew 6:27], [Luke 12:25]
I've often thought about Brother Roberts and those who pray for the sick, and the way they did, how those brethren go out and pray for a great hosts. There's never no kickbacks if they didn't pray for this and that. But I can't be an Oral Roberts. God made Oral Roberts what he is. I have to be William Branham. And Oral Roberts can't be William Branham. So we are what we are by the grace of God. So it's all set together in the church for the perfecting of the church, the working together of the good, for those who love God.
L-48 Now, a seer, his subconscious is like that. He stands there; he doesn't go to sleep. He's got both eyes wide open, but he's in another world. And when he comes out of that, he remembers what he seen back there for a time perhaps. And then--then the first thing you know, he goes away again. And seeing visions, he has nothing to do with it. God does it alone.
But that's just exactly the same thing that Jesus Christ did when He was here on earth. Now, this is not something mythical; it's the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tell me one time Jesus ever profussed--professed to do a miracle. Never. He said, "I only do as My Father shows Me." Is that right? Saint John 5:19. When He passed all those crippled people, didn't heal but one man, and he could walk. He wasn't crippled. He was laying on a pallet, might've had prostate trouble. He healed him, and he went into his house rejoicing. When the Jews questioned Him about him packing his bed and so forth. Jesus said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing. That's what I do also. The Father worketh, and I worketh hither to." In other words, "I can't do nothing till God shows Me first, and then I can go do it." And He said, "These things that I do, shall you do, for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." And that makes Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right? So accept it tonight, friends. [John 5:19]
L-49 And if the Lord Jesus will come on the scene tonight as you seen Him last night restore the sight to the blind, make the deaf to hear, speak to people of things they done years ago, maybe sins that they're harboring in their soul, never confess it. He will call it right out, and tell them what it is. If that ain't the same Spirit was upon the apostles, I--I--I don't know the Bible. If that ain't the same Spirit on the Lord Jesus Christ, I do not know the Bible. It is the same Spirit, and watch the fruits of It. It brings forth salvation for the glory of God.
Now, if He will come tonight and will perform the same thing, how many in here will go away and say, "I believe with all my heart Jesus raised from the dead?" Let's see your hands. If He will come right here in this building tonight, and condescend, humble Himself down, and work among us poor people, just the same things that He did back there in them days, you accept Him. Will you do it? And the Lord will bless you.
L-50 Now, if He... As far as I know, there's not one person in this building that I know at this time, except it would be Brother Mitchell, right there. My wife somewhere here, my two babies, my son. But outside of that, I can't see one face that I can recognize. And there's, perhaps, not one person here that I know. But there's not a one of you here, but what Jesus Christ has knowed you before you were born. And can He--if He can go back and tell you what you was, and what you have done, and where you're troubles are, then if He tells you what will be. If that's so, we believe that'll be so. That... You know that's so. You know whether it's right or not. Then if that's true, then this is true. And we ought to go away happy and rejoicing.
L-51 Remember what Jesus said, "Go ye, and," what no more? "sin no more (Is that right?) or a worse thing come upon you." What is sin? Unbelief. Exactly right.
I heard someone the other day trying to preach the blas--the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. He said, "A Christian couldn't blaspheme the Holy Ghost." I--And then turned around and read Hebrews 6.
I thought, "Oh, brother, he was once made enlightened, and made partakers of the Holy Ghost, to fall away and to renew himself again unto repentance." Sure. He can blaspheme the Holy Ghost.
Jesus said, "That they had blasphemed the Holy Ghost, 'cause they said He has a devil." [John 3:18], [John 8:11], [John 5:14]
L-52 Look here, Hebrews 10 said this, "He... (I'm closing) He that sins willfully, after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin." Hebrews 10, I believe, 47. Is that right? "He that sins willfully, after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin, but a fearful looking for the fire, to the judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries."
Now, he that what willfully? "He that sins." And what is sin? Unbelief. He that will turn his back on truth, when it's presented to him, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin. Did you ever read it that--like that? He that disbelieves willfully, after truth has been present to him because his church believes different. That's when you cross the line. He that sins willfully, after he has received the knowledge of the truth there remaineth no more sacrifice [] [Hebrews 10:26-27]
L-53 He has a knowledge of the truth, and won't accept it. [] That's the Scripture. That's right. Sin no more--dis []... will come. When that enemy leaves you, and then you go away, and let somebody talk you out of it, and say, "Well..." a little pain hit you and say, "Well, maybe it wasn't so." Brother, a worse thing's coming. You stand like the rock of ages, and claim the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, be healed, and you shall receive what you've ask for. God bless you, tonight. [Hebrews 10:26-27]
L-54 Now, I'm not going to try to call that whole line...?... How many prayer cards you give out? What--what was it? X's. All right, he said he'd give out X's. I'm going to call from a certain number. That's what. I'm just going to call from a few. How--how many? One hundred. Now, in here there's a hundred prayer cards, and they're numbered X, ranking from one to a hundred.
God in heaven, Who is my Judge, knows that I know not one place, one card, or anything about it. They come down here and give them out. The card's got your name and address on it, and on the back of it it's got a number and a letter. That's only to keep you lined up.
L-55 Now, if I say, how many in here, wants to be prayed for, raise up your hand. Be honest. Anywhere in the building raise... []... 85. 86, who has prayer card X-86? Look on the packet, it'll be a X and a 86. Who has that card? Raise up your hand. All right. 87, raise up you hand, 87? All right. 88, 88? Here's a crippled woman setting here holding a card in her hand. Look at her card and see if it's a--if it's 88. Or can you see, sis? It is named. All right. 88, is it here, raise up you hand. Look, it might be somebody's deaf; they can't hear their... 88? Excuse me, lady, 88. 89, who has prayer card 89? All right. 90? 9--89? X-89. 90, who has X-90? Raise up you hand, will you? Who has 90? All right. 91, X-91? Look at your neighbor, 'cause it may be deaf (You see?), or maybe they can't get up. If you can't get up, just tell somebody setting next to you, make some kind of move. All right. That's all right. 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100? All right. Let's try this group here now, to pray for these people, and see what our Lord will do.
Now, if we have any time left, we'll start back from number 1, and begin back at there. If we have any time left, if we get these--these people here, as they come to the platform.
L-56 Now, if you will, my Christian friends, I want you all to do this for me tonight, if you will. Let's be just with one accord. How many believes that Jesus has risen from the dead and lives here tonight? Let's see your hand. How many loves to fellowship with Him? Do you like to do that? I just love to fellowship with Him. All right. Now, let's fellowship with Him. And let's fellowship with our neighbor's faith. Everybody together, just join in with one accord, and say, "Lord Jesus, oh, I ain't studying about whether I'm going have to wash the dishes in the morning, or whether I'm going to do this."
Say, by the way, I believe it was this--I--no it wasn't this meeting. It was at another place here, called--I went from here to Cedar Rapids, or some place from here, another place a--and it was in Iowa here. Great Falls, is there a Great Falls, Iowa? Some place, some kind of a Falls, might have been Cedar Falls or something like that. We had a meeting there. If there is any people here tonight that was at that meeting, I want you to listen now.
L-57 I prayed for a woman at the platform who had a horrible stomach trouble and couldn't eat nothing. And the Holy Spirit told her, "THUS SAITH THE LORD..." Watch you got your recorders here, if you want to see what He says. Said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed of that stomach trouble."
When you hear that come forth, brother, I lay my life right there, it's going to be just that way. I'm forty-five years old, seen visions since I was a baby, and have never seen one time or challenge anybody to mention one time that He ever spoke in that manner, that it didn't come to pass just exactly the way He said it. That's right. Just ask anywhere; take any recordings you want to and find out. When you hear Him speak out like that, that it isn't just exactly that way.
L-58 And the woman was told she was going to be healed. And then, she went home, told her to go eat. And the woman went home, and she tried to eat, but she couldn't. I believe she tried to eat a hamburger she said, and oh, how sick, up all night. And a couple days later, she was still so sick. And she went on for six weeks, I believe it was, and the people around the country begin to laugh at her. Said, "You went down there to that preacher, and he was supposed to tell you the Lord had made you well." Said, "Here you are."
She said, "I believe it anyhow." She said, "If I never get well on this earth," said, "I believe it anyhow." That's the way. That's what it takes. I've got her testimony and name. If I knowed I'd been this close, I'd have brought it. And why, the lady may be setting here, right now. So I--she went on then, and one morning her people had went to work, or the menfolks, the children went to school, and she was so hungry, and she picked up a piece of toast and begin to eat it, and usually it made her real sick and vomit. But she didn't get sick. But anyhow, she was washing some of the dishes first, and a real cool feeling swept over her. And she said, "Wonder, what that was?"
L-59 And she got real hungry in a little bit. So she eat a piece of toast; it didn't bother her. She eat some oats, and that was the thing that really would make her sick. It didn't bother her. So she drunk a cup of coffee, and after drinking this coffee, it didn't bother her. So she was happy. She run down to tell her neighbor, who had had a knot on her throat, and the Holy Spirit had said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll be healed." And she run down to tell her neighbor what had happened. When she got down there, she heard a lot of noise screaming, and her neighbor was jumping up-and-down on the floor as hard as she could shouting. The knot had just left her throat. And they rejoiced together. They come to a meeting and told me. And I got their names and address, and everything. That's just one of the many, but being it was here.
L-60 What had happened? Six weeks later, you know God sometimes, the Angel of the Lord can't--can't be just momentarily on the job. How many knows that Daniel prayed, and it was twenty-one days before the Angel could get to him? Is that right? But when He speaks something, He will watch over it to perform His Word. Do you believe that?
What happened? The Angel of the Lord had spoke that in the Name of the Lord, and He passed through that neighborhood confirming the Word. Amen.
Is that person here? If they are, raise up. If you're here in the building. It was at one of those Rapids--or somewhere here in Iowa though, the--the two women was. I can't see back very far, because the light's out from under there, but if you're--if you're here, well, God bless you. And if you're standing, the people are looking at you, of course. God be with you. I thank God for faith that will not say, "No," that will say, "Yes, God, it's the truth." And now, may He bless you.
And if our sister will... You've been awful nice, sister, to help us. And we thank you too for your kindness, all the ministers, and all around. May the good Lord bless each one of you is my sincere prayer.
L-61 Now, is this the patient? All right? You come here, lady.
Now, I think that they want me to talk on this phone. Billy told me last night. Many times when the anointing strikes me... Just imagine going out into another world, then coming back, then out, then back. And after while you get weak. After while you don't know where you're at kinda. And when I go to walk, it's not because I'm too weak, but I can't see where I'm walking. Then Billy sometimes, puts my arms around me. He watches. If you'll notice, he will stand over there in a corner somewhere, and keep his eye on me. That's the reason I have him.
How many remembers when I was off the field for eight months 'cause of poor management. They just let me stay hour after hour in the line, till I couldn't tell really which ones... all the way out. It was eight months 'fore I come to myself. So I... You can overdo things. You say, "Is that right, Reverend Branham?"
Why sure. The Scripture teaches that. How many knows that? The Scripture teaches that? Yes, sir. [I Kings 19:1-14]
L-62 Look at Elijah, after that being under that vision up there, and saw how to fix that bullock, and everything, and called fire down out of heaven, and rain out of heaven, the same day went out in the wilderness, and was lost for forty days and nights, wondering around. God found him pulled back in the cave. Is that right? He heard the winds go by, and he heard noise go by, and then a still small voice said, "What are you look in there, Elijah?" See the anointing had left him. And that's it.
Now, the Holy Spirit is here at the building. And I pray that He will come now, our blessed Redeemer. We have just about a half hour here of service. And I pray that each one of you dear people, when He comes, will acknowledge Him and recognize Him, and I pray that each one of you will be praying. [I Kings 19:1-14]
L-63 Now, you out there without prayer cards, let me see your hands, that hasn't got prayer cards, and you're sick, all along, everywhere as far back as the darkness back there, raise your hands. All right. Just everywhere, solid. May--may God grant it.
I tell you what you do. You believe that I told you the truth. Will you do that? You believe, and you look this a way. And you believe with your heart, that I've told the truth, that I'm not trying to represent myself to you, friends. I'm trying to represent Jesus Christ to you. And you believe that I'm honest in that, and these things are the truth that I've told you. And believe like blind Bartimaeus did. That he said, "Oh, God, have mercy." And watch the faith touch Him and pull Him around and say, "You."
Watch the woman with the--touched the hem of His garment, got back in the crowd. But them eyes begin to search around; she seen she couldn't be hid. He said, "Thy faith has healed thee."
See? He can be touched with the healing of infirmities. You can touch Him, and He will heal. [Matthew 9:20-22], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-48], [Mark 10:46-52]
L-64 Now, the Angel of the Lord is here now. May He bless each one of you is my prayer.
I suppose the lady... If you'll walk up here, sister, so they can get your voice. Sometimes I talk real low, and I don't know it. You see? I can't tell whether I'm talking here or somewhere in a vision. And sometimes, they set these mikes here, so it's real sensitive. They can almost hear your breath from where you at, there out in the audience. And so I... That way they can get just exactly what goes on and know the truth.
I suppose that you and I are--are perfect strangers to each other. Are we? We are. But you are a Christian. You're a believer, because I know that you're spirit is moving. You see? And if the Holy Spirit, that I know is here, He'd welcome you as my sister. And I know that you're a Christian believer.
L-65 Now, you're here for something. Now, God knows. He knows just exactly what you're thinking about. And if I be God's servant, and knowing that I do not know you, and no way in the world for me to know you, then He can reveal to me, what's your trouble. And then, if He does that, you'll know whether it's the truth or not, won't you? You'll know it. If I--if I by the Spirit of God can tell you what's wrong with you, then not knowing you, then you know that there's some way here, I have of knowing it. Isn't that right? And now, it'll be whatever you determine it.
If you say, "The man's a witch doctor, or whatever you want to--some hypnotizer, or something." Well, that--that'll be up to you, between you and God. But you just judge it to be the Word of God, and see what--what will take place.
Now, It don't come in great high places. See? 'Cause wickedness dwells there. It comes low and humble. You believe that?
And I'll say this in the Name of the Lord, that's you're not here for yourself. You're here for a loved one: father, I believe it is. And the man is blinded, and he's got cataracts on his eyes. Is that right? And you're from another state: Nebraska. Go lay your hands on your father to receive his sight. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you, my sister. Amen.
L-66 Do you believe on the Lord? Now, there a woman, total stranger, never seen her, and I don't remember now what I said to her. But it was something about somebody was walking blind, an old person. But I don't know just what it was. You heard it. It's on the recording. I don't know what it was--what was taking place. But now I see it. Now, my...?... Somebody ask today a question, in a letter, "What makes you rub your face, Brother Branham, all the time, after you get tired?"
My face feels like it's that thick. And I--I just keep trying to feel, if I could feel my hands on my face when I'm rubbing it like that, tired, nervous...?... straining. Usually that time, I'll see Billy or some of them come get me.
L-67 Now, be reverent, believe with all your heart, and God Almighty, Who made us, will show you His glory. And then whatever you do with it, that's up to you. He's only using me tonight to represent Himself to you, as your--as His children. Now, I am just one of you. If the rapture would come, probably all of you would go before me, and I'm not worthy. I was back in a cold, formal condition when you were out in the street, preaching this Gospel. Some of you aged, white headed ministers in this building, was out preaching this message when I was still a little sinner boy. But you, that I respect as my brother and sister. And I'm only trying to walk down the road that you've preached, and believe that would come. Don't turn it down while it's here. You believed it would be here, and while it's here, accept it and believe it with all your heart, and God will bless you. All right, brethren.
L-68 I was missing Billy Paul, I... You know you could--you feel the spirits of people. That--that's all right wherever he's at. But you can feel the spirit of people, and if I'm feeling his--his out of moving of the spirit channel. Brother Baxter, I can know he's here, and you're acquainted. That's the reason, I don't have people around me. See? Someone look, unless it's solid perfect. You can tell it. See? It interferes. All right.
L-69 And, sir, I just want to talk to you a moment, and just as a brother, to speak with you. I suppose us being strangers, one with another, we don't know one another, but the Lord Jesus knows both of us. Is that right? And we are two men, met here on earth, and perhaps our first time here--right here tonight. But you are a Christian. Yes sir. You have a very fine welcome spirit. And you're having some trouble, and the trouble is in your chest in here. It seems like that there's something, I believe a doctor or somebody's saying something, or someone, about something drying up. They're like the corpuscles, or blood vessels, or something drying up. It's in--in the blood. Is that right? Causing your chest condition. Yes, sir. You're a minister of the Open Bible church. God bless you now; go, and be made well. Jesus Christ heal you is my prayer, my brother, in Jesus' Name. God bless you.
You believe now, with all your heart? Have faith now. It's the Lord Jesus. Just be praying out there, saying, "Lord, remember me." And God will grant it.
L-70 Now, here's a kindred spirit. I don't know this woman. I believe we're strangers, aren't we, lady? We don't know each other. I've never seen you in my life, knowingly. Is this our first time of ever meeting? It is the first time. All right, we're strangers.
But there's--there's something wrong. God knows all about it. And you're not from here. You've come from somewhere where there's a lot of wheat, lot of wheat. I see you're going up in a airplane and something. You're looking out a window. You flew here, and you come from Oklahoma. Is that right? You're setting at a window looking out. All right. You're suffering with a--you've had a--some kind of condition. I see you with something white over the top of you or something. Oh, it's a--it's an operation, and it's been in--in the stomach. And it was a cancer, and the doctor's just sewed you up, and the cancer's is setting--going into the liver. Is that right?
Now, there sets a colored lady, setting right back there. She's got cancer too. Setting right back there, right over the top of that place. Stand up, lady. Isn't that right?
Oh, Father, in the Name of Your Son Jesus, Who's here to expose the devil and to make him an open shame. Satan, you know you can't hold these people. Come out of them, I adjure you by the Name of Jesus Christ, depart from these women, and leave them alone. Amen.
L-71 Now look, my sisters, both of you, as you stand. Now, the pressure that was pulling against me, has left. Now, if God would let me know who you were, where you're from, what was wrong with you, by that same thing, just a real soothe feeling of blessing, comes pouring back and forth through here now, and I believe with all my heart, that God Almighty has healed you both. Go home, and be well, both of you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Blessed be the Name of the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ rule and reign in every age forever, blessed be His holy Name. Amen. Oh, do you love Him? May His mercy endure for all times, and all generations. My, what a bank of faith moving in this building now. You just can't tell; it's coming from everywhere. What could happen now? All right.
L-72 You're afraid? Come to me. How do you do? You believe on the Lord with all heart, all your strength, and all your mind? You believe that God sent me to be His servant to grant unto you, your request? You believe it with all your heart. God bless you. If God can tell me what is wrong with you, then you know I have to know it in some supernatural way. And you're aware that something's near you now. You are? Isn't that right? That's His... Did you ever see the picture of the Angel, that fiery Pillar? That's just exactly what's on you right now. You been suffering with heart trouble. Isn't that right? I see you somewhere, you seem to awful happy about something. It's a--oh it's a--here's what's happened. I--I've had contact with you some way. You--you was one time barren, and couldn't raise children, and I ask God to bless you by THUS SAITH THE LORD, and you had a baby. The baby's with you tonight. So is your heart trouble gone from you. You're healed, my sister. Go, and God's peace be upon you. Amen.
L-73 Praise be to God Who give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Great mercy, glory, blessed be His holy Name. He will reveal, knowing all things, and all things was made by Him. All right. Have faith. Every person in here ought to, at this very time, be rejoicing. Friends, I'm praying that we don't--not as I want you to be emotional. That isn't the idea. But did you realize the very God of heaven is doing just exactly what He said He would do two thousand years ago? "That in these last days, He'd do the same." And you see it.
L-74 It's hard for me to understand how we can hold our peace, because we set breathless, knowing that our Lord... We go down on the Ganges River, we find colored women throwing their little babies in sacrifice unto the god of the Niles. Alligators squash them like that and it's finished. We go to the grave of Mohammed, and a white horse has been there for two thousand years. Confucius died twenty-three hundred years ago, a big statue of eighty some odd feet, made out of the hair, and teeth, and things of his followers, but not one speck of life about it. But in Jerusalem there is a empty tomb. And the Man that still lives in this audience tonight doing all the things, our Lord, all powers of the resurrection. He lives and reigns, and takes the poor subjects, taken that which was naught to bring to pass that which is high and haughty, to condemn the world in this generation, to bring forth His knowledge, and power, and righteousness into those who will believe. That was prophecy. Oh, how blessed be the Name of the Lord. [Revelation 1:18]
L-75 Do you believe, sister, as you stand there looking this way? I suppose you and I are strangers to each other, but God knows both of us, sister. Now, I'm not beside myself, but I--I never seen you in my life, but God has seen you. He knows all about you, and He knows what you're here for. I do not. You might be standing here to ask a financial condition; you might be here to ask about some loved one. I don't know what you're to ask about, but God does know. And He can tell me, before you even open you mouth, all about you if He wants to. If He doesn't, that's just whatever our Lord wants to do. But I trust that He will, and will give you the desire of your heart, knowing that you're a Christian, and you're not a critic. You're a firm believer in what I'm talking about. And in that way, I can help you. The first thing, you're a woman suffering with a woman's trouble, a female condition. You may not know this. Yes, you do. You do know it. You have a trouble in your head, which is cancer. And it's on the brain, but God will make you well. You, I see you sometimes setting just holding your hands like this. You've been in another meeting somewhere, and you was holding yourself breathless. It was something taking place at a platform. Why--I--it's me. It was Portland, Oregon when the maniac was condemned. I see him fall on the floor now and roll. You're healed, sister. Jesus Christ makes you well. Go home, and be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
L-76 All right. You believe with all heart? You believe that He comes? You believe me to be God's servant? I'm getting just a little bit tired, but come here, just a minute. You--you believe Him with all your heart? Believe that Jesus Christ can make you well? You have a ruptured condition, hernia, the throat. You must be operated on. And you are a minister. You believe that Jesus Christ heals you now? In the Name of the Lord Jesus receive your healing, sister. Amen. God bless you. Go and be made well. All right.
Aren't you desiring something, lady, at--the organist? There's been a strange Light hanging over you, just in the last few minutes. And I wondered if It was around some of the sick, but It now singled out to you since the line's come this side. Yes. There was a woman who went to the temple one day, for God to take away her reproach. Her name was Hannah. And you're desiring the same thing. And may the Lord Jesus... You're doctoring for that, or trying to doctor. I see a doctor speaking to you something about it. Isn't that right? May the Lord grant to you the child, and may you embrace it in your arms, a lovely child. In the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-77 Come. You believe, as you come? You believe that God will heal you and take this tumor away from you? You believe it with all your heart? Come here then. Father, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed. I rebuke the enemy in her life, that this tumor will leave her through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.
Come, lady. You believe Him as you come? Will you obey me as God's prophet, do what I tell you to do? Now look, you been nervous for some time. It's--it's not a--it's--it's a mental nervousness, that you're always--you're trying to be deeply sincere, take other people's thoughts to yourself, and things like that. In other words, you cross bridges before you get to it. In that is created to you an ulcer condition in your stomach. You got a stomach trouble. You can't eat right. Jesus Christ makes you well. Do you believe it? Then go eat your supper. God be merciful to you.
L-78 Come, believing now, with all your heart. Sir, seeing that you've had an accident and lost your arm. All right. Not only that, but you suffer with a heart trouble and want God to heal you. He has. So just go marching, and rejoicing, and praising God. Let's say, "Blessed be the Lord."
Come, my sister. As you come, come believing. You believe that God can take that diabetes away from you and make you well? In the Name of Jesus Christ may you receive it, is my prayer. Amen. God bless you.
Come. Are you believing, sister, as you come? You're having all kinds of strange feelings lately. For instance, you think sometimes you got heart trouble. You're extremely nervous, and in this nervousness that created a tumor. And you have a tumor that's to be operated. Is that right? You believe Jesus Christ will take it away now? In the Name of Jesus Christ may it go for God's glory. Amen.
L-79 Come now, believing with all your heart. Amen. Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
Little lady, setting there looking at me so sincerely. You're paralyzed. But you got a thought in your heart that you want to do. I'm not reading your mind; I don't know you. But you're wanting to write a book. Isn't that right? Stand up. Your paralyzism is gone, you're healed. You can go home...?... God bless you.
Your heart trouble's left you, so you can go on your road rejoicing too, sister, and be made well. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."
Insulin is a good thing, but the Lord is better. Don't you believe it? Insulin only holds you all, but God can heal you of that diabetes. Don't you believe that? Come here just a minute. Then if God's Spirit is on me, anointing me, to know your thoughts, your mind, who you are, where you're from, I lay hands on you in the Name of Jesus Christ, and rebuke the diabetes, that Jesus Christ make you well. Amen. As thou has believed so will it be unto you. Go, believing with all your heart. [Mark 11:22]
L-80 Young man, if I told you was healed while you set in the chair, would you believe it? Go right on, you've had--you received your healing. God be with you and bless you. Be reverent. Have faith.
Just a moment, there's a deaf... Oh, here it is. The woman's deaf. Bow you head, just a moment. Oh, Almighty and Eternal God, Who laid the foundations of the world, and spread forth all things, made man in Your image, and then brought down Your Son, Jesus Christ, and He was made liken unto man to take away sin of man, and to restore man back into fellowship as sons and daughters of God... Therefore, upon the basis of His shed Blood, I come confessing a gift of Divine healing, which is ministered to me by an Angel, saying, to this deaf spirit that's deafened the woman, "Come out of her." In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive the hearing." Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Say, "Amen. I love the Lord." This is so wonderful. Say, "Amen. I love the Lord." How long have you been deaf now? Listen, how you can hear now. See, I've got my fingers stuffed in here. Can you hear me all right? Say, "Amen." There you are, you're perfectly normal. Go off the platform, saying, "Thanks be to God." Hallelujah. Glory be to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the great Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the ending.
L-81 I see hanging before me here, a child. It's a baby. And it's examined. The little fellow has rupture. It's setting in this audience. There's the baby. Lay your hand on him, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn that enemy. Come out of the child. Take it home, believe God; it'll get well. Have faith in God.
You believe me with all your heart? What do you think, setting over there, looking at me like that with a little red coat around you, setting there about to die with cancer. You believe Jesus Christ makes you well now? If you do, stand up on your feet, and believe it.
What are you, setting next to her, waving your hands? You have bladder trouble, don't you? You're healed. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-82 What about you with your hands crossed, setting there, you've got a colon trouble. Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet, Jesus Christ makes you well. Bless God. God can do all things.
You've got cancer too, haven't you, lady? Stand on your feet, Jesus Christ makes you well.
What do you think? You two setting together as husband and wife? You've got a tumor. You've got stomach trouble. Isn't that right? Aren't you walking on crutches, got some kind of crutches? Jesus Christ makes you well. Stand on your feet and be made well. You don't need them no longer. Take your crutches on your shoulder and go home. You don't need it. Christ makes you well now.
What do you think, setting there with that asthma, lady? You believe that God's going to make you well? You do? Yes, sir. Stand up on your feet, Jesus Christ heals you of that asthmatic condition. Hallelujah.
L-83 What do you think setting over there with that little old boy? You think God will heal him of that kidney trouble, setting right out at the end. Do you believe it, brother, with all your heart? Stand up on your feet there, lay your hand over on the child. Almighty God, I condemn that kidney trouble, and ask for it's healing, in Jesus Christ's Name may it be made well. He's healed. Go home; he will never do it no more. God makes him well.
Every person in here can be made well this very minute, if you'll believe. Do you believe?
What about you in these wheelchairs? Are you ready to be healed? Do you believe? If you can, you can push your wheelchairs right out of the building. Be made well. Every person in here can be made well. If you believe it, stand on your feet. I feel the anointing power of the Holy Ghost moving through me right now. For the prayer of faith that'll save every sick person in here. Believe it.
Lord Jesus, I condemn every sickness in this building. Come out of here, Satan. You're a looser; you've lost the battle. Jesus Christ has made you every one well. Rise up and go home, and be healed.

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