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Do You Now Believe?
55-0610, Do You Now Believe?, Porter Stadium, Macon, GA, 47 min

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L-1 [Brother Branham speaks to someone before stepping to the mike--Ed.]...?... Give me a call...?...
Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here tonight, and to be in the service of the dear Lord Jesus Christ. How wonderful it is to be in His Presence.
And now, we are... I'm very happy to know that you all are not afraid of a little rain cloud. Someone said, "Well, people won't come out tonight." Said, "There's a rain cloud coming over." That shows you're a real good Baptist, friends, you don't--you're not afraid of water. So that's--that's very fine.
And I hear that there was a Baptist church going to give us their place for tonight, if it did rain. If the pastor, or any of the people would be here, we certainly appreciate that. That's very nice. And may the Lord bless you, my dear brother, and the deacons, or whoever it was that was giving us that opportunity.
L-2 Now, tomorrow--tomorrow we have two--two more nights; that's tomorrow night and Sunday night in the service. And I was wondering why that our Brother Arganbright had never gotten here. Wife called me a few moments ago, and he's been called to California. And we're making arrangements also, for us to leave immediately after this meeting to Zurich, Switzerland.
And now, Mr. Moore, I don't know why he hasn't gotten here. One of the brothers has just come and asked me about the ministerial breakfast, and I don't know what to say. I don't... I'd make a very poor manager. Anybody in line for the managership around here, why... And it's--and it's just a... I guess Brother Moore has quit. It's quite a job, anyhow.
L-3 So then we have... Want to remember these cards here tonight and the letters to be prayed for, prayed over, rather.
Now, how many believes in praying for the sick by handkerchief? Let's see your hands. That's wonderful. That's what God commanded.
Now, I was, believe it was in South Africa, Brother Thoms, down at Capetown, when the paper wrote up, said, "Brother Branham is a very superstitious man." They had about several stacks setting along there full of mail, you know. It's a very big great big grass burlap sack full of mail. [Brother says something to Brother Branham--Ed.] What? [Brother speaks again.] "Many testaments of healing," he said, "the sacks that he had there."
So there was a--a... Said, "Brother Branham is very superstitious," said, "he--he heals and prays over handkerchiefs for people." That shows don't read the Bible very much, isn't it? [Acts 19:12]
L-4 Now, a lot of people, they anoint the handkerchiefs for the sick. Now, that's very fine. Anything that God will do in blessing the sick, brother, I'm right for it. But now, I don't anoint the handkerchiefs. Now, if you will follow me real close with the Scripture, Paul didn't anoint the handkerchiefs. They just taken off of his body, it said, handkerchiefs and aprons and they were sent to the sick.
And the great God of heaven, how He has honored and blessed that effort, thousands times thousands of testimonies around the world. And we got a prayer circle starting, Eastern Daylight time, Standard time, that, I mean Central Daylight Standard time, they... Around the world people are praying. Get up at midnight in the night, and so forth, around different parts of the world, and literally tens of thousands are praying one for the other at the same time.
I send out thousands of handkerchiefs, the little anointed cloths, each month from my office at Jeffersonville. And we got about ten offices overseas. So you can imagine how many goes in a--in a run of a month. [Acts 19:12]
L-5 Now, we seen some of the most marvelous miracles. For instance, in Germany here recently, there was a little lady setting all crippled up with arthritis in a chair. Poor little thing, she'd been in there many, many years. And so, as soon as she got, the handkerchief was sent to her... I give instructions on how to place it on the body. She did just as it was instructed, she said, "Now, you old devil, you get out of this body." And she got right up and went walking on. Now, that's just how simple healing is, just taking God at His Word. She said, "Now, you old devil, you get out of here." And up she got and went walking on. Well, that's the way to do it.
And now, someone was telling me last night, that... The meeting's all to me is a dream, more or less than... And last night, they was talking about two or three of the wheelchair cases. I noticed the cots are vanishing away, the wheelchairs, some of them paralyzed, and arthritis, and so forth, healed and taken out of the wheelchairs by our Lord Jesus Christ. Isn't that marvelous? My, and some of them for years have been in there. I tell you; if you can just believe, God's got the power, if you can just believe it. That's all it takes, is your faith in Christ.
L-6 Now, usually, we give one night that we try to take up prayer cards. We can't get too many of them in one night, and the praying for them under that anointing, as I call It that. And we give one night that either the ministers all line up and get the people to come through and lay hands on them, or either we have just a prayer line, and I go down and pray, if there's not too many. Just take an individual and--and pray for them and pass them on, get another and another. If there's not too many, I can get them that way. And if there is a great group of them that I can't get through, usually, I pray until I know His Presence is there, then just stand close and let the people pass by, laying hands on them as they pass.
Now, I may get criticism over this, but, you know, Mr. Roberts has a little thing that I always admired in teaching called "the point of contact." Somebody's got to have something that they can do, that makes the contact of their faith. Well, that's very good. That--that's good if he can do that. He has them touch a chair, something, while he's praying from the platform.
L-7 That works all right, and especially in America. America has been taught, most of the people, of laying hands on the sick. That's a Jewish custom, and it's all right. It's the Scripture.
Now, some places in the Scripture they were commanded to go lay hands on the sick; they shall recover. Another place, they must anoint them with oil, and a prayer of faith shall save the sick. In another place they're to cast out evil spirits, and--and you just see it all around. It's according to your faith, be it unto you.
And like I said the other night, Jairus said, "Come, lay Your hands on my girl, and she will live. Well, I've heard about You. I believe You're just what You say You are, so You come lay Your hands on my girl and she will live."
But the Roman, not so: "Just speak the Word. I'm not worthy that You can come around my place. You just speak the Word and my servant shall live." It's according to your faith what happened. [Mark 16:18], [James 5:15], [Mark 5:22], [Luke 7:6-7]
L-8 Now, last night, I said that we'd give tonight and come early, so that we could pray for every one holding a prayer card, if they so desired it.
Now, to finish my story there before I get to that, overseas, in the African campaign, as Brother Thoms knows, these... What the people there are taught is just the supernatural. They've had the Bible over and over, and over and over, and missionaries have come and gone and taught the Bible in a line of psychology and so forth. Well, they--they say, "Well, that's all right. I--I--we believe that. But let me see somebody who can make It manifest. Let me see something happen. If He's such a great God, let's see what He can do."
Well, in our schools we're taught the days of miracles is past and all that God was is just a history now. See? That's all. So the natives don't go for that very well.
L-9 But one time when you can take and actually see the supernatural powers of God moving, that settles it. They don't want prayed for. The only thing they want to do is know that He's there. And--and you tell them what to do, and they'll do it. Just think of one time, making a prayer over an audience, twenty-five thousand healings taking place at one time. Just think of that.
And I tell you; they hauled cots, and stretchers, and beds, and everything away from there, and clubs, and sticks, and things that they'd walked on for a long time.
Now, but now, if seemingly in America, that won't work too well. It does, anyhow. The people don't get it just right, but you just mark my word, you around here, you pastors, especially. In you're churches weeks after we're gone, you'll hear of women and men come up and saying, "That stomach trouble I had, I just don't have it no more."
And the lady, little lady, said, "Well, I was bothered with a female trouble, it just doesn't bother me no more." See? Right in our audience at night.
L-10 Now, tonight, I've been kind of scouring around meeting and kindy come the platform tonight for this very purpose, just simply to stand, speak to the people, and go lay hands on them, that was all.
And--and so, I can tell you now, when I'm more conscious of telling you than any time I've been in the--in the meeting. See? There's people when... before I... When I'm speaking, I see that Light hanging over people. I just can't stop and call everybody. And sometimes, just the whole place looks like just... It just stirs over people everywhere. Them people are healed, yeah they are. You can't call them... You couldn't do it, it's just going one to the other. It's Him doing it. See?
And you know, they'll find it out sooner or later. They... First thing you know, they'll baby around with their condition a little while; first thing you know, it's gone. They'll be coming back, testifying to a pastor, "You know, I got over that somehow or another." You just watch and see if that... If that isn't so, you'd say, "Brother Branham's a false prophet." See? You just see if that isn't so. It's right. Many of them will be--be--is well now, and they just don't, perhaps realize it. That's the truth. The blessing is on them.
L-11 Now, you remember, when God pronounces a blessing, it don't have to happen just in the spur of a moment. How many knows that? Listen, that's right. It could be a week later when it happens.
Here sometime ago, I was coming in the prayer line... And watch the tapes. See? Watch what He's saying to you. And in the tape, there was a little lady come along, and she had a stomach trouble. And It told her, said, well, told her who she was and all about it. I've got the tape at home right now. And so It told her how long she'd been suffering; she had stomach trouble, and what it was caused from. "Yes, that was right." And then a vision broke, and I seen her well, and it broke through of, "THUS SAITH THE LORD (you know), you're healed."
Well, she went off happy about it. She said, "Yes, I'm healed."
L-12 There was a lady right behind her, which lived in the neighborhood, she had a big growth on the side of her throat here. She had it for a number of years. And so, as soon as It spoke to her, said the same thing: she was healed. She felt up for the knot real quick, but it was--it was still there. Well, she went away, she said, "Well, if the man is able to tell me all about truth, what I was, surely what he told me will be, will be that way."
So she went away believing it, and it was weeks later. Oh, I guess five or six weeks later, they both come into a meeting and here was their testimony: The little lady with the stomach trouble she thought, "Well, if I'm healed, I might as well go home and eat." So she went home and tried it, but oh, what a job she had. And the next morning she tried, and she testifying of being healed, and, my, she just couldn't eat at all. She'd just vomit it up. She'd go eat some more, vomit again. So she just kept on that way, and--and she was praising the Lord for healing her. Said, "Yes, I'm healed."
And so, the neighbors begin to talk about her, said, "Now wait. You're going to bring reproach on the Name of the Lord." Said, "You better be careful."
She said, "But look, I taped that tape, and it was not him said that part; it was the Lord called before it. It was the Lord."
L-13 So she kept with it. Weeks passed, and one thing, one morning they all, group of--of folks went to... The children went to school and her husband went to work. She was washing the dishes. Said, "She was standing there washing them dishes, and all at once a real cool feeling went over her." And said, "She never thought nothing. In a few moments she got real hungry." Said, "She picked up a piece of buttered toast and started eating it." Said, she thought, "Well, I will vomit up in a minute." So then, she eat it, but it stayed down; she was still hungry. So she thought, "Well, I will just try then, one of these eggs that's left over." So she eat that; it was just fine. She said, "Well, if that's all right, I will try a bowl of these oats." So she eat some of the oats, and she said, "I just might as well have a gastronomical jubilee." So she just got her a big cup of coffee and really went to town. And she was having her a good time with it.
And you know, she waited a little while, it didn't bother her, she got to feeling good, and she said, "Oh, my. I just got to go tell my neighbor."
L-14 About two or three hours later, she run down the street, and when she got down there at the house, somebody was screaming and a shouting. That lady said, "You know what?" Said, "This morning, I'm positive, when I was combing my hair, that knot was on my throat, and look, It's gone." Said, "It just left." And they begin to rejoice.
Now, you might wonder what it is. The Presence of the supernatural, which is the Lord Jesus Christ, His Angel that stands near... Now, when I see the Man, it isn't the Lord Jesus. It's a great tall Man, way, way bigger than what the Christ that I seen in the vision. Christ was a very small Person. But this was a big Man. And when He was... And a smooth face... And when He--He had spoke the Word, but he couldn't get to it, perhaps in time, and He passed through that neighborhood confirming what He had said. See?
L-15 Now, one time, Daniel of the Bible, he had an Angel followed him. And one time, he started praying, and you know, that Angel was detained for (I believe) about twenty--twenty-one days, wasn't it? Twenty-one days before he could even get to him. See?
Oh, when--when it's once settled in the heart though, that settles it forever. That's all. No matter what comes or goes, if it's ever once settled. [Daniel 10:10-14]
L-16 Now, I want to see how many here that believes in laying hands on the sick, so I can know how to phase my meetings, just now? How many want, people, hands laid on? See? All right. Looks like there's going to be hands laid on then. All right, now, there's about two or three hundred here or more of that. [Mark 16:16-18]
How many has prayer cards here tonight? Raise up your hands, that's here that has got holding prayer cards. Oooh, my. All right.
Well, there's only one thing that I know to do then, and that would be to call the prayer cards out and start praying for them. But beings there is so many of you with those prayer cards, holding them, we want you to begin at the first of the night, well, let them that was up, had the first prayer cards begin first.
Do you know what I think we will just do? Let's just talk a little while, and pray a little bit, until the Angel of the Lord begins to move among us. And then, when that takes place, then let Him take care of the rest of it. Is that all right? Just if He will do it. Let Him do it in His way. And then, if It comes, I would rather, I believe, stand here knowing that His Presence was here, than just to stand here and just have prayer for you. And I believe that, would you... I believe better, don't you think so? To know that He was here, 'cause you know what... Well, let's just ask Him now. And if He will come, we will testify a few minutes and see what He says about it.
L-17 Shall we bow our heads, first, for prayer. Now, heavenly Father, laying before me here is these hand--handkerchiefs. They are going to the sick and the afflicted. And Thou art so full of love and mercy. We just have this confidence to know, that what You say, that You will do. You're God, and You cannot lie. And Thou has give us this promise: "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it, and you shall have it."
So I'm believing with this audience of people, with all my heart, that the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is here tonight. And that every sick person that these handkerchiefs represent shall recover.
God, if they have sinned, forgive them for it. We plead as to our brothers, and sisters, and the little children, that these shall represent. And may each of them be healed, for Jesus' sake. [Mark 11:22], [Acts 19:12]
L-18 And now, Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life and Giver of every good gift, send Thy Presence upon us, Lord. And may it come to pass tonight, while these people that's setting here, holding these prayer cards... God, I pray that every one of them will be healed, and not only those, but every one without prayer cards tonight, that this will be a night of the greatest jubilee that we've ever had since the service has been going. May there not be a cot case, or a crippled, or a blind, or a cancer, heart trouble, or whatever it is, but may God sweep among us tonight, and just heal everything that's on the ground. Grant it, Father. May this be to Your honor and glory, for we ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-19 Now, may His blessings be added to you. Now, let's get a Scripture somewhere here and read just for a moment, a little Scripture found over here in Saint John the 16th chapter. And I--I like this, beginning at the 29th verse:
His disciples said unto him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb.
Now we are sure that thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee: by this we believe that thou cometh from God.
Jesus answering unto them, and said, Do you now believe? [John 16:29-31]

What a wonderful text we have under consideration at this time.
L-20 Now, to every one of you that's here, I wouldn't come here, I'd rather be home tonight, with my wife and family, a million times, and know that I'd meet God in peace than to come here and know I'd have to stand before Him to be a deceiver. I don't... Anything but to be a hypocrite or a deceiver, I certainly wouldn't want to be that. No one would want to be.
And I, if I didn't think that I was in the will of God, I wouldn't be out here tonight. If I didn't think that the message that I had for you from the Lord Jesus Christ would do you good, I certainly would not be here.
You know it's not for popularity. I'm a person that shuns that. If it would've been, I'd have been out here in the nation, tonight under a bright lights and everything else, with a great television, radio programs, and everything. It would've been different. And you know, a ministry of this type would produce that. But I've--I've shunned it, kept back from it, let my crowds be little, so you won't have to pull for money. Let the poor people have their money, and so forth. The Lord will take care of the rest of the thing if we--if it's just known.
L-21 And I haven't covet money. I don't take money. I was a Baptist preacher for several years, twelve years pastor of Tabernacle there at Jeffersonville, and never one time took an offering in my life, never one time. I worked for a living.
I remember one night, I was going to take an offering, and I... Well, you know how poor people get: you get to a place where you can't make ends meet. Did you ever have that ever happen to you? Yes. Where you can't make the ends meet... Then, and when I got in that shape, I said to the wife, I said, "Honey, I--I'm going to take up an offering tonight."
Now, they'd have done it, bless their heart there at the tabernacle, they'd have sold their homes to give to me. But I didn't make very much, and I was a game warden during the time; and I wasn't going to arrest nobody like that. I never... I was on seven years and never made one arrest, so... But I believe I made some good fisherman. That's one thing. I'd talk to them and told them about the Lord. So that's better. I wasn't fired; I just quit to serve the Lord.
L-22 So I didn't have much money, and we had a debt coming up, and I just needed five dollars so bad. And the brethren work and them making quite a bit of money, and I just got a little bitty salary, and then commission, on what I took otherwise; and I didn't make any of that, so I said, "Well, I need some money, honey. I just got to have it." And I said, "I'm going to take up an offering."
She said, "I'm going to watch you do it."
Over she goes and sets down right in front of the church; I said, "Well, brethren [Brother Branham clears his throat--Ed.] tonight," I said, "I kinda hate to ask you this." I said, "But I'm kind of in a little tight place, and I wonder if I'd pass my hat around if I could get just a little offering tonight, personally for myself."
We had a little box on the back of the church to pay the debts and things till, "Even so much you done to the little ones, you've done it to Me." [Matthew 25:45]
L-23 And Brother Wisehart, an old deacon, about eighty years old (he's in glory tonight), he got up and got my hat. I looked around, and there was a little old woman used to pray for me all the time, little old mother, one with a checked apron on, you know. And I seen her reach down in this little apron and get out one of these little pocketbooks, that's got a snap on the top of it, you know, unsnap it, and begin to reach down after those nickels. Oh, I couldn't do that. No, sir. Oh, I just couldn't do it. I--I seen that poor little thing doing that, and them little old feeble fingers reaching out after them nickels. I--I just couldn't do it. I'd have been there, felt like I'd have took pie from a baby. I--I just couldn't do it.
And I said, "I was just a teasing you all." I said, "I didn't mean that." And the old deacon had my hat standing there, and he looked back at me; he said, "Now, what must I do?" I said, "Hang my hat up." I said was just going on to you."
L-24 And you know, there was an old man used to come to my house by the name of Ryan. He's in glory tonight, too. Many of you remember, I guess, old Elder Ryan, long hair. He rode and old bicycle down there and give it to me. And I went out, and took ten cents, and got to the ten cents store, and got me a can of paint, and painted it up, and sold it for five dollars, and got by anyhow. So...?... that's my first time. So now, it isn't that...
No, I'm out because I believe the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Him and all of His people. And if a man can sin, like I was at one time, and I--I want to help him get out of there if I can. That's the truth. I want to help him to know Who created him, and what he's here for. He's here to be a son of God. And I don't want to see him out there drinking, and carousing around, and die, and be lost in the Judgment, and I stand up there and this generation comes up and me a minister and represent this generation. Then he said, "Well, you never told me nothing about it." I want my voice to sweep everywhere, telling everybody, and pleading them to come to the Lord.
L-25 He gave me a gift when I was just a little boy. When I was born. I was about two minutes old when It was first declared. And that... I do that with all my heart, to try to win people to God.
Now, it's not--it's not for any certain church. I don't represent any church. I believe that we're all brothers. Every man or woman, boy or girl that's borned again of the Spirit of God, regardless of what church you go to, doesn't make any difference to me. That's God. If you're my brother by Christ, if God received you in your peculiarity, and me with mine, we're brothers. That's all. So I--I like that.
And I think that the time will come someday, when we will all be that way, and recognize one another as that way. God, let me live to see the time. Anything that I love is a fellowship that--that the Methodists, Baptists, and Pentecostal Church of God, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, everybody can shake hands with one another and say, "We are brothers." That's right. And our little peculiarities, God don't pay attention to that anyhow, our little petty doctrines and things, that doesn't mean anything.
L-26 Now, I'd just like to tell you what my secret of the greatest... What are you--you... How'd you like me to tell tonight, what I think is the greatest, most powerful force there is on earth? Would you like me to tell you about it a few minutes? You might not love me so well after this, 'cause I--I will just tell you all. The mightiest force there is on earth is love. That's exactly. There's nothing that will break down love. No matter what it is.
Whatever you are, or what you might've sang; you might've danced in the Spirit; you might've spoke with tongues; you might've shook the elder's hand; you might've been baptized three times, this a way, backwards, face-forward, anyway you want to; but until love anchors in your heart, you're still out of God. That's right. That's right. You've got to have love, or that... The Bible said, "God is love." And God is the strong... The love is the strongest force. [I John 4:16]
L-27 Now, there's two different kinds of love: there's human love, which in a Greek word is a--is a Phileo love. And then Agapao love is the--is the high love or Divine love.
Now, you take like the phileo love, when we have that, love, a mother for her baby will drive her right straight to a flaming fire to save that baby's life. It'll make a man, for his sweetheart, lay down his life any time. See, what I mean? It's... That's just human love.
And Je... I believe somewhere in the Bible it said, "Could a mother forget her little suckling babe?" Said, "You--you may, but I can never forget you, for you're engraved on the palms of My hand." So how could God ever forsake us, or--or anything, as long as He loves us like that? [Isaiah 49:15-16]
L-28 I tell you what you do, church members. Now, there's some member goes to your church, I know I'm talking to Protestant and Catholic, and I'm talking to Calvinist and Arminian, but that's--that's neither pro nor con. You do this: If you want to be a real outstanding person in your church, wherever church you go--go to, you just fall in love with God with all your heart; and when you do that, you will fall in love with every member of your church, and every member of everybody else's church with all your heart.
Now, you can't bluff that. Now, there's something about it that people know. If there's anything I can contribute the success of my meetings to, earthly speaking, is to know that people have a conscious to know that I treely--truly love people. I just love people. And they know that. And you could... You can't--you can't fool them on that. If you--If you are making out, or pretending...
L-29 Just like Christianity, if you're pertaining to be a Christian--just pretending, rather, to be a Christian, you will never make a go of it. No, sir. It's absolutely got to be there. That's all. Love will do it.
I have been a great lover of wildlife. You know that. And I've noticed in animal life, if you're--if you love animals, if you love them, you can do anything with them you want to. And if you don't love them, they know it. And if you're afraid of them, like a biting dog, if somebody said, "The dog will bite," if you're afraid of him, you're sure going to get bit. See?
Now, you're not going to fool him. You might say, "I'm not afraid of him," but you... That better come from somewhere besides your lips, 'cause he knows better. See? Now, if you're not afraid of him, it's different.
L-30 And that's what's the matter with people tonight, and I want you to get this close. It's because that you're afraid you're not going to get healed is the reason you don't get healed. See? You mustn't be afraid. There's nothing to be afraid of. Jesus has already died and paid the price. We're free. You must come with that kind of an attitude.
Let me give you a little personal experiences of my own, if you'd excuse it for just a few moments longer. You say, "Brother Branham, what are you stalling about?" I'm waiting for Him. Exactly. And I'm just testifying or doing something till I know that His Presence is near. And then I... Then when It does, then it'll be different. Then we will call the prayer line. But in order to pass by here, I want to lay my hands on people when I know that the Holy Spirit is here. It might be, something just left the people.
L-31 And now, I--I have give you some little experience inside my life, of especially in love. Many times at our home, the people pile in there and everything. It's a whole lot better to be in a meeting than it is to be at home, because there's people... I've seen as many as seventeen, eighteen car loads, when I get up at morning, setting up-and-down the--the lane where I live. And all the hotel's full, and the motel's full, and everybody scream and cry. You know what that means. You come in, and so weary you hardly know where you're at.
I woke up here not long ago right out in the middle of the floor holding a pillow in my arms saying, "Only believe, brother. That's the only thing you have to do, is just believe." My wife woke me up. My, I was out in the floor just so--so tore up, you know, and tired; I just couldn't go any farther. And I had this pillow in my hand saying, "Now, just believe, brother. That's all you have to do." See?
And oh, I don't know. It gets pretty rough. So but, what it is, is I'm trying to do something for Him. I want to represent Him to the people.
L-32 And then, here sometime ago... I will tell you a little story that you might not think was just right. I come in the room where the kitchen, and the whole house had been piled full, this room, that room, down stairs, and everywhere, and--and then when I was getting through, along about from early that morning... It was about five o'clock, we'd been turning everybody away. The boys at the gates and so forth, they keeping the people away. And I went out into the kitchen; there my wife sit out there crying as hard as she could cry. Two little girls, they was setting on in the floor and fighting over their blocks, and the house all tore up. Everything that Meda said, my wife said, "Billy, I am going wild." She said, "These children hasn't had a bite to eat all day long. The kitchen's standing full, the house standing full. And oh," she said, "I..." Thirty-five years old, and snow-white headed, and it... Stand between me and the public.
And I said, "Well, honey," I said...
She said, "Oh, why, I just don't know what to do." And the poor little fellow, I felt sorry for her.
L-33 Now, let me tell you something: Each man that's borned again with the Spirit of God in him is a miniature creator. Now, that might shake you a little, but that's the truth. We're in the image of God. God is a Creator. That's the reason that you can believe that God could heal a person, because God is in you, and God made this world. He just spoke it, and His Word become material. The very ground that you're setting on is the Word of God made manifest. If He didn't, where do He get it? See? He just spoke it, and it turned into existence. He believed in His own Word. And if a man's borned of the Spirit of God, he's an offspring of God; and that part of God is in him, and he believes every word that God says will materialize. See? And so, that makes him part of God. The Holy Spirit in the man makes him a part of God.
And now, did you ever see people, nice people, but you just couldn't hardly stand to be around? Sure you have. You don't have nothing against them, but you can't stand to be around them. Then you seen some person that's, oh, maybe a little old scrawny fellow, or a little old woman bent over a washtub, but you just love to be around that person. You just love them, somehow. It's the atmosphere that they've got around them, the way they live; they create an atmosphere that you like to be into. That's lovely people to be with.
L-34 Now, my wife setting there, and she was crying, so I said, "Now, the only thing for me to do now, heavenly Father," in my heart, I said, "is to create a different situation here." And I said, "Now, heavenly Father, I love You, and I've been ministering to Your people, and here my poor little wife is all tore up. The babies setting there pulling one another's hair and fighting over the blocks," and I said, "we don't want that. So You help me, Father, and I believe You're going to do it."
So I said, "Well, praise the Lord, honey." I said, "This has been a marvelous day." I said, "You see that kiddy walk out a while ago, and took them braces off, and walked away?"
And that man out there in the ambulance said, "Brother Branham, just speak the Word. That's all they have to do, and my child will come out of here." And oh--oh, a lot of faith, you know. I got talking.
She said, "Oh, honey," said, "it's so wonderful," but said, "Oh, look at these kiddies." Said, "They haven't eaten since this morning." Said, "I couldn't get--even get around in the kitchen."
And I said, "Oh, yeah, but that's all right. Just think when it's all over, what we're going to do then." I said, "My, when we sit down with them over there, and when they ring those golden bells some of these days, and the jubilee songs begin to sing, and there comes Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob," I said, "Just watch me shine then." And I said, "Honey, going to have you right on the arm, like that, and we're just going to walk right up those streets of gold." She...
L-35 I seen a little smile come out of the side of her face, and I thought, "Thank You, Lord." Just kept on, I said, "Let's... Now, we will get supper ready right quick." And I said, "We will shove out right quick, and we will go somewhere. And get in the old car and puddle around down along on the hill somewhere." I said, "We will just have a good time."
And she just started getting supper ready. Every once in a while I--I would walk over. And I was praying, "Oh, Lord, now just let me create this atmosphere being happy instead of being like this." I laid my hands on her like that, and I said, "Honey, you know what?" She thought, I just put my hands on and talk to her, but I was laying my hands on her in Jesus' Name. See? Then, "Honey, you know what?" I said, "It's just marvelous." I said, "You know, at--this coming summer," I said, "we're going up into the mountains," I said, "as soon as I get a little time for vacation." I said, "I'd like to see them kids catch one of those trout. Wouldn't you like that?"
She said, "Oh, that was a lot of fun." I said... Well, it's coming right along. I said, "Yes, honey, that's just fine." ("O Lord God, please... ") And I just... And the first thing you know, she was a laughing and singing. The kids had their blocks in there just a playing, and having a big time.
L-36 See, that's the way it is. You just keep believing, create the atmosphere. Let... Never let doubt come around you. Believe all the time. Don't--don't accompany any of that doubt at all. No, sir. No matter what the circumstances is, push away doubt. Walk right on through it. Just refuse it. Yes, sir. Don't give no grounds at all. Yes.
I remember Brother Thoms; I don't know whether you know this or not. But that same night I got in the car and went out on the river. We was riding around up over some big bluffs down in Indiana. It's not leveled out quite as well as Georgia is down here.
L-37 So we was riding around some big river bluff, and all at once, my windshield just become white. And I heard my wife say, "Bill?" And it been about five minutes later. And I had seen old Brother Bosworth get off of a train and was stricken down. They took him to a hospital, and the Lord said, "Pray for him right at once." And I pulled on the brakes; she said, "You don't mean you've been having a vision all this time?" Said, "You've been setting there about ten minutes driving around a bluff a hundred feet below me, like that, and said, "And you..."
I said, "I didn't know nothing about it."
And oh, stopped, we got out and prayed for Brother Bosworth, went home. That was on a Saturday, and on Sunday night, about the same time, just before going down to the Tabernacle... Well, the phone kept ringing, and so they was answering it, and finally said, "This is long distance, a..." I mean the operator out of Louisville, my home town's a small one, so exchange... The Western Union closes up about six o'clock, so they called me out of Louisville. And said, "Come to the phone." And said, "Rev. Branham, Rev. Bosworth sends a telegram from South Africa, and wants you to have prayer for him." And that was signed by Brother Yeager, over there, one of the Presidents of the big association.
L-38 So I said, "Lady, could you tell me what time that--that telegram left Africa?"
She said, "Oh, yes." And she told me when it left. And I went and got the Pan-American chart that I had, and you know what? It was just twenty-four hours from the time that Brother Bosworth started that telegram over here, the Angel of the Lord beat it here twenty-four hours, and told me to pray for Brother Bosworth. And this... The Angel of the Lord had spoke to me. And time I could get him back on the telephone, the Lord had already healed him, and he's up and going. That's the love in contact.
Oh, brother. You talk about telephone. My, God's got that beat a million miles. The Angels of the Lord are encamped about those who fear Him. And how His marvelous works...
That old man loves me; my, my, he'd lay down his life for me and I would for him. We're brothers; contact. [Psalms 34:7]
L-39 I could stand here for hours giving testimonies like that, and how that love will work, how that love will move.
Look, one day, I remember, I was on patrol. And I was going out... Now, you may laugh at this, but that'll be between you and God. And there'd had been a big old male cow down there and killed a colored man, and they had--they had sold him up to another farm.
Well, I had to turn some fish loose that afternoon in the conservation, some minnows in the creek, so then... And I had a sick call over across the way, and I thought I will just walk over there and--and make this sick call, and pray for this sick person, then go back to my truck. And I got out of that truck, and walked across the field, and I was going out there in some little old shrubs. I never thought about that old fellow being in there. He'd killed a colored man: very mean. And so, I got out there in the middle of the field, about three hundred yards from the fence, just some little old scrub trees around, about four or five feet high. And when I got out there, all of a sudden, up jumped that big fellow, and I recognized that was the field that he was in.
L-40 Now, he raised up there, and let out a big bellow like that and threw his head down. Now, this may seem strange. I'm not telling it for a joke. It's the truth. There wasn't a tree to go to. I knowed he could beat me to the fence. There was nothing to do, but die right there in the field. My gun was in the car. And there I was standing in the field.
But then, if what happened then would only happen now, and stay that way... But somehow or another, instead of hating that bull, I loved him. Now, that seems strange, but I did. I loved him. I thought, "Poor fellow, I disturbed him." And he looked at me like that, and I wasn't a more afraid that bull was going to hurt me than I am this preacher setting here. See? There was no fear at all. I loved him. I thought, "Well, I--I harmed him."
L-41 And he started coming towards me with his head down, like that, and just throwing the dirt over his back. And I just stood there, just as calm as I am right now. And he run right up, and I thought, "Well, that poor fellow. I know I would hate to be wo--woke up like that." And here he come with his head down, and when he got to me I said, "Now--now look, I am sorry that I disturbed you." I said, "I didn't mean to do that." And I said, "You are God's animal, and I am God's servant. And God is sending me over here, pray for a sick woman. I'm on God's mission. Now, I'm God's servant. You don't want to hurt me. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, you go back and lay down." And when that bull, running right towards me just as hard as he could, he got within about five feet, he just threw out his feet and stopped. And he looked at me, like that, and he looked sideways, just so depleted, and turned right back around, and went over and laid down under that tree. That's right, a killer.
You say, "That can't be." Listen, the God that lived in Daniel's days is still alive today...?... be no matter what it is. Yes, sir.
L-42 Here--here, last summer it was I believe, I was out mowing my yard. And I got a big yard, and I couldn't get nobody to help me. And I'd--I'd mowed a few rounds, and somebody come in. I had to run in and take my overalls off, and put on my suit, and go in and pray for them. And then time I'd get rid of them, I'd run back out and mow a couple more rounds, and the--the grass was growing up the front yard 'fore I'd get the back one mowed, just about two weeks later.
And I got in the back yard one afternoon, and I had on a pair of overalls. I'd just taken my shirt off. And there... And I was hot, you know, and I was just mowing as hard as I could, this little old mower, and there's a little fence that runs down, and a little old box setting there, a little old martin box for some birds I put up there for the kiddies. And a bunch of hornets had built in there. And I hit against that fence, and I was covered over in a few minutes with hornets. Just... And me with no shirt on...
L-43 Well, you know what? That same thing happened. I thought, "Now, I disturbed them little fellows." God knows whether this is true or not. And I said, "Now, poor little fellows," I said, "I--I'm sorry I disturbed you. Now, I--I'm God's servant, and His people comes here; I minister to them. I'm in a hurry to get this yard mowed. I'm sorry I disturbed you. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, you little fellows run right back in your box, now, and I won't disturb you no more." And God, my living Judge, them hornets lined up, one by one, and went right straight back in that box, and never even got a sting. God still lives and reigns. Amen. That's true.
L-44 In the little book here called... In the Life Experience, you read it. By the way, we just got a few books left; and friends, we won't sell books on Sunday, we never. I don't believe... I'm not a book salesman. I buy them books at forty cents less than what I give them to you. Then I've got to... I paid for these to come from South Africa and then have someone here to sell them, and buy a truck to bring them down in. You see where I go. My. You just... I just lose on them. but if I didn't think they'd help you, I wouldn't--wouldn't send them. This is the last of the prints out and gone. Just got a few more.
But in them, you'll notice a testimony. I was in Portland, Oregon, many, many times my--more people in the--in the meeting that night than here. And I was standing, preaching. And the first thing you know, I seen a great, big, huge fellow run up there, like this, with his hands just shaking like that. I thought he was... Maybe he had a telegram for someone. And all at once, when he got up there to the platform, there was about two hundred preachers standing back there on the back of the platform, and they just shrunk out of the building. And I thought, "Well, what's the matter?"
L-45 And this fellow turned around, great shoulders and stood about six foot and a half tall, and he had great big fists, big--great big arms on him. I weighed at that time a hundred and twenty-eight. And he must have weighed about two-fifty, or two-sixty. And he looked at me; he said, "You dirty snake in the grass, up here imposing yourself as a man of God." Said, "I will break every bone in that weasely little body of yours and show you what you're made out of."
Well, I thought, "My!" And he... That great big fellow, he was well able to carry out his threat.
So I turned around; there wasn't a preacher left. I looked everywhere, and I guess, if they'd have noticed the man was a maniac out of the insane institution; and they was hunting for him, the law was. And he just broke a preachers jaw bone, and--and shoulder down there, where he knocked him out in the street that afternoon.
L-46 And so, I just led two little police to Christ, and they were back in the building. When they were in the dressing room where they was waiting to bring me out. And I was standing there, and just as I thought, well, I was going to say, "Well, what's the matter with you, sir?" And just about that time that same thing happened, again, the Presence of the Lord. I just kept still.
He walked over towards me with them big fists drawed up, everybody sitting breathless. He said, "I will break every bone in your body." Said, "I will knock you plumb back over there in the middle of that floor, like that. Said, "You hypocrite. You snake in the grass." I never said a word. Looked up to him like that. He was kinda walking towards me, his teeth set together, and his eyes, like that. And I looked at him, I just never said a word.
L-47 Brother, you'd better know what you're talking about in them kind of times. That's right.
I thought, "Lord, I... Now, You was the one sent me out here. You're the One promised me. I'm depending on You."
And he come walking a little closer; he said, "Tonight, I will break every bone in your body."
And about then, I heard something talking; it was myself. And it said, "Because that you have challenged the Spirit of God, tonight you'll fall over my feet."
He said, "I will show you whose feet I will fall over, you hypocrite." Walked right to me and [Brother Branham makes a spitting noise--Ed.] just spit right in my face, like that. And I just looked at him, stood there. He drawed back his big fist, like that to hit me.
I said, "Satan, come out of the man, in the Name of Jesus Christ." And he threw his hands up, and screamed; his eyes bulged way out, he turned around, around, around, and fell on the floor, and pinned my feet to the floor. The police had to come roll him off there, 'fore he could get--'fore I could move my feet.
L-48 Brother, that's it. The Presence of Almighty God. No matter what it is, I'm... He's the Lord, and a very present help in the time of trouble. Don't be afraid. Stand on your ground. When God moves, God is God. And we will do it. See? It's love. Don't despise; no matter what it is, even if it's your enemy, still love him anyhow. See?
And now, tonight the Lord Jesus Christ has promised us this thing: If we would believe, why, it's all things are possible. Do you believe that? "All things are possible to him that believes." [Psalms 46:1], [Mark 9:23]
L-49 Now, Let us bow our heads just a moment. Our heavenly Father, I'm believing that that was You that just come over the audience just then. And I pray that You'll come near. Something said, "Stop right at this point." Not that these people would hear me, but that Thou would hear, Lord. I pray now, that You'll manifest Yourself in the great outpouring of Your Spirit here, in Jesus Christ's Name, I pray. Amen.
I'm simple enough to know when enough is done. The Angel of the Lord is here. That's exactly.
Now, I want--I want perfect reverence. I don't know what this meeting turns out to be. We never know what one--what's going to happen. But I want you to believe with all your heart. I want you to know that He--His--His Presence is here.
L-50 And now, in this audience here, perhaps, there's several hundred people setting right along here, four or five hundred people, maybe more. But you're strangers to me. But His Presence is here. If there'd be anybody here that would have a--just the least bit of doubt in--in their mind, I just trust that God would forgive you for it. But if you believe that His Presence is here, and He can, now by His stripes, can do the same things here on earth tonight, that He did when He was here the other time... Do you believe it with all your heart?
Now, It's kinda struck me suddenly. But when He was here... Is there anybody here for your first time? Let's see your hands. Anybody, just their first time? My, that's fine. We're glad to have you, but you've probably never seen to me. We give this night away to something else, just to--to bring the people through the prayer line.
L-51 I want to ask you something. Let--let me say this from the bottom of my heart. There's no man can heal you. You know that. There's no one can heal you. Christ has already did that. It's your faith in His finished work.
Now, if this, what we've taught--talked about, all these years, what our mothers and fathers believed, that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, that He raised from the dead, and is a living among man today. And when He was here on earth, before He left, He said, "The things that I do, shall you do also." Is that right? He said that to His Church. He said to them, when they questioned Him, why He didn't heal everybody, and so forth there at the pool of Bethesda, He said, "I only do what the Father shows Me to do. The Father shows me, then I do what He tells Me." In other words, "He gives Me a vision, that I do."
He stood in the audience, looked upon the people. He knowed what was wrong with them. A woman touched His garment, and went out in the audience, and He turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" And He couldn't find her. Directly, His face come along till He found the woman, He said, "Your faith has made you whole."
Now, if that Jesus has raised from the dead, then He's duty bound to His Word, to manifest the same thing. Is that right? He's got to, for His Word sake. [John 14:12], [John 5:19, 27, 30, 34]
L-52 Now, here sometime ago, standing, talking to a real well known minister throughout America. He said he'd been talking to a Mohammedan. And the Mohammedan had been educated here in America. And the Mohammedan said, when he went to leave and go back to the--across the sea again, he said (to India)--he said, "Look, sir, before you leave," said, "why don't you accept the lovely Lord Jesus as your Saviour and go back really a Christian?"
He said, "Well, kind sir," the Mohammedan said; he said, "I--I have a religion." Said, "I'm a Mohammedan."
He said, "Yeah," but said, "your old prophet's dead and gone, Mohammed." But said--said, "Why don't you accept the Lord Jesus as you Saviour?"
He said, "Well, Mohammed is my saviour, sir."
He said, "Well, now, Mohammed is no saviour."
He said, "Well, I could say the same thing about your Lord Jesus."
And he said, "Well, now, just a moment." He said, "You see, our Lord Jesus raised from the dead; your Mohammed is in the grave."
He said, "Did He?" He said, "You've had two thousand years to prove it." And said, "You haven't done it yet." He said, "Our religion is greater than yours. We're twice as many Mohammedans as there is Christians." He said, "You all claim He rose from the dead, but did He?" Said, "How can you prove that He raised from the dead?" Said, "Look," said, "your Lord Jesus, you said, raised from the gr--dead two--two thousand years ago," and said, "you've had two thousand years to prove it, and not only one-third of the world knows anything about it." That's true. The man was right. He said, "Let Mohammed raise from the dead, and the whole world would know it in twenty-four hours." Said, "What's the matter?" Now, the man had a point.
L-53 He said, "Well, you see, we know He raised from the dead because we believe that we're saved."
He said, "So do we." He said, "Look, sir, your Jesus wrote a Book. You call it the Bible. You read It, you believe It. He promised life after death." Said, "Our prophet, Mohammed, wrote the Koran which is the Bible to us. We read It, believe It. He promised life after death." He said, "But look, kind sir..."
He said, "Well, we have joy."
He said, "Look, Mohammedanism can produce just as much psychology as Christianity can." Said, "We're just as happy thinking of it, as you are happy thinking of yours." Said, "We're just as happy thinking that Mohammed will raise from the dead, as you are thinking that Jesus will come again." And said, "We have just as much psychology as you all have." He said, "But here, sir, if you name the subject, let me ask you something, and watch where a Christian defeated." He said, "You..."

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