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Being Led By The Holy Spirit
55-0819, Being Led By The Holy Spirit, Unknown, Karlsruhe, Germany, 93 min

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L-1 Thank you, brother. ...?... and God bless you. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you, kindly. Makes me feel so welcome to come back. If God is willing, I'll be back. I believe that Germany is really ready for a spiritual awakening. Of all the nations I know of, I think Germany is the place. If... I would not have to say this now, but I mean this from my heart. I have seen many lovely nations, but if I had any place I wanted to live, besides my own home, it would be Germany. [] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [The interpreter says, "I said, 'That makes me feel good.'"--Ed.] It does me too.
L-2 You pray for me. Now, I go straight from here to Switzerland, then back to Chicago in US., then to the west coast of California, and perhaps on to Australia, and God only knows where else. I just keep going all the time. One day, our great Master, say, "This is the last trip. Now come on up and rest." I want to meet you up there. And I hope to meet you here again in Germany before He comes. And we're going to try to--to pray to God that let us come back. And we'll stay a little longer...?... uh-huh. With... This is kinda getting acquainted. I'm so glad we got acquainted.
I wish to express my feelings towards all the German people. I have never been treated better in all my life. If I would've been an angel, I couldn't have had better treatment. Yes. That is the reason God is healing your sick. Did you hear them testifying of the lame, the blind? That's what God will do. Just keep loving Him. It's Him that did it. Uh-huh.
L-3 And now, I want to thank all the ministers. This brother here, Brother (What's?) Muller? and he has been very kind and we appreciate him. Other ministers: the Brother here from the state church... And I got to meet a group of those ministers today, and very fine men. And I--I love them all.
See, we don't come to represent any church; we want to represent Jesus...?... So now, you new converts, and you that's been healed, and those that'll be healed tonight, just think, there's people setting here sick now, will be going out of this tent well in the next couple hours. How wonderful. People laying on stretchers, I trust, will be walking out with their bed on their back, going home. Many are setting, nearly--almost dead now will go home well.
L-4 They were just telling me as I come in, last night that a lady was called from a stretcher that had been there four years. []
I met a pathetic sight. A lady, her eyes pushed out. No one knew what it was. The doctors didn't even know. It was growing worse all the time. I said to her, as my heart went out to her, "Dear sister, do you believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God?"
She said, "Yes."
I said, "Do you believe that He sent me to pray for you?"
She said, "I do." I prayed for her. And when I was praying, I seen something black going from her. Now, something has to happen. Watch them on the platform. Watch what an expression comes over them at once. It'll make the evil spirit leave, not me, but the Holy Spirit that's here. Yes.
L-5 How many of you would like to see the picture of the Angel of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire? Let's see your hand. I will send to Brother Muller several copies... (several pictures)... and every one of you people, religious magazines, you place it in your magazines so your readers can see it. When I come back, I'll bring several copies that you can have yourself: just a big Pillar of Fire, just whipping and burning around and around, the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel out of Egypt. And that--that's just not an ordinary picture now. That's been through the FBI of the United States. And it was examined over and over and over, and they said, "It's truly a supernatural Being." So they have it in Washington, DC. I--I--I... It doesn't belong to me. The American Photographer Association taken the picture. Now, He's here now. And He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-6 That black thing going from the woman, I knew she was going to--something is going to happen. It has to. And now, whether she holds her faith or not, that'll be up to her and God. But in the presence of that Divine gift, something has to happen. So I told her, so to give her faith. Now, her eye stuck way out; I said, "When you go home, put a string or something around that. And then draw it up tight. Then cut it off, real even." That was yesterday. I said, "Tomorrow night, before you come to church, take the--the same string and put it around it, and cut off how much it shrank, and you'll see what's happened. Here it is. That's how much it shrank in twenty-four hours. If the lady is present for a testimony, would you just raise up your hand, wherever you are? Would you stand up? Every one who knows her, look at the difference in her. Let us say, "Praise the Lord." That is better than an inch in less than twenty-four hours.
Now, what did I tell you last night? When the life is gone out, it has to shrink. Now, sister, that'll be like that for three days and three nights. It may get worse then. Don't worry, that's a sign you're healed. Just keep giving praise to God. When I come back to Germany, come and testify. Wherever I am, I'll pay your way. You'll see what the Lord can do.
L-7 I want to thank all the ministers. And I hope that this voice is going outside. I want to thank the police, and for these fine young men who--that helps me back and forth. I wish I could tell them things every night when I come in, and I can't say, "Thank you," so I say, "Hallelujah." I'm sure they understand what I mean. God bless them.
And the police is so nice. Everywhere I go in the city, everybody's so kind. It's a wonderful place to be. Uh-huh. So thank you, each one.
Now, you converts, now don't get out amongst unbelief. You go to people that believe. Now, go to some of these churches who believe in Divine healing. Now, there's a group of them that's now accepted it. I was with some of them today. They're going to start fasting and praying for God to give them strength and power. Support them with your presence and prayer. Now, just don't go back to the same life. Get to one of them good spiritual churches, and join those prayer meetings, and live true to Jesus Christ. God bless you.
L-8 Now, just before I read the text, I would like to explain a little more of... Many has asked me today. They never had heard before how that, and when anything dies... You see, brother, sister, it's--it's a life. Like a--a tumor, like--like this lady here (See?), that wasn't on her eyes a few years ago, but it's there now. You didn't have that tumor a few years ago, but it's there now. Where did it come from? The doctor says it was a germ. Well, where'd the germ come from? It isn't a germ of life that belongs to you. It's a germ of death that was sent by the devil. Then if you take the life out of it, which is the devil, then the--the lump just goes away. It can't operate without life. Neither can you. If you was a cancer, well, in the way of Divine healing, it just call your life out; your body would be there just the same. But by and by, it'll go away. Just believe.
Now, notice for instance, like death. I'll just take a few moments. There is so many things that I'd like to teach you. Now, keep the Gospel true and clear by the Bible. Following these meetings like this, listen German friends, much fanaticism usually follows this. Don't believe it. Stay with the Bible (See?), 'cause Satan plays along there. Just strike at it. Believe it not. Stay with God.
L-9 Now, one more little thing I want to teach you. Then coming back, we have many things to talk of. Now, let's just take for instance, a--a--a growth, that it, something that isn't a growth. For instance, a deaf ear. If a man is deaf, the Bible said, "When the deaf spirit went out of the man," the deaf spirit. Now, if a man's deaf, their, one thing to do, the sensible thing to do is go to your doctor. Let him examine you. He'll look all over it. Well, he'll perhaps say a, tell you why you're deaf. Maybe something has slipped and it's cutting off the energy to the nerve. Then if he can operate and pull that slip back, it'll be energized. You'll hear again.
For instance, sometimes when the teeth is out, 'causes to pull down, and it makes you hard of hearing. Many things like that are natural things. But what if the doctor said, "I don't see why you're deaf, or why you're dumb and can't speak, or why you're blind and can't see."
Now, if it's a ca--if it's a cataract, it's a germ of life, and it's growing a body, and it's covering over the sight. But what if it's not a cataract. What if the doctor says the nerve is dead? Well, what killed the nerve? Not supposed to that way. God didn't want it that way. Just so much of the nerve died. Well, why didn't all the nerve die? Just in the eye? It's because a blind spirit: spirit. Jesus called it that. No matter how old fashion it seems, still the truth. The Bible said so. [Mark 9:35]
L-10 Now, if there's an unseen something that the doctor can't see, neither can he feel, he can't touch it in no way, but the nerve is dead. It's a blind spirit shutting off, stopping, sh--shutting off the energy to--to the eye or to the ear.
Like if there was a transparent band around my hand, you can't see it--you can't see it; you couldn't feeled it; but my hand's getting dead. Well, there's no need of putting salve out here. You've got to deal with it here. After a while if you don't move it, it'll become completely dead. You're--you'll lose the use of it.
Now, what does Divine healing do? Divine healing, prayer to God, faith cuts that loose, takes away that spirit. Then what happens? Energy begins to come in, and the person begins to see better. They might not see perfect at once.
Jesus prayed for a man, and he looked up, and he begin to see men look like trees. He went back to Jesus; He prayed again, then--then he could see clear. See, it takes a little while. If you took a strap off your hand, first it--you can move it a little, but the life isn't circulating right. See? Have to let it go awhile. Same thing is by hearing, by speaking, or by seeing, or anything like that. It's deaf, dumb, and blind spirits. The Bible said so.
L-11 Now, if you--if it goes away from you, and what if you go out feeling better? You get amongst unbelievers where all them unbelieving spirits are, they get on you down in your heart; and the first thing you know, you can't hear again, or you can't see again. I've seen men that was totally blind read this Bible, this same Bible; and come back two nights later, couldn't see how to get in the tent. Couldn't you believe you can lose your salvation, backslide from God? So can you the healing. You see? Same way. You got to keep your faith and in God. Amen. Have faith and don't doubt and you'll get well. And associate with people who believe and God will bless you.
L-12 Now, there's many things that I'd like to say, but I just want to speak a little text. In just a few moments we'll start the prayer line. And I'll--while the interpreter's looking up Saint Luke, 2:25-30, I want to speak to you and say this: there's--they...
The boys said they give out many prayer cards. And we want to pray for all.
And tonight--tonight I'm asking ministers to help me pray for the sick. I don't want to leave you under this impression, that I'm the only person who can pray for the sick. I am not. Every minister and every Christian that believes in God and believes in Divine healing, has just as much right to pray for the sick as I do. I don't want to leave, and you're looking to me. I want you to see your pastor pray for you. He's a man of God too. And your neighbor, whoever it is, the Bible said, "Pray one for the other." See? Divine healing doesn't lay just in the person. It lays in Jesus Christ. Amen. [I Timothy 2:8]
L-13 Now, read Saint Luke 2:
[The interpreter asks if Brother Branham wants to pray for the handkerchiefs--Ed.] Yeah, I will after this. [Acts 19:12]
Saint Luke 2:25-30.
[The interpreter reads the Scriptures--Ed.]...?... [Luke 2:25-30]
L-14 May the Lord add His blessings to the Word. And while we bow our heads for prayer, I want to pray for the handkerchiefs also.
Our heavenly Father, look down once more tonight, the closing of this wonderful meeting. And tonight if it's Your will, we must say to each other, "Until we meet again." O God, let Thy mercies be upon us. And these little efforts that we have put forth with joy, these seeds that we have sown, may it grow to great fields of grain, so that Germany will have a great revival. O God, take them from the grip of that shadow yonder, put them together again under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. O God, let this great loyalty that they have be given to the Lord Jesus. Grant it, Lord.
And I thank Thee for the favor that You have give me before the people. It all comes from You, Father. And I commit them to You, that You'll bless them. Bless their churches, and may there be an old fashion revival break out after this, that'll sweep through Germany like a great fire. And may tens of thousands be saved, great signs and wonders be done, that'll simply shake Europe. Grant it, Father.
Laying before me here, hundreds of letters, people are waiting for them. Now, in the Bible they say they taken from the body of Saint Paul, handkerchiefs and aprons; evil spirits and sickness left the people. Now, Father, we know we're not Saint Paul, but You're the same Jesus. And I pray, Father, that the same results will be given, as I bless them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. And may the power of God rest upon each of these. You know them, Lord; You seen them write these letters. Watch over them, Lord, until they get to their destination. Then heal every sick person that they're laid upon. This we ask in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-15 For just a short speaking, tomor--This is our last night and--for a while. And I... It's just may be a little late. We're going to try to be away a--in about another forty-five minutes and have the other, the prayer lines a going. I aim to speak about fifteen minutes if--if you can bear with me that long.
Our text tonight deals with the--Israel. My subject is, "Being Led By The Holy Spirit." Men of God are led by the Holy Ghost. The Bible says, "They that are led of the Spirit of God are sons of God." How many believes in being led by the Spirit of God? Amen. Then you don't know what you're going to do. You just have to follow the Spirit. [Romans 8:14]
L-16 Now, in our--the days of our sub--our text, Israel was under the Roman Empire. They had been captured by the Romans. Their churches had let down, got cold and formal, got away from God. And another nation come in and captured them, because they'd got away from God. And they were under the--the rulership of the Romans. They'd got to a place where they begin to go after science and after education. That always kills spirituality. Uh-hum. We need to be spiritual. Let science take care of their part, but we Christians keep ourselves spiritual before God.
But now, Israel had got away, got all educated; dressed up their priests so much different from other people; and then the Romans come took them. And there they're under their rulership. Fartherest thing in their minds is the appearing of the Messiah. Though they'd looked for Him for four thousand years, but they thought it was too far away then. Listen, friend, just when you least expect it, then God steps in and He does something. It's time now in Germany for the same--for the same thing, the revival you've been praying for. For the spiritual is a renewing.
L-17 Now, God has never left Hisself without a witness. Sometime He's come to one person, but He's always had one person He could--that He could put His hand on, saying, "This is My servant."
And so, during this time when the priests were busy at their regular routine, there was an old man who was very spiritual. He was a very renown man. And he was one of the few. Oh, John the Baptist's father and mother were spiritual. And as there might've been two or three more like Ann, or so forth, that were still holding on, that God was supernatural.
Now watch, our very text proves it. Simeon was praying one day, and the Holy Ghost told him, said, "Simeon, you're not going to die until you see the Christ." And he was--was somewhere in his eighties then, a man of great standing among the people. But he wasn't ashamed of his testimony. He went around telling the people that he wasn't going to die till he seen the Christ.
Why, the people said, "The old man's crazy." People that are spiritual are always misunderstood. It is today. Accept Christ and you'll be misunderstood. The Bible said, Jesus Himself, "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." Jesus promised us persecution from the outside world.
Now, when--he went around telling people that--that he wasn't going to die. Why, he was practically dead then. But he had a good reason, because the Holy Ghost said so. When the Holy Ghost says anything, the Holy Ghost keeps His promise. Do you believe that? He can't lie; He's God. [Luke 2:26], [II Timothy 3:12]
L-18 Now, way back in the east country, in the O--in the Orients, there was some people looking for the coming of the Messiah. They were called Magi's. They were wise men. They watched the stars. Before God does anything on earth, He shows a sign in heaven, before He does it on earth. Before He sends judgment, He sends an angel and gives a message. He did in the days of Noah. Here He is in the days before Jesus, and I believe He's here now before His second coming. Believe Him, friends.
So the wise men was watching, because the Bible said, the prophet Balaam, he said, "There will come a star out of Jacob." And they were watching for that star. Now, they found it. After they'd looked for twenty--about twenty-five hundred years, generation after generation, finally there it appeared. And they started towards Jerusalem. And look at the trip they had: deserts, valleys, mountains. And how did they go? They never went by a compass; they go--and they didn't go in a scientific way; they followed God's directions by His sign. And they was led directly to Jesus Christ.
As the star appeared for them, the Holy Ghost has appeared for you. Don't go the mechanical way, putting your name on the book and let that settle it; be born again. Receive the Holy Spirit. It leads you to Christ. It leads you to a deep life, a Spirit-filled life, happy life. [Numbers 24:17]
L-19 I remember, years ago before I was married, there was a--a--a--a young lady I went out with. She said, "Billy, let us go to the show."
Said, "I don't go to shows."
She said, "Let's go to the dance."
I said, "I don't dance."
She said, "Will you smoke?"
I said, "No. I don't smoke."
She said, "How do you have any pleasure?"
I said, "I have more pleasure in five minutes than you do in half your life."
A few--few nights after that I was preaching to a large audience of people. The girl was setting in the audience. I offered Jesus to the audience. Hundreds of sinners come forward, weeping. I motioned to her. I--I said, "Come here. You want to know where I have pleasure? Here's my pleasure, better than anything in the world." She went down to the altar and got saved too. See? It's the greatest thing in the world to follow the Holy Spirit to a complete surrendered life.
L-20 Just recently, there was some people crying in one of my meetings. And they were asked what was the matter. I guess there was ten or twelve of them. They seen that Light. And then a newspaper reporter, or, rather, for a magazine, he said, "I..." He said--come to me, and he said, "I have been following you for a long time. I want to get that picture too." He said, "Why didn't I see it?" Said, "I believe they didn't see it."
"Oh, yes," I said. "It's possible they can see it and you can't."
He said, "Oh, no. If my eyes are human, just as much as theirs are, if they can see it, I can see it too."
I said, "Oh, no. God hides Himself from people and reveals to others." Perhaps somebody's in a guessing now.
L-21 Look at this star. How many believes that the wise men followed that star and saw it? You believe they did? I have read all kinds of history, and there's never was anyone else that ever seen that--that light except the wise men. They kept time by the stars. Look at the hundreds of cities they passed over, and the men up on the tower watching the stars; and here come the wise men looking at it; and the other astronomers couldn't see it. Why? The wise men were looking for it. That's the reason; they was expecting it. [Matthew 2:1-2]
Are you expecting something tonight? Are you expecting to go home well? God... Then you'll do it. You get what you expect. If you come to the meeting to find something to criticize it, the devil will show you plenty. If you come for the good of it to be saved, the Holy Spirit will speak to you. You come expecting to be healed, the Holy Spirit will see to that. You get what you expect; so be expecting.
L-22 And these wise men came over, and the star led them to Jesus: supernatural. Some shepherd was up on the hill; angels came down and told them. They heard the heavenly hosts singing: supernatural. And the priests, the great doctors was in the temple studying their doctrine. They didn't believe in supernatural. They didn't see anything. And they criticized the others that did see it. See what I mean? [Matthew 2:1-2]
Now, notice. Now, there was a--a... In them days... Listen, if there is a deep calls to the deep, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. David said that: "At the noise of Thy waterspouts, the deep calling to the deep..."
And otherwise, before there's a fin on a fish's back, there has to be a water first for him to swim in, or he wouldn't have any fin. Before there was a flower to grow in the earth, there had to be a earth first or there wouldn't be any earth--or any flower. [Psalms 42:7]
L-23 Just recently, I read where a little boy eat the erasers off of pencils. ...(erasers)... He eat the pedal off of a bicycle. It was--it was rubber. And when they taken him to the clinic, they come to find out that he needed sulfur. Sulfur--sulfur's in the rubber. Now listen, if there is something in here craving for sulfur, there's got to be a sulfur first, or you'd never have the craving. You see what I mean?
How many here believes in Divine healing? All right, thank you. That shows there's a fountain of Divine healing somewhere. There's a God that--that's got a fountain of healing somewhere, or you'd never be here. Before you can have a hunger here, you had to have something to make that hunger.
Listen, here it is. Before there can be a creation there has to be a Creator to create that creation. Do you see? Because you believe that there is healing, something has to put that in your heart. And if there was no healing, you would never have it in your heart. You see what I mean?
L-24 So that's the reason Simeon believed that he'd see the Christ. Now, let's illustrate. It's Monday morning. Simeon is back in the temple. He's reading the book Isaiah: "All we like sheep have gone astray." And right the same time, way down the line, I see a little virgin come in: beautiful little lady. And the people laughed at her, said, "Look at her. She's not even married, and she's got a baby. Horrible." But she knew in her heart Who that Baby belonged to. No matter how much people laugh at you, and say that you're crazy, you know what's in your heart if you've received the Holy Ghost and you know what It--where It come from. So you don't care what the people say. And here she is standing here.
Now, every little Israel... Every little child in--in the Jewish people, when a baby was born, eight days, [] the--the mother had to come and have the baby circumcised. It was a covenant. And also, she was to offer a--a offering for her purification. And a--a rich baby could offer a little lamb. But a poor baby offered little turtledove. They were cheaper. [Luke 2:26], [I Peter 2:25], [Isaiah 53:6]
L-25 Now, let's look. It's--and it--probably... There's two million Jews in--in Palestine then. Hundreds and hundreds of babies was born every night. And every day there's a string of mother's waiting for their babies to be circumcised. Now, look way down that long string. There's mothers, rich, well dressed, with their little babies in fine needlework, beautiful little clothes, and they're leading a lamb, going up for their offering.
But along the row, I see a little virgin. She can't afford a lamb, so she's got two little turtledoves. The baby is not wrapped in fine needlecloth; it's in swaddling's cloth. What is swaddling's cloth? It's what they take off the back of a yoke of a ox, and wrapped the baby in it. Think of it. The King of heaven, the Ruler of heavens and earth, didn't have clothes to put on when He was born. Don't be ashamed that you're poor. But she was standing there, the women keeping their distance. "I don't want around her." She was misunderstood, and so is Christians today. But she knew Who that Baby belonged to. And there was Jesus in the temple, the first time: the Son of God.
L-26 There, over in the corner in a little prayer room sits old Simeon with a promise that he would see Him. Now, they didn't send news then like they do now. They didn't have ways of sending news: radios, television, presses and... They just had from lip to ear. But the Holy Ghost was there. And Simeon was reading. And all at once the Holy Ghost said, "Simeon, stand up."
"Where must I go, Lord?"
"Just keep walking." Walking in the Spirit (Oh, hallelujah.), what a way: sons of God, led by the Spirit of God. Don't know where he's going, don't make any difference anyhow, God is leading. Here he comes out, goes over to this line of women, starts walking down. And he comes to that little virgin, about seventeen years old, married to a man about forty-five years old. She's holding the Baby wrapped in swaddling's cloth. Old Simeon, the tears running down his cheeks, running off his white beard, he reached over in her arms, picked up the Baby, pulled It up in his bosom, said, "Lord, let Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy Word, for my eyes see Your Salvation." Hallelujah. Led by the Holy Spirit. [Romans 8:14], [Luke 2:29-30]
L-27 And the same Holy Spirit, there's no two Holy Spirits. The same Holy Spirit created in Samuel a faith that believed that he'd see the Son of God. And when the Son of God was there, the Holy Spirit was under bondage, guilty before God, to lead Simeon to what He had promised him. And that same Holy Ghost has led you across Germany, here tonight, because you believe in Divine healing. He's the same Holy Ghost. Heavens and earth will pass away, but God's Word will never fail. Amen.
Now, you're at the Fountain. Embrace Him. Take Him as your Saviour. Take Him as your Lover. Take Him as your Healer. Do like Simeon. May your strong arms of faith embrace Him tonight and every promise He's given, for it's yours by promise. Amen. [Matthew 24:35]
L-28 Now, for the outsider, that--that hasn't been to a meeting before, Jesus Christ, He is alive today. Once more, never let this leave your mind. Remember, Jesus has risen from the dead. Some people act like it was a history. It's a living reality. Signs and wonders, great things that's never been known on the earth since the days of the apostles is a happening where? Right here.
Now. Wake up your conscience. Wake up your soul. He's here. Germany, it's your time; it's your hour of visitation. Go to church; love God; pray; stop sinning; give your love to Him. All your loyalty, give it to Him. It's your hour. Believe it.
L-29 Now, I am just His poor humble servant. I appreciate your love for me. But if you hate me, love Him. I'm just a man. I got to die someday. I got to stand in His Presence. But He's immortal. You can see me, but you can't see Him. But if I'm His servant, He said, "This will be a sign. The same things that I do, My servants will do. I'll be with you to the end of the world." We're in the last day. The end is near. The second coming of Christ is at hand. That's the reason you're seeing what you are. It hasn't been on the earth for two thousand years. But He promised just before His coming, that this would take place. It's here. Believe it. [John 14:12], [Matthew 28:20]
L-30 Now, He come... He didn't claim to be a great Healer. He said, "I don't heal nobody. It's the Father in Me. He does the work." Now, listen what He said. He passed by a lot of cripples and blind people at the pool of Bethesda. He didn't heal any. He went over to a man laying on a little bed. And He--and He healed him, walked away. The Jews questioned Him. You'd question Him too. Listen, what He said. "Verily, verily, I say unto you; I can do nothing in Myself; but what the Father shows Me, by vision, that I do. The Father worketh, and I worketh hitherto." Now, just what the Father showed Him.
A woman touched Him one day and went out in the audience. He said, "I got weak. Somebody touched Me."
Everybody said, "Not me."
But Jesus looked down, and He told the little woman, "Your faith has healed you."
One time He talked to a woman at a well, and He told her what kind of a life she was living: Saint John 4. The other place was Saint John 5. And so, this woman said, "Well now, I know when Messiah comes, which is the Christ, He'll be able to tell us these things. But Who are You?"
Jesus said, "I'm He." [John 5:19], [Mark 5:34], [John 4:18, 25, 26]
L-31 Now, if Jesus has raised from the dead, and in His days here on earth He didn't do nothing but what the Father showed Him, so He would stand in the audience and would know what they were doing. He knowed where coins was at in the fish's mouth. He knowed the name of the people, and other great signs. Now, Jesus said, when He was going to die, He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more. Yet you shall see Me; for I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Now, I want to ask this one more time.
Last night, I guess you wondered a strange thing. I act strange anyhow. My wife, before she died years and years ago, Billy's mother, someone said, "I can't understand Brother Branham."
She said, "Neither can I. Even his mother can't."
I don't understand myself. I must do what He says, and I'm a servant of His. You're led by the Spirit. [Matthew 17:27], [John 14:19], [Matthew 28:20]
L-32 Oh, you lovely group, wished I could just tell some things. I can't. I haven't time. But I want you to believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is here.
Now, if He comes to this platform tonight, and does the same thing that He did when He was here on earth, will you believe that He is risen from the dead, accept Him as your Saviour, and your Healer? Now, that's outside and inside. Will you do it? Raise your hand to Him; He'll see you. If... Now, no matter where you're at, He sees you. God bless you...?... There's many thousand people here tonight. I was told awhile ago that they're--they're so packed around on the outside just as far as you can see. So where you--ever you're at out there, Jesus loves you and He wants you to serve Him.
L-33 Now, I'm going to call a prayer line. Pardon me. I was going to tell you something else. Last night, when I started to call the prayer line, I felt right back to my right side...(back on this side)..., a group of people, and they was kinda scattered all over, was thinking that it was mental telepathy. Yeah. So I thought I would just not call the prayer line. And I asked them to raise up their hands who did not have prayer cards. And just look what the Lord did. He never failed one time. And it never will fail; It's the Lord Jesus. Amen.
It's hard. In--in America, I don't have to do that, 'cause they can understand. But when I go to speak and have to go through the translator, it's a horrible barrier, because I'm conscience of him speaking behind me, and I can't submit myself to the vision like it should be. So that's the reason I nearly have to have the person before me unless the people is praying with all their heart.
L-34 Now, what was them prayer card's number? There's a hundred prayer cards out. We want to pray for every one of them. So we'll have to start... Let's start with number one, C, C number one. Look at your prayer card. Look along here. If you have one down here, and they can't get up, when your number is called, well, the ushers will bring you up or just let you lay where you are, and I'll start. []
Now, let--let everybody set real quiet. Now, how many doesn't have prayer cards, raise up your hand--that's--that's sick? Raise up your hand, saying, "I..." Do you believe? No matter where you're at in the building, where you are outside, just look. When one is being healed here, there can be a thousand healed out there. It's your faith in God. Just believe now.
L-35 I've noticed many along here that's sick and setting in these chairs and cots, stretchers. Have faith; believe God with all your heart. Watch. I want to ask you something. You who's been here all through the service, I want to ask you something. Has God proved that I have told you the truth? If it is, say Amen. All right. See...
About... I think that'll be enough now. That's enough...?... Now, don't no one move. Just set real still. Be in worship. And each one of you say to Christ, "I want You to touch me, Lord." If You'll just tell to my heart, that--that I'm going to be well, then I'll serve You all my life." And then you can go home and get well. And just be in worship. And just--you can watch this a way. But whatever I say, now do just as I tell you, for it isn't me. When the anointing strikes me, I don't even know until my brethren play a tape and tell me what I said. So you see, just--it's so--it's so timid, the Holy Spirit. It--It--It--It... Just the least little thing grieves It. Be real--be real reverent and Jesus will come to you. If you're all excited (See?), He can't come to you. See? Be reverent and believe.
L-36 Now, if one person is ministered to here on the platform, that is God's attitude towards every person around. Now, let us bow our heads.
Our heavenly Father, I pray that You'll help us tonight and bless us. And let Thy Spirit be upon us. And keep Thy hand upon us. And, Lord Jesus, please, once more tonight, show that You've raised from the dead. Do something a little different tonight, and let the people see that I have told the truth about You. O grant it, Lord. May every sinner be saved and all the sick be made well. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-37 Now, with all the... Billy? Did all--all of... Everybody's in line? All right. Did the--their number four or five or something was missing. Did they get in the line? Everybody's in line. All right. All right.
Now, is--is--some... Brother Arganbright, I wonder if he'd come, just help me to... See if this is the lady, the patient, would you? Is this the patient? ...?... Then you lead them off for me, if you will, as they come. Now, just stand right here, lady. And you stand on this side to help Brother Arganbright if you... Brother Guggenbuhl or Billy, one, gets there. You see? I'm missing them See? Everything has to be almost in order or you miss it.
L-38 Now, the lady here, I have never seen her in my life. God knows that. I have never seen her. But God has seen her and knew her before she was born. She herself is a believer. You know how I know that? 'Cause her spirit feels welcome. She is aware now that where she's a standing, that she's standing in the Presence of some supernatural. I wish the audience could see this with their natural eye. This is one of your sisters, a German woman. And see if she doesn't testify of this to be true. A real sweet, humble spirit is around her. Isn't that right? If it is, raise up your hand. Between me and the lady is the Holy Spirit. It's--look like a Light to me. And the lady is--is a Christian, because her spirit's real welcome.
This is a very simple picture and a direct picture, just like the Lord Jesus when He talked to a woman. She's a woman and I a man, and this is our first time to meet in life like Jesus met the woman. He talked to her a little while, till He seen where her trouble was, then He told her what was wrong with her. And she said, "I perceive that You're a prophet. And I know that Christ will do this when He comes."
And He said, "I'm He." [John 14:19], [John 4:25-26]
L-39 Now, my sister, it's the same picture again. Now, if Jesus will reveal to me what's your trouble, and I can't even speak your language. But if He'll speak to me what your trouble is, will you believe like that woman, that it is Christ? Will the audience believe the same? Say, "Amen." The lady be the judge. The lady... If you... You have had a--much trouble. You have been real nervous, extremely nervous. I see you can't hold things. And you get times you have to set down. And you've got a trouble that's in your back. It's your liver on the right side in the back. And it cause you to be upset. I see a hospital. In the hospital I see her going in and see it's under an operation. But it isn't for the liver; it's for the female glands. Doctor's operate for female glands. THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Was that truth? If it is, wave your hand. That was not me. That was the Holy Spirit just using my voice. Now do you believe? Jesus raised from the dead. Your faith has healed you, sister. Return to your home, for you're going to be well.
I want to ask you something. While that was going on, something went through you, just something that seemed to tell you, "This is the end of my trouble." That is right. If that's right, raise your hand and wave it. Hallelujah. God bless you. Praise the Lord.
L-40 All right, would you--where... Sir? Now, every one inside and out, that's God's attitude towards you. God will grant to you the same thing that He did to that person, whoever it was. And now, you in the audience, just believe. Have faith and God will grant it. Jesus said, "I can if you believe." His mercy rest upon you.
The elderly lady looking at me, ...?... she has a blood disease, setting right down there. You believe that God healed you, sister? Yes. You believe that God healed you? You may be made well then. You were praying to God to help you. The lady with the glasses on with her hand up, you were praying. And I felt your faith pulling, and it went right to you. Amen. [Mark 9:23]
L-41 The man is strange to me. I do not know him. But Jesus knows you. And now He's here, or either I'm a false witness of Jesus Christ. But you be the judge. You believe with all your heart? Do you believe Jesus to be the Son of God? I be His servant? You're here for some cause. I do not know. God does know. If He will let me know, it'll be only for His glory, so that you and the rest of the people would know that I have told the truth, that His Bible is Truth, that He raised from the dead and lives today, and doing the same thing that He did then. You believe that?
You're not here for yourself. You're here for somebody else. And that person's not here. The person's at another city. And it's a great city. I have never seen the city myself. I see great roads going in, and many people going around. It's in Germany. And from where I stand now, it looks to me, geographically, like it must be Berlin. It is a lady, and she is a--in bed. And that's why she could not come. I see her--someone looking at her. I hear what the doctor's saying, but I can't say what he's saying. The woman--what it looks to me, the way that it's striking her back, it must be multiple sclerosis. Does thou believe? You believe--have faith enough now that when you see her...?... be healed? I've asked you, my brother. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you go and receive that what you've asked for. Amen. Hallelujah.
L-42 Let us have faith. The lady before me, I know her not. She seems to be dressed a little odd. I... 'Course I'm not accustomed to your dressings here, and I don't... But the Lord knows you. And He's the only One that can help you. You are suffering with a--a--a bladder condition. It's a--it's under a glass or something, shows that it is a gall bladder; it's got a--a stone in the gall bladder. And I see you at a hospital. And you're not a patient, but--but you are a nurse, you--you're working in a hospital. Uh-huh. And that's your--that's--you're wearing--your dress is the way you dress as a nurse. Yes. You believe Jesus make you well? Would you come here?
O God, Father, You're so present to do these wonderful things for us. May Thy Spirit come and help now. And bless this woman who I bless in Your Name. And may she be made well; in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Have faith in God, and don't doubt, but believe. The elderly lady, there stands that Light by the woman setting right here, sit in the front row, about four in, she has high blood pressure. If you believe with all your heart, you may be made well. Amen. God bless you.
L-43 You believe, with all of your heart? You want to get over nervous condition. Uh-huh. Yes. And you have such a nervous condition that it makes poor circulation. Your hands go numb and in your feet. And extremely nervous, and then you can't sleep at night. I--I see you lying in the bed and you keep raising up, looking for time, looking through--towards a window: very nervous. Amen. That is true. Only God can heal you. Would you come near while I ask Him?
Our heavenly Father, bless this woman, who I bless in Thy Name. And may Thy Spirit come upon her. And I rebuke the evil spirit and say to him, "Leave this woman, in Jesus Christ's Name." Amen.
Now, you're quiet. It has left you. You feel quiet now. That's right, isn't it? If it is, raise your hand. Now, it will always stay from you if you just keep on believing. When you come up, something was even trying to hold you back, when you come up there. That is right, isn't it? Wave your hand. It was the devil. He didn't want you to get here, for he knows Jesus is here, and he knowed he'd have to leave. And you're the witness yourself. Now, go home and sleep like a baby. Amen.
L-44 Just be reverent. Don't doubt, and God will make well. You think God would heal you of that back trouble? And believe that God will make you well? If you do, rise up. That's it. Your faith healed you. Uh-huh. Amen. You see what I mean? You don't need prayer card. You need faith. Amen.
The man, I don't know--know him. God knows him. And I know him not. We are strangers, aren't we, brother? If Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, Who we are in the Presence of now, will show what your trouble, will you believe with all your heart? If you will, raise up your hand.
Now, friend, the Holy Spirit knows every one in here. There's not a thing can stay from Him. We could just keep on coming down the line, but I want it settled. You--you... You either believe now, or you do not believe. That is true. You believe that?
L-45 The elderly lady, setting about three in, in that row, she has a back trouble and nervous. You believe Jesus makes you well? If you do, you can receive your healing.
I see a black spirit, very horrible looking. It's looking this... Just a moment. It's epilepsy. The lady with a white... Yeah. Amen. There's one right down here too: epilepsy. Right there on the cot, on the cot. Raise up, little lady. The lady with the white ...?... on, rise up. O God, I cast away these evil spirits; in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out. Amen.
Don't doubt. Believe. You have what you ask for. Amen. Have faith. It's your faith that does it. It's your faith pulling the gift of God. It isn't me. I know nothing of you. I would go to each one of you, but I can't. It's your faith; your faith is doing it. Have faith in God.
Now, setting right here, right in that other section there--over there, looking right at me, there's a Light hanging there--there they have a heart trouble and nervousness. The lady setting on the end. All right. Right back there is holding her hand's like this, you have nervousness, and you was praying for me to call you. Amen. Be well.
L-46 Excuse me. I have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You believe you're in His Presence? His Presence, God's Presence? Then He knows you. I do not. But will this audience with one accord in your heart, would accept Jesus, there for Your Healer. If God will bring to pass what this man's here for, will you do it now? Say, "Amen." This is only for God's glory. I see the man holding his head. He has headaches, severely. It was caused from a--being shot, was shot in the head. That is true. And there is someone with you here now, that is sick. It's a woman. It's your wife. And her sickness is in her back: back trouble. And there is another woman that's here. And it's a elderly woman than you, and it--it is a--your--it is your mother-in-law, and her trouble's in her feet. That is right. You believe Jesus Christ make you well? Then it'll cease and go, and you shall have what you've asked for.
Dear God, be merciful on this man and give him everything he desires, according to Thy riches in glory. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Way down there, right through here, lady, there suffering with TB, if you believe with all your heart, way back that direction right here. God healed you; go home and be well. Amen. [Mark 9:23]
L-47 Only believe. All things are possible. All right. Oh, it's a blind girl. I want every one to bow their head. Don't raise your head until you--we ask you to. The gate of the soul is the eye. This is somebody's little girl. If I had power to heal her, I would do it. But I haven't power. Only God has. She has a blind spirit. Only God can heal, take this off of her. I want you to pray and believe with all your heart. Now, of course there's curiosity, that's the reason I ask you, inside and out, for mercy sake, let me have this little girl by myself just for a few moments. If--if God would give her sight, I would tell you. I only can ask Him. Now, keep your head bowed and you pray now. Walk now. You can look, brother.
Dear God, as I hold this darling little child, a girl, up against my body, I'm thinking tonight, away across the sea of my little Rebekah, crying when I left. Did You send me, Lord, for this little girl? We're unworthy. Thou art worthy. O God, let this little child receive its sight. Grant it, Lord. Be merciful. This is beyond man; a blind spirit has blinded her eyes. Thou can give her sight. Make him go tonight, Lord. Grant it, Lord, for Your glory; through Jesus' Name. Now, keep your head down.
Satan, you blind spirit, you're not afraid of me, but you know you have to obey Jesus. I come in His Name, the Name of Jesus Christ, Who died at Calvary...?... And as His servant I challenge you in faith. You have no legal right. Your rights was took from you at Calvary. Christ holds all rights. And I say in His Name, you come out of the girl, in the Name of Jesus. And don't you hold her any longer, for God's glory and the praise of Jesus Christ. ...?...
Raise your head. Jesus has restored sight to the baby. See me...?... Raise up your hand to Jesus. Now, look at me. Now, put your hand on my nose. Put your hand over on my nose. You are healed. [Mark 9:23]

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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