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Come, Let Us Reason Together
55-1004, Come, Let Us Reason Together, Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL, 89 min

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Only Believe,
All things are possible, only believe
Only believe...

Shall we bow our heads, just a moment, in a word of prayer? Our heavenly Father, we thank thee tonight, for this another gathering together. And how that by the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, You've kept us through the toils and dangers of the day, and has presented us here again in this church tonight to worship Thee in the beauty of the old fashion way, of worship in the Spirit and Truth. We thank Thee for these things.
And now, Lord, we humbly submit ourselves unto Thee, praying that by the shed Blood of the Lord Jesus, that every sin will be remitted, every--all of our iniquities under the Blood, and the Holy Spirit may have the right-of-way tonight, perfectly in every heart, in such a way, that when we leave, we will say like those who came from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked with us along the way." For we ask it in His Name. Amen. [Luke 24:32]
L-2 Good evening, friends. Very great pleasure for me to be here, back again tonight, the Tuesday night of the--of the meeting in Chicago. And this great rally that Brother Boze, the Philadelphian Church is having here, in a convention. He spoke for me to come about a year ago, to be sure to meet at this convention. He was standing there a few moments ago when we were having some pictures taken, perhaps for his magazine, that... And he was telling me about the ministers today, talking about last night's meeting, the phenomenal of how the Holy Spirit is moving in this day. Kind of changed my mind about some things I wanted to speak about. Maybe I will just talk about that for a few moments.
L-3 And you know, after all the ministers are the shepherds of the flock. That--that's right. And if they can just... you get in a group... I've went to places many times, where you get preachers that was suspicious. I tell you, you just might as well go home, 'cause the meeting's ruined. But when you get them when they're in one accord, and everybody... Then I tell you, it's nothing sweeter on earth. Get the shepherds... Well, they've got a right to be suspicious. You see, they feed the sheep, the flock. And I don't blame them. If I was suspicious, I'd--I'd say I was. And so I--I don't blame them. They're the shepherds of the flock. And God bless them, is my prayer. Is to be sure that they know what they're talking about, for we're living in a day when the sheep could be eating garbage, you know, and have to watch what you're giving them. Give them the true Word. That's right. That's what--this got more vitamins than all the drug stores has in the city, the real Word of the living God.
Now, we're happy. Last evening, I was--was with a friend of mine, that come over after the services, about services, and for another place, at another convention. And I just had a call, and I'm supposed to be somewhere, way up, some eastern state. And I--I'm the most places for any person I ever seen.
L-4 The other day, there was a lady called my wife, and--from a certain city, and said, "Sister Branham," said, "Is--is something happened to Brother Branham?"
She said, "Not as I know of, why?"
Said, "Well,", said, "He's supposed to have been here. This is the third night," said, "We're all waiting, and..."
Said, "What?"
Said, "Yes," said, "the pastor of this church," this lady pastor here, said she was talking to him last night, and said, "It's been advertised here in the papers and everything." Said, "He's supposed to be here."
And so the--she said, "Well, I'm sorry, he's been in Germany, for two weeks, and he knows nothing about..."
L-5 And you know, that hurts me awfully bad. I don't want you all think hard of me for those things. A friend last night--that's what he was riding me over the coals about; said, "You don't keep your promises." Well, it's a hard thing. And I--I--there's much of it is my fault, I--I suppose. And--but there's--of that... There's some of it, it isn't my fault. (Thank you) There's some of that isn't my fault, because I've seen it--times where it would be advertised at three or four different places.
Let me give you just a little inside, for a moment, will you do that? How would you like to be standing in your own home, here's someone in this room, saying, "The Lord has told me, Brother Branham, that you're supposed to come to this place, at our place, or He will cut your ministry off. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD."
Another one in this room, saying, "No, she's wrong. You're supposed to be over here for THUS SAITH THE LORD."
And another one back in this room, saying, "No, they're both wrong." See? And how would you like to put up with that awhile? You don't want to be rude. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But I--I tell you, it's a good thing you had a lot of patience, sometime.
L-6 And then, some peoples write in, say, "Now, Brother Branham, we've already got the advertisement out. The Lord said that you was going to be here."
Well, if He did, looked like He'd of said something to me about it, you know. So He--He--He--I believe when He want... But that's the way it makes it... What I really need, is a paper of my own, somewhere, that would--that would really advertise the meetings. But friends, I--I'm not a businessman. How could I operate a paper? I haven't got hardly intelligence to drive a car, let alone operate a paper, so... I had one started one time, and give it up, "The Voice of Healing." So I just--wherever it comes out...
L-7 But you bear with me, I'm trying to do the best I can, anyhow. So if you--if any meetings or anything though, it'll be officially announced, it would be in this, "Herald of Faith," here, Brother Joseph, 'cause he always calls Mr. Moore. I don't make any arrangements for meetings. I work on it just general orders. And it's so hard anyhow, for me to--to have set meetings.
I'm trying now, my best, if God will help me, to--to kindy move off into another type of ministry, if I can, while--especially in America. And these signs and wonders that's been done, and the phenomenal, which is--is--we've talked of. Now, for eight or ten years it's swept across the nation, and everyone knows about it. I'm asking our Lord, if He will just let me just pray for His sick children, and settle it at that. Then I can make arrangements.
L-8 But this office of this type, friend, is a different office than what you think it is. I can't make arrangements for nothing, 'cause I don't know what He's going to tell me. And I can--I've been right in the middle of meetings, where this would be the--the balcony, or would be the choir, almost, and stop right after two days and take off somewhere else, because He told me to, and I better do it. You know what's happened many times, because I didn't do it. So I must do it, just...
And I can't set my meetings like Brother Roberts, and Billy Graham, and many of them, who for two years ahead, know just exactly where their meetings are going to be. If I'd make an itinerary like that, it's hard to tell what the Lord would do to me. I just have to go and, well, just... If I feel led to go somewhere, I--I ask Him about it. and He lets me go, I just take off; that's all. And have to be just in a short notice.
And usually, I call Brother Moore. Anyone asking for dates or for meetings, and they call him, and I work right through him then. And when I have a leading to go somewhere, like if it would be at, oh, some certain city, I will call him up, say, "What's the contact there, the Holy Spirit seems to be leading me that way?" Well, then, he will tell me, and then we get in contact with them. Then if we've got time, we put it in the paper, if we don't, why of course we can't.
L-9 Now, I thought just a little bit each night for the ministers sake. I'm sure the laity will bear with me on this. I've met a fine bunch of ministers in my life, and especially around Chicago here. Some of the finest man I've ever met, has been God's servants, around in this parts of the country, all parts of the country, throughout the world.
And now that I'm trying hard to move off into evangelistic type of services, just to preach, and--and just call the people up and pray for them. And--and many questions is been asked me, many times, concerning the--the operation of the little gift, that the Holy Spirit has given me. Oh, there's no one can explain it, but each night I'm going to try to, if I can, if God willing, just before a short message, 'fore we pray for the sick, to try to give you just a little idea.
L-10 Now, tonight I thought... Last night I was speaking on the phenomenon of it coming down, with the pictures and so forth. Now, tonight, I want to take just about a--ten minutes on another version of it. And that is, I base it like this, that "gifts and callings are without repentance." See? Now, you... Gifts are not given to people as they desire it. "It's not him that runneth, or him that willeth, it's God that showeth mercy." See? And "Gifts and callings are without repentance."
Ministers can't help because they're ministers, if they are really called of God. Paul said, "Woe unto me if I preach not the Gospel." They are ministers, because--maybe not by desire, but because the Holy Ghost has called them to be ministers. [Romans 11:29], [Romans 9:16], [I Corinthians 9:16]
L-11 I wouldn't--I--I wouldn't desire my boy, either one of them, to be ministers, if they just had to go away and get a lot of psychology, and something like that, and go out to make an act before people. I want them to go to the pulpit, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, and preach because that they love the Lord Jesus. Not a meal ticket, just to--because they love the Lord, and do it for what good it can be done for the Kingdom of God. Outside of that, I--I wouldn't want him to be even a bishop or a--whatever he might be, I wouldn't desire it.
And so--now, the question has many times come to me, and even to my close associates, when they tell me they don't think that, but yet, there's many times... The reason I don't meet so many people, I find out things when that anointing's on me that I don't want know. See?
L-12 I've met ministers, who've patted me on the back, and called me brother, and I knowed right then that was wrong. I want to love them; I don't want to think that. And when I know it, then I'd--I'd rather not know it. That's one reason I don't meet with people.
Another thing, visions show, and you find things that you don't want to know. I'd rather not know nothing about it. I love people; I'd just like to get my arms around every one, and--and I--I love them. And I want to think the very highest and best. But sometimes, there's little secrets that every one of us have in our lives, and under them kind of times, it cannot be hid.
L-13 And now, one thing about--one of the strange things, that my close associates has always thought (not all of them, certainly not, but many people), they can't understand getting weak on the platform: "Why just a few times and you're gone?" I've had many men to tell me, "Brother Branham, I believe you're stalling." Well, if I'd be a hypocrite like that, I'd walk out of this platform tonight. Yes, sir. No, sir, that's wrong.
Now, I want to stay Scripture. Anything that's not Scriptural, I don't want nothing to do with it. Now, let's just take this for a moment and while I try to explain that, and what a vision is. If you all so desire, would you give me that much time, just for a moment? Yes, sir, thank you.
L-14 This is for ministers. See, they're having a--a convention here, and I wished I could go to the convention in daytime and talk with those men. And I'd really enjoy that. And I could learn lots from them that I don't know. I'm sure I could. But I can't do it, and holding these type of meetings.
Now, a vision is a... I'm going to give you a little parable. Stand out here so I can see you real good. And let's take it like this now, in a childlike form, so everybody will understand it.
Now, we're all little children, and we're... You remember when we used to didn't have a dime to go to the carnival, when it come to town, or the circus? Sure we did. And now, "Gifts and callings are without repentance." [Romans 11:29]
L-15 We're all standing around a great big fence; it's a great big fence. On the inside of this fence is a great carnival or circus, going on, all kind of animals and everything. And all of us little boys and girls are standing around there. And we want to--we want to know what's on the inside.
Well, I happen to be your tall brother. Now, there's--that don't make me any more of a brother. There's another brother, maybe by me, who's short and stocky, strong. If there's a load to be lifted, he can lift it. But I've got... God just made me taller, than my brother.
L-16 Now, the first thing you know, way up there, almost to the top, there's a little hole in the--in the fence, that you can look through. But my little short brother, he can't get up that high, but I can. Now, God made me tall. Now, I never got tall because I wanted to be tall. Do you follow me? I'm tall because I was born to be tall.
You're a preacher, because you was born to be a preacher. "God has set in the church--God has set in the church, first apostles..." An apostle--I don't know why they ever desire to get them call it apostle. Apostle is a missionary, the same word, missionary, one and the same. "And first, missionaries, prophets, evangelists, teachers... God has set." God foreordained those things to be, and they're put in the church, by God's foreknowledge. And then...
Moses couldn't help being Moses. And Jeremiah, God called him before he was even formed in his mothers womb, said, "I knew you, and sanctified you, and ordained you a prophet to the nations." Had nothing to do with him. God does it. "God has set..." [Ephesians 4:11], [Jeremiah 1:5]
L-17 Well now, at the little bench we're all standing. I happen to be just a little bit taller than my brother. Now, he can lift the load, that I can't lift, but I can see just a little higher than he can see. See?
Maybe that's Brother Joseph and I. He can--he can preach like I couldn't preach. And maybe I can see a vision, where he will never see. And I couldn't preach like him. And that's the way God has made us all, just like the furniture in the house.
One, I can prove to you, that this night--that there's supernatural voices coming through this room, that you can't see. If you don't believe it, switch on a radio somewhere, see if it isn't. You don't see it; there's no way for your senses to declare it, but it's there. What if a piece of metal... Here's a tape recording, taping that voice, but that tape recorder can't pick up that voice, until something, a crystal of some sort working makes it positive to it. Is that right?
L-18 Well, there's also pictures, live pictures, coming through this room. You know that? Turn the television on. Now, what if all the furniture in the house, some was television, some was radio, some was icebox, and some was the--the chesterfield, and some the--the--the, oh, all the furniture goes in the house. Well, then one, the radio can pick up a voice, but it can't pick up the picture. The television can pick up the picture, but it can't be the icebox. See?
We all have different parts. God has put the furniture in the house. Now, watch the television say, "I will just not be television no more, if I can't be a icebox." See? Television's out. But if we all just find our calling in God and abide there. See? God knows just when to use us, and how to use us. And--and we don't want to be jumping here and there. Be where God put you. Be original. Be just what God wants you to be.
L-19 Now, in this case, brother--my brothers and sisters standing behind, said, "Now, you look over and see what you can see."
All right, I reach my big, long, lanky hands up, and get a hold of my--the boards, and I pull real hard on my toes up, look and I say, "Why." I come back down, my, hard work."
What did you see?"
"A elephant."
You did?"
"What else did you see?"
"Well, I don't know, I'm trying." And I go up--a way up high and get a hold of it again, and I pull with all my might, I look, "Why." when I come back down...
"What did you see?"
"A giraffe."
L-20 Now, that's like these visions on the platform. See? It's seeing a vision. Now, it's a gift of God. Now ministers, get this. It's a gift of God. Now, when Jesus was here on earth, He was the greatest Gift that God ever give to the earth, because He was God. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. "The fullness of God dwelt in Jesus Christ. He had the Spirit without measure." The Bible says that.
Now, in Him, would be just like comparing, I'd say like this, of all the water there is in the sea. That was the Gift of God, that was in Jesus Christ. Now, this little gift, that's in his unprofitable servant here, is just a spoonful of water out of that ocean. Now, you know how much that spoonful of water would be to the ocean, nothing. But remember, the same chemicals that's in that spoon, is in the whole ocean, just not as much of it. See?
Now, God give that gift to me by measure. He gives it to you by measure. He gives it to this man to preach by measure. He gives it to this man to sing by measure. But He give it to Jesus without measure. It was just--all of God was in Him; He was God manifested in flesh. [II Corinthians 5:19], [Colossians 2:9], [John 3:4]
L-21 Now, but we are sons of God like He was, but adopted sons of God by His grace. By the death of Jesus, God's son, brings us into relationship to God. Now then, God with His adopted sons, has set in the church, some apostles, some teachers, some prophets, some evangelists, and so forth, down like that. Now, they're just small gifts.
Now, we will take, whether Jesus got weak or not with all that power. One day He was going along, and a woman touched His garment. And she--that was her point of contact. She believed Him with all of her heart. And she run off out in the audience, somewhere. Jesus turned around, and said, "Now, who touched Me?"
And the apostles said, "Why, Lord, who touched You," why said, "Everybody's touching You. Why say, 'Somebody touched You?'"
He said, "But I perceive that virtue has gone out of Me." Is that true? [Ephesians 4:11], [Mark 5:27-30-31]
L-22 What does "virtue" mean? "Strength." Is that right? "I got weak." in other words. "Somebody touched Me; I got weak." Now, what did that woman do? That woman, with her faith in Jesus Christ, being the Gift of God, drawed dividends on her faith from Him. Is that plain? Her faith operated God's gift in Jesus Christ.
Jesus didn't know the woman. He didn't know who touched Him, He would've said, "You who touched Me." He didn't know it. He said, "I don't know nothing, or do nothing till the Father shows Me first, then I go do it." And this woman touched and she drawed from Jesus, the very desire of her heart, because she believed that He was the Emmanuel. And see, her faith... [John 5:19], [Mark 5:30-34], [Luke 6:19], [Luke 8:46-48]
L-23 Then He turned around, He said... He looked. Then when that virtue went out, He seen where it was moving from, where the...?... come over all, probably many more people than there is here tonight. He looked way back in the audience, and He said to her, "Thy faith has made thee whole." The blood issue had stopped. See? Now, she pulled out of Jesus, what she desired out of God. For God--Jesus was God representative, the body that God lived in here on earth. Now, to--now, that's when a person operated the gift of God.
Now, listen, it's not me, that needs to be for you. Now, I'm fixing to close these services, just in a night or two, start praying for sick. And it'd never do me--I have never been--I don't know nothing about it. It's your faith in God, that says the same thing. It--it's a gift of God. I'm not God's gift. That Light and--and Angel that you see the pictures of. The scientific world, now all over the world, Germany, United States, and everywhere, took the picture of it. That's God's gift. [Mark 5:30-34], [Luke 6:19], [Luke 8:46-48]
L-24 I was borned at the time that gift was sovereignly given to me. But I couldn't do one thing with that gift, unless you believed it. It's your faith in what I'm telling you about Jesus Christ, that draws dividends on what God has did for you in Jesus Christ. Do you see it?
Now, that's what makes me weak at the platform. That's why--the reason you have to pack me out. Do you see it Scripturally now? See, it's you using God's gift, not me, it's you. Now, every one of you now just shut down on me, say, "I don't believe; He's a hypocrite, and I don't believe nothing of it," there could not be one thing done. That's right.
L-25 Jesus, went into a city and--where He was borned at, and He said, "Many mighty works He could not do--He could not do because of their?" [Congregation says, "Unbelief"--Ed.] Correct. They had to believe it. Watch the approach, watch anyone. Look at that woman, how she touched His garments, and got healed. But look at the Roman soldier, who put a rag around His face, and hit Him on the head, and said, "Now, if you're a prophesier, see visions, tell us who hit you." He didn't feel no virtue, 'cause he didn't believe it in the first place.
But that woman, felt virtue, or He felt virtue leave, because the woman had faith. She got what she come for, 'cause she approached it right. That's the reason the Shunammite woman, before Elijah, which was God's representative, she got what she asked, because she approached God's gift reverently. That's the reason Martha got what she asked, when Lazarus was dead, because she approached God's Gift reverently. See? You've got to believe it. Without faith... [Matthew 13:58], [Mark 5:27, 30, 34], [Luke 22:64]
L-26 Now, it isn't me. You say, "Brother Branham, can you tell me what's wrong with me?" No, sir, I cannot. That's right. But if--if you will believe it with all your heart, now, not imagine it, but believe it with your heart, God will tell you about it.
But now, I don't know what I'm saying. I can hear myself, but I'm in another world--another... It's a--it's a sixth sense, or a fourth dimension, it's--or whatever it is. It's in the dimension that these pictures and things...?... in now. We will just take it like that for a discussion sake. Or the voices, that's coming through here, even taped singers, singing now; there's people screaming; there's all kinds of things going on, air waves going through here, but you can't pick it up. A radio could. These pictures coming through here; you can't see that. There's no way for you to...?... but the television would show them.
L-27 Now, you see, some is set in for television, some set in for voice, some set in for something, and something else, and they can't help that. It's something... Now, the television set is--the television is a--is a mute, and so is the radio, a deaf and dumb mute, unless there's something operating it. There'd have to be a sending station to send forth that wave, or no matter how much radio you had, it would never make a noise. Is that right? It's absolutely a mute. And so would I be towards visions, a absolutely a mute, unless there is a Holy Ghost here to send forth that power of God, to do just exactly what Jesus said He would do in these days. See? Now--now, it's a gift of God. Now, that's what makes me weak.
L-28 Now, for instance, we stand back at the fence, me and these little boys and girls--a few minutes. We're back at the fence again. Now, that's when you're using Gods gift. Now, what if God wants to use His own gift? No strain for me, I don't have to come under it. I will just be walking along the street, or setting in the house, or--or anywhere else, and God appears to me, and He tells me. That don't make me weak, that makes me happy.
And now, at the fence, the ring master, or the owner of the carnival, comes over, the circus, said, "Do you want to see the whole thing? I want to show you something." He just gets me by the back of the neck and raises me up, and said, "You see over here? This is what's going to take place here. This giraffe is going to come around, do this, and this, so-and-so, and here's going to be the whole show."
L-29 Now, on the platform here, it's just merely your--your faith pulling in that gift. And He...?... maybe sometimes, vision breaks, and tells what all is taking place. But now, when God gives a vision, He just picks up like that. I don't know when it's going to happen. And He shows me, "Now, you go to a certain place; you stand there. There'll be just a certain time." I might be in that city, fifty--a hundred--two--or two thousand miles away, it'll happen just like this.
L-30 Like the little boy, I raised up in Finland here, and over in Switzerland. All these things that you see, that's told months and months, and sometime years ahead of time. He will tell me right where I will be standing, right where to be, tell me the whole thing. When I come back out of that, I'm just as happy as I can be. That's God using His gift. God uses His gift Hisself, whenever He wants to speak to us, and turns it over to the people to use it, as you'll have faith to using it. Amen. May the Lord bless you--and you...
L-31 Now, that--was that Scriptural? That's exactly Bible. So there's nothing to be suspicious about. There's nothing to draw any conclusions, to say that it was mental telepathy. We know we--the devil has an impersonator for every real thing that God has. That's right. They always have. They had, Jannes and Jambres, but--and they had Moses and Aaron. That's right. They had Simon the sorcerer. They had Philip who done the healing. See? They've always had the pro and con. They always will have, till Jesus comes, and then all of the negative will be taken away.
Dance, that first originated in the Bible. The devil got a hold of it, and caused separation of human--of families. Certainly, all the things that you see, singing, first originated in the praises of God. Now, look out here at all the old, dirty, slander, what you call boogie-woogie or ever that kind of nonsense, and carry on. I never heard of such in my life. A Christian spirit couldn't listen to such stuff as that and stay right. See?
L-32 But what good does it do? The devil is singing, sure. But look what it is, look what it's declaring, evil. And fortuneteller, and everything's charging you dollars, and taking your money to go around and do a few things, and it's about half right, and half of the other's not, and everything like that, and don't declare Christ, and don't speak of resurrection, and don't call sinners to repentance.
It's nothing to it but a bunch of nonsense about some dead person, and they're interceding, sure, with the dead that's down underneath, the souls that's in prison, that repented not, and all the lost down in there. Tell you about your--some old man that died years ago. That witch is setting there under that; that's all he knows about; that's all he can speak about. That's what the medium speaks of. But the Spirit of God speaks of Jesus Christ the Son of God, the second coming of Christ, Divine healing, and things that's got value to it. So don't be superstition, my brother--superstitious, my brother. Be men, conduct yourself as Christians.
L-33 Here sometime ago, I will say this before I take my little message. Early nineteen hundred, when the--before the World War, the Dutch was bringing the slaves over here, or African people, the Negroes, and selling them down here in the south for slaves. And when the poor Negro was brought from his home country, and throwed down there in slavery, why, oh, my. He'd never go back home again. He'd sail that little old wooden ship across the sea. And oh, what a horrible thing, he was way away, a alien. They'd beat them with cow whips and everything else to make them work. He had no get-up about him; he just--he--he was homesick, and he--he didn't have no get-up about him.
L-34 One great plantation down there, it was asked one time, where they had over a hundred slaves. All of them were--you had to beat them around and everything else. But one young fellow kept his shoulders out; he was as gallant as he could be. And boy, as soon as his boss said something, he backed up to it, and he done his work good.
And some slave buyers come by one day, said, "Want to ask you something." Said, "What makes that young man like that?
Did you make him a boss over the rest of them?"
The owner said, "No."
Said, "Well, do you feed him a little better than the rest of them, or give him a better place to sleep?"
Said, "No."
Said, "Well, what makes him so gallant? And what makes him so up-and-doing? What makes him conduct himself like that?"
He said, "Well, sir, I didn't know until just recently." Said, "I've come to find out that the tribe that he's from, he's the son of the king. And he still realizes that, though he's an alien. And he conducts himself before his brethren as a young coming king."
L-35 God help us. Let's not be bold and ignorant about things. Let's conduct ourselves as sons of God. A daughter of God, don't go out here and live in beer joints, and paint her face up, and cut her hair off, and act like a prostitute. Conduct yourself as daughters of God. You're a daughter to the King. That's right.
Sons of God don't go out here and take the Bible and say, "Oh, the days of miracles is past," and that, all that kind of stuff. They stand up for everything that God said. We may be pilgrims, and strangers, and aliens, but we're sons and daughters of the King. Prick up your shoulders high, and live like men and women ought to. Live like real Christians. Amen. []
L-36 Over in the book of Isaiah and the--in the 2nd chapter, we read in the 18th verse, just one little paragraph here, just a--a--just a few words out of this 1st verse, just for a little text. And we're try to be praying for the sick in the next fifteen minutes.
Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord. [Isaiah 1:18]

May He add His blessings to His Word. Our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy Word. Thy Word is truth. And now, help us, Lord, as we come tonight to understand. You're the great Teacher; now, help us to understand. We pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-37 Now, may the Lord bless you real richly tonight, as we speak on the word for a few moments. "Come, let us reason together." I think that's one of the sweetest verses in the Bible, don't you?
Now, Isaiah, this young prophet, in his days the church had all got away from God, and they were offering strange sacrifices. And God had told him, how that everything was gone. And he was down in the temple one morning, as a young fellow, probably in his early forties. Isaiah's prophecy, what he wrote here, he was a major prophet, one of the greatest in the Bible. [Isaiah 1:18]
L-38 There's sixty-six books in the Bible, and there's sixty-six chapters in Isaiah. Isaiah starts off with the generation, the--in the--I mean in the creation. In the middle of the book, he ends up the Old Testament, and brings in the, "voice of one crying in the wilderness," and ends off over in the millennium, where they'll--the sixty-six verse, the sixty-six chapter of the--like in the book of Revelations. It's a complete Bible in itself.
Isaiah is a prophet of grace. He was the one who really set forth, that how the Blood of Jesus, and how the coming of the Just One, and how God would cleanse His church, and so forth, by His sovereign grace. [John 11:23]
L-39 Down in the temple one morning, Oh, I'd of like to took His place. He was down in prayer one morning, and he looked around, and he saw a--a cherubims, flying back and forth through the temple. They had six wings, two was over their face, two was over their feet, and flying with two, and were crying, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty."
And Isaiah looked up and said, "Woe is me, for I have seen the glory of God. And I'm a man of unclean lips, and live among people with unclean lips. And woe is me." [Revelation 4:8]
L-40 But an Angel went over to the--the altar where the sacrifices was burning, and took the tongs, and took a--a coal, live, hot coal, off the altar, and come and touched his lips, and said, "Now, you're clean, and your sins is purged; now go prophesy." Oh, I want to hear him, what he's got to say.
And he said, "Come now, let us reason together."Now, we'd want to be... Now, I'm not going to preach, just talk to you a few minutes. And tomorrow night, if God willing, I want to take a series of subjects for the next few nights, now, on redemption, and where we're redeemed from our sickness, and--and by the Blood of Christ. [Isaiah 6:7], [Isaiah 1:18]
L-41 Now, reason, there's reasons to all things. Let's just reason together. "Come, let us reason together, saith the Lord." Wouldn't you like to set in the counsel of the Lord and reason?
Someone said to me, not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, I would give anything if I could see a vision."
I put my arm around him, a real brother; I said, "My beloved brother, every time you open the Bible, you see a vision, God revealing Himself. Here is God's vision." Just open it up and--open, say, "God, now open my eyes that I can see You." The Word is God. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelled among us." And here's God, and every time you open the Bible, you see a vision of God, speaking forth to you. Set with a humble heart. [Isaiah 1:18], [John 1:1, 14]
L-42 I read it sometimes, and get up, and run around the chair, and scream to the top of my voice, and cry a little bit, and set down and read a little bit more, and get up and run around again. I guess the--if the maid, or somebody would come by, they'd think they had a maniac shut up in that room, there sometime. But I--you know, I like it. No matter what I act like here, I--I--I just feel good; I'm going to another land. See? And I like to hear about it. And you can see a vision any time you look into the Bible.
Now, somebody reading God's Word, they limit God's Word. Some people limit it to creed. Oh, this is what God's Word said, our creed that we say in our church. Others, they limit it to education. They send their pastors away, and educate them real highly, so they can speak fluently, and--and--and it's--have a melodious voice of training, and how they must say their, "Ah-mans," just right. And the people set out there, and to me it sounds like a dying calf. I--I don't like that. I--I like it, if it said, "Amen," say, "Amen." That's all. See? And so they... I didn't mean that for a joke; I--I don't believe in that. See? I didn't mean it like that, and you forgive me. And I...
L-43 But the thing is, that people, how they limited God. Some of them limit it to just how high they've walked; that's all. Now, if we can't walk where Joshua walked, and where Enoch walked, don't stand in somebody else's way, who's trying to walk there, anyhow. Let's just be reasonable about it: if you don't believe it, why step out of the other fellow's way, and let him walk on. If you can only walk as high as your creeds teach, well, then step out of the way, and let the next man... Don't try to pull him back; let him go on.
My, I'd like to walk where Joshua walked, wouldn't you? Oh, I was reading this afternoon, I believe it was in the Bible, where Joshua, after he crossed, and Israel sanctified themselves, and come across the river. After they'd eat some of the old corn, very type of the millennium... And Joshua, out strolling one afternoon, looking over the situation where the great battle was to take place. I thought, oh, my, that's right. Oh, looking over the situation, just where he knew the battle was. He'd moved thus far; God had told him to move across, but He didn't say, "Take Jericho," yet. You, see? "Just move right here."
L-44 Someone said the other day, said, "Brother Branham, where must I go?" Up here at the next city I was at, at Shawano. He said--the little pastor said, "Where must I move now?"
I said, "Did God move you to Shawano?"
He said, "Yes."
I said, "Stay right there, till God says, move somewhere else then. And you know you're in the will of God. Stay right there, until He calls you hence."
L-45 And--and Joshua had moved over, and set up the camps of Israel. And one day, he took a little stroll, and was walking out near the walls of Jericho, and all at once he seen a Man standing over against the wall. Joshua pulled his sword, and run to meet Him. And the Man pulled His sword and come to meet Joshua. Joshua raised his hand, said, "Are You for us, or are You of our enemies?"
He said, "Nay, I'm the Captain of the host of the Lord." Amen. Oh, my. What had happened? That Pillar of Fire had been made flesh, standing here then, a pre-figure of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Captain of the host of the Lord. Amen. [John 5:13-14], [Joshua 5:13-15]
L-46 He said, "Now." They got in full armour. And we may not have faith enough to take God's Word like Joshua did, and march around a wall, and shout till it fell down. I might not have that kind of faith, but if you've got it, I sure don't want to stand in your way. That's right.
I might not have faith like Enoch did, to take--or not Enoch, but like Elisha, who took his coat off and hit the waters and walked back across the sea, after he had received in type the Holy Ghost, a double portion of the Spirit of Elijah. I might not have the faith to do that, or throw a cruse of salt in some water, and turn it into good water, from being bitter. I might not have that kind of faith. You might not have that kind of faith. But if somebody else has got it, don't stand in their way. Let them go on. That's right. [II Kings 2:9]
L-47 These teachers, many times, they like to point people, to say, "Now, looky here, you see where that one went too far? He went so far he lost his mind." You've heard them teachers say that. But they fail to say, when they find one person who got a little fanatically, and lost his mind, by going too far. They fail to point to the tens of hundreds of thousands, who lost their mind because they didn't go at all. That's right. They didn't go far enough.
Now, let's be reasonable about things. Let's come reason together. We know we got fanatics. We got them here in Chicago. We got them everywhere, but we got some real genuine Holy Ghost material, too. Let's reason together.
Yeah, they'll--they'll sure like to point to the fellow that went too far, that one, but they fail to point to the tens of thousands that lost their mind, because they didn't go far enough. That's right. [Isaiah 1:18]
L-48 Here some time ago, I was reading an article of somebody who said, "I know." Well, I tell you another case. I stopped, been getting some apples from an old man down in Indiana. And he's always, nice old fellow. And I was buying some apples from him. And he said--looked out on the--my little truck and said, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and for ever."
And He looked on there, and he said, "Huh," said, "Oh, Jeffersonville, you live at Jeffersonville?"
And I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Say, you know that healer up there?"
And I Said, "No, don't believe I do." And He said...
I said, "What healer?"
And he said, "Oh, they got a healer up there." And said, "Ain't you never heard of him?"
I said, "No." I said, "I've heard of a Healer, not only at Jeffersonville, but all over the world, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever."
He said, "Let's see, this guy's name's Branham, or something like that."
I said, "Oh, yeah." I said, "I know him."
And he said, "Well, you know what I think? He's the biggest hypocrite in the world."
I said, "You do?" I said, "Well," I said, "I guess that's all right with him." See? I said, "Everybody don't think that." I said, "I'm one that don't think it, anyhow." [Hebrews 13:8]
L-49 He said--well, he said, "You know," said, "I knowed somebody who took old lady So-and-so, over here, up there. She had arthritis." And said, "They took her up there, and she was prayed for, and she never got any better at all, not a bit."
I asked him, I said, "What church you go to?" And he told me. "Oh, 'I said, "I understand."
And he said, "Well, if you ever see that guy, you tell him I said he was a hypocrite."
I said, "You're telling him right now."
He said, "Are you him?"
And I said, "That's right." I said, "That is right."
So he said... Now, there you are, somebody will point to somebody who didn't have faith enough to be healed. When they're a shame, and not rightful enough in their mind, to point to the tens of thousands who was healed.
L-50 Here not long ago, they had a piece in the paper, where a Christian Science woman, and if there's a Christian Science person in here, I have great respects for you, and I have nothing to say against you at all. Only in theology, I different. I don't believe that diseases are thoughts, I believe they're a realities; they're the devil. And they're the devil in form. And I believe if your sick, you're really sick, but God is the Healer, Who can heal. And so I'm... But that's all right, whatever you believe, well, that's up to you.
But this Christian Science woman, she had a sick child, who had appendicitis, I believe it was. You all seen it in the paper; it's been about eight or ten years ago, perhaps. And she would not have a doctor. Now, I disagree with that, I--I that's all right. I ain't got nothing against doctors and hospitals, 'cause God's the healer anyhow; no matter what they do, they can't heal.
L-51 So she wouldn't have the doctor. And she said, "No," that their baby was going to get well, anyhow, and the baby died. Oh, my, did the newspapers pick that up, and they scattered it from California to Maine. "Oh, Divine healing is wrong. It's fanaticism; it's heresy; it should be stopped. Looky here, that poor little baby lost it's life, because a fanatic mother wouldn't have a doctor."
And the same time that that paper was still before the public, the doctors killed thousands, and there wasn't nothing said about it. Let's be reasonable.
L-52 If one person is lost because they don't have faith for deliverance, trusting the Lord, and then all God's work has to be called fanaticism, if the doctor loses one patient, then it's fanaticism too. "Sauce for the goose is for the gander." You know the old saying. So it's just reasonable. Is that right?
Now, that is true. No, we, doctors, institutions, ministers, all ought to have arms around one another, trying to work for the benefit of human beings. They shouldn't be criticizing each other, they should be loving one another, and helping one another, sure.
Now, just think, what if I could go out here to your cemetery tonight, one of your large cemeteries in Chicago, and raise up every person out of the cemetery, and say, "Now, I want every one that died, trusting the Lord, to stand over here on this side. And every one that died, under medical treatment, stand over on this side." Which would outweigh? Let's be reasonable. Let's come reason together. [Isaiah 1:18]
L-53 And now, here sometime ago, this great--I--as I proved here tonight, I'm not called you, I'm... You just set still a minute. See?
Now, notice, in here--this--when they find some kind of a serum, that'll--that'll help somebody, my, the newspapers publish it everywhere. My, penicillin, or something, oh, how they just flash it everywhere. This Salk vaccine, and so forth, how they flashed it everywhere, because they found something that would help people.
I'm salute those people; God bless them. I'm so happy for that. But they'll publish that in every little newspaper throughout the nation. And Almighty God can make the blind to see, and the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak, and they'll turn it down and won't put it in the paper. Say, "It's fanaticism."
L-54 Come, let us reason together. Be men and women. Is that right? Sure. And listen, not always... Now, I say this with reverence; I say it as a reasonable thing. We want--we're talking tonight on reasonable, common sense of things.
Look, do you know medicine kills just about as many almost as it cures? It don't cure anybody, but it helps. That's right. It just keeps it clean, while--aids nature, while God does the healing.
Look how many people--look when this Salk vaccine come out, look at the thousands of little children that died with that vaccine. They give them children that to give polio and killed them. Well, then, if somebody prays for the sick and it dies, say, "Fanaticism." And they give the vaccine and say, "Glory, hallelujah, oh, just look what it done. My this great guy discovered this." Is that right? [Isaiah 1:18]
L-55 My daddy was killed with a dose of medicine, my own father. The doctor come up to see him; he had something wrong with his heart. He give him a little tablet; he lived five minutes. We called in another doctor, and he said, "Well, he--he give him strychnine." And he went and took that strychnine; it was a half grain of strychnine. He said, "I knowed your dad," said, "His--his heart wouldn't of stood a fortieth of a grain of strychnine." But a dose of medicine killed my daddy.
L-56 A dose of medicine almost killed my boy, Billy Paul. About two years, three years ago, Billy Paul got into a habit, got running around there, and that's the reason I had to send him to Waxahachie, to the school. Our public school, with the bunch of little boys and things, all smoking cigarettes and things. And Billy come up home one day and said, "How you getting along, daddy?"
I seen a vision pop over him. I said, "Come here a minute, talk to you."
He said, "What is it, Daddy?"
I said, "What are you doing smoking cigarettes?"
He said, "I'm not."
I said, "Don't you lie to me, Billy." He commenced to crying.
Well, he said, "I--I won't do it no more, daddy." And he went on out. He kept on doing it. He wasn't hiding it; he can't hide it, no, no. So--and I seen a vision, and the Lord showed me that Billy, had disobeyed me, and had jumped through a window, and was going laughing, head over heels, like that, down, on through eternity, turning over and over. And when I come out of the vision, I was screaming to the top of my voice, "Oh, God, don't take my boy. Only boy I have, don't take him, Lord." And I was screaming to the top of my voice. I told Billy.
L-57 And so, Billy, that day, he went fishing. Been hanging down on the river a lot. There was a man from India, there to see me, and some more ministers. And we went down into New Albany with my wife. She had to go down there to get something another. And so, we went down, and I was setting talking to the ministers, and all at once, something said to me, "Get out of the--here, right quick." I thought that was just my imagination.
And I--I said, "Well now, brethren, we're fixing to go to India as soon as we possibly can."
Something said, "Get out of here, and get to yourself."
And I got out of the car, and I said, "Excuse me, brethren, just a minute, I want to go around the corner."
And I went around there, and I looked, nobody was looking, I said, "Father, what is it?"
Said, "Go to Billy Paul at once."
L-58 And I run back real quick, and Meda was coming up the street, my wife, and I said, "Hurry honey, hurry. Something's wrong with Billy." And we run, jumped in a car, and took out to Jeffersonville, about five or six miles. When I went into the yard, my mother-in-law, standing in the yard, screaming top of her voice, said, "Billy's dying, got him in the hospital."
So I said, "What happened?"
Said, "Well, he come up down there, and he had a sore throat. And he was afraid you was going to catch him with that sore throat, and tell him, he was still smoking cigarettes. And he went down, and your good friend," the best doctor there is in the nation, one of the best, "Dr. Sam Adair, gave him a shot of penicillin, and he swelled up about that big, in just about three minutes. And he run up there, and they wrapped him in blankets, and rushed him to the hospital."
L-59 And I run out real quick, here come the doctor down like that, took off his hat, said, "Bill, I've killed your boy."
And I said, "Oh, Doc, surely not." And I run into the room; they had oxygen over him and everything, and pumping, and giving him adrenalin over his heart. And he was just... Heart going on down, and down. I said could I be with him a moment. And so he just walked out of the room. I knelt down, put my hands upon him; I said, "Dear God, please. Hasn't my heart been broke enough in my days? Please, Jesus, oh, God, give the boy another chance. Don't... Lord, please, I ask you with all my heart, as Your servant, if You'll spare the life of my boy. He's so good to me, and helps in the meeting, and he's so loyal to me. I need him. God, please don't take him. I--I ask You not."
L-60 And I looked, and I saw a vision of him falling like that, turning over and over, like it was a couple nights before that, when I seen him in the vision. And I seen two big arms come out and catch him, like this, and start bearing him right back up, going right back up, like that. I raised up, and Billy turned around, just as black as he could be. And his lips swelled way out, and his eyes turned real red, and turned back.
He said, "Daddy, where are you. Where are you, daddy?"
I said, "I'm standing right here, honey. It's all over now." Amen.
L-61 Let me tell you, if it hadn't been for God, a dose of medicine would've killed my boy. Nothing nigh it, penicillin's helped a many on sulfa drug and thing, on the battle front for the boys and things like that, but you have to watch, it's killed hundreds. That's right.
But if it'll kill one, what I'm trying to get at, is--this is my point, if it'll kill one person, it's fanaticism. If praying for the sick, and that person dies, then you have to call it fanaticism, then this has to be fanaticism, too. Is that right?
It's neither fanaticism; it's just the people who can't reason things out, the people that's unreasonable. And our dear American people is most unreasonable people on them things, I ever seen in all nations in the world. That's right. Very unreasonable, they won't want to listen. They won't set down and think it out.
L-62 I don't mean you Full Gospel people, who believe in these things; it's the churches. My brethren, I have nothing against my Baptist church, that I come from. The Presbyterian, Lutheran, whatever they may be, they're my brothers. But so unreasonable, is because that--that denominations has brought up barriers. And creeds and so forth has cut them off.
Some of them men believe. Don't tell me; they come right to my parsonage and talk to me, put my arm around me and say--put their arm around me and say, "Brother Branham, I'd like to believe it, but by--be excommunicated if I did."
I said, "God bless your heart, you be excommunicated here, and you'll be brought in up there." I said, "Don't--you just leave the thing go."
L-63 I'd rather--it's a meal ticket, brother. I'd rather lay on my stomach, and drink branch water, and eat soda crackers, and preach the truth, than to have fried chicken three times a day, and have to compromise. That's right. Yes, sir. To have the truth...
Be reasonable. We can prove tonight, and across the nation, thousands times thousands of people that had've been their grave tonight, if it hadn't been for Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Let us reason together. Be reasonable. God does things reasonable, and let's us be reasonable. [Isaiah 1:18]
L-64 Now, just another comment or two and we will--we will stop. Now, how does doctors find out about their medicine? The first thing you know, somebody solves around and gets it, they figure it out, find out that it'll work, and they write it in a book. Another doctor picks up this medical journal; he said, "Well, here, this does so-and-so; I will start practicing."
That's how they do: they find it out by reading or hearing. So to us, faith cometh by reading or hearing. What I'm doing tonight--and you're think these visions and things are so mysterious, I read it out of a Book. Hallelujah. And this Book is none other than the Bible, and the Author of It is not an inventor; He's none other than the Creator Himself (Amen), Who promised Divine healing. He wrote the Book; He inspired it. And it's God's inspired Word. [Romans 10:17]
L-65 I read in here, like you do, of other doctors who practice medicine and have success. I read where the apostles and prophets saw visions, and practiced Divine healing, and had success. I got a right; This is my medical journal. Amen. I believe in it with all my heart. And I have success in it, not because it's me, but because I'm following out the instructions of this Book. Amen. Hallelujah.
When He was here on earth, He practiced what He preached. I like that about Him. He practiced what He preached. He didn't need any x-rays; He was the x-ray. He seen what was wrong; He didn't need any x-ray, and He's the same tonight. He didn't need any drugs to stimulate life; He was life. Amen. He didn't need any remedies; He was the cure. Amen. And He's the same tonight. He's raised from the dead, and proved that He is God's x-ray.
L-66 God looks right down through the stream of time, and don't only see the physical to--in your heart, but He sees the supernatural in your heart. He sees your thoughts. Amen. Jesus perceived their thoughts. Talk about a x-ray (Amen. Hallelujah.), He was God's x-ray, and He not only was, He is yet. He's God's x-ray tonight. He tells you; He knows what's wrong with you. He knows all about you. He knows more about you than you know about yourself.
He's the Stimulator of Life; He's the Giver of Life. He don't need to give you vitamins; He is the vitamin, Vitamin J-E-S-U-S, the best I know of, only one I care for. Amen. J-E-S-U-S, try them sometime; they're wonderful. Blessings, they just fall down, spiritual vitamins. Oh, my, how I love them. Showers of them, just shower down on you, certainly.
L-67 After His resurrection, He proved that He was yet the same great Jehovah. On the road to Emmaus, that day, as those fellows walked along there, Cleopas and his friends, going down to Emmaus, on that trip, that... When Jesus got inside the house with them, He done something there that... All day long they had walked with Him; they didn't know Him, but when He got inside, and got them settled down, then He did something like He used to do. No one else could do it like that. He did it the way He used to do it.
I believe that's more than just a history; it's a parable. Pardon me, brethren, but it's a prophecy. We've walked along today, a long time, but it was in the evening time, when He done things like He used to. And it's getting late in the day now; it's getting evening time. And Jesus has got us shut in here tonight. He can do things like He used to do it, if He can find the material that'll let Him get shut in with them. Amen. Let's be reasonable, because it's evening time, and He's here. Let's speak to Him a moment in prayer.
L-68 Our heavenly Father, the prophet said, "It'll be Light in the evening time." There was a day, the sun rose in the eastern horizon, on the Jewish people, and shed forth the Holy Ghost. Great signs and wonders taken place; by stretching forth the hands of the apostles; they brought down powers of God; they healed the sick; they saw visions. They did as Jesus bid them to do.
Then the sun went down, not all the way down, but it kind of a day that wasn't either night nor day. It's crossed the nations; now it's evening time here on the western world now. And You promised to shine that same sun. And praise God, the clouds are drifting away. The same sun, the same results, that fell on the day of Pentecost, is come back again. For He said it would be Light in the evening time. [Zechariah 14:7]
L-69 And I pray Thee, Father, tonight, that as we close off the world on the outside, and shut ourselves by faith, with Jesus Christ, and reason in our heart, "If He has said this, He's eternal; He's omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and He can do all things, because He has risen from the dead." And Father, we pray that You'll let Him be manifested here before His children tonight, that they might see that this is not fiction, and it's been explained by the Word of God, and the results proves that it's true.
And now, let us reason, Father. If Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the great Jehovah, Who formed the stars and moons, and put them in their firmaments, and made all the solar system, and made the earth, and done all these things, if He is here tonight with us, and is bidding us to come to Him, why should we be weary. Let us straighten up our shoulders then, and take God by faith, and act like sons and daughters tonight, of the living God. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-70 The Lord Bless you. I'm sorry to keep you over the time that I said I would. But let's just be reasonable now. Jesus is here. He's raised from the dead. He promised wherever two or three were gathered together in His Name, "I will be in their midst." Did He say that? So visions is not so fiction after all, is it? Just real, just God. There's no need of being suspicious.
Now, I've been very careful of this, friend, sometimes when you go to see things manifested like that. You've heard me never, as far as speaking, I'd say, "God made me His prophet." I've heard people say, on tape they picked it up when the inspiration was on, but that was Him speaking, not me. See? Better for Him to tell you that, than for me to tell you that. See? More you can believe Him; you got a right to doubt me. [Matthew 18:20]
L-71 But see, I've--I've kinda shunned those things. I've kept away from people, because of, I--I--I don't like any, somebody say, "Oh Brother Branham, this, that." It--it--it--don't even put me into it. See? It's Jesus Christ, the Son of God. See? Just look to Him. Some people say, "Oh, if--if I--if I could just go and--and may--get up on the platform, he'd pray for me..."
That don't have much to do with it. It's not touching me; it's touching Him. See? You just put you're faith there, and touch Him, and feel if something don't move back down into your heart and say, "Yes, now it's over." See?
L-72 Here sometime ago, while we're quietening down just a moment, I was having a meeting in a place, and they had a room for the maniacs and the--the psychopathic cases. And I went into the room; I shall never forget it. After the brethren had taken me in there, I walked into the room, and there was oh, people in straight-jackets and carrying on.
L-73 A very famous minister was there that night, who has a international broadcast. I wouldn't call his name; he might not even appreciate it. He belonged to a different denomination of church than this, and so, he--he was there at the place.
And this--walked in, and there was a lovely young woman setting there, and she said, "How do you do, Brother Branham?"
And I said, "How do you do?" I said, "Well, I..." and there was someone setting there with her, an aged man.
And he said, "Brother Branham, will you minister to my daughter, first?"
And I said, "Who is she?"
He said, "Here."
I said, "You?" I said, "What are you doing in this psychopathic place?"
She said, "I suppose I belong in here."
And I said, "Well, what's a matter, sister?"
She said, "I would like to know, Brother Branham."
I said, "Well, you don't act like a mental case to me."
She said, "Well, I will give you my story. Would it be all right?"
And I said, "Yes, ma'am." And a very lovely woman, looked to be about twenty-three, twenty-four years old. Looked like would make a queen to any man's heart, very neatly, nicely dressed, clean looking person.
L-74 And she said to me; she said, "Well, Brother Branham, I was raised up in good home. This is my father." And she said, "I was raised a Catholic." And she said, "I was taught to do right." She said, "But when I was a girl," she said, "I got out with a boy that drank," and said, "I started drinking, and smoking cigarettes, and so forth." And said, "I become a perpetual drunkard."
There's a little lady here somewhere, that usually takes recordings somewheres in here. She wrote me a letter the other day. A little lady was healed of that, right down here at Hammond, lovely little pers... There she is now, a complete alcoholic, and you go to Byery, up there, and ask any doctor if a complete alcoholic can ever be cured by any medicines. I--I tell you, they got all this Alcoholics Anonymous. And I've got dozens of them that go in there, and they come right back out, and in a year or two, they're drinking like they ever was. But there's a girl perfectly delivered by Jesus Christ. That's right. Let's reason things together. See? What doctors could not do...
And this--I will quit talking about her; I was saying lovely things, and now she's setting here (See?), so... [Isaiah 1:18]
L-75 Anyhow, this--this young lady, she said, "And I started drinking, and said that led into prostitution." And she said, "Then I was sent up to the Good Shepherd's Home. I spent a time there." And said, "Course I was all right there." And said, "And just as soon as I come back out," said, "It wasn't out, but just a little bit," said, "I started drinking again, and prostitution set in again." And said, "I'm just a alcoholic, and I can't help it." Said, "I went to the Anonymous, and got a treatment of that, and stayed in there for awhile." And said, "That didn't do me one bit of good. When I smelt whiskey, I was ready to drink again."
L-76 And she said, "Then the next thing happened. Said they sent me to the woman's prison, after I got twenty-one, and I served a year and something up there." And said, "When I come back out, I just started drinking again." Said, "Somebody told me to change churches, that I should become a--a Christian in the Protestant church." And she said, "That I did," she said, "and it didn't do me a bit of good." Said, "I still drank just the same." She said, "I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour." Said, "It didn't do me one bit of good." She...
And I said, "I want to ask you something." I said, "Sister, down in your heart, you never did want to do that?"
She said, "No, sir, I never did."
Said--I said, "Something drives you to it."
Said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "It's the devil." And she said... I said, "It may be old fashion, but it's the devil." And she said, "I've always believed it, Mr. Branham." And I said... She said, "Would you advise me to join your church?"
I said, "I have none to join." But I said, "I want you to go to the same church that I go."
She said, "I will be glad to do that." Said, "How do I do it?"
I said, "Now, get down on your knees." See? And so, she got down on her knees. And I said, "Now, you really get sincere with God and pray."
L-77 Well, I listened to her pray. She raised up, and she promised God she'd never drink, if He'd help her, got back up, and she walked over. I set down and listened at her, kept my head down. She walked over and shook my hand, she said, "Brother Branham, I'm sure going out to make a start."
I said, "Sister dear, it isn't over; that's right, it isn't over."
And she said, "Well, I'm going to do the very best I can."
I said, "That's right. But it isn't over."
She said, "Well, what must I do?"
I said, "Let's pray again." We got down there, and she started praying; she got to crying. I laid my hands over on her, and I said, "Dear God, this poor mortal here, bound with this devil and this circumstances here. Look where she's at; she don't want to do that. Satan, come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ."
L-78 In a few moments, she raised up, kept on praying; she stopped all at once about two minutes after that, and raised up, and looked at me. And those great big black eyes, and the tears running down, she said, "Brother Branham, something's happened."
She said... I said, "Now, it's over, sister, now, it's over."
About two years later, I met her on the street. She--I was going in to pay the electric light bill in my home town, and this girl hollered at me.
She said, "Brother Branham." Said, "I was trying to inquire where you was at." Said, "This is my husband; this is my baby." Said, "I've never craved whiskey from that day since. I'm delivered."
L-79 See, friends, it isn't intellectual; it has to come from down here. That's right. Something has to happen here. God bless you. May it happen down there tonight. May the true and living God, Who's here, get out of your mind and get into your heart. Say, "Oh, Jesus, yes, it's reasonable. If You're here, and can make these others be well, You can make me well too, and I now accept it." And just keep saying it into your heart, till after while something anchors down there, and you know you're healed, just as well as you know that shirt's white. It's over then. That's right.
You'll raise over to your neighbor and say, "Something happened." Yes, sir. It will be over. That's right. God bless you.
L-80 Billy Paul, where are you? Don't always get right behind me; I can't see you. What... K, all right, let's begin from number 1 then, K, number 1. We will stand up a few. Who has K, number 1, raise up your hand? Did you say K? []
L-81 May the Lord add His blessings now. Now, we will just take a... I'm so sorry to be late like this. Maybe tomorrow night, I will just come down, line up the people. Now, you that's got prayer cards, hold onto them, 'cause we're going to pray for you anyhow. See? We're going to bring you right up here and pray for you, God willing. And I'm going to see if the Lord will bless in some other way, that I'm asking Him to do. You'll pray for me, won't you friends? See?
Oh, how I'd feel, if I could just get out in this... See, it's that strain now. Now, what if a patient stands here, hasn't got a bit of faith, and the people say, "Uh-huh, I--I thought he knowed those things. I thought Christ told him." See? There you are.
L-82 Now, how many of you out there that wants to be healed tonight, raise your hands? Let's--let's see, that ain't going to be called to the platform. All right, you look this way and believe. Have faith. How many of you don't have prayer cards, I meant to say? Let's see you raise your hands now. Now, if I call you without a prayer card, if you--you got a prayer card you get to the platform anyhow. I want those who answer, don't have a prayer card. 'Course I--I can't tell here; I just have to follow the way the Angel of the Lord leads me, or takes me to go. Then I just follow that.
And now, it's your faith that does it. Now, how many that understands what I mean, by standing on your toes, peeping through. Now, like this person stand here and say, "Well--well what's wrong with this person?" I speak to them just a moment; I have a way of doing it. Of course that's between me and God. See? And then, I--I go to meet the Holy Spirit, yield myself to Him perfectly, watch what He's saying. I feel the spirit of the person move. I see, maybe it's a--it's a believer, then it's going to be all right. I can talk to that person, because they're a believer.
L-83 Is somebody short, Brother Wood? You can't--no--oh, everything's all--all right. Then if you... Then see, then I move up, as it was, strain. See? I go in. Now, say it's got a--a--a--a cancer. My, when that leaves me, I--right then, it's worse then preaching two hours. See? And maybe, that don't do it. I look back at the patient, they're--they--they're way down here yet, when they ought to be up here.
See, the only thing that does, is to bring faith up. Only way that anybody can be healed... Divine healing is by faith. Is that right? Only way you can be saved is by faith, not by going and doing something; you got to have faith, not by works, by faith. See? [Ephesians 2:8]
L-84 And now, here's a person standing here, maybe have cancer. And I--I will look. They'll say, "Now, I know he don't know me, 'cause I never seen him."
Well, the Lord will say, "That person's got cancer."
Well, that might shake them a little, but it still hasn't done it. Then directly, you hit another one, and say, "Well, that's got--you have so-and-so."
Well, that may raise, "Well, yeah that... He--he must be right." See?
And then, time you stay there a long time with that one, to get them up to where the place is, to where they really accept... Now, that don't mean they're healed. That means that that life that's on them is dead, gone--the--the life that's in the cancer has gone out. It might come back again, time you get down there.
L-85 But when you hear it move on them tapes there, and over here, 'cause we--look at the recorders. We hear everything that's said. See? And when you hear it say, THUS SAITH THE LORD, then a visions moves back; that's not me. I don't go into that; He takes me into that Himself. And a vision comes back, and then when it does, I see way down the line, what He said do. Then it tells them just about it.
Well, now here, it's off of them right now, and they go off feeling fine, wonderful, if they keep feeling that way... I've never in my life prayed for a person yet, and really got sincere about it, but what something happened then. Now, think of that. I have never in my life sincerely asked God for one thing... I've been preaching for twenty-three years now, and I've never asked God for anything in my life, that He did not give me, or either tell me why He couldn't give me. That's right. He's God. Hallelujah!
L-86 My, I just love Him with all my heart. Just seems to me like I--I may seem like a fanatic to some of you all. But I tell you, just sometimes it's like something just strikes my heart, and it just look like it will swell out of me, when I think of Him. Here He is. He's right here. That Angel of God, standing not two foot from where I am right now, standing right here. If you could only feel. Always to my right.
I forgot to leave those pictures, last night, so that you could see them. How that--comes in on the right, and goes out to the right on the picture. See?
L-87 Now, the Lord be graciously to you. Now, I will hurry, and pray for just... Now, I will ask you something, and my beloved brother and sister... And Brother Wood, and you all here that's helping, or where's Billy, ever where it is, you... Brother Boze, you watch, don't--don't let me stay too long (See?), 'cause I want to finish out the week. And now, you just set real still for a few minutes. Will you do that for me? Just set still, and be reverent and pray. Just pray for me, and I won't take very long. We will let you out just in a few minutes.
All right, where--where'd Billy Paul go? What say? Oh, it's Brother Wood, yes, okay. I... people... Reason on a platform, I know Billy's spirit. I know everything's wrong with him. And when the anointing strikes me, I can feel things coming to me, and I--I--I feel for Billy, where he's at. See? And I--I can't find him.
L-88 He's been with me; I packed him on my arm, and kept his bottle in here when I'd--no mother, you know. And I had to be mother and daddy. We couldn't afford to keep a fire all night. And you know how I kept his little bottle warm? I'd put it under my pillow, under my head, keep it warm. Then when he'd wake up at night, his mother dead, you know, I'd give his little--had a Coke bottle with a little--the little nipple over the top of it, so that he could nurse at nighttime. Oh, we've had a hard time, but we stuck together, and God's been good to us. I hope he makes a minister.
L-89 All right, God bless you, lady. Now, sister, I suppose that you and I are strangers to one another. Are we? You don't speak English? Oh, you speak English, all right. That's good. Just as long as you can speak English. Now, I--I just want to talk to you, just a moment or two. And I don't know you. And Jesus knows you, though. If you was probably... Was you born in Sweden? Oh, we're born many miles apart then, wasn't you? Well, I would say to you then; you've come from a good country, a very nice country, Sweden.
You know Brother Pethrus, Brother Lewi Pethrus? He's a fine man, isn't he? I love him; he's a very dear man, such a fine man. Now, you know I'm talking to you for some reason, am I? I say I'm talking to you for some reason. Because I'm getting you quiet. See? I want you to be quiet, so you--you're a little bit nervous, upset, just now. That's--that's why I'm talking to you the way I am. I want you to be calm and quiet, so you can receive benefit of being here. See?
L-90 And now, not knowing nothing about you, and this is our first time meeting in life, if Jesus will tell me, what you come up here to ask Him about... You come up, not to see Brother Branham; you come up to see the Lord Jesus. And now, you believe that--that I'm just like this microphone. See? This microphone can't speak 'less something speaks through it. See? It's just a piece of metal. It's got to have a sound here to hit it first, before it will echo (See?), 'fore it'll carry out. Now, that's the way I am. I'm just like the microphone. See?
Now, there has to be some real intelligence behind here, Something that knows you, and knows all about you, knows what you're here for, to speak through these lips to say that. Isn't that right? Now, the audience believes that, don't you audience? See? 'Cause we don't know each other, but He can tell me. Then you believe Him.
L-91 One thing that you have come to be prayed for, is your eyes, your eyes is what... 'Course you're wearing glasses and so forth, because your--your eyes are not well. And I see you in your home and so forth, why it bothers you so much in your home. Then there is something else that's wrong with you, and that is, it's in your stomach. You got stomach trouble, and it's very bad. You got a--a leak in your stomach. And it's a--there's a growth there, some sort of a growth in your stomach.
And now, I see you in a--you're not from here; you come from somewhere else. You... Yeah, it's a wheat country, up in Minnesota. You come here to be prayed for. That's right. You believe now? Then you can go back to Minnesota and be well. Jesus Christ, heal this my sister in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.
L-92 Let us come and be reasonable. All right. Have faith in God, sister, as you come. I'm not never seen you in my life, and never knowing you as far as I know. But Jesus Christ, the Son of God, knows both of us, doesn't He? You're aware that something's here, aren't you? If that's right, if you have a feeling, just like something real sweet about it, would you just raise up your hand to the public, that they'd see? That is right. It's that light that you see in this picture. It's the Lord Jesus.
Now, we are strange to each other. You look like a very healthy woman, to look at you. But I see you moving away from me. And I see something going on; it's right under your ribs, on your right side. It's a--it's a bladder, a gallbladder trouble. And I see that--in there it shows that your--your--your--your liver, is all--you've got a--a growth on your liver, that's even pushing out, making a--a push place. And you're in a serious condition. THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. That are true. You believe now? [Mark 11:22]
L-93 Dear heavenly Father, knowing that this woman is walking in the shadows of death, but now standing in the shadow of Life and light. O God, may the darkness be turned back, and light shine in. And may she live, in Jesus Christ's Name I pray. Amen. Now, go believing, rejoicing. It's made you awful nervous, your trouble, so don't worry now. Go be happy, you get well. Amen.
L-94 Praise be to God, our Lord Jesus. He--He raised from the dead; He lives forevermore. He never can fail. He's omniscient, omnipresent, almighty. Oh, He's everything. How I love Him. How wonderful He is. "If thou canst believe," said the Master, "all things are possible."
Sister Downing, I--I want to speak to you now, because I know you, setting there. But you're studying about your mother there. You see? So you're praying about her. I caught it then. But just don't fear now; I believe everything's going to be all right. See? I--I know you, so that's the reason I seen you appear up, and I seen your mother, and seen you coming. So I--I happened to recognize it in the vision; it was you. [Revelation 1:18], [Mark 9:23]
L-95 There was someone else pulling from this side, but it--and it was both in the chest and the side. It's this woman setting here with gallbladder trouble, setting right on the end there. And if she believes... Yes, lady, it was you. That's right. Stand up on your feet just a moment. Now, go and get well, the lady at the end there. God bless you too, sister, if you had gallbladder trouble, you believe it also. There's a lady there I seen the vision, right there, she had the coat on. And may the Lord bless.
Don't we love Him? How wonderful our Lord Jesus is. He's just so real. Now, if you just could realize that that's Him. See? That's the all omnipotent God.
L-96 I see a lady. I'm just going to look at her a minute, because she's got her head bowed; her eyes is closed. She's got a red-looking dress, or pocketbook, or something. She's gray-headed. She's praying; she's setting right here in the row. She's trying her best to contact the Lord Jesus, 'cause she knows she can't get to this platform. Do you believe me to be His servant, sister? The gray-headed lady, setting right here, that's praying so hard. Do you believe? You want to get over the heart trouble, and believe that God's going to make you well? You believe it? All right, it turns all light around you now. I believe He's heard your prayer. Now, go. God bless you.
L-97 Oh, He's so real, if you can just believe Him. Oh, how wonderful. Sister, you was healed of that nervous trouble, and everything left you awhile ago when I was standing there, so you--you just go on home, just rejoice, saying, "Thank the, dear lord," and go on be well. Amen. Let's say, "Thanks be to God." How I love him, He's so real.
All right, the patient. How do you do, sister? You believe? All right. I believe you do too. We're strangers to each other? All right. I'm so happy to know that we--I'm glad to know you now, but I'm happy to know that we are strangers to one another. Then I don't know what's wrong with you. You know that. I have no idea, but God does. He knows what you're here for, and He can--He can tell me. And if He will tell me, will you believe then?
L-98 Just have faith and be real reverent, just a few minutes now. Don't doubt, just have all kinds of faith. Lady, that raised up your hand a few moments ago, you was so interested in getting healed there, when this lady was healed next to you. See? You was. Uh-huh. 'Cause you had high blood pressure, and you wanted to get over it so bad. You see? That's right. But I--I believe it's over now; I was just waiting 'fore I told those people. Amen.
Just have faith in God. That's right. Little lady sitting out there, a weeping, kinda heavy set, looking towards me now. There's the Angel of the Lord standing over her. Can't you see that audience? Look standing right here. Can't you see that light, right--hanging right here? Now, the woman there, I can't heal her, but she has a gallbladder trouble, that--that she want's to be healed of. That's right, isn't it? And if you believe, you can be healed. That's all right, sir, God bless you.
L-99 The man setting right over from you there, with hardening of the arteries, he wants to get well too. He--he thinks that God would heal him, don't you, sir? You believe that He did it then? I want to ask you something. Just when I was talking to the woman, and she missed her healing, and it went over to you, just then in sovereign grace, when it went over to you, a real strange feeling swept you then, didn't it? 'Cause you wondered why that woman didn't raise up, didn't you? See, she missed it, because the Angel was leaving her and going to you. Isn't that right? If it is wave your hand, real funny feeling. That's right. It ended with you then, brother. Your faith got the vision. Amen.
L-100 Isn't He wonderful? Oh, my, nothing like our Lord Jesus. Just have faith. All right. You believe with all your heart? I have to talk to you, 'cause it's just--here it is. You're here for somebody else. It's not for yourself. I see it now; it's--it's a--it's a young man. And that young man's in the hospital. And he's wearing some kind of a uniform. It looks like it's a--it's a Air Force uniform. He's--he's in the Air Force. And he's had his neck, or something hurt--broke--broken. And you're here, interested in that young man. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. The handkerchief that you have on your han--arm, go take that handkerchief, and send it to him. Lay it on him. Have faith in God, and the boy will come out of it, and be--get well. [Acts 19:12]
L-101 All right, friend... You believe? We are strangers one to the other, but not strangers with Christ. That thin fellow setting right on the end of the row there with heart trouble... Yes, you believe, sir? You got something wrong in your lungs too. You believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? I seen you standing here on the platform, and I followed you back out to your seat. There you are, setting there praying. You believe He healed you? Then you can have what you asked for. God bless you. Go and be made well.
Oh, isn't He wonderful? The lady's a stranger to me. I never seen her in my life. We're total strangers to each other. Are we, lady? We certainly are. And here we are. I believe awhile ago, when I was preaching, sometime ago, this afternoon or here at the service tonight, I was talking something about the colored people. How the young slave conducted himself, because he was a--he was a--he was a son of a king. We should conduct ourselves also that way.
L-102 Me, being a stranger to you, and you a stranger to me, us standing here together, not knowing each other, you a colored woman, me a white man, yet both of us in love with the Lord Jesus... He died to save us both, take us to the same heaven. Someday it'll all be over, sister. We will never stand and pray for each other no more. Jesus will come. That's Who we love, and that's Who I'm trying to say to the people, that's here.
You're suffering; I see you trying to get out of a bed. And you can't hardly do it; you got arthritis. That's right. The vision's a moving now; you couldn't hide your life. You also are moving away from a table, especially from greasy foods, and so forth. You have a stomach trouble. That is right. And you have--you're very nervous. You're really extremely nervous. And sometimes that you think you're just about going to leave, lose your mind. And that's what's making your stomach trouble, 'cause it throws your stomach into a spasm. And you have like dyspepsia, the stuff comes up as you eat into your mouth.
L-103 And say, you--you're not from here. You live by a--a--great river, where it runs. And I see you going down 4th street in Louisville. You're from Louisville, Kentucky. You are. Yes, sir. You're Mrs. Alberta, and your last name is Lee. Isn't that right? Now, your nervousness is gone, isn't that right? And you're healed; you can go home now, and be well, in the Jesus' Name.
Let's say, "Praise be to the living God." Do you believe? Have faith. Reasonable, friends. Jesus Christ is here.
Lady, you want to get over that female trouble? Raise up your hand, say, "I accept Jesus." Amen. Go believing with all your heart, and you can get--you'll get over it.
L-104 You love Him with all your heart? Believe Him then with all your heart. God can heal your eyes, make you well. You believe that, don't you? Sure, go on believe Him. Say, "I trust You, Lord." He don't want you to be blind; He wants you to--He wants you to see, and all--everything. Just believe Him with all your heart now. Go, and be made well.
Sister, a shadow of death, called cancer, but God is omnipotent. Do you believe that? He could kill that cancer, as dead as it can be, right now. Do you believe it? I condemn the thing in the Name of Jesus Christ. May it come out of the woman. Amen. Go, believing now with all your heart, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus...?..."
L-105 God can heal heart trouble, anything else; He can make it all well. You believe that, young lady? Raise up your hand, say, "I thank Him." It's a nervous condition that brings that onto you. Go believing now, and you'll get well, and not have it any more. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
What's arthritis to our God? He can make you well. Don't you believe that? Step across here like a young lady, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and go and be made--be made whole. Amen.
You believe, mother? I... The anointing's getting so heavy in the audience, and I'm getting so weak, I can hardly stand here. But the--I see something like a colon trouble with a person setting right in here, a colon, moving in the... Yes, lady, I... You believe with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind? I see a great clinic, like a Mayo Brothers Clinic. Have you been to Mayo Brothers, at the clinic, or some kind of a clinic there that--that moved, and I see a--like a big steeple like. You believe with all your heart, that Jesus will make you well? Do you do it, lady? Then you can stand up, and receive your healing, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Hallelujah! Have faith in God.
L-106 Billy, is this your next patient? Have faith. You believe? What if I told you were healed now, would you accept it? Would you? Then go off the platform, saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." And you'll never have to take di--that insulin or nothing. Jesus Christ will make you well, if you believe it. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." Oh, my, now over the audience, now what a time. How blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love. If I've found grace in your heart tonight to tell you the truth by the Almighty God's Bible, and the vindication of the resurrected Jesus Christ, He will heal every person in here. And has done it, if you can believe it.
L-107 Are you the patient, lady? You believe with all your heart? You believe Jesus will make you well? If I tell you what's wrong with you, and you know us strangers, one to the other one, will you accept it? You're suffering from an accident. You fell down, and kinda tore yourself loose on the inside, and things, and... No, it's the lady behind you: it's a vision coming back there, saying... Here's the lady right here. That's right. You believe, lady, with all your heart? God bless you. Go in... Your faith really makes you whole.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," while it... Hallelujah! He's standing here. Do you believe? Raise up right quick now, and accept Him, right where you're... Raise your hands up to Him right now, now while we pray.
L-108 O God, heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, pour out Thy blessings, Lord, upon this audience at this time. Standing present, omnipotent, O God, have mercy upon this audience, and heal every one of them. Grant it, Lord, through Jesus, the Son of God, I ask it.
Now, with your hands up in the air. Put your hands up, everybody now. Have your hands up, and do what I tell you to do. Now, repeat this words after me, "Lord, I believe. Satan, you are defeated. I'm healed in Jesus' Name." [The congregation repeats after Brother Branham--Ed.] Give Him praise now, and you can have what you ask for.

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