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The Calling Of Abraham
55-1116, The Calling Of Abraham, Tent Meeting, San Fernando, CA, 79 min

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L-1 Thank you, my dear brother. That's just wonderful. Praise the Lord. Everyone enjoyed that, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] What--what wonderful singing these brothers has been doing for us, here at the--our revival. And we're certainly appreciative to them, and God bless them.
I heard some fine compliments on them today. And I'm so thankful to hear that, 'cause I know both these brothers, and know they're real Christians. And we're thankful for everything.
So we're happy to be in tonight again, this Wednesday night, regular prayer meeting night, midweek prayer meeting among the churches. And--and we pray that those who has dismissed to come out, that God will richly bless you and give us a--a prayer meeting here tonight. And those who could not, and had their own services, we just pray that God will give them great prayer meeting.
L-2 Last night, I thought I would be sure to get out at nine-thirty, but I missed it again. So I--I'm--so I'm going to try again if I can.
Now, they've give me some handkerchiefs here to pray over. I noticed on one, said, "Brother Branham, please anoint." Now, that is just fine. Now, I know many brethren anoint the handkerchiefs, which that's good. And I... God, anything that God will bless, I'm certainly for it, aren't you? That's...
But now, I never anoint them; I just kinda use the Scripture by it. Now, in the Scripture I don't believe they anointed the handkerchiefs, but the Bible said, where you're getting the Scripture for it, is Acts the 19th chapter, where that they taken from the body of Paul, handkerchiefs and aprons. Wasn't nothing about anointing them. But 'course, that's all right, if they anoint them, but I don't have any anointing oil. [Acts 19:12], [James 5:14]
L-3 Now, I believe in anointing the sick with oil, just certainly. The Bible said so. The handkerchiefs, the way I do them, is just pray over them. And, oh, it's been such a great success. We just had such a wonderful time in praying for the handkerchiefs. And the--the Lord has blessed in such a marvelous way.
Now, here not long ago, just a little testimony, I'd like to say about praying over handkerchiefs. I send out. I've sent out (Oh, I would be afraid to say the number.) thousands times thousands, and multiplied thousands around the world. And I got a cute little letter that come from a German translator. I have a little temporary offices in, oh, eight or ten different nations. And--and they get the letter and translate it, and then send it to me and say what they want, and I send it back. So there was a... It was real cute.
There was a little German woman had been in a wheelchair with arthritis for a number of years. And they had translated my book, in German. And I believe the man's right here in the meeting, that did that, or he was down at the Christian Business Men's breakfast the other morning. Thank you, sir. And down at the--the Christian Business Men's breakfast, the other morning... [Acts 19:12], [James 5:14]
L-4 And so she had been reading that book. And she sent to me for a handkerchief. Of course, handkerchiefs cost about ten, fifteen cents apiece, and sending out thousands a week, I can't afford to buy them, because I don't have any capital to work on, so I just buy, great spools of ribbon. And that just reminds me, I've got to try to find some while I'm here in Los Angeles. We're just out in our country; we just bought it all up for some. And sometimes for hundreds of yards of ribbon; I just set and pray over them and cut them off, and send them to the people.
And this little German woman, after receiving it, she took... In the instructions we send, and we have a prayer group all around the world. People get up sometime, two, three o'clock in the morning, to get in that prayer group to go to praying. And so, she pinned the handkerchief on her underneath garment, or the little cloth, and put she put her hand over her heart, and she said, "Now, you old devil, you get out of here," raised up out of her wheelchair and went on about her business. Just how cute that was. In sounding that way would make us think that, but such a simple faith. [Acts 19:12]
L-5 You know, Christian friends, that's what it is. It's so simple, it--it fools the people; that's all. It's not nothing, just you have to reach up and pull down or something. It's--it's just simple as--as that.
Now, I'll--I'll lay these here, and then you can get them afterwards. Now, we're always happy to pray for them. And each night, I'll do it. Thank you. You'll recognize this handkerchief, will you? All right.
And, now, each night if you want them prayed for, handkerchiefs... And then if you happen to fail to get one, not get one in, just send up to the office, just write me, Jeffersonville. I'm not telling you... Now, I'm... Oughtn't to have said that, I suppose, 'cause most of the time people saying, "Write me." Why, all right, sister. I... "Write me," well they mean then, they're trying to get your address to start. But I don't have any radio programs, anything to support, so I'll--I'll just answer your letter, that'll be all, and send back the handkerchief. But now, and then if you want one, send and get it, and keep it in your Bible, if you don't have use for it now. And our Lord, just some little... [Acts 19:12]
L-6 I think, Brother Oral Roberts, you all know of... Nearly all of you have heard of Brother Oral Roberts, a very dear brother, and a lovely person. He, his main subject is like mine, being Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever. His is the point of contact. And I think, just a little cloth, or something like that, just a point of contact, you know, just something to, oh, kinda stimulate your faith a little... So now, let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer.
Now, our heavenly Father, we come to Thee first tonight to offer thanksgiving for all that You've done for us, blessing us, and giving us blessings that we are not deserving. And Father, yes, we deserve nothing. But it's through Thy righteousness of grace that Thou doest bless us. And we're so thankful. We pray that You'll meet with us here tonight in the Word, and may we have much fellowship around the Word. And then in the service, the prayer for the sick, may the Holy Spirit do the exceedingly abundantly tonight in some way to stimulate faith and bless the many. We just thank Thee for all Thou hast done.
Looking around tonight here in the building and seeing that a few nights ago, three or four cots and wheelchairs set, and only one left tonight. Father, may it be tonight for that person, there to be healed. Thou did deliver each one of them. And now, tonight this woman. So we pray that You'll grant it to her.
And now, many of Your lovely children are sick and have loved ones across the country who's sick, and they've brought to me, handkerchiefs to be blessed. Father, I thank Thee, first, for Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who makes these things possible, and for the confidence the people has in Your unprofitable servant. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-7 Now, we're taught in the Bible, that they took from the body handkerchiefs and aprons from Saint Paul. Now, Father, we realize that we're not Saint Paul, but Thou art still the same Lord Jesus to meet the conditions of the people.
One time, Israel was all cornered off by the Red Sea and the mountains and deserts. Pharaoh's army was pushing them. And the Bible, some writer said, that God looked down through that Pillar of Fire with angry eyes. There laid the Red Sea right in the path. And the Red Sea got scared and opened up. And a road went through it, and Israel passed over on dry land, going to the promised land, 'cause God had promised it.
And, Father, when these handkerchiefs are placed upon the bodies of the sick and the afflicted, may God look back again, down with angry eyes, through the Blood of the Lord Jesus, at the sickness that's got these people bound, that these handkerchiefs represent, and may Satan get scared, move out. And may the victim of the sickness move to the promise of God's good health. Grant it, Father. For we send them in Jesus Christ's Name, Thy Son. Amen.
Now, you can get these, right immediately after the... [Acts 19:12]
L-8 Now, I'm going to try to go just quickly as I can, getting on the way now. And I thought maybe tonight we would run a little series of--of this subject, speaking out of the Old Testament.
Last week we've spoke now the eight night on the New Testament, and tonight, I thought, we'd turn over in the Old Testament and speak awhile. I love the Old Testament. Don't you? I'm kind of a typologist. And I... The Old Testament is just--just full of nuggets buried down in there. And I like to go prospecting (Don't you?) and dig out those nuggets and polish them up. And you know what? You'll find every one of them pointing to Jesus Christ. Everything of the Old Testament was a shadow of the New Testament. And what God was to Israel then, through the law, He is to us today, through the Lord Jesus Christ. And what a beautiful, beautiful picture.
I remember taking one Book, in my, when I used to pastor the tabernacle at my home town, and I was a year and six months in one Book, Job: one year and six months. And I know I was about five weeks with Job setting on that ash heap. And the congregation was very nice to bear with me that long. But a lady's patience run out. She wrote me a letter and said, "Brother Branham, when you ever going to get Job off the ash heap?" And so she said, "We're enjoying it, but, my, you've had him there so long." But it was right... was the climax, just the whole Book to me, that's the climax when he... Elihu was talking to him, and then the Spirit of God came on him; the thunders roared, and the lightning flashed. Job stood up and said, "I know my Redeemer liveth. And I... There, and I... at the last days, He will stand on the earth. And though the skins worms destroys this body, yet, in my flesh, I will see God." What a beautiful thing. And the climax of it was--was, there wasn't a sinner left in the church. The Lord Jesus saved them everyone. [Job 19:25]
L-9 Now, we're going to start tonight in the Book of Genesis. And I--I love this Book also. And we want to start off on the prophet Abraham, and speak awhile. And now, in Genesis 12 we'll read just a portion of the Word, and then, we're going to take Abraham for the next couple nights, the Lord willing. And I'll watch my time so I won't take much time. And then bring him over to the climax, of where he sacrificed, or went to sacrifice his own son. And was called Jehovah-jireh, "the Lord will provide for Himself a sacrifice." [Genesis 22:14], [Genesis 23:8]
L-10 Tonight, we want to take the calling of Abraham in--in Genesis 12. Read the first three verses.
And the Lord... said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred,... from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee:
And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thee--make thy name great; and thou shall be a blessing:
And I will bless them that bless thee,... curse him that curses thee: and--and all the families of the earth shall be blessed. [Genesis 12:1-3]

May the Lord add His blessings to the reading of His Word.
L-11 Now, quickly, and then we'll go right straight to the healing service, because thinking this, about the same little audience each night. And a few nights ago, they run in, I believe, about a bunch of wheelchairs, and cots, and--and they dwindled down now to one. Praise be to God. I praise... Thank God tonight. I'll catch the tapes a little later on, when the boys Leo and Gene, and them, my partners, that's here taking the recordings... I see another group in here also. And if you want to know what was said to you, it's in a semiconscious (You see?), and you don't realize what you, or I don't, what I'm saying. So just get the tape, and you can find out just exactly what I told you. And always remember, just what It said, follow it up. Don't be scared.
L-12 Oh, I got just--just another little testimony right on the end of my heart. I--I was over... I just have to say it almost. One night they was coming along the prayer line, there was a little lady who had been suffering with stomach trouble. And she... The Holy Spirit told her all about her, and who she was. And somebody questioned telling people who they were. Said, "That ain't Scripture." Oh, yes, it is. Yes, it is.
When Peter came to Jesus, He said, "Thou art the son of Jonas, but thou shalt be called hereafter, Peter," which was a little stone. Jesus knew him, knew his name, and told him what his name was. [Matthew 16:13-19]
So anyhow, this woman, It told her, then when the... It all revealed to her, then it come out, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." 'Cause it turned light, and I seen the woman well, or I'd never said that. It's not me speaking then; it's Him.
And so she went home. She said, "Well, if I'm well," said, "I might as well go home and eat."
So one of her friends, way down in the neighborhood had a big lump on her neck. And the Holy Spirit spoke the same thing to her, told her, "She was healed." So she went out feeling for her lump. She said, "Well, it's still there, but I was instructed, if it," said, "it was the Lord speaking, why, it has to be gone." So they agreed going home that they was going to go ahead and act just like it wasn't nothing to it. So they was well.
L-13 So the little lady tried to eat. And oh, my, she really got sick. And then a few days, it just kept getting worse. So she just kept on telling her family and everybody, "Thank the Lord, I'm healed." She just stayed with it. About six weeks had passed, no different, just still the same.
Well, some of the neighbors had said, "Now, sister, you're bringing a reproach upon the cause." Said, "You shouldn't say those things unless they are real."
She said, "But somehow or another," said, "don't look I--I'm any better," but said, "just something in my heart, if a--if a spirit could stand there and tell a person who I was, and all about my life, and tell me where I'd--what happened that caused it; and then tell me, in the Name of Jesus Christ that I was healed..." Said, "Just I--I can't get over it." Said, "I just believe it anyhow." So she just kept holding on.
And one morning, the children had went to school, and she was washing the dishes, and--and she got real hungry. A real strange feeling come over her, and she got hungry. The woman may be setting present right now for all I know. So she... And hungry. She went over and she tried to eat a little piece of toast. And it... pretty good. So she thought, "Well, usually that buttered toast made her sick," ulcered stomach. And she said, "Well, that was pretty good." So well, she was still hungry, so she thought she'd just have a few oats, you know, some of the children had left there. So they hadn't eaten all their oats, so she just set down finished up the little child's oats. Well, that felt pretty good. So she just really had her a gastronomical jubilee. So she just fried her a couple eggs then, drunk a cup of coffee. Well, she said, "Nothing's happened," just felt real good. Usually she'd be sick and have a headache and start vomiting. Nothing happened.
L-14 She waited as long as she could, about thirty or forty minutes. She couldn't hold it any longer. Down the street she went to tell her neighbor. Oh, my. She run into the house, and the neighbor was screaming top of her voice. And she said, "Say, my sto... Why," said, "that lump I--I never noticed it. I... It was on there yesterday, but--but awhile ago I started to wash," and said, "the lump's gone." It's, I felt a real funny feeling," said, "it all--it's gone from me."
And them little women got together, and about a week later come way, thousands of miles away to testify to the other people, that what the Holy Spirit said was true, to hold on.
Now, what happened? Here's what it was. Now, don't be kinda mixed up, friends. When God says anything, it's got to happen. When God speaks it... Now, of course, His Bible is what we're speaking of. His Scripture said that, "If thou canst believe, why, all things are possible." [Mark 9:23]
L-15 Now, what He would speak through His servants would be secondarily. But if It's still truly the Word of God, it'll have to happen. And as being, since I was a child, seeing visions, and God my Judge, Who I stand before tonight, I've never seen It one time fail, not one time. It's always perfect, because It's God.
Now, what happened. You think God has to move just in a spur of a moment, but you're wrong. See? No, no. Daniel, one time, he was a--a servant of the Lord. And there was an Angel Who followed him, was sent to follow Daniel. Do you remember the story? And one time, he was praying, and the Angel, after It got to him, it was, I believe about twenty-one days, or something like that, before the Angel could ever get to him. You remember that story? [Daniel 10:10-14]
L-16 Well now, when the Angel of the Lord had pronounced this blessing, what was it? The Angel of the Lord passing through the neighborhood where He pronounced the blessing, performing the work. That was all there was to it. He was just carrying on what He had done. So always, when God has said anything, believe it with all your heart. [Mark 9:23]
L-17 Now, that's the background, a good background for what we're going to talk on for a few moments with Abraham. Now, God in the beginning in the garden of Eden, He made a covenant between Him and Adam. And Adam broke his covenant. Now, man always breaks his covenant with God, but God never breaks His covenant with man.
So God seen what was going to happen, so He made this covenant, after the world had begin to multiply, and got full of wickedness, and so forth. And they'd went up into Babylon, and--and the first idol worship was ever spoke of begin in Babylon. God searching out across the lands, to try to find somebody who would--was honest in heart, somebody He could give blessings to, and of all the people there was in the land, God, by sovereign election chose Abraham.
How many Christians is here tonight? Let's see your hand? Well, I believe it's about a hundred percent. That's fine. A hundred percent Christians, then I want to tell you something. It isn't very easy to say before sinners. Do you know why you're a Christian? Because God called you. You never did seek God at any time. No, sir. It's God seeking you. No man, at any time, has ever sought God. God sought man.
"No man can come to Me," said Jesus, "except My Father draws him first." The very strain from the garden of Eden, instead of the fallen sinner trying to find God, it was God trying to find the fallen sinner, and has been ever since. [John 6:37, 44, 65]
L-18 God by election, remember, you begin before the world begin, spiritually speaking. When He made man, male and female, in His own image, which He was a Spirit, He knew when you'd come into existence.
Now, by election. Now, if you'll notice... Oh, we'd take plenty time, but we haven't got it to give. How we could give the background on this, how the--the patriarchs... For instance, Abraham. Abraham is election. Don't forget this anyhow. Abraham is God's election; Isaac, justification; Jacob, grace (Anybody would know I believe in grace, see what God did for Jacob); and Joseph, perfection. Then it run out. God showing His election in Abraham, His justification in Isaac, His grace in Jacob, and His perfection in Joseph. [Genesis 1:26-28]
L-19 So God called Abraham, not because he was any better than anyone else, but God called Abraham because He had elected Abraham. And He called him and gave him His covenant unconditionally, and told him that He would save him, and told him what his destination would be: He'd come to him in an old age. Already done, God was determined to save man. Man, there's nothing he can do, and he--he's a failure to begin with. So God by election called and saved Abraham.
You say, "Oh, brother. If I could only been Abraham." Now, wait. Not only Abraham, but his seed after him also He called and elected. Amen.
Now, my brethren, I wish, maybe... That might not agree just right, but just hold it a few minutes and watch. God, by sovereign election called Abraham, not because he'd done anything. He had come down from the tower of Babel with his father, and his mother, his wife Sarah. And he dwelt down in the land of Shinar, lived a pretty good life, as far as I know. And he'd go out, probably in the morning and eat berries, and into the bush and kill an animal for his protein, and then blackberries, and so forth. And he lived down in Shinar in the city of Ur, of the land of Chaldean, and God by election called Abraham. And said, "I..." Not "If you'll do a certain thing, but I have already done it." God had determined to save man, even against his own will, against his nature. [Genesis 17:1-9], [Romans 4:13-16]
Man in his nature, is absolutely contrary to God's will. He's a sinner, borned a sinner, borned in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies, lost from his birth, nothing he can do about it. [Psalms 51:5]
L-20 Could you imagine going out here and telling a pig, say, "Now, looky here, Mr. Pig, I'm going to tell you, you're wrong." Why, you could wash him up and put him on a tuxedo, if you wanted to. That wouldn't do no good; he'd go right back to the mud puddle and wallow again. It's his nature. He's a pig to begin with. And every man, every unregenerated person, no matter how good you try to be, how good you think you are, you are a sinner by nature, until God changes your nature. Amen.
Now, that's right. We don't like to say that. "Oh," you say, "I wear the best clothes in the neighborhood. I got the best car. I have the best..." That doesn't have one thing to do with it. If the nature's not... "I never told lies. I never..." That still hasn't got anything to do with it. It's no merits of your own, but it's the unconditional election and calling of God. And salvation is the merits of Jesus Christ, and nothing that any individual could do. God, by His love saved man. Not what man could do, there's nothing you could do about it. You couldn't even have a nature to long for God, because you're a sinner. So no man has sought God at any time. But God has sought man. [Isaiah 53:5]
"No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him first. All that comes will have Everlasting Life. I'll raise them up at the last day. He that heareth My Words, believeth on Him that sent Me, hath (not will have), hath (present tense, right now) Everlasting, Eternal Life, and shall not come into condemnation, but's passed from death unto Life." Because you have believed, not intellectually, but from your heart. [John 6:37, 44, 65], [John 5:24]
L-21 Oh, many people say, "Oh, I believe," and try to reform. Our business is not to reform; it's to preach the Gospel. We're not reformers. We should be Gospel preachers. Abraham, as soon as God called him, He called him to separate himself. That's a strange thing, isn't it? God, as soon as He calls a man, He calls for a complete separation. You know the world wants mixers, today. People selecting their pastor, they want somebody who will take a little sociable drink, and wear the best clothes in the country, and crack a few wild jokes, and go on like that, and be a sociable with the young folks, and everything. But God said, "Separate Me, Paul and Barnabas." The Holy Spirit calls for total separation (Amen.), separation. [II Corinthians 6:17]
Said, "Abraham, separate yourself from your kindred." That's a big thing to do, wasn't it? "I want you to sojourn in a strange land. You've never walked this way before, but I want you to separate yourself so you can walk with Me, among a strange people, speaking a strange language. And you're to be a pilgrim, a sojourner." And here it is. Every man that's borned of Christ separates himself from sin immediately. The Holy Spirit just calls you right out, a different nature. [Genesis 13:9], [Acts 15:39], [Genesis 12:10, 14], [Genesis 23:4]
L-22 Here's the lamb feeding in alfalfa. Here's a pig feeding in the pen on slop. Take the nature out of a lamb and put it in the pig pen, he will never eat no more slop, but go to eating alfalfa. But you can reform him and polish him up, he will run right back to the pig pen again. The Bible said so, "The hog goes to its wallow." See? That's right. It's got to be something God does for a man, not what man does, what God does. We got too much man-made reforming today. "Sign your name. Put your name on the church book. Join a church. Bring your letter in." Oh, I ain't got nothing again' it, if the other has already took place. If you've been born again, all right. You don't care where your letter is at here, anyhow, it's in heaven, not written on a piece of paper, but on a--a Lamb's skin by Lamb's Blood. Hallelujah. [Acts 2:37-39]
Notice, "Separate yourself from all your kindreds, and come over into a strange land." Sure. You used to run to nightclubs, and to places you went, maybe everywhere that you should not have went. And now, when God called you, He calls you to separate from that kind of a life and walk a different life. [II Corinthians 6:17]
Do you ever remember singing the old song: "I'll take the way with the Lord's despised few. I've started in with Jesus, now, Lord, take me through." [II Peter 2:22], [Genesis 13:9], [Genesis 12:9]
L-23 I remember, when I first got saved, my mother said, "Billy, you've absolutely lost what little sense you did have." Well, I did, that's right, as far as the world was concerned. But I found something better, a new life. Why, it caused me... Even my father to tell me I couldn't stay home as long as I acted like that. But God give me fathers all over the world, and mothers all over the world, friends everywhere; millions times paid in this life, and Eternal Life in the world to come: Separation.
Then upon that He gave Abraham a promise. Abraham was--was seventy-five years old when God called him. And Sarah, his wife, was sixty-five years old, which was around forty, fifty, sixty, around forty years a past menopause. And he married her according to theological history that, or theological history, rather, that He called him when, or she married when they was about seventeen years old. And he had lived with her as a wife all these years, and now, she was sixty-five, and God said, "I'm going to do something, and I've chose you, not You chose Me, but I've chosen you to do this. And you're going to have a baby by Sarah your wife after she's sixty-five years old."
The Bible said that Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong giving praise to God. [Genesis 17:16], [Romans 4:20]
L-24 Now remember, they never had the baby for twenty-five years after that. Abraham was a hundred and Sarah was ninety. But I can imagine, as soon as God told them they was going to have the baby, I'd imagine they went out and bought all the pins, and the things they had to have in them days, and got ready for it. Amen. God said so, and that settled it.
Could you imagine Abraham in this day with a wife sixty-five and him seventy-five, shaking on his staff, going downtown, "Well, doctor, I want to make arrangements for you to come to my house now. We're going to have a baby, and my wife is sixty-five?"
Why, they'd say, "Abraham, you're just a little bit mentally upset." And every person... Here it is; get it. Every person that walks truly after God is considered by the world, a little mentally upset. That's right. Amen. Yes.
L-25 Why, could you think of an old man today seventy-five years old, with a wife sixty-five and lived with her since she was seventeen, and no children, perfectly barren, and him sterile too, and then go out and say they're going to have a baby, and getting the baby clothes ready.
Why? No matter what it looked like in the natural, God said so. Now, excuse this, you young women and young men. I'm your brother. And notice, at the end of the first month, or the first few days, I... Maybe, hear Abraham say, "Sarah, how do you feel?"
"No different."
"Well, praise God, we're going to have it anyhow."
First month passed. "What about it, Sarah?"
"No different."
"Praise God, we're going to have it anyhow."
First year passed. "What about it, Sarah?"
"No different."
"Well, praise God, we're going to have it anyhow."
L-26 And instead of getting weak like you do, and like I do... If God don't answer right in a minute, "Well, I failed to get it." But Abraham got stronger all the time, knowing that longer it lasted, before the baby was born, greater miracle it was going to be.
And if you are the children of Abraham, you got the same kind of faith. Hallelujah. Don't get scared at that. "Hallelujah" means "praise our God."
Notice. Abraham got stronger as the days went on; he got stronger, believing, him and Sarah. Now, if God called Abraham, and Abraham had that kind of faith because God called him, Abraham's children has the same kind of faith. Now, the only reason that Abraham had that faith is because God seen the quality in him, and called him, and talked to him face to face. And every person that's elected by God, comes in and gets the faith of Abraham when they have a talk face to face with God.
Now, what is Abraham's seed? Let's find out just a minute. Now, Abraham's seed was Isaac. Isaac, through Isaac come Christ. We be... The Bible said, "We, being dead in Christ take on Abraham's seed and are heirs according to the promise." The same promise He give Abraham is the promise that He gives us. If we be dead in Christ, we take on Abraham's seed, and are heirs according to the same promise. And then, the same faith that was in Abraham dwells in his children, who call those things which are not as though they were, because God said so.
Brother, if I could just see you get that kind of a faith tonight, there wouldn't be a feeble person among us in the next five minutes. [Galatians 3:29], [Romans 4:17-20]
L-27 Abraham called those things which were not as though they were, because God said so. "How do you know, Abraham?"
"God said so."
"How can you prove it?"
"God said so."
"Why, it's against all nature."
"But God said so."
The doctor says, "You can't get well."
"But God said so." See?
Say, "You'll never walk again."
"But God said so." Amen.
L-28 Mayo's told me I had three minutes to live, but God said I was going to live a long time. Here I am. I was practically blind, said my sight never would come to me again. But here I am. God said so.
L-29 That's the way. When God says so. See? A Christian does not calculate, or does not look at things he sees. You don't see with your eyes anyhow. You don't. Certainly you don't see with your eyes. You look with your eyes. You see with your heart. "See" doesn't mean "look." "See" means "understand."
Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Except the man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God." See what the right translation that is, "cannot understand the Kingdom of God." Somebody be doing something, showing you. "I just can't see it." You're looking at it, but you don't understand it. And you'll never know what the Kingdom of God is until you're born again, then you'll understand what It is. You'll know what makes people happy, what makes them stand right out in the midst of difficulty, and say, "It's so," never move. They understand. God said so.
Now, I--I told you the other night. You got to have faith, but you've got to know how to use that faith to make yourself well, to get happiness out of life. If you're born again, everything you got need of is right in you when you're born again, because the Holy Spirit comes there, and that's all you have need of. It's the Holy Spirit; It produces the rest.
Now, notice Abraham, our Christians, rather, Abraham's seed. No matter what anybody else says, they believe it anyhow. [John 3:5], [Romans 4:17-20]
L-30 Here sometime ago, I was talking to a fine doctor, who belonged to the same church that I belong to. And he said, "Billy, you know what? I was at your meeting." He said, "I appreciate all that was done." But said, "Let me ask you something, Billy." Said, "It isn't going to be long till you're going to be a holy-roller."
And I said, "Well, what do you mean, doctor?"
He said, "Because them people are just emotional."
"Well," I said, "according to science, anything that hasn't got emotion is dead. Then if your religion hasn't got a little emotion about it, you better bury it." And he said... I said, "It's dead."
And he said, "Now, Billy."
I said, "I want to ask you something. I..."
He said, "Don't you know those people just get excited." Said, "You go to preaching, and they get excited. That's what makes them holler 'Amen' and cry."
L-31 I said, "Now, doctor, I want to ask you something. You know, they can't be nothing excite them; just sitting there normally, they can't... There has to be something excite that nerve." You just can't be walking down the alley, and if you're not scared, you're not scared. If you get scared, something excites you. Certainly, it is.
And I said, "Sure, in one sense, they're excited, but what's the emotion excited about?" I said, "Just like you getting scared, something has to scare you. And something has to excite those people. And what it is, it's the Holy Spirit near them, taking the Word of God and giving them Eternal Life, and It is excitable." Certainly.
Notice. Christians cannot be Christians and not have faith. "And faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
You can't see your salvation. You don't see Jesus, but yet, you believe Him. And we call those things which were not, as though we were--they were. And Christians look at the unseen, not what they see, what they don't see. [Hebrews 11:1], [Romans 4:17-20]
L-32 Here not long ago I was over in Canada, great campaign where about ten, fifteen thousand people was out, Montreal. We was having a great meeting there. And I was watching, coming down the street, Mr. Baxter and I, there was a television going on there. And a guy standing on there from way over in America somewhere, strumming a guitar, one of these here cowboys, around, you know. So strumming on a guitar...
And the fellow walked out, he said, "How do you do."
And I said, "How do you do, sir."
He said, "Let me sell you that set."
I said, "No, thank you, I'm just passing through here."
"Oh." Said, "Well," said, "I can get the tax free if you want to take it back to the States with you."
I said, "No, no, thank you." I said, "I was just looking at it." I said, "That's fine. Where's that coming from?"
He said, "Way down in the United States somewhere, Detroit or somewhere."
I said, "Uh-huh." I said, "That's very fine." And I said...
He said, "Just passing through?"
I said, "No, no, I'm here for a few days."
He said, "Oh."
I said, "Yes, sir." I said, "I'm in here for a--a meeting."
L-33 "Oh," he said, "you ain't with this Branham outfit down here, are you?"
And I said, "Yes, sir."
And he said, "Oh," he said, "what do you think about that guy?"
I said, "Well, I don't know."
And he said, "Well," he said, "I'll tell you." Said, "I think he's the biggest hypocrite I ever seen."
I said, "You really do?"
He said, "Yes, sir. I do." He said, "The first thing, he's got nothing but psychology."
I said, "Were you there last night?"
He said, "Yeah."
I said, "What about that soldier they brought up there all crippled up?"
"Oh," he said, "that soldier could've walked anyhow, if he just tried it." Hum.
I said, "Are you a Christian?"
He said, "Oh, no." Said, "I don't believe in none of that stuff."
Said, I said, "Oh."
He said, "I'm a scientist." He said, "If anything cannot be scientifically proven, it's absolutely an error."
"Oh," I said, "Uh-huh." I said, "I hate to take the other side." But I said, "I'm going to tell you the real things are things that cannot be scientifically proven."
"Oh," he said, "you're wrong."
I said, "All right. I want to..."
He said, "If it can't be scientifically proven, it's not real."
L-34 I said, "Well, partner, I believe the things that's--that's real cannot be scientifically proven. And anything that's scientifically proven is not real; it's perishable."
And he said, "Oh," he said, "I think you're wrong."
I said, "I want to ask you something. Are you a married man?"
He said, "Sure."
"Got any children?"
I said, "You love your wife?"
He said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "What is love?" I said, "Scientifically, show me what love is. What's different about that woman than there is any other woman? What's different about them children than there is any other children? Love... and you couldn't scientifically prove love if you had to." I said, "I... You can't scientifically prove me that you got a mind." That's right. You can't.
L-35 I said, "The real things are unscientific. They're substance of things hoped for: faith." Well, I said, "look at that picture there." I said, "That picture's coming right through the room." I said, "That's like it is on the television." I said, "That's the way they see them visions." I said, "It's--it's something that comes out." And I said, "Why can't that radio see that vision?"
He said, "Well, it's not made that way."
I said, "See? God sets some in the church, prophets, some teachers, some evangelists."
He said, "Oh, nonsense. We got a sending station to send this."
I said, "We have too." Amen.
He said, "And you believe that guy is right?" [Ephesians 4:11]
L-36 I said, "Yes, sir, I am that guy." And I said, "I am."
He said, "You're not Reverend Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "I called you a hypocrite to your face."
I said, "That's the way to do it, always. Tell me to my face, not to my back." That's right.
L-37 But that's it, friend. See? We have a sending station; that's heaven. We've got a receiving station; that's your heart. And when, really in your heart you accept the Word of God, it becomes positive. No matter what the rest of them is seeing, you're seeing it anyhow. And Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness.
As the years passed by, she still believed. Abraham believed. (Our time's getting away.)
In the 17th chapter, we'll pick that up just for a moment. In the 17th chapter, after he got real old, he was ninety now, God appeared to him in different names. But He appeared to him in the 17th chapter as Almighty God, said, "I am Almighty God." Now, the really, the Hebrew word for that, is "El Shaddai," meaning "the breast, or the bosom, like a woman."
He said, "You're old, Abraham. You're nearly a hundred. But My promise is still good. And I am the breasted God." Like the mother to her baby, when the little baby's sick and fretting, the mother takes the little baby up, no matter how sick it is, and holds it to her bosom, and the little baby nurses the mother's strength. And the baby is made well through the mother's strength.
And He said, "Abraham, you're old, you're a real old man, ninety. Sarah now is eighty, but I am the breasted God. Just hold on, and keep nursing My promise, and I'll bring it to pass." Hallelujah. He's still tonight Almighty God, the El Shaddai, the Breasted One. "He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed." Compound reason, the Breasted One. [Romans 4:22], [Isaiah 53:5], [Genesis 15:2-3], [Genesis 15:5, 9-10]
L-38 Then He called Abraham out to confirm this covenant to him. Abraham said, "See that I'm childless yet, and the only heir of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus..." He said, "Seeing that I go without a child, and he's going to be my heir. And only thing I have is Ishmael, and that's from the handsmaid, Hagar."
He said, "Well, come out here, and I'll make this clear to you, Abraham. What I'm going to do for you and for your seed after you."
Now, Abraham's children, set quiet and listen, quickly, and we'll go right straight to the point.
He took Abraham out, and Abraham made a sacrifice unto the Lord. And he killed a little heifer, and a she goat of three years old, each one of them, and a ram. And he took a pigeon and a turtledove, and he split the heifer, and the ram, and the she goat apart, laid the pieces together. But the turtledove and the--the pigeon, he never split apart. Oh, I wish we just had time to go... We get that tomorrow night, maybe (See?) why he didn't split that pigeon and turtledove?
Here's what it was. A turtledove, or a pigeon, was a representative, or it atoned for healing. God has changed His covenant from law to grace, but He never has changed healing. It's always been the same.
And he didn't divide them. And when he laid them together, and he kept the birds off of them until the sun went down... Now, listen real close. Here's how the covenant was made. Here's why today that Jesus has risen from the dead. Here's why today He's doing the very things you see Him doing. [Genesis 15:1-15]
L-39 Now, He--He is showing in a figure to Abraham what He was going to do for all his seed after him; which out of Abraham would come Isaac, and out of Isaac would come Christ; showing what kind of a sacrifice that he would make through Christ. When Abraham give a pre-shadow of it, when he went to the mountain to offer Isaac, and God spared Isaac, and didn't spare His own Son, because Isaac was only a shadow of Christ, packing the wood, and everything right up the same hill, as we'll get to it later on in our lesson in a night or two.
Well, notice. What he did... Oh, it's marvelous. He kept the birds off of it until the sun went down. Notice. Then a deep sleep fell on Abraham. "First thing, Abraham, I'm just going to shut you off to show you there's not one thing you can do about it. This is My covenant."
And it wasn't one thing, brother, that you could do about it. It isn't one thing, sister, that you done about it. It's what God did for you in Christ. Not because you was good, not because a mother was good. But what? Christ was good, and what Christ did by calling you. [Genesis 2:21], [Genesis 15:1-18]
L-40 Put him to sleep. Now, he hasn't got anything to do with it. So after he went to sleep, then there come a real deep horrible darkness. What did that mean? Hell, separation, every sinner deserves it, separation. And then beyond that was a burning furnace, death: separation, hell after death, to every sinner. But then beyond that went a little white Light. I hope you never disbelieve no more from this hour. Abraham, asleep, and in a vision, showing that every man must come to this horrible darkness of separation, death. That every man deserves to go to hell, 'cause he's a sinner; he fell. He's the offspring of a sinner. And then, beyond that, went the little white Light, in other words, the same Pillar of Fire that followed Israel, the same Holy Spirit that's here tonight. And It went right in between each one of these sacrifices, God confirming by His grace, that someday what He would do in Christ Jesus.
Now, to the oath, God took an oath over It. He took an oath tonight swore by Himself, that none other greater to swear by, He swore by Himself, He'd keep His Word. Amen. He will keep His promise. He didn't only say it, but He swore to it, that He'd do it. [Genesis 22:16], [Genesis 15:1-16]
L-41 "What are you trying to do, Brother Branham?" Get you to a place where you can see what God has done for you. That's why these things take place. God has promised to do them, and He's got to do them. In order to be God, He has to keep His promise, brethren.
Notice. In the Old... Many ways we make covenants. Here in America when we make a covenant, why, we just go out and make an agreement and reach over and shake one another's hands, and say, "That's it, boy. Seal her. Here we are. All right." We shake on it. That's the way we make a covenant.
Down in Japan they got a funny way of making a covenant. They go out and make their agreement; then they get a little salt and throw it on one another. That's the way they make a covenant, throwing salt on one another.
But in the time of Abraham, the way they made a covenant, the way God made a covenant, they took an animal and split it apart. And they took a piece of paper and wrote on this piece of paper, whatever they were--their agreement was. And they tore this piece of paper apart, and one man took one part, and the other man took the other part. And they took an oath over the dead body of this sacrifice, that if either of those broke that covenant, let their--let them be as this dead animal was below them. And when they come together again, to make this covenant right, these two pieces of paper had to dovetail right straight together letter by letter, for it would be the same piece of paper. [Romans 4:17-20]
L-42 Now, here's what God did for us in Christ. God manifested in flesh, took His own Son up to Calvary, and there He killed His own Son on Calvary's cross to make a covenant with the human race. And when He did, He nailed Him to the cross, the dead sacrifice, it was, and pulled out of Him the Holy Spirit. "Into Thy hands I commend My Spirit," Blood running from His side, and hands and feet. And God pulled out the Spirit from Him, and shoved the body down in the grave, raised it up on the third day, and set it on His right hand, and sent the rest of the agreement back to the Church, which was the same Holy Ghost that was upon Christ come upon the Church. And the only way in the world we'll ever be able to make it at the day of the judgment is for that same Holy Spirit, that was upon Jesus Christ to have to dovetail, as His Wife through the Body. Amen. That's the covenant that God wrote to the Church. He tore Christ apart, soul and body.
He said to the woman, "Can you be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?"
She said, "Yes."
He said, "And you will."
The same Holy Spirit that was upon Jesus Christ was tore out of His body to take the Life out of it, to shed the Blood for remission of sins, and God raised His body and set it on His own throne, on His right side and sent back the same Holy Ghost that was upon Christ to be on the Church in a double portion. [Luke 23:46], [Matthew 20:22]
L-43 Friends, if you have received that Holy Spirit, you are sons and daughters of God. You are the seed of Abraham and joint heirs with him in the Kingdom. And the same faith that was in Abraham is in every believer tonight. Hallelujah.
God, by His amazing grace, called you out of the slop pens of the world, and give you the Holy Ghost, and not because you deserved It, but because He called you to It unconditionally. Not because you were good, 'cause you wasn't good. Not because your mother was saved. That's all right. But you're another individual. That's right. God called you by election.
And sinner friend, if you're here, or lukewarm church member, these things that you see going on here in the tent at nighttime, the Holy Spirit making manifest the resurrection of Jesus. It's the covenant that God said and poured it out through Christ. "The same very same things that I do shall you also. Even more than this, for I go to My Father. A little while and the world will see Me no more, yet you shall see Me, for I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world."
I'm not excited. I'm feeling good. I feel very religious. Because why? The Holy Spirit, it's not a guess so; it's not a maybe so; it's not probably so; it's not I'm guessing at it. But I know that Jesus Christ lives and reigns tonight, and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. His Holy Spirit is here in the building tonight to do the very same thing He done upon earth, if He can find the very same faith. Amen.
We'll begin here, tomorrow night. Shall we pray? [John 14:12, 19], [Matthew 28:20], [Hebrews 12:8]
L-44 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Jesus. Oh, the unconditional covenant... Born, myself, a sinner, alienated, out of the commonwealth of God, by amazing grace, by the election of God, spoke to my poor little Irish heart one day and called. Oh, I'm so glad I heard it, Lord. I cherish it above everything, knowing that someday this body of humiliation that we're in now, will be marred by death. All of its features, and all of its mentalities will break and go back with the brain cells. But inside of there lives the Holy Spirit that'll come again someday, bringing forth the resurrected body, which this is the negative of: strong, healthy, young. And today we have the earnest of that by seeing You heal the sick and the afflicted. Your Holy Spirit here, proving without a shadow of doubt that You're still Jesus. God raised Him up from the dead, set His body on His right side, as a High Priest, making intercessions, healing the infirmities of the people, going before God daily with His Blood saying, "I died for this purpose." The Holy Spirit that was upon Him here on the earth now, working through submitted hearts, performing the same thing...
God, all the questions are gone. Abraham rose and believed God. Father, if there's some here without You that's aliens, may they rise tonight and believe God, say, "I'm finished. This settles it. I've seen the Bible, heard It read. I've looked at It; the Holy Spirit's confirmed It. I am now a believer. From henceforth, I forsake all sin. I cling to Christ and Him only. By His help and grace, I'll do this." [Hebrews 4:14-15], [Romans 4:17-20]
L-45 While we have our heads bowed, is there one would raise your hand to God and say, "God, this is my hand. Tonight I am a believer. I promise from this night, henceforth, to serve You the rest of my days." Will you accept Him? He will see your hand if you'll just raise it.
God bless you, brother, for standing up, accepting the Lord Jesus as Saviour. Someone else, just, while the Church is praying, would you just stand up? That's a good thing. I like the way you did that. Stand up, just to your feet, let God see you, that you're now accepting the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour.
"And he that hearth My Word (not he that joineth My church), but he that hearth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me. (Will have? No.) hath (right now) Everlasting Life (Not from a mental standpoint now, from your heart,)--has Everlasting Life and shall not come into judgment (or condemnation), but has passed from death to Life."
Will you believe? I persuade you as a Christian brother, knowing that this might be my last trip to California. My work's calling swiftly for overseas, where we get tens of thousands saved in a week, maybe, four or five here in--in a night in California, or other parts of the nation. I believe our time is about finished. The handwriting is on the wall. People are so indifferent.
If you're here and without Christ, would you just stand for a moment? Maybe every one of you are Christians, born again; I hope you are. [John 5:24]
L-46 Now, heavenly Father, to those who stood or and raised their hands, I pray, humbly that You'll heal their spirit tonight. Grant it. May real faith come in, not no more doubt. Just wash it out by the Blood of the Lord Jesus, and make them Thy loving servants. Please, Father.
And those, maybe, who did not stand, who wish they could've had enough courage to stand, God, we're living in an horrible day, great educated day, like it was before Noah came, a great day of science, great day of building, great day of working of materials. You said, "As it was in Noah's time, so will it be just before Your time." And here we are. But there was a Message went forth in Noah's day. And Your Message is going forth today, calling people to the cross.
Now, heal the sick tonight, Father, for we commit these things into Thy hands, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
The Lord bless you now as we start calling for some sick to come up. And now, I'm really only got ten minutes, but we'll run a little longer than that. Let's see. [Luke 17:26]
L-47 Did you give out...? Still in F? Still got F's out, prayer cards F.
Now, these prayer cards, when you receive them, this... When you... Each day they're given out fresh anew. And when you receive them, you have to come here to get it. You can't get, take it over to somebody else that's never heard the message, or know how to... Don't do that, 'cause you'll be stopped by it. You come get your own prayer card. You can have it, and then come.
Now, let's see, what be... Let's call... Quickly, let's call from, let's see, from 80, 85. Let's call from 85. Anybody got prayer card F-85, raise up your hand, right quick, see if I'm on right ground. Prayer card F-85, raise up your hand, right... Over here. All right 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, up to a 100, stand up right over here, if you will, right over here. Line up real quick, if you can.
You all look around. If somebody setting next to you, look at their prayer card. Maybe, they got one, and--and they don't, can't hear or something. And maybe they can't get up.
And now, while they're lining those people up, F-80... Where did I call from? Where did I call from? Let's see, 85. 85, yeah, 85, prayer card 85 to 100 in F. Look at the little bitty card, got a number on the back, and it's got an F. And line up over here, if you will, quickly, as you can. We'll start the prayer line right away.
Now, do you love Him? Oh, isn't He wonderful? Let's sing: "Great Physician," if you give us the key.
L-48 Jesus of Nazareth, coming along the road where the sick and the needy was, God speaking to Him and showing Him, people out in the audience, believing, He'd turn around and tell them, "Thy faith has healed you from the blood issue. I know you, who you are, you come from a certain place."
"And how'd You know me?"
"I seen you when you were under the tree."
Said, "Go down yonder and throw your hook into the river, and catch the first fish. He's got a coin in his mouth, go pay the--the tithe and the tributes." And, oh, He's still Jesus, isn't He?
All right, let's sing one verse: "The Great Physician," now. All together while they're lining them up.
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus;
He speaks the... (What'd say?)
[A man says, "87."--Ed.] 87... There's one card missing, number 87. If someone with prayer card 87, it maybe somebody who can't get up. Look. Somebody look at this lady setting here. I don't know. Look like she can't get up right here, see if she's got a prayer card. All right. Look at your neighbor. Anybody with prayer card F-87, would you raise your hand, 87, F-87? Check around and see. All right. [Mark 5:25, 34], [John 1:48], [Matthew 17:27]
L-49 Now, if you're here and they don't... Well, you won't see, tomorrow night, you had a chance tonight to get in the prayer line, then you shouldn't ask for a card again tomorrow, if you got a chance tonight. Now, come on, and get in, ever who is coming. All right. While the boys are checking around, let us have a word of prayer will you?
Heavenly Father, now, we are here to minister as ministering brethren, one to the other. And I pray Thee, dear God, that Your blessed mercy will rest upon each and every one. Help me, dear God, tonight to pray for Your sick children who are needy. Grant it. And may every person in Divine Presence, that's sick, be healed. Grant it, Lord, for we ask it in Jesus' dear Name, and for His sake. Amen. All right.
L-50 Now, I'm going to ask you something. And brother, you watch. Just don't let me stand too long. I know you have to hurry home, but let's just start the meeting. No one responded. All right. All right. All--all right. They maybe stepped out. Maybe out somewhere. If they come in, why, somebody usher will find out, somebody, if someone comes in, maybe, bearing that card, we'll put them in the line anyhow, 'cause they deserve to come. All right.
Now, I want to ask you. I, not knowing no one, as far as I know in the building right now, but the man behind me, just the local group that's with me, the two boys. And my wife's here somewhere, but I've never seen her yet tonight in here. But she's here somewhere and my little girl, my son here, and that's all. But God knows every one of you, don't you believe that?
Now, if thou canst believe... Just have faith. How many here that wants to be healed, but hasn't got no prayer card, you won't be up here on the platform, just raise your hand. I can just get a general idea of where you're setting. All right. That's fine. Just looks like it's solid, everywhere.
Now, this person here, this woman, young lady, rather, is a perfect stranger to me. I've never seen her. But God knows her. And God knows all about her. Now, if I could heal her, if she's sick. I don't know if she's sick. But if I could heal her, and wouldn't do it, I'd--I'd be a cruel person. But I--I can't heal her. And--and if Jesus was standing right here where I am now, neither could He heal her. He's already done it. He might try to get her to believe it, but... Is that right? That's right. See, 'cause the Blood's already been shed, the atonement's made. He can't work against Himself. See? He can't do that. He's already did it. And you can't do it again, after He's already got it done. He's laid down a program. "I shed My Blood to make it possible." The sin question's already paid for, the healing question's already paid for. Now, if you can believe, that's it; that's all can be done.
Then in that, He sends preachers and He sends prophets, and He sends different ones and sets them in the Church for His glory, that they might see and believe. [Ephesians 4:11], [Mark 9:23]
L-51 Now, this girl, you are... We're strangers to each other, are we, lady? I never seen you in my life, I don't... You never seen me. We're total strangers. All right. If the Lord Jesus will let me know what the girl's here for, will the rest of you here believe with all your heart, that it's... You remember, Jesus said Himself... And through the nights, if there's a stranger here... That's exactly what Jesus said.
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, I can do nothing but what the Father shows Me first." Is that right? "I can't do nothing in Myself. Just what the Father shows Me, that I do."
And when He went away, He said, "Now, the same thing that I done, you'll do also. For I'll be with you, always to the end of the world. You'll do the same thing I done, until the end of the world." So that's Him.
And He... The Bible said, "He's raised from the dead." So if He's raised from the dead and the same yesterday, today, and forever, He's got to do the same thing, hasn't He? Then as you ought to know, after hearing His Word, believing Him, accepting Him as personal Saviour, and here He is doing the same thing, then there's no guess about it. It's all truth, isn't it? [John 5:19], [John 14:12], [Matthew 28:20], [Acts 3:15], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-52 Now, the young lady, as again tonight it's a woman to begin with. We are strange to each other. And now, sister, you know that to be true. We're strangers. But now, you know that I don't know what you're here for. I--I have no idea. You're just a--a young lady that walked up here on the platform and that's all. And you wouldn't necessarily had to been up here; you could've been sitting out there and had faith. But being that you're here close to me (See?) I can speak to you. And if I can get you to have faith, then your own faith will make the vision operate for you. See? It's God showing you that He loves you. It isn't me. I know nothing about you; but He does. And--and if you don't believe, well, then there's nothing could be done. You could stand there all night, and if you didn't believe, why, it would never--it would never work (See?) 'cause it's your faith that operates it, not mine. It's yours. God's gift, but I--I'm not the gift. I'm just the--the channel. See?
That bulb is not the light; that wire is not the light; it's the current in the wire that gives the light. It's just the conductor. In this case, I'd be the conductor. See? And it takes His, and somebody has to press the button. And you're the person that'll have to press the button. God shows the Light, and He snaps It off, you'll know whether that's right or not.
L-53 Now, as we talk, talking to you, is sure, it's to contact your spirit; that's right. And--and you... He's near, the Holy Spirit, you're aware of that, that Something's near. So am I, but It just hasn't anointed us yet, just right, to what it is. But I see the lady now as she begins to dim out to me. I see her. She's suffering with a--a nervous condition. She's real upset. She's been that way for sometime. She also has a--a ladies condition; it's in the female gland. She's having trouble in the female gland. Those things are true, aren't they, lady?
And I... You're--you're not from here. You've come from somewhere else, another city. I see you moving, coming this a way. Someone had told you something; it was about the meeting, and you come to be prayed for. And I see the number that you left from, it's--it's--it's 8614 is your street number. And somebody calls you, "Betty." And your last name is Moore. That's right. Just... Now, you can go home; you're healed. Your faith has done it, sister. The Lord bless you, my sister.
Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart.
Our Lord... We are Abraham's seed. Jesus Christ was Abraham's Seed, out of Him come. God has made us. Just have faith. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart, and you shall receive just exactly... It's all right. She's just coming out from under It. She set under the anointing long; that's what it was. She just completely passed out; that's all. That's all right. She's well now. See? She's all right. She's just exhausted. She's...?... [Mark 11:22]
L-54 Now, the man standing here, sir. We are strangers to each other. We do not know each other. Only God knows us both. Is that right, sir? Kind sir, you were weeping there because you was real excited. With the overcoat on; the little heart trouble's been bothering you. It's over now. Just have faith. That's fine.
Say, the lady setting next to you there, suffers with a--a trouble with her lungs too. That is right, isn't it, lady? Now, just raise up your hand too, sister. Now, lay your hand over on her, sir. That's it. Heavenly Father, their faith is close enough to draw the virtue of the Holy Spirit to a vision. I pray that if faith is strong enough now to make them both well, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
What do you think of that, sir? Isn't He wonderful? Certainly is. You keep looking that way because you're interested in somebody, aren't you? It's your wife. That's right. You got a throat trouble. Uh-huh. This is your last night you can stay, isn't it? You have to go home. You're going to be well. You got a little habit you want to give up too. You going to quit it? Throw the thing away and never pick them up, and go and serve God the rest of your life. Lay your hands on your wife down there; she's going to get healed too. God bless you. Pass on your road rejoicing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Let us say, "Thanks be to the Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life."
L-55 Come near, sister. Believe. "If thou canst believe, thou canst receive."
I do not... Lady, with the pocketbook and your hand laying on it, been having some trouble with your side. That's it, you setting there, yes, that's right. All right. It's over now. Your faith has healed you. Amen. God bless you.
He's wonderful, isn't He? The other lady setting there with her pocketbook in her hand, with high blood pressure, but Jesus Christ can make you well, can't He, sister? You believe it? You believe it? All right, you can be healed. That's wonderful, isn't He?
You turned around, post, looking at me, been bothered with your eyes haven't you, sir? Yes, yes. Sure, you have. The man next to you has too. All right. Both of you stand up and receive your sight in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and be made well.
You have faith? "If thou canst believe." That's up to you.
You believe, sister? With all your heart? You're a very sick woman. You have trouble with heart trouble, for one thing. And you--you have trouble with your throat. And you're bothered with sinus trouble, complications like. Your age is against you on many of the things you think. But God is for you. I want to tell you something, that you might know. You got someone you're real interested in, aren't you? It's had a stroke or something. They've been in bed for nine years. Isn't that right? Now, just go on receiving and believing with all your heart. God will confirm it. [Mark 9:23]
L-56 Let us say, "Thanks be to God." And if thou canst believe...
How do you do, lady? You speak English? Oh, very well. I'm a stranger to you. You do not know me. I do not know you. You got your baby. That's what you're interested in. If Jesus will let me know something, what you're here for, will you believe Him with all your heart?
Sister, you're baby is very sick. They really don't know what's the matter with it, 'cause it's got trouble in its neck. It's a gland trouble, swelling. That is right. You was to take that baby to the doctor, the hospital, it was, about yesterday. But you're holding off. That's very good faith for a sinner. You used to be a Catholic, wasn't you? And you quit the Catholic church. That's right. And then you started going to a Pentecostal church, but you didn't join it. You haven't been back to that church for about a year. You don't know what to do. This come upon your baby that you might serve the Lord.
Now, go, and be born again of His Spirit. I'll bless the baby.
Just a moment. I seen someone else with a rosary or... It's some women standing by. There they are. A young lady setting looking at me, lady setting next to her is her grandmother. She's suffering with a stomach trouble. That's right, isn't it? And you suffer with headaches, troubles. Isn't that right? You're both Catholic. You believe that the Lord Jesus will save and heal right now, and make you both well? Will you believe it? Raise up your hands if you will. All right. Now, put your hand over on grandmother there. [Mark 9:23]
L-57 And Father God, Who made heavens and earth, all things are possible to them that believe. Remit every sin, Lord, I pray. And that You'll heal this darling little baby here, and I take the curse off of it. It's too young to have faith. May this baby live. Satan has numbered its days, but the mother has come to You, Lord Jesus ,just now. And now, I curse this disease, that it will not take the baby's life, that Jesus Christ the Son of God will save the child. And bless those who are holding hands below, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, it's all over, sister. I want to ask you something. You've never had a feeling like you have now. Isn't that right? You are also forgiven of every sin, and your--and your baby will live. Don't fear. Go on your road. Tell mother or grandmother to eat what she wants to. Your headaches cease, sister. The lady's trouble, it's all over. Now, just have faith and believe with all your heart. Hallelujah.
The lady, Spanish lady setting right over there, got a chest trouble, haven't you, sister, setting right there with the--with her head down weeping because that God had spoke to us. He heard your prayers too, sister. God bless you. You are healed also. Your faith has saved you.
Get some of these Spanish people in here; they got faith. What's the matter with you Pentecostal people? Look at Catholics coming in with faith. They're taught to believe that what their priest says is right. You ever get one lined up right so you can see the Holy Spirit working, he will believe everything that's said.
L-58 What do you think about that, lady, being Spanish too? You believe it? All right. You know what has happened? You female trouble has left you. It... You're healed. Go on your road rejoicing, and be made well through Jesus' Name. Hallelujah.
Now...?... Sister? Will you believe God can heal heart trouble and make you well? Well, just go right on--on your road rejoicing, because He's Jehovah-jireh that provides everything we have need of.
You love Him? Oh, my, that's the way to have faith. Now, It just begins to set in everywhere. [Genesis 22:14]
L-59 When I spoke to that lady, something happened, didn't it? Now, just go on your road rejoicing, thanking God and be well through Jesus' Name. Don't doubt a bit; just believe with all your heart.
Come, sir. Now, I want to ask you something. You believe that stomach trouble's gone? Just go on your road rejoicing then, 'cause He has healed you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."
Do you believe, sister? You'd like to go eat a big hamburger about that big with onions on it? Go eat it then, and be well, in the Name of the Lord. That ulcered stomach that--that's...
My Lord can heal arthritis just so easy. Don't you believe that? Well, just go rejoicing and thanking God for--for what He's done for you.
Well, you have a lady's trouble; you're nervous and got arthritis. But just go off the platform rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord."
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Every one of you, do you believe? Now, turn to receive right now. "If thou canst believe." [Mark 9:23]
L-60 I believe right now the Holy Spirit wants to heal every one of you. What about it, lady? What about it, sister, brother? Do you believe it?
Right now while I've got strength and while I'm conscious of knowing what's going on, would you want to believe right now?
Let's just pray. Heavenly Father, I pray Thee, in Jesus' Name, that You'll condemn every devil that's bound the people and make this a great night, a great success. While Your Spirit is here moving on the people, may the Holy Ghost just now baptize every believer, and let them know that they are the seed of Abraham and are heirs of the promise. And the promise of healing is theirs.
And I now condemn Satan, the old doubting devil, and he's trying to hold the people, but he no legal rights. Satan, Jesus Christ stripped you of every power you had, and all the power of sin that you had, at Calvary, when the Blood of God's Son poured out, and gushes from His side. And the Holy Ghost was stripped from His body, and was sent back to the Church to reveal and expose you, after two thousand years. And here you are, exposed. You are a loser. Come out of the people. I adjure thee, by Jesus Christ the Son of the living God that...?...

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