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Prayer Line 55-06
55-pl-06, Prayer Line 55-06, 69 min

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55-0301 - Shriner Temple, Phoenix, AZ (Paragraphs: 64 - 79)
L-65 Now, may He come and for the sakes of those believers do... Now, how many here that doesn't have a prayer card and yet you want Jesus to heal you? Raise your hand. Just, you want Jesus to heal you and don't have a prayer card, I can just get a general conception of where you are. All right. Let's pray.
Father, in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, I now submit this poor, humble, unworthy body to You, that You'll speak through these lips, look through these eyes. Go into the hearts of people out there Lord, and give them faith to believe so that You can work through Your servants together tonight, for the glory of the resurrection of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Now, everyone now please, keep your positions; keep your seats, don't move around; just give us a little time. And I want to say, tomorrow night being the last night, if the Spirit of the Lord strikes me, of course, it's a little while I'm kinda; it's another dimension; it's another world. I don't know what I say. And they tell me. See this tape recording setting over yonder, that's how I pick up. Anybody wants to know what they--what's said to them, just get on the tape recording there and you can pick it up. We do that because it's absolutely infallible the truth each time. Just go and find out. And it's been that way... I'm forty-five years old; it's been that way since the first thing I can remember as a little baby boy.
Now, be reverent. You say, "What is it, Brother Branham?" It's submitting yourself to the Spirit of God, just knowing how to submit yourself. And you do the same thing. You might not be able to see visions, but you can submit yourself for the working of the Holy Spirit.
L-66 Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God. Amen.
Now, if the engineer will watch, sometimes I catch on a tape; my voice is not very loud. Now, this young girl standing here, she's a stranger to me. I never seen her in my life, as I know of. If it is, I know nothing about it. But God knows all about the child. He knows just exactly what's wrong with her, or what she's here for, anything.
So if the Angel of the Lord will come now, and to this little lady standing here, speak to her, and tell her of something that's been in your life in the past, and will bring it up, whatever it is that you know I know nothing about... And us being strangers and you're probably fourteen, fifteen years older, maybe not that old and I'm forty-five. And so we were born years apart, and perhaps, hundreds of miles apart. Our first time to meet one another. So then, it'd have to come from God, wouldn't it, little lady? Well, then if He will do that, will the audience believe that He's raised from the dead and is living here today, the same yesterday, today, and forever? [Hebrews 13:8]
L-67 Well now, little lady, I will... Being the first here, of course, your conscious that something is going on. Now, just as a child, you're--you are a Christian, you're a believer, 'cause your little spirit feels welcome. See? If it wasn't it'd just be turning back from Him, but you realize that something's going on, don't you? That's the settling of that Angel of the Lord coming down. Now, That will not hurt you. If you just believe on It and It'll do you good.
And now, talking to you, just like the--that our Lord did the woman at the well. Well, then He had to get in contact with her somewhere, so it had to be through spirit.
L-68 One thing, you're all nervous, upset about something. And you're suffering with a kidney condition. It's in your kidneys. That is right, isn't it, sister? God bless your heart, honey, don't--don't worry. You believe now? All upset, got kidney trouble, probably's what making her have kidney trouble. Now, the Lord bless you, my sister.
L-69 Now, if He's present now to--to do that for you, then you know me, just a man, and don't know you, and if He could tell you what your trouble was, well, surely His Presence, then do you believe it's being the Lord Jesus? Then somehow in this unworthy temple, Jesus Christ speaks, doesn't He? Then if I'd lay hands on you according to His Word, you'd have to get well if you believe it. Isn't that right?
The little lady seems to leave from me again. Oh, you're... I see a man; it's a man real sick; there's got something wrong with... It's your father; there's something; he's got a... Oh, he's dying; he's got a head, something wrong with his head. It's a pressure or something in his head. And the man is dying, your father. That's truth.
Dear God, be merciful tonight. Come to this little child here, Lord, standing here deeply in sorrow, broken up. Thou does know all things, Father. Thou can do all things. And I pray that You'll bless her now. Bless her loved one, that's so bad tonight. May the great Holy Spirit be at the room. Stay the hand of death. In this audience, Lord, is believers, we now ask this blessing. This little girl standing here for this, may she receive everything she come for. In the Name of Jesus Christ as Your humble servant, I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, honey. God be with you.
He said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Have faith. Don't disbelieve; just have faith in God. Don't you believe now with all your heart? The Bible said, "He that believeth shall not be condemned. He that believeth shall not be condemned." All right. [Mark 9:23], [John 3:18]
L-70 I see you have a personal worker, lady. But I suppose we're strangers to one another. Just... We're strangers that you seen me, but being a personal worker, of course, you've seen me. But I mean to know one another, we are--we are strangers to each other. But the Lord Jesus knows us both, doesn't He?
Now, if He will help me to know you, know something of you, or something in that manner, will you accept Him then? Now, you know, lady, there's not a way in the world for me to know what you're--you're--you're standing there for. Isn't that right? Not a way in the world... I'm a total helpless when it comes to that. Only by the grace of God that I know.
But you're suffering with a something in the heart, the heart trouble. That's what it is. True. Now, you believe, believe that God will heal you? Believe that God will make you well? Now, what I'd have to do, not knowing what your trouble was, frankly, I don't think now what it was, but whatever it was I seen something that told me that's what it was. Now, that's enough to make a believer out of you, isn't it?
L-71 I see you're interested in somebody else too. And that's a--someone younger than you are. It's your--it's your child; it's--it's your daughter. And your daughter is about... It's a domestic trouble in the family. It's a... You understand what I speak of? What is in your heart at this time? God bless you. Do you believe you'll receive what you asked for? Come here just a minute.
Almighty God, be merciful now, and let Thy Spirit come upon this, our sister. As I have my hands laid upon her, and grant unto her, Father God, the deep desire of her heart for that which she asks for. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister, and may He grant to you the riches of His blessing.
How do you do, lady. Supposing we're strangers to each other too. Strangers, I don't--don't know you, but Jesus Christ does know you, doesn't He.
Somebody touched Him. The vision doesn't break, but it was right in here.
Excuse me, I'm not beside myself. I just... it's just... I can't explain it. You understand?
L-72 You got lung trouble. Haven't you just come from the hospital, or going to one or something? I see a hospital look like appear. Do you believe that Jesus Christ will make you well and take the--the thing away from you? You believe that He will do it? Will you come near?
Precious Lord, I lay my hands upon the woman. Take this shadow of death from her, Father, and may the light of Life take its place. Grant it, Lord, in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. God bless you, lady. Go, believing now. Have faith.
You believe Him with all your heart?
L-73 Sister, you that just bowed your head and said, "Lord, have mercy on me," that's setting there with nerve trouble, setting right there. Yes, He heard you. Now, isn't that what you were praying? If it is, raise up your hand, if that isn't right. Been suffering with a kind of mental nervousness, haven't you? You got a habit of dropping things too, haven't you? I see you standing, dropped a plate or something just recently and broke it. That's right. All right. Isn't that right? Say that it's not, raise your hand. See? I don't know you, but God does. Now, you're healed; that's left you. You are going home to be well.
Is this my... the patient? Are you believing up there for this...?... child, the little girl? You believe God take that diabetes away from her, make her well? You was crying awhile ago, wasn't you? Have you got a prayer card? You don't? You don't need one. God bless you, honey. You setting up there with your little head down praying then, wasn't you? If that's right, sweetheart, raise your little hand like that. See, Jesus heard your prayer and come back and tell me about you saying, "Can I be healed tonight, Jesus?" Sure you can, sweetheart, just accept it. That's all you have to do, and you can go home and get well.
Let's say, "Praise be to God," Who gives us the victory." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.] The faith of a little child... Just only believe. Are you believing, everybody believing? You can be healed if you just believe.
L-74 Lady setting there with that red dress on, you kind of have a, you was just really thinking then, "God, are You going to catch me tonight?" That's the truth, isn't it? Not reading your mind, but that's exactly what you said. That's right. Because you want to get over arthritis, don't you? And you also have bursitis don't you? That's right? All right, now you can get over it if you just; your faith touches the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Oh, people, how can you turn Him down? How can you say that He's not alive tonight. Why isn't He alive? Here He is doing the same thing He did when He was here on earth. Just believe Him; that's all you have to do. See, those people out there, without prayer cards or without anything at all, no way to get up here on the platform, but they--they get there faith away from here down here. And when you do that, it touches it. Now, every spirit in here, I'm feeling it. That's exactly right. And if God wanted to, you couldn't hide your life if you had to. See? All right now, where?
How do you do, sir. You believe me to be God's servant? The reason I say that, sir, is not for a... I'm a poor representative of His. But with what little I can, and with all my heart, I just love Him with all my heart and all my soul. I love Him.
And I suppose, my brother, that you and I are strangers to each other. Perhaps, we've never seen one another in our lives. You have seen me, but I don't know you. You just seen me probably by the--being in the meetings and things like that. Yes, yes, sir. Well then, the only way that God would know--that I would know anything about you or what you're here for, would be through God. Is that right? Now, if He'd just show me what was wrong with you, the vision's what makes me weak. You see? 'Cause I just, if He'd show me what was wrong with you, well, that would be enough for you. You'd believe it then, wouldn't you? With all your heart...
If you possibly can, be just as reverent.
L-75 Now, my brother, 'course there's spirit all around everywhere. Your brother, myself, it's in a different world now, but you're moving away from me. And I see you suffering with a heart trouble. It's caused by a nervous condition, that causes the heart trouble. It's a nervous condition. That is right. You got a--a wife that's sick too. Has a colon trouble like some kind of trouble. You got a... I see a daughter. You got a daughter, that's a spastic or something. You have. And you got another daughter that suffers a nervous trouble. She's something around school; isn't she a teacher or something around school? That's right, school teacher. Those things are true, sir. Now, that wasn't me talking. That was my voice, but it was Him talking.
Now, whatever He told you, it's the truth. For He was the same One said here, "If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." You believe that? Then come near.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessing upon the man, and give to him, Father, the desire of his heart. I ask this in Jesus' Name, the Son of God. Amen.
God bless you, my brother.
How do you do, sir? We're strangers to each other, I suppose, sir? My talking to the people, it seems like everybody... Let... I just want to talk to you a minute. I see you got the book, and the picture there. I hope you enjoy them and God blesses you with reading them. We are strangers to one another. I've never seen you in my life as I know of. We're totally strangers to each other. Then if there's anything concerning you, or what you're here for, God will have to give it to me in some way. If I, by the Spirit of God will know these things, just exactly like Jesus did when He was here, then you'll have to know it comes from some supernatural resource. Then will you accept it to be from God? God bless you. [Mark 16:18]
L-76 Will the audience do the same thing? I wish I could just have more strength to go along, but now just to speak to you a minute...
You're suffering with a nervous condition. That's right. You're a wonderful person though. You got a strong spirit, vision breaks quickly for you. You're--you're a disabled veteran. You got a wife; you're a married man. She's stalked with nervousness too. You're from Texas. You're here... You're in a business, some kind of a... You're--you're in filling station business, run a filling station. You got a call in your life for the ministry; you feel like you have. And you're trying to accumulate money to go to a school somewhere to learn about, something about it. That's true. You believe? Well, then THUS SAITH THE LORD. Go and receive what you have asked for in Jesus' Name.
L-77 Do you believe that the Lord Jesus healed you while you were setting there? You was. God bless you. You can go now and be made well.
Mother, do you believe Jesus' going to take that arthritis away from you, you're going to get well? Just go and say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." Just...
Having headaches, aren't you? Been having all kinds of headaches. God blessed you. Setting next to you there, having trouble with your ears, aren't you? You believe Jesus is going to make you well?
The lady setting right there has got something wrong with her eyes. Got a tumor on your eyes, haven't you, lady? Put your hands over your eyes and wipe them across that way. Now, go and see. Jesus Christ make you well.
Praise be to God. Have a lady's trouble and also arthritis. You believe Jesus going to make you... God bless you then, go and God will make you well. Go, rejoicing, happy.
L-78 Your trouble's in your back, isn't it, lady? You want to be well? Walk out there, and stoop down like this, and bend your back down, and say, "Jesus, I accept it." Then go, and Jesus Christ will make you well. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
Brother, you want to go eat your supper, be well again? All right, go, the ulcer's left you; you can go and be made well now.
Come. You believe? Lady, you believe? With all your heart? Then you won't have to be operated on; the tumor will leave you and you can go home...?...
Diabetes is nothing for Jesus Christ to heal. Amen. You believe Him?
You want to get over the tumor also? God bless you. Then go and be made well in Jesus Name.
Have faith in God.
L-79 Who switched the switch? All right, stand still. Are you all together? Is this the rest of the line?
All right, to you young lady, have faith now. Believe with all your heart. There's a dark shadow of death hangs over this family. This lady's a caretaker for these. These people are Indians. You come from an Indian school. You've been put out of the school because of TB. They say that the children are all going to die. This is the Father. Look on me, sir. This lady here by working, has contracted TB, and is working in her faith. You feel that you got a call for the ministry. You want to preach the Gospel. You, the shadows of death over the children. You believe me to be God's prophet? You believe that this shadow can be moved tonight, you can go back to your people, with these children and get well and live? Will you go preach the Gospel, and believe on the Lord Jesus? Then Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn every demon power. I take the curse off of this people here. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may every evil spirit depart from this. Hope is failing, oh, from these people. Come out, Satan, I adjure thee in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

55-0403 - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 77 - 88)
L-78 Now, there's some sick people here to be prayed for. And if we haven't got cards out or a thing to bring the people to put them in line. So I'm going to ask you... I believe I see them lead a man in just now and set him down here. There was a man... I set between two brothers there this morning. And I was setting there then, knowed that they was both needing healing. Then back there in the back, I seen someone else come in that I knowed was very sick.
Now, if you believe me to be His servant... Now, look. What is this? In the garden of Eden the fellowship of God and His masterpiece, His human being, was perfect. God was right along, watching Adam.
Now, after the Blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed us from sin, what is God again? Right here in fellowship again. Here He is. We're in fellowship. That's Him that you feel in Your heart. That's Him that made you forget all the troubles that's gone away. That made... That's what did it.
L-79 Now, that same Lord Jesus, that died for your sins, has died for your sicknesses. Now, you can never, no matter what takes place, you can never, never, never get anywhere with Him until first you believe it in your heart, that He died for your sin, or your sickness. Is that right?
Now, there is such a thing as gifts. That's right. And God, by His grace, has given a gift that you could stand here and it would tell you who you was, probably, where you come from, what about it, and where your sickness, and what your outcome is going to be. That might be so. But it would be based upon what? Upon nothing but the Word of God (See?), upon your personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That's exactly right.
L-80 Now, don't you believe that His Spirit can move in this building and heal every sick person? My sick brother, do you believe that? You believe that there, knowing that you... Only thing you can do is either accept Him or die, 'cause cancer would kill you--you'd just have to die. See? And don't you believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? There--there's only one hope that you have, and that's in Him. Isn't it, brother? And now, that's the only way you can ever be well. Now, doctors has give you up. They can't... nothing they can do about it. Cancer is going right on through, and just going to kill you. Now, that's all they can do. They're honest men. They've looked at you.
L-81 Mrs. Morgan, are you standing back there somewhere? I thought I seen you come in awhile ago, Mrs. Morgan... Here, turn. Can you look around, sir, just kind of look your head around?
Stand up, Mrs. Morgan, if you would, just a moment. There's a lady nurse, one of my first cases, about twelve, fourteen years ago was dying here, just nothing but a bunch of skeleton's bones. And she was a cancer case, eat up with cancer, all through her. Look at her now.
Wouldn't you like to have health like that again? What happened? She believed the very same thing that I'm asking you to believe. And she wouldn't, no matter... You couldn't make it anything else. The doctor come, said, "Well, just about another few hours, or another few days, she'll be gone."
Others in here... Here sets a lady here, a few Easters ago, (right here playing the piano) dying with cancer. They're just everywhere in here. See? Dying with cancer.
Now, what happened? Did everyone come, get healed? No. Some of them believed it up here in their head. But some of them looked up to God, and it come down here. I don't care what the doctor says or anybody else says. It's so. See? It's so, because it's here.
Can you believe it like that? You believe that He is going to let you live, my brother? Would you serve God all your life? If He'd let you live, would you do it, with all your heart? And you believe that Jesus died to make you well, my brother? God bless your heart. I believe you'll receive it. Right. Frankly, I believe you have now. See? Because just the minute you believe, that's when you receive it.
L-82 Now, how many with him, that's sick, will stand to your feet, just a minute, that's sick, will stand with this brother? Just stand up to your feet. God bless you. Just stand up. Just remain standing a minute. That's right. That's right. Now, will you stand, my brother? All right.
Now, I want some well person standing near them, put your hands over on them, will you do it? Somebody just turn around, put your hands on these people. That's right. Oh, what a time.
"Great Physician," sister.
L-83 I'm responsible for the Word. I tell you by the Word of God, that Jesus Christ, the One Who died to have this fellowship, is right here now. He's in the building right now with you all. That's Him. The--the thing isn't touching one another, or touching me, or touching some preacher; it's touching Him. See? It's touching Him. Do you believe now that your faith has reached up to a place that you feel in your heart you're going to be well? If you do, say, "Amen." Now, bow your head.
Now, I want each one of you to... I'm going to repeat this prayer, and you pray it from your heart. Now, you just say the things that I say.
L-84 [Congregation repeats after Brother Branham--Ed.] Dear God, I come to Thee now, believing that You gave Jesus to heal my body and to save my soul. I accept Him as my Saviour. And I now accept Him as my Healer. Your servants, the doctors, has done all they can do for me, but they are just men, and they--they can't go no farther, so I bring my body to You, the great Creator, the One Who made me. You know every part of me. And I believe now in my heart, that I'm going to be well, because I'm standing, believing it. And on the basis of the shed Blood, I believe. And in my heart, something's happened, and I know I'm going to be well. And I give Thee praise for it now, Lord. And I'll serve Thee all my life, and give my body and my time to Your service. Lord, I believe.
L-85 Now, with your heads bowed, keep that in your heart. Keep that confessing, "Lord, I believe." Right now, what's the matter? You're healed. The Holy Spirit, that truth, that faith, has moved down into your heart. Now, I'm going to pray for you. And the thing I'm going to do is to pray and cast away that evil, that doubt that would hang around you, and make it leave you, so you can go out of here real thankful.
L-86 Now, heavenly Father, I come to Thee as Your unprofitable servant. But I'm remembering, as my fingerprints is on this altar here, I'm remembering the years that I've served You here. I'm remembering the Angel Who's met me here. I remember His Word to me, that what You would do if I'd ask and get the people to believe. And I'm coming now, Lord, to this evil's power of doubt that would hover around these people to make them disbelieve in any manner. I'm coming through the Blood of the Lord Jesus. I'm coming by that welcome mat that's laid out to me this morning, bringing every one of these souls, like I did that little Indian girl, right up to the white throne of God standing yonder, and watching the holy Angels flying with wings over their face. And I'm presenting them to Thee this morning, Lord, and applying the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ upon them.
And I condemn every devil, every devil of doubt, every darkness, every shadow of death. I rebuke thee. In the Name of Jesus Christ come away from these people, that they might return and be whole and well.
Grant it, Almighty God. Through Jesus, the Son of God, I pray it and say it, that it shall be so. Amen.
L-87 Raise up your hands now and say, "Thank You, Lord, for my healing." Looky there. That's the way. "Thank You, Lord, for my healing." Oh, my. Now, somebody raise up and shake their hands, and congratulate them for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It's over.
Now, look, I seen them holding a man back there. I seen a man here. Sir, you won't have to be led out. You have strength of your own. God gives you strength.
Oh, what fellowship, oh, what joy divine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.
L-88 Reach right around and shake hands with everybody now. Turn right around and shake hands, everybody.
Safe and secure from all alarm;
Leaning... (Turn around. Everyone shake hands.)
[Brother Branham and all the congregation shakes hands with one another, while continuing to sing "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"--Ed.]...?... Amen...?...

55-0410m - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 72 - 103)
L-73 What? Is the little girl's nose a bleeding, sister? Let's just stop, just a minute. Would you bow your heads just a moment?
Father, in the Name of Thy beloved Child, the Lord Jesus, we pray that You will touch this child, God. Stop the blood. May it quit now. May Your Name receive glory. For we rebuke this blood flow. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God...?...
All right, let's keep our heads bowed now, a minute.
Lord Jesus, standing in the audience today are many who are waiting. We thank Thee for Thy healing power. Now, we ask, with all of our heart, Lord, that You'll grant the things that we have asked. Do it for the glory of God. We pray through Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-74 All right, now, let's just be as reverent as we can. Remember, I do not know. This is all just moving out in God.
Now, there--there is people in the prayer line that I know. Brother Wood standing there, I know him. I know the second, third person behind that one. I know them. I know this lady setting here, the first lady. I don't know what's wrong with her, but I know she's there. And I guess that's about the limit of who I know in the prayer line. There's many out here who--who I do not know. And you yourselves are witnesses of these things, that I do not know you. But Jesus Christ knows you, doesn't He?
L-75 Now, how many out there doesn't have prayer cards, and you want to be healed anyhow? Raise your hands up, way up, way up. That's fine. God bless you. All right, without prayer cards. Now, I ask you to do this. If the Holy Spirit comes and anoints, you look this way and believe with all your heart. You just look and say, "Lord, I truly believe with all my heart." If you'll do that, God will grant to you your healing. "I believe it with all my heart." Now, don't move around. Be real reverent. Just be as reverent as you can be. Now, let's pray again.
L-76 Now, I want to ask you with your heads bowed, if Jesus has risen from the dead... Now, this is not to heal you. This is only a vindication that He has risen from the dead. If Jesus Christ has raised from the dead, as far as salvation and healing, He has already purchased that at Calvary. Is that right? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] There's nothing He could do, only do something, a way of a sign or a wonder, that would make you know that He has raised from the dead. If He would do that one time, the same things that He did when He was here on earth, you ought to accept Him. Is that right? Will you do it? If you will, raise your hands. If He will perform one thing like He did when He was here on earth, will you accept it? God bless you. A hundred percent.
L-77 Now, Father, I pray that You'll be merciful. And now, for Your glory, Lord, I pray that You'll grant it right here today in the Tabernacle to settle it forever that You have rose from the dead. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ I ask this blessing for God's glory. Amen.
Now, for the glory of God, and for the power of His resurrection, for the omnipotence of God, I now take every spirit in here under my control, in the Name of Jesus Christ. So do as you are told.
L-78 And now, I want that lady here, just to stand right here by the microphone. I know the lady. I--I think her name is Sutton; I'm not mistake... [The sister says, "No. Cobb, now."--Ed.] Oh, Cobb, I'm sorry. I've seen the woman before, so she comes here to the Tabernacle once in a while. And now... But I know nothing of what's wrong with her. But now, the only way that I would have of knowing that, would be some way that God would have telling me. Isn't that right, Mrs... Cobb? All right. Cobb, would be, is your name now? All right. All right, Mrs. Cobb, the only way that I'd know that what was wrong with you, would be God would have to reveal it to me. And then, if He would do that, that would have to come through a supernatural power that doesn't belong to human beings. It would have to come from Divine power. Isn't that right? And then, in doing so, would that make you believe that I told you the truth about His resurrection? See? Would it make you believe it, friend?
L-79 Now, what--what if Jesus was standing here with this suit on that He gave me? See? And He--and He was standing here, if it's...
Now, the woman may have financial trouble. She may have domestic trouble. She may have sick troubles. I don't know. God knows that. I don't know. I can't tell you. It may be that she's done something in her life, that has caused ever what her trouble is to come upon her. I don't know. God does. I don't. But He can tell me. Well, that's what it is. Jesus said, "I do nothing except the Father shows Me." It has to come through that.
L-80 Now, what I'm doing to this woman here, will be not reading her mind. No, sir. God forbid. God knows that that's wrong. It won't be. God in heaven, my Judge, knows that no--that's wrong. See? Not reading her mind, but it'll be through the power of the resurrection, Jesus Christ in His Church. Look at Peter and them, when they stood there and looked upon the people. How Paul and different ones looked upon the people, and they perceived that there were certain things that were wrong.
L-81 Jesus, talking to the woman at the well, He carried a conversation with her. Now, we all know that, Saint John the--the 4th chapter. He talked to the woman at the well. And while talking to the woman at the well, He was merely catching her spirit. The Father had told Him to go up by the way of Samaria. Jericho is where He was going. It was right straight down like this from Jerusalem. But He went way around Samaria, because the Lord told Him to go up there. And He set there on the well, sent His disciples away. He knew the woman was coming. When she come with her water pot, He said, "Bring Me a drink."
She said, "Not customary for you to ask me such."
He said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me for a drink. I'd give you waters you didn't come here to draw." Is that right? Then after the conversation went on a little while, He finally found just exactly where her trouble was. Said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
Said, "That's right. That's right." Said, "You have five and the one you have now is not your husband."
She said, "I perceive that You're a prophet. I know when the Messiah cometh, He will do this, for He will tell us things. But Who are You?"
Said, "I'm He that speaks to you." Now, that was Jesus yesterday. That's Jesus today. Now, in order... [John 4:7-26]
L-82 To you, lady, the only way that I have of knowing, would be have to be some kind of a contact between you and I, with God, that would make it known.
Have you ever seen that picture they taken of the Angel of the Lord standing by me, that Light, you know? You--you have seen one of those. Has the church ever... Oh, you've seen them here in the church, of course. Now, that is what I'm trying to get close to us now. Now, that Light is the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, which was Jesus Christ (That's right.) the Angel of the covenant. He was the supernatural form then of Light. He came down, was flesh. He said, "I came from God, and I go back to God. A little while and the world won't see Me no more, yet you'll see Me." The world is the unbeliever. "You'll see Me, for I'll be with you to the end of the world." [John 14:19]
L-83 Now, the Lord be blessed. And you know that I'm--I... Something is taking place.
Now, to the audience, I want you to be reverent. But now, that same Light, thanks be to God, is coming in here to my right side. It's moving between me and the woman. Now, her life could not be hid.
Now, my sister, That what is on you now is nothing to hurt you. It's to help you. It's the only way of salvation. You--you are here... No, you don't live here in the town. You live in New Albany. You live in New Albany. And you're under--you're under a doctor's care. And the doctor has told you that it's some kind of a thing, something in your throat. Some... It's a bronchial condition in your throat. And he told you, and advised you, to leave this country to get away from here, that that's the only way you could get well. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus can heal this? Let us bow our heads.
Our heavenly Father, laying hands upon the woman, while being in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I condemn this trouble, that You have healed for her at Calvary, and ask that she go to be free. In Jesus Christ's Name I pray. Amen.
Go in peace, my sister; God bless you and be with you is my prayer.
Now, may the Lord be blessed. Be reverent now. Watch. Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
L-84 I want you to look this way, lady. Now, the One Who is--we're in His Presence, knows all things, and knows you from the very beginning. He's fed you every bit of the food you've ever eaten. He knows all about you. I may not know you, but God knows you. He knows who you are, where you're from, all about you, what you've done in your life. And He's the only One that can heal you, or do for you what you're desiring to be done. You know that I don't know it. God alone would have to reveal it to me. Is that the truth? Raise up your hand if that's the truth. All right, you look this a way just a moment.
L-85 Just a moment. Now, everyone reverent. Here's the Angel of the Lord standing right here, just... It's over a little... It's over this little girl setting right here. The little girl is there with her loved one. The child suffers with some kind of a condition in the throat. It's a throat condition, tonsil condition. That's right, isn't it, sir? Put your hand over on her.
Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Satan is exposed. And I rebuke that demon that's holding the girl. Come out of her, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Brother, you've come a long ways to bring the child. But don't worry; you're taking her home now to be well. Your faith has saved you. Have faith in God.
L-86 You're not from Jeffersonville either. You're from away from Jeffersonville. You've come from the east, coming west, when you come here. [Sister says, "I come from Edinburg."--Ed.] And you come from--come down a road, a--a concreted road. And you're from a town that sets kind of to the right of the road. It's some kind of a government affair around there. It's Edinburg, Indiana. You're from Edinburg, Indiana. And your name, I see on that, is Denton. That's right. Your name is Denton. And you're suffering with heart trouble. Go back home well. Your faith heals you and makes you well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. May you go and be made well. Amen. God bless you. Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart.
Now, to the people, have faith. Don't doubt. Just believe now. You believe Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Oh, my. This, not me; Him, He's the resurrected Jesus. He's the One that's here, that doing... This is the same things He did (That's right.) the very same things that He did.
L-87 Now, lady, you and I are meeting here this morning. God knows both of us. I know nothing about you. You're aware of that. But God knows you. He knows me. And His Spirit is here between us. I want to ask you something so that this tabernacle would know. All your life, you've never felt like you're feeling right now (That's right.) because you're in presence of His omnipotent Being. Did you ever see that picture of the Light? That's just exactly what's making you feel that way. I'm living in another world at the time. I can see you, just make out there's someone standing before me. And you know it's a loving, sweet, humble feeling. That's the Lord Jesus that raised from the dead. He returned to Spirit life, God. And now He's here with us. To the end of the world He will be with us.
You are a Christian. You're a believer. And you're not standing here for yourself. You're standing here for a man, and that man is your husband. And that man has a rupture. And another thing, I see him; he's drinking at a bar. He's an alcoholic. He--he drinks. And you've come for deliverance from the man. I--is that right? Now, you know, lady, them things are beyond any human mind. Isn't that right? That has to be revealed by God. You believe for it now?
Almighty God, Who raised up Jesus from the dead, and we're here today enjoying the resurrection blessing, I bless this, Thy handsmaid, and may she receive that which she has asked for. I pray in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, my sister. Go receive whatever you have asked for. God grant it.
You believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-88 All right, sir, look on me. I mean, not look... I mean, like Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, they said, "Look on us." I guess we're strangers to one another. We don't know each other; perhaps our first time of ever seeing each other. Is this our first visit ever, time to see one another? All right. Then we're perfect, total strangers. I never seen you, and you've never seen me. And here we are, two men met here in life. God knows us both, doesn't He, sir? He certainly does. And now, if there is anything concerning you...
L-89 There's something happened. Now, be reverent, everyone. It's a lady setting here, praying, right back here. She's bothered with constipation. Stand up just a minute, lady. That is the truth, isn't it? And you have a fluttering around your heart. It's nothing but constipation, because you're nervous and upset. But you're going home to get well now. I see it turning light around you, where it was dark. Don't fear. Just... See, you don't need a prayer card. The only thing you need is faith. Just have faith in God. God bless you, lady. Believe with all your heart.
L-90 Now, as the evil spirit begins to move across this section here, there's someone calling. Prayer is being made. I see a dark streak moving from a woman to a man. It's an evil thing, and it's right under the rib. I see a examination. Oh, it's the little man setting here, praying, wiping his eyes. God bless you, brother. Have faith. You believe me to be God's prophet? You accept me the same way?
Now, the same thing is wrong with you is wrong with that woman setting over yonder looking right at me on the end of the row, right out there with the little round hat on. There's a dark string. The lady looking across this lady's head, looking at me right here, with her hand up. That's it, lady. That's right. Here it is, coming from one to the other. It's evil powers pulling, a dark streak. You got trouble, it's right under your side here. It's a gallbladder condition. That lady over there has it. You are both healed. Jesus Christ makes you well. That evil powers will leave, and you're going to be made free. Amen.
L-91 Have faith. Now, just a moment. The Holy Spirit's in the audience, working with people out there. That lady with her hands up, there's a lady setting right next to her, that I see her examination. She's got something wrong in the intestinal tract. That is right, lady. You believe that God will make you well? You have intestinal trouble. That's right. You raise up your hand. Do you accept Jesus now as your Healer? In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who's here to make known, receive your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-92 I see a lady with something around her head. It seemingly... Oh, it's the lady setting right behind her, the second lady setting in there. She's having some kind of headaches, constantly a headache. Looking towards me... Do you believe, lady, setting there, a little, gray headed woman, that God will heal you? Do you believe with all your heart? That's right. God bless you. It's over. You can go home now. It left you right then. If that's right, raise your hand. Wave your hand up, if that's right. It's gone from you. You are healed.
L-93 Oh, blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus. Come, believing. The Holy Spirit moving in the line... Oh, how wonderful. Do you believe Him? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Look what He's doing. I wish I could explain to my church what this feeling is, how that in another world, you have to wonder whether you're really at the tabernacle or not. Be reverent. Be reverent.
L-94 I see someone coming from a way away. It's coming in a--in a place. It's a man. He comes from a country where there's a lot of trees. It's Virginia. Suffering with arthritis... You believe God heals you and makes you well? You accept it? You do? You've come from Virginia, here to be healed of arthritis. Isn't that right? All the way do... Yes, sir. You are healed now. You can go back. And your heart trouble has left you. Turn out of the line and go back, you're well. God makes you well. Thy faith has saved thee.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. You believe He's raised from the dead? [Congregation, "Amen."--Ed.] The infallible proofs of His resurrection... Have faith.
L-95 Now, excuse me, sir. I'm sorry to hold you. I--I have no control of this. It controls me; not me It. It controls me. I can tell I'm getting terribly weak. But I know I'm near somebody, a gray headed man. We're... I know you're wearing glasses. Which that would be something wrong with you, it'd be your eyes. But God knows all about you, sir. That's right. You are here to be healed of a--a... You're nervous, really upset. It's caused by a--a prostate trouble. You have a prostate trouble. If that's right, raise your hand. And you also have a heart trouble. That's right. You do. And look, I see your... I never seen you in my life. But your initials is A. A. Miller. All right, you're at Mount Balor. You're on your road home, to be well. God bless you. Go rejoicing, and being...
Mr. Mills, it's easy for you. Now, you ought to go, believing with all your heart. I'm a stranger to you, don't know you, but God does. Is that right? You feel that everything is gone on right now? God bless you. Go home and be well, every one of you.
L-96 What's heart dropsy to God? He can make it well at any time. He can send you back to Campbellsburg, ever where it is, a well woman. You believe it? I don't know you. Never seen you in my life. I'm a stranger to you. But He knows you, and who you are, and where you're from. Is that right? He's revealed it to you. Is that right? Well, do you believe this anointing that's on me now, that knows you and everything about you, though I've never seen you before, if I lay my hands on you, will you be well?
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke the devil. Satan, you are exposed. You've pulled these people through the gutters long enough. Come out of the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Go on your road, happy.
L-97 The trouble's in your back, but God can make you well, can't He? Can heal you. You believe that He done it? If you believe it with all your heart, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I rebuke this sickness. May you go and be made well. God bless you. Go, believing with all your heart.
L-98 Come, will you. With all your heart, now, do you believe? I'm a stranger to you. I don't know you, know nothing about you. Never seen you in my life, as far as I know. But God Almighty knows you, doesn't He? He knows all about you. He knows who you are, knows everything. I don't, have no way of knowing, but He does. But do you believe that you're standing in the Presence, not of your brother, but of Him that looked upon the woman and told her where her trouble was? I see, between you and I comes a table, and you're moving back from it. You got stomach trouble. That's caused from a peptic ulcer in the stomach. Now, you go eat your dinner. Jesus Christ makes you well. Go, believing with all your heart.
L-99 Come, young fellow. Do you believe me to be His prophet? With all your soul, you accept it? I'm a stranger to you, but God knows you. Isn't that right? You want to get over the heart trouble and be made well? All right, go on your road, rejoicing. Your faith makes you whole, heals you and makes you well.
Will you come, lady? You had stomach trouble too. And when that lady was healed just a few minutes ago with stomach trouble, a real strange feeling come over you, didn't it? You were healed, the same time. Go on your road, and eat your dinner, and be made well.
L-100 I want to say something, my brother. God knows you. Between you and I stands a dark shadow. It's a disease that kills more people than anything else. It's heart trouble. You have a leak in your heart, and they tell you that you can't get over it. But God knows that you can. Do you believe that God will heal you right now? In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing, and go off this platform a well man. Go, giving praise and glory to God.
The same thing was wrong with you: caused of a nervous heart, though, your condition. That's right. Now, do you believe that you're healed? Then return to your home, rejoicing, and be made well for the glory of God.
L-101 Look here, lady. Do you believe? Just a minute. We're strangers to each other. We do not know each other. But there's a horrible shock come from the platform, or the public, when the lady walked up here. Oh, it's all over the audience.
Look this a way, just a minute. You know, lady, me never seeing you in my life, I know nothing about you. Only God alone knows you. But I see you--you're--you're all upset. It's nervousness. You got a mental break; you--you drop things all the time. I see you dropping dishes and things. And you were praying, just before you come here in a chair, setting by near of a floor. And you asked God, if you could get over here and I'd lay hands on you, you'd get well. That's the truth. Isn't that right? Raise up your hands. That's right.
It's a spirit. That thing is over the audience. That little lady setting right there, a Bible teacher, setting there suffering with the same thing. The devil's lying to you, lady. You're ready to be delivered. Look there, all over the building here everywhere. Here sets another one right here. There's one right yonder. Here's one here. Oh, Every one you with nervous trouble, stand up on your feet just a minute. If you will, stand to your feet. Now, bow your head, everybody.
Oh, Satan, you evil spirit, you're exposed. Come out of these people. I rebuke you, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave these people. Come out.
Look here now, lady. Just a minute. Now, you're free. It's all gone from you. I want to ask you... Every one of you is healed. The whole group of you is healed. The evil has left you. Now, you feel real quiet. You're all right now. Now, go on your road, happy, rejoicing, thanking God for it.
All right, come, sir. You and I are strangers to each other. We do not know one another. I've never seen you in my life. God knows you. Look here, sir. Just look at me just a moment. Now, to the audience. Here's a stranger. I've never seen the man. I don't know him, never seen him. God knows that. Far as I know, I never seen him in my life. But I declare that Jesus raised from the dead, that the same things that Jesus did when He was here in a--in a body that you could see, is right here today doing the same thing. He's raised from the dead, and is alive forevermore. Blessed are your eyes who see these things and believe on the Lord Jesus.
L-102 This man, a stranger. I've never seen him, and perhaps he's never seen me. If I--if I've ever seen him, God knows I don't remember it. He said he was a stranger to me. But God knows him. If God will reveal to that man standing there, a total stranger to me, just exactly what's wrong with him, all about it, tell about what's wrong with him, whatever it is, and he knows that I know nothing about it, will you accept Christ as your Healer, every one of you? [The congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
The building's begin to fade away and come back. If you only realized the reason I'm talking to you, friends. You go into another world. You're a different place. You're way down the stream of time in somebody's life, seeing them, who they are and where they are. You don't realize. I realize it doesn't--isn't working perfectly in here, because it's home. That's right. But you see that He's raised from the dead. You see that I've told you the truth.
Now, look on me, sir, just a minute, just in order that you and I could come in contact with the Lord Jesus. If I be His servant, Jesus said, "The things that I do shall you also. A little while and the world will see me no more," that's the unbeliever. They're out to ball games, and swimmings, and so forth. They'll never see Him. "But ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you, in you, to the end of the world." Then if He's raised from the dead, and He's standing here this morning, and this anointing that I have now isn't mine, but it's His, then you couldn't hide your life if you had to, because we're in contact with one another by Spirit being. And if God can reveal to me what you're standing there for, will you accept it with all your heart? You will do it?
You're suffering with a stomach trouble. That's exactly. And the reason of it is because that you're a... It's caused from a nervous condition. And it's not a nervous, outward, shaking nervous. I see you're a deep thinker. You're always planning something, crossing bridges before you ever get to them. You make things that never does come to pass, and you've been told that before. That's right. But it don't do any good to tell you, because.. But now it will, because you're healed. You're going home a well man. Jesus Christ has made you whole.
In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I rebuke every evil spirit that haunted this man. And may he go in peace, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you. [John 14:19]
L-103 Are you believing? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All your heart? Do you believe Jesus Christ rose on Easter? Do you believe His presence is here now? Will you obey me as His prophet? If you'll do it as so, every one of you can be healed right now. Every person in here can be made well. Do you believe it? Then bow your head.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every gift, send Thy Divine blessing upon this audience. And now, as Your Spirit moving, and this audience here in this condition, I rebuke every unclean spirit, every demon that's bound the sick people. Christ is here, Who opened the doors and set the captive free, and every one of them is free because Jesus raised from the dead and proves Hisself here today. Satan, come out of the people in the Name of Jesus Christ.
And let everyone now that believes... I don't care what condition. You on the crutches there, raise up. Every person raise up in the Name of Jesus Christ and be made well and healed.

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