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Prayer Line 55-07
55-pl-07, Prayer Line 55-07, 51 min

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55-0501e - Philadelphia Church, Chicago, IL (Paragraphs: 60 - 81)
L-61 Our Heavenly Father, as we got bowed heads and hearts before Thee. This is the sabbath, this is the day of the resurrection. And we've come together today to worship Thee, and to pay tribute, Lord, and to give blessings to our brother who leaves us tomorrow to go overseas to minister to Your children in the land. Thou hast said that You'd give us the heathen. And we pray that You'll grant it to us.
Give a portion to Brother Joseph as he goes. And now, Lord, for this memorial night, the pastor leaving the church... Paul preached all night once, then went out and knelt down by the sea shore, and there hugged his neck. We love one another, Father, with Divine love. So we pray, Father dear, tonight that Your great Presence will be here, that Brother Joseph will go overseas with a fresh vision, he will go tell those people over there, "Oh, the night I left, the Lord Jesus appeared in the midst of the people, and He did the very same things that He did when He was here on earth."
Oh, blessed Saviour, let Thy Spirit and Thy truth rest upon this little congregation of people. Bless all that's assembled here tonight. And now, Father, take this poor unworthy servant of Yours, anoint with the Holy Spirit, and may the Lord Jesus manifest Hisself in great power to the audience this night. And all will believe and go away happily, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.
L-62 Now, if you will, do me a little favor. Everyone just set real quiet, watch. And I wish I could tell you with all my heart, what this is, but I can't. Right now something's happened. I--I wish... There's no need in me trying to explain it. There's no need of anybody, you can't do it. Something's taken place. Every spirit in this room seems to be just moving. See? You can feel it. You can tell there's Christian faith here. There's people who believe God. Walk right out tonight; don't strike short; strike on. Just keep believing. We're in His Presence now. May His blessings come.
All right, Brother Joseph is this one of the people? Now, the lady standing here, I--I don't know this woman. I guess we're strange to one another; we don't know each other. Lord Jesus knows this woman, I do not. But He knows all about her the same as He knows all about you. Now, I will talk to this woman just a moment. Now, just listen to this so we can get the audience to coming through, the people, so we can pray for all of you, if possible.
L-63 Here stands a woman, a total stranger. Never seen her in my life. Now, I made a statement on what? First, the Word of the Lord said these things would be done in this day. The next thing I met an angel Who told me to go do it. Then what do I do? Feeling and knowing--can't explain. But something's happened. Something's dropped from up here down here. It's another realm. I cannot explain it; no one else can.
But here stands a woman here now, that her knowing that we know not one another. I know no more about her than nothing. She perhaps knows no more about me. But we're strangers, but there is a God in heaven. And He knows her and He knows me. And He knows exactly what she's here for. She may be a sinner, coming to be saved. Now, I couldn't say her--save her, if, no matter how much sin she's done, how much she'd confessed. If she'd sinned against me, I could forgive her, but if she sinned against God, that takes God alone.
L-64 Now, here's one thing I can introduce to her. If she is a sinner, God has forgive her if she will believe it. Is that right? That's all any man could do. If she's sick, I couldn't heal her. But I can tell her by the Bible, that Christ healed her when He died at Calvary, same as He saved her. Is that the Gospel? Is that the, was what was first deliverance to the saints?
Now, that's the word. Then God went up and give gifts to men. Now, what does gifts do? Some of them are first apostles, after that prophets, teacher, evangelist, is that right? All gifts put in the church, it was in the early church at the beginning. Now, it's been dark two years, it's coming out over here in the last age, in the western country, alpha, omega. [Ephesians 4:8]
L-65 Now, if the Holy Spirit is here, invisible Person, He knows this woman, He knows me. He can anoint me to tell her and talk to her a few minutes, like the man, like the woman at the well of--the--the Samaritan woman, and can tell her just exactly what she's here for. And the woman said... Here was her testimony according to the Scriptures. She said, "I know that that is the sign of the Messiah. We know when Messiah, cometh He... but Who are You? " She said...
He said, "I am He." Now, I am not He, but I am His minister that declares that He is here like He said He'd be, in us, manifesting Hisself: "The world won't see Me no more, but you'll see Me. You'll see Me, for I will be with you, even in you... end of the world, manifesting, doing the same things that I did. I'm the same yesterday, today, and forever." Now, do you understand everyone? Amen.
God bless you now, while I talk with the people along the line. I will try to hurry. And if God will do it... Seems to me friend, after the Bible saying so, the Holy Spirit here saying the same things, it's your time to move next. Is that right? Pray; look this way; believe. And God bless you till I see you again. [John 4:25], [John 14:19], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-66 Now, lady, in all this I didn't want to make you publicly stand here. I see you're wearing glasses, so that's one thing, 'course would be wrong, you're eyes are bad. But I--I don't want you to talk, I want you just to answer me (See?), just to answer me. Now, there's...?... known by all the audience that we're strangers to one another, do not know one another, nothing about one another, as far as I know.
Now, Jesus raised from the dead. Did you ever see that little picture that they taken that time, had that Light above it, you know, that, I guess, have you ever seen that? Now, to me that's the Sign that was given me when I was born. I told it. There might be... I can't answer for somebody else's testimony; I have to answer for my own. See? And then, when that appeared, under It was a Man. And He was the One Who sent me to do this. If it's true, coming from God, It'll vindicate Itself. Is that right? If it's not, well, it won't.
To me that was the--that was the Sign just as pure. And then the scientific world took the picture of It. So that makes the scientific world know about It. That makes the church know about It. God's blessing, so oughtn't we to be happy, the happiest people in the world, because Jesus raised from the dead, and is here with us, the faith that was once delivered to the saints? And we're contending for it, holding fast by the grace of God, that that is the truth. And God's working with us with signs following. Marvelous isn't it? [Jude 1:3]
L-67 What am I doing, just talking to you, just like Jesus talked to the woman, saying, "Bring Me a drink," when He's talking to her. 'Cause we don't know one another, so there's nothing I could do but just quote Scripture to you, tell you something, 'less God by a supernatural way would show me something about you, and tell me what you're standing there for. Isn't it marvelous? Here you are standing there, I don't know you, you don't know me. But we, standing here in the Presence of God.
But He can tell me what you want from Him. And if He could tell me what you want from Him, then surely you can believe Him if He knows what your heart is, you'd surely think you'd get it. Is that right? You are, 'course I--I won't speak of your eyes(You see?), because that's is a...?... That, that's something visible can be seen. But now, you're nervous, upset, 'cause you're real weary about something. Your upset about... It's a... I see a--a man. It's some kind of a stiffening in the muscles or something like that. It's a father-in-law or something in that order, some close one to you. That is right, some kind of stiffening of the muscles like arthritis or something in the muscles. It's a relative, your father-in-law.
And then there's a... There's someone else I see. It's a bed patient. It's a--it's a bad case; it's a case that the doctors... It's a cancerous, I believe He said. There was some kind of, something "roats," or Hodgkin's, Hodgkin's. Here's the woman over here. That's... You're the daughter, laying right there. Go, lay your hand on her, then take her home. Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, let Thy mercies rest now upon her request in Jesus Christ Name. Amen. God bless you. [John 4:7]
L-68 Have faith. Now, do you believe God with all your heart? Faith once delivered to the saints. Not my... What God say's to you, your faith. Believe now.
This, you're the... I see you got a--one of the books in your hand. Little book has done a great thing. It's blessed the peoples. Your reading thereof. Our Lord is a marvel, isn't He...?... So now, lady, we're strangers one to another. We don't know each other. Lord Jesus knows us both, doesn't He? He knows us both. Now, this is a perfect of what Jesus said to the woman at the well. We being the same blood, but of two different races: one of the Anglo-Saxon, the other one of the colored race, one white race, the other one colored race. [Jude 1:3]
L-69 But when he talked to the woman at the well. See, she was a Samaritan; she said, "It's not customary for you Jews to ask us Samaritans." 'Cause the Jews thought they were inferior, they were greater than the Samaritans. See, racial. But Jesus let her know right quick, God sought those who worship in Spirit. God, by one blood has made all man, the white man, the black man, the yellow man, the brown man; He's made them all off of one man, Adam.
And through that come your father; through that come my father; through that come the fall; through Christ come the Redeemer for both of us. That's right, isn't it? Us being strangers here to one another, speaking to each other...
Now, I believe the last lady passed through was a white woman, was that, was it right or something other? I believe it was a white woman. Now, that was to you white people for a sign. Here'd be to the colored, if God will grant it. May He grant it. [John 4:9]
L-70 Now, if I'm talking to you like our Lord spoke to the woman at the well... Then He just talked to her till He found out where her trouble was. Then He told her where her trouble was, just one thing, said, "Go get your husband."
Said, "I don't have any."
Said, "You got five."
She said right quick that, "You're a prophet, but we know the Messiah will do those things." [John 4:16-19, 25]
L-71 Now, if He will turn around and reveal Himself through me, His humble servant, to you, you'll believe He's here to grant you your request won't you?
I see a picture standing before me. It's about a--a diaphragm, no, it's a colon, a colon condition. That's what you have a colon condition. You also got a cyst. You have a cyst.
Now, you're very interested in someone else. And that person's in the hospital. And the woman has cancer. And it's your sister. And then you--you got a handkerchief for me to pray for. It's in your hand now. But it wasn't in your hand. Recently when you come, you took it out of the letter, it's already packed to be sent to her, take to her. You brought me the handkerchief so I can pray over the handkerchief and give to her. Hand it to me. Father God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, blessed be the risen, resurrected Lord Jesus, Who's promised these things, and we're alive tonight to see them performed. I bless the ones this handkerchief represents, and the one who stands for her. May they be healed in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, God bless you. Go and His mercies be with you. Amen.
You believe? Jesus the Son of the living God! Reverently now, please. [Acts 19:12]
L-72 I see that Light moving; He's standing right in behind this girl setting here with the baby. I believe that's Mrs. Sims' girl; I'm not... It's standing just over a man. The man's from out of town. He's from Minnesota. You got a chest trouble, haven't you, sir? That's right. This is about your first time ever be in my meeting. That's right, isn't it? I'm a stranger to you; never--never seen each other. That's true. All right, you're going home now to be well, sir. Your faith's made you well. Praise the Lord!
That little lady setting right back there, right straight where I point my finger, second woman, setting there and looking around sideways; she's suffering with epilepsy. I see that she falls. You want to be healed, lady? Stand up and accept your healing now. May the Lord Jesus... At this time it's gone from you; a dark circle was hanging over you, but it's gone now. Go home rejoicing. May it never come again is my prayer.
L-73 See what I mean? Have faith! Believe the Lord Jesus, Who is the Son of God. You believe, lady? You believe God with all your heart? I don't know you, but He does. If God will let me know what you're there for, will you believe? You had a affliction for a long time, much younger, much lighter at that time. And your affliction is unseen; it's in the nose. It's growths in your nose. And it's gotten to its condition till it--you've lost the sense of smell. You can't smell. That's true. You believe Jesus healed you? Here's what, will you believe it, if I'd lay my hands on you? Come here.
Dear heavenly Father, in obedience to the commandments of our Lord, I lay my hands upon you, sister, and rebuke this demon. In the Name of Jesus Christ may it come out from her and go. And may she be made well in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister, go rejoicing, believing.
L-74 You believe Him, sister, with all your heart? I, a stranger to you... God only knows. You got someone you're praying for. You yourself are real nervous; that's what you're suffering from. You got a nervous condition, 'cause you to be upset. I see you worried about. Is it a boy with one eye, and a girl? And I see that girl is before a doctor. And that doctor has set a time for an operation for that girl. And that comes up in this month of May, next week on Thursday, for the operation. You believe? Almighty God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, grant the blessing that's been asked. And may Thy omnipotent power, present now to heal, may it be granted through Jesus' Name, amen. God bless. Have mercy, God, is my prayer. Oh, my. How wonderful.
Heart trouble's nothing for our Lord to heal is it? You believe you was healed then? Had a kidney trouble too, didn't you? It's gone from you now. Amen. Do you believe God could heal that girl, make her well? She's nineteen years old now. She's got the mind, the doctors said, of a child about four years old, but you believe that she will be made well. Give me your handkerchief. God in the Name of the Lord Jesus, grant the request of this woman in Jesus' Name. Satan, turn that child loose. By faith we adjure thee, in the Name of the living God, and the Son of God Jesus Christ, that you turn her loose. God bless you, sister.
L-75 Come, lady. You believe God would heal that female trouble for you and make you well? Do you believe it with all your heart? You accept it now? Satan, come away from the lady, we adjure thee, by Jesus' Name, leave her. Amen. Don't doubt. Believe.
You were setting down here in front of me awhile ago. All of a sudden, while I was preaching, you had a really strange feeling come to you. You kinda leaned your head backward. And when you did, God healed you of that back trouble you got. Now, you can go on your road, rejoicing and be made well.
L-76 Come. Sister, there's only one hope for that tumor and that's through Jesus Christ. Believe. And, dear heavenly Father, laying hands upon, asking that God in heaven will rebuke this devil. Lord Jesus...?... the little woman has tried to break out there with faith, seemingly, she just can't appropriate her. But I'm joining my faith with her. And with this whole audience now, we believe Jesus died and rose again. Satan, we condemn you. We claim her life in Jesus Christ's Name. Believe now with all your heart. Amen.
That's a good way to get your healing. You hear me all right now. Also your arthritis is gone; you--your hearing aid's out. You're well, so you can go on rejoicing. Let's say, "Praise the Lord!"
L-77 All right, lady, when I spoke to that woman setting right there about her back trouble, yours left the same time. So you're healed too. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Heart trouble's so easy for God to heal and make well; you believe that don't you? Amen. Heavenly Father, in Jesus Name I condemn the demons that's bound these, my sisters. Come out now, demon, in the Name of Jesus Christ leave the women. Amen. Now, go rejoicing and happy, saying, "Thanks be to God."
Are you believing? Have faith. If you believe, Jesus said, all things are possible. You believe that, sir, with your hands folded and believe that God will take that low blood pressure away from you and make you a real well man? You believe it? You accept it? Then stand on your feet and say, "Jesus, I believe You." Amen. That's the way to do it. Isn't He wonderful? [Mark 9:23]
L-78 I know you, sir. Don't know your name setting there with the checked tie on. Will you do me a favor? With all... You believe with all your heart? Lay your hands over on the woman setting next to you there, and Jesus will make her well of that arthritis, and make her go home well. Heavenly Father, I pray that in Jesus Name, that You'll heal that woman setting there, that Thou has shown in this vision. May she go home and be crippled up no more, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Oh, I love Him. You believe? What did you think you could get rid of it too, the same time I prayed for her? Amen. Go, as you have believed, receive. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Oh, isn't He wonderful?
L-79 This little lady setting here with the purple dress on, setting there suffering with a back trouble, you. You believe that Jesus healed you? That's... Doesn't it feel different right now? Wave your hand; stand up and wave your hand. If that's right stand up again and raise your hand. Move your back back and forth. There you are; it's all gone. See? See, your faith did it. Hallelujah. Oh, I love Him!
L-80 What do you think, down there with that double rupture? You believe God would make you well, sir? All right, you can have it if you believe it. Amen. God is wonderful.
What do you think, setting there with that trouble with your knees? You believe God will make you well? You believe it? Stand up on your feet; raise your knees up and down. Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen. Here he is, perfect miracle. His faith did it. Hallelujah.
Lay your hand over on the lady next to you there, so she can be healed with arthritis. Amen. All right, lady, stand on your feet. Jesus Christ healed you; there you are, it's gone.
Now, you lay your hand on the lady next to you there with eye trouble, that's going blind with hardening of the eyeballs, the one right on the other side of you, colored lady setting there, believe with all your heart, lady. Amen. Believe it and you can have it. Hallelujah. The Lord Jesus is here. You believe it?
L-81 Let's stand, every one of us, right now to our feet. Let's raise our hands; let's give Him praise.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus the Son of God, I bless these handkerchiefs; I bless these people just now. May the Holy Ghost make every one of them well. I condemn the devil. The faith that was once delivered to the saints is here, and the people screamed out and give God praise. Folks, you are delivered. The faith that was delivered to the saints has been brought to you; you're free! The door's open; claim your God given victory. Amen. In Jesus' Name. [Jude 1:3]

55-0603 - Porter Stadium, Macon, GA (Paragraphs: 45 - 68)
L-46 Now, the technician or the engineer on the mike might have to speak it up, 'cause I don't know how loud it will be speaking. Can you hear in the balconies all right, around? Can you? Good. Now, be reverent.
Now, for the glory of God and to the up-building of His Kingdom, I take every spirit here under my control in the Name of Jesus Christ.
So I want to talk to you just a moment. Now, I've got to carry a conversation with you in order, just like our Lord. See? He found the woman come up to Him at the well... Perhaps the Father told Him to go up there. I believe the Father told me to come down to Macon. Well... here... If it wouldn't I wouldn't of come. So I feel I'm here tonight by the leading of the Holy Spirit.
And we are strangers, as I have said, to each other. I don't know you, and you don't know me. But you're conscious something's going on. If anybody close to the audience can watch the woman's face now... See, she realizes she's in the Presence of something besides man. If--if that's right, lady, raise your hands? That's right. See?
L-47 Did you ever see the picture of It they taken here in Texas, that Angel? They got the picture of It here. It's in Washington, DC Yes. Now, that is exactly what's standing between me and you now. I don't know whether you see or not. But the lady begins to move away from me. And it's moving; the--the lady is upset about something. She's nervous. It's not exactly about herself. It's about a child. And that child has a blood condition, something wrong with the blood. It's called Rh disease. And the child... I see it trying to talk to you; it's got some kind of in and its--its speech is not exactly right. And it's a--it's bed-fast. It's in a bed. And it's about eleven years old.
Our heavenly Father, be merciful now. I pray God, as Thy Spirit near, bless that what we are asking of thee and may it be found even so, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, my sister, that was true wasn't it, every word. Now, the tears that you wipe from your eyes with that handkerchief, you take and lay it on the child; the end of the week, you let me know what happened to the child. [Acts 19:12]
L-48 You believe? Now, His Presence, His majesty, the King of glory is here. Now, just be real reverent and you'll see the Kingdom of God and the power of God, if you'll just believe.
Now, I suppose you and I are strangers too, are we, lady? We are strangers to each other, but not strangers to the Lord Jesus. For you're a believer. Now, if there be anything about you that would--anything wrong, it'd have to come from some supernatural resource. You're just a little nervous just at the time. That's... You are. But don't be nervous. It's not... Now, of course I see you're wearing glasses, which would make me know that something's wrong with you're eyes. But now, you just be reverent and let's just let Him do the talking, when it comes down to anoint.
L-49 Something happened out there. Now, let's look this way just a moment. Yes, ma'am, I see you coming from somewhere. It's a out of a bui--it's a doctor's office. You--you've come from... You've been under a doctor's a care. And oh, I see a black shadow a following you, which is a cancer. You have cancer. And that cancer is located in the stomach. And the doctors have given you up, in saying that you can't get well. That is true, isn't it? Well, if He's here, and there's anointed Spirit here now, that you know that that's the truth. All right, then He said, "These signs will follow them that believe: if they lay hands on the sick, they'll get well. Is that true? Come here just a minute. Shall we bow our heads a moment.
Our heavenly Father, death circling this woman, following her along, Your servants the doctors has done all they know how to do. But this hideous demon has hid from them. He's too much for them. But he's not too much for You, Father. Thou does know all things and have all power, and to save the life of this, my sister, I rebuke this demon called cancer, in the Name of Jesus Christ, according to the Holy Scriptures, and may it go out of her and never bother her no more. For God's glory we ask it. Amen. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-50 Now, and notice, that this is Friday. Monday you'll get real real sick. See? Sometime between now and Monday, real real sick, "You'll think you're just almost going to die. That'll last for a little while; it's a growth dead. See? Then come back end of the week and tell me how you're feeling, how it... Go ahead and eat just like you want to. Amen.
Let's say thanks be to God, dear friends. You might not realize... You believe God will heal you of that rupture, setting there, sir? You believe He'd make you well? You have a rupture. You want to...?... You want to get well of it. Stand up on your feet and accept your healing then. God bless you.
L-51 Have faith. Just believe. See? See, you don't need your prayer card; you need faith. Now, the Lord Jesus the Son of God that raised from the dead is right here now. That's His Spirit. Have faith.
Now, I suppose, lady, you and I are strangers to each other. I see you bend... Oh, it's a blind woman. All right, I want every one to bow your heads everywhere please. The lady's blind. I am not able, of course, to do anything for her but pray. And she want's you to pray too. What if you were blind?
Now, just kinda keep you head down this way if you can. Now, what demonology is, lady; it's a grip. Just like it said when the deaf spirit went out of a man. In another words there's something in his ears. When it let loose, the man could hear.
Jesus prayed for a man that was blind. He could see after he was prayed for. Now, I--I'm just your brother, and I want you to believe with all your heart. And now, that the God that makes this wind to blow across you is here to make you well. And every eye stay closed, 'cause these are spiritual things.
L-52 Now, our heavenly Father, walking up to this poor sister standing here, walking around in the world of darkness, who could help but thee, Lord. Nerves in her eyes dead, hardening away. But just You can heal her. And I pray, Father, that You'll grant it tonight. If we found grace in Your sight, let it be so tonight, Lord. The end of this meeting, may this woman be walking around praising You, showing the people what great things God has done. By her healing may it cause an old fashion revival to break out in her community. Grant it, Lord. Thou has said Thou can if ye believe. Now, with my unworthy hand, representing Yours laid upon her eyes, I ask that the blindness go away. For in faith believing the Lord Jesus Who is standing present, forgive us of our unbelief, and may the blind spirit that's bound this woman, leave her. I ask it to go in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
L-53 Now, would everyone keep their heads bowed just for a few moments. Now, you just keep you lids down. Now, keep your head this way now. Now, God let it be so. Now, I want you to open your eyes and look towards the light now. See me? Can you see me? [ The lady says, "Yes."--Ed.] Put your hand on my nose. Let me see you do that. All right, that's right.
You may raise your heads. I want you to watch here. Lady, can you see out in there? If you can, raise up your hand. Can you see those lights around out in there. If you can raise up your hand? I want you to turn around this a way. Can you see my hand? [Lady says, "Yes, sir."--Ed.] Could you tell my how many fingers I have up? [Lady says, "Four."--Ed.] That's exact. Now, watch, put your finger on my nose. You have your sight.
L-54 Let us say, "Praise be to God." Now, look, lady, here's what happened. See, the blind spirit leaves you now. See? And you're... The nerves that was dead in your eyes are just beginning to vibrate, cool feelings. Now, you'll feel... You'll... Tomorrow you'll see still better. Next day you'll... But about seventy two hours, then you'll go real dark blind again. Then when it does, it comes out; it will be gone then. Don't doubt now. Go on your road rejoicing, and be thankful and happy. Let's see if you can't walk out this way just by yourself. Go right ahead. See?
Let's say praise be to God. Let's give God praise just like this everybody. Just give God praise. Amen. All right. Let's bow our heads now.
Heavenly Father we do thank Thee for all Thy goodness and mercy, and we pray, God, that You'll just do the exceedingly abundantly and show to Thy people that Thou art God. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-55 All right. Oh, my, it makes you love Him doesn't it. Just watch what... The lady's going right back to her seat. Let's say, "Praise be to God." Amen. That's fine.
Now, lady, you was healed with blindness; there's a man setting next to you there. He has high blood pressure, and he wants to be healed, don't you, sir? Stand up if that's... If I told you the truth stand up. Now, go home you're well. Jesus Christ did it. You believe? Amen.
Now, the man setting next to you there, he has something wrong with his eyes, and he wants to be healed too. And he has something wrong with his ears also. And he wants to be healed. Now, you lay your hand over on him, and he will get healed. That's it.
Heavenly Father, I rebuke that spirit in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Make it be so. Amen.
L-56 [] Now, the man next to you, put up his hand. Would you like to be healed, sir, with a hernia, rupture? Do you believe that God will make you well? You do? Double of them, He will--He will make them both well. You believe that God will do it? If you do stand up on your feet and say, "I accept it." Just stand up on your feet and say you accept. That's right. Say, "Thank you, God." All right, you can go home now and be made well. Amen. Praise be to the living God. Have faith.
Jesus said, "Thou can, if thou believeth." Amen. That's the way to believe; just start moving along now. Something struck you didn't it, brother. See, you don't need your prayer card. You... The only thing you need is some faith, and God will do work. Amen. That is true. Just believe Him. He's God, and He cannot fail. [Mark 9:23]
L-57 I see a dark spirit swirl that meeting just then. I didn't see where it went. Yes, it is, it's over this lady setting right here. It's epilepsy. Lady, you believe that Jesus Christ will make you well of that epilepsy? Stand up on your feet.
Our heavenly Father, we rebuke that demon. Satan, you're exposed come out of there in the Name of Jesus Christ we adjure thee. Amen.
Have faith. That's--that's good first night faith, isn't it? Say, "Amen." That's really. Believe it with all your heart. You can be made well, no matter what's wrong with you. Just only thing I ask you to do, is have faith in God. Believe that He is, and He will grant it to you.
L-58 All right, do you believe, sir, with all your heart? If you believe, well, God is able to do the exceedingly, and the abundantly, and above all that we can do or think. 'Course that's up to the individual, isn't it? Whatever you think, then whatever you believe about it, well then, God's able to do it. Isn't that right?
We're strangers to one another. We don't know each other, but God knows us both. Isn't that right? Amen. Oh, my, I--I hope you don't class me a fanatic, but I'm so glad to see this kind of faith to start with. What will it be in ten nights? My, it'll be wonderful. I didn't think you believed that much. I really didn't. But now you're getting into the Kingdom of God. He can do some great things for you. Amen. [Ephesians 3:20]
L-59 Now, you just look to me as His prophet or servant and believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ will help you. I believe. And if He does, then you'll be grateful and thankful. Is that right?
You're not from this country. You've come here from somewhere else. You're suffering with something; it's in the kidney. And it's tumors in the kidneys. And you've come from the north going south. You've come from the Carolina. You're from a city named Greenwood, or something like that, Greenwood, South Carolina. That's true. And you're a preacher. And your name is Reverend William Rogers. Is that right? Go home, brother, and may the Lord Jesus make you well for the glory of God. Amen.
Have faith in God. Believe Him. All things are possible to them that believe. "If thou canst believe..." You say, "Strange?" Oh, no. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, isn't He? Amen. Now, just... The Bible said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." [Mark 11:22], [Mark 9:23]
L-60 I see standing in a vision here above me; I see trees like palm trees hanging over this man setting here. Yes, he's setting there beside of a lady. And he's got arthritis. She has a gallbladder trouble. It's husband and wife. Yes, and you all come from a place called Florida. And the name of the city something like Perry. P-e-r-r... Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet if that's right. You're--you--you'll go back home and be well. Jesus Christ, your faith healed you and makes you well. Now, your arthritis is all gone, and you're well.
You believe? All things are possible to them that believe. If thou canst believe... Right now the whole group of you could be healed if you just believe it. I... It's beginning to get blurry out in... If you can just have faith, it don't make any difference what's wrong with you. Just keep looking; keep believing. [Mark 9:23]
L-61 I see a man setting here looking at me. I believe, it's--it's on the, right here at the line. He's looking towards me. He's been in surgery, had an operation. It's cut part of the stomach away. About two-thirds of the stomach has been taken away, and the gallbladder. And you've had two heart attacks. That's right. And you're a preacher. All right, go home; you don't have to come in here you're healed. Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen.
You believe with all your heart? Have faith. Don't doubt; just believe with all your heart. What about out there in the audience way back, you believe Him, way back? You shall see the Kingdom of God. You believe He raised from the dead, He lives forever more? Have faith in God. Oh, my, every one of you can be healed, the whole group right now.
L-62 You believe, lady. You're... Are you the--that's patient? Is this--is this the patient? All right, look this way just a moment. Now, we're strangers to one another. God knows us both, doesn't He? Now, to the audience, see, the only thing you have to do, friends... It's not me it; you're the one; you're faith is what's doing it. It--it's your faith a doing that. See, it isn't me. I... It's God's gift, but you're pulling from it. You see? And it's just making me so weak, I can hardly stand here. And my legs are buckling under me. Oh, I just wonder what this meeting will turn out to be. Wonderful.
L-63 Now, have faith. Believe. Now, here stands a lady here; I never seen her in my life. I don't know nothing about her. God knows all about her. I don't. But God does. If God will let that lady--something be said about her or whatever she's here for... I don't know what she's here for. God knows what she's here for. I don't. God knows that. But He does. And if God will reveal to her, through His unprofitable servant, just as a vessel, just like He did through Jesus His Son to that woman at the well, where her trouble was, would you believe it He's raised from the dead and He's just here the same?
L-64 Now, here's the same: a man, a woman. And that's the way it was there: a man, a woman. Jesus never see her; she never seen Him. They didn't know each other. But He talked to her a few minutes and told her just exactly what her trouble was. What was her trouble? And she said, "I know when Messiah cometh, He will do these things."
He said, "I am He that speaks."
Well, the Messiah is the One that's here now. He's the One Who's doing the work. How many of you, if God will make this woman known something in the supernatural realm, will you now, every person in here accept Him Christ as your Healer? Will you do it? Raise you're hands if you will, anywhere if you will do it? You can just go on and on all night, but what of it. Let's all be healed, every one of you, right now. So you everyone be healed and glorify God. [John 4:25-26]
L-65 Is there a sinner here that would say, "I will accept Christ, if I can see that done. I will believe it with all my heart, and accept Christ as my Saviour. Will you raise your hand anywhere? Anywhere around the...?... That's fine. God bless you. That's good. God bless you. Now, may He grant it.
Now, just a moment... Now, lady, I want you to look to me just as a--a servant. And I--I don't know you, have never seen you. But if God will let me know what you're here to see me about... You are here for something. If it's you're there a deceiver you, it'll--He will tell you in a few minutes just exactly. And if you're here for health, I--I couldn't do it no more that just what He'd tell me to do. Isn't that right? It's all I could do, 'cause I don't know you. You don't know me. But He knows us both. Then at that God knows it's at stake right here tonight, when it's getting late after ten. It's perhaps way later than time to close this stadium. But to be a groups of people be healed right now. So I believe He will do it, don't you?
L-66 Now, God knows if the people out there understands, that we do not know one another, just raise your hands like that, so that they'll know that I don't know you and you don't know me. All right, we're strangers. 'Less we just--you've heard of me or something like that. This our first time meeting. No way in the world I know anything what you be here. I just don't know you, just a lady here somewhere that's came into the line and that's all I know.
Now, just look at me, just a moment. I don't mean that. Just like this, Peter and John said to the crippled man at the gates, "Look on us." See? In another words, "Pay attention." You see? And they looked up. Peter seen the faith; he said, "Stand up; Christ has healed him." Now, He's the same Lord Jesus. And what He could do right here for this woman, He can do all over the audience. [Acts 3:12]
L-67 Now, the first place, you're here for a--a condition, a spiritual condition. That's right. You're seeking spiritual help, been having some trouble recently, darkness following you, nervous, upset. It's just a time of life has rolled around to that. You're not from this city. You're from--you're from this a way. You're from Texas. And the city is called like Sweet some... Sweetwater something like that, Texas. Isn't that right? You're going home a well woman. Jesus Christ has healed you. The devil has left you, and you're free. Amen.
How many believe with all your heart? How many wants to be healed right now with all your heart? If you'll do this right now, you can be healed. Stand to your feet, every one of you. Lay your hands over on each other, right now while you can. Believe.
L-68 Our heavenly Father I now come in the challenging Name of the Lord Jesus. I condemn every sickness, and let the devil that's bothered these people come out in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Every one of you here now that believes the Lord Jesus right now, that He's healed you, raise your hand and just praise Him. Just raise your hands and say, "Praise You, Lord Jesus." Amen. Say, "Praise the Lord," everywhere. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Go home a well person now, while I commit the service to the brother.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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