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Prayer Line 55-13
55-pl-13, Prayer Line 55-13, 80 min

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55-0819 - Unknown, Karlsruhe, Germany (Paragraphs: 37 - 47)
L-38 Now, the lady here, I have never seen her in my life. God knows that. I have never seen her. But God has seen her and knew her before she was born. She herself is a believer. You know how I know that? 'Cause her spirit feels welcome. She is aware now that where she's a standing, that she's standing in the Presence of some supernatural. I wish the audience could see this with their natural eye. This is one of your sisters, a German woman. And see if she doesn't testify of this to be true. A real sweet, humble spirit is around her. Isn't that right? If it is, raise up your hand. Between me and the lady is the Holy Spirit. It's--look like a Light to me. And the lady is--is a Christian, because her spirit's real welcome.
This is a very simple picture and a direct picture, just like the Lord Jesus when He talked to a woman. She's a woman and I a man, and this is our first time to meet in life like Jesus met the woman. He talked to her a little while, till He seen where her trouble was, then He told her what was wrong with her. And she said, "I perceive that You're a prophet. And I know that Christ will do this when He comes."
And He said, "I'm He." [John 14:19], [John 4:25-26]
L-39 Now, my sister, it's the same picture again. Now, if Jesus will reveal to me what's your trouble, and I can't even speak your language. But if He'll speak to me what your trouble is, will you believe like that woman, that it is Christ? Will the audience believe the same? Say, "Amen." The lady be the judge. The lady... If you... You have had a--much trouble. You have been real nervous, extremely nervous. I see you can't hold things. And you get times you have to set down. And you've got a trouble that's in your back. It's your liver on the right side in the back. And it cause you to be upset. I see a hospital. In the hospital I see her going in and see it's under an operation. But it isn't for the liver; it's for the female glands. Doctor's operate for female glands. THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Was that truth? If it is, wave your hand. That was not me. That was the Holy Spirit just using my voice. Now do you believe? Jesus raised from the dead. Your faith has healed you, sister. Return to your home, for you're going to be well.
I want to ask you something. While that was going on, something went through you, just something that seemed to tell you, "This is the end of my trouble." That is right. If that's right, raise your hand and wave it. Hallelujah. God bless you. Praise the Lord.
L-40 All right, would you--where... Sir? Now, every one inside and out, that's God's attitude towards you. God will grant to you the same thing that He did to that person, whoever it was. And now, you in the audience, just believe. Have faith and God will grant it. Jesus said, "I can if you believe." His mercy rest upon you.
The elderly lady looking at me, ...?... she has a blood disease, setting right down there. You believe that God healed you, sister? Yes. You believe that God healed you? You may be made well then. You were praying to God to help you. The lady with the glasses on with her hand up, you were praying. And I felt your faith pulling, and it went right to you. Amen. [Mark 9:23]
L-41 The man is strange to me. I do not know him. But Jesus knows you. And now He's here, or either I'm a false witness of Jesus Christ. But you be the judge. You believe with all your heart? Do you believe Jesus to be the Son of God? I be His servant? You're here for some cause. I do not know. God does know. If He will let me know, it'll be only for His glory, so that you and the rest of the people would know that I have told the truth, that His Bible is Truth, that He raised from the dead and lives today, and doing the same thing that He did then. You believe that?
You're not here for yourself. You're here for somebody else. And that person's not here. The person's at another city. And it's a great city. I have never seen the city myself. I see great roads going in, and many people going around. It's in Germany. And from where I stand now, it looks to me, geographically, like it must be Berlin. It is a lady, and she is a--in bed. And that's why she could not come. I see her--someone looking at her. I hear what the doctor's saying, but I can't say what he's saying. The woman--what it looks to me, the way that it's striking her back, it must be multiple sclerosis. Does thou believe? You believe--have faith enough now that when you see her...?... be healed? I've asked you, my brother. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you go and receive that what you've asked for. Amen. Hallelujah.
L-42 Let us have faith. The lady before me, I know her not. She seems to be dressed a little odd. I... 'Course I'm not accustomed to your dressings here, and I don't... But the Lord knows you. And He's the only One that can help you. You are suffering with a--a--a bladder condition. It's a--it's under a glass or something, shows that it is a gall bladder; it's got a--a stone in the gall bladder. And I see you at a hospital. And you're not a patient, but--but you are a nurse, you--you're working in a hospital. Uh-huh. And that's your--that's--you're wearing--your dress is the way you dress as a nurse. Yes. You believe Jesus make you well? Would you come here?
O God, Father, You're so present to do these wonderful things for us. May Thy Spirit come and help now. And bless this woman who I bless in Your Name. And may she be made well; in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Have faith in God, and don't doubt, but believe. The elderly lady, there stands that Light by the woman setting right here, sit in the front row, about four in, she has high blood pressure. If you believe with all your heart, you may be made well. Amen. God bless you.
L-43 You believe, with all of your heart? You want to get over nervous condition. Uh-huh. Yes. And you have such a nervous condition that it makes poor circulation. Your hands go numb and in your feet. And extremely nervous, and then you can't sleep at night. I--I see you lying in the bed and you keep raising up, looking for time, looking through--towards a window: very nervous. Amen. That is true. Only God can heal you. Would you come near while I ask Him?
Our heavenly Father, bless this woman, who I bless in Thy Name. And may Thy Spirit come upon her. And I rebuke the evil spirit and say to him, "Leave this woman, in Jesus Christ's Name." Amen.
Now, you're quiet. It has left you. You feel quiet now. That's right, isn't it? If it is, raise your hand. Now, it will always stay from you if you just keep on believing. When you come up, something was even trying to hold you back, when you come up there. That is right, isn't it? Wave your hand. It was the devil. He didn't want you to get here, for he knows Jesus is here, and he knowed he'd have to leave. And you're the witness yourself. Now, go home and sleep like a baby. Amen.
L-44 Just be reverent. Don't doubt, and God will make well. You think God would heal you of that back trouble? And believe that God will make you well? If you do, rise up. That's it. Your faith healed you. Uh-huh. Amen. You see what I mean? You don't need prayer card. You need faith. Amen.
The man, I don't know--know him. God knows him. And I know him not. We are strangers, aren't we, brother? If Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, Who we are in the Presence of now, will show what your trouble, will you believe with all your heart? If you will, raise up your hand.
Now, friend, the Holy Spirit knows every one in here. There's not a thing can stay from Him. We could just keep on coming down the line, but I want it settled. You--you... You either believe now, or you do not believe. That is true. You believe that?
L-45 The elderly lady, setting about three in, in that row, she has a back trouble and nervous. You believe Jesus makes you well? If you do, you can receive your healing.
I see a black spirit, very horrible looking. It's looking this... Just a moment. It's epilepsy. The lady with a white... Yeah. Amen. There's one right down here too: epilepsy. Right there on the cot, on the cot. Raise up, little lady. The lady with the white ...?... on, rise up. O God, I cast away these evil spirits; in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out. Amen.
Don't doubt. Believe. You have what you ask for. Amen. Have faith. It's your faith that does it. It's your faith pulling the gift of God. It isn't me. I know nothing of you. I would go to each one of you, but I can't. It's your faith; your faith is doing it. Have faith in God.
Now, setting right here, right in that other section there--over there, looking right at me, there's a Light hanging there--there they have a heart trouble and nervousness. The lady setting on the end. All right. Right back there is holding her hand's like this, you have nervousness, and you was praying for me to call you. Amen. Be well.
L-46 Excuse me. I have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You believe you're in His Presence? His Presence, God's Presence? Then He knows you. I do not. But will this audience with one accord in your heart, would accept Jesus, there for Your Healer. If God will bring to pass what this man's here for, will you do it now? Say, "Amen." This is only for God's glory. I see the man holding his head. He has headaches, severely. It was caused from a--being shot, was shot in the head. That is true. And there is someone with you here now, that is sick. It's a woman. It's your wife. And her sickness is in her back: back trouble. And there is another woman that's here. And it's a elderly woman than you, and it--it is a--your--it is your mother-in-law, and her trouble's in her feet. That is right. You believe Jesus Christ make you well? Then it'll cease and go, and you shall have what you've asked for.
Dear God, be merciful on this man and give him everything he desires, according to Thy riches in glory. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. Way down there, right through here, lady, there suffering with TB, if you believe with all your heart, way back that direction right here. God healed you; go home and be well. Amen. [Mark 9:23]
L-47 Only believe. All things are possible. All right. Oh, it's a blind girl. I want every one to bow their head. Don't raise your head until you--we ask you to. The gate of the soul is the eye. This is somebody's little girl. If I had power to heal her, I would do it. But I haven't power. Only God has. She has a blind spirit. Only God can heal, take this off of her. I want you to pray and believe with all your heart. Now, of course there's curiosity, that's the reason I ask you, inside and out, for mercy sake, let me have this little girl by myself just for a few moments. If--if God would give her sight, I would tell you. I only can ask Him. Now, keep your head bowed and you pray now. Walk now. You can look, brother.
Dear God, as I hold this darling little child, a girl, up against my body, I'm thinking tonight, away across the sea of my little Rebekah, crying when I left. Did You send me, Lord, for this little girl? We're unworthy. Thou art worthy. O God, let this little child receive its sight. Grant it, Lord. Be merciful. This is beyond man; a blind spirit has blinded her eyes. Thou can give her sight. Make him go tonight, Lord. Grant it, Lord, for Your glory; through Jesus' Name. Now, keep your head down.
Satan, you blind spirit, you're not afraid of me, but you know you have to obey Jesus. I come in His Name, the Name of Jesus Christ, Who died at Calvary...?... And as His servant I challenge you in faith. You have no legal right. Your rights was took from you at Calvary. Christ holds all rights. And I say in His Name, you come out of the girl, in the Name of Jesus. And don't you hold her any longer, for God's glory and the praise of Jesus Christ. ...?...
Raise your head. Jesus has restored sight to the baby. See me...?... Raise up your hand to Jesus. Now, look at me. Now, put your hand on my nose. Put your hand over on my nose. You are healed. [Mark 9:23]

55-0826 - Unknown, Lausanne, Switzerland (Paragraphs: 27 - 35)
L-28 God knows... And you understand that I do not. If there was anything I could do to help you, or anyone else and would not do it, I'd be a brute. If I could help someone and would not do it, I'd be very unkind. Only thing I can do is to take a gift that God gave me to get you to have faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. And He promised in the Bible that He would come in us and do these things through every age, until He physically returns again. Do you believe that? Now, you're just like the woman standing at the well.
Have you ever read? She said, "Sir, I perceive that Your a prophet." And He said, she said. "I know when Messiah cometh, the Christ, He will do these things." See, that was the sign of Christ. Said, "But Who are You?"
Jesus said, "I am He." See, to know what was wrong with the woman was the sign of the Christ. It still be the sign of a prophet. And here we are tonight, just a man and a woman, standing here on this platform two thousand years later. [John 4:19, 26]
L-29 [] That Jesus makes you well? The little lady sitting there, if you believe with all your heart, you may be healed. Amen.
Lady setting here, having a hard time breathing. You believe Jesus makes you well, lady? All right, stand up. You been a nervous trouble, which caused you to be shut off. Breathe now. It's gone now. Wave your hand. See, you don't need prayer cards; you have to have faith. That woman's faith touched the Lord Jesus. That's why she was healed. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
How do you do? You believe with all your heart on the Lord Jesus? I'm just your brother, but Jesus knows all about you. You're conscious you're in His Presence.
You, sitting right back there looking this way, behind the folks with the stomach trouble, way back. You believe with all your heart? Yes, the lady, gray headed. That's right. She's standing up now. Your healed. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-30 See, Satan was doing evil. When you come up here... See, you had stomach trouble too, same thing. Then God can make you well. You've had much trouble with it. Uh-huh. Need operation, a hospital operation...?... That is true. You have... Back and forth, one and then the other... That you might know; I can't speak your language. Look at me and believe with all your heart. You believe me to be His prophet? I believe you do. Here's another thing you might know. You're a married woman. And do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is here to make you well?
You have a loved one; someone's trouble in their lungs...?... you want prayed for. You've been praying. That is right. Do you believe now that God will make them well? Come here.
Lord Jesus, be merciful and heal her, dear God, in Jesus Christ' Name. Amen. Now go believing, and you'll not have to have no more operations. Just be faithful; that's all.
Praise the Lord. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. Do you believe Him with all your heart? [Mark 9:23]
L-31 The lady that raised her hand right back here, about three or four rows back. She's suffering with a liver trouble. If you believe, you can be healed. Will you believe? All right. Go and be healed then, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
You believe with all your heart, lady? I've never seen you. Your face is gray. I can hardly see the audience now. I am not a fanatic. God bear me record.
We have never met before, we're strangers to each other. Jesus Christ knows us both. You have trouble with your legs, the poor circulation, because of your work. You work standing on your feet. You're around sick people or something. Your a nurse. There's two of you. There... You have a twin sister, and she's a nurse too. And she's got back trouble. Amen. Come.
Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, may this, our sister be healed and her loved ones. I bless them in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you.
If you can believe, all things are possible, but you must believe.
L-32 Lady setting, looking at me back there on the, towards the back, suffering with a nervous trouble... You believe with all your heart, lady? If you can believe, you can be made well. For instance, if you might want to know who it is, a lady... One setting right next to you, look the way, is suffering with a liver trouble. Do you understand? Yes. That's right. Now, if you want to know, there you are lady. All right.
Now, if you want to believe God with all your heart, the lady right next to you, the other way is suffering with a head trouble. That's right, lady. Now, you can all go home, and be made well. Jesus Christ heals you. Amen.
Do you believe? Just have faith in God.
The lady, how do you do? We strangers to each other. God knows us both. And someday, God, and you, and I will stand together. And we will have to give an account for our lives. You believe that?
Are you believing on the stretcher there, lady? You're near the Kingdom now. Be reverent, everyone.
Excuse me. I just have to follow the Holy Spirit. I wouldn't think that. It is not a stage show. You're mistaken; don't do that. Something bad might happen to you.
L-33 You are suffering with a trouble in your mouth. It's very dark around you. It's a cancer. You are a mother. I see a boy standing by you, about ten or twelve years old, sick too, something in the lung, TB. in the lung. And here's something of you. All your life, you've had a longing, saying, "Someday you'd become a Christian." You need Jesus as your Saviour. These things has happened to bring you to Him. Do you now accept Jesus as your personal Saviour? Your sins be forgiven you, my child. Go in the Name of Jesus and live, and let your son live also.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt, but believe with all your heart. As Jesus Christ, the Son of God is here. Now, do you believe Him?
L-34 []... Jesus Christ the Son of God, that's the things He did when He was here on earth. Brother and sister, it's not me; it's Jesus.
Now, the lady standing here, I--I don't read the... It isn't reading the people's mind. You think people are thinking about things they done many years ago? Let the lady come near me, and just hold my hand. If God will tell me what's the trouble with the lady, will you...?... You be the... Lady, here, if Jesus just show me what your trouble is, if you will, you raise up your hand, if you will accept Him?
You suffer with a lady's trouble, a female disorder. Christ healed you; you can go. God bless you.
Have faith, believe with all your heart. If you can believe, God will make you well.
L-35 Here sits a lady right back here, right back behind this row here, suffering with a lady's trouble, with a...?... place on her hair...?... clothes. Your faith healed you, lady. God made you well. God bless you. Amen.
I don't know those people. How would I know what was wrong with them? It's their faith.
That lady just then, was in her heart, saying, "I believe that. That is true." And God healed her. She didn't realize how bad she was. But the lady from back there was standing here on the platform. And I seen a vision, the Angel of the Lord go with her. That's how I knew who she was. And she was saying in her heart, "I believe that." If that's right, lady, raise up your hand? Do you believe now? You don't have any prayer card; you don't have no way, nothing at all. Your faith alone healed you, and what I told you I saw in a vision here, and what you were saying, if that was right, raise your hand? Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Now, do you believe? He's here to make every one of you well.

55-0828e - Unknown, Lausanne, Switzerland (Paragraphs: 29 - 47)
L-30 Didn't mean to...?... That's good. Let me... [Brother Branham speaks to the interpreter away from the microphone, while they are moving something--Ed]
All right. Now, every one real reverent. They're trying to check with the doctor or something about the lady that was sick. If he thinks she's fixing to die... Let's talk to Jesus about that first, see what He says. Amen. A--a--the prayer line... Somebody go down there. Go down, brother, if you will. All right, take their card.
L-31 Now, I want you to look this a way. And I want you to believe with all your heart. I want you to really believe. Now, if there was anything that I could do to help you for you to be well, I'd do everything I could to do it. Now, I can't do it. The only thing that I can do, be like your doctor. If you had something wrong, and he had a medicine for that, he'd measure out that medicine, and give it to you. That's all he can do. Next, is up to God. If you had something to be operated, he'd operate commit the rest to God. He couldn't heal the patient; he could only take out the thing that's hurting. He couldn't heal, but make the rest to God.
L-32 Now, God has give men a--a gift to preach. They preach, telling you Jesus died to save you. You believe it and be saved. The man can't save you; you have to accept what Jesus done. They preach to you and tell you Jesus died for your sickness. Then if you can't believe that, then He set gifts in the church by His Spirit.
Now, He sent me with a gift, as to see visions. And He works through His church just like He showed me visions. What's it to do? Raise your faith up so that you can believe and be healed. Now, friends, I'm not here as a deceiver. You know that. Surely you do. What business I got here if it isn't from my heart? I'm here to help you. So I'm giving you all that I know how to get you to believe Jesus.
L-33 Now, here's the lady standing here. I've never seen her in my life. She's perfect stranger. And now Jesus, what if He was standing here, just standing here where I am, and she was looking at Him? Now, she, maybe that she's got domestic troubles. I don't know what she would want. But say she is sick, if Jesus was standing here, and she'd say, "Jesus, will You heal me?" What would Jesus have to say to her?
He'd say, "Child, I've already done it. Don't you believe My Word? I healed you when I died at Calvary. That's all He could do." Oh, He might be able to talk to her. And if the Father would show Him something to tell her, that would be all, that would build up her faith.
Now, look when He talked to the woman at the well. He begin to speak to her, and she was a stranger, and He could--He told her what was wrong with her. Ah, she said, "I perceive that You're a prophet." She didn't think of that being God setting there in a human--dressed like a man. And He... She said, "I know when Messiah, the Christ, comes, that'll be the sign that'll follow Him. But Who are You?"
He said, "I am He."
Now, all through the Bible, that's what Jesus did. And if He's raised from the dead, He'll do it again. Is that right? Say, "Amen," if it is. Now, we'll let this lady be the judge. [John 4:26]
L-34 Now, I'm going to ask her if we know each other. I have no way of knowing anything about you: perfect strangers. If that's right...? Now, how would I know about this woman? God knows I don't know her. But I know there's something near here now, that Angel that you seen on the picture tonight. (...?... this might easier. Pull round here.)
How many never seen the Angel of the Lord, raise up your hand? Never did see it? Raise your hand. There It is. That was taken in America. See the Pillar of Fire? The best scientists in the world has examined that. It hangs in a Hall of Religious Art with a scientific--scientific research. It's the only supernatural Being was ever photographed in all the world. Thanks be to God. Now, that's what is here. Now, you seen that Pillar of Fire, didn't you? Listen, I don't know when I'll ever see you again. But that same Pillar of Fire isn't two feet from where I'm standing right now. Amen.
L-35 Now, It's not me; It's Him. Now, He knows this woman. He knows all about her. So if I be His eyes, or He uses my eyes, and my voice, to try to encourage His child, we thank God for it. And that ought to make every one of you thankful. Wouldn't it make you thankful? Say, "Amen."
Now, if God will do that for this woman, will every one of you believe Him? With all your heart? Now, look, friend, you'll have to admit It's a supernatural Being, so your approach to It will determine what you'll get from It. So have faith. I won't talk no more.
L-36 Now, we being strangers, sister, never seen each other before? I know nothing of you? But you realize that God knows you and He knows me. Now, you're here for something. I don't know, but He does. Well, if He will reveal it to me what you're here for, will you accept Him as Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that can give you what your desire is. You believe it? Amen.
The first thing, I see the lady... Between she and I is that Light. She's beginning to fade out. I see her as she goes back, merely a girl. And she's real nervous, been nervous all of her life. I see it following her; even in school days she was nervous. She's aphakia. She's also nearsighted. She is in school. She holds the books close; and when she takes it back; she's been nearsighted. Then I see her as a young woman, failing in health. It's into her lungs. She has--she has been to a doctor, and the doctor has said that it's very bad. One lung is gone. And the other one is almost gone. And you're standing in a dying condition. THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-37 Now, lady, you heard me speak it. That wasn't me. That was that Angel. Was it right? If is was, raise your hand. Do you believe now? ...?... Now, what's the next thing I can do? Lay my hands on the woman and ask for her life to be spared. For what, what else--what would that do to her? Back to the Bible. Jesus said, "That insomuch as you've done to the least of these, my little ones, you have done it unto Me." He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. They'll lay their hands on the sick; they shall recover." And that the woman knows that something is close, she sees it by scientific re--by proof. She feels It on her own body.
Watch me. I'm going to ask her. Lady, isn't that a strange feeling to you now? Isn't it strange the way you're feeling? That's this Light. It's hanging right over you, trying to find where the faith is laying. Scientifically it's proved; by feelings it's proved; by revelation it's proved. Jesus said in the mouths of two or three witnesses, let every word be established. The Bible said it would be. The picture says it's so. Her feeling says it's so. And the revelation of the Lord says it's so. There's four positive witnesses. It has to be so. [Matthew 25:45], [Mark 16:18]
L-38 Now, could I heal her? No. Only her faith in God can do it. Will you pray with me while I lay hands on her, for the lady's in a dying condition. And she's just a child; she's young, like she's got her life before her. She wants to live. She wants to live like you want to live. Mother, what if that was your girl? Dad, what if that was your child? Brother, what if that was your sister or your wife? You'd want everybody to be sincere. And that's what we want to be: she's somebody's child.
Dear heavenly Father, realizing that this is a crucial time for my sister, oh, will You show mercy, God? With my hands laid upon her, the only thing can save her life is the creative act of You. O God, You can grow those lungs back. Grant it, and it will be so. I condemn this devil of Tuberculosis. O you demon, you've hid from God, and from the doctors, but you can't hide from God. Come out of the woman, in Jesus' Name. Amen
Now, that's it. Now is the time. Right now you feel fine. That's right. Now, it's gone from you. Now, keep believing. Go back to your doctor; watch what he tells you. Just eat all you can eat. Gain weight again. Weigh yourself tomorrow. Another week, weigh yourself again. Then write me a letter. Amen. God bless you. God bless you...?... That's right...?...
L-39 Now, everybody real reverent. Hold steady. Oh, what could happen? It ought to be settled right now. Praise God. Everybody ought to have faith. Could be now. But let's pray for a few more. I've got a few coming and all of them come into...?... All--all but number 3. Everybody's in the line.
Now, lady, we are strangers to each other. Jesus knows you. Do you believe that Jesus the Son of God, if He was standing here... He is. That's what you're feeling right now. I want the audience; watch the expressions on the patient's face when that strikes them.
The lady knows something's around her. She's aware of that. I see you got trouble. It's in your side and in your back. Isn't that right? It's the left side. That's right. It's a tumor in the left side and in the back. Is that right? You believe Jesus will heal you? Dear God, be merciful to our sister...?... get rid of this horrible demon... []...?...
L-40 And it come a great goiter. And then you had that goiter taken out by a surgery. And since they have taken it out, now you're getting a bad effect. You have almost been blind. Your eyes are going bad. And you're getting weak spells and the other thing. And many things taking place. That is true. You believe Jesus' standing near you? Dear heavenly Father, I pray in Jesus' Name, have mercy upon this woman. You had some reason to send her up here tonight. O God, be merciful to her, and spare her, and heal her, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, my dear sister.
L-41 Now, I'm not beside myself. It just makes me weak. Such a feeling in that audience. Every spirit is subject right now. You, who feel strange towards this, I feeled you; I know you're here. What a feeling. O Jesus, that's the Son of God, He lives. There's many of you believing tonight. Don't be discouraged. I believe with all my heart, great healings are going to take place.
L-42 Now, to the lady.... Now, we could just bring the whole line of them. We just keep doing the same thing. But let's talk to the lady, just this one, one more. And let's just see what the Holy Spirit will tell her. Now, the lady is--is a stranger. Now, lady, so the people won't think it's psychology, take your mind off of what you're here for. Think of something else that has nothing to do with it. Now, I want you to believe Jesus. And if Jesus will tell me what your trouble is, will you accept it, and believe with all your heart?
Now, you're aware that I don't know you; never seen you in my life. But as certain as I'm a minister, on the platform, I want to ask you something. About one minute ago when I was speaking to you, something settled over you (Is that right?) as a feeling. Raise your hand. That's right. Amen. That's the Angel of the Lord. Now, believe. You are suffering with nervousness. Then you got a... I see them examine a heart. You've got a heart trouble. Then you got something wrong in the liver. Something's in the liver, it examined. You're under a doctor's care with medicine and doctors. And I see your doctor as he's shaking his head. He a--he told you that you was... He's taken a--something about a fever, a kind of fever, a fever. And he--he doesn't know what that fever has come. He can't understand what that fever's about. That's right. Yes. Amen. Jesus does.
Come, mother. O God, be merciful to my sister. And I pray that You heal her, Lord...?... send Thy Holy Spirit. Now, heal every nerve and make her well, in Jesus' Name. Amen. Now, God bless you. You're welcome.
L-43 Praise the Lord. If thou canst believe? Why can't you believe?...?... Why can't you believe? Our God is here to heal you. You believe that? Sure, He is. Have faith in Him.
What about it, mother? Going to believe now? What about it, sister, right behind? You going to believe? If you could, you could eat again. God would make you well. What do you think, little sister, setting there looking at me with heart trouble, setting there with a little black band around your hat? You got heart trouble, haven't you? You were praying, and you were asking God to make you well, weren't you? That's right. You can have it. God will make you well.
Sister, you believe me to be God's servant? The reason I say that... See, He told me, "If you get the people to believe you," not believe me as He, but believe that He had sent me. Will you do something for me? Would you lay your hand on that lady next to you, over there?
Right next... No, the next one, the other side. That lady is setting there very sick. She's got liver trouble in the liver. And you want to be healed, don't you, lady? That's right. Wave your hand if you do. Amen. Now, I'm going to ask prayer for you.
Jesus, Son of God, heal them. Their faith pulls this way. But it's still dark around them, Father. Oh, move the darkness and make them well, in Jesus' Name. Satan, leave them, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, look. Now, the Lord bless you. The same darkness that was around you, has gone from you. Faith, if thou canst believe, all things are possible.
L-44 The lady setting right here looking at me. She's saying, "Lord, have him call me." You got heart trouble. ...?... You have heart trouble. You believe, with heart trouble? That believes with all your heart? You do? Then you can be healed of heart trouble. Amen.
Now, you got blood disease, setting right there. You believe Jesus will make you well, setting right down there? Yes? You believe?...?... All right. Sir, He healed you. Amen. Just have faith.
Right here, see that Light hanging yonder? It's about four rows up. Got arthritis, haven't you, right out there at the end? Do you believe Jesus make you well? If you believe, you can receive. All right. You believe it? Amen. Then you can have it.
Here's another setting right here with arthritis. You believe? You can have it. Amen. You believe right out there with that head trouble, setting right back there with trouble with your head? You believe? Then you can have it. Amen. Oh, He's here, right here. Do you believe?
L-45 Here sets a lady, the second one in, about four rows back, that's got nervous trouble. You believe Jesus would make you well? Amen. You can have it right now.
Here sets a lady right back there, got trouble with her legs, in her legs. Do you believe? Stand up on your feet. Jesus makes you well. Amen. Have faith. Have faith; don't doubt.
Setting right here, got epilepsy. You believe that God will heal you and make you well? If you do, you can have it. Amen. Hallelujah.
Setting out yonder, with that lady's trouble, setting back a little bit, with the lady's... Yeah, back there with the lady's trouble, setting just behind here. Right there, the lady's trying to stand up. That's right, lady. Amen. You can have your healing. Hallelujah. Believe Him.
L-46 Look over in this a way. There It goes up through here. It's right here. There's a man standing back here with prostate trouble. Do you believe that--that Jesus will make you well? You can have what you ask for. Amen. Hallelujah. Can't you believe Him? Oh, my. See? Now It's just going everywhere. Let's see if we can get a few more in the prayer line.
Come. You believe? With all your heart? Awhile ago, you were setting right back there. This afternoon while I was preaching, you were looking at me. You are a believer. You have a lady's trouble. You were healed this afternoon while you were setting back there. Something come over you. Is that right? That's...
Just look out there; here It goes all over the audience. I'm going to ask you something. Every lady that's got lady's trouble like that, stand up on your feet right quick now. Get up on your feet, every one of you. There He is. You remain standing.
Jesus, that can heal here, can heal there. O God, in Jesus' Name... Satan, you're condemned. Leave these women, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Go home and be well,...?... in Christ's Name. ... gone.
L-47 You believe Him with all your heart? Here. Every one that's in the audience. Here's something new. Every one that's suffering with kidney trouble in your back, stand up. Got kidney trouble... Looky there. Here's what the lady's got. Same demons are calling for help. I can't single you out. Look at...?... It's just all over you. Let's pray.
O God, in Jesus' Name, condemn the devil. Satan, come out of them, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you. Go and be well. Amen. Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Believe with all your heart. Does everybody believe? You believe? Hallelujah. Jesus never fails.
You believe, lady, setting here with rheumatism? You believe Jesus will make you well? You believe that He'll heal you? He can if you believe. There's only thing to do, that would be accept Him. And you just stand to your feet and be made well. Oh, my. Why can't you?
Oh, people, the whole building's just, to my way of seeing it, it's lit up with the power of God. It's just over your head. I believe you can be healed. Look. I condemn every doubt, in Jesus Christ's Name. This is your hour, every one of you all along here, stand up and get yours. Looky here, coming up out of their chairs, everybody. O God, praise be to the Lord. Oh, we thank You, Father.
Satan, we condemn thee; you're lost. In Jesus' Name, leave this audience.
You know that song, "Jesus...?..." You do? ...?...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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