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An Exodus
56-0615, An Exodus, Cadle Tabernacle, Indianapolis, IN, 105 min

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L-1 [A brother welcomes Brother Branham--Ed.] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. May be seated just a moment. I certainly appreciate that fine welcome. And I want to say also, and to Dr., the chairman, and to Brother Boze, and to the other, Dr. Beeland, that this has certainly been a pleasure for me to be here and to minister with you brothers in this fine fellowship, and only count it... I deem it a privilege to get to come back again in the year to come. You've been very nice, and I certainly thank you all for your kindness and courtesy.
I want to also say to--to all the people that's gathered here from different churches, you've been very nice and cooperative, and I appreciate you with all my heart, and hope that I can be a benefit to you sometime and a blessing to you.
Then in behalf of the Cadle Tabernacle and its staff, I certainly thank them, truly, with all my heart, that it's certainly been a great privilege to be here under the roof of this great mammoth church here. I say this without hesitation. I believe this is the best acoustics and the best arranged church for a healing campaign that I ever walked in in my life. And I certainly appreciate their kindness of opening the doors to us. May the Lord bless them.
L-2 And to Mr. Russell Ford, and Cadle, and the staff, I certainly thank you all, my brethren, with all my heart. And if ever I can be a blessing to you or a favor to you, why, just let me know.
And I'm thinking of this--what it means, and how Mr. Cadle, this memorial here of love and suffering and tears and prayer, that he and Mrs. Cadle has gone upstairs. And God rest their gallant soul, is my prayer. And we are--deem it a privilege to get into the Tabernacle to continue the work along and help our part, as Mr. and Mrs. Cadle labored so faithfully here in the church.
And then we hope next year, by God's grace, for us all to be back again. I trust that all the sick will be well and--and all the unsaved will be saved till we get again. And God bless you.
I can't think of the--the minister's name who's been speaking these morning breakfasts, but I certainly have been really carried away by his messages. They've been certainly wonderful. Charles Weston, I believe from the west coast... And he must have a wonderful church out there if he teaches that. And he's certainly a good teacher. God bless you all.
L-3 And now, I believe they told me they taken an offering for me a few moments ago. Thank you. I never come for an offering. I told them they didn't have to do that. I just come to be a blessing to you. But I thank you. I have, well, four children and a wife, and I have a lot of expenses. My expenses runs about a hundred dollars a day whether I'm working, or whether I'm in the field or not: my office and so forth. I'll assure you that every penny of it is some of your living and you've shared it with me, and I'll do my very best to spend every cent to the kingdom of God. And may He pay you a hundredfold is my prayer.
Now, before we open the Book, shall we speak to the Author just a minute, as we bow our heads.
L-4 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight, from the very depths of our innermost being, for the love of Jesus Christ that's shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. And now, tonight, at the ending of this great campaign and convention, we bow to give Thee thanks for all that Thou hast done. Bless every one that's had a part in it. And we just thank Thee for the many, many things that You've done. Seeing the testimonies pouring in, Lord, of people going home and finding tumors gone, goiters missing; and all kinds of diseases and afflictions has been taken from them. We're so thankful for it: the souls, above everything, that's come with an uplifted heart to Thee and surrendered to Thee, we pray, Lord, that Thou will bless them abundantly through life. Give them long life and eternal life in the world to come.
Now, we're opening Thy Book, Father, the pages, and we pray that You'll minister to us by the Holy Spirit; for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-5 Now, it's just a little late tonight, and we're--don't want to keep you long. I've got hundred and something miles to drive yet tonight. So I'd just like to say this, and I--I don't mean this to--to--for pastors and so forth. Many time, when people says, "Write to me. Send us a letter," sometimes there's something behind it. That might be. I don't mean that to harm now. See, people's got radio broadcasts and so forth to support, but I haven't anything like that. I try to keep my ministry little, so that I can minister and not honor any burden. I don't have no paper, no--no nothing but just the Lord Jesus. So I... He's my Sufficiency. So I... But it...
L-6 Many times, I noticed in the meeting there hasn't been any prayer cloths laid up to be prayed over, handkerchiefs, and so forth. All of you believe that, don't you? It's the Scripture. And if you desire one, just write to me at Jeffersonville. I'll assure you, you won't be dunned or anything, and it's all free, don't cost you nothing. But we'd just be glad to do it. Sometimes people sends us a little something to help us on stamps and--and the cloths and so forth, we have to buy. Each one of I've...?... prayed over and will send to you. We have a greater ministry in that than we do in anything else nearly. They send out thousands of them all over the world. And they're certainly... God has blessed our feeble efforts in this, because it's obeying a Scripture.
Now, just write us as Jeffersonville, Indiana, and it'll come to me. The Post Office box is 325, but you--it's not necessary to have that: just my name at Jeffersonville; it'll come.
L-7 Now, quickly, we want to get right into the Scripture, pray for the sick, and minister. And to all you dear people now, here that's come from... They was telling me back there, I believe, there was people here from many different places in the world. So we're happy. And especially, I met the people from Africa. I hope to be ministering in Africa soon again in another great revival.
And I say, there's one thing you can do for me that'll be the greatest help you can do. Will you do it? Say, "Amen." Pray for me, and that's the best I know then. Remember, when the times are going hard and the challenges are coming from witch doctors and everything else, I'll be depending on you, know that the people will be praying for me as I minister. And if I never see you again this side of the river, I hope to meet you on the other side. God be with you.
L-8 As we read in God's Word in Exodus the--the, I mean Numbers the 13th chapter, and beginning and reading the 30th verse, just for a little text to pull a little context out of the Scripture, if God willing by the Holy Spirit, nothing premeditated, just waiting for unction... And I'll watch and not try to keep you very long if I can help it.
And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. [Numbers 13:30]
L-9 Last evening... We have been speaking the last two evenings on Genesis, the seed chapter, where God planted the seed, and Satan planted the seed: his. And they both been growing together ever since. It'll soon be harvest time when the harvest will be reaped. Oh, if we just had about two or three weeks of good revival time here to go into some of these great things...
I'm a typologist and I--I like to type the--the shadows, because, if I know what the shadow looks like, I have some conception of what the reality looks like. So without an education, I had to go to that--to shadows, the Old Testament to see it foreshadow the New. And everything in the Old Testament speaks of Calvary: everything. You're complete in Christ. And you're not saved because that you pack a crucifix; you're not saved because you go to church; you're not saved because you know your catechism or your textbook; you're not even saved because you know the Bible. You are saved because you know the Person Christ Jesus. To know Him is life. Not even to know His Word is life, but to know Him, the Person, is life. There's only one way to know Him; that's to be born again of the Spirit of God. [Genesis 3:1-6]
L-10 Now, we were studying last two evenings on Abraham, the great patriarch. And tonight, we're going over into the Exodus just for a short time. We left Abraham upon the mount where he had offered up the ram instead of Isaac. And he called the place Jehovah-jireh. God told Abraham that his seed would sojourn in a strange land and would be in slavery, bondage, for four hundred years; but then He would bring them out with a mighty hand.
And we find that Isaac begot Jacob, and Jacob, Joseph. And Joseph was betrayed of his brethren: perfect, beautiful type of the Lord Jesus. Was taking down--remember, he was loved by his father, hated by his brethren. And the only reason they hated him, because he was spiritual; he saw visions and could interpret dreams. And his brethren, they were good fundamental people, but they just couldn't see the supernatural side. And they hated him without a cause. Perfect type of Christ when He came, He was a--they hated Him, the Jews, His brethren, because He was spiritual and had a spiritual understanding, and could foretell, or tell forth, or know the secrets of their heart, and could tell them what happened to them, what their troubles was. And the Jews hated Him for that cause. But He was of God. [Genesis 22:12-14], [Genesis 37:3-5]
L-11 Then Joseph was throwed into a ditch, and supposingly to have been killed, and was taken up from the ditch, and went into the dungeon in Egypt, and from there to the Pharaoh's right hand. As Christ was sold for thirty pieces of silver, Joseph was sold, almost thirty pieces of silver. Christ was throwed into the ditch, the grave, and was taken up, and sets at the right hand of God the Father. And every one--no one, rather, could come to Pharaoh without first coming through by Joseph. No man can come to God except by Christ the Son of God.
And there was a proclamation made that--that Joseph could bind Pharaoh's servants at his own pleasure. And another thing, that when Joseph went forth in the chariot, callers went before him, saying, "Bow the knee, everybody, for Joseph is appearing." And when Jesus comes, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Friend, you're going to pray sometime; you're going to confess Jesus sometime, either as your Saviour now and meet Him in peace, or as your Judge, at that day to meet Him when the wrath of God will be your destination. [John 6:44], [Romans 14:11]
L-12 Notice, then after sojourning, how Isaac was brought down, or Jacob, rather, and he died down in Egypt and was brought back into Palestine and buried. Joseph died; and when he died he left a--a sign to all the Israelites that said, "Don't bury my bones down here." I like that.
Did you ever notice, last night we had just a little in between the line. Here's just a little in between the line. Will you bear with me a moment on it? A little in between the line. Look. They were prophets; that's the reason they could see these things. It wasn't written. It--neither is it written now, but they were prophets and could foresee it. [Genesis 50:25]
L-13 Now, notice, when Job, the patriarch, died at the end of his great tribulation... I just love the Book of Job. Many people just pass by that. That's God, every--the full Gospel in it, the Book of Job. All of his trials... I preached on it in my tabernacle for a year and something. And when I got Job over to the ash heap, I had him there about six weeks. A lady was--didn't want to come up to my face and tell me; she wrote me a letter, and said, "Brother Branham, when you going to get Job off the ash heap?" So, for... Oh, my, what all tied into that.
That great patriarch standing there, and he was trying to find somewhere to go to the house of God, and knock on the door, and have a little interview with God. And Elihu came down and tried to tell him that he was wrong, and how that there was coming a Just One Who'd put His hands on a sinful man and a holy God and bridged the way. And when Job--the Spirit come on Job, he raised up, and he said, "I know my Redeemer liveth and at the last days He'll stand on the earth. And though the skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God." The thunders roared and the lightnings flash. [Job 19:25-26]
L-14 Notice what he said, "In the last days... I know my Redeemer liveth (continuation), and at the last days He's to stand upon the earth. Though the skinworms destroy this body (Pardon me.), yet in my flesh shall I see God, Whom I shall see for myself. Mine eyes shall behold and not another."
Now, they all knew that Job, being a prophet, that if Job was going to see the Redeemer stand on the earth in the last days, the patriarchs through revelation, knew that they would see Him too. So Job, where he was buried... Many hours we could put on the subject, but to hit the high places... [Job 19:25-26]
L-15 Along come Abraham, and when Sarah died, Abraham specified a place and bought a parcel of ground. Did you ever check where it was at? Same place Job was buried. Then when Abraham died, he was buried with Sarah. Abraham begot Isaac. When Isaac died, he was buried with Abraham. Isaac begot Jacob. And Jacob died way down in Egypt; but before he died, knowing his spiritual son, Joseph being a prophet, said, "Joseph, come here and put your hand on the hip," where the Angel of the Lord touched him as a great man, strong.
On this side of the river, he was a great strong supplanter, but on the other side of the river, he was a limping prince. He got the prince name from "supplanter" to "Israel." Then he put his hand on there, and he said, "Swear by the God of heaven that you'll not bury my bones down here in Egypt." Why? What difference does it make where you're buried? Said, "Swear by the God of our fathers, Abraham, and Isaac, that you'll not bury my bones down here, but take me back to the homeland." Why? [Genesis 32:32], [Genesis 50:25]
L-16 Joseph, when he died, years later... Jacob was taken back, buried with Abraham. Joseph, when he died, he said, "Don't bury my bones down here." Why? Said, "Take my bones when you go out, and bury them up in the promised land." Why? They knew that at the resurrection, the firstfruits of the resurrection, that Jesus was coming. And when He come and they did for Him, what they said... And on Easter morning when He arose up (Matthew 27), the Bible said that many of the bodies of the saints that slept in the dust of the earth come out of the graves at the resurrection and entered into glory with Him. Who was it? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. See? He--they were spiritual, and they had a discernment that they knowed that resurrection was not going to take place down in Egypt. It was going to take place in the promised land.[Genesis 50:25], [Exodus 13:19], [Joshua 24:32], [Hebrews 11:22]
And brethren, tonight, I know from leaving the Baptist church and so forth, I got a lot of criticism and so forth, but I seen the spiritual meaning of the coming of the Lord, for those that are in Christ will God bring with Him at the resurrection. You can have all your fantastics you want to and all your big denominations, but bury me in Christ; for them that are in Christ, God will bring with Him at the resurrection. Between the lines, you see it? [Matthew 27:52-53], [I Thessalonians 4:15]
L-17 Then, finally there came the time of the Exodus. The "Exodus" means "the calling out" or "the separation." It come a time where God had to separate His people; they were in bondage, a beautiful type of today. I think the very ch--word "church" means "the called out." And there's a Exodus going on in the world today. Do you believe it? God, calling out a people for His Name's sake out of the Gentiles. The days of the Jews is soon at hand; the Gentile day's over then. See? When the Gospel turns to the Jew, the Gentile dispensation's finished. Oh, I just know that it's bound to be soon, every sign pointing to it. [Acts 15:14]
L-18 Notice the Exodus, the calling out. So God, when He got ready to do this, there was nothing in the world that man could do or put a hand on. God did it Himself. So no matter how much we try to say, "This organization will do it. This denomination will do it." God will do it. That's the only One that can do it. It'll be the sovereign grace of God that'll come down and unite the churches together, the called out, and we'll have an Exodus, a going out.
Watch how God did it: very strange. They brought a man and woman, a righteous man of God. They brought forth a little boy, and they named him Moses. And when he become the age of forty, he refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter, esteeming the treasures of Christ greater riches than that of Egypt. He was Pharaoh's son and had his foot on the throne. But if Pharaoh could've only examined the Word of God, he certainly would've not done what he did.
And I'm sure, tonight, sinner friend, if you would examine the Word of God, you'd be careful what you said and done. How that Pharaoh thought, "Surely, I'm all secure." [Hebrews 11:24]
L-19 But Moses, being spiritual, understood that God was going to take the children of Israel out and he called him to do it. Now, he tried it in himself. That's what's the matter with a lot of people today. You try to bring healing to yourself. You try to work up your own salvation. That won't work. It just won't do it. Joining churches and signing papers and putting pledges in, that's not God's program. That's religion, but it's not salvation.
Notice, he failed, miserably failed, and run into the desert for another forty years while God had him back on the backside of the desert, where he married this Ethiopian woman: Zipporah. And she was high tempered. Moses was too, so I guess there was some little trouble on the backside of the desert once in a while. Don't turn your wife down 'cause she's got a little temper. Maybe that's your cross. God might've give it to kinda keep you lined up: same thing with you women to your husbands. Stick together: promised God you would, so stay with it.
Notice, I'm a person don't believe in marriage and divorce. You know that, so... Look, my brother. If you went at that more prayerfully, there'd be less of it. [Exodus 2:21]
L-20 Now, Moses now was eighty years old. Instead of being a deliverer, it looked like all hopes was gone. And he was a sheepherder for his father-in-law. My. Way back on the backside of the desert, one morning, walking along when the sun was coming up, and he looked over and he seen a bush burning. God always give something to attract the attention of the believer. So he stepped aside, not to criticize, or not to analyze; not to pull some of the leaves off and take it down to the laboratory to see why them leaves didn't burn. He stepped to the side of this burning fire to kindly... Reverently, he approached it. God said, "Take off your shoes, Moses, for the ground you stand is holy ground."
That's what it is today. The reason that gifts and the church... The reason people don't get very much today is because it's irreverent you approach it. You've got to come to it with a full surrendered, made up mind. Amen. When you come to God, don't just haphazardly come up, and beat on the altar, and chew the chewing gum. That's not the way to come to God. Come just as sane as you can come and mean what you're talking about. God will receive you. [Exodus 3:5]
L-21 Notice. Said, "Moses, I've seen the suffering of My people. I've remembered My promise." I love that. God always remembers every promise He made. "And I'm going to send you right back down."
And Moses begin to complain. But he said, "Show me Your glory." And God showed Moses His glory and he was ready to go. And all the forty years of training his dear mother had give him on theology, and all that he'd learned out all the textbooks, he made a failure out of it. And in five minutes time, surrendered in the Presence of the Fire of God, he was better equipped than all the equipment in the world could make him.
And I say today, that what our seminaries and preachers need, is not a great long education, several years of schooling; they need to come in the Presence of the living God and get a revelation of His Divine will and His power; and approach it, not in a critical standpoint, "My church don't believe it." Take off your shoes when you approach it; come to it reverent. [Exodus 2:24], [Exodus 3:7]
L-22 God can do some of the most ridiculous things to the human mind. Watch your carnal mind, what would he said about this the next morning? Here come Moses. Runs home and he gets Zipporah, set her astraddle of a mule, with a kid on each hip, a stick in his hand, an old man, eighty years old, whiskers hanging way down, long hair hanging down, leading a little old donkey along, pulling him along with a rope; and his wife setting on the mule with a child on each hip. "Where are you going, Moses?"
"Going down to Egypt to take over." How ridiculous: a one man invasion. Right. But the beauty of it was, he did it. Why? God said so.
Don't make any difference how unreal it seems or how unreasonable it seems, don't try to figure it out, just obey what God said do. You can take over the circumstance tonight if you wish to. God said so. You can take and control every disease that's in this body. God said so. And He did it, and God will do it again. When He gives a promise, He'll stand behind it.
L-23 "What kind of a weapon you going to use?" You remember Pharaoh's got a lot of chariots and swordsmen and horsemen and everything like that. He had a crooked stick in his hand. What's in your hand? You might not be able to whistle, but you can do something. What's ever's in your hand, use it to the glory of God. Give it to Him and let Him bless it, and watch what takes place. Certainly, no matter what it is. It may seem little and insignificant to you, but give it over to God one time.
The little boy had a lunch. It wasn't very much to him, but once in the hands of Jesus, it fed five thousand, taken up baskets full. Whatever you got to do, do it. What little faith you got, press it in yonder and put it on the cross of Calvary, and believe God's promise for it, and watch what takes place: how it'll multiply. Certainly. [Matthew 14:21]
L-24 How ridiculous it seemed: this old man, whiskers all over his face. "Yep, going down to..."
"Where you going, boy?"
"Down to Egypt."
"What are you going to do?"
"Take over." And he did it, went on down and took over. He brought the children of Israel out of bondage. On the road out, God showed signs and wonders. Every time you see a man any time in the Bible that's ever had a touch of God, signs and wonders follow. Jesus promised the same thing: "These signs shall follow them that believe to the end of the world. In My Name they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues; take up serpents, or drink deadly things, it wouldn't harm them. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." What you think today, a sign of a believer, is a D.D., Ph.D., L.L.D., something like that. But Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe," the supernatural signs. Our ecclesiastical things won't work. You try to do it in yourself. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-25 Like Saul was, one time, backed up there and Goliath on the other side of the hill, threatening, and all of them was scared to death. But the wrong man come in the camp for Goliath one day: a little scrawny looking fellow, stooped over shoulders with a sheepskin coat on, called David. He said, "Do you mean tell me that you let that uncircumcised Philistine defy the armies of the living God?" Said, "I'll go fight him." Oh, what a--what a courage. Why? He had been somewhere. He'd had some experience.
Saul said, "Come here, son, I'll put my armor on you." And he put a big armor on him. The helmet... The poor little fellow's probably bowlegged. That's what's the matter with the church today. And the pastor, you load him down with so many degrees and things till he's bowlegged and don't know what to do. Saul found out one thing. That's right. How to school him, educate him... Worse off, take him over to the seminary and take it all out of him God put in him. That's right. [I Samuel 17:26]
L-26 David looked around. He found, Saul found out that ecclesiastical vest of his didn't fit a man of God. That's right.
So we find little old David said, "Take the thing off. I've never proved it. But I had an experience one time; that's what I'm going with." That's what the church needs today is a genuine know-so experience that you can step up make that a difference (That's right.), anointing of the Holy Ghost. You believe it? Yes, sir.
He said, "I know one thing. I took this slingshot, and a bear run and get one of the lambs, and I killed him. A lion come in; I took him." Said, "So will that uncircumcised Philistine." He knowed what he was talking about. That's what men that's had experience, tonight, knows what they're talking about. That's what--reason Moses go down there. No matter how ridiculous it looked to the world, Moses knowed what he was talking about; he'd been in the Presence of God. And any man that's had that kind of an experience know what you're talking about. Let the world call you a holy-roller, fanatic, or whatever they want to, don't make you no difference anyhow. Go on anyhow. You got one thing to do. Jesus had one thing to do: fulfill the Father's will. You got the same thing to do. [I Samuel 17:34-39]
L-27 All right. We find out sometimes God let's us get in trouble just to show His love to us. Look at them after they come out of Egypt. If we had time to strike those great places, would take weeks. But let's watch. When they come out of Egypt, here they are with their--marching right on. And the first thing you know, they find themselves cornered. My, they woke up one morning to look back. There was the mountains on one side, the Red Sea and the desert, Pharaoh's army coming, pursuing them. All nature was trembling under them. Not a thing could be done. God let them get in that kind of a tight place to reveal Himself to them.
I think lots of times today, the reason we get in tight places is God wants to reveal and to show us His love, and to prove to us that He's same God, yesterday, today, and forever, and His power still is the same. Certainly. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-28 Notice him. First thing you know, Moses begin to pray, walked down towards the Red Sea, made his step. And the Lord sent down a wind, and it blew a path right across the Red Sea. Oh, how God always makes a way of escape. Every trial, He'll make a way. Stand still. Don't go to jumping about and getting scared. "Stand still," He said, "and know that I am God."
And when the trials get hard, remember, it's God sometime, trying to demonstrate His love to you. But remember, no matter how many Red Seas, God's path went through it. God lead... Isn't it strange how God leads His children?
Some through the waters,
And some through the flood,
Some through deep trials,
But all through the Blood.

God leads His children. No matter what gets in its way, it'll--he'll have to get out of the way. It'll have to give away to God.
L-29 And when they crossed over the river, they had a great big Pentecostal jubilee, a camp meeting. Why, if that wasn't a Pentecostal meeting, I never seen one. Moses sung in the Spirit, and Miriam and all the woman beat tambourines and danced in the Spirit. If that ain't Pentecost, I never seen one. Right.
God promised He'd supply all their needs in that journey. He promised us He'd supply all our needs in the journey: the same God by the same promise. Same God made the promise. [Exodus 15:20-21]
L-30 And we find out that when they got out there a little ways, they didn't have any bread. God rained bread down out of heaven for them. It was called "manna." And when they went out to taste it, and they said it was sweet. And that was a very beautiful type of the Holy Spirit: our life. That was natural bread for the natural man to journey on. We got spiritual bread for the spiritual man to journey on.
And look. That would never cease as long as they were in the journey. And Moses told Aaron, said, after the journey even, "Go lay up several omers full, that in all generations," when a priest is ordained into the ministry, he could go into the holiest of holies and get a mouthful of the original manna that fell in the beginning.
What a beautiful type of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit first fell on Pentecost, Peter told them, said, "This is that that was spoke of by the prophet Joel."
I've often thought, "If this ain't that, I'm going to keep this till that comes." I kinda like this. This will do till that comes if it isn't that. But I believe this is that. [Exodus 16:33], [Acts 2:16]
L-31 Notice, and when they were all eating that manna, they got drunk, just as drunk as they could be, and was staggering like drunk men. And listen, my Catholic friend, the Virgin Mary was with them. And if she had to get that before she entered heaven, how much more are you going to have to have it. That's right.
You know what's the trouble today? The reason we're so allergic to so many things, we don't get drunk enough. You believe that?
I believe it was William Booth Clibborn one time said, in the S--early Salvation Army days in England; he missed his train one night and had to walk up and down the streets. And he walked with a cop. Been raining, and an old drunk was laying in the street, just as drunk and froze to the street. And he said to call the paddy wagon. He come, picked up the drunk and pushed him in there. Said, "What will you do with him?"
"Why," he said, "we will take him down and throw him in the jug."
He said, "Well what... Just--ain't you going to take care of him?"
Said, "He don't need no help."
"Why," said, "the man will take pneumonia."
He said, "I guess then if you took him down to the Salvation Army, you'd pad him a little while, and warm him up, and give him hot coffee, and a hot bath, and all these things."
Said, "Sure. That's the reason you kill him."
Said, "You know what?" Said, "You people don't understand. But that man's so drunk and every pore of his skin's filled with whiskey." Said, "They can't no cold get into him."
And the Bible said, "Be not drunk upon strong drinks which is to excess, but be drunk on the Spirit." What's the matter today, we ought to get so drunk till our carcasses would be so full of the Holy Ghost until nothing else can perch in its way. Trouble of it is that we don't get on a good old fashion Pentecostal drunk. Amen. That's right. [Luke 1:15]
L-32 Notice, in the journey God said He'd supply everything they had need of. And they went to taste of that manna, and it tasted like honey. Did you ever taste any of it in the spiritual line? I believe somebody said it--the poet said, "It tastes like honey in the rock." David said it.
You know David was a shepherd. He herded sheep. And the shepherds always carried a script bag on their side, and they had honey in it. And whenever one of their sheep would get sick, they'd put the honey on the rock, and let the sick sheep go and lick this honey. And while he was licking the honey, he'd lick the limestone off the rock and get healed.
Brother, I got a whole script bag full of it here tonight, and I'm going to put it on the Rock Christ Jesus, and you sick sheep get to licking, you're sure to find something. Now, we won't put it on any denomination; we're going to put it where it belongs: on Christ, Rock of Ages; that's the One to lick from. You're sure to get something when you go to licking then. So just start licking right quick. Watch how diseases go to vanishing when you lick the honey off of God's Rock Christ Jesus; that's the Word off the Rock. Find out what takes place.
L-33 What they need today, what the church needs is a good old fashion Holy Ghost revival. We need a fire back. About the only fire we got in the church now days, is in the basement. That's right.
When I was a little boy, my brother and I, we went out one time. We seen an old terrapin: turtle. We Indiana people know what they are: walk funny. And we little kids, we thought, "Say, that's a funny looking thing."
So I said, "Let's go to him." And soon as we got up to him, he--he pulled hisself back in a hull. Puts me in a mind of when you really go to put the Gospel down; oh, them old moss backs get back in that hull, "Oh, I don't believe it. Days of miracles is passed."
"Oh, it is?"
So I said, "I'll--I'll fix him." I went and got me a long switch and cut it out, poured it on him. That didn't do no good. He just laid there. You can't beat it into them. That's right. That's right.
I said, "I'll fix him." I took him down to the creek, and I put him down in the creek. Just a few bubbles come up; that was all. Brother, you can baptize them face forward, backward, any way you want to; it don't do a bit of good. That's right.
You know how I made him walk? I built me a little fire and set the old boy on it. He walked then. That's right. Yes.
What the Church needs tonight is a good old fashion baptism of Holy Ghost, and it'll move for God, if they just only get it on the fire. That's true.
L-34 How that God made a way. All of His signs and wonders, and then they came to Kadesh. Oh, there's so much there we'd like to go into, but time just won't permit it. We want to pray for the sick in a few minutes.
When they got into Kadesh, the judgment seat, then the testing time come. So I want you to notice, after all the great miracles and things, they were just ready to go over and possess the land. And the testing time come, and they were afraid to go.
And I think, brethren, today, what's the matter with the church, is at its end of its great doctors and theology. I think it's testing time for the church.
And just before going in, they sent twelve spies over. And they come back. And when they did, ten of the spies said, "Oh, it's a good land." All twelve said, "It's good." Said it had a bunch of grapes cut down that two men could pack, and they said, "It's flowing with milk and honey."
I imagine that'd be a pretty good bait, don't you? Milk and honey? That would make a good Pentecostal cocktail, wouldn't it? Amen. Wine, milk, and honey stirred together. Talk about vitamins, that's more than the drugstore ever did have. Certainly. [Numbers 13:27]
L-35 Said, "It's flowing with milk and honey." But he said... Ten of them said, "Oh, but brethren, we just can't do it. It's all walled up. It's impossible. The denominations is so high; I'm telling you, you just can't pierce them."
But one little old fellow knowed what he was talking about: two of them. Caleb and Joshua said, "We can take it." Amen. That's what it is today.
Said, "Can you have a interdenominational old fashion sanctified Holy Ghost filled revival?" Certainly we can. Can we have Divine healing? Certainly we can. Can we have Divine healing in the Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist churches? Certainly we can; God said so. Them men was looking at the circumstances, and Caleb and Joshua was looking at the Word of God. That made the difference.
And if you go to look at the circumstances around you, you'll faint. But if you'll take your eyes off the circumstances and look at what God said about it... Oh, you say, "But Brother Branham, the doctor told me I had cancer."
Ah, yes, that's all right. But God said, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." Now, what about that? [Numbers 13:30]
L-36 You know Moses led that group of children of Israel for forty years in the wilderness: over two million. How many babies was born every night? How many people got legs broke and everything else traveling? The sickness and diseases among them... And when he brought them out, in forty years there wasn't one feeble one among them. Say, wouldn't you--some of you doctors here tonight, like to look at his medicine kit and find out what he had in there, what prescription he give them all? How did Dr. Moses make all them trips every night to childbirth and the old and afflicted and every... How'd he do it? Would you like to look in Moses' medicine kit? How many like to see in it? Let's see your hand? All right. We'll turn it over and see what it's in.
Here's his prescription; I found it. "I'm the Lord that healeth all thy diseases." That's what he give every one of them. That's all they needed. "I'm the Lord that healeth all thy diseases." And two million people made a forty year journey without one feeble one coming out. Hallelujah. God still lives and reigns, and He's still God. He's as much Jehovah tonight as He was Jehovah then. Amen. [Psalms 105:37], [Psalms 103:3]
L-37 Come back. God, leading His dear children. Oh, I just hate to stop, but I got to cut off. But do you believe God leads His children? Spirit led, Spirit filled... Why do you come in here? What'd you here for tonight? To be seen? Not in this hot place, you wasn't. You come for one purpose. The Holy Spirit led you here. God leads even His animal life. Do you believe that?
Here not long ago, you might've heard it in the magazines. I love wild animals. And I was setting on my porch with my student ministers down here, Mr. Mercier and Mr. Goad, I, the tape boys. And they come up there and we talk. We was setting on the porch, speaking. About last July, and early one morning, coming down the road, come an old opossum. And she was crawling along and come all past four houses that didn't have any fences nor gates and come to mine that had a fence and a gate, and turned in. I said, "I know..." Anyone knows that animal life, has studied it, a opossum's blind in the daytime; they prowl at night. And I said, "Look at her. She's probably got rabies." And I...
L-38 Mr. Wood here, the book salesmen, he had been out in the yard raking there, so he--there was a yard rake laying there, and I took the yard rake and went out and throwed it over the old opossum. And I said, "Well, I suppose..." I said, "Oh, look, her left shoulder was all broke, mashed up; been chewed by the dogs or by a car." And I hope this doesn't make you sick, but maggots was all over it, and green blow flies. I said, "Poor old thing's a dying."
And I happened to notice when I started to raise that up and she was... Usually they play opossum. But when I raised it up, she took out for the house. I threw the rake over her again: the yard rake. And I found out that she... There's only two animals in the world that has pockets: that's kangaroo and opossum. They pack their little ones in it. So when her pocket let down, she had nine little naked baby opossums about that long.
L-39 Well, the day before that, Leo and Gene and I were talking. A piece in the paper where a young, lovely looking colored girl had give birth to a baby, a illegitimate child. She wrapped it in a blanket and put wire around it, and smothered the child to death, took it out on the bridge in a taxi cab, and dropped it off in the river. And the authorities had caught it. We were talking about how cruel that was. And I said, "This mother opossum, is a better mother, being a dumb brute than that woman was." That's right. Got better morals than that woman.
And so we were talking, and Mr. Wood come up and Mrs. Wood, and Mr. Gilmore he come in. We was talking about it. Soon as I let that opossum up, she took off towards the house as hard as she could go. And I said, "Look, she's only got about maybe thirty minutes more to live, but she'll spend that thirty minutes fighting for those little babies to live, and that woman wanted to drown hers." I said, "That's real motherly love."
L-40 So the poor old thing got right up to my step and toppled over, exhausted. So I went there and I punched her. I said, "She's dead." And I seen her, after I punched a little. I said, "No, she's got life in her."
Well, Mrs. Wood... Mr. Wood's wife's sort of a veterinary. She was standing there. She said, "Well, Brother Branham, the only thing to do with her now is--is go kill her and kill them little opossums." Said, "They're too little; and they're round mouthed anyhow, you couldn't put them on a bottle." Said, "You just... Don't let them suffer." And those little opossums was trying to nurse that dead mother.
And I said, "Oh, my, that's too bad." I said, "Kill her?"
Said, "Yes."
"Oh," I said, "I can't kill her." And he said... I said...
"Well, why?"
And I said, "I don't know."
She said, "Well, you're a hunter."
I said, "Yes, but I'm not a killer." I said, "I--I--I can't kill her somehow."
She said, "Well, let my husband Banks go kill her." Said, "Go get one of your guns and kill her."
And I said, "I just can't do it. I don't know why."
Said, "You going to let that poor thing lay there in that hot sun all day long like that and them poor little babies nursing that old milk from her like that and die a death like that?"
I said, "Sister Wood, I--I know you're right, but I--I just can't do it."
L-41 So all day it was pretty heavy and, around the house, the people coming. And that night Mr. Wood come up and said, "Now look, Billy, you got to go out and take a little rest. So he and his wife, me and my wife, we took a little ride. And I... We come pretty near running over a little old dog. And I had him to stop, and I went back, picked it up: mangy, and fleas and lice all over him.
And my wife said, "I guess you're going to keep it."
I said, "Yes, ma'am."
"Oh," she said, "kill that dog, honey." Said, "The thing will... It's dying anyhow."
I said, "I'm going to pray for him."
I said, "He's little; he ought to live. There ain't nothing wrong with him." So he's a great big fine collie now. So, you know, God does that, sure does.
L-42 So then we find out, when we went in that night, about eleven o'clock, I throwed the lights; there laid the old mother opossum, stretched out.
Brother Wood said, "Well now, Brother Branham, you've hunted enough to know, and hunted opossums enough to know, when the sun went down, if there's any--if that opossum was ever going to raise, it would've raised then." And you know that too, you few people who know opossums. Said, "She'd a raised right then," but said, "she'll never raise no more. She's done."
I said, "I believe..." Dew kindly all over and them little opossums still nursing.
Sister Wood said, "Brother Branham, are you going to let that suffer like that?"
And I said, "I don't know, Sister Wood. I just can't kill it."
Billy come in, been fishing, somewhere and come in about one o'clock, throwed the light on the old opossum; there she lay.
L-43 All night I thought about that old opossum. Next morning I went out. I've got a little girl. She's ten years old, and she's just saw her first vision recently: a very spiritual child. And I found her going out on the porch with her little pajamas on about six-thirty in the morning. I went out there and looked over the side; laying there by the door, there laid the old opossum stretched out, them little ones still trying to nurse. Becky said, "Daddy, is she dead?"
And I said, "I don't know, honey."
She said, "Daddy, what are you going to do with that poor old mother opossum?"
And I said, "Honey, I don't know. You go on back to bed, sweetheart." I said, "It's too early for you to be out."
She said, "Daddy, I been thinking about that opossum all night."
I said, "So have I."
And she said, "Well, what are you going to do with it? You going let Brother Wood kill it?"
I said, "No, honey, I just can't do that." I said, "You run on back in the bed now."
L-44 And I went out and punched her and look like she didn't move. And I tried a little bit, and I seen she was still alive though. But oh, my, that big old leg is all swollen up and maggots and flies all over it. And I said, "Poor old thing." I went back in to the side room to my den room. I just set down there where the sick comes to be prayed for, and I was just rubbing my head like this. And I thought, "Well, what am I going to do with that opossum. I got to do something. That's a shame."
And something... Now, I don't know how you're going to believe this; that's up to you and God. I heard something say, "Well, she's waited at your door for twenty-four hours like a lady. You preached about her yesterday and took a text and said she was a real mother; she wanted to raise her babies. And I've had her laying at your door for twenty-four hours. You've never said a thing about it."
Well, I said, "I didn't know. What do you mean?"
Said, "She come to be prayed for. She's waiting for her turn."
I said, "Well, I didn't know she come..." Thought, "What's the matter with me; am I talking to myself?" Why, I thought, "What is that?" And I recognized the Presence of the Holy Spirit. I opened the door and went out there and I stood by her. I said, "Heavenly Father..." Becky was looking down at her. I said, "Heavenly Father, have I been so stupid to know that You, with Your Divine grace..." I said, "Now, wait a minute. Yes, You know the birds of the air; You know all things, You know all... And... Why," I said, "the this--then this old opossum knows more about Divine healing than a lot of preachers does." And I said, "Here she is." And now, she ain't got no soul, so it encouraged me. You told me go pray for sick, and I've seen many times sick people be led. But if You thought enough of the respects of that old opossum for her to raise her babies, and You had to pull--had the Holy Spirit to bring her, 'cause she didn't have any soul; she's a dumb brute, and she come and laid there as a mother, dying, waiting for her turn to be prayed for?" I said, "God forgive me for being so stupid." I said, "Now, Heavenly Father, I pray, if that be the case, that You heal the old opossum. I ask it in Jesus' Name, if You sent the old thing from the road or wherever she was chewed up and her laying there... And she wants to raise her babies and You sent her here to be prayed for and led her in here." Why, I said, "I'm sorry I didn't understand it. So I pray that she'll be healed; in Jesus' Name."
And no more than I said that, the old opossum turned over and looked at me, got up, picked up her nine little babies, and put them right back in her bosom like this, and looked up to me as if to say, "Thank you, kind sir." Stuck that tail up in the air and right down the road, and over to the woods she went just hard as she could. That's right...?...
L-45 Newspapers has packed them articles. All places... My, our local papers packed it. The magazines has packed it. People send from Germany and saying, "Brother Branham, pray for me like you did that opossum." Look. If God can lead a dumb brute, how much more can He lead you here? Certainly. We ought to know as much about God as a dumb brute, being smart, Holy Spirit filled, born again, God working in His nature performing signs.
Why, you take in the ducks: they go from the north. They go from the south up in the north and lay their eggs up there and hatch out their little ducklings. They've never been off that pond. Let the first little cold breeze come down off that pond, off the mountain, the frost... When I'm going hunting in the north in the wintertime, fall of the year, around September; the first freeze comes on top of the mountain, that cold breeze blows down, you know what? There's a little old drake in that bunch that's been selected. And he'll run right out in the middle of that pond, stick that little honker up in the air, and honk four or five times, and every duck on the pond will come to him. Yeah, ducks know their leaders but man don't. And that little old duck was born on that pond, but he'll raise right straight up off of that pond and go just as straight to Louisiana rice fields as he can go. Instinct, they call it. Well, if a... We ought to have duck sense. If God has give a duck instinct to take him out of danger, how much more did He give a man the Holy Ghost to take him out of danger. Surely we'd know as much as a duck. For the baptism of the Holy Spirit...
L-46 But the trouble of it is, brother, God performs signs and shows wonders, and we set back and wonder whether that copes with our theology or not. That's the reason He can't lead us today. And that's the reason we're walking around in circles like Israel did for forty years. What we need to do it take out after God's Holy Spirit and the Pillar of Fire again, and move into the promise of, every Divine promise in the Bible belongs to you; and it's your personal property if you believe it. Amen. Do you believe that tonight, friend? With all your heart? God leading, even showing through dumb brutes His love to His creation. He loves you better than He does the dumb brute. How much better are you than the dumb brute? How much more Jesus died for you than He would for a dumb brute? And He wants to heal you.
He... That old opossum didn't even have a limp in that leg; she just walked out of there just as good as anything, perfectly normal and well. Oh, my. When you think of the love of God and the sovereignty of God, how that God does all things and leads us.
L-47 Now, He's here tonight. He's here to show His blessings. He's here to show His power. He loves to show His power. He puts His children in corners so that He can show His power, His love. How different from that and the trend of the day: say, "God gives you sickness to make you lay with patience." If that's so, then Christ defeated His own purpose when He healed the sick. See, He didn't do it. God takes the sickness off of you to... Sometimes He might permit sickness to come, to heal you to show His love to you. That's right. He might do that, you get out of His will.
L-48 Now, if God will come tonight and show His power, will you believe on Him, all of you? Let us pray.
Our heavenly Father, knowing that the hour is growing late, makes us nervous as we know that people has to drive hundreds of miles. And the hour is close at hand. The meeting's closing, Lord. And tonight, many sick people are setting around. O Christ, I pray that somehow that You'll move their faith up to Thee just now. May each and every one of them be healed tonight, from the greatest to the least, and from the oldest to the youngest, and from the very worst type of sickness down to every little minor ailment.
Grant, Lord, that Your Holy Spirit will now, as it was, spread forth wings of power over this building to illuminate, this being the last hour of the meeting, that faith will rise in this place till--till all the people will know that You live and rule and reign. Grant it; for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-49 I hate to be pressed by time and hurry and so forth. But we've got to quieten for this healing service. Now, my friend, I love you. I want to tell you 'good-bye' now, where if the Holy Spirit comes, I won't be able to do it afterwards, 'cause it weakens me. And I'm going to tell my brethren to let me stand in the line just as long as there's a, hardly breath in me tonight, to pray for every person that I possibly can in the line tonight. I've got a few days. I got to dedicate a church Sunday, and then I'm going up to the Christian Business Men, not for a healing service, for a speaking service. Then I'm going into Canada to take a word to a woman that eight years ago, being way in her forties, I saw a vision of her packing a baby. I told her. She went for years: five or six years. She begin to kindy doubt. She's fifty-three now. Her baby's to be born next month. God never lies. Fifty-three years old. See? I've never seen it fail, and it won't fail. I'll fail; my words will fail. I'm a man. But when God says anything, that settles it forever. Now, that's in the Bible. You said, "That was wrote years ago." But His Word is just as real tonight as It--as It was when He spoke It before the foundation of the world.
L-50 Now, is there anybody here that's never been in one of our meetings? Would you raise your hand just a moment? Thank you. And pardon me for drinking before you, but I just want for the newcomers to say this: Would you like to see Jesus, you newcomers that's never...? Would you like to see Him? You would? Well, if He's not dead, why can't we see Him, when He said we would see Him? "A little while and the world won't see Me no more; yet you'll see Me; for I'll be with you to the end of the world." Is that right? Well, why can't we see Him?
He said, "The same things that I do, shall you also." What did He do? Did He claim to be a healer? No. What did He do? He never said... In Saint John 5:19, He said, "Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself." How many knows He said that? How many's read it? "I can do nothing of Myself, but what the Father shows Me... What the Father shows Me, that I do." Now, Jesus didn't do nothing till He saw it by vision then, according to His own Words. How many believes that's true, say, "Amen." He saw visions. And what the vision told Him, that's what He done. [John 14:12, 19], [Matthew 28:20], [John 5:19]
L-51 Now, in the beginning of His ministry, I'll take one--one place when it's all through His ministry. He was preaching, and a man went off by the name of Philip to find his friend Nathanael; found him, brought him back: way over around the mountains from him. When he come to Jesus, Jesus said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there's no guile."
Said, "When did You know me, Rabbi?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, when you was under the tree, I saw you.
He said, "Thou art the Son of God."
He said, "Because I told you that, do you believe?" Said, "You'll see greater things than this."
When He was here on earth He was able... People could touch Him. Now, a lot of people touched Him and didn't get healed. But those who touched Him... A woman did one day, went off... And He said, "Who touched Me?"
Said... Everybody denied it; "Nobody touched You."
He said, "Well, somebody touched Me, because I got weak. Virtue went out of Me." So He looked around until He found the woman, told her blood issue was over. [John 1:47-50], [Mark 5:25, 30-31]
L-52 At the woman at the well, how He set there and talked to her... That was Samaritan woman. Now, the Jews recognized Him to be the Son of God because He had power to see visions as the Father would show Him and tell Him what to do. Now, He never performed one miracle Hisself. He said, "I do nothing except the Father shows Me first." How many knows that's the Scripture? Saint John 5:19. No prophet or no one else in the Bible ever did do anything without first God showing them.
And now, "The things," He said, "that I do, shall you also. Even more than this shall you do, for I go unto My Father. A little while and the world sees Me no more; yet you shall see Me." The "world" means "the unbelievers"; they won't see it. Said, "But yet, you shall see Me, for I'll be with you." And He promised to be in us to the end of the world. [John 5:19], [John 14:12, 19], [Matthew 28:20]
L-53 Now, the Bible said that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever: Hebrews 13:8. You believe that? Well then, if He is the same, He's got to be the same in principle; He's got to be the same in power; He's got to be the same in every way except a corporal body. Is that right? For God raised up His corporal body, setting on the right hand of God, and sent down the Comforter, which is Christ again [] ... full of the Holy Spirit to minister into His church. And the Bible said that God has set some in the church: first, missionaries, secondarily, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors. And then in the nine spiritual gifts is in the church, all to glorify God and to bring the church together... Now, if God doesn't die--hasn't died... [Hebrews 13:8], [Ephesians 4:11]
L-54 Now, if I pass down the Ganges River, or some other place of the heathen lands, where that tonight heathenism outnumbers Christianity by the millions and millions... But if I pass down, say, to the Shrine of Buddha... He died about twenty-three hundred years ago. And if I pass by his shrine... And in Japan, there they got a great big thirty or forty foot of statue made of him with great big ruby eyes, that's worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, and it's made out of the teeth and hair and bones of his followers: a statue unto Buddha. If I'd go to that shrine, or to his grave, he's laying in the grave.
If I go to the shrine of Mohammed... That's the greatest and most popular religion in the world is the Mohammedan: outdoes the Christians by many, many numbers. And if I go to the grave of Mohammed, a white horse has been standing for right on two thousand years: changed about every four hours, waiting for his resurrection. He's dead and in the grave. But there's only one, and that's Christianity that has a living God. Now, if we only know it in the way of theology, how much comfort can you give the people outside of just what they do: Read, give it to the people. But Jesus...
L-55 Like the Mohammedan said to Dr. Reedhead... He said, "Won't you renounce that old dead prophet and receive a resurrected Lord Jesus?"
He said, "What can your Lord Jesus do for me any more than my dead prophet?" He said, "They both wrote books, promised life after death, and we believe it."
He said, "But our Jesus raised from the dead."
He said, "Did he? I'd like to see you prove it."
"Oh," he said, "we got happiness and joy; we got the Spirit in our heart."
Said, "Looky here, sir." Said, "Mohammedanism can produce just as much psychology as Christianity can." That's right. And that's the truth. Yes. But listen. He said this to the Christian; he said, "Mohammed never promised nothing after his death but life--after death, but life, but your Jesus promised you teachers would do the same thing He did. Now, let me see you do that," said, "then we'll believe he raised from the dead. Until then, he's no more than our prophet."
L-56 But thanks be to God, the Light is shining. Jesus is raised from the dead. He's here tonight and will do the very same thing as He did when He was here on earth, or I'm a false witness of His resurrection. That's a challenge, isn't it? A false witness of His resurrection...
I'm standing here, many thousand people setting in this church tonight, and I--and critics and skeptics and atheists and everything else. And there's a lot of saints setting here too. But don't be afraid. God said so; that settles it. This is either the truth or it's an error. If it's an error, I don't want nothing to do with it. If every word isn't inspired, I don't want nothing to do with it; I wouldn't know which was right and which wasn't. But I know every word's inspired, and you can hang your soul on any phase of it, and God will honor it.
L-57 So, if He will come tonight and will perform the same thing here on the platform that He did when He was here on earth, will every person in here receive Him with joy? Will you do it, as you put up your hands to Him, and say, "I will receive Him with joy"?
Our heavenly Father, now I have spoken of Thee, and I pray that You'll come now and speak of Your servant, that I have told the truth to the people. Therefore, if we come back in a year from now, there's many people setting here, and maybe myself, wouldn't be here a year from now--a crowd of this size. And then at the judgment bar they'll be without an excuse. They'll have to witness that they seen the Bible live again. So I pray that You'll grant this, not because that we're worthy. We're confessing our unworthiness.
And, Father, I pray that You'll let Your humble servant submit hisself and yield hisself until the Holy Spirit will take hold. And let every servant in this building yield themself until the Holy Spirit will speak in the audience and heal the sick and the afflicted, save the lost; for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-58 Now, we're going to ask you if there would be a critic, this is a Divine gift. It's not me. And if there is a critic here, I'm asking you not to stay in the building any longer. I won't be responsible. And if you have to go, for the next fifteen, twenty minutes, go. Don't be moving around. Let's make this a real night of God's Presence. And if God will honor us now, I don't... I can't do this. I just have to ask Him and He does it. See? I can't make it. No, sir. He could just leave me flat. Now, that's all I could do, just stand here. But if He'll come, He'll magnify Himself.
And the only thing it is, friends, people, some are born with good voices to sing. Do you believe that? Some are born musicians, just strike the note. They don't have to have any lessons; they know what they're doing. They know it; it's a gift. You know that. And so is it with some that's preachers; they don't need no seminary experience. They--all they need is to get out and get a hold of the Word and get going. They're born preachers. They just yield themselves to God and go on. Wish I could do that.
But mine is a prophetic gift. I just yield myself and He does the talking. Your faith operates it, not mine: your faith...
L-59 Now, Jesus didn't do nothing... The Father used the Son. Looky here. Let me show you something. The woman that touched His garment, the reason He didn't know it, she believed that He was the Son of God, and she pulled from God, through Jesus, her healing. See? She did that herself. You do it yourself when you're pulling. It's not me; it's not--it--it's Him, and you're just respecting Him. And that's the reason the Holy Spirit turns to you and tells you what you should do, or what you oughtn't to do, and what's happened to you, and so forth. That's your own faith doing that. I have nothing to do with it. See? Well now, that's the way the people use God's gift.
Now when God wanted to use His gift, He just took Him up and showed Him what was going to happen. There's no virtue lost there. When He seen Lazarus and raised him from the dead, how much greater was that miracle than the woman touched His garment? Was no virtue lost there, because the Father just used His own gift.
L-60 Now, when God wants me to know something, He'll say, "Now, you go to a certain place, and you'll find this; and it'll be that way; and this way; and so forth; and you do this and it'll be that. Even tell me months and months... And I tell the people. How many's knowed and seen that predicted (Let's see.), and see it come it come to pass? Raise your hands. See, see? That's true. He'll tell me that's it. I don't lose any strength there, but when we come into a meeting and then just be anointed with that gift, and the people goes to pulling, that's what makes you weak. Now, you understand? So, if a critic happens to say something about that, you know how to answer them.
L-61 Now, be reverent. Be in prayer, and let's see... Where's the boys? How? X's... Hundred? Oh, we've been calling from one's and--and ten's, and... We've called--never called for what? Fifty? Well, let's call from fifty tonight then. All right. Who has X-50? Would you raise your hand? Your prayer card... Little prayer card in your hand, got a X on it... Say it's got X-50? Well now, this man can't have it and this lady too. Now, there's somebody... Look, lady, is yours a X-50? Now, there's three hands up now. X-50. Better look on the back. It's a little card. Look. A little card with my picture and on the back of it's got a X and a 50. X... X, like Exodus, what I preached on. X-50. Ever who has it, come out. X-51. All right. X-52 []
L-62 ... and when He was going to heaven He called his brother Luke and said, "Luke..." So I understand, I wasn't there. This was told me. Said, "Luke, we been a long ways together, haven't we? But think of it: in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness."
Little did he know, when I was a little old boy, setting up there at the Rediger Tabernacle, listened to Paul Rader preach, that I'd ever pack his song around the world. How many knows the Rediger Tabernacle, would you hold hand up? Sure.
Romaine, the one that had been in the insane institution so long, one day she come down to my house. I didn't know it. I come up from Florida. And they had her back in a coal shed, back there, pulling her hair and screaming, from an insane institution: B. E. Rediger's daughter. A man who died in a harness for Divine healing, big Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle pastor and founder. I thought, "B. E. Rediger's daughter in my coal shed?" I went back out there.
Ms. Rediger, a beautiful, lovely lady, she said, "Brother Branham..."
I said, "Are you... Mrs. Rediger, you don't remember me. As a little boy I used to come to the Temple."
She said, "We heard that God had visit you, Brother Branham." And said, "I brought my child." Said, "Her sister died in the same thing."
And I said, "What's the matter."
She was setting there saying, "A nickel is a nickel. A penny is a penny." Beautiful young lady about eighteen years old, pulling her hair out like that, and her mother trying to quiet her.
L-63 I stood there a little bit and--and my heart was crying. I thought, "Rediger's daughter..." All at once I saw a vision come over, walked over and laid hands on her. I said, "Satan, you can't hold her any longer. God's done pronounced her healing, so you'll leave her." The girl straightened up, combed her hair. She's married and got two children. Right there, right at that time... Jesus Christ still lives and reigns, friend. I never done it. He just showed me what to do and I did what He told me.
Isn't He wonderful. I'm waiting for them to line the people up down there at the end of the line till they can get it done. Then we'll... Soon as they get finished up down there, they'll let me know. See, if they get it all lined up, I'm going to try to stay in the line as long as I possibly can.
L-64 Everybody be real reverent. Be just as quiet as you can. Say, "What you stalling about, Brother Branham?" I'm waiting for Him. That's right. How many seen His picture, now? Let's see your hands? We got them back there. Just check in on that and see if that's authentic or not. Or any testimony in one of those books, it has to be authentic or we can't put it in there. So you be reverent, and God will surely--will bless you, I'm--I'm sure of that. Do you love Him now, and you're expecting Him? Are you expecting to see Him move?
How many out there now that didn't get in the prayer line and you want to be healed, let's see your hands, wherever you are. Well, look, about, about two thousand five hundred yet. Why, I can... He's--He's already healed you. You're every one healed if you can just believe it. That's all. Just believe it. How many knows that to be the truth? Sure, when He died at Calvary, every--every redemptive blessing was finished at Calvary. So He... You just have to believe; that's all.
L-65 All right, be reverent now. May the Lord God grant it. Is all the prayer line lined up, Paul? All present. All right. Now, be real reverent and don't move around. Just set real still and be in prayer, each one of you. Now, you look this way and believe. You that can't get in the prayer line now, you look this way and believe with all your heart, and God will do things for you. See? And then--then the rest of it is to you. God bless you. I say it again.
The Angel of the Lord is here. I can't tell you why... It's like another sense, a sixth sense. I just know that He's standing here, right here. See? And now, when I... Here's a--a woman, or it's--which one is the patient? This one. All right.
L-66 Now, the lady standing here, I don't... You don't know me, I guess, and I don't know you. Now, here is to the newcomer; here's a picture of the Bible. Here's a woman standing here that I never seen in my life and she never seen me.
Now, when Jesus went up to the--Samaria, He set down by the well. Everybody was gone and sent the disciples into the city. And a woman come out, a--a bad woman, to get some water. And Jesus, what did He do? Asked her for a drink. Is that right? And she told Him it wasn't customary for Jews to ask Samaritans such. Did you ever read that story? And He said... Oh, would you like to have been standing there then? Wouldn't you like to have been standing there? [John 4:1-8]
L-67 Now, Jesus was talking to that woman for some purpose. He carried a lengthy conversation with her. And all at once, the Father showed Him where her trouble was. You remember what her trouble was? She'd been married too many times. So Jesus said to her, "Go get your husband."
She said, "I don't have any."
Said, "That's right." said, "You got five, and the one you have now is not your husband."
Watch. What did she say back? She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." Is that what she said? She said, "Now, we know that when the Messiah cometh, He'll do these things." Was that the sign of the Messiah then to the Samaritans? It was a sign of the Messiah to the Jews. And if He's the same Messiah, raised from the dead, would it be the same--the Messiah sign tonight? Is that right, audience? [John 4:16-19, 25]
L-68 Now, the woman can hold her hand, that we're strangers to each other; we've never met before, never seen each other. Now, Jesus knows her; He knows all about her, and He... Every... All the food she ever eat and everything else, He give it to her, and you too. Is that right? And...?... me. Now, it has to be something. If something is told... The woman might be here: she might have domestic trouble. She may have something else. I don't know. But whatever it is she's here for, would perhaps, be the easiest thing to find, 'cause that's what she's here for. But me--never seen her in my life, it'll have to be some supernatural something do it. Then it's your attitude towards what it is.
Now, the Pharisees told Jesus when He did that, said, "You're Beelzebub, the chief fortune teller."
Jesus said, "You'll be forgiven--I'll forgive you, but when the Holy Ghost Who comes and does the same thing, He'll never forgive you in this world or the world to come." So I--I'd be real sure that I believed in what, before I'd let Him say anything to me, 'cause the Bible said, "Go ye and sin no more (That's disbelieve.) or a worse thing come upon you." That is right, isn't it? [Matthew 12:24, 32]
L-69 I'm talking to you like He did to her just to catch your spirit. And if God will tell me what you're standing there for, would you believe Him? You will? Will the audience believe the same thing, every one of you? Now, if you want to question the woman, you're at liberty. The Holy Spirit tells me that you got a throat trouble. That's right. And He tells me also, that you're extremely nervous. He tells me you got a ladies' trouble, a female trouble. And you got something wrong with your mouth too. That right? He tells me you're not from this country. He tells me you're from Tennessee. Your name is Turner. Janes Turner. It's Janes Turner. Your house, you live on, it's 3rd and North Street. Your house number is 223, isn't it? You're healed. Go back home. God...?...
L-70 Now, it's up to you now. It's up to you. I don't know you. But you're suffering, and if I'll explain to you by the Holy Spirit by a Divine gift what you're here for, will you believe? You will. Now, I could take lots of time, but I'd never get that prayer line through. But just to talk to you, I've ask them to let me stay as long as I can.
But you're... One thing, you're extremely nervous. That's right. And I noticed you trying to get out of a bed. You're stiff; you got arthritis. That's right. Leaning things--specially early of a morning, I see you getting--going... You drop things too--a--a dropping it. See you drop dishes and things like that. That's true. I'm not reading your mind. That's true.
Here, that you might know this: you got a friend that's real, real sick with a cancer you're standing for too. Isn't that right? You believe me to be His prophet? You--you, meaning this Spirit that's speaking is the Spirit of God? Then Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them believing; if they lay their hands on the sick, they'll get well."
Now, heavenly Father, I obey Your commands for laying hands upon this woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it be...?... God bless you. Go and receive what you've ask for. Now, look around this way again. You know your arthritis is gone. Now, I just ask the audience. Don't you feel free from it? You hear that, do you? She's healed. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-71 You believe God? Do you believe me as His servant? I'm stranger to you also, I suppose. Now, He went to the audience. Just a moment. Be reverent.
Sir, setting out there at the end of the row, got epilepsy. You believe Jesus Christ make you well? You accept it and believe it? Pray and ask God, God will give you your desire, if you can believe it.
Lady, you got a lot of spiritual troubles, haven't you? And you got somebody on your mind you're wanting to pray for. And here's what it is. I believe it's your mother-in-law, some relative to you, something's that's got a--got a kidney trouble. And you got yourself, you have some kind of a--a skin trouble and a breaking out. And you been very nervous and upset. Jesus Christ can make you well if you'll just believe Him. Believe with all your heart. Will you do it? Do you believe that Jesus Christ will heal you? Yes. You--you did have. You don't have now. Now, you can...?... God bless you. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-72 I seen a man appear before me, when I mentioned that just a few seconds ago. Here he is, setting right down in here: suffering also with a skin trouble. You believe, sir, that the Lord Jesus will make you well? If you can believe, with your heart... Yes, sir. All right. Wave your hand way up high to God so God can see you. See? You was healed then, sir. Have faith.
If I told you was healed of that chest trouble, would you believe it, sir, setting there? All right. It's all over now. Isn't He wonderful? He's here to make well if you just believe.
There He goes right back there. The lady setting at the end there, you got something wrong with your eyes: eye trouble. That's right. Lay your hand on that man next to you with diabetes and God will make him well too. Hallelujah.
That lady setting right back behind that hand up there has got cancer. If you believe that God will heal you, all right, you can have it also, if you can believe...?...
L-73 Isn't He wonderful? Oh, He's Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, the Everlasting Father. Don't you believe that? The Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End; He that was, which is, and shall come; the Root and Offspring of David; the Morning Star. He's here. He's omnipotent, all powerful. Now, when He speaks, answer quickly. See?
Trying to believe, aren't you? What if I told you you were healed, would you believe it? You are. Ease right on off and believe with all your heart. God bless you.
Howdy do, sir. We're strangers to each other. You live in Martinsville? I said, "We're strangers to each other; we don't know one another." You want--you want to be healed of that rectal trouble and get well? You believe God, the Holy Spirit, is here revealing this to me? I tell you something else: You got someone in a hospital you're praying for too. That's a granddaughter in a mental hospital: a child. Isn't that right? You believe me to be God's prophet? All right. Go and receive what you've ask for now; in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Isaiah 9:6], [Revelation 1:8], [Revelation 22:16]
L-74 Howdy do, sir. I'm a stranger to you, sir. But Jesus Christ knows you, doesn't He? You got heart trouble. That's right. You got trouble with your eyes too. You're here, and your wife has trouble too, doesn't she? Her trouble's in her throat, isn't it, in her eyes, also? You're from Indiana, Bloomfield, Indiana. Be right? Your name is W. Chamberlain, isn't it? Return home and be well, in Jesus Christ's Name.
Have faith. What if I told you were healed setting there? Would you believe me? You would? Then go praising God and saying, "Thank the Lord for the healing." Just don't doubt nothing in your heart.
Have faith now. The Holy Spirit's over the audience.
Howdy do, sir. Oh, my. I wished... I--I just wish there was some way I could explain this. How glorious, how glorious. Scared, aren't you? Especially scared to go to a doctor. Uh-huh. How'd I know that? 'Cause you--you're afraid he's was going to find something in your stomach that ain't right, that stomach trouble. You believe that He'll heal you? You do? Will you accept Him as your Healer now? Uh-huh.
You got a habit if you'd lay aside, be better for you. That's what hurt your stomach. You believe that? Then don't use them no more. Throw the things away. That nicotine goes down into your stomach, and it'll--it'll ruin you--keep the stomach trouble all the time. God don't want you smoking, so lay them away. Go on your road rejoice. Will you forsake them now? God bless you. Go on and be healed; in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-75 You believe Jesus healed you? You believe He makes you well right now? Heart trouble, everything done gone; all your nervousness settled. You believe that? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing. Amen.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Diabetes and things is easy. God can just make anybody well if they believe it. Do you believe it with all your heart? You believe it'll leave you right now then. And then, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may you receive your healing. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." How wonderful our precious, glorious, heavenly Father is. There It moves. Forget about the tumor, sir. Left you. Amen.
This lady here on the end had tumor also. Yes. That's right. Raise up your hand so the people see it. They think they--the people's not getting it. I feel when I see it turns light around you, I see it's gone. See? Will you do me a favor? Put your hand on that boy behind you, suffering with stomach trouble, that young lad. Isn't that right, little laddie? Raise up your hand if that's...?... That's your mother setting next to you, isn't it? She's got a rupture she wants to be healed of also. That's right. Now, sonny, you lay your hand on mother. Amen. Now, go on your road rejoicing, seeing the trouble and thing's gone from you. And you can go rejoicing and be happy...?... Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
L-76 The same thing setting right there. That's right. You believe that you're healed now? Then in Jesus Christ's Name, go and be made well. Amen. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
God can heal stomach trouble and everything else. You believe that, don't you? You want to go eat now and...? You believe you could? Go ahead; Jesus Christ make you well.
Just a moment. I seen a black spirit rise from the back. There's somebody setting back there at the end of the line, a young person's got epilepsy. You believe with all your heart? Raise up your hand if you believe that you want to accept your healing. All right. Then the Lord Jesus be with you. Amen. Oh, Satan thought he'd get by with that, but he failed it. Amen. It was healed. "Praise the Lord." Go on your road, rejoicing, sister, believing God with all your heart.
L-77 Here's a mute. Bow your head, everybody. Don't nobody look up, please, in Jesus' Name. Every head bowed, everywhere. I ask in Jesus' Name, the curses of God to... If you believe, you'd better keep your head down. I want to ask you: How many believes that God sent me that this mute could speak and hear, will you raise your hand? Now, put your hands down. I don't want no one, no one to watch me. I don't say He will... I've never sincerely prayed for anything but what He did it. So I want you to be... Or tell me why he couldn't. This will be a sign to these others setting here.
I don't say He will, but it's a spirit. I just seen it move when she--this girl walked up here. Now, every eye closed till you hear my voice say, "Raise your head." Now, you wait till you hear my voice. Now, keep your head bowed.
L-78 Kind heavenly Father, somehow in Thy wise providence, we trust that we'll find grace in Your sight. Not that we have to have miracles to believe; we believe anyhow. But that this company of people might know that It's You here, and not I, Your servant; and if we've found grace in Your sight, we pray, God, that You'll manifest Your power to even the critics tonight, and unbelievers, that they might know that You're Christ, and You live, and I've testified of truth. Will You grant this, Lord?
Now, as I go forward to challenge this deaf and dumb spirit that's possessed this girl, I pray that You'll give me strength, and not one bit of doubt in my heart. A lovely young woman like this, walking in this condition...
Satan, shame on you. Jesus Christ rebuke thee. I know you claim a privilege. I claim victory through Calvary. I claim you have no right to hold her. You're exposed. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who I represent, you tried to keep them all back; you failed. Now, I challenge thee in a duel of faith; in Jesus Christ's Name to leave the girl. Come out of her. She can be made well.
[Brother Branham claps his hands once--Ed.] Say what you hear me say. "Mama." Hear me? Got your hearing. All right, raise your head. This mute's a speaking and hearing. Watch this. [Brother Branham claps his hands once--Ed.] "Mama." "Daddy." Hear me? Hear me? Hear me? Hear me? You're healed. You're healed now. Rejoice. If anybody's with her, teach her to speak and hear. The spirit of the deaf and dumb spirit just left her, and she just has to be taught like a child. Praise the Lord. Amen. Let's praise the Lord, everybody. Give Him praise; give Him glory. Let's bow our heads.
L-79 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for the Lord Jesus. Surely, Lord, You're omnipotent, all powerful. Move on these people and let them know that this is You, Lord, that's a moving among the people, the great Jehovah they have trusted. Let the sinner know that he's guilty now in the Presence of God.
Now, with your heads bowed, I'm going to ask you something while the audience is praying. Sinner friend, God has did all things well this week. He's brought the paralytics out, makes the deaf to speak--deaf and dumb to speak and hear, rather. Are you a sinner? Are you without Christ? Do you believe in the ministry that I'm preaching? And you believe me as God's prophet? He tells me right now to stop this prayer line for a few minutes, that there's many people that wants to be saved. I'm not a fanatic. God has already claimed that, showed that to you, that I'm not. And somehow or another, my strength, instead of depleting, it's renewing. And I--I feel good.
L-80 Now, I want to know, my sinner friend, if you'll just raise up your hand to Christ just now, and say, "By this, Brother Branham, I ask you to pray for me as a sinner. I want to meet God in peace." Will you raise your hand? God bless you. God bless you. Someone else? God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. How many here is without Christ, without being born again, raise your hands? God bless you. If you believe He hears my prayer, do you really believe it? Every person in here that desires me to pray for you for your salvation, if you're wayward, a little twisty in your salvation, if you're not sure yet, that's just--you're right with God, better be sure, friend. You better be sure. I'm telling you now, there's something in my heart's heavy, just at this time, telling me there's many here that isn't sure. I... You--surely you realize that I'm telling you the truth.
Will you stand to your feet, those who desire me to pray for you in this manner? Would you stand to your feet, just now? God bless you. God bless you. That's right, just remain standing just a minute. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. That's right, sinner friend, backslider, raise up; just keep raising up. There's more than that. Just keep raising up. Stand up, just keep--remain standing if you will, just for a few minutes, I have prayer with you. God be with you. God be with you. God be with you. That's wonderful. Some more stand? I wonder if I could shake your hand? I wonder if it'd be too much? Would you like to walk right down here, just a minute? Walk right down here, will you? Come here, just a minute. Let's stand here for a word of prayer. Come right here.
L-81 I don't know what I'm doing this for; I never done it in my life. But the Holy Spirit... Come all, everywhere you are. Come right down this way, will you? Stand right around the altar here a minute. Just look, coming here. Give us a chord?
There Is A Fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
Where sinners plunge beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains:

That's right. Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll send every person with condemnation in their soul up to this altar tonight. God, they realize they've made a mistake. They made the--they've made a start and haven't went on. God, I pray that You'll send them around tonight. Let this be a real outpouring just now. Grant it, Lord. If You'll open the ears of the deaf, and make the dumb to speak, and the blind to see, the lame to walk, and know the secrets of the heart... I knew You were telling me truth, Lord, when you told me a great host is waiting to come. I thank You. And I pray that You'll grant this to them now, through Christ's Name.
L-82 While the rest of us sing this hymn, let every condemned soul come this way. Will you? I'll promise you. I'll promise you that it's God speaking to me. Was I right or wrong? Looky here. I--I--He never tells anything wrong. "There Is A
Fountain Filled Blood." All right.
There is a fount... (Here it is, come up.)... with blood
Drawn from Immanuel's veins;
And sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains:
Come on now. Won't you come? Get right out of your seat and come on down; this is the time. You're going to see something happen. Sinner friend, you'd better come on. I call you through Christ's Name; come on. []
... sinners plunge beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
L-83 I know there's more, friend. I--I'm just as satisfied of that as I'm standing this platform. It's still that feeling just don't let loose to me. See? Come on, won't you do it? The dying thief rejoice... You might not be a thief, but you may be dying. You are dying. And maybe before morning that heart will stop. And when you're pressing a dying pillow and the pulse coming up your arm, brother, you'll wish you would've come. []
I feel very strange just now. I don't know why. I--I... Anyone's ever been in my meetings, know I don't do this. But all at once, that weakness left me; I just picked right up. And the Holy Spirit said, "Look out there." And I seen sinners coming down the aisle.
He said, "Call." I'm doing it.
The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day; (Come on, friend. Come on; believe me as your brother.)
... may I, though vile as he,
Wash all my sin away.
Wash all my sins away;
Wash all (Come right on. That's it; young ladies, old, young, old, all alike. Come on down, join in now.)
When sinners plunge... though vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.
L-84 Just bow our head a moment. Continue on, sister. I don't know what's a going on. I don't even know what God's fixing to do. I'm--I'm at my end now. But I feel just kinda strange that there's a surely another little strayed sheep somewhere here.
Let me pray just a minute while you bow your head. Father, I pray that You won't let the people think that I'm just doing this in myself; that they know, Lord, that I--I'm truthful about it. You're--You're testifying the truth of it. And I feel that there's something else, Lord, hanging back, someone. Will You please, dear God, send that person just now.
While we have our heads bowed, would you raise your hand, whoever you are? Say, "It's me, Brother Branham, I just haven't got the courage to come, but I'll raise my hand that it's me." Huh. Raise up your hand, someone, ever who that is that God is speaking to. God bless you, that's good. I knowed it. Come on, now, won't you move down over here to this side? God bless you. Move right on over here in the aisle while we sing again. Won't you do it?
L-85 I believe that God's going pour out here in a few moments, something. I don't whether it's going to be a spontaneous healings, whether it's going to be a filling with the Holy Ghost, whether it's going to be a sending forth of a ministry. I don't know, but something's fixing to happen. Remember, I told you. I never felt this right in the prayer line. Ask anybody. Here's men that's been with me since I was early in the ministry. You never seen that; it picked up and I feel strong enough, look like, till run a mile (See?), run through a troop and leap over a wall. I never felt that way, never come back like that. Something started; something's happening. And I seen a vision of people swarming down the aisles with their hands up, and here they are, just exactly the way it was showed in the vision. Come on, friends. I feel someone else. One more time to sing before we go to prayer.
Then in a nobler... filled with...
Won't you come to the fountain? I'll raise my hand to you. Won't you come up here, join in, let me join with you in prayer? If God will hear my prayer for the blind and afflicted, won't He hear my prayer?
Wash all my sins away,
Wash all my sin away; (Praise God.)
... all my sins away. (Oh, how I feel.)
And there may I...
... all my sins away.
L-86 I want to ask you something. Do you feel strange? I--I'm not going by feelings, but I'm going by that vision, and--and something's happened here. Now, I believe that if there's anybody crippled or afflicted, I believe you're healed. I--I--I... Something... I believe that every sinner's forgiven. I believe the Holy Spirit's going to baptize this place, illuminate it. Are you ready, people? Are you ready to receive it?
Look at the people standing up just automatically. Here it is. Why, it's all over the building, everywhere.
O God, our heavenly Father, pour Thy Spirit. I condemn the devil and ask that Jesus Christ...?... everybody...?... move God...?... precious Name of Jesus...

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