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Prayer Line 56-01
56-pl-01, Prayer Line 56-01, 66 min

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56-0108 - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN,
L-53 Lord, they're emptying themselves, and I'm emptying myself. Fill us, Lord, with the Holy Ghost. Fill us with Your blessings, that this will be a new day. May You step into the fiery furnace just at this time, fan all the waves away from Your children, and deliver them safely. Grant it, Lord, through Your preparation of Jesus Christ at Calvary we ask it in His Name. Amen.
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,
Oh, hear the voice of Jesus.

Friends, while there's playing and this music's going out... Now, this is a great moment of my life. This is a great time for me. I just feel just confidence and as assured in my heart, that God's going to heal people this morning, as I'm standing right here at this platform. I just believe it. See? And it just makes me feel... Really, I tell you. I think it's already done. The only thing, I just go lay hands on them, 'cause He said do so just like water baptism or anything else.
L-54 Now, here's what gives me confidence. I come with this type of confidence for you. See? I know that He sent me to do this. I--I... With my Bible over my heart, and if I would never live to go out the door there, I know He sent me to pray for His people. I know that. I can't heal His people, for He's already done that; that's provided. But He sent me to pray for His people and encourage them to believe that.
Now, let me show you whether it's right or not. See? Let's first take God's way of it. Let's look across the world, how many tens of thousands of crippled, blind, lame, halt, cancer-ridden's, and everything that's been healed. Now, that's first. After His Word said He would do it, then here He comes and proves it.
Next thing, there's people setting right here that's been healed of it. See? That's next. And then let's look again. Right at the time of years ago, there's a few left here in the tabernacle, maybe, this morning. Some of them don't come when we're going to have healing service because of the crowds pressing in like this. But look, right here, right here in Jeffersonville, to you outsiders, is where that Light, that Morning Star appeared first. Right here it's happened at this platform many times. Right here... Of course, the people thought it was fanatic. But the scientific world has took the picture of It, and says it's the truth. Then I have told you the Truth. Is that right? And now, it's all over...
L-55 Now, they took It in Germany, here recently. You all seen the pictures of that. The big German camera wanted to see if they could take It. So they come, set up the picture. When It come down, they begin to roll this big thing there and take that picture. And there it showed It coming down from heaven. When the inspiration come on, showed who the man was standing there, told him about what he was, and what had happened, how he was leading a bunch of communists and so forth. Said, "You're not a German anyhow; you're an Italian." Told him that. And they... That German there, taken this picture like this, and snapping, and turning this roller camera, snapped it like that. And here it come out, showing It coming down, showing when It was on anointing, and showing It moving away and going out of the building. That's right. Proof? It's the Truth. See? What's it for? It's for you, for you.
L-56 And to think, down in the animal world, how God will do, and the simplicity. Could you imag... Someone... A lot of people laugh at that. Christians don't. But do you know God knows every little sparrow there is? Do you know He's got every feather in their wing numbered. He knows all about it? He said, "Not one of them could fall to the earth without Father knowing about it." He knows where every little animal is. He knows every little part about you. He knows all about it. And by doing that (You see?), and insuring me... And it--the cap of it all come the other night, when He showed Me, standing there by the side of this lake. I'll never forget it. You'll see it in the papers. I'll get them here for you. You'll see it out in "The Voice of Healing," the other magazines.
How I seen that, from that once pull, and He said, "That's when you knew the diseases of the people, when they--by their hands." And then this second pull, said, "Why did you pull it so hard? Why'd you try to explain all of that? They'd see you just caught a fish, but it was small." He said, "Now, cast your lure in for this time." Said, "Set your hook." [Matthew 10:29]
L-57 I seen that Light going, moving out like that, said, "I'll meet you." Oh, my. I know it. I just know it. When I... More than I know I'm--I know that I'm alive, standing in this pulpit this morning; I know it.
Just get your faith away from up here now, and put it down here. Say, "Dear God, I come knowing it too. I come knowing it. I'm coming to You, and I'm going to be healed this morning."
As a man I can pray for you. You say, "Does prayer do any...? Will--will prayer help?" Certainly, that's what we're supposed to do. The prayer... Prayer changes things. Prayer of faith saves the sick. Is that right? Some that's set in the church to pray for the sick. Some are set in the church to prophesy. Some are set in the church to preach, some to teach. Is that right? Certainly, we're set for these things. [James 5:15]
L-58 Therefore, I knew that I was brought into the world to pray for sick. I couldn't pray for all God's sick children when I started out back there when everything was dead and--a few years ago. But God raised from the ministry, Oral Roberts, and oh, the hundreds of others, all around; went into Africa, there they're having a big revival; went into the other countries, there they're having a big revival. God's men, everywhere, working together, not against one another, all together for one big unit, for the glory of God, trying to make His children well, and to show them the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to His Word. He's promised It.
They used to try to attack us and debate with us, the preachers that didn't believe in Divine healing. You don't hear much about it no more, do you? That's right. It just exposed them and showed how much they knowed about the Scripture. And then, God just come around, confirmed the work with signs following, and that just settles it.
Now, how many is here today, out-of-town people, that's out of the state somewhere, and wants to be prayed for? Would you raise your hand? Let's let them come first, the folks out of the state; then the folks that's out-of-town, and then the--the folks, next that's from here at home.
L-59 Now, the out-of-state folks, come first to the altar. We haven't got much room here. But I believe if you'd just kind of like this brother here, kind of line up, right like that, the out-of-state. And then we'll try to get those, and then we'll... Next we'll--we'll get the out of--out of town, and then the next is the folks in the city. Just line up for prayer.
Now... [Brother Branham speaks to the sister playing the piano--Ed.] Now, "Only Believe."
Now, there's many standing. Some of you, of course, are coming, perhaps maybe, to see what our Lord will do. Watch and see what He does. We don't fear Him; we know what He's going to do. He's going to make that Word real as It can be. Yes, sir. You'll see what He will do. He will heal the sick and the afflicted. He will make them well through His power and through His glory.
L-60 Now, I'm going to ask you if you'll do something for me. The first thing, I want every one of you with full assurance of faith, that believes that God will heal these sick people along this line... Now, they're out-of-state. They don't belong in Indiana. They're from some other state. We're happy to have them here, this morning, their faith in God.
Now, how many of you believes that God's going to make them, you people in state now, believe that God's going to make them well? Raise up your hand, say, "I believe it." Believe it with all of our heart.
Now, we're here to help you, dear friends. [Someone speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] All right, I'll pray for them. I'll go pray for them. All right. I want you dear people here that's from out of--from out-of-state to believe this now. I want you to believe with all your heart, that I--that Jesus Christ is God's preparation for your healing, that God brought Jesus to the world for your healing.
Now, remember, there's nothing within me that I could do to heal you. The only thing I'm doing, I'm following the command that God gave me to do it. And know... You've heard the meetings of how just everything's taken place. Of course, He will do that. He will do it this morning for you, and you can go back to your own beloved state, just rejoicing and telling people what good things God has done.
Now, the lame walks, the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak; them things are just in God's power to do it. Now, I want you to believe with all your heart. Now, the only thing I'm to do; I'm to pray and lay hands on you, praying the prayer of faith. And you must accept it on them basis of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. And God will do the rest of it for you. You believe it now with all of your heart? You're ready to receive it? Believe it down in your heart; the Word first, is in your heart to do it. All right.
L-61 Now, I want everybody to be real quiet, or just kindly hum, whatever you want to, while we pray congregationally, then one by one, and Brother Neville will anoint them with oil as they come to the me to be prayed for. All right.
Now, let's bow our heads, everywhere, and every few minutes we'll have you raise your heads.
Now, heavenly Father, we thank Thee this morning for Jesus. And here stands in this line here, this morning, different ailments, Thou knowest what they are; I don't. But the best of my knowledge, Lord, I tried to tell them that Thou has provided their healing already. Some of them maybe just a few days from death. But, Father, prayer changes things.
Hezekiah prayed, after God, You sent Your prophet up there and told him he was going to die. But he prayed, and You spared his life. [II Kings 20:1-2, 5]
L-62 Now, Lord, I'm praying with all my heart for these people, that You'll spare their life for one purpose, Lord, for Your glory, that they'll tell others, and others might tell others. The day of the Lord is at hand and we must hurry. And we know this Gospel must be preached everywhere. And help us today now, and anoint Your servants here. Anoint this building freshly and deeply now. May that great Angel of God move in now with great power, move down along the lines, unseen, yet, know that He's here. And I pray that You'll heal everyone, through Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, with your heads bowed, everyone slowly now. "Only Believe," real slowly, while we--Brother Neville anoints the sick and they bring them to me.
Only... [Congregation sings: Only Believe--Ed.]
L-63 Every one be reverent now. Here's a man that stammers, stutters, and he wants to preach God's Word. He wants to be delivered so he can preach the Word of God. I want you to be reverent and believe that God will take this stammering spirit away from this man for the glory of God.
Now, our heavenly Father, stand near in this little, old, crude built tabernacle, yet, knowing that the Shekinah Glory of God, Who dwelt under the interlocked wings of the Cherubims is standing present now. And as our souls can let loose of the filthy things of the world and moves into His Presence, and we can feel and know that He's standing here... We come boldly, knowing that we would--knowing this, that we would die if it wasn't for Christ's glory now, but His shed Blood makes a way. We could come then boldly up to Your throne under the interlocked wings of the cross.
L-64 And, God, this man here, fine-looking, big, stout-looking man, standing here wanting to preach the Gospel, what a glorious thing. And yet, Satan has give him a stammering, stuttering voice. But he wants it to move today so that he can preach the Gospel. O eternal God, we know that Thou has used in times passed stammers and stutters. But this man wants to be free, for he feels embarrassed with it. So today, by the merits of the Lord Jesus, by God's provided program and way, by the witness of the Holy Ghost, and the Presence of God... And as His servant, I lay hands upon Him, and I condemn this spirit. In the Name of the Jesus Christ, may it leave my brother. And may this evil thing leave that would hinder the Gospel. And may he go forth and be able to preach the Gospel with a true ringing, sounding voice for God's glory.
Lord, I lay these, my hands, upon him, because it's Your commission. It's Your bidding to do so. Through Jesus Christ that You grant it for God's glory.
I want every head bowed and no one to raise your heads until you hear me say so, please.
Holy Spirit, heal...?... Lord for this...?... I condemn you, thou evil one. Leave, in Jesus Name...?... Turn around...?... that you're going to be...?... God's blessing...?...[Brother Branham continues to speak inaudibly sometimes. He asks the man to repeat after him--Ed.] Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. I love the Lord. I give Him praise. It's different, isn't it?...?... You feel better now, feel different. Certainly, because the Lord has...?... Say, "I love Him." Praise be to God. I don't believe it'll ever come again.
L-65 Now, just keep your heads bowed; listen to this man. I love Jesus. [The man repeats after Brother Branham: "I love Jesus."--Ed.] Praise be to God. ["Praise be to God."] I'll preach the Gospel. ["I'll preach the Gospel."] No stammering at all. He's healed. God bless you, brother. Go on your road now rejoicing.
Now, let's raise our heads and give God praise, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." There goes a man into the ministry to preach the Gospel, that was once a stutterer. What did Moses say, "I'm a man of slow speech. I have stammering with lips and so forth."
God said, "Who made the lips of man?"
Do you believe now? Have faith now. Will you bow your heads again for another person? Everybody in prayer now. Be reverent.
[Brother Branham talks to the sick person in the prayer line--Ed.] Now, your trouble, sister? Where you from, sister? Hamilton, Ohio. You believe you're going home well?
Now, the lady has a trouble in her sides, and she's come from Hamilton, Ohio. And she's extremely nervous. There might not be nothing happen that you could see, but God will do it just the same. Pains will leave her, I believe, if you will with me. [II Kings 20:6]
L-66 Now dear heavenly Father, realizing that here somewhere present stands the Lord Jesus... And our sister has come a long ways down here to be prayed for. She's got trouble in her side, nervous. But You, Lord, Who raised up Jesus and made the preparation...
And back years ago as a little old boy standing up here under the tree, You said, "Don't you never smoke or drink, or defile your body. There will be a work for you to do when you get older."
Here it is. You confirmed it by an Angel of Light. You sent animals in to be prayed for. You've sweep around the world with a revival as You promised down here on the river that You'd do it. And here this woman stands today to be delivered.
L-67 And Father, through the precious Blood of Jesus, through the preaching of the Word, I lay hands upon sister, and deliver her according to the God's Word and her faith. I condemn this thing that's bothering her, this old shadow of darkness that's making her nervous. I cast it away from her in the Name of the Lord Jesus, taking the initiative.
L-68 Satan, you can't hold her no longer. She come a long way. She's going back without you...?... through Jesus Christ the Son of God. Prayer of faith shall save the sick. You said so...?... She--she be well. We cast the enemy away now, plead the Blood of the righteous Lord Jesus between her and the enemy, in Jesus' Name.
It can be nothing outward, but just--you feel that you're healed, don't you, sister? The pains are not in your side. It's gone. You feel calm and well. Now, just right here.
Here's a lady (you may raise your head) from Ohio, with that trouble in her side. She says, "All pains are gone. Her nerves are quietened, just the same as the man... Is that right, sister? Now, you're going home to be well. Jesus, the Son of God, Who's here this morning has made you well. Be a gallant servant for Him. God bless you.
Now, let's say, praise the Lord. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] What if that was you suffering like that?" All right.
Now, shall we bow our heads again just in a--for a word of prayer. All right.
Now, and we're... [Brother Branham speaks to a lady in the prayer line--Ed.]...?... what is your request? Oh, it's just...?... Oh, I see, it's...?... Oh, I see it's just...?... Oh, my...?... He can make stammering man...?... Was you ever in one of my services before?...?... my...?... You see what happened there don't you...?... I see that little jerking there...?... this lady's purse...?... her glasses on right behind this man...?...
Now, everyone real reverent, if you will. [James 5:15]
L-69 Now, our heavenly Father, this little lady comes helpless from the doctors. They've done all they know how to do. Her face twitching, nerves, something went wrong. The doctor's trying to find, but they can't find why that nerve won't operate right. And in that she's sick all over. Truly, Lord, isn't that the way of the world today. But knowing that she stands here helpless in Your Presence, then as Your servant, I bring her to You with all the faith that I know how. And knowing that it's Satan that's broken that nerve. It's an unseen something that the doctors can't find, causing that nerve to twitch her eye and face. But Thou can make it leave, Lord, for You're Jehovah God. You're the One that provided the sacrifice at Calvary, and we accept it now.
Go, thou spirit, you who twitches her face, you who's tormented her body. We come in the Name of Jesus, fresh from Calvary from the Word, and we condemn thee. We claim that you can't stay any longer. The woman's tried with the doctors, and they've done all they know how to do. But you've hid from the doctors, but you can't hide from God. He knows who you are. So as His servant and His representative, I say for you to leave my sister. Go out of her.
L-70 God's Word said, "If they lay hands on the sick, they'll get well." So you're defeated now in Calvary's atonement. Get away from this woman in Jesus Christ's Name. I liberate her from you, by Jesus Christ's commission, that we should lay hands on the sick and cast out evils spirits. And you're evil, and you have to leave her. May she go home and be well, through Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, with your heads bowed, just a little longer. Now, Mrs. Kinzer, I believe your name was. There would be nothing exactly only just your faith to stop this jerking, since we've prayed there on the side. But I believe with all my heart that you're all right. You're well. I... It was this side, in here, right in along inside of your face. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-71 Now, would you come here. Where are you from now? Boston, Kentucky. Would you raise your head? The lady, on this side of her face had something from her throat down here, twitching, jumping up-and-down, a nerve. What is that? It's just like the Bible said, "The deaf spirit went out of a man." The doctor couldn't find it, because it was a operation of a nerve. The nerve's still there, but there's something in that nerve, a making it jump and go on. The doctors couldn't find that, of course, because... [The woman says, "Thirteen"--Ed.] She's been to thirteen different doctors. And now, Jesus Christ has stopped it. And there she is before you, and she'll get well. She'll be all right now. God bless you, Sister Kinzer. God bless you.
This happens to be her birthday, and said, "The happiest she ever had." Look at her as she goes down, isn't that marvelous?
Let's say: "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."] Thanks be to God.
Now, we love our dear Lord Jesus with all of our heart. Here at the Tabernacle, we've learned to love Him, and trust Him for everything that we have need of.
Now, thank you for keeping your head bowed. And now, they'll bring the next patient while you bow your head and be in prayer. It's your prayers too.
You're? [Brother Branham speaks to a lady in the prayer line--Ed.] Uh-huh. And what's... Yes, ma'am, and what is your trouble? Yes, ma'am. Is it in your ear... You deaf or something in your ear? Uh-huh. Yes, ma'am. Something like boils or something? Yes. All right. And you're from what?
This sister comes all the way from Ohio. Her trouble is in her ears; they burst, and run, and it's causing her a lot of trouble. And we believe that Jesus can defeat this, or has already defeated it. And we're coming now to claim her victory in Calvary.
L-72 Now, our kind heavenly Father, we bring to You our beloved sister who's come all the way from Ohio here today to be healed. And with all my heart, and long prayers through the night, I've ask You, Lord, to do these things. And I know it's easy to ask You, when You said You would do it. And I--I'm just so thankful that You've done it.
And now, we bring her to You in the light of Calvary's cross, where Jesus standing there, that made the--the atonement. How You swung between the heavens and earth, reconciling the heavenly to the earthly by the shedding of Your Own Blood. How that You lifted up from the earth. You died in mid-air. And there the Blood dripped upon the earth to stain the old Calvary's cross. There's where You spoiled principalities. There's where You robbed Satan of everything that he had. You took back and give to the children of God, their rightful belongings. There's where You give us Eternal Life. There's where You give us the promise of the resurrection.
L-73 O heavenly Father, that paid the price. And today, You paid for her healing and I stand as Your servant, along with these other hundreds of servants in this building. And we condemn this devil, that's tormenting our sister. And say through the righteousness of Christ through His command at Calvary, we cast you away from our sister and send her to her home in Ohio, for these never to boil up there and burst out again, that she'll be made completely whole, through Jesus Christ the Son of God, we ask it. Amen.
L-74 Now, sister, if course, just to show anything, you couldn't do it. But you believe it, don't you? You believe it. I want you to walk over here.
Now, to you, you may raise your heads. Our sister here couldn't show anything, because it wasn't running at the time; her ears. But we have, this morning, the assurance in my heart, and in her heart, and I'm sure in your heart, that God has healed our sister. Do you believe it? And it'll be a testimony. And God bless you, sister. Amen.
Thanks be to God. Now, shall we bow our heads again while we pray for someone else?
L-75 Well, sister, I see you on your crutch, so I know that much is that. Now, shall we pray? Bow your heads just moment while I talk with the sister. Now, what is your trouble? [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes, ma'am. And this is that staggering, is that right?...?... high blood, yes, ma'am. And you are a Christian? Yes, ma'am. And you believe now that you've come to the Lord Jesus, sister?
Now, our sister has bad ankles. She's walking on a--a--a crutch support. And she has high blood pressure and--and many things wrong with her. We're taking her to Jesus at this time for her healing. You be in prayer now, that your prayer may go through for her.
Now, our dear heavenly Father, our beloved sister stands here, yet a young woman. But Satan would give her a stroke if he could. He'd lay her up yonder on the bed of affliction. He will put her out of commission if he can. For he don't want her testimony. Why did this happen to this Christian? Why? We would question, or those who would not understand. But, Father, we know that it was for Your glory.
It was said one time, "Who sinned, this boy, or his mother, or his father?"
You said, "Neither, but that the works of God might be made manifest." [John 9:2-3]
L-76 We believe that for our sister this morning. We believe that's the reason her ankles got in that condition. We believe that's the reason the high blood pressure struck her, so that You could show her Your love and kindness to her, that You could prove to her, that You're Jehovah Who heals our diseases.
God, we pray that this blood pressure will drop in such a way, till the doctor will say, "What happened to you?"
And to the doctor she'll say, "Jesus healed me."
We pray, God, that You'll make her to walk on these ankles without this support, that she'll be able to walk and to live and--and to be like she wants to be.
L-77 And, Father, the Word has went forth, yet in Its simplicity and chopped up way, but It sure has taken heart in--a place in the hearts of these Christians. And now, as she stands here; she's waiting for her healing. Thou doest never lose a person. And I pray, heavenly Father, that You'll heal our sister and will make her well. And now, as Your servant, as one who believes in You, along with these other servants of Yours that's bowed in prayer, we bring our sister up to Calvary; yonder hangs the Lord Jesus. Oh, how wonderful. Standing yonder, the earth beneath Him, the heavens above Him, reconciling God and man together... And we come in His Name. And what's keeping this woman from being a complete delivered servant is the devil. And there Jesus, You stripped him, and You took every legal right he had away from him. And today, he's only a bluff, and we won't receive it. We won't receive it, because Jesus Christ the Son of God give us the proof that he told us we could do it. And we believe it. And we take back that which he's trying to rob our sister. We give her her health. We take this weakness from her ankles. We take this blood pressure back to its normal condition and rebuke the devil that done it, in the Name of Jesus Christ, in the light of Calvary's sacrifice.
L-78 Come out from her, Satan; you're evil and you can't hold her no longer. And Thou, Lord, Who gave the vision the other night, and said, these things would be, Thou art True, and cannot fail. And I ask now for our sisters deliverance through Jesus Christ's Name, Who shall receive all praise and glory.
And your heads bowed every one. Now, sister, really, outwardly, I... Only thing I can said, that your face which was real red and flashy when you come up, has gone down. I don't know whether you feel... feel calm and cool. And now, let's see your crutch here, just a minute. I don't believe you're going to have to have it any more, just walk around here without it now. Just walk... See, just walk around here. Now, that's fine.
L-79 Now, I want you all to look. The lady who was all flushed up in her face, she feels calm. Look how it looks now. You seen her face how red she looked. And here she... And she feels normally, that God has healed her and made her well. And her crutch, she won't need that no more, don't matter where she's at. Go ahead on down, sister, just--just take the thing, and pack it along; just get, hang it up in your house for a souvenir. See? I won't have it.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
All right, shall we bow our heads again now for prayer.
All right, would you bring the sister? And what's your trouble, sister? [The lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Oh. Oh, where you from? Madisonville, Kentucky. Mrs. Jackson. All right.
This sister has arthritis and some inward troubles that's very bad. And I don't know what will ever happen if God doesn't make her well. She'll probably have to have surgery, and that's very dangerous at the time. So we pray that God will be merciful and heal her.
Our kind heavenly Father, we bring to Thee today, our beloved sister, come all the way from Madisonville, Kentucky, down here to be prayed for. And Thou art the Healer Divine. And I bring her into Your omnipotent, and into Your great Presence. Her... Your power and Your Presence to rebuke this old arthritis that would put calcium deposit across these bones of her fingers, that would calcium deposit these ankles and knees. There she'd lay stretched out on the bed, someone feeding her through a tube. Oh, you evil spirit, you would cause her life to be took from this other infirmity; but we bring her today to Jesus Christ.
L-80 And, O God, to boast my own faith for her now, knowing that the prayer of faith is being prayed, I condemn the devil, cast him away from her through Jesus Christ the Son of God. Free her from arthritis and all these other diseases, that she can go home and be well, and give testimony all through that country of the glory of God.
Satan, you've lost the victory, and Jesus Christ has won, and she can be well through Jesus Christ the Lord.
Sister, dear, there may not be nothing that the people could see, but I believe that you're healed. Raise your feet, just see if you feel better from your arthritis. You feel find now? Now, you all can see how she's moving her feet and everything. Walk right on down, and act just like a little young lady, just that you don't even... you don't... We just praise the Lord Jesus for all His goodness and mercy.
L-81 Now, be reverent, everyone as we pray. And now, just a little bit, we'll... Just as soon as we pray for this baby, then we'll give a little recess, then you can go. Just take us about three minutes now, then we'll have a little recess, and then we'll start with some more people. All right.
Everyone just real reverent now. All right. Is it the baby that wants to be prayed for? And you want to be prayed for too? Brother Wilson, I'm glad to get to shake your hand. And your baby is... [The lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.]
Oh, oh, yes, I see, it's the--the one that has something like a convulsions, that falls. I see it smashed its little face up there. Well then, sister, will you believe, and you, Brother Wilson, today, that Jesus will take this away from your baby, and--and let it get well?
Now, the little baby standing here has something wrong. It has convulsions that it falls, and its little face, its little eyes are bruised and black and so forth. And the father wants healing, too.
L-82 Now, we pray that God will take this curse off that little baby. Now, audience, do you believe that our kind heavenly Father in His mercy that will let this little baby get well, not have these convulsions, that they'll leave it? Do you believe that we ask our heavenly Father He will do it? All right. Let us pray.
And Brother Wilson, what was your trouble? I forgot. [The brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.]...?... I see. Probably the same thing...?... the baby. All right, now let's all be real reverent.
Now, our kind heavenly Father, we bring to Thee first, as first come in the world, the father of the baby. And evil things has happened to him. The devil has conquered him in many great times. But today we're bringing him in the Presence of Jesus Christ, by the way of prayer. We're bringing him to Calvary, where--there where Jesus died that He might have fully five senses. And we pray God, that You'll be merciful to him. That we believe that these things that we do is according to Your Word. You said, "In My Name they shall cast out the evil spirit." We believe that. Though times people... [] [Mark 16:16-18]
L-83 Told me a certain thing to do and some something to say, and I never could remember what it was He said when I woke up. You remember that. The other night in a vision when He spoke to me, and these things wasn't to be done in public; it's to be done in private. And Brother Cox, which is standing close, we suggested, maybe it'd be best to let the people come around this way, to let me have one individual at a time in the--in a prayer room here for this to be done.
L-84 Last Sunday, when I was here, I was doing this first in the Tabernacle. I got everybody with their head bowed, so I could walk down there to this woman that was crippled up laying on this stretcher. And she was completely delivered.
And this morning, I said, "God, if You'll just help me awhile, till the crowd gets restless, well... Help me, till maybe, if I can keep the people with their heads bowed, so they won't see it done... See, everybody, if when I begin to put my hands on people and everybody begin to get, "Oh, I feel it my hand." See? Like that, and when It come, everybody begins to see how It would come; which was absolutely carnal impersonations. That's exactly right. That's the same Holy Ghost that told me to do it, said it was. So I knowed it was wrong.
L-85 So that's what He told me the other night. Said, "You caused a lot of carnal impersonations to rise. And to do that..." Said, "Now, let no one ever see this." And that's what I've been doing this morning. Just so that you all would know, and you would see now that I told you the truth. And you just watch now what the Lord is going to do in these revivals that's coming. It's going to be exceedingly abundantly above anything that's ever been done yet. You just see now. Remember, I'm not a false prophet. I tell the truth. God wouldn't lie. And see if it isn't going to be greater that it has ever has been at any time.
Now, you dear people, there's many of you lined up here to be prayed for. It's getting late. I... And--and I--I know you want to be prayed for. And I want to pray for each one. The lady's got a little girl standing here, and a mother holding a little baby, and--and all. And we want them prayed for. We want them delivered, don't we? We want them to be made well, each one, these little boys knelt down here. And all back in there are people. And people here with cancer in bad shape and going to die.
L-86 Now, don't we believe that Jesus is here now? Don't we believe that He's here? And we believe with all of our heart that He's going to make every one of us well? Don't you believe that? He loves us all. God's no respect of persons. He's going to heal the little girl, isn't He, sister, there with the... He's going... [A sister says, "He has already started."--Ed.] Already started... Bless your heart. Where are you from, sister? Crestwood, Kent... ["This man here prayed for her one night and she's been recovering ever since, getting better."--Ed.] [Acts 10:34]

56-0200 - Georgetown High School, Georgetown, IN,
L-38 Lady, setting, you broke your arm, got your arm hurt there, haven't you, lady? Uh-hum! You're from Corydon, aren't you? Got someone with you with you, come along, didn't they? She's suffering with a nervous condition, isn't that right? If it is raise up your hand. All right. Now, you can walk out and go back, be healed too, lady. Amen.
It's your faith. It is that... Now, that's what I'm speaking of, the Holy Spirit.
Sir, would you believe your heart trouble had left you and you was going to be well? You do, all right, sir. Then you can leave. Amen. It's...
Let us say, "Praise be to God." audience, please. [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]
L-39 A lady coming... How do you do? I suppose we're strangers to each other, are we, lady? I never seen you in my life. I'm perfect stranger to you, just like the--our Master Who stood at the well, and talked to the woman, and said... she said... He said, "Bring Me a drink." He wanted to catch a conversation with her.
Now, this being our first time to ever meet in life, it's a man and a woman again, isn't that right? Well, then if Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and He promised that He would be with us, in us, to the end of the world, and we'd do the same things that He did, it'd have to be the same kind of a thing. Then if Jesus stood here and He was wearing this suit that He gave me, the only thing He could do as far... If you're sick and need healing, He would tell you, "I did that at Calvary, child. Would you believe it?"
Now, but now, He could tell you something maybe that's wrong with you, or something the reason you don't get healed; but me, being a stranger to you, it'd just be the same. Isn't that right? [John 4:7], [Matthew 28:20]
L-40 Now, everyone real reverent now. Remember, you're in the Presence of the Lord. And the very Gospel that I've read to you tonight, you see It living anew. See? I've never seen the woman. I don't know nothing about her, never seen her in my life. God knows her. I don't. But now, I would speak to her to contact her soul, the anointing that's here with me now is that Angel of the Lord, the Pillar of Fire, followed the children of Israel, which was Christ in Spirit form, came down, and was made flesh, went back to the Father, came back again to live in His Church, the same thing. It's not me; it's Him. I don't know the woman, know nothing of her. Got a seventh grade education...
L-41 Look at the people who say... Well, out there in the audience, they're be--being healed just sitting in the audience, standing wherever they may. God's here to heal, that's all, if you believe.
I see a child that's suffering. But I can't say it's healed. I don't know you. If you'll keep praying, mother, believing with all your heart...
Now, to you again, sister, to speak with you... Now, there's been a hunger in your heart for a long time. That hunger is a closer life with God. You've tried that much, try and fail, try and fail. Isn't that right? Ups-and-downs in life...
Here some time ago you were praying somewhere, because you were facing a serious thing like an operation or something. Yes, it is. I see it, a doctor, he's examined... You have something on... it's your leg. It's on your right leg. Is a trouble that you're going to be operated on. You made a promise if God would let you get well, that you'd serve Him and walk a closer life. I am not reading your mind. That's true, isn't it? If that's true, raise your hand.
L-42 Now, there's Something here that you know. I want to ask you something. In the Presence where we're standing now, and so the audience might know, there's a feeling that you have now, that you've never had before in your life. That's right. It's because that Light, the Holy Spirit is between you and I, and you just go back, even to a little girl... They're feeling the same thing, right along the line there now. See? It's in the Presence of Something that the world doesn't know.
L-43 Come here, that I might ask God to bless you, sister. And all of you, do you believe with all of your heart now? Do you? Are you believing? If you do say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Kind heavenly Father, this our dear sister stands here in need. All things work together for good to them who love You. And she's standing needy. And she wants to be well. And this is the time. I pray that just this moment, Father, that You'll take away all of her infirmities, cleanse her from everything that's not like You. And I ask, dear God, that You'll forgive her of every sin and trespass, and take her into Your Kingdom tonight as a new born babe, and heal her body through Jesus Christ's Name, Thy beloved Son, I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go, rejoicing and happy, God being with you. [Romans 8:28]
L-44 How do you do, lady. I suppose we're strangers to each other too? We, not knowing each other, but if--if Jesus has risen from the dead, as I say that He has, and I believe that He has, and He be standing here with us, you and I, then me talking to you like He did the woman at the well... And He's able, and by His Word He promised that He would reveal these things, and we'd do the same things He did, because He would be... He said, "I'll be with you, in you, to the end of the world."
Now, don't be shook up because you feel a little strange, but a glorious feeling. But you're just not... That's not your brother. That's Him, your--your Lord, not me, Him. Now, the lady is a stranger. Be real reverent people, real reverent please. See? I don't know her. God does know her. I don't know the people, but you'll know that there's Something here that's a doing the work of the Lord, according to the way the Bible said it would be. It's... You believe that now? See?
Well, what is it? It's the Lord Jesus. See? Now, I just want to speak to her again, 'cause I--I see the woman now as she moves from me. Yes, the woman's very much tore up about... Oh, she's had a nervous breakdown, been very bad, and had a breakdown. You're still suffering from it. That's the truth, isn't it? If it's truth, raise your hand. [Matthew 28:20]
L-45 You've had real funny feelings goes through you all the time, and especially real late of an evening, you get real strange feelings. Isn't that right? Then I see you, you was setting down in a chair, kind of late of the evening too; you get tired; you can't do your work. And--and isn't that right? Causes even stomach condition in you, like that, acids and things when you drink coffee, or something another on that like; you belch up acids out of your stomach, and so forth. That's right. See you moving away from the table where there's stuff like that on, by a window, near a window. Is that true? Raise your hand if that's true.
L-46 Now, Something here knows your life, isn't it? I told you out of the Bible, that Jesus Christ did the same thing and promised that we'd do the same thing. Do you believe that it's Him? I see a real dark shadow following you too, which is the devil. And he's almost tempted you to suicide, sometime, telling you that you--you had crossed the separating line, that you wasn't never going to be saved. Is that right? Now, is that...
Do you believe out there in the audience now with all your heart? See? It's perfect. It's true. It's the Lord Jesus. I don't know your opinion. I know some of you are wondering, 'cause you can't hide your life now. See? You know... I couldn't do nothing for you, but you couldn't--you couldn't hide your life if you had to right now. You're in the Presence of Him.
Now, sister, if I can, by the grace of God can make it leave you now, and if... You've been wondering for a time of relief anyhow. Now, He will do it, if you'll believe Him? Will you believe Him? I'll have the prayer, and you believe Him.
L-47 Now, look. You probably never was any closer in your life than you are now. Now, so that the audience will know, and your friend, where you're standing now, a real humble sweet feeling is around you (Isn't that right?), like Something near, not your brother, but Something supernatural. If that's right, raise your hand. See? It's the Angel of the Lord. See? I am living now in another dimension (See?) in a spirit world. Now, I want to pray for you while this anointing...
L-48 Now, the very Thing that's here, that knows your life, I see It go way back to a little girl. I see you as a little girl. You were running from something. It was something chasing you. It was a dog. It seemed like you was coming from school or something way, long ago: scared you. You've been nervous-like all your life. That is true, isn't it? See, just more I talk to you more vision will show. Now, for the sake of these others, let us pray.
Dear God, Author of Life, Lord Jesus, Who will judge us all at Your coming, knowing that we are eternity bound people, and will have to meet You someday... Standing here in Your Presence and knowing that right now, here at the platform is the Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead and confirming every word...
Father, Thou art so lovely, because You--You make manifest those things that are true. You speak of truth. And the lady stands here, which she is tormented by an evil spirit that's trying to get her to commit suicide and do things wrong. But Thou art here to remove this, Father. And I pray, according to Thy Word, which said, "You ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." And I know that Your Word is true.
So, Satan, you evil one that's tormented our sister, I adjure thee in the Name of Jesus Christ, the living God, come out from the woman.
Now, look at this way. Now, something has happened to you. You're weeping; you don't feel like you did, do you? You feel happy now, feel good. Is that right, raise up your hand, here at the people, so... And you're going, believe you're going to be well, and go home, and serve the Lord. All right. Now, run along and just be real happy. It won't come to you no more.
Let us say thanks be to God, as we...?... [John 15:7]
L-49 All right, would you come? Sister, being a stranger to you, that the people might not think now, that... You know what a telepathy is; that's what's on somebody's mind. I can't pick it out, and when it does, I'm going to call who you are. So you're in there; it keeps coming to the platform to me. And I think it's the clergymen, 'cause I seen the platform before me.
I just want you to put your hand on mine, sister, as a way of contact. I don't know you. I've never seen you, and I'm not looking at you. I look out here into the audience. If Almighty God will reveal to me by a vision, as I look this way, what your trouble is, would you admit and tell the truth, whether it is right or not. If you will raise up your hand. Now, may the Lord Jesus grant it as I pray. If you'll lay your hand back on mine just the way, that a point of contact, the Bible said, "Laying hands on the sick..."
L-50 Yes, sister, you have a female trouble; it's a lady's trouble. If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, do you believe it's mental telepathy? That takes place, she was in a bathroom, which it wouldn't be right to tell a mixed audience like this, the lady knows what, it's a drainage. That's right, isn't it, lady? That's right. See? That's true.
L-51 Now, only God can heal her. I can't heal her, certainly not. I'm not a healer, I'm His servant, just a vessel where the Holy Spirit come... Like this right here, this is a speaker. This is a not a speaker this is a plat--a pulpit. This is a speaker. Some man made this a speaker. Some man made this a pulpit. Some man made you a preacher, some... I mean, the Lord, I don't mean, excuse me, my brothers. I didn't mean some man made you a preacher. I didn't mean that in that means, that manner. I was saying "man," and this is a... Kind of you're--you're working in two worlds. You're here and in another world. When that goes out, then you go in and you see what's standing near at the platform here, Angels of God and everything. And you see hideous things that takes place. Then you're--you're wondering sometimes, and that's the reason I said when God calls you and made you a minister, God called me and made me a seer, as He promised in the Bible. The Bible said, "You're... And the Bible said and if--it's in Acts the 2nd chapter, "In the last days (That's these days.) it'll come to pass that I'll pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your young men shall see visions." Is that right? Prophesy, is that right? Prophets will be raised in the last days and show visions and signs. Is that what the Bible says? Well, that's just what He said. [Acts 2:17]
L-52 Now, sister, go believing, having faith. Believe with all your heart and God will heal you. Do you believe it?
Kind heavenly Father, in the Name of Thy beloved Son, the Lord Jesus, knowing that this woman is near the line and the shadow right behind her, called cancer... And we pray, heavenly Father, that You'll grant her healing tonight. And I condemn this enemy, upon the confession of her faith and the Word of the Lord God. I condemn this devil that's bothering her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Go happy, sister. Don't be bothered. Just believe with all your heart.
L-53 You want to be healed, do you, sister? Would you do... Would you believe me as His prophet? If I would tell you where your trouble is, and what's wrong with you, and what to do, would you believe it? You would? You'd have to know that some way it comes. It's in your back, isn't it? That's true. That's right. Now, you believe that God will make you well? You're all nervous too, and got complications and things. And a lot of things you believe you have, but you don't, because it's you're nerves (See?) that does that. Sometimes when you lay down you feel like your heart's bad, but that's nothing but just your stomach; it's a little peptic ulcer in your stomach, which causes gas pressed upon your heart. It's going to hurt you. You're going to be well. You're a fine woman. You're faith has healed you. You believe me? Then go on your road rejoicing, thanking God.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God," everybody.
L-54 Sister, of course, you knowing that only one thing can heal you; that's God. God is the only One Who can heal cancer and make well. But He can do it, if you can believe. Do you do it? With all your heart?
Kind heavenly Father, in Whom we believe, I pray, dear God, that Your omnipotent Spirit will touch this woman, and will make her well, as You have said in Your Word, "These signs shall follow them that believe." The last thing You said, Jesus, when You left Your Church, You said, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. And he that believeth not shall be damned, and these signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name they shall cast out evil spirits; lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover." Lord, You're true to Your Word. And upon the commission of the Lord Jesus, upon His omnipotent Word, I now ask that this evil leave, sister, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, go happy and rejoicing and be made well. Amen. All you--all you audience, you'll never... Wish you could... You may think I'm beside myself, but I'm not. No, sir. I'm not. But I say this in the Name of the Lord, that Jesus Christ the resurrected Son of God is alive tonight, and is here in this auditorium right now, showing the things that His Word said that He would do. Isn't He wonderful, so wonderful? Oh, how good... [Mark 16:15-18]
L-55 I was looking at a lady, but I believe it's the lady behind her that's got a gallbladder trouble, setting back there that would like to be healed. You believe that God would heal you, sister, setting there, right behind the lady, kinda heavy-set lady, looking at me. Will it... Do you believe, right back behind the lady? You was setting there praying, wasn't you? Huh? You... No, the lady setting right here, that's right, if you could see, if you could only see... How many seen the picture of the Angel of the Lord? Here It hangs right here over this woman, right here. She's suffering with something wrong in the gall that's in the--right under the side here that causes the trouble. And she was setting there praying and asking that God would make her well. Sister, you won't have to worry no more. Christ has made you well. Amen. We thank the Lord.
L-56 What do you think, sister? We're strangers to one another, are we? We don't know each other. Jesus Christ knows us, doesn't He? If God will reveal to me where your trouble is, or something about you that you know I do not know, will you accept Him as your Healer? I'm your brother. I--I couldn't heal you. I'm just a man, like your--your father, or husband, or brother, or so forth. I--I'm no healer. But you know, that you're standing in His Presence, or Something that you... you know that there's Something near besides man. Isn't that right?
Now, to your friends, out there, and to a witness of the Lord Jesus, that they might know, and so that the audience will be sure, because after this night, they'll be many stand in judgment. See? That they might know...
I just want to say something. Just since you have come up here, even now, that there's a real loving, humble, sweet feeling around you. That you... If that's right, raise your hand. And I've never seen you in my life. And now to the people who know her, you couldn't stand this close without knowing It, recognizing It. He's here. That's the Holy Spirit. See? The... It has such an effect upon the--the human. It's got to be something, for instance, if you--if you see something through the eye, it'll have an emotional effect to you. And if there's a sense of feeling, and if something affects that feeling, it--it brings emotion. You see? You--you have too. See, it has to react. And you're in His Presence.
L-57 Now, I... If God will tell me what your trouble is, will you accept Him as your Healer then for it? Your trouble is a lady's trouble, female disorder. That's right. You have pains low in the side. Isn't that right? It's a tube, and it's--it's infected. You have an abscess on it, and it's causing you trouble. Sometimes it's worse that ever. I see you, days, when you hold yourself, and just walk, just almost putting your teeth together. That's just been recently. Is that right? You don't believe I'm reading your mind, do you, sister? You're a believer.
L-58 Now, Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Now, the Bible said these things would take place. And you're right now... Look, first, the Word, God's Word said that these things would take place. Here you walk up to me a stranger, never seen me. And as soon as you move up here, you walk in front men all the time, ministers, but never felt like this in your life. See? Then here comes Something down, this lovely Person that's here with us now, tells you where your trouble is and what you've been doing. Then you know it's got to be some supernatural, hasn't it? Then you believe that I am a believer? Then if I lay hands on you and ask for your healing, it'll have to get well, won't it? Then you come forward if you will. May I just put my hand on yours. And shall we pray as we bow our heads?
Our dear heavenly Father, knowing that Your Presence is here and You're omnipotent, You're omnipresent... And I pray through Jesus the Son of God, that You'll heal our sister. And she's standing here in Your Presence now. And You're anointing. And I ask that You take away the evil from her body. Now, we know that it would take her life and send her to a premature grave. But You're here to remove it. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-59 And Father, we pray that You'll do it. And we know that we have what we ask for, for You're here to witness to us that You are resurrected from the dead. And You know this woman. You've knowed her since she come on earth. And You're here revealing to her the things that she's done in her life and what's wrong with her. And now, upon the--the authority of God's Word, I come to challenge the enemy in her body. Thou enemy called the devil, I come claiming a gift that was ministered to me by an Angel, that Satan, you're aware of; and I adjure thee by the living God, Jesus Christ the Son of God, that you come out of the woman and don't torment her any more. Amen.
God bless you, sister. You go believing with all your heart; you'll get well. Write me your testimony, tell me what happened up here, when you come.
L-60 Would you like to be over that heart trouble, sir? Be well. Go off the platform, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus for healing me," you'll get well. Amen. Believe now with all your heart.
I want to ask you something, when I said heart trouble to him, something happened to you, wasn't it? 'Cause that's what you had too. When you were standing down there in the audience a few minutes ago, you said, "Yes, I believe." And since that very time, there's been a difference in you, hasn't there? That's right, that's exact. I know, but when you heard me say that to that man, what I said, then something, you felt, wonderful, didn't you? Now, that's what come to you to bring your healing. Do you believe it with all your heart? Come here then.
Kind heavenly Father, I pray that in Jesus Name, that You'll make manifest Your love to this woman, and will heal her, and make her completely whole, as I lay hands on her, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-61 Now, I wonder out there how many believes now with all your heart? Do you believe? Raise your hand. Is there a person in here that's not a Christian before we pray for any more sick, that say, "I now accept Jesus as my Saviour. I've been a little afraid in my life"?
L-62 God bless you, young man, setting up there. God bless you, lady, standing with the baby. Would someone else raise your hand say, "I now accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour."
God bless you, sister. You remember, you'll never probably till you get to heaven be any more in His Presence than you are right here, watching Him moving with the people.
Would someone else, while we bow we heads just a moment...?
L-63 Heavenly Father, You want people to believe on You. You want people to love You. Four or five has raised their hands that they want to accept You as their personal Saviour. I pray, Father, that You'll deal just now, and let men and women who have never yet come to You, or maybe, got away from You, and away from church, and away from worship, and they want to come back to You, and they know that You're here, and they--they know that it's You that's speaking to them just now, I pray that they'll humbly raise their hands to You, knowing that someday they've got to meet You, and maybe, before this year is out, or maybe before this week is finished, they may come to--to meet You. And they want to come in peace, knowing that their sins are forgiven.
And Father, I give them by Your Word the promise, that You said, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life, and shall never come to condemnation, but's passed from death unto Life." [John 5:24]
L-64 While we have our heads bowed, and the music is playing, I wonder, Christian friend, or sinner friend, is there another one in here, not to me, your brother, but to knowing that the Lord Jesus is near, would you raise your hand? With your heads bowed, no one look, please. Just raise... Just raise your hand to God and say, "By this hand up, I now want to accept Jesus as my Saviour, while He's this close to me. I want to accept Him as my Saviour." Would you raise your hand?
L-65 God bless you, you, you down there, young lady, you, little boy, you, lady, and you. That's good. God bless you. The Lord Jesus be merciful to you everyone. Is there some here that used to go to church and take part in some church somewhere, and you just got away from church. You don't go to church any more. I don't care what church it is. That doesn't matter. But you want to go back to your church, and take up your fellowship again with the children of God, and you want to be remembered in prayer that God will let you go back, raise your hand, will you do it? God bless you. Oh, my. There are a dozen hands, I guess, up. Now, that's wonderful. Do that, will you? Our brother, pastor, will call you up to the altar after a bit, the Brother Junior Jackson for this altar call just in a few moments. But I want to ask you a question.
Are you believing now that the Lord Jesus is here and you would like to be healed? Will you raise your hands, just raise your hands that you want to be healed. God bless you. God bless you.
Now, with your heads bowed, I see a lady setting right here, just a moment. Yes, she has a female disorder, setting right out here with her hand up towards her head. God bless you, sister. Your hand went up a few minutes ago. You don't have to worry no more. God heals you. You're faith...
L-66 Brother, you setting back there looking towards me, with a shaking with kind of a palsy, you have a prostate trouble, you have to get up at nights, don't you? That's right, yes, sir. And now, that's right, you believe that Jesus Christ makes you well? If you do, all right, then you can have your healing. God bless you, that's fine.
Now, be real reverent, everyone. Up in the balcony, here over on my right, someone over there, say, "Lord God, I believe You with all my heart. I want to be remembered in a word of prayer just now." Would you raise your hand, no matter where you're from. God bless you, son. God bless you, sister. God bless you. God bless you.
I see a waters flow; it's a missionary setting here praying too. May the Lord God bless you, my sister, and give you the desire of your heart also. The Lord be with you.
Say, "How do you know that, Brother Branham?" Why, that's it; here it is, the Angel of the Lord is present.
Now, you... I'm going to ask you to do something. You that's setting next to somebody to you...?... that's sick, would you lay your hands over on them just a moment for a word of prayer? Lay your hands over on each other for a word of prayer. That's right. God will hear your prayer too. He loves you. He's here, and He wants to make you well.

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