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As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest
59-0815, As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest, Miami Valley Chautauqua Campgrounds, Chautauqua, OH, 101 min

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L-1 [Brother Sullivan reads Deuteronomy 32:1-12--Ed.] Thank you, Brother Sullivan. You may be seated. Thank you so much for that fine invitation to come back again and be on your fellowship here.
I would like to say, that I have never had a meeting at any time in my life that I have enjoyed any more than what I have this one. This... I didn't know that you had this wonderful lovely fellowship here in Ohio like this. And I'm so glad to be here with you.
And I certainly want to thank my gracious friend, Brother Sullivan, that I have learned to love as a Christian gentleman. I like a man that's just man.
Wife and I were in a little restaurant today, eating, and he came in. And after we had gone out, she said, "Brother Sullivan appears to be such a--just a real person."
I said, "That's the way I found him, just a real person." [Deuteronomy 32:1-12]
L-2 God bless you, Brother Sullivan, and your little church. And the--you members of this church that's here, you're fortunate to have a pastor like Brother Sullivan. To you brothers here, I've never got to meet many of you that's cooperating here in the meeting. Each one knows your pastor, and these here. Your pastor, represented himself here, because that he believes in this kind of a ministry. So you be thankful for your pastor. And you should always be at your post of duty. Stand clear and clean for Jesus.
L-3 And I also want to thank this manager, whatever his title is, that let us have this Chautauqua grounds. This has been a nice meeting. That we have gathered here where it's cool, and in a building, it would have been so hot. But we had the privilege of setting under this canopy here. And so were very thankful to the man.
And all the brethren and sisters, and friends of mine from down home in Jeffersonville, and Louisville, and around, they tell me that they can get the finest meal here for about ninety cents, about one third of what you'd pay for a hotel room, they get it here, fine accommodations. They've got their skating rink and swimming pool so far back, that it doesn't interfere with the speaking service. It's a perfect place for this type of meeting.
We thank God that there's still open doors like this in America. And this is one of them. May it stand till Jesus comes for the same principles.
L-4 And now, for my wife, and all my staff, and myself, we appreciate your fine cooperation, and for the money that you have given, so it would be possible to pay off all the debts. Everything is clear, cleared up last night. And they told me they gave me a love offering tonight. I'm grateful for that. I never come for that. But I put that in on foreign missions.
I work on a salary from my church. I get seventy-six dollars a week after everything's taken out, from my church. A hundred dollars is what I'm allotted, fifty-two hundred a year. And the meetings, what the love offerings does, is going to foreign missions to help the heathen, where my heart... And when I get enough built up in a fund to send me overseas to preach, where I know that I'll have to answer at the day of judgment for what money the people give to me, then, I might give it to many fine societies: Red Cross, and all the others, and the Red Feather, and many missionary societies. But knowing that I'm going to have to answer for it... And I do not belong to any denomination, not because I don't believe in them, I do. But because I don't belong to them, it's that I can stand in between them all, and say we are brethren.
L-5 My ministry is a ministry trying to unite the body of Christ together, not unite denominations to one denomination, but unite brothers and sisters as one group of people, one in purpose, one in heart, one in unity, to see the coming of the Lord Jesus.
I believe that the most need tonight for Divine healing, which we know... And look at these cots and stretchers and so forth. And I don't see one that was here last night, is here tonight. Every cot, stretcher, and everything emptied up last night. Blind received their sight. Lame, crippled, arthritics, and things, got up and walked away, well. May it be so tonight with you, my dear friends, who's setting here. That's my sincere prayer.
Just a few moments ago, hobbling along behind the curtain, when I was standing there shaking hands with some of my friends, a little girl put me in the mind of the one in Finland. She was polioed. She had braces over her limbs and walking with crutches. She passed by and look up, and tears come in her little eyes. I hugged her up in my arms. And as certain as I'm standing in this pulpit, that child will walk without the crutches, or with assistance. You see, it's her attitude and her approach. See? You... It's your attitude.
L-6 You--you have to come with the right kind of an approach to God. If you come selfish, if you come in any other approach but the right mental attitude towards God, or any Divine gift, you'll never receive any benefits from it. You've got to come with your surrendered all to God.
Look at the Syrophenician woman when s--she was told by Jesus. "It's not right for Me to take the children's bread and feed you dogs." What would you have said if He'd have called you a dog? You'd have said, "I'll join the next church." But not her. She knew Who she was talking to. She said, "Lord, that's right. You're so right in that. But the dogs is willing to eat the scraps under the Master's table."
That got Him. That was it. That's what He's waiting for you to do. Humble yourself into such a place, no matter how God sends it to you... If you're healed instantly, if you're healed by degrees, if you're--if you're put off for... Like Abraham was twenty-five years waiting for the promise. But instead of getting weak, he got stronger of all the time, giving praise to God. Just so that you know that God promised it, and you accept it for yourself; it's got to come to pass. [Mark 7:25-30]
L-7 Just remember now, as I go on record in these tapes... I say this with all my heart: That if any persons will take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise that God has made, it'll bring it to pass. If you could take the right an--attitude towards what He said, it'll bring it to pass. I've seen sarcomas cancer leave people by that same thing. Now, maybe you won't be able to receive enough for--just to deliver you all of a sudden.
But I might say tonight, just closing, I want to talk to you a moment and say this: If you can't receive enough faith to--to be healed instantly, then you take the adopted baby route. Did you ever hear of adopting a baby?
L-8 Now, if you take a young woman; she'll maybe be married and--and she and her husband. And she's scared she isn't going to have a baby. She wants one. And she's so scared she won't have it, she won't. Because just like Job said, "The things that I've feared the most come upon me." See? But you take that same woman... Now, if there's doctors, which probably is setting by, nurses. You take that same woman and let her adopt a baby, then she'll have one herself. See? It quietens her.
Now, if you haven't got enough faith, to receive it right now as a miracle, then take the adopted baby attitude. "Lord, it's mine because You promised it. I'll go from here tonight praising You just the same as I was well." Watch what happens; you'll receive it. It has to happen; God promised it.
So, He's the infinite God. And if you can feel just a least little speck of faith that tells you that you'll be all right, you believe it. And just go on thanking Him for it.
L-9 And then, you remember, they hadn't received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. But they were ten days up there thanking the Lord and praising Him for the promise of the Holy Ghost. And then all of a sudden, It came like a rushing wind. So, you believe that with all your heart. Just remember that.
The little boy in the wheelchair, the little colored lad... It's a fine looking young fellow setting here, looking at me on a pillow, the little white boy setting there. This young man laying here on a stretcher, to you out there that's dying of heart trouble, may not live through the night if God don't help you, tubercular, cancer eaten, whatever you may be, if the doctor has given you up, don't lose courage. God is still on the throne. You can believe that, and accept that... I've never seen it fail. I'm fifty years old, been in the ministry thirty years, prayed for millions of people. I've never seen it fail. When a true heart comes to God, and believes with all that's in you, having faith that He will do it, He will do it.
L-10 Thank you for your kindness, for the offerings, and for all you've done, and the... I don't how to say any more than, God bless you. And to me, that's the greatest word there is. If God will bless me, everything else will be all right, as long as God blesses me.
Now, we've got to leave in a few moments to Jeffersonville. Tomorrow's services is down at the Tabernacle. I don't guess I'll get to be there. And to you, my... We got many here from Jeffersonville. And I don't guess I'll get to be there. But next Sunday, the Lord willing, I'll be there.
L-11 And now, you... Just as soon as I can, I'm leaving for overseas: for Sydney, Australia, and New Zealand, Siam, into Africa. I want to meet my good friend, Brother Thoms here, that spoke to you this afternoon. Thank you for your kindness to him, and your support. I love little Tommy here, and he's my brother. And I aim to be with him this coming spring in South Africa. I wonder if you'd do me a favor: If you'll pray for me, that's the greatest thing I know to do, is pray for me. And when I'm in Africa, other places, and when a ministry like this, witch doctors don't stand back to challenge it, them holy men in India and so forth. But I've never seen a time of what God always roll over the enemy. I'm always depending on your prayers as I go. So, pray for me. I'll be praying for you.
And if I never meet you again this side the river, I hope I do. But if I don't, I want an appointment with you just as soon as we cross over, a thousand years apiece with each one of you. We'll set down by the evergreen tree, and there we'll talk of the Chautauqua up here in Ohio. God bless you till then.
L-12 Now, Brother Sullivan, I wanted him to do something in my meetings, and I had him to read a Scripture tonight--or a chapter, the most of it. And I want to speak tonight, for just a short time, on the subject, of--found in Deuteronomy 32:11. I wanted to take the first phase of that 11th verse that Brother Sullivan has just read:
As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest. [Deuteronomy 32:11]

Now, let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. How many would like to be remembered in prayer tonight, just raise up your hands and say, "God, remember me."? He knows your heart. Thank you.
L-13 Gracious Lord, we humbly come now in the Name of the Lord Jesus, knowing that we have no name or no righteousness that we could offer to Thee. But we come humbly, believing that You will hear us, because He has told us, "Ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." Then, Lord, our motives and objectives, is also connected with this. And search our hearts, and see if it be anything evil, or prejudice, or in any way...
Only for the glory of God we ask You to pour out Your Spirit upon us, Lord, tonight, in the deepest measure that You've ever poured It upon us. There are sick and afflicted here also that are setting under great expectations. Perhaps, their first night of being here, and has never seen sick people healed as they have faith to believe. Maybe they have never seen the promise of the Lord Jesus made manifest. But O God, grant tonight, that their hearts will be thrilled beyond measure, that the Holy Spirit will get a hold of them and give them Divine faith, and will anchor in them of faith that will not take "no" for an answer, but they will be delivered from their sickness and affliction, every one of them.
L-14 Lord, we would not forget to pray for these fine ministers of the Gospel: Brother Sullivan, and all the others who have stood by faithfully in this meeting. We pray that You'll increase their ministry, Lord. May they go tomorrow to their pulpits with a--a fresh anointing. May they preach the Gospel like they never have before. May every member's heart be charged with power of faith. May great signs and wonders, accompany their ministry, showing forth the near coming of the Lord Jesus.
We would not forget those who are bedfast in convalescent homes, and in hospitals, that couldn't get out to the meeting. Lord God of mercy, You still have Angels at Your command, and You can send them to their bedsides. And we pray, God, that You'll do it, and heal the sick and the afflicted.
L-15 Save all that's lost, Lord; fill those with the Spirit that has not yet been filled. And we pray for every denomination and every church in the land. May there come a time when our hearts are melted together as one for the coming of the Lord Jesus.
Be near us now; bless Your Word as It's been read. And may the Scriptures be fulfilled tonight that said, "My Word will not return void, but It will accomplished that which It purposed for." Grant it, Lord, for we ask it in the Name of Jesus, Thy Son. Amen.
L-16 Now in a few minutes, as soon as we speak to you just a little on the Word, I wish that every sinner tonight would be ready, and would have faith to accept Jesus as your Saviour.
Now, I was asked the other night, by some of the boys... I spoke on the ses--subject once, and over in Kentucky, and I believe once at my Tabernacle: "As The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest And Fluttereth Over Her Young." We all know it pertains to Jacob, as the brother has just read the holy Writing. And when I read this one time, I begin to think, "Why did God liken His heritage to eagles?" But He had a reason for it. And you know, Himself, He likened Himself to an eagle too. He's Jehovah Eagle.
L-17 And I went to studying on the eagle, as my first Bible was the outdoors. I was a little boy, my parents were not Christians. And the only Bible that I had was watching the outdoors, how that animals, and how that life, how a flower would go down into the dirt, rise up again in spring. How that sap in a tree would go down into the roots in September, before any snow or... There has--has to be some great intelligence run that sap in down ground. If it did not, it would freeze up in the tree, and it would die.
What is it that governs the tree, that makes it hold its a sap in the roots where it's warm, and then bring it back into the spring, and produce fruit and stuff again? It's beyond any shadow of doubt; there has to be something do it. And it's not something just by nature, because it's an intelligence.
L-18 And how the trees different from each other. I've watch the bird life, and the animal life, and seen them how they would live and how that God cared for them.
Then I went to studying the eagle. And I learned that there's forty different kinds of eagles. Many of them... The word "eagle" means a "tearer with the bill." And learning that there's forty different types of eagles...
And the eagle is not a vulture. He kills his meat. He eats own prey.
L-19 And then I noticed that also, an eagle is a bird that soars high. There's not a bird in the earth that can follow an eagle. He goes so high... If the hawk would try to follow him, he'd just disintegrate in the air. And he hasn't got a eye to no ways compare with the eagle's. And now, the eagle could fly so high, that if another bird tried to follow him, he would die before he got halfway to him. And then in order to go so high, he has to be a special built bird. His birth, and all about him has to be something special to stand that altitude.
And so is the Church. The man that's borned again of the Spirit of God is a special built born person. It takes a special birth to stand it, to stand the spheres, and the glory, and the power, that God leads His children into. [Acts 2:37-39]
L-20 And then his eye is so keen. If he'd go so high, and he cannot see when he's up there, his altitude wouldn't do him any good. But he can see farther than any other bird.
Therefore, God likened His prophets unto eagles. For higher you go, the further you can see. And the prophet rises into a sphere to go way so high, until he see things coming, then comes back and warns the people.
Then again, the eagle also is equipped with two great powerful wings. And the feathers, you could not pull out with the pair of pliers. Oh, they have to be tight, or when he gets up into that altitude and them storms, they would come out, and he'd fall. So he's got two wings. And I'm going to liken those two wings to the New and Old Testament that Jehovah Eagle spreads out before us.
L-21 And also, this eagle renews his youth. Now, when the eagle get so old, something happens to him. And then he comes back again as a young eagle. Oh, in the mountains I've watched them and been amazed at them--how that he renews his youth ever so often. And I'd say that that would be the revival.
I remember the first Pentecostal revival I was ever at. I was a young Baptist preacher. And I was at Mishawaka, Indiana. And they where having a conference. And I believe the denominations was called, "P. A. of W.," and, "P. A. of J. C." You might, some of you people, Pentecostal might remember those. [Psalms 103:5], [Isaiah 40:31]
L-22 I come down the street. And I went in to hear this revival, I thought. And when I did, he said, "All preachers come to the platform." There was about three hundred of us there. I'd been listening that day to fine young preachers preaching about the coming of the Lord Jesus, and all about what He did on earth. And they were scholars, and gentlemen, and Spirit filled men. Of course their church manners wasn't very good. They screamed, and shouted, and carried on. I didn't understand that.
But then that night, when he had us all on the platform, and he said, "We have chosen tonight, Elder So-and-so," an old colored man. And here, the poor old crippled fellow come out on the platform. I don't know he was crippled. But he had a long preachers coat on, the old fashion with a velvet collar, and... I believe we used to call it "pigeon tailed coat," claw-hammer coat, way down. And he was--just had a little rim of white hair around his neck. And the poor old fellow come out something like this to the platform. And he took his text from over in, I believe, Job 7, reads something like this, "Where was you when I laid the foundations of the earth, when the morning stars sang together, and the sons of God shouted for joy?"
L-23 And me about twenty-three years old, youngest preacher on the platform. I thought, "What would they do to put an old man like that up there before about fifteen hundred people, when they got all those fine young scholars." But he changed from what the boys had been preaching on. He preached on what went on in heaven, while that day, they preached on what went on in earth.
He'd been preaching about ten minutes. And he begin to bring Him all across the heavens, and coming on the second coming, down the horizontal rainbow. And about that time something struck the old gentleman, and he jumped up into the air, and clicked his heels together, and hollered, "Whoopee!" He said, "Glory to God!" And he had as much room as there is here. Tipped off that platform like a young man, said, "You've got not enough room up here for me to preach."
I said, "If It will do an old man like that, what would It to for me? I want what he's got." It renews your youth.
The eagle renews his youth ever so often. And he's a special bird all around. God make's him thus. And I have great honor for him.
L-24 And about five years ago, I was down to your fair city here in Cincinnati. I brought my little girls up for the zoo. And wife taken the oldest girl, Rebekah, and she taken her over to one side to see some kind of a little monkey, was in the pa--a room. I didn't like the smell of that place, so I told her, Sarah and I would go down below the hill.
And I heard something a bouncing and beating. And I walked up there with the little Sarah, about three or four years old. And I held her by the hand. She said, "Oh, daddy, such a huge bird." And a eagle is the largest among the bird family. Sometimes the big mother eagle, which is larger than the father, they stretch fourteen feet from tip to tip.
L-25 And someone had captured this big eagle, and had put him in a cage. And that poor fellow, I never felt so sorry. If I could have bought him, I'd have bought him. And he had no feathers on his face or on his head. On the ends of his wings was all beat off, and he was bleeding. And the big fellow, was laying on the floor. And he got up, walked back the other side the cage, and he run and lifted those big wings, and threw himself against those bars only to beat his head and his wings. Fell back in the floor again, rolled his head and went back again... Here he come again, and he flew upward, and he beat his head and wings flying, till the blood was running out. He fell back to the floor, laid.
And I looked at his weary eyes, as he rolled his eyes and looked around towards the skies. I thought, "What a pity. He's a heavenly bird. He was built, and made, and borned, and generated to fly in the heavens. But he's caged." Some smart intelligent trapper had caged him and caught him. I thought, "That's the most pitiful sight that I ever seen." I could--I could take weeks of wages, and buy that poor fellow and turn him loose, 'cause he wasn't made for a cage. He was made to be free in the air. I thought that was horrible.
L-26 Then my mind changed, when I stood and looked at the sons and daughters of God, who were borned to be sons and daughters of God, walking around dressed immorally, smoking cigarettes, drinking. It's more pitiful to see a son of God, that was borned to be a son or a daughter of God, slaved by the world, than it is to see the eagle in the cage.
The world has caged people up. Denominational barriers keeping them from the thing that God put them on earth to be: sons and daughters of God. And that's a pitiful sight, to see human being that's helpless, seemingly, bound by sin, and merely beating their brains out flopping around from beer parlor to beer parlor, from place to place, and from amusement to amusement, trying to find satisfaction, when God alone has the satisfaction that can satisfy them.
God made a man to thirst after Him. There... The reason man has something in him to thirst, God put that thirst in you. But you can't satisfy it with the things of the world. You'll never be satisfied till God takes that place.
L-27 God likened His eagles--or His heritage to His eagles. Let's take what the eagle does. Another thing the eagle does... And when he builds his nest, he builds it way high. I've watched them when they get to the highest point that they can get to to built their nest.
That's likened unto the Church of the living God. It makes its stand for the highest ambitions, and the highest thoughts, and the holiest things, away from the earthbound thing. That's where the Church takes her stand, on the highest pinnacle she can stand on: That's on Calvary, the Cross of the Lord Jesus. [Deuteronomy 32:11-12]
L-28 The eagle puts his nest up there. How different from his denominational brother, the chicken. The chicken builds his nest anywhere. Yet, you can't say he's not a bird; he is. But he don't know nothing about the heavenlies; he's never been up there. He don't know nothing about it.
There's men and women who profess to be Christians, who walk around in the scratching of the barnyard of some cold, formal indifferent place. And they don't know what it is to be lifted up into the Spirit of God by the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It would kill him. He isn't built for it. He can't take it. He's got to be borned again by the Holy Spirit, that changes his whole make-up, and makes him a new creature in Christ Jesus. You're changed from the creature that you are, when you are borned again of the Spirit of God. [Deuteronomy 32:11-12], [II Corinthians 5:17], [Galatians 6:15]
L-29 Another thing, the chicken is unconcerned about the brood. He builds his nest on the ground. And the rats, the mice, the weasels, the snakes can get them.
That's what loose preaching does, letting people go to the rock-and-rolls, and wear--women wearing these immoral clothes, deacons smoking cigarettes. It takes them into the rats and the mice of hell that scrams their souls and condemns them. A preacher, or a denomination, or a church that would try to build a congregation on anything less than the solid Rock of God's Word, you're wrong, and your members will perish, and you'll perish with them.
L-30 But the eagle's going to see different to that. He goes so high, that if a rat tried to climb it, he'd break his neck. I love that. God takes he's children so high above the things of the world, the rats can't climb to it. It's a different bird. And he's made different. He protects his little ones.
And a true pastor of the living God will never stand still in a pulpit, but what he will preach the unadulterated truth of God. If he has to run all the chickens out, he will stand on the unadulterated Word, not on the rock of Gibraltar, but the Rock of Ages. Then it's faith. Faith cannot rest upon the shifting sands of man's theology. But faith takes its eternal stand upon the unchangeable and unshakable Rock of Ages, and can stand there while the waves is beating the bottom of it out. And the grave is open, and look across the sea to Him that said, "I'm the Resurrection and Life," saith God. Stand there.
Notice, the chicken is different. His habits are different. His diet is different. [Deuteronomy 32:11-12]
L-31 Then this eagle, before he builds this nest, he first he finds a place to build it. And then when he goes to build it, he carries great big heavy sticks. Because sometimes he goes into a cleft in the rock. The eagle usually hunts a cleft.
And the true Church of the living God will get into the cleft of the side of Jesus, the Rock of Ages. "Where upon this rock I'll build My Church, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against It," or no rats of the world will touch it, scalawags and so forth of the world that brings in and draws back. God sanctifies His people, and fills them with the Holy Ghost, and places them up. You're different. [Deuteronomy 32:11-12], [Matthew 16:13-19]
L-32 And then the eagle, when he gets all these big sticks gathered around... Oh, they're architects. You should see one build his nest. How he takes the ends of them, and pushes them down into the little crevices. And then when he gets that done, he goes out and gets long briars, great big thorns, and he weaves through that nest, so them sticks won't move. But of course, then it's full of stickers. Then he goes out and gets rabbit skins, that he had eaten; the rabbit. Gets lamb's skin were he had eaten the lambs. And he takes it up there, and takes his beak, and he pushes it down. And he makes it real cozy.
That's the why God does for His people. You remember when you were first coming to the living God. I remember the night when I received Christ as my personal Saviour. It was so soft; I thought I was walking on air. I was converted in an old coal shed. And when I come in, I didn't know nothing about shouting or praising the Lord. So, I felt so good I--I didn't even touch a board coming up from the shed to the house. I grabbed a song book and begin to look at it, and then--and my Bible, and begin to read.
And Mother said, "What you so nervous about?"
I said, "Nothing." [Deuteronomy 32:11-12]
L-33 I went out behind the house, there's a railroad track run down a levy. And I got out on the railroad track, and I thought it's time for me to go to heaven. I jumped just as high I could jump, and screamed just as loud as I could scream. It felt so good.
I tell you, when you're borned into the house of the living God, there's something comfortable about it. God makes it so. He makes it nice for His little eaglets when they're born. I'm so glad to be one of them.
And then, after the little ones are born, they got a nice little cozy bed to lay on, and everything just nice, and going good. Then the first thing you know, this mother eagle takes a notion. After she sees some feathers coming on to her eagles or eaglets, she takes a notion that she's determined they're not going to be earthbound. You know, God takes that too, He don't want you to be all, just bound down with the things of the world.
She takes a notion that she's not going to let her little eaglets become like chickens. I'm glad that God does the same thing. He don't want you chickens: scavengers; He want's you an eagle. [Deuteronomy 32:11-12]
L-34 And so then, she looks them all over good until she thinks that--that they got enough feathers on them. So then she--she goes in the inside of the nest, and she takes her big beak, and pulls all of that rabbit skin and sheepskin out of there, and throws it out. And then every time those little eagles start to sit down, or step, it's stickers and thorns. What's the matter? She don't want them to get adjusted to the nest.
That's the way God does His Church. He throws trials and tribulations on you. "Every son that cometh to God must be tried and chastened of God." He don't want you to get adjusted to this world. Maybe He throws you on a bed of sickness. Maybe He lets you have a heart trouble, a sticker. [Deuteronomy 8:5], [Job 5:17], [Psalms 94:12], [Proverbs 3:11], [Revelation 3:19], [Hebrews 12:1-13], [I Corinthians 11:32], [Proverbs 13:24]
L-35 Everywhere you turn, there's a sticker. The little fellow just can't stand it. And sometimes, they get all sore. For every time they start to hunker down, a sticker sticks them.
Oh, everyone that's ever experience the birth of an eagle, yourself, being one of Jehovah's eaglets, you know what I'm talking about: trials and temptation. Almighty God taken His own Son into the wilderness and turned the devil loose on Him. Sure. And ever son that cometh to God is tried and chastened of God. Trials and tribulations, get bankrupt, everything go wrong, lose your business, lose... Your friends walk away from you, sticker here, and a sticker there. Just remember, God's testing you. God's going to do something for you.
I remember my own father told me, "Pack your clothes and get out of here with that kind of a religion." I did. But oh, I've never been sorry. [Deuteronomy 8:5], [Job 5:17], [Psalms 94:12], [Proverbs 3:11], [Revelation 3:19], [Hebrews 12:1-13], [I Corinthians 11:32], [Proverbs 13:24]
L-36 Then, I remember also those little birds after they're stuck. And then, the old mother sees them; they're all sore; they're all stuck it in the feet... Maybe like some of you here tonight, sick and afflicted, all stickered up. Poor little old fellows, they're chirping, and running along one another. She comes up on the nest, and she begins to scream at them, gathering them together all in one place in one accord. You see, she wants them to know her language. God does the same thing. He want's you to learn His language. So, he's going to take them on a solo flight, their first one.
So the old mother eagle, she gets up there. She stands on the nest, and she screams to them. They screamed back till they can talk her language. I like that. Then while she's got them all up there together, she spreads forth them great big wings. Oh, they look up and said, "Mama, I never knew you were so great."
L-37 Did you ever get in trouble, where the doctor says you can't live no longer, or you think you're gone, and you ever seen the Old and New Testament spread before you, "How great Thou art, how great Thou art." You never knew how great He was until you turned your little sick eyes and looked up towards Him, Jehovah Eagle standing there, "I am the same yesterday, today, and forever." Jehovah Eagle, how great Thou art.
Then they begin to look. And as they look at that great mother...
Did you ever look up to the stars sometime, wonder how every one keeps his place? Did you ever think about Who controls this world, how it stands in its orbit? How that science can predict to the minute twenty years before, how the moon and sun will pass for the eclipse. How great Thou art, how great Thou art. Did you ever notice how much... Why He--He can... He can take the sun, and draw more water in five minutes, in less noise, then we can pump out a gallon in a bucket out of a pump. He's God. He's great. And we look up to Him to see how great He is. [Deuteronomy 8:5], [Job 5:17], [Psalms 94:12], [Proverbs 3:11], [Revelation 3:19], [Hebrews 12:1-13], [I Corinthians 11:32], [Proverbs 13:24]
L-38 That's what He's trying to do when He fans that Old Testament and New Testament before you. "Look at Me, how great I am."
That old mother eagle presses back and forth. I've watched them a many time through my binoculars. There she stands with those great wings fourteen feet across. The little eagles say one to another, "Our mommy is a great bird."
How a church... How a man that's got God, accepted Christ as His personal Saviour, and He begins to look up there and see how God great is, how He--how great He is.
Then this old eagle decides that those little fellows has got enough feathers to fly. But there might be some loose feathers in them. And if they have any loose feathers, and she takes them on a flight, they'll break their neck. So, she gets them all in one accord in one place, all talking her language. And then she stands there with those great big wings, and begins to fan, fluttereth over her young. What's she's doing? She's teaching them. They been born in the cleft, but there is a mighty rushing wind that comes down from the mother's wings. [Deuteronomy 32:11-12]
L-39 Out of the New and Old Testament, that same God that's always been God... He's God of Abraham. He's God of Moses. He's God of Jacob. He's God of the apostles. He's God in the housetop; He's God in the cellar. He's God forevermore. And He stands there, in that rushing mighty wind, that same God that led the Hebrew children out of the fiery furnace, led Moses through the wilderness. That same God is bringing forth a power through those wings that shakes every loose feather there is in you out.
The trouble the Church can't take it's flight today; it's got too many loose feathers, too many things--too many things of the world. Why, they take all the loose feathers out, you'd have no more feathers.
L-40 The old mother eagle stands there, and she bathes them. How they're all talking her language, screaming right back to her. And she's fanning them with the New and Old Testament, bringing and showing them it's the same God, same One, same power, same Jehovah. He keeps... He treats every one of His eaglets the same way.
A mother eagle doesn't change her course. She gives her eaglets the same training. Now, she says, "Children, you've never been on a flight like this, but I'm not afraid to take you now, because you are eagles." So she said, "Jump up on my wings." And she turns herself, spreads forth her great big wings. Every little eagle jumps up on his wings, and puts a foot here, a foot here, and takes his little beak and holds on.
That's how you come to Christ, holding on to the Cross with soul, body, and spirit. You're going to take a ride. That's how you take a hold of a promise of God. If God was a Healer in the Old Testament, He's a Healer in the New Testament; He's a Healer today. Take a hold of It soul, body, and spirit, for you're going on a trip. I hope we take it tonight. [Deuteronomy 8:5], [Job 5:17], [Psalms 94:12], [Proverbs 3:11], [Revelation 3:19], [Hebrews 12:1-13], [I Corinthians 11:32], [Proverbs 13:24]
L-41 Hold on, you can't pull them feathers out. See, she's got a reason for it. Each little eagle, he's happy then. He knows he's a eagle; he's been borned an eagle. And he sees that he's the same as she is. So he puts his little beak down, takes a good tight hold. "All right, Mommy, let's go." That old eagle mother walks to the end of that nest, takes them big wings and holds them out. She soars off of that nest with them little eagles sticking on her wings. And she climbs, and climbs, and climbs, and climbs, till she gets plumb out of sight almost, so far up in the air until you can't hardly see the ground. I've watched them through my binoculars until they look like little spots. And you know what she does when she gets up there with them little babies? She shakes them every one off. They're eagles; they can take it. If they're chickens, they're gone. If they're eagles, they're made for it.
When you're turned loose after you're prayed for, and the prayer of faith has been said, or you've accepted Christ as your Healer, I don't care who tells you something different, if you're a eagle, you'll hold to God's promises. I don't care what takes place, no shaking or nothing else can ever shake you loose from it.
Might be fifty doctor's standing by and tell you you're dying; you wouldn't believe it. You're a eagle; you know the promise.
L-42 And as soon as she shakes them off, she says, "All right children, it's all up to you. Now, you've never flown before. You haven't had any seminary experience. You don't need it. Just flap your little wings and have a good time." That's the way I like it.
Oh, my, flap your little wings, have a good time. They're not scared; they're eagles. They're not afraid of fanaticism. Why? The old mother scoops off to one side and soars around watching them. They just have a good time, because they're resting in the ever presence of the mother and the ability she has. If one gets topsy-turvy, and get out of the line, she'll scoop him up on her big wings and bring him back to grace again. Amen. That's right. Don't worry; don't worry about fanaticism. It's something that's in your heart, breathing upon you, "God's always ever present. "I'll never leave you or forsake you. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." He will bring you back to the power and the grace of God. Got two big wings full of it here. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-43 She goes off, and she watches them. And if one gets topsy-turvey, just a little bit out of line, she just dips right on him with her big wings, feet. Brings him right back up again, and places him in the place. Now, they go so high, and she can fly so fast, they can't... Why, she can fly a hundred times faster than he can fall. She sets them big wings, and scoops right down and picks him up. Lays it right up, and here he comes right back up with the rest of them.
We should never condemn a brother when he's topsy-turvy. Just remember, Mama will pick him up. That's all there is to it. If he's an eagle, he's got to come back.
Bring him right back again and place him with the group. Just keep on flopping your wings. The little flappers just a going, you know, they're having a Pentecostal revival way up in the blue, where there's no rats, no mice, no lizards, no frogs, nothing can harm them.
Oh, I like to lift me up above the shadows. Give me... Place my feet on higher grounds. Lift me up above the shadows where the true, the Words of God is found. In the Kingdom filled with glory... Oh, that's where I want God to take me. Take me away from this earthbound quacking and going on down here. Let me get up to where we're above the shadows, up into the heavenly blues, know that His eye watches over us.
L-44 Now, the chicken don't know nothing about that. He just don't know what to do. I can see those little eagles up there flopping around, and a bunch of little chickens down here scratching around in the manure pile. Look up like that, and say, [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] "Such fanaticism." See?
Could you imagine that? Why, he doesn't know what they're doing. He can't get up there. He can't get his feet off the ground.
That's the way with people sometimes; you're so earthbound, till they stand on man's word instead of God's Word. God said so! That settles it. Eagles believe it. I don't know about chickens. But eagles believe every Word that God said's the truth. They stay right on it. If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the Lord says that, they say "Amen" to it. If Jesus said, "The works that I do shall you also." They say "Amen" to it. They believe it. God checks them by that. [John 14:12]
L-45 I heard a story one time, that there was a farmer, that was going to set a hen. [] Now, I guess all you people know what it takes to make it setting a eggs. And he lacked one egg in having enough. And he put an eagle's egg under the hen. That's about the way it averages, one to a setting.
But, however, when this little fellow was hatched out, he was a stranger in a strange land. That's the way when some of these places hatch out a eagle once in a while. He didn't know what to do. He didn't--couldn't understand their language. The hen would get out there and scratch in the barnyard, holler, "Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck. The days of miracles are past. There's no such a thing as Divine healing. All that Holy Ghost stuff is fanaticism."
He couldn't understand that. He's kind of by himself. And he looked around, thought, "Is this where I belong? Now, I don't look up that way, because that was one time, but we're down here now. See?" But he couldn't understand that. He looked up and it looked pretty good to him. Why? It was his nature. He was an eagle to begin with. He wasn't at home. Did you ever see any of them like that? I was one of them.
L-46 So then, the first thing you know, the clucking of the hen, he couldn't understand it. The chickens, their diet and the way they'd eat. Why, he couldn't understand that. It'd turn his little stomach to see the way they eat. Sometime it does, a real Christian in an old formal church. The diet, bunco games, card parties, soup suppers for the preacher, God don't endorse that.
So then the first thing you know, one day while he was out there running along by himself looking around, his little wings folded, didn't know what to do. And all the little chicken was eating away on their diet. He couldn't understand it. But there come an old mother eagle through the sky hunting for him. She flew over.
I'm so glad that He found me one day too. I never found Him; He found me. I knowed there was something somewhere. There was something in my heart when they told me that visions and things is of the devil, that Divine healing, that was just mental conditions. There was something down in there told me different. I knowed that was wrong.
L-47 The old mother eagle flew by, and she looked down, and she saw her child. And she screamed. And when she screamed, he understood that language. She screamed, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."
That little eagle said, "That sounds right."
She come back cross again; she said, "Son, you're not a chicken; you're mine." I'm so glad. Hallelujah! "You're my child. You don't belong among them chickens." She looks again, "Could I be mistaken? I'll test him." God always tests His children by the Word. And she screams back, and she said, "If you are an eagle and you believe..."
"How do I get out of here, mama?"
"Only thing you do is just jump, and start flapping your little wings; they'll pack you." Jump, run towards the altar and flap that little faith you got a little bit. See what it'll do for you. If you're sickly in there dying, just make a run towards Calvary. Use that faith you got. Watch what happens?
L-48 He made a jump (See?), because he was a eagle. Now, if he'd been a chicken, he'd said, "You never get me hooked up in that bunch of holy-rollers. You'll never get me in that fanaticism. Oh, no." But he was a eagle, and he minded the Word.
Any man that's a Christian, when the Bible says anything, he will say, "Amen" to It, 'cause the Holy Ghost that give him birth is the One that wrote the Word.
He begin to flop his little flappers, and he jumped up as hard as he could. He didn't care whether it looked like holy-roller to them chickens or not. He's obeying the word that was told him. And he jumped, and he started flapping his little wings. And he got his feet off the ground: felt pretty good. Then he lit right on a barnyard post, right in the middle of a pentecostal organization, who fences all the chicken in, and says, "Don't associate with that bunch." We got them.
L-49 And his mother come back. She said, "Son, you'll have to jump higher than that, or I'll never get you."
That's the way it is, brother. You've got to jump into the arms of God. You've got to get off your feet. You've got to get off the denominational porch. You've got to throw your arms out to every man and woman that professes Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. Certainly, love them; break down your barriers; don't fence them in. Eagles can fly a fence.
She caught him. Oh, how good it was take--take the first solo flight up into the air, because he was an eagle.
L-50 No doubt but what there's eagles here tonight that's never took your first solo flight. You don't know what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Maybe you don't know what it is to have the joybells of God ringing in your heart. Maybe you'd look and see the power of God moving, like a blind man standing here last night to receive his sight; see the Angel of the Lord promised through the Bible, as we've been preaching this week, showing that He would do the same things just before the Lord Jesus came, that He did in the days of Sodom. How that a Man came, a human, looked like, dressed like a man, dust on His clothes; said He was a Stranger, set down with Abraham, the elected Church. Why, there was a modern Billy Graham and so forth, and Jack Shuler, went down and blinded the people about preaching the Gospel in Sodom, to the lukewarm church to call them out.
But an Angel come to the elected, and stayed there with Abraham and his group. Watch what He did. He said, "Abraham, where is your wife, Sarah?" How'd He know he had a wife? How'd He know her name was Sarah?
Said, "She's in the tent behind You."
And Sarah, in the tent, laughed within herself. And the Angel said, "Why did Sarah laugh?"
A eagle will catch that right quick. A eagle will know that we're at the last day. Jesus said, "As it was back there at Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." [Genesis 18:1-15], [Luke 17:29-30]
L-51 Friend, this has been a rude message. But I don't mean it to be rude, but I want to drive it home to you, that men that is borned of the Spirit of God, believe the things of God. And God is trying today to get a people together, so we'll not be bound by orders, and so forth, so we can fellowship together, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, in one great big ransomed church.
Will we come to the Lord Jesus? We're getting ready to take a flight to never return again till the tribulation periods are over and we return back for the Millennium. It's a long flight; it's all the way into glory. Jehovah Eagle's a coming. We feel the power. We see the shadow. We hear His language as it's spoke among His people. "My sheep know My voice, a stranger they'll not follow." If you're here tonight, and has never had the experience of being borned an eagle, may you receive Him now as we pray, when we bow our heads. [John 10:27]
L-52 How many at the closing of this service, that realizes within you that you're not a Christian? Though you may belong to church; you may be a charter member of some famous church, which I have nothing to say against. That's all right. But as far as having faith to rise off of a cot, faith to accept your healing when the doctor has done all he can do for you, not doubt, or take the second chance, but just look and say, "God, You are Him, and I believe You. I'm ready for my flight." Or man and woman, if you haven't got that experience with God, that you know that He keeps His Word...
If He dumps you out in mid-air, you're a eagle. He watches over you. He watches to perform His Word. He likes to see what you'll do about it. Don't be afraid; He will take you. He will catch you. He will bear you up, put you back into His Kingdom. If you're not a Christian tonight, and would like to remembered in this closing prayer, as a service is coming to the end, would you raise your hand while you have your head bowed, and say, "Remember me, Brother Branham as you pray."? The Lord bless you, you, you. Oh, back through the building, down the middle row. Over to my right now. How many over there? Look at your hands. God bless you. More raise your hands, "Remember me, God. I am not a Christian. I may belong to church, but... And I may belong to a Pentecostal church. I may belong to a Pilgrim Holiness, Baptist or Presbyterian. I'm not a Christian. I just go there because it's a church. Have mercy on me, God; I hold my hand, ask for pardoning grace." Some hundred and hundred and fifty hands has been up now. Is there another would say, "Remember me, O Lord, tonight. I haven't got faith. I don't... "?
L-53 And that's sin. That is sin. When a... When a man or a woman doubts the Word of God, it's sin. "He that believeth not is condemned already." Is that right? "He that condemneth--believeth not is condemned already." Do you believe that? So what is sin? Unbelief. If you've got unbelief in your heart, pray now.
Lord, we are bringing to close this portion of the service tonight. And we thank Thee, because that Thou has give us so many things to look at: nature, the Word, that life--the bird life, the life of the eagle, the life of the tree. And the greatest example we have is the Life of Christ, which was to be reproduced in us by the Holy Spirit. [John 3:18], [Deuteronomy 32:11-12]
L-54 When He was on earth, He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me." And He went about. And when people came to Him, like Simon Peter, He told him what his name was, and what His father's name was. Peter recognized it to be the Messiah. When Philip found Nathanael and told him he'd found the Messiah, he couldn't believe it. But when He saw him coming, He said, "Behold, an Israelite in who is no guile." [John 14:10]
He said, "Rabbi, when did You know me?"
Said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
He said, "Thou art the Christ, thou art the--the King of Israel, the Son of the living God." He recognized You to be the Messiah. [John 1:43-51]
L-55 A poor prostitute at the gate, come out to get the water one morning as Jesus set at the well down in Samaria, an offcast people. And when Jesus spoke to her and told her of her conditions, that she have five husbands, she said to Him, "Sir, I perceive that Thou art a prophet. We know when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things."
He said, "I am he that talks to you."
And she ran into the city, saying, "Come, see a Man Who told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the Messiah."
We hear Him say. "I can do nothing within Myself. But what I see the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise," promising these things would happen at the end of the Gentile age, as it was in the days of Sodom. And here we are seeing them return back, and happening right before our eyes. We hear the newspapers--or read them. We hear the radio, and the television of the talks of Russia and the atheistic world, of the communists, of great claims. And we see people who know that, are committing suicide, trying to drink it off, or laugh it off, or joke it off with Hollywood jokes. God, we got to face the facts. The end is here. It's the end time. [John 4:1-30]
L-56 May there not be a one of these tonight, that's raised their hands, have to face You with sin on their life. May You forgive them just now of all their trespasses. Give them Thy Spirit, O Lord, and may they live eternally. For it is written in the Word, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me has Eternal Life, and shall never come to the judgment, but hath passed from death to Life." Let it be with each of those, Lord.
May I have the privilege on the other side of shaking their hand, they saying, "It was at the Chautauqua that night that I accepted Jesus as my Saviour," when life is all over for us. Fill those with the Holy Spirit who hasn't received It. Give faith to the sick for healing. And may we be able to humble ourselves, and submit ourself unto Thee, that You could come and fulfill Your promise, as You promised in Saint John 14:12, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." Grant it, Lord. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. [John 5:24], [John 14:12]
L-57 Now, to you who raised your hands, I believe you were deeply sincere in that. And I'm going to ask you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, immediately after I run the prayer line... There's so many sick here. And I--I've got to run the prayer line. But you don't have to come up here. If you really accepted Him when you raised your hand, He took you. Your name went on the Lamb's Book of Life.
Don't you rest until you feel that wind coming through the wings of the Eagle, like they did on the day of Pentecost. For God is no respect of persons. I know there's a bunch of fanaticism that goes on under the name of Pentecost, but that's not real Pentecost. No, that's impersonations. But there is a real Holy Spirit. Why would you accept a substitute when the skies are full of the real. See? Now, don't do it. God will give you the Holy Spirit.
Why, Peter said on the day of Pentecost, "The promise is unto you and to your children, to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." That's right. [Acts 2:37-39]
L-58 Now, I want you, as soon as healing service is over, the prayer for the sick, I want you to come up here and stand around the altar when we make the altar call, and offer thanks to God, that the people here can see that you've accepted Jesus as your Saviour. For He said, "If you'll confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels." May the Lord bless you. [Luke 12:8]
Now, we're going to call a prayer line. Just before we do this, I might say this: We're late, not... A little late, not too late, we're never late. Peter, I believe, preached the Holy Ghost Gospel all night long. A man fell, killed himself. He laid his body over him, and life come back. I believe God.
L-59 Now, as for... If there be any strangers here who's never been in the meetings before, I do not profess to be a healer. And any man that professes to be a healer--he's a healer all right (See?), but not of God. For there is no healing except Divine healing. There's no medicine that'll heal. I've never had a real doctor to tell me that it is.
Mayo Brothers, when I had the interview... You read the miracle of Donny Morton, and--and that issue of "Reader's Digest," "The Miracle of Donny Morton." I was called in. And they said, "We do not profess to be healers. We only profess to assist nature. There's one Healer, and that's God. We could not build tissue. But we could keep a place clean while God builds the tissue." That's doctors, real doctors. See? A doctor can set a bone, but he can't heal it. God has to.
L-60 Someone said to me one time. "What about penicillin killing the cold germ?"
I said, "Did you ever have a house full of rats? You put out rat poison? They're eating up your house? The rat poison kills the rats, but it don't patch the holes. That's what penicillin does. It kills the germ, but it doesn't heal, 'cause God is the only Healer there is. Psalms 103:3, "I'm the Lord Who heals all your diseases." Doctors take their own medicine and die. God's the Healer. So, healing, as far as God was concerned, when Jesus died at Calvary, "He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." Is that right?
Then you say, "I was saved five minutes ago, Brother Branham." No, you wasn't, sister, brother. You were saved nineteen hundred years ago; you just accepted it five minutes ago. See? That's right. [Psalms 103:1-3]
L-61 Your healing... This young man on the cots and the stretchers, and--and these little children in braces, and--and you with heart trouble, and--and diseases, you were healed nineteen hundred years ago. The only thing you have to have is faith to accept it.
And if you was a sinner, God didn't come down and save you just a few minutes ago. It was you come and got saved by believing, accepting what He done for you. Now, no one can heal. God is the Healer, and it's already did. It's just to prove your faith in God. It's called "Faith healing," your healing.
Now, God is a good... He sends His Word. If you won't believe His Word, then He puts in the Church five different offices: First, apostle, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists. They are for the perfecting of the Church. And in each local body, He put nine spiritual gifts in the local body. That's gifts that goes from one to the other. But these are ordained and predestinated of God. Gifts and callings are without repentance. You know that? Sure they are. Now, then God sets them in the Church. [Isaiah 53:5], [Ephesians 4:11-15], [Romans 11:29]
L-62 Now, Jesus promised that... The prophets promised that there'd be a day come, that it wouldn't be neither night nor day, be a dismal. But said, "In the evening time, it shall be Light." How many ever read that in the Scriptures? Sure.
What happened? Geographically, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. And the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, His goodness fell on the Eastern people first. That's the rising of the sun. Now, there's been a day that's passed over, that it's not dark; it's dismal. We've had enough knowledge of the Word to--in God to get saved, join the church, so forth. But it said, "In the evening time it shall be Light," on the Western people, just like it was on the Eastern people. The same Son that rises in the east, sets in the west. [Zechariah 14:7]
L-63 We're at the closing of the Gentile age. That's the Eastern people. This is a Western people. And the same Holy Ghost that came in a Man called Jesus Christ, and performed miracles, promised that at the setting of the sun, that He would return back, and would do the very same things that He did when He was here with the Eastern people.
Now, anybody knows that's the truth. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be. What did He do? He never healed people. He never claim to be a Healer. He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me." He said, "The... I only... The Son can do nothing in Himself." Saint John 5:19. "The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." So then if Jesus has raised from the dead, and if He keeps His promise that He will work those things... [John 5:19]
L-64 Now, if He was standing here tonight, wearing this suit that He give me. And you'd walked up to Him, and say, "Lord, I'm sick. Will You heal me?"
He'd say, "Child of Mine, I did that when I died for you at Calvary. For I was wounded for your transgressions; with My stripes, you were healed."
Now, He might be able to--and would be able to perform signs to show you that He was the Messiah. And if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He will give the same Messiahic sign that He give to the Eastern, He will give to the Western, because He promised He would do it.
How did the people know He was Messiah? When Peter was brought to Him by Andrew, his brother. And Jesus never seen him before. He said, "Your name is Simon; you're the son of Jonas." And that ignorant fisherman, who could not even write his own name, become the head of the Church because he believed it. [Isaiah 53:5], [John 1:43-51]
L-65 Quickly went Philip to find Nathanael. And when Nathanael was found, and he was told that they'd found the Messiah, "Why,' he said, "could there any good thing come out of--of that little old country down there called Nazareth city?"
He said, "Come, see." That's the best thing to do.
And when he told him about what He done to Peter, told him said, "Do you know..." Like maybe their conversation was something like this, "We know that Moses promised us..." Now, that's Israel. "Moses promised us that when Messiah would come, that He'd be a God-prophet." How many knows that's true? "The Lord your God shall raise up a prophet liken unto me." How many knows he's talking of Messiah? He'd be a God-prophet. And he said, "This Man meets the qualifications."
So he walked over to where He was. And as soon he come into the congregation, into the prayer line, or wherever it was where Jesus was praying... Philip, they claimed, went fifteen miles around the mountain to get him: thirty miles. Come back the next day with him, brought him to the meeting where Jesus was holding the healing services. And when he come up before Jesus, Jesus said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there's no guile."
He said, "Rabbi," or Reverend, Teacher, whatever you wish to call it. "How did You know me? You've never seen me before?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
Right then, he fell on his face, and said, "You're the Son of God. You're the King of Israel." [John 1:43-51]
L-66 The woman--that Samaritan woman... As soon as Jesus told her that she was living in sin, and told her how--what the secret of her heart... As soon as Jesus Christ told the Samaritan woman...
Now, the Jews was looking for the Messiah. So was the Samaritans. But the Gentiles, we had clubs on our back and worshipped idols in them days. We wasn't looking for no Messiah. He never manifested it. He said, "Don't go to the Gentiles. Their time will be later. But you go to the lost sheep of Israel."
So these looking for Him, these Samaritans... So, He went by. And this woman standing there, He said, "Bring Me a drink."
She said, "Why, it's not customary. We got segregation here and so forth."
And when Jesus got down to He found where her trouble was, He said, "Go get your husband and come here."
She said, "I have no husband."
Said, "You've said right. Because you got five husbands."
She said, "Sir..." [John 4:1-21]
L-67 Listen. Now, the Jews... When He did that, they said He was a fortuneteller, Beelzebub. Jesus said, "I'll forgive you for that. But someday the Holy Spirit will come, and you speak a word against It (That's this day.), there'll never forgiveness in this world, neither in the world to come." How many knows that's Scripture? So, if you don't believe, don't say nothing. Just keep still and go ahead. See? 'Cause Jesus said, "It would be unforgivable." That's exactly what He was doing. Said He had a... Calling the Spirit of God, discerning what was the people's trouble, a evil spirit, the Spirit of God, blaspheming, calling it an evil spirit--the Spirit of God. They didn't have spiritual discernment to know it was the Spirit of God.
He said, "Well, you can discern the faces of the skies. If you'd have knowed Me, you'd have knowed My day." They knowed that He was to be that God-prophet, but they couldn't understand it. Their eyes were blared and dimmed, and they just couldn't understand it. Said they had eyes, but they can't see; ears and can't hear. So is it today amongst the Gentiles. But listen. Shake your understanding. [Mark 3:22-30], [Matthew 12:22-37], [Luke 12:10]
L-68 Then we find Him, promising when He went away. "The works that I do, shall you also; even more than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." Now, how many believes that God is a infinite God? Sure you do. Then if God ever makes the decision to do something a certain way, He's got to forever stay with that, or He made a mistake.
I can do anything. I make a mistake. I'm finite. But God is infinite. He can't say, "I was wrong. I'll try it over." What God does the first time, it's perfect. And if He declared Himself as Messiah, and said that was the Messiah... And all that believed It to be the Messiah by showing that sign, they're in glory today. [John 14:12]
L-69 Now, He cannot let the Gentiles go into the Kingdom without first a vindicating Hisself as Messiah to them at the end of their age, as He did in the end of their age. He promised it, "As it was in Sodom," which we went over it through the night, it'll be in the coming of the Son of man. [Luke 17:29-30]
Here it is, friends, not because that we're here. I don't want you to think that I'm trying to boast up a--a Full Gospel people. No, sir. Just because my feathers are the color of theirs; that isn't it. There's room for all of us. Jacob dug the third--third well and said, "There's room for all." Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, whosoever will, let him come.
People in the Baptist church, the church that I'm from, has got the baptism of the Holy Ghost, Presbyterian. My father's people were Catholic; many of them come and get the Holy Ghost. It's for anybody: whosoever will. If you're borned a eagle, and you look up and see them soaring in them blessings of God, you're ready for it. Just take a hold of it. Hang on to it. It's God.
L-70 Now, the hour has come. The Pillar of Fire has appeared to us again. You've got the pictures of It. It's in Washington D. C. under a copyright. That if I die, if I never seen you all again, my testimony is the truth. The scientists know it. The Church knows it. I've been around the world; it knows it. She's ready for judgment. There's only one way that judgment can come; that's when mercy is spurned. When you spurn mercy, there's nothing left but judgment. Our nations have spurned mercy. [Exodus 13:21-22]
Billy Graham, around the world preaching the Gospel. Jack Shuler, Oral Roberts, oh, many of them... Signs and wonders, there's been preachers. There's been gifts of healing, prophetic and all. And they drink, and they gamble, and they laugh, and make fun, and commit adultery, live in sin. There's one thing left, that's a hydrogen bomb. And it's headed this a way. Remember, I tell you that in the Name of the Lord. So it's...
Judgment is upon this nation. She's spurned God for her last. There's no more hope. There'll be a few stragglings come in to receive the Holy Spirit. But the time of America's judgment is close at hand. Mark that in your Book and see if it comes to pass. [I Corinthians 10:1-5]
L-71 All right. Now, we can pray for people. God can call. Now, the Bible said that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right? If He's the same, He has to be the same at principle, the same in power. The only thing is His body is setting at the right-hand of God. We all believe that.
He's setting at the right hand of God on God's throne. That's not His throne. He's coming back to reign on His throne; it's the throne of David; He's to take His throne. He's setting on God's throne, waiting till the last enemy is made His footstool. He will return someday, bringing the precious souls with Him to take on immortality, to live in a glorified body, live through a millennium, and then forever with Him.
L-72 Listen, we're at the end time. The judgment is at hand. Mercy is being offered tonight. This is the last night of the meeting. You invited me back; I hope that that is the will of God. It's my will. If it's His will, I'll be glad to do it, come back to help all your ministers.
I don't care what church or denomination you're from. The only thing I'm... I'm not against the denomination; I'm against the sin that goes on in the denomination; and you let it alone. Not only that, I'm got it against the sin in every individual, the sin in the nation. I'm just against sin, because God Word's against it. And I must stand true to that Word. That's right. If I have to stand by myself, I have to stand by it. That's my honest convictions; that God's Word is true, and everything else is a lie outside of it. That's God Word.
God made this promise. He appeared to me in an Angel. You've read my book, and also it's been vindicated by millions and millions and millions around the world. It's true.
L-73 Now, we'll call the prayer line, pray for the sick, see what the Holy Spirit will say. Now, there'll be some here that doesn't have prayer cards. How many here's sick and doesn't have prayer cards, raise up your hands? All right.
These wheelchairs and things, I run my hand there, had a prayer card, you don't need it. Them... You are... I'm a little long, but just--just bear with me a few minutes longer. Look, you must live what to do. If I ever come back again it ain't going to be for no four or five nights, we're going to stay for two weeks. Now, so we can teach and see what... You just run in blindly and don't understand, and somebody's talked you out of it in a few days, and said, "Nothing to it." You go right back.
When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man he walked in dry places. He comes back with seven other evil spirits worse than he was, see. If they don't understand it, makes them worse.
L-74 Now, how many Bible readers in here that knows that the Book of Hebrews claims that "Jesus Christ, right now, is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities," is that right? Can He? Can He be touched? Say, "Amen." He can be touched. Then is He the same Jesus that walked on earth? If He is the same Jesus, and His Holy Spirit is here on earth to carry on the Work, finish up the Work, as Daniel called it. Until He comes... It'll... If the Life that was in Jesus is in the church, it'll do the same thing. Then if He's the High Priest, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, He will have to act the same way that He did when He was touched when He was here on earth. You believe that? [Hebrews 4:14-15]
Now, listen close you--I see you that raised your hands, you didn't have a prayer card. There was a woman one time that, we'll say she didn't have a prayer card. Only she just couldn't get in, she had a blood issue. And that's for all of you out in the audience, everywhere, that don't have a prayer card. She believed that He was the Son of God. All though they called Him an insane man. Do you know He--Jesus says... Christ was declared insane. All the apostles was declared insane? They said, "You're mad." What does the word "mad" mean? "Crazy." [Matthew 9:20-21], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-47]
Agrippa told Paul preaching this same Gospel, said, "You're crazy."
He said, "I... In the way that's call crazy, that's the way I worship the God of our fathers. The way that's called crazy (See?), that's the way I worship God." I'm glad I can join hands with Paul tonight, I do the same thing. [Acts 24:14]
L-75 Now, when Jesus... That woman touched... She pressed through the crowd, touched that outside garment (which it was an underneath one also), but the outside garment, the border of His garment, for she said within her heart... No Scripture to back it up... You got Scripture to back it up now, but she didn't have any Scripture. She said, "If I touch the border of His garment, I'll be made well." How many remembers the story? Why, certainly. She said, "I believe the Man. There's something about Him, that I believe that He's honest and sincere. Now, I believe He is the Messiah."
So she slipped through the crowed and she touched His garment; she squeezed back to the crowed again. And everybody was shaking hands with Him, and patting Him on the shoulder. And He stopped (I'm talking to you without a prayer card.), stopped, and looked around, and said, "Who touch Me?"
Why, it got such a great thing, till even Peter rebuked Him. In other words, might have said this, "What do You mean anyhow? Who touched You? Why, everybody's touching You. What are You talking about saying, 'Who touched Me?' How could we tell? Everybody touching You."
He said, "But I perceive that virtue went out of Me." [Matthew 9:20-21], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-47]
L-76 That's the kind of touch we're talking about. Not of putting your name on your church book, lot of them are joining churches, lot of them are holding their hands up, "I believe You, Lord."
But He's wanting somebody to touch Him, and that He can feel it. Virtue, that's strength. Just think that one little vision pulled strength out of Him, the Son of God. Daniel saw one vision and was troubled at his head for many days. The Bible said so. It could not be done but once, if Jesus hadn't said... Now, King James Version says, "Greater than this shall you do..." But the right translation is, "More than this shall you do," see, "More". Cause, you couldn't do greater; He raised the dead, and stopped nature, and done everything, see. So it couldn't be greater, but it could be more of it, because He wouldn't have to be in one place. His Spirit could be all over the world, in all the church. He could do more. [John 14:12], [Daniel 4:5], [Daniel 7:15]
Now, when that little woman touched Him, she went off and sit down. We'll say she sit down, she might've stood up. But when she did, Jesus said, "Who touched Me? Who touched Me?" And He looked around, the Spirit of God was in Him, the One Who'd been touched. She didn't touch Him that He could feel it, she touched the Spirit of God that was in Him. And He turned around and looked out through the audience, till He found her. Told her that her faith had saved her from that blood issue, is that right?
Well then, if Jesus is still a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, wouldn't He act the same way if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever? It's just only the Scripture.
Now if you haven't had prayer cards, don't be discouraged. Sit still, then you look up this a-way. Now don't try to touch me, I'm your brother, and there's nothing in me. I'm the lowest of all. I'm one borned out of season.[Matthew 9:20-21], [Mark 5:25-34], [Luke 8:43-47]
L-77 You Pentecostal people preached this would come. Your old-time Pentecostals did. You looked for it to come and you men are the one who paved the way. But because I come fro--of the Baptist it's hard for you to receive. And you think it ought to come out of your Pentecostal church. But God does what He wants to do, it's nobody else's business. That's right. He just wants you to know that your Pentecostal organization isn't the only one in the bunch, that's right. He does what He wants to do. He's God. I love you Pentecostal people, it's you that's rallied around it. It's you that helped me. It's you that sponsored me. It's you that...?... me. I love you. I wouldn't hurt you for nothing; but when I see you're doing something wrong, I'm duty bound by love to tell you, you're wrong. When you go to...?... and drawing lines, and not fellowshipping with one another. If a brother's wrong you'll never win him to Christ by shoving him farther down. Pick him up.
When a little eagle drops, the mother didn't... because he got topsy-turvy, she went right down and picked him up and brought him right back. If you're a eagle, you'll do the same way al--by a fallen child of God, even if he's wrong. If he did get out cater, and out of the Scripture, and got topsy-turvy; go to him. That's the thing to do. Then God... all men will know you're My disciples, when you got love one for the other. The world's so thirsty for that, friend. And God is love and till we can get brotherly love, we'll never get very far with God. We need a revival of love amongst the children of God.
Now, you look, and don't... Just lay aside every little doubt, prejudice tonight. Look right straight to heaven and say, "Lord God, that man is a man. I know he's just--he's just a little, old, bald-headed man standing there. But there's one thing, he preached the Bible. He's told me a promise, he challenged my faith to it. Now You know my condition, why I'm laying here, or sitting here, or standing here. I'm dying. I need Your help. Confirm this to me Lord. Let me touch Your garment, and You send Your Spirit back to him, and act the same You did, when the woman touched Your garment. Now, I can't reach out with my hand and touch you, but I can take my faith and touch You." He never felt her hand, he felt her faith. That same High Priest will feel your faith, you believe it? [Hebrews 12:1]
L-78 The Lord bless you. Now, be real reverent, set quiet, don't move around, and we'll call... Where's the boy? Where's--how--how many prayer cards was give out? C, one to a hundred; to line the people up.
Now, if anybody wonders why we give out prayer cards; how many in here doesn't have a prayer card, or does have a prayer card, and sick, anywhere around the building, raise up your hand. You want God to heal you, raise your hand up, way up high, everyone of you. Two to three... two thousand or better, now, who's going to be first? See, there you have to give out prayer cards. Sometimes we don't start from one, we start from fifty, or twenty, or thirty, or anywhere; but we usually try to pray for all that's got prayer cards. And how many knows that there's more gets healed out there without prayer cards, than there is in the prayer line with prayer cards, has been in my meetings before. Why there's fifty to one, see, it's your faith. All right, one, two, three, four... []... while we're lining the prayer line up.
L-79 Like the lepers at the gate, they said, "Why do we lay here until we die? Why," they said, "If we go in the city..." How many knows the story? Samaria was being sieged by the Syrians. And they were so hungry, they was staving, till eat the bark off the tree, the grass off the ground, and they boiled one another's children and eat. Do you remember that? And these lepers couldn't come into the city, they were lepers. They thought it was contagious, and so they set at the gate. And they said, "Why do we set here till we die?" Now, listen close, "If we go into the city, we can't get nothing to eat, they're dying in there. If we sit here, we'll die. And if we go down to the Syrians, if they kill us, what of it? We're going to die anyhow sitting here, and if they save us, why we'll be made whole." How many remembers the story? All of you, sure.
Now, they had to take a chance, you know what the story was, but that faith. They started down towards the Syrians, and God had a big rumble to come on the desert and they run away, and left their tents, and left their food. They found plenty to eat, and not only did it save their own life, but they saved the life of the city, the people. How many knows that? Now look what a chance they had to take. You don't have to take that chance.
But if you sit where you are... Your sickness, if your doctors give you up, you'll die, and that's all. You can't lose by trusting God. And you're not asked to go down to the camp of an enemy, but you're invited to the house of God, Who's waiting for you. There's no losing. [II Kings 7:1-11]
L-80 All right, twenty to fifty now. Let them stand and line them up so...
And there's only one way you can lose, that's sit still and don't act on it. How many says that's true, say, "Amen." Is there one thing God can't do? Yes, there's one thing God cannot do, did you ever know that? He can't fail. That's one thing He can't do. He cannot fail, He has to win every time, because He's God. "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never fail." Is that right? So believe. [Matthew 24:35], [Mark 13:31]
And you who got the cards now, see, they're lining those up. And you without cards now I want you to look this a-way, give me your undivided attention.
Now, how many's aware, this week in the meetings, through the Scriptures and through your reading that God has promised to do this in the last day? Oh yeah, He promised it, and it would be the last day.
Now, you see, I believe that science... A noted science come the other day, or not the other day, it's been some time ago. Did you ever hear of a lie detector, they put on criminials? This man was a critic and an infidel. He was at Chicago, Illinois at Brother Mattsson Boze's church. He was a scientist, and he met me, come down to my house later. He was amazed at that light. How many's got the picture of it and ever seen it, raise your hand.
Now to me, that's the same light that was with the children of Israel. How many knows that Jesus Christ is that Light? When Jesus was on earth, He said, "I come from God, I go to God." And any Bible student knows that the Angel of the Covenant was the Light that followed Moses through, or Moses followed through the wilderness, is that right? Look, when He was on earth He said, "Before Abraham was, I Am. I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. Your fathers eat brea, manna in the wilderness, and are dead. I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. I'm the Rock that was in the wilderness." [John 13:3]
They said, "You're a man not over fifty years old, and say that you saw Abraham? Now we know you're mad (crazy), and you got a devil."
He said, "Before Abraham was, I Am." Is that right? [John 8:56-59], [John 6:35-58], [Luke 21:33]
L-81 When He was on earth, look what He did when He was in a body of flesh, the Word said He did. He said, "Now a little while and the world won't see me no more." Cause, He was going away. "But you shall see Me (ye, that's the church), you shall see Me, for I (I is a personal pronoun), I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world. The works that I do shall you also."
Now, then after He rise--rose again, ascended into heaven to the Father, return back upon the earth, with His disciples forty days and nights, was taken up again. He met Paul some months after that on the road to Damascus, and he was stricken down. And when Paul looked up, what was there? A Pillar of Fire. Is that right? And a Voice came from It, said, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me."
He said, "Lord, Who are You that I'm persecuting?"
He said, "I'm Jesus." The same God that was in the wilderness with the children of Israel, that dwelt in a body that He created Himself, and tabernacled in flesh, and through that sanctified body, given that Blood, which was not brought here by sexual desire, given that Life, that Blood shed on Calvary sanctifies our life that the same Holy Spirit would live in the Church to continue the work of Christ: Perfect. [Acts 26:14-15], [Acts 22:7-8], [Acts 9:4-5]
L-82 Now, the last days has come. Here He is, has got His picture taken. When George J. Lacy, the head of the FBI in fingerprint and document, stood up before the people at Houston there at the Shell Laboratory, and said, "I've been a critic myself. I been a critic of Mr. Branham. I said it was psychology." He said, "But psychology... That mechanical eye of the camera won't take psychology. That Pillar of Fire was hanging there; It struck the lens." That's the head of the FBI in fingerprint and document. There it hangs in Washington, copyrighted, the only supernatural being was ever photographed. Now, we've got the picture of it, haven't you. You got a right to ask the Douglas Studio's or so forth about it that taken it. George J. Lacy. Look in my book; there's his name, place, everything. Ask him. You see It. It comes down. It does the same thing. It moves and proves Itself.
Now, if It is that same Christ, working through a sinner saved by grace, It'll work through you, a sinner saved by grace; and It'll bear the same record that It did when It was in the u--unadulterated Son of God, for "The works that I do, shall you do also." Is that true? There's Scripture, friend. I wouldn't do one thing unless the Scripture said it was so.
L-83 Now, be reverent. You people (Did all the fifty get in line?) All right,sir.
Now, I've got a group to pray for here. And I--I'm trusting God, that He will do something for these people, for I--I know they're in need. Now, you without prayer cards, that's sick, I want you to raise your hands up; just pretty near everywhere. Now, you look this way, start praying like the woman at the well. Now, the first thing, we cannot take each one of these for discernment, we realize that.
L-84 This--are you the one to be prayed for? You're--you--you--you are here, you're the patient, you had a prayer card. You had a prayer card, come up here. All right, now, I don't know you, God does know you. We're strangers to each other, as far as that's concerned. If that's right, let the audience know, by just raising up your hands together. Here's a man, he and I, has never met. He's a younger man than I.
I don't know him, never met him in my life. He's a man. Here we are meeting for our first time. If this isn't just exactly like it was in the Bible time, when Peter came to the Lord Jesus. Or when Philip, was found by Nathanael...
Now, if the Holy Spirit... If Jesus Christ is here, and whatever it's in your heart--like the woman at the well, or so forth--whatever is in your heart, I don't know. But if God will reveal it, and tell me something that--that you know that I don't know nothing about, would you believe It was the Lord Jesus permitting that? You would?
How many in audience would believe it? Here, now the showdown. If I've told the truth... If I've told the truth about Jesus Christ, He's obligated to back that Word up. Yes, sir. And If I haven't, He will do nothing about it. Christ won't fool with an error. You know that. He won't bless an error. But He will... He's obligated to stand behind the Truth. I say that He is not dead; He's alive. And He's alive right here tonight. See? Now, I'm a man. Got to stand before Him like you have.
L-85 Now, if I'd--if I'd come up here and lay my hands on you and say, "Hallelujah! Praise God. You're going to get well. Praise the Lord." That's true. See? The Bible said, "Prayer of faith shall save the sick," and I may have faith to believe that. You have a right to believe that. But now what if the Holy Spirit comes and goes back down yonder and tells you something that you know I don't know nothing about. You know whether that's the truth or not. Then if He knows what you have been, He certainly will know what will be. Is that right?
Now, be reverent. I want you to worship the Lord. But when... If I'll at least have one, and now and then... Wherever in a few minutes then, so that I can get through the audience. But how many will promise, by the grace of God, that they'll believe if God will work? Just me and this man both, with me and my--our hands up, that we've never met before in life, just right here. Now, may the Lord grant it.
L-86 Now, I just want you to answer me. Now, you're aware that something is going on, a real sacred feeling. If that's right, raise up your hand?
Now, the audience, I don't know whether you see or not. The man... Between me and him, stands that Light that you got the picture of, standing there now.
I see the man fading away from me. And he's here for a child. That's right. Someone else. It's a child; it's a baby about three months old, just a little bitty fellow. And you're... The baby has a heart trouble. That's true. You're not from here. You're from Indiana, Anderson, Indiana. Go home, find your baby well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You believe...?... Just have faith. Don't doubt. Believe. Believe God.
Now, do you all believe? All right.
L-87 Now, if I don't say one word to you about discernment, you'll believe, won't you? Then go on, and your arthritis won't bother you.
Brother Kidd, I know you. So therefore I won't try for this discernment. I'm going to pray for you. Dear God, I know that this dear old preacher brother was preaching before I was born. I pray for him. He's been a darling man. I seen You bring him, over a conversation on the telephone when we prayed for him, him laying in a hospital in a heart attack, You healed him. Here he is, going way into eighty years old. I pray that You'll bless him. And this darling little wife of his also, worked in coal mines with her own hands, to send her husband on the Gospel missions to preach the Word. We love them. A sweeter little couple, I know not of. I pray, Father, that You'll extend their days. And talking to them, and she crying, and saying, "Brother Branham, I'm too old, and I don't know what to do. I see the need's so great." Help her, Lord. Bless them. And may the blessings of God rest upon them. This condition that's growing over his eyes, I pray, God, that it'll be healed. I pray, God, that You'll heal our sister, that's--that stomach condition in her body will be taken from her. All ailments, may they leave through Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless you, Brother Kidd. God bless you, Sister Kidd. No, no, It's...
What is it, Sister Kidd? She was healed standing right here at the platform. Held her hand out, and said it's gone; the cancer has moved away. So, praise be to God. See, that's how supposed to... how it really did.
L-88 You believe that the Lord will heal you? Been awful nervous, haven't you? Got your stomach all upset. That's right. See? But you want to go eat? Just go on and eat. Believe with all your heart. Go and eat; Jesus makes you well.
Now, do you believe with all your heart? If Jesus will tell me what you're trouble is, will you believe with all your heart? All right. Your back condition has left you. So you can go on your road and be made well.
You believe with all your heart? Everything? All right, your heart trouble, it goes from you. You can go on your road and rejoice and be happy.
Do you believe? You had trouble in your back too. So go on your road and be happy; say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus."
You got a trouble. It's the man, which getting up... But then besides that, been nervous, heart trouble. So just go on your road and rejoicing. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-89 If I don't say a word to you, pray for you, you believe that God will heal you? Come here? I lay my hands by the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the commission of Jesus Christ upon the man. May he be healed for the Kingdom of God. []
Amen. God bless you. Do you believe sister with all your heart? Brother, no, you have a prayer...?... The lady sitting right back here, praying for a--a child that has nervous condition, nervous oppressions. You, yourself are nervous. And you're setting there praying for that. If that's right, raise up your hand? All right, go home; you have your desire. See?
What did she touch? She never touched me; she touched the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity.
Come, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you be healed. Grant it. [Hebrews 4:14-15]
If I don't say one thing to you, you believe you'd be healed anyhow? But your female trouble has left you, you can go on your way. You believe? How many out there believes with all your heart? If you'll believe you can have what you ask for.
You believe God knows you, lady? If God will tell me something about you, that you know that I don't know; I don't you. I guess you don't know me no more than just by name, is that's right? If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me His presence... You believe you're in His presence, That's what you feel? You're a very good person, 'cause you have a fine feeling to your spirit, see. You got a kidney condition. You got a nervous trouble that's bothering you, that's right, isn't it? You're not from here. You're from Lebanon, Ohio. And that's right. You believe me as His prophet now with all your heart. You believe God knows who you are? If He knowed who Peter was, He'd know who you was. Is that right? All right, Mrs. Alexander, you can go home and be made well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Have faith. Don't doubt. Believe with all...
L-90 You want to worship God. Now, raise up your hands and worship God if you just feel like you'd like to thank Him. Lord, we thank You for Your goodness. May the people really understand, Lord, that it's... You're present here to do just the things that You promised to do. Let it be so, Lord. We pray in Jesus Name, Amen.
Come now, sister. Believe. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her and make her well. Amen. God bless you, sister.
Come now, if I don't say nothing, you believe the Holy Spirit's here? You believe that I believe Him? Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe, if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." The visions make me so weak, I have to watch or come out of it again in a little bit. God bless you, go and be healed now.
Come brother, you believe? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed. Amen.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed. Amen.
Come brother, you been sitting there shocked with victory, so go and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be well. Amen.
You believe Him, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be well.
Just a moment, that lady, setting right back here, way back there, looking right at me, praying, got head trouble, headaches. Go, Jesus Christ makes you well now. You can go and be made well. God bless you. I ought to know you, your face looks familiar. I can't tell now just know who you are. But I know you somehow. But I don't know nothing about you. But you're standing here for a desire, for a growth to be taken off of you, a mole on the heel, foot. Go; believe it. You'll receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Do you believe? Have faith now. Don't doubt, just believe.
How do you do. Do you believe the things that you see come from God?
Now, something's happening out there. You're believing. That--that's good. It ought to settle it.
I'm a stranger to you. You're a stranger to me. But God knows both of us. If He will reveal what your trouble...
L-91 This is the scene, just like it was Jesus went one time and set down by a well. And a Samaritan woman come out. And He talked to her, and told her what was in her heart. She believed Him, and said that was the sign of the Messiah. Is that right, a man and woman who met for the first time. This is the man and woman meeting again, the first time. I hold my hands, I've never seen the woman as far as I know, she said she'd never seen me. But He's God and He knows. Now, what I do is just yield myself to the Holy Spirit, don't try to use my own words. I just yielding to the Holy Spirit, and He tells me. You be the judge. You're extremely nervous. That's what you want prayer for. You got a loved one you're praying for, is in the hospital. It's your husband. He's paralyzed in his back. That's right. From Dayton... That's right. You're Opal Williams. Go back home and receive that what you ask for. Take that and lay it on him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Do you believe? Have faith in God. Raise your hands and say, "Thank you, Lord Jesus." Just worship Him.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, be made well.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may my sister be healed, Lord.
Come brother dear, in the Name of The Lord Jesus, may you be healed. Bless you, brother.
Come with the little boy, you want prayer too, or just the lad? Lord, I pray that You'll heal them and make them well, may they completely recover in Jesus' Name. Amen. Don't doubt, and go believing. Now be concious of God being present.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, be healed. Grant it Lord. [John 4:1-21]
L-92 Oh, Lord, as this young woman comes in the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be healed, as she passes under the shadow of the cross. Have faith.
You believe you can go eat now? Your ulcer's gone, go eat your supper. Amen. The...?... time of colored people, are just so simple to believe. They're great believing, and had a hard time. Here, here's another colored woman. Are we strangers to each other? I do not know you. You do not know me. Now, here's a beautiful picture. In the days of our Lord, Saint John the 4th chapter... If the Bible still lives, let God prove that It lives. I'm Anglo-Saxon. You're an Ethiopian by nature, by birth, a color by race.
Jesus was a Jew; she was a Samaritan. And she said, "We have a segregation. It's not customary for you Jews to say any things to Samaritans." But Jesus let her know right quick that God was God of all nations. The country we live in changing our colors, had nothing to do with our soul. We can blood transfuse to each other, what more. We're all the creatures of God. We was raised in different parts the country, and we're some yellow, and some brown, some white, some black. That has nothing to do with it. We're all off of one tree, Adam, God's creatures. [John 4:1-21]
L-93 Now, this will be a perfect Bible scene. Our first time meeting. If God will reveal to me... In your heart, you be the solemn judge. If God will reveal what you're here for, or something that you know that I don't know nothing about, will you solemnly believe it, and do like that woman, go tell your people, "Truly, the Holy Ghost is here doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, for I seen Him working among the people," like that woman went in and said, "Come, see a Man Who told me what I've done, isn't that the very Messiah?" See, that was the sign of the Messiah. Would you be able do the same?
Would all the colored people here, or all whatever do the same, believe Him with all your heart? Now, by my Bible, I've never seen the woman in my life. I don't know one thing about her. Now, I guess this is the first time we ever walked face to face in life. If that's right, just so the people will see?
Now, if God be God, and Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, then He keeps His Word. If He doesn't, then He isn't God; He hasn't raised from the dead. If He has raised from the dead, then He's for each one of you, every one of you. Here's a perfect Bible picture again. May God grant it, me not knowing.
L-94 Now, I won't have to look at you. That has nothing to do with it. But Jesus talked to the woman just a moment. Now, if God will tell me what's your trouble, then you'll believe. 'Cause you know I don't know. You're nervous; your main trouble, which has caused you to have a stomach trouble. That's right. That's exactly right. Now, do you believe?
You say, "Brother Branham, you might've guessed that." Let's see what He would say any more.
Yes, there's something else wrong with you. It's a knot on your left leg.
You believe? You think it was guessing? She's a good person, a fine spirit. The Angel of the Lord is standing right between me and this woman. At the day of the judgment, you'll find out. That Angel you're looking at on the picture isn't two feet from where I'm standing right now.
Look here again, sister. You got a friend you want prayed for, paralyzed. You believe now? Go receive what you've ask for, sister. Believe with all your heart.
L-95 All of you believe with all your heart?
God bless you sister. While you stand there, you believe that arthritis left you...?...
All right, come. The little boy, you believe with all your heart, sir? Lord, as I lay my hands upon, I pray that in Christ's Name that You'll grant their healing. Amen. Don't doubt brother, just believe now. Come now.
I keep feeling someone thinking that I'm reading someone's mind. Brother, if you don't know no better than that, God be merciful to you. Here, is this the pa... Here, put your hand on mine, sir. If God will reveal to me looking this a way, not reading your mind... You take your hand loose if I tell you the truth. And then you'll go home and won't have the asthma no more, stop coughing. If that's right, rise your hand up. Go ahead, brother. God bless you. Come sister, dear. Lord, I pray that You'll heal her and make her well through Jesus' Name.
Just a moment, there's a colored lady keeps coming before me.
Some woman, since that colored woman was prayed for, has been appearing here. The pull is coming from this... Yes, setting right down there with diabetes, do you believe that the Lord Jesus make you well? Raise... You was praying, wasn't you, lady. If that's right, raise up your hand so they can see? All right. Go home and be well. Jesus Christ makes you well. Yes, sir.
L-96 See the power of the Holy Ghost after healing that little girl? Coming right around there, and that getting together? Brother, when we get in one accord in one place, something happens. It's got to, see, if you'll quit doubting, and just let the Holy Spirit have Its way.
Come sister, in the Name of Jesus, be healed sister. I lay my hands upon you with the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Be healed in Jesus' Name.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed brother.
Come sister, just go rejoicing, praising God, in Jesus' Name be healed.
Come. In the Name of Jesus, be healed, sister.
Come sister, and I believe, if you will just believe Him now, in the Name of Jesus Christ be healed. Amen.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
Come, come brother, bring your little one. You believe now? In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
Come sister...?... Name of Jesus Christ be healed. Oh, how can you stand that pressure. The Holy Spirit just pushing Its way in, seems like. I just... Seems like the audience is getting milky looking out there.
That man setting there seeking for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, setting back there. Believe with all your heart, sir, and you'll receive it.
Come, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may this brace be took from the baby, and may it be able to walk, in Jesus Name'. Don't doubt...?...
In the Name of Jesus Christ be healed.
Come sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed...?...
The lady there with the back trouble. Jesus Christ makes you well. Leave now. Don't doubt.
Come. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be healed. You believe? If God would till me your trouble, will you believe it?
That man on the cot, you're believing, sir? That ambulance stretcher, you appeared in front of this man just then. You're a minister. You got asthma. Reverend Dalton, you may go home, be well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
You believe God will heal you? Take that cancer of death away from you? You accept it with all your heart? If you do... You'll die laying there. You can only live by trusting God. If you believe it, and believe that He will make you well, take that what you got, and go home, and get well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-97 How many in here believes that Jesus Christ is here? How many believers is here, raise your hand?
Young fellow laying here on this stretcher, do you believe?
How many believes? How many will want to believe? Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe: If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Do you believe that? Then lay your hands on one another. Lay your hands on one another. Just raise over, everybody. Lay your hands on one another. Here it is. This is it. Now, pray for the person you got your hands on.
Now, Jesus, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn the devil. Come out, Satan. You're defeated. Leave these people go in the Name of Jesus Christ. [Mark 16:17-18]

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