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Prayer Line 59-09
59-pl-09, Prayer Line 59-09, 60 min

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59-0812 - Miami Valley Chautauqua Campgrounds, Chautauqua, OH (Paragraphs: 62 - 70)
L-63 This little lady setting here with a little white thing on her hat, have you got a prayer card? You sick? Are we strangers to one another? God knows us both. There's a Light over the woman, if you can see It, circling right above her. She was praying. Is that right? You know you have not a chance to come up here, but you were praying, because I see just below that is a dark shadow; it's death. The woman's shadowed to death. She has a cancer. You believe God can heal you? Cancer of the breast. And I see a doctor looking at it, and he tells you that he's going to try to operate, and you're up for an operation. And I see you walk from a platform or something another. You are a preacher, a woman preacher. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Is that right, lady? What He said, was that right? Stand on your feet if that's right.
Now, do you believe the... Can you discern that that's the same Jesus that touched--the woman touched His garment? Not me, Him. I don't know the woman. She don't know me. God knows us both. God bless you, sister.
L-64 I see a lady in a vision. She's praying. She's a young woman. She's setting right here. It's something about a baby. It's a... She wants... No, she's--she's had a baby. Oh, it is a miscarriage; that's what it has been: a dead baby. She's from Kentucky, and her name is Martin. Where are you, Mrs. Martin? Yeah, with a--a yellow dress. That's true, is it lady? Stand on your feet if that's so. I don't know the woman, but God knows her, and there she is. Blessed be the Name of the Lord God.
Right behind her sets a lady. She's got hemorrhoids. She's got trouble in her right side. Kind of a heavyset woman with a black looking dress on, you got a prayer card, lady? You don't have? You don't need it. Do you believe that you have faith to touch something? You never touched me. You touched Him. All right, then raise up your hand with your handkerchief in it and accept your healing. Go home and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-65 Looky here. There sets a little lady back here with a checked looking dress on. She's got her head bowed. She's praying for her father. He's got liver trouble. You believe the Lord will heal him, sister? You believe it? Then you can have it.
Lady, you were awful kind to her to tell her that it was her. The reason you said that, because the Holy Spirit moved right over to you too. That's right. You have a prayer card? You don't? You don't need one. You're praying for a mother. And you're thinking on bringing her to church tomorrow night. That's right. Don't have to do it. Lay your hands on her and call the Name of the Lord Jesus. She'll get well, if you'll believe it.
L-66 I challenge your faith. Who else has not a prayer card and wants to believe?
You, setting here in front, you believe me to be God's prophet? A prophet is a messenger to an age. You believe I have God's message? You do it? I don't know you, but God does know you. If God will tell me your troubles, will you accept it as your healing, believe that it is His... You can discern then that... If your spirit can touch Him now while I'm talking to you, then you'll accept your healing, will you? It's your chest: scar tissue. And besides that, you are a preacher. That's right. That is, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Believe God. [I Corinthians 11:29], [Hebrews 5:14], [I Corinthians 2:14]
L-67 I'm going to turn my back. Pray. See if He's the same Angel. See if it's the same God that promised when He had His back turned to the tent. Pray, some of you, that the Lord God send His Angel and prove that Sodom was at--the end was at hand.
Oh, Lord God, send Your Angel tonight, and give the same discernment, 'cause it is a promise of Your Son and let it be so.
A woman stands before me, and she's suffering with catarrh of the head. She's back in this direction, for I feel her pulling her faith. Her name is Mrs. Wiley. Where's she at? Let's see. Back in here somewhere. Whatever the... there... Was that true, lady? All right, go home and be well.
Have faith in God. Some of the rest of you pray somewhere. Let it be known, O Lord, Thou art God.
L-68 There's a woman standing before me that's a praying back in the audience, and she has complications. She's wearing a red and white checked dress. Her name is Mrs. Lake. Where are you at, Mrs. Lake? Stand on your feet wherever... God bless you. Go home and be well. Your faith has saved you.
That's the same Jesus. It's the same Angel. Have you got discernment to discern the Lord's Body? Do you believe that I'm telling you the truth? Do you believe that Christ is giving witness of it? If you believe that, raise up your hands. How many believers are in here that will shake their hands like this? Then you believe me as God's prophet. Don't you doubt one bit. Take those hands that you're waving towards God and lay on somebody next to you, and you'll see the glory of God. That's all He can do.
Can you discern the Lord's Body. Can you discern that His Spirit is here. "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
L-69 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, make Satan turn loose of every believer in here. They've got their hands laid on one another, and they are believers. They're having faith in God that they believe that You'll do it. Oh Lord, Your words cannot fail no more than Your promises, and Your promises was, "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
Now, Satan, you foul demon of oppression that's beating these people down to the dust, I adjure thee by the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, that you turn them loose. Come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-70 Now, lay your hands on one another and pray the prayer of faith, and when you feel the Spirit of God, discern it that it is God's promise to you, everyone that can feel that God's power is moving in you, stand to your feet and accept your healing. I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ, every one of you believers to rise to your feet and accept Jesus as your personal Healer. Come up, you in those wheelchairs, cots, whatever it is. Rise up. Believe God. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be healed. They're raising up out of cots and wheelchairs and everything.
All right, Brother Sullivan.

59-0813 - Miami Valley Chautauqua Campgrounds, Chautauqua, OH (Paragraphs: 53 - 62)
L-54 Now, new prayer cards will be given out at six o'clock tomorrow afternoon again. So we--we're going to pray for everybody that's got a prayer card. Everybody that has a prayer card, we're going to pray for them. Now, we don't necessarily have to have a prayer card.
Now, this is for prayer card A--A. I think they got some more out. Billy said He give out some C's or B's, or something. B's. Well, now, hold them. They're next. See, this is for A. This is for A. We promised them a long time.
Now, if you all will just be reverent and pray, these--this is a healing service. Now, I think I will get right down here at the end of this row, or somewhere in here, so the people right out the end of the row and pray. Now, everyone, keep your heads bowed and pray. Everybody, if you're sincere, and believe the Holy Spirit is here...
L-55 The anointing... I have the anointing upon me now. Now, I'm coming down to lay hands on you while the anointing is upon me. That's the reason I had this discernment first.
That man with that kidney trouble setting out there. Go home, sir, you're healed. God makes you well. Forget about it now. Setting there in the dark.
All right. Now, believe with all your heart.
Come here now. [A brother sings as Brother Branham prays for the people in the prayer line--Ed.] []
L-56 Saint John, "Know ye what I have done unto you?" Now look. While we are praying, we don't like that... We don't take time for the discernment, because... Oh, there was a few in there that was real bad cases, and one sinner. So, it was... That had to be called out. But otherwise, it was while the anointing of the Holy Spirit was with me, I was laying hands on the sick.
Now, with all my heart, I pray for you. That's all I can do; I'm just a man. See? Now... But the Holy Spirit is here, and will reward you if you will believe that the sickness, and disease, or affliction of your body is condemned. See? It's condemned. It--It can't stay with you no longer. Now, you watch. You...
L-57 I prayed for a woman that her hands was knotted up. And she--she might've been looking for her hands to straighten. It could've been that we could have took that woman there for maybe a half hour, stayed with her until you seen differences beginning to come. Then it would cut others out. See?
Now, maybe at one of the nights, we'll do that. I sh... Will you see... Till I can see in the audience something that's really fixing to happen, I will bring that patient, maybe, to the platform here. Crippled, afflicted, healed just the same... They just watch for something to happen. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Something's... You may not see a difference for...
L-58 Here some time ago, I was at a meeting. And as a woman come through, she had ulcerated stomach. And It said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." Another woman came through, had a big knot on her neck. "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." They went home believing that.
Weeks passed. That woman tried to eat with that stomach trouble. She was so bad, she couldn't stand nothing in her stomach. But still, she held on.
One morning, while the children had gone to school, she took some oats out of one of their plates and begin to eat it; she was so hungry. A real strange feeling came to her, never bothered her. She got some toast and buttered it, eat it. Then she fried two eggs and drank a cup of coffee, never hurt her. It was gone.
L-59 She was happy. She run down the street to tell her sister that--that had the big knot on her neck, that hadn't moved. They called them fanatics because they'd believed. And she said when she got there, that woman was screaming, jumping up-and-down. She run in, she said, "You know, I'm healed of my stomach trouble."
Said, "I just got up awhile ago, I've shook every sheet. That knot's gone; I don't know what happened to it."
See, what happened? God don't always come just in an instant. You remember when Daniel... The Angel told him He tried to get to him for twenty-one days. [Daniel 10:11-14]
If the Angel of the Lord, Who is here, is the Angel of God, It proves Himself to be. And if I've asked the blessing with the sincerity of my heart upon you, and with the same sincerity you've met it, and there's no doubt in your mind at all, you just hold to that and watch what happens. It has to happen. It's got to, It's God's Word. It's God's promise. He has to do it.
L-60 Now, how many of you believe you're going to be well, regardless of what. See? You're going to be well. You have to be.
Now, here's a--a--a container of--of handkerchiefs. And now, let us pray for them.
Lord, we are told in the sacred Word, that they taken from the body of Paul handkerchiefs and aprons, and evil spirits went out. That was the same Paul who could look steadfast upon the man and tell him he perceived he had faith to be healed. The same Paul, who was upon the ship that night and the Angel of the Lord stood by him and told him, "Fear not, Paul. None's going to be lost." And he could run forth in the midst of the waves and sing. The storm just as hard as it ever was storming, maybe harder. "But be of a good cheer," he said, "for the Angel of God, Whose servant I am, stood by me last night and promised me deliverance." They seen that Angel working through Paul. [Acts 27:21-25]
L-61 Lord, we're not Saint Paul, but You're still Jesus. The same Angels of God, the same Holy Spirit... And I lay my hands upon these handkerchiefs, and ask that in the Name of Jesus Christ, may every person that touches these handkerchiefs be made well. Grant it, Lord. [Acts 19:12]
And Father God, it was said one time, that Your children was coming from bondage, going into the promised land of good health, prosperity. And the Red Sea got in their way. God looked down through the Pillar of Fire and frowned upon that Red Sea, because it was holding His people from the blessing. And the sea got scared and rolled back, and Israel went over to the promised land.
O Lord, as You see these tokens of Your Word, which we most solemnly believe to be the truth. And as I press these to my heart, Lord, let the God of heaven not look through again, as much a Pillar of Fire, but through the Blood of His own Son, Jesus that gave the promise of healing. By His stripes we're healed. And when these handkerchiefs are placed upon the sick, may the devil turn them loose, and may they go to that promise that God give them. "By His stripes, we are healed." I send them to the sick and the afflicted in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. [Isaiah 53:5]
L-62 I solemnly believe with all my heart that Christ will heal every person that wears those handkerchiefs. There's no doubt in my heart. I do not doubt. God said it. So why could I stand here and challenge. In Africa, a half a million people... or India rather... In Africa, thousands times thousands of witch doctors and all kinds of superstitions, "Come forth and prove you're God." Don't you be afraid. Jesus is still Jesus. God's still God. There's not enough devils in torment can challenge His Word. And not nothing can withstand when unadulterated faith rests upon any promise God gives. It's the truth, and It'll stand through every fiery trial. Amen.
You love Him? Let's sing once while they're still back there shouting and receiving the Holy Ghost. Let's raise our hands as we sing "I Love Him." Will you give us a chord, sister, some.
... love Him, (Let's stand now.) I love Him.
God bless you, doctor. Done prayed for them. Do you want to dismiss the audience? See you tomorrow.

The Lord bless you, real good. Brother...

59-0814 - Miami Valley Chautauqua Campgrounds, Chautauqua, OH (Paragraphs: 70 - 94)
L-71 Now, how many out there... There's... Is there any prayer cards out in the audience? Anybody got a prayer card, anywhere in the audience? Not a prayer card. Just so you'll see it does... You don't have to have a prayer card. You have to have faith. Faith is the victory. Faith is what God looks for. Just have faith. Only believe, all things are possible.
Now, each one of you out there that's sick, and you don't have a prayer card, do you believe that you have enough faith to touch the border of His garment in glory tonight? Do you believe that, raise up your hand, all around, everywhere?
L-72 Bless that little girl. A little bitty girl... Is that your child, sir? Is she sick? All right. Do you believe God can reveal to me what the child is? If she can touch His border of His garment? If it is, you'll know whether it's the truth or not. I don't know you, the child; I've never seen you. You're just sitting there. Do you believe?
How many in the audience will believe. That's a baby, just a little girl. She's setting there, both little hands up waving at me, her little eyes looking. Now, there's something wrong with the child, I suppose. I don't know. God can reveal it.
Will you accept it, sister? You all? Thank you, honey. If you're spiritual, and God will open your eyes, look, hanging about two foot above that child there. See that Light? Now, here she is; there comes a vision. It's something or other over her... It's a heart trouble. I see a doctor looking over her heart. She's got a heart trouble. If that's right, let the mother raise her hand? Put your hand over on the child. Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, you're exposed. Your lying scheme is over. Come out of that child in the Name of the Lord Jesus. We, the Church of the living God, adjure thee by Jesus Christ to leave the child.
L-73 Now, do you believe? Have faith in God. That man setting right over there with his head down, praying, with that arthritis, do you think God will heal you, sir, and make you well? Setting out there on the end of the seat, kinda heavy set with a white shirt on, you believe God will take that arthritis away from you? That's what you was praying about. If that's right, raise up your hand? All right. Now, go home and be well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Do you believe it? Have faith. Somebody else pray. Have faith in God. Don't doubt.
L-74 A lady setting right back there looking at me. You're praying for somebody else. It's your brother. He's got polio. If that's right, stand on your feet for him. I don't know you, and you don't know me. If that's right, raise up your hand? But you... There it is. You was praying for him. If that's right, wave your hand. The God that was hearing you has spoke to me and you touched His garment. That's the Holy Spirit working through the same way It did. Go, and believe with all your heart, and it'll leave him.
Do you believe? Something's happened just at that time. Something else struck right in here. Oh, here it is. It's a woman setting right here, praying for one of her loved ones that's paralyzed. Do you believe that God will make them well? All right. You can go home, and believe with all your heart, you'll find it that way. Amen.
L-75 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. How about people in this section. You believe, you without... This is a discernment line. I'm just going to pray for these people. This is discernment. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart.
Here... This woman setting right here, kinda heavy set. Got trouble with your eyes, haven't you, sister? They're going bad. And besides that, he told you you had trouble with your liver. Is that... If that's right, raise up your hand. The doctor, that kind of a heavy set guy... All right. Go home and be well. Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen. [Mark 11:24]
L-76 Do you believe? Think on your ways now. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who said, as it was in the days of Sodom, when the Angel of the Lord came down in a human flesh and discerned, and said, "Abraham, where is your wife?"
And she laughed behind Him in the tent to herself. He said, "Why did Sarah laugh?" Think on your ways now. Be right with God.
Now, this prayer line through there, you're all strangers to me as far as I know. But do you believe that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is upon me now, as His servant? You believe that, all down through the prayer line? Now, you know, if we taken discernment down this line, it would take a... Oh, I just wouldn't get through it tonight. But will you believe if I'll pray with all my heart, the prayer of faith for you, will you believe with all your heart that you'll get well? Will you all believe it, each one? You will believe it. All right. Now, let's pray for them.
L-77 Lord, You--You... Not only these, but them that's in the audience, may Your Spirit continue to go over this audience and heal the sick and the afflicted. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.
Now, you in your wheelchairs, stretchers, you look this a way, and you believe with all your heart. You think that your case is too bad, but it isn't. It just takes faith, no more faith than to heal a toothache. If you'll just believe it, let be real faith. Believe it.
Now, so that the--the anointing would get back to me, I want to... I--I want to just take... Maybe I'll just catch her hand just a minute. I better take that for a vision.
L-78 Look here. Believe me to be His servant? You realize you're very sick. You have cancer. Look lady. You been to a doctor. You're extremely nervous. And you went to a doctor for something or other to be cut off. It's off your back, and he said it was a mole that was malignant, and it won't heal, just keeps going on. It's still cancer. Let me have your hand a minute. Here. Look here, you can tell it. See how that linger on my hand? Now I'll take it off and put this other hand on it. See? It isn't there now. See, put your hand there. By the grace of God and by His Spirit, I can make it leave you. But whether it would stay away or not, that'd be up to you. If you could see it happen and go, 'cause you can't live long; that's going right in your spine (You see?) and just run it right in to it. So, will you... If you could see it happen on your hand, would it increase your faith? You're young, and you--you haven't very long to stay if God doesn't help you.
Now, please don't think this... This is just something... This woman's worse than really she thinks.
L-79 Ever what the vision was, I know it's some kind of a power that's... Now, you're looking at my hand. See how it swells? See all those little white things run over my hand? That's just like a--a vibration, like a brrr, brrr, brrr, 'cause the Holy Spirit's on you, and death is on you. And Life and death cannot associate together. Now, look, there's just as much life in this hand as you was in that one. Put that hand on. Now, it's not there (See?), not there now. Now, I'm as much human as you. But see, it was His promise. Your right hand, that you hold your right hand that you believe me to tell you the truth, my hand to God, though my heart. See? Now, put your hand on there and watch. Put your... Now, look here. See it? Now, you see there's something going on there, isn't it (See?), something unnatural.
L-80 Now, let's bow our heads a moment. This poor little woman, seriously. Dear heavenly Father, I pray that in the Name of Jesus that You'll heal her. Let Thy Spirit move. She's watching my hand to see if those vibrations stop. She sees my hand swelling, turning dark, and seeing that there's something taking place. Help, O Lord, may the enemy leave her in Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.
Now, just a moment. I've never looked; but it's still the same way it was. It didn't leave her. Didn't change, did it? Stayed just the same. Now, we don't ask God for miracles. It's not right to ask God that. Now, remember... Now, you see that there's something happening to my hand. Now, when you move your hand... Just take your hand off. Watch, see how it goes right back? Now, put... Look how... I put my hand, on it don't act like that. See? And your other hand won't act like that. Now, just lay this hand back on there, and there it goes again. See? See, you're looking at that. If that's right, raise up this hand so the audience can see. You can see it yourself. Now, I lay my hand on this desk right here so that you can see it. It isn't the position where you lay your hand. Anywhere it's the same. Is that right? You're looking right at it.
L-81 Now, Jesus said, "In My Name, they shall cast out devils." Now, you all help. Hold your faith to God. Now, we... Now, when it goes out, it'll come back if faith isn't there to meet it. For when the unclean spirit's gone out of man, he walks in dry places and comes back. You understand? But if you'll see that leave there, then you know you're going to get well. You'll believe it, won't you? It'll encourage you, 'cause you've had an awful time with this. [Mark 16:17-18]
Lord God, we do not ask for miracles. But You promised them, Lord. And that this audience, and this little woman, if... The doctor has tried hard, Lord, to save the woman's life; he scattered this cancer. It's going into her back, into her spine. Darkness and shadow hangs over her. But You're here to heal her. She's watching my hand. She's watching for a move, or something to happen. Let it be this one time, Lord. It will increase the faith of the people. We... I ask it not for no... nothing at all, Father, but that these people might know that I'm telling them truth. And the commission that You gave by an Angel Who vindicated it to be the same, that said this would be first, and then you'd know the very secret of their heart; they would believe me.
L-82 Lord, we're living in a day when people are taught so hard against this, against You, against Your Word, against Your Spirit. They don't know what to believe. Let this little woman in this dying condition see the power of God. She's watching my hand. She's watching it to move. She's watching that swelling to leave and the vibrations to stop over it. Let it be, Lord. Help me, I pray, that You--these others might see and take heed, and know that God is still God. Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I charge thee, come out of the woman and leave her.
Now, the woman's watching herself. Every vibration has left, and it's gone. Is that right, sister? You're healed. Go on your road and rejoice.
There you are. She watched it herself, and seen God heal the woman. Now, do you believe? Everybody believe? Have faith now while we pray.
L-83 Now, come forth, sister. That same anointing is here. If we stopped for everybody, you know what would happen.
Dear God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal this, our sister. Amen. Now, go rejoicing just like she did, and you believe with all your heart.
Now, see, it seem like... You see, if you don't have a vision, it--it doesn't--it doesn't do it. Something happens. You see what I mean? How many understands? Now, that... That lady might've thought, "Well, the anointing wasn't on him. The anointing left him." The anointing didn't leave me. It's still here. Sure it is. You believe it?
L-84 Here, here, this woman. I don't know you, do I? God knows you. You believe me to be His prophet? If I don't know you and God knows you, if God will reveal something about you that you know that I don't know, will you believe me? You already believe me. All right, you're suffering with varicose veins. That's right. And besides that, you're praying for somebody which is your brother. And that boy is declared to have a mental condition. You don't believe it. And it's not so, he's just nervous. Don't believe it. You believe God knows who you are? If I tell you who you are by the Spirit of God, will it take every doubt from you? Miss. Neville, go home, be well. Jesus Christ makes you well. See? Don't doubt.
L-85 Will you believe, sir? That shadow, devil of cancer will leave you. Come here. Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal the man I pray through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, my brother.
Come, sir. You believe with all your heart? Just look at the... Look at the hundreds and hundreds of people are praying out there. Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal our brother. Amen. Believe brother, with all your heart.
Come, sister. You believe now? Lord, as... When the... While the Holy Spirit is upon me and anointing me, may the precious God of heaven heal our sister in Jesus' Name. Amen. Now, go believing with all your heart. Look, sister. Look, sister dear. Raise up your hands and say, "Thank You, Lord. Praise Your Name." That's the way to do it. Go on your road, and--and God will make it right for you. That's the way. Go, believing.
L-86 What do you think, lady? Do you believe? Do you believe me to be God's servant? It's caught you, you see? You realize something's going on.
A vision caught me from the little woman. May God help me after this. See? The woman has actually got a hospital experience in front of her (That's right, isn't it?) an operation. And that's for a child. It's a baby you're fixing to have. And the doctor says that it has to be a cesarean birth, for an operation. And you're wanting me to pray that it'll be a natural birth. Is that... Is that right? Hold up your hand. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. You're not from here. You're from a place called Wooster. That's right. Mrs. Wenger, go on your road and rejoice. God make you well, sister, and give you the desire of your heart.
L-87 Let's all pray. Everybody bow your head now. Well, let's just worship the Lord first. Raise up your hands in praise, and say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus. Thank You, Lord." God, we love You, we praise You. Oh, be merciful unto us, Lord. O Father God, grant unto us Thy mercy. Give unto us the Holy Spirit. May people in the audience see that You're God, and these people be healed through Jesus' Name. Amen.
Come, sister. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you go and be made well. Amen.
Now, as you come, I... The Holy Spirit is upon me anointing me. Believe it now. Come now. And just as you pass through, I'm going to pray. All you be praying also now, for these people.
Lord, I lay my hands upon my brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he be healed. Amen. Go, believing now. All right.
Come, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay my hands upon her for her healing. Amen. God bless you, sister.
Come, now, sister dear. Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed while the Holy Ghost is on her. Amen. And may God bless you, sister. Come, my...?... you go off.
L-88 Lord, heal my brother and make him well in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you. I seen that was so many temptations, see if it keeps going. [Brother Branham speaks to another--Ed.]
All right, come. Are you scared? You believe God could tell me what was wrong with you? Then, go, and that asthmatic condition will leave you. Just go on rejoicing.
Come, believing. Lord Jesus, we pray You'll heal her and make her well. Amen.
L-89 God of heaven, have mercy and heal our brother and make him well. Amen.
Come, believing now, every one of you. O Father God, in the Name of Jesus, make him well. Amen.
Now, the Holy Spirit's on me. I'm just laying hands. The Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe; If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
In the Name of Jesus Christ, I lay my hands upon my sister. May she get healed. Amen. Go, believing.
Come, little boy. I see your condition. You believe them feet will straighten up when after I pray for them. You believe it, honey boy? Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may there be such an improvement in this child in the next few hours till it be brought back to the meeting to show what God can do in Jesus' Name. Amen...?...
L-90 Come now, my brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may my brother be healed. Amen.
Come, my sister. O Father God, in the Name of Jesus, may my sister be healed.
Now, as you go off the platform, go, rejoicing. You believe? Now, the Holy Spirit's still here.
You believe He healed you of that heart trouble standing there? Just go, rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord."
Do you believe He heals you of female trouble? All right, just go off the platform rejoicing. Say, "Praise the Lord."
Lord, I pray that You'll heal them and make them well in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-91 Come, sir. Come, believing now. Dear God, I lay hands upon my brother and pray that in the Name of Jesus Christ that You'll heal him and will make him well. Grant it, O Lord, for Your glory and salvation of God. Amen.
Come, my brother. Oh, my. Well, 'course, any one might not know what it is. The man's blind. Do you believe, sir? Let's bow our heads just a moment. No heads, no eyes up.
Lord, we do not ask for miracles. We do not ask for that. We ask for mercy, that the mercies of God, in faith, will be given to our brother, that the blind spirit that's on him may leave. May the sight begin to break into his eyes at this hour. May he get completely well, for we ask it, and cast out the blind spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ.
I want every head bowed, every eye closed for a moment, not till you hear my voice say, "Look." Don't doubt. Look up towards me. Can you see my finger? Put your fingers on my nose. There you are. All right. Can you see them lights out there? Light's beginning to come to you.
All right, raise your head. He has his sight. He can see the lights.
Put your hand on my nose again for the audience...?... here. Go on your road rejoicing. You shall have your sight.
Let's--let's raise your hands and praise the Lord, everybody. Just raise up your hands and say, "Thank You, Lord."
L-92 God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, this child may healed. Amen.
Come, sister. You believe God will heal that heart trouble? Go on your road rejoicing, saying, "Thank You, Lord for healing me."
Come, sir. Lord, I pray for my brother that You'll heal him and make him well in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Come, sister dear. Come, rejoicing. Father God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, heal and make well. Amen. That's right.
Come, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, heal and make well our sister. Amen.
Come, my sister dear. Father God, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, heal and make well our sister. Amen.
Come. In the Name of Jesus Christ, heal my brother and make him well. Amen.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, heal and make...?... Amen, amen.
L-93 The blind man has his sight and rejoicing. Let's stand to our feet and rejoice in the Lord and say, "Thank the Lord for His goodness."...?... God, in the Name Jesus...?... Lord...?... In the Name of Jesus...?... my sister...?...
In the Lord Jesus heal this our sister...?...
Heal my brother, Lord...?...
Heal our...?... God bless you, sister. You'll get well...?...
God, in the Name Jesus heal this young man.
How thankful we are. Are you thankful to the Lord? Do you believe God's still here? Do you believe the discernments of God is right? Amen. Oh, how wonderful.
L-94 You, are you the patient? You're the one to be prayed for? You believe me to be a servant of God? You believe me? Do you believe that God sent me for this purpose? Is it a witness to the people that God is God? You believe that? Do you believe? If I tell you what's wrong with you, you--make your stronger? Your diabetes, you think it would be healed? Yes. You're not from here. No, you're from Kentucky. That's right. You're here visiting. You've got a daughter here, a city called Dayton. That's right. She's got a blood clot. You're praying for that. Your name is Mrs. Houston. That's right. Go back. Jesus Christ makes you well. Go on your road and rejoicing, and carry the Name of the Lord.
Do you believe with all your heart?
What about you in the wheelchairs? One woman's up. Everyone's up but one. Say, the lady laying there with her hand up. Go over here in the wheel--over here in the chair. You with the hemorrhages there. Do you believe God will take them hemorrhages away from you? Have faith in God. Rise up to your feet. Jesus Christ will make you well. Get out of your stretcher. Believe that God is... There she is on her feet, rejoicing.
Anybody else want to be healed? Stand on your feet, every one of you. In the Name of Jesus Christ may the power of the devil be rebuked and God be made...?... [Mark 11:24]

59-0815 - Miami Valley Chautauqua Campgrounds, Chautauqua, OH (Paragraphs: 79 - 92)
L-80 All right, twenty to fifty now. Let them stand and line them up so...
And there's only one way you can lose, that's sit still and don't act on it. How many says that's true, say, "Amen." Is there one thing God can't do? Yes, there's one thing God cannot do, did you ever know that? He can't fail. That's one thing He can't do. He cannot fail, He has to win every time, because He's God. "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never fail." Is that right? So believe. [Matthew 24:35], [Mark 13:31]
And you who got the cards now, see, they're lining those up. And you without cards now I want you to look this a-way, give me your undivided attention.
Now, how many's aware, this week in the meetings, through the Scriptures and through your reading that God has promised to do this in the last day? Oh yeah, He promised it, and it would be the last day.
Now, you see, I believe that science... A noted science come the other day, or not the other day, it's been some time ago. Did you ever hear of a lie detector, they put on criminials? This man was a critic and an infidel. He was at Chicago, Illinois at Brother Mattsson Boze's church. He was a scientist, and he met me, come down to my house later. He was amazed at that light. How many's got the picture of it and ever seen it, raise your hand.
Now to me, that's the same light that was with the children of Israel. How many knows that Jesus Christ is that Light? When Jesus was on earth, He said, "I come from God, I go to God." And any Bible student knows that the Angel of the Covenant was the Light that followed Moses through, or Moses followed through the wilderness, is that right? Look, when He was on earth He said, "Before Abraham was, I Am. I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. Your fathers eat brea, manna in the wilderness, and are dead. I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. I'm the Rock that was in the wilderness." [John 13:3]
They said, "You're a man not over fifty years old, and say that you saw Abraham? Now we know you're mad (crazy), and you got a devil."
He said, "Before Abraham was, I Am." Is that right? [John 8:56-59], [John 6:35-58], [Luke 21:33]
L-81 When He was on earth, look what He did when He was in a body of flesh, the Word said He did. He said, "Now a little while and the world won't see me no more." Cause, He was going away. "But you shall see Me (ye, that's the church), you shall see Me, for I (I is a personal pronoun), I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world. The works that I do shall you also."
Now, then after He rise--rose again, ascended into heaven to the Father, return back upon the earth, with His disciples forty days and nights, was taken up again. He met Paul some months after that on the road to Damascus, and he was stricken down. And when Paul looked up, what was there? A Pillar of Fire. Is that right? And a Voice came from It, said, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me."
He said, "Lord, Who are You that I'm persecuting?"
He said, "I'm Jesus." The same God that was in the wilderness with the children of Israel, that dwelt in a body that He created Himself, and tabernacled in flesh, and through that sanctified body, given that Blood, which was not brought here by sexual desire, given that Life, that Blood shed on Calvary sanctifies our life that the same Holy Spirit would live in the Church to continue the work of Christ: Perfect. [Acts 26:14-15], [Acts 22:7-8], [Acts 9:4-5]
L-82 Now, the last days has come. Here He is, has got His picture taken. When George J. Lacy, the head of the FBI in fingerprint and document, stood up before the people at Houston there at the Shell Laboratory, and said, "I've been a critic myself. I been a critic of Mr. Branham. I said it was psychology." He said, "But psychology... That mechanical eye of the camera won't take psychology. That Pillar of Fire was hanging there; It struck the lens." That's the head of the FBI in fingerprint and document. There it hangs in Washington, copyrighted, the only supernatural being was ever photographed. Now, we've got the picture of it, haven't you. You got a right to ask the Douglas Studio's or so forth about it that taken it. George J. Lacy. Look in my book; there's his name, place, everything. Ask him. You see It. It comes down. It does the same thing. It moves and proves Itself.
Now, if It is that same Christ, working through a sinner saved by grace, It'll work through you, a sinner saved by grace; and It'll bear the same record that It did when It was in the u--unadulterated Son of God, for "The works that I do, shall you do also." Is that true? There's Scripture, friend. I wouldn't do one thing unless the Scripture said it was so.
L-83 Now, be reverent. You people (Did all the fifty get in line?) All right,sir.
Now, I've got a group to pray for here. And I--I'm trusting God, that He will do something for these people, for I--I know they're in need. Now, you without prayer cards, that's sick, I want you to raise your hands up; just pretty near everywhere. Now, you look this way, start praying like the woman at the well. Now, the first thing, we cannot take each one of these for discernment, we realize that.
L-84 This--are you the one to be prayed for? You're--you--you--you are here, you're the patient, you had a prayer card. You had a prayer card, come up here. All right, now, I don't know you, God does know you. We're strangers to each other, as far as that's concerned. If that's right, let the audience know, by just raising up your hands together. Here's a man, he and I, has never met. He's a younger man than I.
I don't know him, never met him in my life. He's a man. Here we are meeting for our first time. If this isn't just exactly like it was in the Bible time, when Peter came to the Lord Jesus. Or when Philip, was found by Nathanael...
Now, if the Holy Spirit... If Jesus Christ is here, and whatever it's in your heart--like the woman at the well, or so forth--whatever is in your heart, I don't know. But if God will reveal it, and tell me something that--that you know that I don't know nothing about, would you believe It was the Lord Jesus permitting that? You would?
How many in audience would believe it? Here, now the showdown. If I've told the truth... If I've told the truth about Jesus Christ, He's obligated to back that Word up. Yes, sir. And If I haven't, He will do nothing about it. Christ won't fool with an error. You know that. He won't bless an error. But He will... He's obligated to stand behind the Truth. I say that He is not dead; He's alive. And He's alive right here tonight. See? Now, I'm a man. Got to stand before Him like you have.
L-85 Now, if I'd--if I'd come up here and lay my hands on you and say, "Hallelujah! Praise God. You're going to get well. Praise the Lord." That's true. See? The Bible said, "Prayer of faith shall save the sick," and I may have faith to believe that. You have a right to believe that. But now what if the Holy Spirit comes and goes back down yonder and tells you something that you know I don't know nothing about. You know whether that's the truth or not. Then if He knows what you have been, He certainly will know what will be. Is that right?
Now, be reverent. I want you to worship the Lord. But when... If I'll at least have one, and now and then... Wherever in a few minutes then, so that I can get through the audience. But how many will promise, by the grace of God, that they'll believe if God will work? Just me and this man both, with me and my--our hands up, that we've never met before in life, just right here. Now, may the Lord grant it.
L-86 Now, I just want you to answer me. Now, you're aware that something is going on, a real sacred feeling. If that's right, raise up your hand?
Now, the audience, I don't know whether you see or not. The man... Between me and him, stands that Light that you got the picture of, standing there now.
I see the man fading away from me. And he's here for a child. That's right. Someone else. It's a child; it's a baby about three months old, just a little bitty fellow. And you're... The baby has a heart trouble. That's true. You're not from here. You're from Indiana, Anderson, Indiana. Go home, find your baby well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You believe...?... Just have faith. Don't doubt. Believe. Believe God.
Now, do you all believe? All right.
L-87 Now, if I don't say one word to you about discernment, you'll believe, won't you? Then go on, and your arthritis won't bother you.
Brother Kidd, I know you. So therefore I won't try for this discernment. I'm going to pray for you. Dear God, I know that this dear old preacher brother was preaching before I was born. I pray for him. He's been a darling man. I seen You bring him, over a conversation on the telephone when we prayed for him, him laying in a hospital in a heart attack, You healed him. Here he is, going way into eighty years old. I pray that You'll bless him. And this darling little wife of his also, worked in coal mines with her own hands, to send her husband on the Gospel missions to preach the Word. We love them. A sweeter little couple, I know not of. I pray, Father, that You'll extend their days. And talking to them, and she crying, and saying, "Brother Branham, I'm too old, and I don't know what to do. I see the need's so great." Help her, Lord. Bless them. And may the blessings of God rest upon them. This condition that's growing over his eyes, I pray, God, that it'll be healed. I pray, God, that You'll heal our sister, that's--that stomach condition in her body will be taken from her. All ailments, may they leave through Jesus Christ. Amen. Bless you, Brother Kidd. God bless you, Sister Kidd. No, no, It's...
What is it, Sister Kidd? She was healed standing right here at the platform. Held her hand out, and said it's gone; the cancer has moved away. So, praise be to God. See, that's how supposed to... how it really did.
L-88 You believe that the Lord will heal you? Been awful nervous, haven't you? Got your stomach all upset. That's right. See? But you want to go eat? Just go on and eat. Believe with all your heart. Go and eat; Jesus makes you well.
Now, do you believe with all your heart? If Jesus will tell me what you're trouble is, will you believe with all your heart? All right. Your back condition has left you. So you can go on your road and be made well.
You believe with all your heart? Everything? All right, your heart trouble, it goes from you. You can go on your road and rejoice and be happy.
Do you believe? You had trouble in your back too. So go on your road and be happy; say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus."
You got a trouble. It's the man, which getting up... But then besides that, been nervous, heart trouble. So just go on your road and rejoicing. Jesus Christ makes you well.
L-89 If I don't say a word to you, pray for you, you believe that God will heal you? Come here? I lay my hands by the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the commission of Jesus Christ upon the man. May he be healed for the Kingdom of God. []
Amen. God bless you. Do you believe sister with all your heart? Brother, no, you have a prayer...?... The lady sitting right back here, praying for a--a child that has nervous condition, nervous oppressions. You, yourself are nervous. And you're setting there praying for that. If that's right, raise up your hand? All right, go home; you have your desire. See?
What did she touch? She never touched me; she touched the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity.
Come, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, may you be healed. Grant it. [Hebrews 4:14-15]
If I don't say one thing to you, you believe you'd be healed anyhow? But your female trouble has left you, you can go on your way. You believe? How many out there believes with all your heart? If you'll believe you can have what you ask for.
You believe God knows you, lady? If God will tell me something about you, that you know that I don't know; I don't you. I guess you don't know me no more than just by name, is that's right? If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me His presence... You believe you're in His presence, That's what you feel? You're a very good person, 'cause you have a fine feeling to your spirit, see. You got a kidney condition. You got a nervous trouble that's bothering you, that's right, isn't it? You're not from here. You're from Lebanon, Ohio. And that's right. You believe me as His prophet now with all your heart. You believe God knows who you are? If He knowed who Peter was, He'd know who you was. Is that right? All right, Mrs. Alexander, you can go home and be made well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Have faith. Don't doubt. Believe with all...
L-90 You want to worship God. Now, raise up your hands and worship God if you just feel like you'd like to thank Him. Lord, we thank You for Your goodness. May the people really understand, Lord, that it's... You're present here to do just the things that You promised to do. Let it be so, Lord. We pray in Jesus Name, Amen.
Come now, sister. Believe. Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll heal her and make her well. Amen. God bless you, sister.
Come now, if I don't say nothing, you believe the Holy Spirit's here? You believe that I believe Him? Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe, if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." The visions make me so weak, I have to watch or come out of it again in a little bit. God bless you, go and be healed now.
Come brother, you believe? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed. Amen.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed. Amen.
Come brother, you been sitting there shocked with victory, so go and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be well. Amen.
You believe Him, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be well.
Just a moment, that lady, setting right back here, way back there, looking right at me, praying, got head trouble, headaches. Go, Jesus Christ makes you well now. You can go and be made well. God bless you. I ought to know you, your face looks familiar. I can't tell now just know who you are. But I know you somehow. But I don't know nothing about you. But you're standing here for a desire, for a growth to be taken off of you, a mole on the heel, foot. Go; believe it. You'll receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Do you believe? Have faith now. Don't doubt, just believe.
How do you do. Do you believe the things that you see come from God?
Now, something's happening out there. You're believing. That--that's good. It ought to settle it.
I'm a stranger to you. You're a stranger to me. But God knows both of us. If He will reveal what your trouble...
L-91 This is the scene, just like it was Jesus went one time and set down by a well. And a Samaritan woman come out. And He talked to her, and told her what was in her heart. She believed Him, and said that was the sign of the Messiah. Is that right, a man and woman who met for the first time. This is the man and woman meeting again, the first time. I hold my hands, I've never seen the woman as far as I know, she said she'd never seen me. But He's God and He knows. Now, what I do is just yield myself to the Holy Spirit, don't try to use my own words. I just yielding to the Holy Spirit, and He tells me. You be the judge. You're extremely nervous. That's what you want prayer for. You got a loved one you're praying for, is in the hospital. It's your husband. He's paralyzed in his back. That's right. From Dayton... That's right. You're Opal Williams. Go back home and receive that what you ask for. Take that and lay it on him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Do you believe? Have faith in God. Raise your hands and say, "Thank you, Lord Jesus." Just worship Him.
Come, my brother, in the Name of Jesus Christ, be made well.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may my sister be healed, Lord.
Come brother dear, in the Name of The Lord Jesus, may you be healed. Bless you, brother.
Come with the little boy, you want prayer too, or just the lad? Lord, I pray that You'll heal them and make them well, may they completely recover in Jesus' Name. Amen. Don't doubt, and go believing. Now be concious of God being present.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, be healed. Grant it Lord. [John 4:1-21]
L-92 Oh, Lord, as this young woman comes in the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be healed, as she passes under the shadow of the cross. Have faith.
You believe you can go eat now? Your ulcer's gone, go eat your supper. Amen. The...?... time of colored people, are just so simple to believe. They're great believing, and had a hard time. Here, here's another colored woman. Are we strangers to each other? I do not know you. You do not know me. Now, here's a beautiful picture. In the days of our Lord, Saint John the 4th chapter... If the Bible still lives, let God prove that It lives. I'm Anglo-Saxon. You're an Ethiopian by nature, by birth, a color by race.
Jesus was a Jew; she was a Samaritan. And she said, "We have a segregation. It's not customary for you Jews to say any things to Samaritans." But Jesus let her know right quick that God was God of all nations. The country we live in changing our colors, had nothing to do with our soul. We can blood transfuse to each other, what more. We're all the creatures of God. We was raised in different parts the country, and we're some yellow, and some brown, some white, some black. That has nothing to do with it. We're all off of one tree, Adam, God's creatures. [John 4:1-21]

59-0823 - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville IN (Paragraphs: 125 - 130)
L-126 Have you got prayer cards? Did they give out any prayer... []... they touched...
And let Him do it at least two times. The Bible said in the mouth of how many witnesses? Two or three. Is that right? "Two or three witnesses, let every word be established." Take at least two or three of you, then the rest of you believe. Whatever you have need of, you believe it right now.
Will you do it, if He'll do it? Raise your hand, say, "I'll--I'll--I'll take it by faith, just raise up my hand." Will you do it? Raise your hands, everybody in here. How many in here that say, "I've never seen it before; I'll take it by faith too"? Raise your hand, say, "I'll take it by faith." Look here.
Now, you see where I stand? There's a challenge here. Now, if He's God, He'll manifest Himself. If this isn't Truth, then I'm a liar, a false prophet; you should never come to hear me again, because I'm a false prophet, I give a witness of Christ that isn't right. You can't do it and prove the teaching I've been giving... []
L-127 You come, you're from here at the Tabernacle, aren't you, lady? You setting there with your hand up, a little white hat on. Yeah, you're from here. See, when I see that, the people are pulling that vision. I can see It standing right over them.
But I'm wanting somebody that I don't know. Here, you from down at the Tabernacle here, lady, that's got your handkerchief up like this, setting right here? Are you from--are you... You're, you're from out of town? Stand up on your feet a minute. While you were setting there praying, there was some odd feeling come over you all of a sudden. That was the Angel of the Lord. Now, He's standing right by you now. Now, there's something that you've touched Him. I don't know what it is. But you are from out of town. You could be from Louisville, or Tennessee, or wherever you might be; I don't know. God does know that. But if He will reveal to me what's your--the secret of your heart, make known your--your desire, or something another, will you believe, accepting the Word, doing everything just as...
L-128 Now, all you people are looking right at the woman. You see? Now, let the Holy Spirit, if He's still the Holy Spirit, let Him reveal it. Don't be afraid. He's God. He keeps His Word, every Word.
The woman is suffering with a breakdown, a nervous condition. That's right, raise up your hand. You got heart trouble also. That's a nervous heart. Hurts you worse when you lay down: smothers you more. You've had an operation. That operation isn't healed yet. That's right, isn't it? No, you're not from Ohio... You are from Ohio. You are from Ohio. You got a burden on your heart; it's some girl or something. It's a daughter, missing. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Go, receive what you asked for, lady. You touched Something. Do you believe?
Who else was it that had their hands up [] in here?
L-129 You believe God can reveal to me the secret of your heart? Do you believe it's the same God I been preaching about this morning? You got a dark shadow over you; it's cancer. You believe that God will heal you? You do? All right, sir, then you go back to Ohio where you come from, Lebanon; go back and be made well, believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. Go, believe it.
This little lady setting right here, kind of--got some kind of skin rashing. Stand up, honey. You believe? Kind of shocked you a little bit, didn't it? All right, it's, you're going to get over it. You're going to be all right; I see you later on. Go home and be well.
Who was that person that stood up just a few minutes ago? Some man back there stood up somewhere. You stand up? Stand up to your feet. You believe Jesus Christ can tell me what your trouble is? You accept it? Believe that knot will go off your neck? Your wife setting there by you, suffering with a nervous condition. That's right too. You're all from Ohio. Put your hand over on her there, brother.
Lord, may they be healed, go back to their home, rejoicing and made well, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
L-130 []... over on somebody next to you. 'Tain't my word; I'm telling you It's God's Word. Do you believe It now? All that believes, say "Amen." [Congregation says "Amen"--Ed.] The Word has been made manifest; It's the Truth. Now, bow your heads.
Lord, I come to Thee in the Name of Jesus, praying for these people. It's late, Lord. And it's really later than we think; it's the coming of the Lord is at hand. We pray that Your mercies will be extended. Give unto them, Lord, their healing. I now condemn the devil; on the Light of God's Word, that He is the Son of God, that Jesus Christ the Son of God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ is the correct...

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