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Prayer Line 59-13
59-pl-13, Prayer Line 59-13, 58 min

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59-1129 - Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, Ca (Paragraphs: 82 - 110)
L-83 But it would be God to you, wouldn't it? Yes. 'Cause she is a Christian.
Now, how did I know she was a Christian? 'Cause I feel her Spirit (See?), just now, just like a heart beat coming in, like going... [Brother Branham blows softly three times into the microphone--Ed.] And I know the Spirit of God that's upon me, that's anointing me now, recognizes that that's my sister. And I've never seen her, yet I know she is. See, it's just like something coming like this [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.]; it's going together. Her spirit is blending with the Spirit that has me anointed.
How many's seen the picture of that Angel of the Lord? They've got, oh, they got them here everywhere; they're all over the world. Remember, I tell you this. That Angel of the Lord that you see on the picture, the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, that was made flesh and dwelt among us, come from God and went to God, returns back in the last days to perform Its work, finish up the Kingdom, is right here within a--six inches of where I'm standing. Now, remember that. What a challenge. But I believe Him. He knows. I know that He never fails.
L-84 Now, if the Lord will reveal to me something about you, sister.
And to you in the prayer line, now you just be ready, 'cause I don't want to stop for discernment on it all, 'cause it... I couldn't do it. But you just be ready; be believing.
Now, if I could help you and would not do it, then I would be evil; I shouldn't be standing here at this pulpit, that kind of a person, certainly not. But I've been preaching hard. And I'm waiting just a moment to carry a conversation with you just like our Lord did to the woman at the well. He said, "Bring Me a drink." See? What was He doing? Catching her spirit, see what--what was the matter. Then when He found her trouble, He told her what her trouble was. You remember what it was? She had five husbands; and sixth, it was, 'cause she had five and the one she was living with then made six husbands.
And--and when He told her where her trouble was, why, she said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." [John 4:1-21]
L-85 See, the--the--the Pharisees had just said He was a fortuneteller, a devil. He told them that would be forgiven then. But when the Holy Ghost come to do it, it'd never be forgiven to speak against It.
So but she said, "I perceive that You're a prophet. And we know (We Samaritans, we know the Word.), we know when the Messiah cometh, Who's called Christ, He'll tell us all these things." See, she knew that that was the sign of the Messiah.
And He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."
And she left the water-pot, and run into the city, and said, "Come, see a Man Who's told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the Messiah?"
Now, if that was the sign of the Messiah then, it would be the sign of Messiah now, if the Messiah is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If this Spirit that... [John 4:1-30]
L-86 You're conscious that something's going on, now aren't you? Now, just let the audience know. A real sweet, humble feeling has just been--is on you. Isn't that right? Raise your hand. Real sweet, humble... I'm watching the Light between me and the woman. Now, it's breaking away.
The woman suffers with TB. And she's just come from a tubercular hospital. That's true. There's somebody else. It's this boy here. Just a minute. There's the same spirit on him. Well, that's your grandson. That's right. He's got sinus trouble. And he's also got scar tissue on his lung. That is true. That's right, isn't it? Sure. All right. Mrs. Harris, that's your name. You and your grandson go home; your troubles are over. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Amen.
L-87 You believe the Lord Jesus now? See, that's the Bible; that's God's Spirit doing the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now, do you believe with all your heart? That should settle it.
Now, if I don't say one word, just lay my hands on you while the Anointing's here, would you believe? Go then, and be healed, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come, sister. You want to get over your stomach trouble? Just go, thanking God and say, "It's over"; believe with all your heart.
If I lay my hands on you, you believe God will heal you? In the Name of Jesus, be healed. That's the attitude to come in. He was healed. That's right. That's the attitude. Now, remember, the Holy Spirit is here.
L-88 Here comes a lovely little boy. You're too little, honey, hardly, to have faith. But look here just a minute at Brother Branham. All right. Your heart trouble's over now. You can go home and be well. Amen. Jesus bless you honey.
Let's say, "Thank the, Lord," for that little boy.
Been awful nervous, haven't you? Going to leave you now. Just go right on home, saying, "Thank you, Lord," and be made well.
Come. Well, that old diabetes, if we could just rid of it... You believe with all the heart? In the Name of Jesus, may it leave the woman and never bother her again. Amen.
Come now, this lady had the same thing, diabetes, also. Believe with all your heart now when you pass by, and be made well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You believe, everybody now? Have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
L-89 Come, my sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, be made well. Have faith; don't doubt.
Come, brother dear. I actually believe you was healed when you was setting right down there, so you can just go on, and go back...?... God bless you now. All right.
Come, sister dear. Have faith in God. That's it. That's it. In Jesus Christ's Name, be made well. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go right on, rejoicing and believing. Oh, that's the attitude to come in.
Now, be real reverent, everyone keep your seats now. Be real reverent; the Holy Spirit's here. Just because It don't talk a whole lot to them; sometime just says things... I'm just trying to stay... And if I see it appear right quick, I'll say it and then go on. See? Sometimes I can snap out of it again for a few minutes, then go on. But the Holy Spirit's here; He still knows all things. [Mark 11:22]
L-90 You believe that, lady? Come here a minute. I'm sure, you being Spanish and me Irish, we don't know one another. This is our first time meeting. You believe Jesus Christ is, the One that I speak of, is the true Son of God? You believe I represent Him right? You believe He sent me to help you? If I'll tell you what your trouble is, will you believe Him? Your trouble's in your back. You got back trouble. Also your husband has back trouble. He has trouble with his leg. You got a girl that's got trouble with the neck. It was caused from an automobile accident. That's right. Go home; you're all going to be healed. In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-91 Have faith. Don't doubt. Now, that weakens and does something. Just have faith now, believe it.
In Jesus' Name, I pray for the woman. Amen.
Come now. Come, sir. Don't doubt now. You been awful nervous and shook up, makes you have a peptic ulcer in your stomach, and hurting you. But go home now; you're going to get well and be all right. God bless you. Have faith now. Believe with all your heart.
Well, we can see what's the matter with little baby; it's got its braces on here. You going to believe for it, sister, now, that God's going to let that little girl live, and raise up, and be a young fine woman without these braces?
Dear heavenly Father, if I could heal this child and take these braces from it, I would do it. But I lay my hand upon this darling little baby, who has not no way of having faith for itself. I condemn this crippled condition. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may this baby walk and live...?... (See?), just as certain as I stand here it will... Yes. You believe it, don't you? How many believes it? She'll go, and the baby will take the braces off, and it'll walk. All right, have faith.
L-92 Nervous stomach. And, oh, my. You believe? Go right on and eat and have a good time, and enjoy... Your faith has made you whole.
Have faith now, everybody, have faith in God.
Come, sister dear. You believe with all your heart? O Lord, I pray that You'll heal her. She must have Your healing power or die. And I pray that You'll heal her. Grant it. Grant it.
All right, sister. Let me show you something. There's lots of people out in this audience suffering with the same thing you are. See? Let me show you something. You got a nervous heart. Let me show you out there. All that's bothered with nerves (raise up your hand) and heart, raise your hands. Look at them. See? How could I call each one of them? See? I couldn't do it. But I can just feel that great pact, the enemy trying to hold you, and calling out there for mercy. He's going to lose his hold everywhere. That's all. So you believe he'll lose you, he lost it on you just now? You feel different, don't you? You was healed just then. Go on your road, rejoicing, say, "Thank You."
L-93 Come, young lady, believe with all your heart and be made well. In the Name of Jesus, may our sister be healed.
God, bless this little boy tonight. Oh, my. You believe Jesus is going to make you whole? All right. In Jesus' Name be...?... God bless you.
All right. Come now and believe, brother. Come, my brother, an usher. Come, you, get the blessings of the Lord. I lay my hands upon my brother, in Jesus' Name, may he be healed. Grant it.
Everybody believing? Have faith. Don't doubt. Just believe now. Just because we don't stop with every person, that doesn't mean... Just tell... I see it, but I just don't want the vision to... It's something like connects in you when you speak to the people. You know what I mean? It connects, and then you're... That's it (See?), you're... It makes you weak.
L-94 Just a moment, something happened in the audience. If you'll believe, you'll never have to have that bladder operation. You touched the border of His garment, sister...?... What did she touch? Tell me what she touched. It's impossible for her to touch me from there. But she did just... Now, let me tell you something. She was setting right there then, praying, "God, let him call me." If that's right, if that's your prayer... There it is. See? That's exactly it. You do the same and see if it isn't so. Just do the same. All right.
We're strangers to each other. I don't know you, and you don't know me. God knows us both. While the Anointing's here, we'll just see what the trouble is. The first thing, you're bothered with your eyes, your head. You got a knot on your left arm and wrist. That's right. You believe? You're from a place called Sunnyvale. Uh-huh. Mrs. White. Go home, rejoicing, and be well. All right.
L-95 Have faith in God, just believe now, everyone. Come on now and be... Are you believing? Everybody praying? Oh, just keep before God, praying.
Come, brother. In Jesus' Name, be made well.
Come, sister dear. Come, believing with all that's in you. O Lord, in Jesus' Name, heal my sister. Amen.
Come, sister dear, believe just what God is doing, His Presence. You're passing under the cross now. In the Name of Jesus, may she be healed.
Come, sister, passing under the cross, believing with all your heart, the back trouble will leave, and you can go home and be well 'cause... In the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come, sister dear. O Lord, I pray, as she passes, that You'll heal her. Amen.
Come, sister. Believe now. Ministers, pray. Everybody pray. Come. In Jesus' Name, may she be healed. Amen. [Mark 11:22]
L-96 Come now; believe with all your heart. Poor sister, she's very bad. You believe God knows what's wrong with you? You believe He can tell me? Then the female trouble ceases. Go home and be well...?...
Come, believing. All right, sister dear, come on. You believe with all your heart? You think you got healed awhile ago when we prayed for them that had heart trouble out there? You do? Go right on, be made well, and believe it with all your heart.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord!"--Ed.] Have faith in God.
Come, my brother. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may he be made well. Amen.
Isn't it wonderful? Isn't He wonderful? No wonder He was called "Counselor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father." [Mark 11:22]
L-97 Pray for your loved ones. Just pray, not for yourself, for your loved ones just a moment. Pray for someone.
Lady, you believe? You believe God can tell me what you're standing there for. I see you got a... Oh, you're one of the workers. I don't know you. I--I guess I've never seen you no more than out there in the audience. Is that right? So the audience will know. That's right. You believe Christ can reveal to me what your trouble is? And if He does, then... Yes, being she's wearing that tag, some person might be in here and say, "Well, sure, she's a worker; he knowed her." I've never met you in my life; I don't know nothing. But if I tell you where your trouble is, and something, you know it has to be something besides me do it. Is that right? You're not here for yourself. You're here for your son. That's right. And he has something wrong with his muscles. It's kind of a decaying of the muscles. It caused him to go into a condition; his eyes go crossed, and everything, real nervous. His name's Donald. Go home, and believe, let him get well. Take that handkerchief...?...
L-98 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Will you come, sister? Come, believing. Now, let's pray, everyone be in prayer. Come, sister. God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may my sister be healed.
Come now, sister dear. That's right, come by. O Lord, as she passes under the cross of Christ, may the Blood touch her body.
Come, my dear sister, believe for the little one. And, Lord, as they pass under the cross, I lay my hands upon them and ask for their healing, in Jesus' Name.
Come, my brother, pass under the cross, believing with all your heart. You can have what you ask for. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he be healed. Amen.
Come, brother, likewise, go right under the cross believing, In the Name of Jesus Christ, grant it. That's right.
Come, my sister. Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask her request be granted. Amen.
Pray, brethren. Everyone pray, everywhere. All right. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may my sister be made well. [Mark 11:22]
L-99 Come, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be made well. Amen.
Come. Ever who that is praying, some man out there, keep praying.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may she be healed. Have faith in God.
Come, sister. Believe now, with all your heart. In the Name of Jesus, may you be made well.
Come, my brother. You believe? Great big, strong man, but yet, with stomach trouble. Believe with all your heart, and go home and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus. All right.
You believe, little sister? All right, come through here. In the Name of the Lord Jesus may her request be granted.
Believe, my brother, with all that's in you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may your request be granted. Don't doubt; you go on get healed just now. Come.
God bless you. Thank you sir...?... It's all right, is it?
Do you believe with all your heart? God bless you, young man. In Jesus' Name may you be made well.
Come, sister. Is this the end of the prayer cards? All the prayer cards out? How do you do? You believe me to be His servant? You do. You believe then He can tell me all about all your trouble? All right. Now, I believe you just said you just got out of the hospital. One of the things that's wrong with you, you have a crippled hip, trouble in your hip. But your hospital experience was for a female operation; it hasn't healed up yet. That's right, isn't it? And your name is Mrs. Potts. You go home and be well now...?... [Mark 11:22]
L-100 Do you believe with all your heart? Have faith. That man setting right back there is the one I keep seeing. He's pray... He's got a white shirt on, open at the collar, praying for his friend setting over from him there with a mental condition. Do you believe, sir? Raise up to your feet and accept it. Lay your hands over on your friend there. There you are. God bless you. Go home and be well, son. Jesus Christ makes you well. Hallelujah. He was praying for his friend. That's what does it. Jesus Christ, God's Son does these things, makes you well. You believe that?
Here's a woman setting right here with a little white thing across her head, setting right next to a girl that's got a blue-looking something in her hair. The woman's praying for her husband. That's right. He had cancer, and you're afraid it's coming back on him again. That's right, isn't it? All right. You believe? Stand up on your feet then, accept It. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it leave him.
L-101 Pray for somebody. Pray for a friend. Pray for somebody. Here, way back there, I see a man sitting back behind this woman here, quite a ways back, setting in, second one setting in there, he's praying for his wife. She has a nervous breakdown. You believe, sir? All right, stand up on your feet and accept the healing, and believe with all your heart. Go home and find her getting well. God bless you, my dear brother. Believe with all that's in you.
Anybody else believe? Have faith in God. Here, a little old girl raised her hand right here. There's the Light hanging over her. Oh, she's a... Here's a little... There's two of them. The little lady raised her hand. The little lady setting next to her, seems like the Light's hanging over the little lady with the blue-looking dress on. You're praying for someone: a nephew, got heart trouble, nervous. That's right, isn't it? He isn't here. He's in Los Angeles. That's your sister, the reason it's so close contact. She's praying too, but it's for a friend. She's praying for the conversion of this friend. This friend's a Catholic, and she's praying for them. That's right. You're both sisters. If that's true, stand up on to your feet. God bless you. I don't know you, never seen you in my life. There's something strange about you though. You've either been somewhere, or--or know somebody from somewhere where I've been. I see a strange looking place. It isn't--it isn't even... It's Germany. Are you German? That's right. You are. That's exactly right. All right, your faith has give you your request. Go home. You'll find it the way you've believed it. Hallelujah.
L-102 I challenge you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to believe It to be true. I chall... How... Is there a sinner here would like to come here and stand before we go any farther with the healing line? Sinner friend, you that's backslid, would you like to know the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour? Come here just a minute while the organ plays us a nice little altar call. Come here. The Holy Spirit knows who you are. If you have need of Christ right now in your life, will you come down just at this time and stand here at the altar? This could be the last time I may ever get to pray with you in all the days of our lives. This is your opportunity. God bless you, young fellow.
Will you come? Someone else? This man coming here. Someone else? Come right on down from behind the screen there, and come right on to the altar now, while we're waiting just a moment. We're going to wait. Come right here, sir, and stand right here.
Someone else would like to come stand by him? Move out. Come right on up now and stand here, so we can pray for you. I'll be glad. I'll be very glad to pray with you. Just come. That's all we ask you to do.
God bless you, sir, stand right here. Is there another?
L-103 There is a fountain filled with Blood drawn from Emmanuel's veins, where sinners plunged beneath the flood lose all their guilty stain. Is God in His universe? God in His Word? God in His Son? Now, is God in His people? Well, God is right here then. He wants to come in you. Won't you come?
There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from...
[Brother Branham speaks to someone--Ed.]
Lose all their guilty stains.
Will you come right now, you that have a need of Christ? We don't care what church you belong to, or what one you go to, or what one you will go. Come. That's right. Move right up around the altar now. You that hasn't got the Holy Ghost, would you want to come? Come right on now while we're singing. Come on.
And sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all...
God bless you, sweetheart. I got a little Sarah at home about your age. See that, mommy?
Lose all their guilty stains.
God bless you, sister. Are you convinced that Christ is in His people? Come forward now, won't you? Move right out. Come this a-way.
And sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day; (Christ is offered to you, friend. Will you come and receive Him?)
... may I, though (God bless you. That's good. Walk right...)
Wash all my sins away.
Wash all my sins away,
Wash all my sins away;
And there may I, though vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.
L-104 So I will be sure that there's no bloody hands on the day of the judgment waving to me and saying, "You should've held a little longer," I ask and invite every person that's without Christ, without hope, without the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I invite you here to this altar. Come and receive Him now. But if you do not, then I will not be responsible at the day of the judgment. See to it now, while Christ is in our midst. We're aware of that.
God's in His universe. You see Him out there. God's in His Word. You see Him here. God's in His Son. You see Him at the cross. God's in His people. You see it here moving, working. It's here now. Let's come while we sing one more time, "There is a Fountain filled with Blood." Won't you come?
There is a fountain filled with Blood, (Here's the fountain. Here's the cross. Won't you come?)
... Immanuel's veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains. (God bless you.)
... all their guilty stain,
Lose all their guilty stain;
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
L-105 Just keep coming. That's right. Keep moving. We'll keep waiting. We got plenty of time to wait for penitent people to come to the altar. Come right on. We're glad, happy, thankful to God that you're coming. Move right up now in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, Him Who is omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite. Will you come now to Him while His grace is flowing sufficiently to save all, to give you everything that you have need of. He's here to give you the Holy Spirit, save your life, heal you of any disease, do anything for you that you desire. The Lord bless.
L-106 Now, while the audience is praying, quietly, I'm going to speak to the ones that's here. Friends, Something told you to come to this altar. It was the same One that knows your heart, the same One that speaks here, the Holy Spirit, God. God is the Holy Spirit in His people, reconciling the world to Himself.
Now, He's come to reconcile you to Himself. Blessed are you. Blessed is the eye who is open to see the Kingdom of God. There's been many thousands of your peoples before you, hundreds and hundreds of your grandparents, that longed to see these days. Many great men before us, many great men before you longed to see the time when the Holy Spirit would come into the church and do what you seen done this afternoon. They died in the faith, believing that someday their children would see it.
Now, you have seen it this afternoon. You've heard the Word. You know it's the truth. And God has opened your eyes through our prayers.
L-107 Here's a little girl standing here, a mother standing, holding two little girls. The little things come up, weeping. I wonder if a child, children, don't sometimes condemn the adult, from their tender little heart. They haven't pulled it through all kinds of disappointments of the world and things. It's tender and sweet. I'm watching these two little girls hugged up against the lady, just like they was looking for something to happen. Sure, God speaks to His little children. The Bible said so. "Suffer little children to come to Me. Forbid them not."
I see a little mother here holding her baby, a sweet little baby, holding it in her arms. She's come here now to be reconciled unto Christ. Now, blessed are you. "No man can come to Me..."
A young man holding his young wife, I suppose, standing there holding her. She's weeping. He's got his head bowed in reverence. Do you know that's the works of the Holy Spirit? Others, little brown-eyed girl looking at me about seven or eight years old, little brown eyes and brown hair, her little face is all lit up. She's expecting something. She may be Spanish. [John 6:65]
L-108 I see a lovely young woman, just at the crossroads of life with her head bowed in reverence, her arms folded. I see others, gray hairs, their heads bowed down. This is a sacred moment.
Remember, friends, we're just never come up here just to be coming. We've come because God called you. You're the trophies of this meeting this afternoon. Frankly, you're the trophies of the grace of Jesus Christ, that He's called you to be reconciled and to come if you receive Him this afternoon. God be with you.
"Blessed are they (See?) that do hunger and thirst for righteousness. They shall be filled." You find that in the Beatitudes. Jesus said so.
Young men standing here, just young men, maybe eighteen, twenty years old, maybe coming preachers, how do I know? Maybe from there will go a missionary that'll light the world. Maybe out of them young men will come gifts that'll swing thousands of souls to Christ, and you were present the day that when they come to the altar. What a wonderful time. [Matthew 5:6]
L-109 Let us bow our heads now, while I offer prayer. "No man can come to Me," said Jesus, "except My Father draws him first. And all that comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out. Come unto Me all you that labor and heavy laden. I'll give you rest."
Lord, here they are. They have come because You have bid them to come. The Holy Spirit in their heart has moved and called them, and they come. Here they stand at the altar, penitent, bowed heads, wanting to be filled with Your Spirit of Your--Your goodness. Fill them, Lord. Sanctify their lives. Send them into the harvest fields, these people standing here waiting. It may be just at home. It may be across the sea. It may be somewhere, but there's a harvest ready to be reaped.
Lord, I pray that You'll sanctify their souls, and fill them with the Spirit, until they'll be chosen vessels of Yours: maybe the little housewife to harvest the neighbors, maybe the little child to speak of Jesus to a little girl in school, maybe the young men to pack the Gospel to Mexico, some other foreign country somewhere. Grant it, Lord. The aged to speak on the street corner to his comrade, maybe somewhere else: the factory man to his boss, or to those that are in the factory... Thou knowest, Lord. I pray that You'll fill them just now, with Your goodness and mercy.
They've come; I know You've received them, because You said, "He that comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out. He that will confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father, and the holy Angels." Therefore, they're here standing publicly to make a confession: they were wrong. They want to be right. You receive them, Father. I pray that You bless them, and make them Your children from this hour henceforth, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. [John 6:37, 65]
L-110 God bless you, each one of you. Receive you the Holy Ghost. Now, go right into the room where we can meet you back here, and lay hands upon each of you, to pray. Right back here, move right back. There's a room provided back here, where you'll be just in a few moments back there for the--the full infilling. Kneel down; thank God for saving you. Be hands laid on you back there for your need, and for the Holy Ghost. God bless you. Bless this little mother, all of them going along packing their little babies, and the dad's stroking the hair of his little baby, knowing that he too knows that someday he can tell his little one, we set in that meeting where they come to the Lord Jesus. "In the Sweet By and By."
There's a land that is fairer than day,
And by faith we can see it afar.
For the Father waits over the way,
To prepare us a dwelling place there.
In the sweet by and by,
Oh, we shall meet on that beautiful shore.
In the sweet by and...

59-1220e - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 53 - 58)
L-54 Now, if you're sick, pray. Challenge you--challenge God. Say, "God, Brother Branham don't know me; he knows nothing about me. But if You'll just let him turn to me and let me touch Your garment, then You speak... I'll know that You're in connection with this church. (The church is the believers.) Then I'll know that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever." And you pray. I just feel led to do that. I don't know why I did, but I feel led to do it.
L-55 Now, if you'll raise your heads... Right here looking at me is a little woman that had her hand up like this, praying just a few minutes ago. And she's praying for somebody else besides herself. I never seen the woman in my life as I know of. She's a total stranger to me. But she's praying for her daughter for an--about an operation. You're not even from this country; you're from Texas. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. You have a prayer card? You don't? Well, you don't need one. Believe with all your heart.
How did I know what you were praying about? Can't you see the God of heaven reveals the secrets of the heart. Didn't Daniel say that in his day? God reveals the secrets of the heart.
There's a lady setting next to you there. She was so happy about it. She had heart trouble, and she wants to be prayed for. So if you'll just lay your hand over on her... All right. Now, you go back to Chicago and be made well. Amen. I don't know that woman either, know nothing of her. But God knows you. See, He's making Hisself identified with us. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." [Mark 9:23], [Romans 6:1-5]
L-56 This little Jewish woman setting here; she is praying too. That's right. You was praying for me to say something to you. I seen your troubles this morning, but I just didn't call it. But them feet you been bothered about, it's going to get well; so don't you worry anything...?...
Do you believe too, little lady setting here? You believe me to be His prophet--His servant? I don't know you; God knows you. But if He is God's Spirit with us, then He'll do like Jesus did. You were praying, and it seems like I was attracted to you. There's the Angel of the Lord by her. If you'll believe, your heart trouble will cease, and arthritis. Your name is Mrs. Wisdom. That's right. You go back and be well, Mrs. Wisdom. I never seen the woman in my life. But He's God if you'll just believe it.
L-57 Here, look here. See that little lady setting there with her hand up like this to her mouth? There's... Can't you see that Light hanging right above the woman there? Now, look. Comes right down towards her, I see It breaking. She's got trouble with the liver, bothered with a liver trouble. It's a gallbladder trouble. You're Mrs. Palmer. That's it. I remember now who... I didn't... See, it's just a vision. I see you setting by Brother Palmer. That's right, sister. Now, you go and be well and believe with all your heart.
L-58 There's a little lady setting behind her too, that looked up kinda astonished, right behind her. You think the tonsil trouble of those two children will leave it, sister, and you also? Then go on your road home, and rejoice, and be happy. Put your hand over on the babies, both of them with those troubles; and your trouble left also. You're healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus, all of you. You'll get well, be well.
Can you see the living God lives today? He's just as great anywhere, isn't He? Don't you want to be identified with Him? Certainly you do. Sure you want to.
Now, let us bow our heads just a moment before I--It weakens me so much. How many wants to be remembered in prayer, just now, saying, "God be merciful to me. I now want to believe the Lord Jesus. I--I want all my troubles straightened out now"? God be with you. [Romans 6:1-5]

59-1220m - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 76 - 91)
L-77 Now, the Bible said when the Holy Spirit has come, He will... First thing, the Holy Spirit would do what? Reveal these things to you that I've taught. Is that right? Then what would He do? Show you things to come, will be a revealer of the secret of the heart. He would do the same work that Jesus did. Now, how many believes that Jesus completed the plan of salvation and healing at Calvary? Certainly. So as far as that, it's all over, isn't it? It's all over. [John 16:13]
But the only thing that He can do is to shock you, or to bring you to an understanding that He's still God and keeps His promise.
So in doing so, He anoints preachers. That's these fine men standing around here, and many back there. He anoints them to preach. I'm a poor substitute for a preacher; He give me this for my preaching (You see?) instead; 'cause I'm uneducated and don't know nothing that a... And know--you know what I mean, to be a scholar, or anything, or a student. But He give these men opportunities to do that. And they get up there under inspiration and preach, oh, they could say more in five minutes than I could say in a hour. Because under the inspiration, it's like a cannon, or a machine gun rapidly driving it right down like a trip-hammer driving. See? Me... See, my gift is something else. I have to take my time and study what... And wait and see what the Holy... []
L-78 Is already finished that. But just some way to get him to believe to know that Jesus is right here. Now, what did Jesus say? The sign, like was at Sodom, so will be done in the last days. "The works that I do," showing that He was that very same One that was with Abraham... "Before Abraham was, I AM." He was that Angel. And here He... Here He is here this morning, the same Angel dwelling in us. [John 14:12], [John 8:58]
Now, the man may be a--an impostor. He may be a hypocrite. He may be a infidel. He may be a--a saint. He... I don't know nothing about him; He's just standing there. But if the Holy Spirit will come and reveal to him, let him be the judge from then on. He knows. If the Holy Spirit can tell him what has been in his life, surely, He... If that's true, he could believe what will be in his life. Is that right? If He could tell what has been, what about what will be? Now, he will know whether it's right or not, whether it has been.
L-79 Doctor, you believe this, you and mother both. You believe it. And the other doctor setting back there also, from Springfield, Missouri...
The Holy Spirit's in here now. Gray-headed man there, staying out at the Avalon Motel out here. You're suffering with something in your side. You're not from here to begin with. You're from Canada, British Colombia, Vancouver. You come from Finland, Kiitos. God bless you, go home, you're well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
You believe? I don't know the man. I don't know now what I said to him. That was the Holy Spirit speaking.
L-80 Another stranger, I don't know the man, never seen him in my life. I suppose we're strangers. Is that right, sir? I never seen the man, know nothing about him. Now, be real reverent. And if I don't know nothing about the man, and the Lord will tell me something about him, then surely that would confirm, that it takes something more than man to do that. Is that right? Now, if you'll just be real reverent and watch, and be careful, and when the Holy Spirit breathes over you like that, accept It. Believe it with all your heart.
A stranger... First thing, you're seeking salvation. You're an alcoholic. Exactly right. You're not from this city; you come from another city, a Indiana city; it's... I believe it's Newcastle, something like that. Exactly. Uh-huh. You're with... Somehow or another, I see somebody... You're with a woman. It's a... connected. Where's Lyle Wood? It's his wife. She's here now. She wants to be prayed for too. Yes, sir. You believe God can tell me what your trouble is? Heart trouble. She'd believe it with all of her heart, she can be healed. I condemn that devil in you that makes you drink alcohol. Go home in the Name of Jesus Christ and never drink it again, be baptized in His precious Name, taking away the sins. And I condemn the devil, may he pass from you. Amen. Go home. God bless you, sir. Your sins are forgiven now. Go, and sin no more.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe with all that is in you. [Mark 11:22]
L-81 We're strangers to one another, young lady. Do you believe Christ knows us both? Here's like the woman at the well and our Saviour. You're not her, and neither am I He. But His Spirit lives forever. The woman... This young woman standing here has... If you could see it, between her and I is a--this Light of the Angel stand here. But just beyond that is a shadow, and that shadow is death, darkness. It's a cancer. The cancer's located in rectum. You're not from this country either; you're for a Kentuckian, from LaGrange, Kentucky. That's right. Mrs. Johnson? Tell you what if you believe with all your heart, go back home, and Jesus Christ make you well. Do you believe that?
I condemn the devil that's taking the life of this woman. On the basis of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I now challenge Satan, and tell him that he is a defeated being, that Jesus Christ defeated him at Calvary. And as God's servant, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, that the commission given me by an Angel, I condemn this devil for this woman's life. Let her live, O Lord. Amen. Return home, rejoice, and be happy, thanking the Lord. Don't doubt now. Don't have a doubt in your mind.
L-82 You look awfully sincere and innocent about that, lady. If you believe, that gland trouble you're suffering with, arthritis, believe it with all your heart, it'll leave you.
Now, the little lady felt something right here, 'cause there's a Spirit between both of them. You see? You--yours is all right too. Just believe it with all your heart.
And by the way, the little lady next to her there, yes, that's you, setting there looking up, praying. Uh-huh. That back trouble... Believe with all your li--heart.
Believe, you too, you had a back trouble also. So just go up and go home now; be well.
L-83 You believe, all your heart? You're here for your daughter. Your daughter's shadowed with death. It's a cancer. And her spiritual conditions is not too good. Yes, sir. She's just up-and-down, in-and-out, and washed around. You see that handkerchief you got in your hand? Do you believe that's the Holy Spirit speaking here? Let me have that handkerchief. Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn the condition of her daughter. On the words of her mother, may it be effective upon her in Jesus' Name. Amen. Go; don't doubt. Have faith. You can go home now. Put that handkerchief on her. Believe. Have faith in God. [Mark 11:22]
There's a woman, if you can see her. She's got her eyes closed, her handkerchief up, praying, wiping her eyes. You touched Something, sister. You didn't touch me, but you touched Him. Now, you got varicose veins, female trouble, complications of all kinds. That is right, isn't it? Raise your hand if that's true. All right. Now, go home, be made well.
What did she touch? I want to ask you, Who... What did that woman touch? The High Priest. Can you recognize Jesus Christ, the Son of God is present. If thou canst believe... The Spirit's in the audience; be believing. That Pillar of Fire that--that's on this picture here, is moving in the audience.
L-84 It's a woman looking right at me, stands over her, hands up like this with a handkerchief in her mouth. Got trouble at the head, kind of a nerve condition of the head. That is right. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You believe that to be Christ talking to you? Go home; you're going to get over it. Believe with all your heart.
Man setting right behind her there. Something another connected with him about Campbellsville, Kentucky. Uh-huh. You got a nerve trouble too, prostate, high blood. You believe with all your heart, sir? If you do, raise up your hand if those things are right? What did you touch? You touched Somebody, the High Priest. Go, believe and get well. [Hebrews 4:14-15]
Here's a woman, kind of heavy set, setting here with her hand up around her... I believe I know that woman. I've seen her somewhere. She's praying. She's got trouble with her head. And immediately, when I said, "head" to that other woman just a few minutes ago, it affected her. She's got a head trouble too. I've seen the woman somewhere. I can't place her, but I've seen her. Oh, yes I do. I know now, even spiritually. She's Rose Austin from Louisville, Kentucky. Believe now. Go home; be well.
L-85 I know you. I know your--I know your face. I was with you in a--an interview in a trailer where you received the Holy Ghost. That's right. Laid hands upon you, and received... I don't know what your name is right now, but I know you--you have a car business. That's all I know. I have no idea what's wrong with you. You--you're aware of that. That's right. No idea... If God will reveal what the trouble is, then the same One that give you the Holy Ghost can heal you, give you the desire of your heart. Believe that? You're not here for yourself. It's not your condition; it's for a loved one. It's a sister in Virginia. Some kind of a trouble like a back. Your wife's setting there. She's also needy. [] She'd believe, the old heart trouble and thing will just leave her, and she'll...
L-86 This woman that's right here is connected with you. That's your mother. See? She's bothered about whether she has the Holy Ghost or not. Also, she has a bladder trouble that's bothering her. And something other of the doctor, that kind of a strong fellow said it's a fallen womb. You're supposed to be operated on some time ago. He was the cause of your not being operated on; he wanted you to come here and be prayed for.
The one standing right behind her is some relation. That young woman is relation somehow, but she's only by marriage. Uh-huh. A niece by marriage... She's bothered about her salvation too. That's right. And she's got diabetes, a young woman. Exactly true.
You believe? Let's just raise our hands to God. O Lord, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy Presence into the midst of the people now. Give to them the desire of their hearts, Lord. We thank You for this, praying that You'll just bless and give these people what they have need of through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
L-87 How many believes? I don't remember, but somehow it went down this line on somebody. Was it all true? Raise your hands, ever who I talked to, was it true? All true. Then it's true that the Holy Spirit is here. Is that true?
Now, believe me as His servant. I know the... You're restless; you're tired. See? Don't doubt. Believe now that this is Him. That rushing wind that came on the day of Pentecost in the upper room, that's the same thing that affected these people when that taken place, because It's the same Holy Spirit. It's moving around over you, every one right now. Out in among the crowds is the Holy Spirit moving among you.
How many... I want you to be honest with me, as it would be with this Bible before me. How many feels a real strange feeling, like something has just come around. That's the Holy Spirit. That's Him.
L-88 Now, believe me. My words are true, 'cause God vindicated His truth by the Bible, vindicated It by the power of His resurrection, vindicated It by scientific research. Then there's nothing else to prove by It. He is God; It's here. Then hear me; I'm telling you the truth. Every one of you is in the Presence of God right now to be healed. The whole group of you. You believe that?
Now, tell you what I want you to do. I want you, just wherever you are, each one of you to lay hands over on one another so that you'll see it's not me. You know, you're just as effective. You're a believer. If you feel that Holy Spirit; it's on you. Maybe not in a gift like this, but that Holy Spirit's on you.
Someone, no matter who it is, lay hands on somebody and then bow your head. Lay your hands on somebody and bow your head. I feel led to do this. I feel that it's time for your healing. If thou canst believe... Oh, the Holy Spirit moving over the audience...
L-89 That little fellow yonder from Georgia, praying for your brother, setting back yonder, have faith, believe. Oh, it's just everywhere. It's just everywhere.
Now, don't you pray for yourself; you pray for the person you got your hands on. That'll make every one of you praying for one another.
Now, Lord Jesus, the Son of God, Who has raised from the dead, even the threats of Pontius Pilate and the Roman government seal could not hold You in the grave. And God, the Almighty, came down on the day of the Easter and rolled back the stone, breaking the seal, and You rose up and was with Your disciples forty days, commissioned them to go into the world and do these things that's being done now. That's been two thousand years ago.
Lord, You are God. You cannot fail. You're here. This conference this morning that we've had, we've reasoned together about these things. We've reasoned that You're God, reasoned the reason that You are God, and the reason that You're here. And now, we have a commission from You to lay hands on one another. That's what You commissioned us to do. You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe: If they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover." That's our commission from the conference. Now, Lord, obedience is better than sacrifice, hearkening than the fats of rams.
L-90 Now, Lord, as Your servant, I commission and command every devil, every spirit, every sickness, every affliction, every contrary thing that's bothering these people in the Presence of God... By the witness of the Holy Ghost, by the commission of an Angel sent to me, I challenge this spirit by the Word of God, this spirit of sickness and afflictions, come out of the people in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and let them be well. Let them go.
Satan, you're just a bluff. We've called your hand. The time has come when Jesus Christ has manifested Hisself in the presence of the Gentiles. Now, Satan, you are defeated. One time you held people. You have no legal rights now. Jesus Christ stripped you of every right that you had at Calvary. He paid the full price and said, "It is finished." Every complete plan of salvation, all the healing, all was finished at Calvary. And you were taken from you, everything that you once possessed through sin and through the fall. Now, we are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus and you cannot hold us any longer. We say, "Leave us in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ."
L-91 Now, keep your hands on one another. Keep praying. Keep your hands... Keep praying. Each one of you just thinking, "God is near. God's Spirit is here. God is healing me. His goodness, His mercy, His kindness, His promise is being made real in me."
We could preach on for weeks and weeks. It wouldn't make any difference now; the Holy Spirit's here. That's all It could do any time, be right here now.
"Right now I believe the Holy Spirit manifest to me, proving to me that God is here. I believe Him. It's a finished work. I have It. It's my possession. I now am filling with the Holy Spirit. My diseases, my aches and pains are leaving. All of my afflictions are going away from me." That's the way to be praying, with your head bowed, eyes closed. ("Only believe.")
Keep your heads bowed now. We're going to sing now, just quietly.
Only believe...
Coming down from the mountain... Epileptic child... The disciples had been there consulting...

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