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Prayer Line 61-11
61-pl-11, Prayer Line 61-11, 74 min

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61-0517 - Zion Gospel Tabernacle, Grand Prairie, AB (Paragraphs: 75 - 81)
L-76 He'd act the same as they did then, if He's the same High Priest. Isn't that right? Now you believe. Every one of you now, be real reverent. Don't move around, just believe.
Now, oh, brethren, now hear me...?... This is it. Now if anybody's got a doubt that this is not God, then you come here and take my place. Come here and go down this prayer line. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you. Got a better way of doing it, let me know. Yeah, I'd certainly be thankful. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-77 Now, every one of these people in this prayer line, as far as I know, I do not know you; you're Canadians up here, and I'm from down in the States. And if I do not know you, each one of you in this prayer line, raise up your hands if I do not know you. Every one. How many out in the audience knows that I do not know you, raise up your hand--know nothing about you? Everybody, as far as I can see.
I know Brother Evans' two daughters, setting right here on this seat here, and outside of that, that's the only ones that I can see that I know. Yes, here's Sister Evans and Brother and Sister Dauch, right here, right here. Yes. All right.
Now just be real reverent. Now, you've heard me testify from the Scripture and take apostolic testimony meeting. If there's apostles testifying, and course I--that was a drama. But exactly, everything I said was Scriptural. Do you believe that? Well, it was Scripture, put in the form of a drama. Now, if He is just a historical God, then He died and it's all over. And we can...
L-78 Or, you people up here in the north, you know that you cannot... A man cannot get warm by a painted fire. If a man was freezing to death and you took him over and show him a great picture of a big fine red fire that burned one time, he can not get warm by a painted fire. Neither can we be saved by a historical God. We cannot add the joy of a Pentecostal fire unless it's the same fire today. We cannot--we cannot serve a historical God, and what good is He to you; the God of--that was in Christ, if He isn't the same God today that He promised to be? That's Scriptural, friends. Now, shake yourself just a little bit. Don't be emotional, but just wake yourself up for a second. It's exact, the truth.
Then where we are, with my hands before God, my Bible here, that you're strangers to me. In this prayer line, I don't know one of them, never seen them in my life. The only reason they're standing here, somebody come down, and the boy, had a bunch of cards and mixed them up and give somebody a prayer card. And we come down tonight, and just said, "Well, I'll call from a certain number." We call from some other number. You don't even have to have a number, don't even have to have a prayer card; just set there and say, "God, I believe that the Bible is right, and I believe that You're the High Priest. And I believe we're living in the last days. And this man doesn't know me, and I'm sick. Let him tell me what's wrong with me. Let him--let--let him speak to me like He did the woman, and find out what takes place." If He doesn't do it, then I'm an impostor and the Bible tells a lie, and that's impossible for the Bible to tell a lie. I could be an impostor, but it's impossible for the Bible to tell a lie. But if the Bible backs up what I said, then I'm not an impostor; I'm a witness of His resurrection and you can be the same.
L-79 Now, isn't this glorious? Find out. Where's another religion in the world? Go get your Buddhas and Mohammedans. Let's see if He's alive. But our Christ is alive. Go get the creed. See if it will work. It doesn't. It won't bring salvation; it won't bring the supernatural. If God Almighty... If the Holy Spirit would come right now and reveal one thing, just one thing, that would be as great a miracle as could happen. Exactly right, because it's supernatural. Who can figure that out? Who could figure out how that a--a man--two people not knowing each other, never met in life, and yet a Spirit come down and reveals the very things that they're doing, and thinking, and what they have done, and what they will do, and never fail? It's got to be God. It can't be nothing else. So, you see, I swear it, and know it, And you know it, that man can not do those things; it takes God. So if He proves it one time that it's truth, then you all ought to rejoice and be happy. And remember, it's to you also. Will you do it? Will you accept this Jesus that I've been telling you about, as your Healer, if He'll do it? God grant.
L-80 Now, heavenly Father, that's as far as I can go, Lord. I can only say what the Word says. It takes You to perform the Word. Here's Your servants, the ministers, godly men. Here's godly women, servants, setting everywhere, sick and afflicted. If You were standing here with this suit on that You gave me, You could do no more for them. If they come up and said, "Lord, will You heal me?" Why, You'd say, "My child, I did that nineteen hundred years ago when I was striped for your healing. Believest thou this?" They'd say, "Yea, Lord, but how do I know it's You?" Then You'd show that You was the Christ. You could show them, do something that--that would prove to them that You was the Christ; not with nail scars in Your hands, because anyone could impersonate that. But the supernatural is to go down into that person's life and know what they're doing and what they're here for. Then we know it's Your Spirit: You, great Vine, moving in Your branches. Let it be so tonight again, Lord. Honor Your Word. Forgive us of our sin as we have forgive those who have sinned against us. Give us sweetness of spirit and may the Holy Spirit now come right quickly and confirm the Word, that every person in here might know that the Son of God is not dead but is risen from the dead and is alive after nineteen hundred years, and alive forevermore, through Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. [] [Revelation 1:18]
L-81 Now, just keep your attention. Just pray and... All right. Is a... That's the man? All right. Now, I want you each one, everybody be alert. Be alert. And be praying, saying, "Lord, I'm suffering with such-and-such. Let Brother Branham just turn to me. I know he don't know me, don't know what's wrong with me; but if You'll just speak to him, I know I've touched You. Now, you could touch me all night and be like touching that desk; there'd be nothing to it. See? But you just touch Him, one time, see what happens. See? Your faith touched him.
Now, here's a man that happens to be... If I can get somebody up here before me first. You see? 'Cause after speaking, and so forth, a--then I...
I--I talk to him, just like the--Jesus did the woman at the well, till He found what her trouble was and then told her, and she said, "Why, that was right." Then see, now that's the way it... with this man.
Now, we do not know one another, do we, sir, you and I? I just want you to move right over here, so I get you... just so I can... not look at that prayer line. Then looking this way, they're... sometimes spirit leaves and some of you here...?... high faith it goes to them.

61-0519 - United Church, Dawson Creek, BC (Paragraphs: 69 - 94)
L-70 Now--now, watch this. Then perhaps, let's just say it for a--a--a point's sake, she did not have a prayer card. She couldn't get up close to Him. But she said, "I--I--I believe if I could touch His garment, I'll be made well." So she slips along till she touches His garment. Physically, He could not have felt it. 'Cause a garment, Palestinian garment hangs loose with an underneath garment.
So then she... He... But He stopped, and He said, "Who touched Me?"
And the apostle Peter sharply rebuked Him, saying something like this, "Why would You say a thing like that? Everybody's touching You. 'How do You do? Are You the Prophet? Are You--are You the Preacher? Are You... We're sure glad to meet You. Have... Like to have You over here, Reverend,' like that, everybody..." Said, "And say, 'Who touched Me?' Why, it doesn't sound sane," Peter might've said.
So Jesus said, "But I perceive that virtue has gone from Me." Is that right? Now, virtue is strength. In other words, "I have gotten weak." See? [Mark 5:28-30]
L-71 Now, when that was done, Jesus looked over the audience. Listen close now. Jesus looked over His audience, maybe like standing here, maybe greater, maybe not as many. But He looked over the audience until He found the woman, and told her about her blood issue, and said it had stopped. Her faith had saved her. Is that right?
Well now, if He's that same High Priest, the same High Priest, and you setting out there will not be in this prayer line, could you not touch Him with your faith? Would He not act the same if He's the same High Priest? Does that sound logical? Raise up your hands, everybody in the building. See, I'm getting you to... getting the favor of God if I can to let you see that it's truth, see how you're responding to it. See? It would be the same. [Mark 5:34]
L-72 Now, you out there say, "Brother Branham doesn't know one thing about me. He's a total stranger to me. He doesn't know me. But Lord, You know what's wrong with me. So if You'll just have him... I want to touch You, Jesus. Can I have--have my healing tonight?" And then say, "Speak through Brother Branham and let him turn and tell me." Then see if He does it.
Wouldn't that be wonderful? Wouldn't that be... That would make Christianity the same... Many great gods of Buddha, and--and all the Sikhs, and Jains, and so forth of the different religions. And every one of their founders are dead and in the grave, but we have an empty tomb. Christianity, our Lord is risen from the dead. And He's right with us, living in us, showing Himself by infallible proofs that He is the Resurrection and Life. He's risen from the dead.
L-73 Now, the next will have to be God. This is as far as I can go. Anyone knows that. The next will have to be God. Now, you don't... Just stand right there, lady, it'd be all right now.
Now, here stands a lady that's a--a stranger to me. By the way, I'd like to ask this. How many in here are strangers to me, that you know that I know nothing about you? Raise up your hand. Know that... just rai... In the prayer line, each one of you in the prayer line, if you all are strangers...? All right, every one of you.
Now, I--I'm a stranger with you. I have two or three friends here, that's up here on the vacation with me: a minister setting here in the corner, from down in--in Alabama. And I've got Brother Sothmann, he's a Canadian. And Brother Tom, setting back over in this corner here, over in... There they are, right over here in the corner. So I know them.
L-74 Now, just real reverent and everybody in prayer now. Now, this is a picture something like I was speaking a few moments ago, of Saint John the 4th chapter. Our Lord met a woman of Samaria, Samaritan woman at the well. Are you acquainted with the story?
Now, He was a man, she a woman. And they were standing perhaps, like we are now. And the--the well is kind of a panoramic. And--and He went to talking to her until He found what her trouble was. Say, you step up here if you can, if you don't mind, just here. So it won't be so strenuous to you.
So He talked to--to the woman and said... He was trying to contact her spirit, of course, when He said, "Bring Me a drink," He was contacting her. [John 4:4, 7]
L-75 Now, be real reverent. Don't move around. See, each one of you is a spirit, you know that. If you're not, you're dead. So then... is your spirit. And everywhere your spirit's now comes in contact with the Holy Spirit, just real sensitive. And It's real timid. It'll just leave. See? So now just--just--be just as reverent and quiet as you can now.
Now, you realize, you Christians, what I'm up against? Here's a woman that I've never seen in my life. And I... We're strangers to each other. Now, so that you'll know and be sure, look, I hold my hands... I've never seen her in my life. Would you just raise up your hands so they'd see? Just raise your hands so that people will see that we are strangers.
L-76 Now, what I have taught tonight has been the Scripture, what the promises of God was for this day. Now, here's Christianity has to be shown or it's a fake. The Bible's wrong or it's right. Christ is risen or He's not risen.
Now, it's totally impossible for me to know this woman, anything about her, who she is, where she come from, what she's here for, what's wrong with her, or any... It--it'd be totally impossible for me to know that. It would have to be revealed by some supernatural power. We will all--could say "Amen" to that. Well, is all... It just depends on what you think it is. See? That's up to you. See?
L-77 But now, if He would do it, and would tell me something that you're here for, or something that's been in your life that you know. Now, if I said, "Sister, the Lord Jesus called me to pray for the sick people. You believe that?"
You'd perhaps say, "Yes, Mr. Branham. I believe that."
I'd say, "All right. I--I'm going to lay my hands upon you and pray for you."
And I'd lay my hands upon you and say, "Jesus... Dear Jesus, heal this woman and let her be well."
And you'd say, "I believe that." Go away, I believe you'd get well. I... Would--would you believe that, all of you? Sure we would. See, 'cause I asked. Now, that's true. That would be all right. But now, what...
L-78 If we go talking about a resurrected Christ and a promise of showing Himself among us (See?), then... Now, that puts something else.
Now, here He comes here and can tell you what you have been, or what's wrong with you, or what you're desiring, or something like that, something that you know and know that I do not know; and know me being a man, would have no way of knowing it. Then that shows if He knows what you have been, He knows what you will be. Is that right, audience? See?
Now--now, just real reverent. She's a fine person. But I'm... come to you so tired. I've been six months on the field till I'm just about to... Brother Mercier met me awhile ago, said, "Brother Branham, you look like you just about to faint and fall over."
I said, "I am." See?
Six months of this. Sometimes twenty and thirty visions of a night, till it's just--just killing me. And remember, one made virtue go out of Him. What do you think it would do to me a sinner (See?), saved by His grace. Only because He said, "More than this shall you do, for I go to the Father." The Scripture's to be fulfilled. [John 14:12]
L-79 Now, if He will explain to me what--what you're here for, you'll know whether it's the truth or not. See, you...
The lady's very conscious of knowing there's something going on, which there is. I'm watching a Light that's coming right down over her. And the lady is suffering with a--a real bad nervousness that she wants to be prayed for. That is right. Nervous. If that... That is right, isn't it?
And then you're--you're just about to face an operation. That is right. That's for a growth. If God will tell me where the growth is, will you believe me to be His prophet? It's in your nose. If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, you believe?
Now, there's anointing here somewhere. You're aware that something is going on. A real sweet feeling, is that right? That's the Christ, the Holy Spirit. Now, just raise up your hand if that's right. You feel a real sweet feeling. Here it is.
Now, this anointing by this, I lay my hands upon my sister in the Name of Jesus Christ, to condemn all the works of the devil, for her to be made well. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go and God's peace be with you.
Now, do you believe that He lives? Certainly He does.
L-80 How do you do, lady? You and I being strangers to one another, that is true. First time of meeting. But God knows both of us. If He will reveal to me what's your trouble, will you believe me to be His servant? You will?
You're not here for yourself. You're standing here for someone else: a friend suffering with insanity. That's true, isn't it? You believe they're going to get well? God bless you. Go and may God's peace be with you. And what you believe, it will be just that way.
L-81 Come to this way. How do you do? Can you speak English? Are you Indian? Uh-huh. Jewish. That's very fine. Oh, you should... there is good. Here we are. You speak Hebrew? Yiddish? Here we are again, a Jewish standing here. Then it would be great to see Messiah. You know as being a Jew, that Messiah was to be the Prophet that Moses spoke of, He would be raised up. Is that right, my Jewish sister?
Then I'm sure you wouldn't make the mistake that the temple priest did in the early days, to reject it. You would believe that it would be Messiah. This is a Biblical scene, just at this time, friends, a Jewish woman who is taught to believe that the Messiah would be a Prophet.
Now, that... I'm not the Messiah. It's His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. That's what it is. See? We're just anointed with His Spirit. He is the Vine, I'm just one of His branches. [Deuteronomy 18:15], [John 15:5]
L-82 You are in a pretty bad condition. You're suffering with a tumor. That's right. Now, I keep feeling that coming from over here, saying, "He's guessing that." I'm not guessing that. Now, you remember, you can't hide your thoughts now. See? Here, she's a Jew. Just a moment.
I don't know what He said was wrong with you. I... See, it's like I go... It's just in another dimension, another world. Yes, it's a--a tumor. And it's a thyroid tumor. That is right, isn't it? And you suffer with a nervousness. It's true. And then you have a--someone you are praying for. That's a child. And it's real, extremely nervous. And it's--it's IQ... The--the learning is not too well. You're praying for that. That is true. You're praying for a sister also, that suffers tremendously nervousness. Mrs. Lick (your name), you can return. You have your request now Jesus Name... You believe He's Messiah now? Amen. God bless you.
L-83 What about you in the audience? You believe with all your heart? He is Christ, the Son of God. Be real reverent. Do you realize Who that Person is among us now? Sirs, we would see Jesus.
Well now, you'll not see His corporal body until His second coming. And He will never come to the earth on His second coming. We'll be caught up in the air to meet Him in the air. We'll meet Him in the air. Is that right, brothers? Meet Him in the air...
But His Spirit... You see how the Church has come from Martin Luther, justification, Wesley, sanctification, Pentecostal, it's the Holy Spirit, like capping the pyramid. Now, He's honing it down. And remember, the pyramid head on the back of our American dollar, the great seal, was missing. He is the Headstone, the Rejected. So it's just making it so close it has to fit right in. It has to be His ministry reproducing itself again in His Church, for the rapture. Why, we're right here, friends. [John 12:21], [I Thessalonians 4:17]
L-84 You believe your feet and legs is going to get all right. All right, sir. You can have it then. Amen.
I'm a stranger to you. I do not know you. But God does know you. If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you believe that He is the Son of God, and I am just sent as His servant? With--with all your heart? How many in the audience will believe it? I've never seen this man in my life. We're--we're strangers to one another. Is that right? Just raise your hand so that we will see that we are total strangers.
Now, if He will do this... If one time the Samaritan people saw it done and was convinced for good, surely, we could be convinced.
This man has had lots of trouble. He has come out of the hospital, a prostate trouble, operation. You're supposed to go back again. And that's for a--a hemorrhoid condition. That is right. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
Heavenly Father, grant that Your blessings rest upon this little brother, that he will be made well so he can live for Your glory. I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, little brother. Go, believing now, it will be over for you. Amen. God be with you, brother.
L-85 You believe now with all your heart? How many believes now with all your heart? How many will accept it now with all your heart? Believe Him.
It's all right. You didn't have to come way up. What if I told you, without saying one word to you, that your trouble was over, would you believe it? Would you get well? The back trouble would be all right, and the heart condition, and everything, you'd just go on and be well? Go right on back down to your seat then; just receive it. And believe with all your heart.
Now, what about you? If you didn't come up the steps. Little lady there. Here. What if I told you you'd be able to eat your meals again, that stomach trouble had left you, would you believe it? If you would, raise up your hand. Then go eat. Jesus Christ make you well.
The kidney trouble and back trouble and so forth, it's done left you. You can go home now and be made well. Believe with all your heart.
L-86 Looky here, sir. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You believe that old asthmatic cough is going to leave you and you ain't going to have it no more? You do? You believe it with all your heart? Then go back and believe it, and it will be just that way. Just have faith. Don't doubt. If you believe God, God will grant it to you, if you--if you will believe it.
What if I just told you standing there, didn't say one thing, just told you go to your seat, you'd be well, would you believe it? Go to your seat and be well. That's all.
I just want to see what the rest of you... see if you have that much faith to believe.
Would you believe the same thing? Keep going. Say, "The Lord bless."
Now, what would you think if I told you... You say, "I'd rather Brother Branham, you'd tell me what's wrong. Because I'm a little and worried." Wasn't that right? I'm not reading your mind. But you couldn't hide your thoughts at this time. All right. Your female trouble, lady's trouble, is going to leave you. So you--you can go back to your seat. Just go with her brother, and be well. Jesus Christ make you well.
L-87 You believe with all your hearts? What about out in the audience? Be real reverent.
This lady setting way back here at the end, looking at me out here on the end, with trouble with your knees. You believe God's going to make you well, lady? Kind of a heavy-set lady... I don't know you, never seen you in my life, but you're having trouble with your knees. If that's right, raise up your hand. What did she touch? Ask what she touched. She touched the High Priest, Jesus Christ, that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Do you believe that with all your heart?
This lady setting right here, suffering with arthritis. You believe that God will make you well, lady? Believe it with all your heart that He will heal you? Raise up your hand if you believe it? All right. What did you touch? You never touched me. You're twenty feet from me. You touched the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Believe with all your heart and it'll leave you. [Hebrews 4:15]
L-88 Somebody else in here believe? Here. Here's... You with your hand up, you believe--you believe back there, that lady, you believe with all your heart? A nervous breakdown will leave you. You have a nervous breakdown. That's right. You also have arthritis. You have complications, is that right? If we're strangers, wave your hand like that. Who did you touch? You never touched me. You touched the High Priest. Now, your nervous breakdown is gone; you can go home and be well in the Name of Jesus Christ.
How many of you believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God has raised from the dead? And the requirement that we ask, "Sirs, we would see Jesus," we see His Spirit working among His people, raise up your hands?
L-89 Now, I'm going to ask you to do something. How many believers are here? All that raised their hands are believers. Now, would you do something for me. You lay your hands over on somebody setting next to you. Will you just put your hand over on them? Look what He's done tonight. Just look what He has done.
Now, I want each one of you to bow your head. I'm going to just say a prayer. I want you to say it after me.
Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of all good gifts, I now confess my faith in Thee. My faith in Thy Son Jesus, and in all His Words. He commissioned us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.
He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." I am a believer. I am praying for this person, upon whom I have my hands laid. They are praying for me. I'm believing for them. They are believing for me.
Together, we believe that we are healed, because we are following Your commission in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Mark 16:15-17]
L-90 Now, keep your heads bowed. Keep your heads... Just keep shut in with God. You've made your confession. The very Christ that raised up at the--at the last day, come up on Easter morning, is right here among you. You'll... Just remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD, you will never in any--no more Gentile church age ever see any sign to succeed this, go greater. This is the last sign to the Church.
Shut in with God now. Believe. Just believe that He is pouring out His goodness of His Spirit into your body. And you're being healed, because that believer has their hands laid upon you. And you're feeling His blessings.
Now, while you're believing with all your heart, now, I'm going to pray for you. And ever who's got your hand--their hands on you, is representing my hands. My hands is representing God's hands. Now, each one of you just start believing now that you see Him coming right up to your seat and saying, "Child of Mine, it's all over."
L-91 Our heavenly Father, in the--the sacredness of this moment, when decisions must be made where men will live or die, these Christians have made their confession because of Your Presence. And at the Scripture telling us that we're at the end time, and they have their hands laid upon each other, which is Your Word commissioning Your Church. "Heavens and earth will pass away but My Word shall never fail."
Therefore, Satan, you are a defeated being. You have no legal rights to begin with to torment these people. You're a bluff and we're calling that bluff. Jesus Christ defeated you in His death and resurrection. His Blood paid every price of sin that you coaxed the family of the human race into.
And now, we are sons and daughters again. And His anointed Spirit is speaking with us this evening, as He did with Adam in the cool of the evening.
Therefore, you cannot hold these Christians any longer. I adjure thee by the living God that you depart from these sick people. Come out of them that they can go from this building tonight free from sickness, with a faith that's so predominating, it'll drive you out of their thoughts and realms. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I commission Satan to leave these people, these diseases in the form of disease, which is the devil, to depart from these people through Jesus Christ's Name. [Matthew 24:35], [Luke 21:33]
L-92 While we have our heads bowed, I would like to ask if there is someone present who doesn't know Jesus as your Saviour and would like to stand to your feet and say, "While I am in His Presence, I want to confess my sins and say I've been wrong."
You might be a church member, but you've been an unbeliever, and you do not--have not believed till now, and now, you want to believe on Him and you want to stand up to--to testify, would you raise to your feet and say, "I will accept Jesus as my Saviour."?
Would there be one among us that would let this glorious Spirit of the Son of God... And remember, before the day breaks in the morning, you may be right in His Presence, the very same One that's moving in this building tonight, to give an account for what you will do with Him. Is that person here that's never accepted Christ and would want to accept Him?
L-93 Is that person here that's been a backslider and would want to come back to Christ tonight while you're in His great Presence? Stand to your feet. Is there one here that's a church member and does not know what it means to be borned-again, to--to talk face-to-face with God and enjoy the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, and would--you would like to receive Him? Would you stand to your feet?
If not so, then how many here will accept your healing, will stand to your feet? God bless you. God bless you. That's right. All around. That's wonderful. That is fine. Accept your healing. Just stand to your feet just a moment. Just remain standing.
Stand to your feet. Everyone that wants to accept your healing. See, He's looking at you. He's looking right at you. He's here. Remember, I say this in the Name of the Lord, by the commission that was given me by an Angel sent from God.
L-94 As you all have seen, the Light (which the United States has copyrighted in the Washington, DC, hanging in the Religious Hall of--of religious history, in Washington, DC) is the only supernatural Being that was ever photographed in all the world. Hangs in the halls of Germany where they've taken it.
THUS SAITH THAT SPIRIT, He's here now to heal and to save whosoever will believe on Him. Remember...
The Lord bless you. Thank you for standing. Now, will the rest of the audience stand to your feet, you who are well and would stand to your feet. Thank you for your fine evening and fine cooperation. Would you get on the phone tomorrow or somewhere out through the city and get the sick and the afflicted, that Jesus might heal them while we're having this little meeting. God ever bless you.
Do you love Him? Just raise up your hands like this. Would you give us a chord, sister, "I Love Him, I Love Him." How many knows the song? It's one of my favorites. All right. If you will.
I love Him, I love Him
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.

Let's bow our heads now, while we hum it. I love Him... I give you your pastor. I... Till we meet tomorrow morning. God bless you...?...

61-0520 - United Church, Dawson Creek, BC (Paragraphs: 87 - 92)
L-88 Just keep believing. Right back here to my left... You may raise your head. A man is setting there with a back trouble. You believe that God will make your back well, sir? He does.
The next man there has something wrong with his side. It's your rib, sir. That's right. Will you raise your hand if that is so? You have your healing.
The lady setting there next to that... arthritis. You believe God can heal your arthritis and make you well? Something wrong with your hands, that lady setting there. Hands and feet both, you believe that God will make them well? If you do it with all your heart, you can have your healing. God bless you, mother.
Now, what did they touch? Tell me what they touched. That's the High Priest, is that right? Don't you see, they met God. I don't know those people. All you there that was spoke to there while the visions were going on, if you didn't know me and I didn't know you, raise up your hands? All you along in here, wherever you was, raise your hands. That's right. All right. Perfectly.
He's here, don't you believe that? They met God.
L-89 There's a lady setting right back here on the right hand side. Can't you see that Light over the woman? She has rheumatism. She's also got a growth on her breast. She's from Fort Saint John. Her name is Agnes. Stand up if that is so. I don't know you; I've never seen you in my life. Are those things right? Raise up your hand if that is right. You have your request. She met God. That's what does it. "If thou canst believe..."
There's a man setting back there who's got to die right away, if he doesn't believe God. He has got cancer of the chest, cancer on the lungs. If you'll believe with all your heart, God will heal you. Stand up on your feet and accept your healing then, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
What does it? I don't know the man. He's a total stranger. But that's right, isn't it, sir? You met God. Go, believing it. Amen. [Mark 9:23]
L-90 You have faith in God, woman there praying for her son, got sinus trouble. If you believe with all your heart, he will get well. That's right, isn't it, lady? If that's right, raise up your hand. You got another sick friend you're praying for too, that's not here. You just believe with all your heart, and you can have what you ask for.
Do you believe God? If that isn't God, I don't know what God is. That's Christ among you, friends. Do you believe it? You're becoming blind to me now. It just looks like all over this building, just like a great white Light. What could happen right now if you would accept it? What would take place just now, if this audience could really just believe for one time? There's only one thing to keep every person in here not from being healed: that's just your unbelief.
L-91 Just break that little banner of blackness there and watch the Holy Spirit fall on this building and every person in here be healed. Will you believe it? Stand up on your feet and accept it then, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Raise up your hands now to Him. Say, "I believe you, Lord."
I love Him, I love Him
Because He first loved me...

Do you love Him with all your heart? All your heart? Just raise your hands high and praise Him. Say, "Thank you, Lord Jesus."
What's the matter, soldier boy? You're not going to commit suicide. The devil's a lying to you, boy. You've only got a phobia. He's lying to you. He will drive you insane if you believe him. Deny him. Renounce the devil.
I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ to renounce the devil and accept Jesus Christ as your Healer. You'll go back and be a gentleman and a real, real man. Do you do it? Raise up your hands to God and say, "Praise God." That's right. Oh, amen. Now, go back home and be well.
L-92 All that believe Him, raise your hands and give Him praise. (I Will Praise Him...?... )
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
Now, while we hum it. I will praise Him... (Turn around and shake hands with somebody, say, "God bless you, pilgrim. God bless you, brother, sister, pilgrim.")... will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.

61-0521 - United Church, Dawson Creek, BC (Paragraphs: 101 - 110)
L-102 I'm so happy to know that you are sons of God. Man, you ought to be a believer. Just at this crucial time. Don't worry about the child. It'll get all right.
Now, wonder if we could... Get right down here, brethren. Let's go off--down off the platform. Just stand... Make a double line there, right up and down like that. Yes, brothers, yes.
Come right here, sister. Walk right here in the line. Say, by the way, you're already healed. So you don't have to come through the line, you can just go home...?...
Now, come around this side, so that you can go back down this line. Now, I want some of you brethren to come right here. Stand right down here. I want you to stand right here. I want you to stand with me. I want you brethren, now, to stand there... just a moment... Go down so you can lay hands on the sick. How about brother, you stand over by this brother right here, one of you. That's good. Now, come right here. Make a line so each one of you can be prayed...
L-103 Now, audience, I want you to understand the Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe."
There is a little lady here that I had an interview with this morning. And she was at Grande Prairie. I... She's a tape customer of Brother Leo Mercier, Brother Gene Goad. And they told me to look for her, a Sister Brown. And so she--she was at the Grande Prairie meeting. And the Holy Spirit told her about a woman having (I think, what was her name? Is that Brown or... Sister Brown) had a--a rose on her hat. And told her about her conditions. And 'course, I never seen her in my life.
And then I said, "Each one lay your hands on one another." The lady may be here this afternoon. I said, "Each one of you lay your hands on each other." And everybody laid their hands on each other, because the Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe, if they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover."
L-104 And then I... When they did that... What I do that for, brethren, is for you audience... Don't wait till an Oral Roberts or somebody comes or some minister that has a ministry of that. Your brethren, your pastors right... Do you believe me to be God's servant? I tell you in the Name of the Lord, these men has the same authority to pray for you as anybody does. They are God's servants.
Any minister that believes in Divine healing. Whether he's Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Congregationist or whatmore, if he believes in God, he has a right to pray for the sick.
And now, look. The little lady, she laid her hands on somebody, and all at once she felt a hand lay on hers, which was larger. And she looked around. There was nobody around her. The ladies behind her she knowed, and they didn't have their hands on her. And she felt that hand, and she said she just shook with the power of God.
L-105 Then this morning, at the breakfast table, I was having dinner with her over at--or breakfast at the Windsor hotel. And the Holy Spirit said, "She wants you to lay hands on her." And I said, "What shall I do, Father? What will be Your sign?" Setting between us (she was across the table) there was all kinds of dishes. Said, "She will take her hand and move those dishes back, making a straightway for you to lay your hand across on hers.
And just then, she reached down and pushed the dishes back, not knowing. I said, "Sister, why did you do that?"
She said, "Something just told me to do it." That settled it for her.
Sister, are you in the building now? Are you here this afternoon? Sister Brown? Sister Brown... Standing right here. Right this... See? He's God, isn't He?
L-106 Now, I want every person in here, look standing in this line. And as soon as that line finishes out, let the other prayer cards just keep coming around. Then... Huh? All the prayer cards just continue... line up over here. And then, after they get through, all that doesn't have prayer cards and wants to be prayed for, you can line right up behind them.
Now, before we do it, let's all bow our heads to Almighty God.
What if this was your mama standing in the line? What if this is your wife? What if it was your sister? What if it was your mother or your daughter or your son? Remember, it's somebody's.
Would you want everybody to be sincere if that was your mother or your wife? The mother of your little baby, dying, cancer-ridden? Wouldn't you want somebody to pray sincerely? Now, you pray.
L-107 Heavenly Father, I am presenting, this afternoon, first of all by a Divine gift, the resurrected Jesus, to prove that He is among His people, to show Himself alive. And now, next, secondarily, I am presenting Your servants, the ministers, the men that You have called. Some of them's been preaching many, many years longer than I. They're far better qualified as ministers than myself.
And I want the congregation to know that their pastor is Your servant. So I am, by a Divine gift, presented You to them. Now I am presenting Your servants to them. And I am one with them, Father, Your servant. And we are taking the Word of our Lord.
L-108 Now, Lord Jesus, Thou does know all truth. And You will never honor a lie. And it's proved by tens of thousands of times around the world, without one failure of the visions, which proves it to be true. Before the scientific research, before lie detectors, in the presence of the camera and whatmore, You've proved to be God.
And now, You are God this afternoon. And You've made this statement. The last thing You said when You were going away, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel. These signs shall accompany those that believe." And these are believers, Lord. You said, "In My Name they shall cast out devils. They shall speak with new tongues. If they should take up an--a serpent or drink a deadly thing, it should not harm them. And if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
L-109 Now, Father, You proved Yourself alive to keep Your Word. You watch over Your Word to confirm It. And now, I'm presenting to this community and to the regions around about, Jesus Christ and His servants. And we as Your servants, Lord, are going to follow your instructions, regardless of what the unbelieving world says about it. We're going to lay our hands upon Your sick, suffering children. And we believe that they will be made well. We accept You as our Healer right now.
Every person in the prayer lines, those who are coming in the prayer lines. I ask you now in the Name of Jesus Christ, to accept Jesus as your Healer. Don't you doubt. When these men of God... And we lay our hands upon you, you... There's only one thing would keep you from getting well; that's your unbelief. Do not disbelieve, but believe God. And we're standing here now, praying for you as you pass by this audience.
Not only that, but some three or four hundred people assembled here this afternoon will be praying for you. And every prayer... And now, you believe. Now, for the rebuking prayer. With your heads bowed.
L-110 Satan, we as the Church of God speak directly to you. You are a devil, a tormentor. And you have bound the servants of God by your bluffing spirit. So we as human beings have no power against you. So we do not come to meet you in the name of a church or an organization. But they are defeated.
But we come to meet you in--in the Name of our Conqueror, Jesus Christ. We are hailing His Name and His Presence before the people, as a Conqueror of every sickness and every disease as put under His feet. And we as His servants are carrying out His commission. We charge you in the Name of Jesus Christ, turn every one of these people loose. We'll follow His commission by laying hands on the sick. And they shall recover. For we speak it in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Only believe, only believe...
All right. Everybody praying now, while the sick comes through...?...

61-0827 - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 132 - 140)
L-133 Pray. Believe. I will consecrate on this side of the house. I got so many praying. I see the anointing.
Look. How many has heard that, that Pillar of Fire there, that science has hanging in Washington, D.C.? You know it. Here's the picture of It, right here, same Pillar of Fire that led Moses. When even the science said, "Someday it would be on ten-cent-store shelves. Only supernatural Being was ever photographed."
That same Angel is right here at the pulpit right now. Seek it. I challenge you to believe it. You outsiders, you believe.
Now I just have to watch where I see It going. Be reverent, everybody, in His Presence, that Awe.
L-134 I see a man. Here it is. He is setting to my left, right back here in the corner. He is suffering with sinus trouble and stomach trouble. You believe with all your heart. Be a stranger to me. That's Mr. Wells. That's what your name is, Mr. Wells. You're not from here. You're a place called Aurora, Illinois. That is true. Is it true? I'm a stranger to you. If that's right, raise up your hands. Stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ makes you well.
You believe now? "If thou canst believe."
Now, there, that fellow, I never seen in my life, and perfect stranger among us. He's from another state. And the Holy Spirit, now, whatever It said to him, I won't know until I get that tape over. It's anointing that comes upon you. But the man knows.
What was told you is the truth. Is that right, sir? Yeah. We're strange. There's, let him be witness of himself.
Who did that? Messiah, Christ.
L-135 Here's a lady setting right back out here, in the midst of people, right here. See that Light over her? She is suffering with a skin trouble. Mrs. Pitman, you're from Owensboro. If you're a stranger, wave your hand. Is those things true? Wave your hand. God healed you. I never seen the woman, yet, only in a vision.
That you might know, right over from you is a woman named Ellis, Mrs. Ellis, a young woman. She has female trouble. She's a stranger also. If that's right, wave your hand. Is that your mother setting next to you there? It's a lady setting there, suffering with a fear, a complex of fear upon her. If that's right, raise up your hand, lady. All right. The fear is gone. You can go home, be well. I challenge you to believe.
L-136 Way back in the back, in the corner, way back, a man from Minnesota, with back trouble. Your name is Mr. Carson. Stand up on your feet. Your back trouble is gone. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Right back behind here, a lady suffering. She is from out of town. She's from a place called Blue Island. She has heart trouble. That's near Chicago. Mrs. Braiden, raise up, accept your healing. Go home and be well, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Are you believing? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] What about in this section? You know that's Messiah? How a man know?
All these people that's been called, so far, and knows that I know nothing about you, raise up your hands, all you people that's been called, around. See there?
L-137 Somebody behind me, praying, back, over in a room. It's a young fellow, light-headed, praying for a cousin out in Kansas, got cancer. Come forward to the door. Have faith in God. You believe?
Elmer, that was some connection with you. I see your dad setting there, his wife. High blood pressure. If you believe, God will heal you. I don't know. That's right. Isn't it? You believe with all your heart.
You believe? Do you believe that Jesus Christ is Messiah? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe His Presence is here? ["Amen."] Remember, when one woman touched the garment of Jesus, He got weak. Virtue, strength, went from Him. I'm just about gone now. Do you believe? ["Amen."]
Then let's bow our heads just a moment.
L-138 O Jesus, Messiah of God, Thou art ever near. The people are aware that You are the Son of God, that You are here now. Your great signs and wonders are being proved. Bless them, Father. Bless them, I pray. May they right now believe, with all their heart, that You, the Messiah, is the One standing here. No one could do that. That's humanly impossible, Lord. Miracle, to see the power of Messiah come into a little, humble place like this, because that You promised it, Lord. Because, Your grace is here to grace us. Because that it's Your promise to do it, You have done it. We see that You don't leave Your people.
Now, Father, God, may those who have prayer cards, coming into the prayer line, may they have faith to believe. O Almighty God, when hands are laid upon them, may they go in here, rejoicing, shouting, praising God, that they're healed. Grant it, Lord.
And let these who have been saved, know that there's no secrets with God. God reveals the secrets of the heart; He knows every thought that's in our mind. Grant it, Father. We ask in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-139 Now, you that have prayer cards, out in the audience, you people around the tabernacle, around through here, that has prayer cards, do you believe? Raise your hands. And believe that a human being cannot do that. That has to come from God. Do you believe it's a promise of God, that God said He would do it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right. Then you know that Somebody is here besides man.
I solemnly take this Word, before God. The people that was spoken to, ever who it was, I do not know them, and they do not know me. They are strangers that just dropped into the tabernacle here, wherever they was.
I see some visions over people here that's in the tabernacle, but let them alone, yeah, just let them alone.
Those people who were called, whoever you was, that the others might see that you're strangers, raise up your hand. See? Every one, all strange.
L-140 Something just keeps moving me. I see a colored lady appear before me, all the time, got arthritis and high blood pressure. Yes. You're a stranger among us. You're from Memphis, Mrs. Sals. That's your name. Your first time here. You believe on the Lord, with all your heart? Then you can go home and be saved, healed. God takes it for her.
Believe with all your heart, everybody. Raise up your hands now, everybody. Believe with all your hearts. Put your hands over on one another.
Come here, Brother Neville. Come here, offer the prayer.
While we have our heads bowed, Brother Neville is going to pray.

61-1001M - Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN (Paragraphs: 92 - 106)
L-93 I wonder today, if there's any strangers with us, that's never been in the Tabernacle before, and you're sick, and you're looking to God for help? With your heads bowed, all of you. Would you raise your hand, you people that's strangers to me, that doesn't know me or I don't know you, and you've come to Christ now for help? Just raise up your hand. See? God bless you, and you, and you. There are several.
You have to only believe. This message is not in vain; it's the Word of God.
L-94 See a lady... With your heads bowed. She remains holding her hand. She's suffering with a heart trouble. She's a Mrs. Nance. She's from Madisonville, Kentucky. That's right. Isn't it, lady? You can raise up your head...?... You had your hand up, just kept it up. That's true, wasn't it? If it is, raise your hand. See where we're living at, friends? I don't know that lady. I've never seen her. But what is it? It's a sign of the Gospel. That you might...
Do you believe me to be His prophet, lady? You do? Yet we're strangers. I don't know you. That name was right, wasn't it? If it was all right, whatever He told you, just--just wave your hand to the audience, so they can see that that was right.
L-95 What could do that? Jesus of Nazareth. That you might know that I be God's prophet, and telling you the truth, for thus it behooveth us. A woman touched His garment, and He turned and told her her blood issue, and said it had stop.
The lady setting next to you also has a heart trouble too. That's right. Yes. I don't know her. You know I don't. See? But God knows her. He knows her trouble, doesn't He? Miss Allen, do you believe that God can make you well? If that's your name and your trouble, raise up your hand. Raise up your hand, if that's right. [Mark 5:28, 34]
L-96 A lady setting next to you there... I mean Mrs. Bennett. You're all from the same place. She has kidney trouble instead of heart trouble. You believe with all your heart, you can be made well too. Do you do it, lady? Raise up your hand, say, "I'll accept it," then you can go home, get well. If thou canst believe. You're all down in Kentucky, a city called Madisonville.
Setting right back there, a lady, Mrs. Bone. She's near Madisonville. She don't live right in Madisonville; she's looking right at me. And there's that Angel standing right over her. She just lives near Madisonville. Her name is Bone: sinus trouble, asthmatic condition, coughing. If that's right, wave your hand back and forth, lady. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and go home, be well.
L-97 Throat trouble, sir. Do you believe that God can heal throat trouble and make you well? Be healed. Just have faith in God.
Miss Hopkins, the colored lady from Chicago. I don't know you, never seen you in my life. But you want to be healed of that nervousness, sinus trouble? Go, believe; you can be well too.
Mrs. Hanes from Columbus, Ohio, you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; you can go home and be well too.
We're on the end road. You believing? It behooveth us to fulfill all righteousness. He promised those things would be. We're here. Do you believe it? [Matthew 3:15]
L-98 Well, put your hands on one another. I want to ask you a question. Did Jesus promise these things would be in the last days? Say, "Amen. [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] "As it was in the days of Lot, the works that I do shall you also." Did He also say this, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover"? Are you ready to take your stand, a believer? For thus it is becoming to us that we fulfill all righteousness.
It's the righteousness of God, that when these handkerchiefs here (I lay my hands on in the Name of Jesus.) touches you; I know the Holy Ghost is here, the same One that was with Paul. "They taken from Paul..." So shall you be healed, if you'll just believe it. [Luke 17:29], [John 14:12], [Mark 16:17-18], [Acts 19:12]
L-99 I believe the same Holy Ghost, that by the Holy Ghost is here this morning, proving Himself the Messenger of the last day, the great Holy Spirit Himself, impersonating Himself, coming into human flesh, doing His work.
I've stood this morning under difficult. You know just about what I'm fixing to hear when I leave here. But it's becoming to us that all righteousness be fulfilled.
God put the message on my heart. Now, it's becoming to you as a believer, that you believe. While you got your hands on one another, there'll not be a sick person among us, if you'll just believe that with all your heart, and you're ready to take your stand.
L-100 Now, heavenly Father, we bring to You this audience, after this message. Lord God, surely the people can see now that it's becoming to us. It's becoming to a prophet to stand on the Word. It's becoming to a member of church; it's becoming to them that they stand. It's becoming to the sick people to believe the Word of Jesus Christ, when He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
I was going to call the prayer line, Lord. But the message that's just come me by the phone has shook me, Father. O God, Your Word says, "It's becoming to us that we fulfill all righteousness." Here they are, each one. [Mark 16:17], [Matthew 3:15]
L-101 The Holy Ghost here proving that He's among us, now, let the power of God, let the witness of the Holy Ghost move into the hearts of these people just now, giving them an assurance like Daniel had, like Noah had, like Enoch had, like John had, like Peter had, like Paul had, like Jesus had, like Abraham had, like all of them had, Lord, That it's becoming to us in this day, where Divine healing power is poured out, signs and wonders are being done, great awakening has become among the people, the Holy Spirit has dropped among the people. They have shouted, spoke in tongues, prophesied, great gifts, and signs and wonders. The Angel of the Message, the Angel of the age has appeared to us in the form of the Holy Ghost, and He's bringing us a Message. We see It being fulfilled. We see Him taking our bodies and transforming us from mortal human beings into agents of God to speak forth great mysterious signs and wonders. When we see these things, then it is becoming to us that we fulfill all righteousness. [Acts 2:3-4], [Matthew 3:15]
L-102 When we know that Abraham looked back to Lot, that when Daniel could look to Abraham, that when John could look to Daniel (O God.), that when Peter and John could look to Jesus. And when we can look to them, and today we see the same results among us, then it's becoming to us that we fulfill all righteousness.
Let the power of Jesus Christ surge this building with Divine faith, and heal every person in here of every affliction and every disease, Lord. And as Your servant, I charge this devil that's pushed at me all morning, that's tried to make me get out of this pulpit... By the grace of God I stayed here. [Matthew 3:15]
L-103 Where these poor, sick are; suffering mortals of God... Come out of them, you devil. I charge thee by Jesus Christ the living God, that you depart from these people, and bother them no more, for they stand like the Hebrew children in the hour of trial to take their stand, and be healed from this hour on. Through Jesus Christ's Name, I charge the sickness and devils of this congregation, that's come to sicken these people to depart from them.
L-104 With our heads bowed, our hearts to God, I'm going to sing a song. I'm going to try it, with your help and God's help. "My Faith Looks Up To Thee," I don't want you to doubt one bit; I want you to believe now. It is becoming to us. How many Christians are in here? Raise your hands, and say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen.".--Ed.] How many believers? Say, "Amen." [Amen.] How many have laid your hands on others? Say, "Amen." [Amen.] Then it is becoming to us that we fulfill all righteousness.
My faith looks up to Thee,
Thou Lamb of Calvary,
Saviour Divine;
Now hear me while I pray,
Take all my guilt away, (Now, "sin" is "unbelief")
O let me from this day
Be wholly Thine!
While life's dark maze I tread,
And griefs around me spread, (God, be my Guide now.)
Be Thou my Guide;
Bid darkness turn to day,
Wipe sorrow's tears away,
Nor let me ever stray
From Thee aside.
[Matthew 3:15]
L-105 With our heads bowed... That darling old mother of mine has passed on since I've been preaching, may my voice echo down through the big canyons of heaven.
When she told me the other day, she said, "Billy, you've fed me. You've paid my rent and my light bill, give me something to eat. Said, "Honey, when you was a little boy, I got out in weather and chopped wood, made you a fire to keep you warm. And I cooked for you what we had in the house to cook." See her laying there, them little old feeble hands that washed our dirty clothes. You stand helpless, nothing I could do.
L-106 I said, "Mama, into the hands of the living God, I commend your righteous soul."
She's gone on since then. All of them's left. My brothers is all that's left. The message here on the pulpit was pretty bad. If she's gone on, God rest her soul. If she's still with us, and with us till tonight, by God's grace I'll be here at the pulpit to fulfill my duty, for it's becoming to me that I fulfill all righteousness. And I'll find out.
I'll turn the service to Brother Neville, my blessed associate pastor...?...

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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