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Prayer Line 62-07
62-pl-07, Prayer Line 62-07, 64 min

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62-0620 - Great Western Exhibit Center, South Gate, CA (Paragraphs: 85 - 106)
L-86 Now, we're standing here talking to this woman. I don't know her, never seen her. She looks plenty healthy. She might--she might have domestic trouble, financial trouble. She might be an impersonator. I... She might be a Christian. She might be a sinner. I don't know her. She just come there. But whatever He tells her, she'll know whether it's the truth or not. She'll be willing to admit that. Well, if He can tell her what has been, like He told Philip, like He told Nathanael, like He told the woman at the well; or if He tells her what was, surely she can believe for the future then. Is that right? Will you all believe it, if He will do it?
L-87 Now, here we are. Here's the Bible. Here's the woman. And here we are standing right here before you all with our hands up, that we've never met before, know not one another. And we're of a different race of people. She's... I'm a Anglo-Saxon, and she's African. Now, here we are, just as perfect as it can be.
Now, sister, just to contact you... The reason called you sister, because when I looked around, the Spirit caught me, and I knowed you was a Christian. That's right. You're a Christian. Now, I do not know you. I'm just standing here. You know I'm doing something. I'm just contacting your spirit, getting it started from around these other people--just drawing you out as one person.
Now, if Christ can use me, as a gift... Now, He might put His Anointing upon me. He's got to put it upon you at the same time, or it won't work. It takes both of us to make it work. The woman touched His garment. Jesus didn't know who did it, but He said, "I perceive that virtue's gone from Me," See? It wasn't Him. He said, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? It was her faith. [Mark 5:27-28, 30, 34], [Luke 8:44, 46, 48]
L-88 Now, I don't know you. But if He will tell you something about your life, maybe something you're here for, somebody you're for, something you've done that's wrong, or anything like that, you'll know whether it's the truth or not, and then you will believe it. May the Lord God grant it, is my request.
Now, you see what a place it puts me in? Here's a time now that what I've preached and told about Him, it must react, or either I've told something wrong, the Bible's told something wrong. Christ isn't alive, or... See, it's either our religion is right or it's wrong. It's got to be shown right now amongst all this fine bunch of men here. See? Here's the ministers of Christ setting here. We...
L-89 As I've stood before hundreds of thousands, I couldn't even speak their language, and see the thing take place. Before heathens, witch doctors, and what they call holy men of India, and fire walkers, and everything else and see the power of God come down and... But He's Christ. If He isn't, I want to know where He's at. I want to find Him. Yes.
The woman; not a hypocritical. She's standing here for a cause, and that cause that must... She's actually, according to the doctor, is supposed to face an operation. That is right. And that operation is tumor. That's right. If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, do you believe that He knows where the tumor is? You believe He could tell me? You believe me? It's on the breast. It's on your left breast. That's right. All right. Go, believe it now, and you'll never have to have the operation. If you'll believe it with all your heart, God in heaven will take it away from you.
L-90 How do you do, young lady? We're strangers to each other, I suppose? Just a man and woman meet. But Jesus Christ knows both of us. He knows all about you, He knows all about me. I'm just His servant. And do you believe that He's here and can reveal to me something about you? Would it cause you to have faith in Him to know that He's--He's here? Would you accept whatever you're asking for? Would... You would do it.
L-91 That man setting there with his hand up to his chin, like this setting right here, setting there praying about a nervous condition, just believe with all your heart. The nervousness is gone from you now. Now, is that true? Raise up your hand. I want to ask you what he touched. He had faith to bring the Holy Spirit from here out to the man. I've never seen him in my life. He's a stranger to me, as far as I know. But he had faith. That's what it takes: faith to do it. Just believe it.
I just watch a Light. You... Have you seen that picture of It? See? They got it here, or will have it. It has went across this way from you and went out, and I seen It standing over the man there. Just had to say it. Now, there's a man setting there, just a man setting in the meeting.
L-92 Now, you're sick. You been to a doctor. You've had some advice from him, but you're scared of his advice. That's right. That's true. Nothing evil. It's right. It's a lady's trouble. That's what's wrong with you. I can see him when the examination, what he said... Is it all right for me to say what it said? You want me to tell you what it is?
Actually it's somewhere... It's a misplaced seed, germ, and it's been caught in what's the tube, instead of coming down into the ovaries. It's called pregnated tube, and he wants to operate, and you're afraid of the operation. If that's right, raise up your hand. That's true. Beatrice, you want to be made well? Go, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall made whole.
You believe on the Lord Jesus, that what the--all the Bible prophesied that would come to pass...?
A man. We're strangers to each other. You believe the Lord Jesus is here to help you? You believe if He will reveal to me what you're wanting from Him, that it'll be granted to you? You do.
L-93 Keep seeing a woman come... Setting right down here looking at me, suffering with hard--high blood pressure with the glasses on, combs her hair back, that... Don't you see that Light hanging above the woman there? Look. Raise up your hand, lady. There you are. You believe with all your heart now? Then go home and get well. I do not know the lady. I've never seen her in my life. She's a stranger to me. That's your trouble. You've had faith enough to touch the garment of Him to turn around like that, you couldn't disbelieve it, could you? You're going to have your healing then.
I want to ask you, what could she touch out there? She's, I guess, thirty feet from me. She didn't--she isn't touching me; she's touching Him. See? That's what it is. She touched Him, and He just spoke back. You see? If the church would ever wake up to that and realize what that is... All right.
Be reverent now. Don't be afraid. "Be not afraid. It is I." It's the Lord Jesus. You know it isn't me, 'cause... And it's got to be some spirit and power, so whatever you think it is... To me it's Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, confirming exactly what He said. Now, sir, not knowing you and we being strangers to each other, if the Lord Jesus will reveal something about you, or something you're wanting, or something you're wanting for somebody else, or whatever the case may be, you'll believe Him, won't you?
You're up for an operation. Should have another operation, 'cause you've had one. And that operation was for a kidney stone, and you're back again. That's a chemical condition of your body which is causing that. That's the only thing that can cause--ever be is for God to remove the chemical part of your body that's causing it to. At least that's what the specialist said.
Your wife is standing right down there in the prayer line, wanting... kidney trouble too. How about you just turning around, and go down there laying your hands on your wife and praying for her? You believe with all your heart the Lord Jesus will--will perform, and do, and grant, and make her--make her well?
Our heavenly Father, as they lay hands on each other, I condemn the devil that's done it, and may they both be healed, and go home and be well for the Kingdom of God's sake. Grant it, Father. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen.
All right, don't doubt in your heart now. Believe with all your heart. Step right out of the line, sister, and go right with him. Go home, and forget about ever having it, and get well. [Matthew 14:17], [Mark 6:50], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-94 I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe that He's here now. I believe He's the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star. I believe that He's here today, appearing in among the people, showing to them that the end is nigh; and that soon He's coming to catch away a church. And the ministry of His ministers are shaping right into His own ministry that He had here on earth, to catch away the entire church. I believe it with all my heart. All right.
Now, please... How... I'm--I've run over my time. I'm sorry. Let's have this one woman here. Then, would you just... Just a minute. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-95 How do you do, sister? You was up here, so I think you need to be prayed for. Or I'll pray for the rest of them, but I mean to you for discernment, or what we would call it (You see?), whatever it is.
You believe me to be His servant with all your heart? Your trouble's in your chest. That's right. But I keep seeing somebody else that's appearing there. It's your husband. He's not here, but you had him on your mind. You was praying for him. That's right. You believe God can tell me what his trouble is? It's in his back. That's right, isn't it? Now, you believe you're going home--go home find him all right. All right. Then just go right on that...?... and believe with all your heart, and you'll find it just the way you believe. Now, if you don't doubt it, you'll find it just that way.
Do you believe with all your heart? Sister, do you believe God can heal arthritis and make a person well? Just keep on going, saying...?...
Now, do you believe the same thing, that nervousness and arthritis will leave you, and you will be made well? Then just go right on. Thank the Lord. Believe what He done.
L-96 Look this way as you come, sister. You... God can heal heart trouble the same as He can heal anything else. Don't you believe that? You believe it with all your heart? Then raise up your hands, say, "I accept it." Go right on your road receiving it in Christ, and be made whole in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Go believing. All right.
The man is crippled by some... Come this way, sir. I see you're crippled up. Look at me and believe. Will you believe it? All right. If you'll believe it, all the arthritis will leave you, and you'll go home, be well. You believe He will do that? Then if you do, just keep on walking through and saying, "Praise God." I want to lay hands on you as you pass by. Come by saying, "Thanks and praise be to God," and believe it with all your heart that it...?...
I want to ask you something. With that precious book under your arm, what if I just laid my hands upon you? Would you believe you'd get well? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, go and get well. Amen. All right.
L-97 Come. What do you think, sister? Them old nervous spells has been bothering you? You believe they're going to leave now? As you pass under the shadow of the cross, go on rejoicing, and saying, "They'll never bother you no more."
Look this way, sir. You have many things bothering you like prostate and so forth. But your main thing is heart trouble. Go on your road and say, "I'm healed in the Name of the Lord Jesus."...?... all your heart. Just believe with all your heart.
Look this way, lady. You believe your back trouble will get all right, and you go home and be well? All right. Just keep walking, saying, "Thanks be to God," and be all right and through our Lord Jesus Christ.
L-98 The lady has a lady's trouble, and also I see she's bothered with smothering in her heart. Come right on past and say, "I believe with all my heart. I'm going home, and it's going to quit bothering me. I'm going to be all right." Thanks be to God, and...?... and to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Here comes a man, looks like he ought to have faith. What if you just pass by, I lay hands on you? The Bible says "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands on the sick they'll get well." Do you believe it? Come right by then. In the Name Jesus Christ may he be healed. Amen.
Nervousness, arthritis, and weakness, cramps, and heart trouble, you believe with all your heart you're going to get well now? You just go right on the road, just rejoicing, saying, "Thanks be to God," and God will give you the victory. You believe it with all your heart? All right. Somebody else coming now? All right. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-99 You going to believe? What if I just laid my hands on you, and didn't say nothing? You know I know what's wrong with you. What if I just laid my hands on you, would you think... When you shouted out there a few minutes ago, what if I told you it left you? Would you believe it? All right. Go right on. Thank the Lord...?...
All right, I'm going... All right bring this lady. What do you think, sister, as you come? You believe it that He... If I said anything, or didn't say anything, you'd get well anyhow? Would you believe that anyhow if I just laid... There's some kind of a spirit here; you know that. You believe it's the Spirit of the Lord that's on us? You do? Then your back trouble... Well, I done told you anyhow, so go on. See, go on... Believe--believe with all your heart.
L-100 How many believes out there with all your heart now? You believe? He's God. Do you believe that? He's God on the housetop; He's God on the church; He's God in the church; He's--He's God everywhere. He's God.
I thought that Light was following a lady, but it was that colored lady setting there, you. Yes. You believe me to be His prophet, or His servant, that colored lady setting there with the white hat on and white looking dress? You believe God can tell me while you're in contact with His Spirit what's wrong with you? Would you accept it? Then your bladder trouble won't bother you no more.
L-101 Will you do--will you do me a favor now? Lay your hands over on the lady setting next to you, 'cause she's bothered with her eyes. That's right. Lay your hands on her. All right. Will you do me a favor next? The lady setting next to you is bothered with a diarrhea, dysentery, diarrhea. That's right. Raise up your hand. Put your hand over on her, ask that it--she'll be made well.
What about the lady setting next to her? You believe with all your heart, lady? Your trouble's in your side, your right side. Believe with all your heart, it'll leave you. You do it? What about the lady setting next to her? You believe with all your heart? You have smothering spells, can't get your breath right. You will now, 'cause it's God.
L-102 Do you believe with all your heart? Lay your hands over on one another now. Now, for the sake of those who are setting by you, are you a believer? Raise up your hand if you're a believer. Now, lay that believing hand over on somebody else. Here's what God said. He said this: "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."
The Holy Spirit's out there, just the same as It is up here in these men. He's everywhere. Do you believe it? Then you pray for the person you got your hand on. Lay your hand over on them and pray now. Pray for the person. [Mark 16:17-18]
L-103 Heavenly Father, we bring to You this audience of believers, thanking You that Your Presence is here with us. We don't only feeled You, but we see You working among Your people, confirming Your Word with signs following.
Now, there's many sick in the audience. The hours are late. But Lord, Thou art the great omnipotent God. I pray that You'll hear the prayer of Your servant. And as these believing people have their hands on one another, praying a prayer of faith... And You said, "The prayer of faith shall save the sick. God shall raise them up." [James 5:15]
L-104 Father, what a group of unbelievers it would make us, if we disbelieve Your Presence here with us now, after we have feeled You, see Your Word, preach Your Word, see Your Word operate through all of us here in the building, feeling Your Presence, knowing You're here. And now, we're obeying Your commandments as believers to lay hands on each other, that the prayer of faith will save the sick.
Now, Lord, hear my prayer. I lay my prayer upon the altar. I lay my faith up there with them. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, we go to meet the devil in his challenge of unbelief. Come out, Satan, from these people. Leave them alone. We charge you by the living God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to leave the people and come out of them, that they be made well. [James 5:15]
L-105 All you that believe that a believer has his hands on you, and you believe that the Presence of Christ is here now, if you're not scared... If you're afraid and say, "Oh, I don't know," then your little boat might sink. But if you can hear Him say in His message, "Be not afraid. It's I, Jesus Christ," the very proclamation of the Bible made known, there is enough faith right here now, if you'll just, well...?...
Seems like something wants to hold you back, that you say, "Oh, I--I don't know. I've been in meetings before." See, I know just exactly what you're thinking. See? It ain't me; it is Him telling me. If you will do this... Remember, I say it as a minister, as your brother. If you'll just let all those thoughts lay aside, and know that a believer has laid their hands on you... [Matthew 14:27], [Mark 6:50]
L-106 And Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." And if Abraham, our father, believed God for twenty-five years for a promise, how much more ought the royal seed of Abraham to believe God's promise? Do you accept it? Do you believe it? And if you believe it's the truth, make a testimony to God. Stand up to your feet in a testimony that, "I now accept my healing. I believe that I'm healed, because I'm in the Presence of God and a believer has laid his hands upon me. Praise be to God Who gives us the victory." Amen. [Mark 16:17-18]

62-0621e - Great Western Exhibit Center, South Gate, CA (Paragraphs: 49 - 63)
L-50 Now, let's take just rows, and let Him speak by rows. All along through there now, that doesn't have a prayer card... Now, if you got a prayer card, don't raise your hand. The ones without a prayer card, anywhere in this right hand row, raise up your hand, say, "Brother Branham, I'm praying." If it's not for yourself, pray for somebody else, anything you want to. Just have a request. Pray. All right. God bless you.
Now, look this a-way and say in your heart, "Lord Jesus, I believe Your Word." And the Bible says in Hebrews the 4th chapter... Now, we know before we say this, that Jesus was the Word of God made flesh. Is that right? The Bible says in Hebrews 4, that the Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, dividing asunder the marrow of the bone, and a discerner of the thoughts of the heart. [Hebrews 4:12]
L-51 That's the reason He could look upon them and say, "Thy faith has saved thee." He caught it. That's the Word. "And if ye abide in Me, and My Word in you..." Don't get some denominational man-made doctrine mixed up in you. Stay pure unadulterated with the Word. "If ye abide in Me and My Word in you, ask what you will..." for the Word is a discerner of the thoughts of the heart. Just believe now. Have faith. See if He confirms what I've said to be the truth.
Just be reverent a moment. Preaching... And then, I--I was going to make an altar call. But He's the One called me to do this, so surely He will help me. [Luke 8:48], [Mark 5:34], [John 15:17], [Hebrews 4:12]
L-52 Yes. There it is. That lady setting right back there, kind of a orange-red dress on, a praying for her mother, she's nodding her head this a-way. She has dark hair. Raise up just a minute, lady. Yes. Have you a prayer card? You do not. A real strange thing happened to you just a moment ago. You felt real--like something real humble and sweet around you. I'm looking directly at that Pillar of Fire, right over where that woman's standing.
She's praying for her mother. Her mother isn't here. Do you believe God can tell me what's wrong with your mother? Would you believe then, with all your heart? She has heart trouble. That's... If that's right, raise up your hand. Now, when you go, find her well. Amen. Do you believe?
L-53 Now, in this row, pray, and say, "Lord God, that little preacher standing there doesn't know me, but You know me. And I'm touching Your garment. Let me, Lord, let me."
Here, right over a colored man setting out here on the end of the row... He's facing an operation. You, sir. Have you a prayer card? You don't. You don't need one. A bladder trouble. You believe that God can heal that bladder trouble? Do you believe me? (There's a fine spirit right there.) Do you believe me to be God's prophet, or His servant? Excuse me, that stumbles people. You believe it? With all your heart? Thank you, sir. That's the way to believe on them that God sent. If you want to prosper, you know what He said do. Mr. Benton, that's your name. You're not from here. You're from a city called Compton. If you'll believe with all your heart, it's over. God bless you.
L-54 Do you believe? Right straight back the line is a lady. She's praying for a loved one, and the loved one has a stroke. It's an elderly man. The lady, Mrs. Dawson, believe. Have you a prayer card, lady? You do not. I do not know you. You're a stranger to me, but you're praying for a loved one, and that loved one has a stroke. It's a grandfather. And he doesn't live here. He lives at a place called Bakersfield, and he is a minister of the Gospel. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
L-55 You believe? Have faith now. This lady setting here praying, that's got heart trouble, setting right back there looking at me, do you believe that God will make you well, lady? The gray-headed lady, shaking her head, right straight over here... All right, you, yes. You believe that God will make you well? Have you a prayer card? You do not. You don't need it. Your heart trouble has left you now.
Now look, you continue on. Now, if you lose the faith... You feel all right, right now. The faith that can make you feel all right, right now, can keep you that way as long as you keep that faith. And don't you doubt it. Amen.
L-56 I... See it's right here over this lady in this--just behind the lady in the wheelchair. It's a woman back there. Yes, it's a--the lady--this lady setting there praying for her--her mother, that's setting next to her there. You're praying for her. Do you believe that God can tell me what's wrong with her? Will you... Have you a prayer card? You do not. All right. If you believe that Bright's disease will leave her, it will leave her. Lay your hand over on her, and believe with all your heart, and she'll get well. Don't you doubt.
L-57 Oh, He is the rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, the confirmation that He's alive forevermore. Do you believe it? Would you like to come at this time, as an invitation? All--every soul of sin oppressed, will you come now and stand here? If He will let me know what the people's troubles and all about these things... He tells me now, there's people in here that ought to come and surrender their life to Him. Will you come? Raise right up out of your seat, you that raised your hand. Come right here and stand. You that's never been borned again, know nothing about God and these things, will you come now? In His Presence, if you believe that this is the Holy Spirit, come now while we stand and sing some hymn, whatever you've--you have chosen, anything. [Song of Solomon 2:1]
L-58 And while we stand and sing this song, I want you to come right now, before we go on with the prayer service. Let's--let's see--have this over, 'cause something said just then, "Make your altar call now. You preached on confirmation, and here you are. I've confirmed that I'm here." Amen.
If you can't see that, friends, you're--you're blind. There's something wrong. You're without hope, when God's doing a thing like that. How many believes He's here? How many believes it's Him? I'm positive, with all my heart, with my Bible. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the great I AM (not I was, I AM), is here performing in the flesh of these people the same thing He did when He was in human flesh on this earth. Hallelujah. I believe it with all my heart. Do you believe the same thing?
L-59 While we all stand, come this way everyone; I'd like to shake your hand, stand here and touch you. And--and if you want to find Christ, ask forgiveness of your sins.
... surrender all,
I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
That's right. Come right out and come down this way.
... surrender all,
I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
L-60 Just a moment. A rebuke of the Holy Spirit: when some two hundred hands or better went up a few moments ago, and when I made the altar call, about three hundred went out the door, going the other way, and a little boy, two of them, has come and knelt down here by the side. Talk about a Sodom and Gomorrah, talk about a day of judgment at hand, when God in His mercy, showing everything that He can do, and people so Gospel-hardened till they walk right out in the face of the Holy Ghost.
Say, "Them wasn't people..." Yes. It was people should've come. If I know what this is, I know what that was. Yes, sir. The Holy Spirit was terrifically grieved. And you may have done it your last time. I hope not. But you may have done it your last time. This is of the Lord. And just remember; I'm not a quack; I'm not a fanatic. I know exactly where I am, and what I'm talking about. Yeah.
L-61 No wonder we can't have the revivals. No wonder Los Angeles, and the rest of the world, is on its road to hell. No wonder you're ripening for an atomic bomb. You little children, nestle down by the side of the cross and stay there.
The hour's at hand. I went into Bombay, India, here not long ago. I picked up a paper, said, "The sign of the earthquake is over." Two or three days before the earthquake come, all the little birds flew away from their nests in the rock walls. All the sheep and cattle that stood around the sides of the walls, they all went out in the field, and stood around holding against one another, kind of leaning like this, against one another, making shade for each other.
Why? There was an instinct. Something told them that there was an earthquake coming. The earthquake shook those walls down. If they'd have stayed in there, they would've perished. But now, after the earthquake was over, they come back to the walls again that were standing up.
L-62 Now, let me tell you, friend. That God of Moses Who could take them in the ark, could take them away from them walls. And if God by instinct in a bird, could call it from danger, how much more ought it to call human beings, who are inspired by the Holy Ghost? What an evil thing. What an adulterous generation. What an evil place that we're living in. What a sinful, ungodly nation that we have: God forsaken, God-hating, sign seekers, bandwagon riders, impersonators, carnal comparisons. Led up with a bunch of nothing, coming to the end of the road. I speak that in the Name of the Lord. Once more I'll call. It's up to you to answer. All right.
I surrender all,
(Come, sinner, in the Presence of God.) I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
I surrender (I surrender all),
I... (...?... song...?...)
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
L-63 Remember, someday I'll stand in your presence in the face of God, when this generation comes up. I offer you tonight freedom from your sins through Jesus Christ. I offer you peace that passes understanding. I offer you the baptism of the Holy Ghost, if you'll follow the directions of God's Bible. Won't you come, receive it? I...
While the ministers go down, if they will, around these people...
I surrender all, I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.
I surrender (I surrender all),
I surrender (I surrender all),
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.

Let's get our hands up now and praise God, every one of us. Surrender your life.
Lord Jesus, receive our offering, Lord. These people that's on the altar, receive them, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

62-0622e - Great Western Exhibit Center, South Gate, CA (Paragraphs: 70 - 78)
L-71 Now, if you're a rugged Christian, if you're a real servant of Christ, I have tonight blessings for the people. I have a gift that'll work among the people. That's a confirmation I've told you the truth. You think God, the Father, would ever send down a hypocrite or a bogus message, and then turn around and confirm that message? That's not our God. Our God's pure, unadulterated, and holy. He has nothing to do with errors. He's Truth, and He stays by His Word. He is the Word.
L-72 Now, let the sick look this way and believe. I'm not a healer; I'm your brother. You believe. See if the inoculation is right. See if what He said, "The works that I do shall you do also," John 14:12.
This lady setting on the front row here, widow woman praying for her son. You believe that God will grant your request to you? An alcoholic, drinks. You believe God will take care of it? Do you have a prayer card? You don't? You don't need one. If you'll believe with all your heart, it'll leave him.
Now, I don't know that woman. Never seen her. But God knows her. That's right. God is God. Amen. [John 20:2]
L-73 That woman setting right back there praying for her husband, red polka-dot dress on. If she'll believe with all of her heart, God will grant the request to her, if she'll just absolutely believe it. God bless you. I don't know the woman. She don't need no prayer card. Have you got one? You don't? You have a prayer card? You have one? Well, you don't have to use it. You don't have to come in the line. You just don't doubt what you've said--what's been told you to be the truth, and you can have what you said. Amen. Amen.
Oh, I'm so glad for the inoculation from unbelief. What is sin? Unbelief. He that believeth not is condemned already, has not even get to first base. You're out of the game altogether, put out before you even got to the plate. You've got to believe every Word of God. Jesus said, "The works that I do..." If my... If God's spirit dwells in you, won't it produce the same life that was in Him? Sure, it will.
L-74 Little woman setting there with that trouble with her breast, if she'll believe, God will make her well. You believe it, lady? You do? You don't have a prayer card? You don't need one if you'll believe it. That swelling will go down and you'll be normal and well. Will you believe it? All right.
Here sets a woman setting here with her head down, praying. The woman's going to die if God don't help her. She's not from here. You have more faith than you thought you had. You're from down around Santa Anna. You've got cancer, setting in the wheel... You've been operated on for it. Do you have a prayer card? You don't? You don't need one. You got cancer. It's come back. God will heal you.
Listen. Someone brought you here tonight that was here last night, and had enough faith to be called out of the line and healed with heart trouble. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Here's another thing. I see you are a woman preacher. That's right. Now, if you believe God and won't doubt in your heart, you'll go on with your message. You just believe.
L-75 If I was in your place, I believe I would get up out of that chair, and walk out of this building, and take God... You're going to die setting there, so I'd come from that chair, and go believing God, and go be well. You're going to die setting there. The doctors can do nothing for you. They've done tried.
Like the lepers setting at the gate said, "Why set we here till we die?" If they go in the city, at Samaria... They was already starving, eating one another's children. If they set there, they died. They had to go down to the enemy's camp. And they took that chance. You don't have to take that chance.
You're not invited to an enemy's camp; you're invited to the throne of your Father that's expecting you to come tonight. If you've got faith enough to touch the border of Jesus Christ's garment, that He'd use my voice to speak back to you, then have that--keep that faith and walk out of here and be well. If you'll believe it, He will. Amen.
L-76 I challenge every person in here to believe that inoculation. Do you believe it? All of you believe it? Then stand up on your feet and receive your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. That's right. Amen. Take your chair and push it on home. There she is, up out of the chair...?... for the Kingdom of God. Do you believe? Glory.
Now, don't you see He's here? The inoculation, the Balm is here. Glory to God. Believe it friends, don't be afraid to trust Him. Hallelujah. Where's your faith?
You feel different, don't you, sister? You take your old wheelchair now and go home and be well. Take... Don't you doubt. Don't you doubt. Just keep the same faith you've got. If you got enough... You know a woman touched His garment. Well, you did the same thing. Then go and believe.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him.
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain."
Let's sing it everybody. Raise our hands.
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each...
All right. All you that raised your hands for salvation come forward now, while we sing again.

I will praise Him, (Come right on now.) I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each...
L-78 Have you never took the prescription? Have you never been inoculated, never tried the prescription, never been filled with the Holy Ghost? Why don't you come now? This is it. God confirms that He's here. There's Balm in Gilead. There's
Balm; there's physicians. Why don't you come while we sing it again.

I will praise Him, I (If you want the Holy Ghost, come on.)
Praise the lamb for sinners slain;
Oh, give (Lord Jesus, grant these requests. Make them well in Jesus' Name.) people
For His Blood has washed away...
Come on, everyone come right on, all you that need Christ.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory all ye people,
For His Blood has washed...

Come on, the water's troubled. Come on in, everybody while you can. While the water's troubled, come on. If you've got a need of God, come on.
Praise the lamb for sinners slain;
Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him... people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.

I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners...
Won't you come on now, before it's too late?
Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each stain.

I will praise Him, I will praise him, (...?... Him)
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood has washed away each...
Let's raise our hands now and praise Him.

I will praise Him...

62-0623 - Great Western Exhibit Center, South Gate, CA (Paragraphs: 126 - 131)
L-127 Now. Then if that Spirit don't bear the same record that Jesus Christ bears, then it isn't the same Spirit. But if it does, it's Him among us...?... Can you believe it with all your heart?
Pray. Somebody in this district over here, just pray and look this way. Believe with all you...?... The Holy Spirit's here. Now, I take every spirit in here under my control in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. Set still now. These diseases will go from one to the other. You know that. Just pray.
Yes. Look here. Do you see that Light right over that man standing there, that little glow of Light right over a man that's got his head bowed. He's got back trouble. He's up for an operation on his back. Arthur, rise up and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.
Now, I want to ask you something. I want to ask, brethren. What did he touch? He never touched me. He's twenty yards from me. Yes, sir. If we are strangers to one another, just shake your hand back and forth, the man that was just touched then by God. If we don't know one another, shake your hand. What? But God did know him.
L-128 Right down the row from him there is a little thin Mexican woman. She's praying for her husband's got a nervous condition. Believe, sister. He will be well. You believe it? God bless you. We're strangers...?... Just don't doubt. Have faith. You see what He is?
In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established. Here, looky there. Look at that woman. There's a heavy-set woman setting there. She's got an ulcer, bleeding ulcer on her leg. It's on her left leg. And she was setting there praying, "Lord Jesus, let it be me." If that's right, hold your hand...?... I don't know the woman. She's a stranger. If that's right, wave your hand, if we're strangers...?... How could I know what she's praying about? The same God that can hear prayer can answer prayer. He's God. Amen.
L-129 What about this woman setting there with the green dress on? You believe me to be God's prophet? We're strangers to one another, are we? If God will tell me what your desire is, will you believe it? You're seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. If that's right, raise up your hand. Receive the Holy Ghost in Jesus Christ Name.
You believe with all your heart? Just have faith. Don't doubt. Believe the Word of God. Are you ready to believe?
Here, here It is. This man setting here in this wheelchair. Sir, I believe you can do... "I just can't do it." But the Light was over you just a few moments ago. Continue to pray.
L-130 Lady, setting here, right here in front of me. She's just had an operation, a complete hysterectomy, female glands. It hasn't done well. It's bad. You believe that God can heal you? You believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? You do? You believe that God knows who you are if He will let me call your name? Mrs. Cole, you believe with all your heart. You live at 700 block on east Maple Street, Glendale. Go home and believe, and Jesus Christ makes you well.
By the way, that's your mother setting right behind you, and she's suffering. That thrilled her so much to see her daughter healed. You have a lump in your abdomen here; you're praying about that. Do you believe with all your heart? Then you shall...?... be healed. Have faith.
L-131 Here It is over man...?... sir. you've got...?... You--you will die if you set there. That's all. You got fluid in your lung...?... God bless you. Amen. Let's say "Praise the Lord."
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His Blood can wash away each...
Stand up on your feet...?... praise...?...
I will praise Him, I will praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain;
O, give Him glory, (There he comes back through...?...)

62-0624 - Great Western Exhibit Center, South Gate, CA (Paragraphs: 80 - 94)
L-81 Got...?... Now, how many has prayer cards? All right, where did we start from the other night, or left off? Was it about 20? What was it in? I, wasn't it? I-20 is it here? That's where we left off, I-20. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, in I. All right. Now, the ushers will help you here to stay in line. 25, 26, 27, 28. All the I's. In the I's, bring that. Prayer card I-20 to 100.
What's the next one? J? All right, sir. All right, while they're coming, we're going to pray... Let's see, how we get through all of them? All right, you all pray...?... [Brother Branham speaks to someone on the platform--Ed.]
Now, J2. All that's got prayer cards stand up. We're going to do something a little different right now, than what we have been doing. All that's got prayer cards stand up over here.
All things are possible, only believe.
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only (Now, just stand right there just a minute.), only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
L-82 Now, so that you won't think that Divine healing belongs only to the evangelist, these men here have just as much right to pray for the sick as I, Oral Roberts, or any person. They're all servants of Christ. And now, if you will just believe, I want to lay hands on every person that comes across the platform.
Not only that, but I want my minister brothers to be with me, to help lay hands on the sick, each one of you, so that you'll see that it's... your congregation can see that just 'cause you're not the evangelist, that don't mean God's not with you, just...?... the same as anybody here.
L-83 And now, now, to you people that's going to come on the prayer line, if you come expecting to be healed, you'll walk off that platform well. Now, how... Now look, don't misunderstand me now. You better get this clear 'cause here is a wall... But if you're not getting it clear, something's fixing to happen. I--I--I love you, and I want to help you, but you must listen what I'm going to tell you.
L-84 How could a human being ever be able to discern thoughts in people, and watch what happens? Now, is that right? If them steps had been done in--in Sodom, it would been standing yet today. See? Greater... it's even... There's been more happened right there in that line than there is written in the entire Bible. In this meeting more has been done in that line of the super sign of the resurrection of Christ, and His Presence, showing that He's the same God, the same One, with the same sign, doing the same things. And He said Himself, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me first what to do." Is that right?
Now, if He were standing here right now, wearing this suit, He could not heal you unless you believed Him. Now, He could tell you what was your trouble, a lot of things like that. But He couldn't heal you, because He's already done it. By His stripes we were healed. Is that right? Already over, it's done done. [John 8:28], [Isaiah 53:5], [I Peter 2:24]
L-85 Every person, now, listen close. This week I have tried to get you to see the greater way of doing it. Now, there was a Jew one time that said, "Come, lay your hands on my daughter, and she'll live." That was a Jewish custom, laying on of hands.
But the Roman, the Gentile, said, "I'm not worthy that You come under my roof. Just speak the word." And when you see His Word made manifest not only with me, but with you: my faith in the gift, your faith in the God that sent the gift, and see it working between us; that's God.
I just wish I could get that to...?... If I could only get this little group to see that, there'll be another Pentecost happen right here...?... If I could just get you to really comprehend what He is. Now, just let me go through it again.
L-86 Be real reverent. Now, look. God promised these things to happen in the last days. Here they are happening. I, in myself, I'm an ignoramus, don't even have a common school education, know nothing about these things. The heavenly Father knows that's so. But when I was born in the world, when I was just a little boy...
I've seen visions and it's been ten of thousands of them, and every one of them has been perfect. Not one thing has ever predict anything, but what happened just exactly the way It said it would happen. See? Now, then you set there, and you claim to be a Christian with faith. Then your own faith goes to the--to the throne of God, and touches the High Priest; and He turns back through a gift and answers right back to show that He's the same God that was, that's in me and in you. He's the same God.
L-87 Now, that's... Have you ever seen the picture of it back here, probably's got it? That same Angel, that Light that you look at on that picture (When I meet you at the judgment bar, remember this is truth.), it isn't two foot from where I'm walking around right now. That's right. If you don't believe it, start thinking something evil about it...?... talk to...?... about it. See, God is still God. He has to be God. He is God. He's always been God. And now look. If that anointing here...
Now, maybe the brothers don't do that, but these are other ministers, there's nine gifts been sent to the church by God. Is that right? Apostles (which means missionaries), apostles, prophets (that's seers), and--and teachers, pastors, evangelists. That's all these gifts setting here together, now not only one office, but all of these offices together, with the Holy Spirit come manifesting them. [I Corinthians 12:1-10], [Ephesians 4:11]
L-88 These pastors, they've taught you the way to live. You've followed their instructions to receive the Holy Ghost. You receive their--the Holy Ghost and receive salvation by following exactly what those teachers told you to do. Now, I've come and told you to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, He'd speak back. And here it is through another gift. Now, you're passing under the hand of every one of them gifts. How can you fail? It can't fail. When you walk across this platform, and the first man lays his hand on you, say, "Thank you, God, for healing me," go off there rejoicing...?... Now, let's bow our heads, everybody.
L-89 Lord, at the close of this five-day meeting, I realize here today the sincerity of the people. And I realize that the hustle and bustle, and the strain... Satan would throw that confusion among them to keep them from having faith. But we're asking You, Lord, to hold him back. Let the Spirit of Christ reign him out of here. And let the people as they pass over the platform remember they're following just exactly what the Scripture said do. "These signs shall follow them that believe."
Surely, with five straight services, confirmation of Your Presence by speaking with tongues, by interpretation of tongues, by healing the people, bringing them out of wheelchairs, and around over the place, and diseases, and--and things has been spoken and told the people. And then, seeing the power of God save them, seeing all these things happen, surely they believe. Make known the hearts, the secret even in the heart, and the people that they're praying for, their loved ones and so forth. Surely they can see it's the lovely Lord Jesus. [Mark 16:17]
L-90 Now, let Him come in His power, in His force. I bless my brethren here, Lord, that's going to stand with me, these pastors and teachers that's helped me, that stood here by me. God bless them. May their hands and body be charged with the Holy Ghost.
And if these people's sick, that's--that's somebody's children, somebody's mother, somebody's dad, somebody's husband, somebody's wife. It could be mine. O God, with the deepest of sincerity, let those people understand that they are already healed. They only have to accept it. Grant it. By His stripes we were healed, and may each one be healed that passes through this line this afternoon, as we lay hands upon them in Jesus' Name. Amen. [I Peter 2:24]
L-91 I'm going to ask my brethren here that you'll make a line, right along here. Come right up here on the platform. Come right over and make a line facing back this a way...?... That's right...?... Now, now, form another line right on this side. Amen.
It's time for action now. The Holy Spirit showed Hisself present. The Word has confirmed Itself. Now, it's your time to act. This is your time. How many believes? All right, as you trail through this line this afternoon, come through believing. Go back to your seat, giving God praise. No matter what's wrong with you, believe anyhow.
L-92 If there's any crippled, I think there's somebody here to--to push a wheelchair. Let them push them right up along here. We'll come down there and pray for them. They don't have to bring them on the platform. We'll come down there. You won't have to lift them up, or anything. Just bring them right along here, and we'll come down and pray for them.
Now, how many in this building that's well can go to join with us in prayer? Now, turn around if you, put your hands on these people and pray for them. Look up on this platform here. The Presence of the Holy Ghost, a super sign. This sign has never been done in the church since the days of the apostles. Here's a historian standing here right now. Never been done since the days of the apostles. Why? This is the evening Light. Sodom is all around here. It's to the called-out church.
L-93 Now, this is the thing that God wants you to do. Pass through here, and as soon as you come through, come with your faith set on God, and say, "I believe it right now, Lord, and I accept it." Walk right off the platform. It's over then. All right.
Now, I want all the people in the audience also to pray with us now, as we bow our heads as the people comes through. Let's lay this off here, so no one will step on it...?... Now, brothers, one of you here will take this. Brother Cox, maybe if you'll...?...
L-94 Oh, something's got to happen, hasn't it? How many believes it is? I do. Now, let us all bow our heads now, reverently, while we pray, and let the audience start coming through now.
Our heavenly Father, this woman is breaking forward now in this great prayer line for this afternoon. She's coming through first. Hand after hand will be laid on her, and others, as they pass, while prayers are going up everywhere.
Now, Lord, this is... I don't believe You could do any more than what You've already done. You've showed Your Presence, You've confirmed Your Word, done all these great things. And now, Lord God, let it be so. Let each one be healed as they pass through. In the Name of Jesus Christ, grant it, Lord, as they go. In the Name of Jesus...?... healing, Grant it, Lord...?... [Brother Branham prays for more sick people--Ed.] The Holy Ghost is here...?...
Go believing now; take Him at His Word...?...
I want to stop the line just a minute. You see this little colored boy? Last night he was healed and taken from a paralyzed, in a wheelchair, here he is walking through here to give God glory...?...
Keep praying everybody, keep praying. You're in the Presence of God.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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