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Prayer Line 62-09
62-pl-09, Prayer Line 62-09, 67 min

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62-0701 - National Guard Armory, Santa Maria, CA (Paragraphs: 116 - 127)
L-117 Now, to you that's coming in this prayer line, these elders and people standing here, Christians that's filled with the Holy Spirit, is going, with along with myself, is going to lay hands on every person that passes through here. And you know that you're going to be healed. Go right off of here and say, "It's all right. I'm going to be well. That settles it."
Now, when this line is over, then we're going to call section after section, 'till everybody gets prayed for that wants be prayed for. I promised it.
L-118 How many out there will be praying for this prayer line? Raise your hands. All right. Brother, on the organ, give us that song "Only believe" now, and let's pray now. Everybody, and brother, sister, stand right where you are. Don't let a person come by without laying hands on them.
Get someone here, now, who can help the people on the platform, someone can help them off. Come here, Brother Fred, if you will. Brother Fred Sothmann there, one of my trustees, come here and help the people off the platform as they come on. Stand right along here. And somebody come down there to help down there. Or have they got--they got... Yeah, they got an usher down there. Fine. All right, let's bow our heads now.
L-119 Our heavenly Father, we are here to help You. And we realize as we minister to Your children, You said, "Insomuch as you have done unto the least of these that believe in Me, you have did it to Me." Now, here's mothers, fathers, sweethearts, children, standing in this line here, little babies. And we pray, heavenly Father, that as we in our humble way, with all that we know how to do for the people is preach the Word, explain It to them. Then we see You come down and discern the thoughts of the people, proving that You're here. That makes You the great Pillar of Fire, the great Christ of God, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Then these anointed people with Your Spirit stands here to lay hands on the sick. God... Pray that there'll not be one unbeliever among them, and everyone may go from here happy, rejoicing, and watching the disease and affliction of their body leave. Grant it, Father. We commit them to You in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Matthew 25:40]
L-120 Now, I want some song leader who can lead songs. Come here, Roy. I want everybody with your heads bowed now, in prayer, and singing in your heart, "Only believe. All things are possible," while Brother Borders leads the song. Everybody start praying now as we pray.
Only believe (everybody singing now),
Only believe,

[Brother Branham prays for the people.]
L-121 Everybody prayed for now? Isn't He wonderful? I noticed coming through the lines... Now, just remember, there's people here could testify that has been in other meetings, and just passed through a line, be prayed for. And we could pile this thing here full of letters of testimony, signed statements by doctors: cancer, strokes, polio, everything healed. You see, you must just anchor and take a hold of it. Don't leave it; just stay right there. Now, you remember, you begin to notice after while...
L-122 Just recently we had a meeting, and there was a lady come through the line, and she was a... It told her about what was her trouble. She had a stomach trouble, a peptic ulcer in her stomach. And it told her, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." And said it, told her to go home and eat.
And then another lady come through, and she had a growth on the side of her neck here (oh, I guess an inch long, or something), and told her the same thing: she's going to be well. And so they was neighbors.
And the lady with the peptic ulcer went on. She tried to eat and she just couldn't eat. And she would try to take some food, and she'd just vomit it up. And finally, it went on for about two or three weeks, and she just... She looked like it was just going to lose. And then we, in another part of the country about three weeks four weeks later...
L-123 And one morning her children was going to school, and she got up. And every time she'd take anything she'd just--just burn and hurt, and she'd just vomit it up. And finally her husband said, "Honey, I--I believe you're bringing a reproach upon the cause of Christ."
Now, you can't do that when you're confessing. "Confess" means "say the same thing." Confession... When you go to a attorney to--to make a confession, you say the same thing. And you're saying, "By His stripes I am healed." That's what He said. And you're confessing that He's done it. And she kept on. [I Peter 2:24], [Isaiah 53:5]
L-124 So one morning she was standing there washing the dishes, crying. And she... All at once she felt a little funny feeling, she said, come over her, and her stomach begin to feel cool. Well, she never noticed it. She just went ahead washing the dishes. She got real hungry. (The woman may be setting here now, for all I know.) And she said the children had left some oats in their plate, you know, rolled oats, you know, cooked. And usually them just burnt her up, with a peptic ulcer. So she took a spoonful or two, and it didn't bother her.
And then, after while she ate a piece of toast. It didn't bother her. So then, she just fried her up a couple of eggs, and got a cup of coffee, and just had a regular gastronomical jubilee. She just eat right on, didn't bother her. And she waited about two or three hours, nothing harm--no harm.
L-125 She run down to her neighbor to tell her neighbor, and her neighbor was screaming. She thought something had happened. And here she was shaking the sheets in the bed. She'd just got up. The growth was gone. They couldn't find it. She was shaking the sheets, trying to find it. And they both come to the meeting to give testimony before about five thousand people. What happened? The Angel of the Lord... See?
Now, remember, Daniel prayed, and it was twenty-one days before the Angel could get to him. How many knows that? And when the Angel of the Lord pronounced that blessing, what if she'd have give up? Satan would've came right in. But she held right on. [Daniel 10:1-14]
And He passed through the neighborhood that morning. He knows where you live, all about you. He knows you here. He knows where you're at. When He gives you the blessing, He will confirm it, if you'll just stay with it. He passed through the neighborhood, and healed them two women, going on somewhere else. He's God. Isn't He wonderful, so wonderful.
L-126 Now, I think that let's... I think it'd be nice if we would--if I could ask you a question. I prayed for you. Soon I'll be in the mission fields over there in Africa and India, where witch doctors and devils and everything... Will you pray for me? Will you be praying for me? Thank you, until we meet.
Till we meet! till we meet!
Till we meet at Jesus' feet;
Till we meet! till we meet!
God be with you till we meet...
L-127 Will you pray for me, now? Would you do that? Now, let's all just close our eyes, raise up our hands, and sing it. Organist, give us a note. I started a little low. Give us a note on "Till we meet." And now, until we meet... And if we meet no more until I cross the river, remember, I've told you the truth. I'll be there with the same testimony. I trust that if I never see you again this side of the land, I'll see you over there. But hoping I'll get to see you again here, until we meet, God be with you. All right, all together now.
Till we meet! till we meet!

62-0704 - Municipal Auditorium, Grass Valley, CA (Paragraphs: 79 - 105)
L-80 And just have faith. Don't doubt. And believe with all your heart.
Now, now each one of you now that's got a prayer card--or don't have a prayer card, and you believe; now while they're getting the line ready, look this way now.
One time there was a woman, and maybe she didn't have a prayer card, but she had what it taken: faith. And she passed through the crowd, and she said, "If I can just touch His garment, I'll be made well." How many ever heard that story? The woman with the blood issue, now, that little woman was determined she was going to touch Jesus. She said, "I believe Him. I don't care how many of the priests and all the rest of them don't believe Him; I believe Him. And I believe if I can touch His garment, I'll be made well. I believe He's Messiah." [Luke 8:44], [Matthew 9:20], [Mark 5:25-27]
L-81 Do you believe He's Messiah? Sure. Now, can you touch Him? Now, to the ministers, where's the minister brethren? All... The minister, now the... Does the Bible say, minister brethren, or all you Bible readers, that He right now (Book of Hebrews, 3rd chapter) is a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities? How many knows the Bible says it? Sure. Well, then, if He's the High Priest, and the same High Priest, would He not act the same? See? If He's the same yesterday, today, and forever (That's our subject.), He'd act the same. Now, you say... [John 4:15], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-82 Now, if you come up here and touch me, wouldn't make a bit of difference. Touch the pastors, wouldn't make a bit of difference. Touched your pastor there, whoever it is, wouldn't make a bit of different. But you touch Him.
Then how would you know you touched Him? He'd work right back and do the same thing. See? You touch Him and see if He don't speak right through here and say, "Your faith; you had so-and-so," and whatever it is, and tell you what it was, and what happened, and all about it. Now, how many's seen that done hundreds of times, just raise up your hand. See? Sure, never fail, never fail. Why? He can't fail; He's God. See? Aren't you happy to be a Christian, a real, borned again Christian, really with the victory of Christ?
L-83 Now, just you out there in the audience now, you just keep real reverent, and say, "I'm going to believe it, no matter what anybody else does, what anybody else says; I'm going to believe it with all my heart." And just be faithful and believe now. All right. All right.
They're, the brethren back there, and ministers and them, is bringing the patients out.
Now, I think, yes, this is alive. Now, if the one on... the engineer on that'll kind of keep it a little high. 'Cause sometime when the anointing strikes, then I--I don't know what I'm saying, You see, I'll have to... It's somewhere else back in life. See? And then when I... Just like you dreamed it. See? And you're dreaming like a dream, if I make it that way to you, yet you're standing right here. You go back for years in people's life, and find what they did, what's the matter, and whatmore, and bring it up like that. See? And that's the Holy Spirit. Then It tells what was, what is, what will be, so forth. You just have--watch it and listen close when you get your tapes, and It'll tell you.
L-84 Now, here's a man that's probably just maybe a little older than I. And I believe we're strangers, one another. This is our first time meeting, as far as I know, you and I, we're strangers to each other. You've been in meetings. Yes. He's been in my meetings, he said, but had never met me. Course there's millions has been in the meetings that I would never know. But we... Now here's two man that meets for our first time in life. He's just a man standing there; I don't know him. Here's the Bible; I--I don't know him; I've never seen him in my life. He's seen me, from somewhere in the audience in a meeting somewhere. But there he stands.
L-85 Maybe the man is a make-believer. Maybe he's a believer. Maybe he's not a believer at all, no way. Maybe he's just a man. Maybe he's sick; maybe he's not. Maybe it's domestic trouble, financial trouble. Maybe he's standing there for somebody else. I don't know. But there he stands, and here I am. "Now, sirs, we would see Jesus."
Now, what could I do for that man? Now, I might walk up to him, put my hands on him, say, "Are you sick, sir?" He'd say, "Yes, sir." I put my hands on him, say, "Glory to God, hallelujah. Go, you're going to get well. Hallelujah." Well, now, that could be he'd get well; depends on what he thought about it. No matter, might... Me shaking him and putting my hands on him, wouldn't do nothing. It's his faith in God that would do it. But now, he'd have a right to doubt that. But if the Holy Spirit can stand here and tell him something that he has been, like Moses wrote Genesis, then surely He could tell him what would be. He could believe that, could he?
Now, now if He would do that, if Christ would do that, how many of you would believe with all your heart? [John 12:21]
L-86 See, now see, the only one fault I find in America, they have seen so much until they just become spectators. You see? Don't do that. You honor Christ. See? Don't pay no attention to me. I'm a sinner saved by grace. But now, no matter how much God would anoint me, He's got to anoint him too. That's right; it wouldn't do a bit of good. It's got to anoint him too. He's got to anoint you (See?), anoint you out there, the Holy Spirit fall on you.
Then this is just a channel. You don't speak it yourself. He speaks through you. It's a medium in which God uses to speak through. See? It's like this microphone. That microphone is a mute unless something back here is speaking through it. And that's me, how do I know that man, never seen him, but I'm a mute to him? See?
L-87 So, "Sir, we would see Jesus." Now, what would He do? What if the man's sick, would He say, "I'm going to heal you"? He couldn't do it; He's already did it. See? "By His stripes we were healed." He did it on Calvary. But He would do something to show that He was still Messiah. Was that right? Well, then what would He do, would He say, "Look at My nail scars"? That's not what He said in the beginning. He never... He just told them what was in their heart and so forth, and they knew that was Messiah. Now, that's Him, same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe it? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen"--Ed.] [John 12:21], [Isaiah 53:5]
L-88 You say, "Brother Branham, what are you waiting on?" The Angel of the Lord. Sure. I can't do a thing. I'm waiting for It. It don't anoint me, I can't--I can't say a thing. It just depends on what...
Now, He's here. He's here now. And in the Name of Jesus Christ I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory of God.
I don't know you, sir. We are strangers. But you're present something--or conscious that something is going on. Now, the man could not hide his life. He is sick. To heal him, I cannot. There's no way for me to heal him. The man has been to a--a doctor. He's had an examination. Sure, he's up for an operation. That is right. If that's right, sir, raise up your hand.
You believe?
L-89 Say, "You guessed that, Brother Branham." I didn't.
Watch again. Look this way, sir. Just like our Lord speaking to a woman, It's His Spirit. I'm not Him. I'm a man like you, but It's His Spirit. Whatever He told you, it was right, whatever. Yeah, here it is again. Yes, yes, he's ready for an operation right now, and it's on a bladder trouble and a prostate condition. That's THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. That's right. Raise up your hand if that be so. Do you believe now that you're in His Presence? All right. Go, believing and you'll be well. Amen.
You believe? Now, it's just that simple to see Christ moving.
L-90 Now, lady, we are strangers to each other. Here's a... You've been in the meeting. When I say "stranger," that mean I don't know you, you don't know me. And I... You've seen me in the meetings and things like that. But to know, say, "Yes, Brother Branham, you come to my house, I know you; we're personal friends." I don't know you that way. And you just been in the meeting somewhere. I wouldn't have no idea, nothing about you, only just you're just a woman that's been in one, attended some meeting somewhere. Now, there was a man. Here's a woman.
L-91 Here's a picture of St. John 4, a man and a woman meets the first time in life to meet face to face, like woman, the woman of Samaria and our Lord Jesus. Now, here's a woman; I don't know her. I've never seen her. She's a total stranger. God in heaven knows that. I've never seen her. But if the Holy Spirit will tell her what she is here for, somebody else or whatever it is, domestic, financial, what--or sickness or whatever it is, then she'll have to admit that there's some supernatural power here to do that. Is that right? See?
Now it depends on what you think It is. You can say, "Beelzebub" or you can say, "Christ." You, if you say "Beelzebub," you get his reward. See? Say "Christ," it's His reward. You must believe.
Now, what a place it puts you. Does somebody want to take this place? If you don't believe it, come here and take my place once. [Brother Branham pauses--Ed.] Always a quiet audience when that's asked.
L-92 Now, sister, look this way. Why'd I call you "sister" when I looked around? I had my back turned to you. But I felt the Spirit on you, that you are a Christian. You're a believer. I don't know you, but I know you're a Christian. Because the Spirit that's on you, and the Spirit that's on me is a relative. You see? You--you just feel like you're welcome, you know, just making It feel good, you're welcome.
Now, if the Holy Spirit, like Jesus speaking to the woman at the well, here we are, just a little panoramic like the well at Sychar, I was talking about. Now, being that we're both believers, and we're standing here, the Holy Spirit on both of us. Now, He's give... I'm not a preacher. But He gives me a gift; that's my preaching. It's a prophetic gift. And these are just temporarily; it'll take your faith to do that; like the woman that touched His garment, said, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? Now, that's the same thing that takes now (See?); it takes your faith. Then He tells me something, where to go and certain places. [Matthew 9:20], [Luke 8:44], [Mark 5:27]
L-93 Now, here, He had need to go by Samaria. Now, I'm on my road to Alaska, but I had need come this way. Why? I felt led to come here. And here I am; here you come up on the platform. That's all I know. And here you stand. You're a Christian; I'm a Christian, both of us with the Holy Spirit. And here's His Word, that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Now, if He'll reveal to you something that's in your life, you'll know whether it's the truth or not. And He'll make you believe then for whatever you're asking for; 'cause a Christian wouldn't stand there like that; you're--you're in need of something or you wouldn't stand there.
Will everybody else believe? Does anybody know the person? Yeah, lots of people knows the person. [John 4:4], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-94 Well, according to medics, you should have an operation too. It's cysts. That's right. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit can reveal to me where those cysts are? The kidneys. That's right. Now, do you believe? You're not from here. You come here about two or three hundred mile. You traveled a long ways to get here. That's right. That's right. And by the way, you are a minister's wife. You believe God can tell me who you are? Would it help you? Mrs. Johnson, go, believing, and be made well; and with all your heart.
You believe with all your heart? See? Jesus Christ. Sirs, we would see... You say, "How that?" Well, that's no more than what He told the rest of them. Do you believe? "Sirs, we would see Jesus." That's Him. Now, go talk to the woman; ask her. [John 12:21]
L-95 Now, here's a man, total strange; I don't know him, never seen him in my life. He might be eat up with cancer; He might have domestic troubles, financial. I don't know what's wrong with him. He's standing here, just a man. Now, if the Holy Spirit will reveal to that man, you know...
That little lady setting right back over here towards where I'm pointing my finger, suffering with that eczema. If you'll believe with all your heart... You believe it, lady, with all your heart? Little gray-headed woman with glasses on, got--she suffers with eczema. She was standing there, or setting there, rather, thinking about what was wrong with her, praying in her heart. And now, if that's right, and you believe that God will make you well, stand up on your feet.
What did she touch? I ask you: What did she touch? She's twenty yards from me. She touched the High Priest, and that High Priest is here. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Don't you see? Don't doubt it. Believe it. Have faith. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-96 Now, I couldn't help that, sir. She... It's just I--I watch a Light (You see?), and It just went from me, and I seen It hanging over there, and I seen the little lady come up here before me. And she kept coming before me here, and see it was a woman instead of a man, so I just had to speak on what I was seeing.
Oh, if this church, if this group of people would just believe right now, and just have faith, what would happen, what would take place.
Sir, we're strangers to one another. Just want to speak to you, in order just contact your spirit. Here, you're not here for yourself. You're here for somebody else; that's a--a little fellow, a little fellow, little boy been wrecked in a automobile accident, cut all to pieces, lacerated, very bad, serious condition. You're here standing for him. That's right. If God doesn't help the little boy, he's got to die. Will you do me a favor? Take that handkerchief out of my pocket; go, put it on him, in the Name of the Lord, and don't doubt. And let me hear from him, as the meeting goes on. Have faith.
L-97 How do you do, sir? We're strangers to each other. Another woman... Are you believing? Now, remember, He's just the same out there that He is here. He's all over. He's everywhere. [Brother Branham pauses--Ed.]
Sister Borders, is that you setting out there? I can't make out. Looked like Sister Borders setting there. I can't... Roy, Brother Roy Borders' wife. I guess it isn't. It went right, stood over that lady. Now, just a minute, and maybe It'll call back again, see what It is.
I'm a stranger to you. The Lord knows both of us. If the Lord will explain to me, and do something here, that what you're here for, will you believe with all your heart?
L-98 Mrs. Borders keeps standing here before me, somewhere. I... Mrs. Borders is in the meeting somewhere.
Anything wrong with your wife?
All right, it just keeps coming here. And there's a bunch of people, somebody by her, and I keep wondering.
You are suffering with a tumor. That's right. You believe God can tell me where the tumor is? On the hip. You believe with all your heart. You have complications too, many other things. You believe. That's right. You believe with all your heart? Go, believing like that, and you'll--it'll all be over, and God will heal you and make you well. [The sister says, "Brother Branham. That woman came with me, with eczema, came with me. And I didn't know it until we set back there, she said she had eczema."--Ed.] Her getting thrilled of getting in a prayer line probably is what done it, prayer for one another.
L-99 Here it is. Oh, I see. I seen Mrs. Borders standing here, she's praying. And there's one--one woman setting by her there, that's praying, has got low blood pressure. If you believe, setting right there, lady, with all your heart you believe it, and God will make you well, with the low blood pressure. Amen. There you are. There's where the prayer was coming from.
If you don't believe me to be a prophet, or, excuse me, servant (That stumbles the people), lay your hand on the woman sitting next to you, because she suffers with varicose veins. You see, that's right. All right. Amen.
Believe with all your heart now. Tell me what they're touching; some little woman setting there praying for another one; it keeps appearing on the platform. Just believe with all your heart. All right.
L-100 Come here, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? You believe? You believe that stomach trouble's going to get well? Then go eat your supper. Jesus Christ makes you well.
What do you believe? You believe God's going to heal that back trouble, them kidneys, and make you well? Go home, believing, say, "Jesus Christ makes me well." Just have faith; don't doubt.
Come, sir. You were awful happy when you come out of the line there, when your number was called. God heals heart trouble and can make you well. You believe it? Then go on your road, believing, and it'll all leave you, and you'll--you'll be made well. All right.
Have faith. Don't doubt. Lady, what do you think about it? You think if I laid my hands on you, you'd get well? Just didn't say nothing, just lay my hands on you? Go ahead. "Don't have to," all right, that's good. Go right ahead. Amen. That's the way to do it. All right.
L-101 Come, lady. What do you believe, sister? Do you believe with all your heart? You know God can tell me what's wrong with you, but will you believe it? Then diabetes is nothing for God, He can heal it. You believe it? All right, go on, get well. Amen.
All right, sir. Come, sir. I'm a stranger to you. Everybody tells you, "Get next to yourself," 'cause you're nervous. But you can't get next to yourself; there's something there that makes you nervous. That's right. But you're standing on the spot now where it's left you now. Go, believe it, and it'll never come back again. Go, believe it, Amen. Have faith. Don't doubt. All right.
Many things, lady's trouble, arthritis, now, you believe God will make you well? Just go, saying, "Praise be to God," and--and believe with all your heart.
L-102 Come, lady. (You believing out there?) God can heal diabetes, anything in the blood. Don't you believe that? Sure, He can. Go right on, believing, saying, "Amen. Praise the Lord."
You believe "lay hands on the sick, they shall recover"? In the Name of the Lord Jesus, go, get well now, and believe with all your heart.
All right, come right on, sir. You believe God can heal heart trouble, make prostate trouble, everything, that nervousness and everything go away from you? Then go, believing in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
You believe with all your heart? What about the rest of you, you believe? [Mark 16:18]
L-103 Where is your cripples? I see a wheelchair. What do you say, sir? Look here to me. You believe me? You believe me to be God's servant? You do. Look on me then. It's... Your trouble's with your legs. You're supposed to go to a hospital; but you wouldn't do it, because you thought if you could ever get here, you'd get well and wouldn't have to go to the hospital. That's right. Do you believe it? If you set there, you're sure to die; like the lepers. The doctor can't do you no good. So why don't you accept Christ tonight, and believe it with all your heart, and rise up out of that wheelchair, and take the end of it and push it around, and go on out the door and go home, and get well? Why don't you do that? Will you believe it? Then rise up. Don't doubt. In the Name of Jesus Christ, take your wheelchair and go home.
L-104 Do you believe with all your heart? Stand up on your feet, anybody that wants to be healed. Stand up on your feet and believe it. Rise up. I don't care what's wrong with you, how crippled you are. That doesn't make any difference. I'm challenging you; stand up. Rise up, everybody, every cripple, wherever you are. In the Name of Jesus Christ, stand on your feet and be made well. There you are, the whole audience, standing.
L-105 Now, let us raise our hands to God. Heavenly Father, Sir, we would see Jesus. Here You are. Not a feeble one among us, every one healed. How we thank You, Father. Now, we pray, God, that You'll defeat the devil in every instant now, cast out all the unbelief.
Satan, in Jesus' Name, leave this audience, come out of here. You've lost the battle. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may they be healed, every one of them. [John 12:21]

62-0706 - Municipal Auditorium, Grass Valley, CA (Paragraphs: 84 - 98)
L-85 Now, these ministers here on the platform, they're praying. You can look at me if you wish to. That's all right. Just to see, you might know that they're just... 'Cause you're the shepherd; you're the one that's pastoring these sheep. So just, that you might know. And I want you to pray for me, brethren. 'Cause you see what I am? I'm representing the very Christ that you serve. And I'm your brother, fellow citizen of the Kingdom, with you brothers. And I'm just here...
See, now, right now the Word that I preached (See?); it's at stake. Right now, failure, that's what Satan would want to see. That's all he's looking for. But God's no failure. Just be reverent.
L-86 Now, with my back turned, I want somebody... Let me turn it, it's all the way around. Let me turn to this section, first, and then I'll come on over to the other section. Now, somebody back this way; there's too many, like praying. Back in this way, somebody pray back here now, that wants to believe God. Just believe with all your heart, back in here somewhere.
Now, heavenly Father, I--I appreciate You in all Your messages, everything that You've done. Now, help me, Lord. I'm--I'm... By faith, I believe You, Your Word. I believe It was Your Spirit that called me to do this. Now, let it be known that I've spoke the Truth. I've testified of You; now testify, Lord, that I told the Truth. I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-87 [Someone speaks in tongues--Ed.] Father God, we're waiting for the interpretation of that. You said, in the Bible, there would be courses of three, and that's the third one. Now, we--we pray that--that You'll make it known to someone who has them gifts of interpretation. I'm leaving it to You, in Christ's Name.
[A prophecy is given--Ed.] Thank You, Lord. Now, that was a prophecy, not the interpretation. See, he said more than the woman did. There's an interpretation coming forth. See, that man was prophesying.
[The interpretation is given--Ed.] Amen. Thank You, Lord. Directly behind me... [A woman starts praying--Ed.] God, grant the blessing to the woman that she cried for. Just have...
Now, just be real reverent now and believe it with all your heart. Now, by the Holy Spirit, I'm trying to bring forth the Word that I have preached, in which He has witnessed that will come to pass. Now, believe with all your heart.
L-88 There's someone standing before me which sets behind me. And it's a woman. And she is suffering with a heart trouble. And she has allergies that's bothering her. She's just behind me. If the woman is not standing up yet... The audience looking; I have my eyes closed. She's also concerned about a loved one; that's her husband that's setting just from her; he's paralyzed, has a cane. The woman's name is Mrs. Brumley. Believe with all your heart. Stand up and accept what you have prayed for, and you'll get what you asked for. Stand to your feet. Is she up? [Congregation says, "Yes."--Ed.]
God bless you. I don't know the woman, never seen her in my life. We are strangers to one another? There's... Now, ask them; go and ask them if it's right. Now, if that ain't the same God that was down there just before Sodom, I don't know what is.
L-89 Somebody else in this section believe now with all your heart. Lord Jesus... There's a woman sitting right behind me. She has a deep desire. She's praying for something for God to give her. It's a baby, she's praying for. She's right here behind me. Mrs. Holmes, you raise up and believe the Lord God. And if you'll believe it with all your heart, you can have the baby that you're praying for.
A woman comes in, and she's crippled. She's setting in a wheelchair. She's behind me. She's not from this part of the country. She's from--she's from Sacramento, northern Sacramento. She's been very sick. The doctors can't help her. She's been in a hospital, and she's had several operations. She's got kidney trouble, trouble with her bones. She's just nervous, till she's just got complications. She's very bad. Mrs. Beeler, there, hold up your hand and believe with the Lord Jesus, and be made... God bless you.
L-90 You believe? God still lives and reigns. If you believe it with all your heart...
Here's a little woman, I'm looking at her setting here. She's suffering with a colon trouble. Her name, I don't know her. But you believe God can tell me who you are, lady? Mrs. Berglund. You believe with all your heart and you can be made well. You believe.
Here's a lady setting right over here praying for a friend that's just had a wreck. You believe with all your heart, you can have what you've asked for.
There's a lady setting there suffering with headaches. Do you believe with all your heart? You can be made well. Don't doubt it. Just believe.
If He isn't the same God, I don't know who He is. He's here to--to, if you'll accept it and believe it.
L-91 [Tongues and interpretation again is given--Ed.] Amen. Praise the Lord. Can't you realize you're in the Presence of God? You do that? Now, I think what we should do right now, after the Spirit's been speaking, "Come to Me; believe Me, My people," I think we ought to stand for an altar call right now, and let those who that doesn't know Christ come up around the altar here and accept Him as your Saviour. If you haven't received the Holy Ghost, you come too to receive the Holy Ghost, 'cause it's just that is going to happen.
Won't you come now while we get a chord; somebody is going to lead the singing. The Holy Spirit's been speaking. God bless you, sister. That's right. Somebody else step right out with the lady here. Come right up if you got that... God bless you, sister. In the Presence where the Bible, the Word, the confirmation, the gifts, everything working, isn't it wonderful right now? Come right up to the altar. Come down out of the balconies. You without God, without being filled with the Spirit, come now while we sing.
Jesus is passing this way,
This way, today,
Jesus is passing this way,
He's passing this way today.
Jesus is passing this way,
(Won't you come now while He's passing, His Spirit moving, saying, "Come.")... today,
Jesus is passing this way,
He's passing this way today.
L-92 Won't you come while He's passing? Look what He's doing among you, showing that He's the same. Move right out, every soul that doesn't know Him, not borned again. Won't you come now to seek Him? Remember, the same Holy Spirit knows you.
... way today.
Jesus is passing this way,
This way, today,
Oh, Jesus is passing this way,
He's passing this way today.

Now, let every soul come now that doesn't know God, that's not sure of your standing. Come on down. Don't--don't be... Don't have an intellectual conception of it, brother, sister. Don't do that. You might've done any kind of a sensation. You might've had blood in your hands, in your face; you might have had shivers, and so forth. Nothing against that; now, that's all right. You might've spoke in tongues; you might've danced in the Spirit, and still be lost. That's right. It's got to be a Life that's borned in you, that takes this Word and makes It live new again. See, Christ is the Word. And if you haven't got faith yet to move into that Word and believe It, won't you come now.
L-93 As the Church of God, as the evening Lights are beginning to shine down, and the--the tree's getting ripe; God said He would restore that tree, that same Pentecostal tree, same kind of a faith, same everything that they had, that tree will be restored again; without denomination, without anything, it'll come in the simple power of the Holy Spirit, teaching the Bible just exactly the way It did it. We're promised one in the last days, you know, to come and restore that faith. So I believe He's here tonight in the form of the Holy Spirit. Come now, while we sing again, so we'll be sure we've made it. [Joel 2:25]
L-94 Now remember, if these spirit... You Pentecostal people certainly believe your gifts of tongues and interpretations. If you can't believe what He's done here, then believe your tongues and interpretation of calling you to the altar. Let everyone come. If you see that working, this working, God working, why, it's God. How more... Here's the Word here confirming It, saying that It's the Truth. Come on. One time more now, and you come now.
Jesus is passing this way,
Today, today,
Jesus is passing this way,
He's passing this way today.
L-95 Now, let those who believe in God, real sainted ministers and--and servants of Christ, come, moving out, while we sing again now. Move up close to the altar, around these here. And let's pray with them together. Come on. Won't you come near? I can't reach them, every one, with my hands. I want you to come. Some of you ministering brothers go down among them down there now, so you can touch them and lay your hands on them. All right, you that knows God, come, moving up around here, some of you women with these women, you men with these men. Move up here now. This is a--a order of God. Move up, now, you people, that... That's it; that's the time. Some of you godly mothers and some of you godly brothers, move up around here now so you can lay your hands upon them in confirmation, laying your hands upon them that they will receive the Holy Ghost. All right. Now, that's it. That's it.
L-96 Now, why did you come? Because that you believe. You're convinced that God is in our midst. He is here tonight. He's here working in great signs and wonders.
Move right in close, everybody. Move right in so people can have a lot more room. Move right in close. There's more coming down the aisles. You see? Just move in close.
How many in the audience is concerned about these people standing here now, of the salvation of their souls, raise up your hands. All right. Let's all together now, lift our hands to God, and ask prayer.
L-97 Our heavenly Father, we bring to You tonight this audience, with the Holy Ghost in our midst, present now, making His Word live new again. Fill every heart, Lord. Come in the power of the Spirit. Grant it, Lord. Cast out every fear, every devil. Move in by the power of God, and take over these souls. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I commit them to You for Your glory.

62-0707 - Municipal Auditorium, Grass Valley, CA (Paragraphs: 78 - 98)
L-79 Some of you people with troubles, pray to God, and say, "God, have mercy on me; I'm sick. Brother Branham doesn't know me. But I hear that You're a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." How many knows that? "And He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." You know that? Well, now, if He is the same High Priest, how would He act if you touched Him? The same way He did when the woman with the blood issue touched Him. He turned around, told her what her blood issue was, and told her her faith had saved her. Is that right? He's the same One tonight, if you can believe Him the same way that He was then. You believe Him that way?
Now, you look this a-way to me. As Peter and John said at the Gate Beautiful, "Look on us." That wasn't look at them for anything, but look what they was saying. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-80 Let's start from over here somewhere. Look this way, and believe with all your heart, and say, "Lord Jesus, I believe You, and I want to touch Your garment. You speak to Brother Branham, and let him know what my trouble is. I'll believe You if You'll do it." Would you do it?
Now, here's a daring thing. How would I dare to do a thing like that? I'd be something wrong with me to make a challenge like that. I've challenged that before a half a million people at a time, couldn't even speak their language. But He never let me down. Why? He promised it. This is the last days, and He promised this, and here it is.
L-81 I know, friends, you've had a lot to hurt you. You've had a lot of carnal impersonations. But just let me say one thing to you, not for my benefit, but for your own benefit. They always had that. But God never has two on the earth at the same time, never did. But just remember, there's a lot of impersonations, but there's a real God. There's a real Holy Spirit. There's a real message of God, and that is that Jesus Christ died for sinners, rose again from the dead, and has returned back in the Person of the Holy Ghost to do the same work in the Church that He did when He was here.
L-82 Now, don't the Word of God say this? In Hebrews It said, the 4th chapter, the Bible said that, "The Word of God is sharper, more powerful than a two-edged sword, cutting asunder (That's cutting both coming and going.), and even to the marrow of the bone, and a Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Is that right?
That's the reason Jesus could stand before the audience and tell them. Them Pharisees said, "He's Beelzebub." Jesus turned around. They didn't speak it out loud, but He told them; as He could tell the woman about her blood issue, tell the woman she had the husbands; and when she did that... then He said, "Why, that's the sign of the Messiah."
You see now the returning, the appearing of the Messiah amongst the people. It's the Holy Spirit getting the Church ready. [Hebrews 4:12]
L-83 Won't you turn your head. See that little woman reaching over there, raising back up, setting right down here? See that Light over her? She's suffering with high blood pressure. That's right. Got a blue dress on, kind of wearing glasses over her face. For the last second, or two, she's been feeling a real strange warm feeling around her. That's right. Now, your high blood pressure that's been bothering you so bad has left you. You accept it? Raise up your hand if you do.
What did she touch? The High Priest. Now, go, ask the lady. I never saw her in my life. I don't know one thing about the woman; but that's true. I was watching that Light as It moved across this audience, went right over and hung right, a glowing Light.
L-84 You believe? Arthritis, bladder trouble, complications, nervous, weakness. That's right. You're not from here. A little place called West Point. That's right. You believe God can tell me who you are? Mrs. Hardwick. That's right. If that's right, stand up on your feet. It's left you. Jesus Christ makes you well.
You believe? The people are looking backward for her. Here sets the lady, right here. Look, that Light's still holding over her. Don't you see That? Here It is. Watch.
There It is, with that man setting right there looking at me. Arthritis... Believe with all of his heart, God will make you well, sir. We're strangers to one another, but not to God.
L-85 This lady right back here suffering with headache. God, don't let her miss it. O God, please. Miss Morton, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He healed you from those headaches. See, He wouldn't let her pass by. I want to ask you something. Last night when I spoke to somebody in the building about a headache, you had a real funny feeling, and you was wondering whether that was you or not. Isn't that right? Raise up your hand. I'm not reading your mind, but I'm telling you what you've been thinking. Accept that. Today He wanted to be sure that it was you. It'll leave you now; your faith has saved you. Hallelujah.
L-86 Look at this lady setting here with a checkered dress on. Have you a prayer card, lady? Says she don't. You believe the rupture will leave you, you'll be made well? You do? Raise up your hand if that's what's wrong with you. All right. Believe with all your heart and be healed. See what...?...
The lady right behind her, raised up her hand, with a little... no, second back there, with a little green-looking dress on, suffering with heart trouble. Yes. You believe that God made you well? That's fine, dandy. He will if you'll just believe it.
A lady, second one over from you, Mrs. Dillman there, if you believe that God will heal you of that stomach trouble, Mrs. Dillman, believe, and you shall have your stomach. It's a nervous stomach, been with you for a long time, especially since menopause it's been on you. You've had many things to cause you much trouble, but it's all over now. If those things are true, just wave your hand at the people, so that they can see. If I'm a stranger to you, keep waving your hand. Jesus Christ make you well.
L-87 Do you believe? What is it? Jehovah-jireh, the Lord provides Himself a Sacrifice. Now, the whole audience becomes kind of like a blur to me. Jehovah-jireh has provided a Sacrifice for every one of you. Do you believe it?
Now, you here that raised up your hand, come up here and stand here just a minute. Will you do it? Jehovah-jireh has provided a Sacrifice. You raised your hand that you believed it. You've seen here and know, It's possible. It's Something. Look at these people, how many has been called. I don't know now. Maybe seven, eight or ten, whatever it was, has been called. It could just keep on going on. But while I've got enough strength, I want you to come, accept Christ as your Saviour. Will you rise up now and come, while we sing, "I am coming, Lord, coming now to Thee"? Will you raise now and come up here, you that raised your hand awhile ago? And stand around the altar here, and show that you're not ashamed of Christ. You're in His Presence. Come now, and prove to the people that you really meant it, that you want to be remembered by God, and you've accepted Him as your Saviour. Come up now, while we all stand and sing. coming, Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flowed from Calvary!
Come on out now, right down here. We're going to pray. You'll never be any closer to Him when you...?...
Coming now to Thee!

Wash me, cleanse me!
L-88 Come right down out of the balcony. That's right, come right on down, stand right here. He'll... Now, He said, "If you'll confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father. But if you're ashamed of Me, I'll be ashamed of you." Remember, the Bible from Genesis over to Revelations. Come now, young and old. Will you come? Church member, or not, come now. Will you? Accept Christ while you're in His Presence.
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flowed from Calvary!
Just continue on playing. [Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.]
L-89 Listen. Do you believe me to be His prophet? I haven't confessed that before. But I believe by saying it, the people will understand and know what I'm trying to get to you. There's people in here that's professing Christianity should be right here. Come, won't you? Let me ask you, how are you ever going to? You'll never receive another sign. This is it. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Would a prophet of God make a statement like that if it wasn't true? You're receiving your greatest sign, and your last sign, before the appearing of Christ. Come. The reason I'm saying these things; I've never said this in any other meeting. I feel that right here--there's a opportunity here for something to happen. That's why I'm saying the way I am. I believe you'll understand. You wouldn't go around, make some kind of a cult and say, "Brother Branham is a god," or something like that. You'll understand what I'm talking about. Come now. Come. Let me persuade you in the Name of Christ, come.
L-90 You that don't know where you're standing, you're not sure about it, just an intellectual, or some kind of an emotional; you've cried, you've wept, or you--you had some kind of a sensation. Don't you try to get in on that. Remember, I tell you in the Name of the Lord, that you are lost, miserably lost, and don't know it. Don't take a chance, friend. I'm only sowing seed, and pulling the net. God takes the increase. I don't know.
Let us bow our heads, see who will tell me... [Tongues and interpretation are given--Ed.] You hear that?
Coming now to Thee! (Search your own heart.)
Wash me, cleanse me in the...
L-91 Church member, if I was standing there, and just only had an experience of joining church somewhere, I'd make my way here just as quick as I could.
Remember, the Spirit giving witness that we're at the end. Science says it's three minutes till midnight. The message and the Bible say, "Here it is, the last thing." The revival is ending; the door is closing. You'll be on the outside, knocking, and can't get in. Come.
God bless you, young lady. Now...?... do that...?...
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now...

God bless you. That's right, sir. That's the way, come right down from the balcony, coming by the rows.
L-92 Here's the Word; here's the evidence. There's the Spirit; there's the witness. And here the people comes to show that we're here at the end time.
I am coming, Lord!
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flows from Calvary.
I am coming...
Waiting, calling...?... All that raised up your hand for prayer...?... come to...?... Come...?...
If you've had a doubt in your mind. You've got to be sure, friends, faith is perfect.

... from Calvary!
... Lord!
Coming now to...
Some sixty to seventy-five people gathered around. Now, come. Let the rest that's to come. Holding just a little longer now. Because tomorrow it's going to be on Divine healing. The Holy Spirit told me, awhile ago, "Don't call that line. Call the altar." I'll obey Him and do as He tells me. I know better than to not to do it.
Coming now to Thee!
Wash me, cleanse me in the Blood
That flowed from Calvary.
L-93 With our heads bowed now, as we're waiting. O God, let the Holy Spirit move in on...?... Those who are wanting to come up front to the altar, leading people now to the blessing...?... and may Lord God, grant it. Spirit of God, move.
Move in, move in. Come close now, everyone.
Every soul, of sin oppressed,
There's mercy with the Lord.
Come now, come.
Plunge beneath the cleansing flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
There is a Fountain filled with Blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's veins.

L-94 Feel that peace over the meeting now? What is it? It's death, death to sinners. Now, personal workers move in around with them now. It's death, these people are dying. Bibles are out; they're explaining. Death is going on around the altar, and new Life will come after death.
There is a Fountain filled with Blood,
Drawn from... (Oh, how you'll want to hear that someday, the day when your pulse ceases to be.)
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains,
Lose all their guilty stains,
(That's it, young fellow. Bless your heart. That's right. That's what we was waiting on.)
And sinners plunged beneath that flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
L-95 Now, let the Christians who are instructed, move up while we sing the next verse. "The dying thief rejoiced to see that Fountain in his day; there may I, though vile as he, wash all my sins away." Let the instructing people now move up close. You who haven't got the baptism of the Holy Ghost, move up close now. You don't know what God might do now in a minute. Move up now, while we sing the next verse now.
The dying thief rejoiced... (The Word made manifest) Fountain in his day;
(Oh, that's fine, move right out now. Come while the water's troubled.)... and vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.
Wash all my sins away,
Wash all my sins away;
Now, that's it, workers. Come right in, all...?... now, for the troubling of the water. Come right up.
... vile as he,
Wash all my sin away.
L-96 Now, you that wants to pray, move up close now and get ready. We're going to believe that God's going to recognize this. He has to. The very God that can discern the thought of the heart... Remember, Jesus only done that one time in a city. But He said, "More than this shall you do." See, proved His Scripture right. Move in now. Let's all pray now for these people that's here, every person that knows how to pray. How many borned again Christians is in the building? Raise up your hand. Now, let's everyone raise our hands and offer thanks for these people. [John 14:12]
L-97 Our heavenly Father, we offer thanksgiving to You for these people. They are Yours. They come to make confession. They come to die out to self and sin. They're going back new creatures in Christ.
Satan, you've lost the battle. God is Jehovah-jireh. The Lord has provided a Sacrifice, provided a people, provided an altar call, provided the message, provided grace. And Satan has lost the battle, in the Name of Jesus Christ he lost the battle.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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