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Prayer Line 62-12
62-pl-12, Prayer Line 62-12, 63 min

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62-0719e - National Guard Armory, Salem, OR (Paragraphs: 96 - 114)
L-97 Let us bow our heads just a moment now. In your own way, silently pray just for a moment now, praying, "Lord Jesus, be merciful to me."
Now, Lord, this choir--this church, this group of people, is waiting patiently. I have spoke extensively. They're praying, Lord. I've told them that You're not dead, that You've raised from the dead. I've give them every promise. I told them last night the promise that You've made, how that the ending up of Abraham's time, ending up of the Jews, the Samaritans.
And now, at the end of the Gentile's age, here You come to do the same thing. The Pentecostal age started about forty, fifty years ago, right here on the west coast. How they spoke with tongues and interpreted, the power of God among them. How they seen the sick healed, everything take place.
But now the last sign has struck among them. You're coming, Lord. Not much longer. That's why I'm standing here tonight, Lord. I believe You. O God. Make these people persistent. May the--the--the Seed that's been sown anchor down into the hearts of the people. May they see It. May they believe It. May they have faith and believe You with all their heart.
L-98 Now, Father God, the old trend is to lay hands upon the sick. We know that's the way they do it. The old trend was come to the altar, kneel down and pray. But in the Bible It said, "As many as believed was added to the church," was baptized. We believe in all these things. We still think it served a good purpose, and it's good. We believe it.
But how much greater, when Jairus said, "Come, lay Your hand on my daughter, and she'll live." But the Roman, the Gentile, said, "I'm not worthy that You come under my roof. Just speak the Word, and my servant will live."
You said, "I've never seen faith like that in Israel." God, may we never let it down. May we be able... May I'm... May what I'm trying to do, God, to let the people see that You are their Saviour; You're the One Who does the healing. You're the One Who furnishes the faith. God, I pray that they'll not doubt. And then, when... If they will not doubt, then faith will come automatically right into their hearts and they'll understand. [Acts 2:41, 47], [Mark 5:23], [Matthew 8:8, 10]
L-99 Let us see You, Lord. One day after the resurrection, Cleopas and his friend was on the road down to Emmaus. And they talked with Him all day long, and they didn't know Him. But late that evening, He went in the room with them, and they closed the doors. And then He did something just the way He did it before His crucifixion, and they knew that no one else did it that way, and they knew it was Him. So they hurried back and told the people, after He vanished out of their sight, that truly the Lord is risen.
Father God, we're laid aside our task of the day. We're here tonight. The room is closed in. Come, Lord. Do something among us tonight just like You did before Your crucifixion, that we might lightheartedly, like they were, go back along the road saying, "Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us along the way." Grant it, Lord.
One Word from You will confirm everything that I've said. And if I've said the truth... And I know, Lord, You'll only confirm truth. You will have nothing to do with lies and errors. You only confirm the truth. Now, Father, I pray that You will confirm what's been said to be truth.
I commit myself to You with Your Word, with Your congregation of people, and their faith that they have accumulated. In the Name of Jesus Christ, we pray that You'll move on the scene now, and prove to be with us after two thousand years. They... There's no death to Him. He's alive, forevermore. Grant it, Father, in Jesus' Name. Amen. [Luke 24:13-32]
L-100 Would like to ask the congregation... Now, just fixing to close, just a moment. And I'll ask you, if you will, be just as reverent as you can for about three minutes. We're just a little too late to call a prayer line, but I'd just like to ask this question before we close. Is there somebody here that's convinced that He's the Son of God, and you're not a Christian? I can only ask you.
I know it's proper to give great long altar calls and so forth. But we shouldn't do that. And sympathetic stories... But if you don't come upon the basis of the Word of God, it doesn't make any difference. See, you're not there anyhow. You've got to come knowing that you're a sinner and Jesus died in your stead. And you've got to come and confess your sins. Are you here... And I won't call you up here. I'm just going to ask you, are you here, and you're convinced that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and you are a sinner in need of Him, would you just raise your hands and say, "Brother Branham, I believe in your prayer. Pray for me. I am a sinner, and I want you to pray for me." That's all I'll ask you to do.
L-101 We don't give no gold stars out, and this, and make so many of this. I don't believe in that. If the Holy Spirit can't make you know that you're are a sinner, then there's no need of me trying it. You see? So then, if you believe that you're a sinner, and need Christ, say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham." Raise up your hand. I'll do it.
All of you Christians? How many Christians are here, then? Raise up your hands, all that's filled with the Spirit, and Christians. Praise God. That's good, fine. All right.
Is there sick people here then? Raise up your hand that's sick. I'm here as God's servant to serve you. Raise up your hand. If you say, "I--I have need of God, and I have something wrong with me," pray.
You without prayer cards now. I just want the ones without prayer cards, 'cause go with the prayer cards probably tomorrow night, or whatever. When we do, we'll pray for everyone that's got prayer cards.
L-102 You without prayer cards, I want to say something to you. Last night, I told you, and tonight I tell you again, we know what He did when He was here on earth. If He was back here again on earth tonight in a physical body, He would do the same thing He did then because He is the same. Is that right? Now, what would be any more than to see the Holy Spirit move in this audience like this, and perform the very works, and prove to you that Jesus Christ, your Saviour, is right here among you? How it ought to thrill your souls. How you ought to say... Oh, mercy. There's nothing.
I seen that done one time in South Africa. One time on the platform, and thirty thousand blanket natives broke their idols on the ground and come to Jesus Christ. Ten thousand Mohammedans... You know, they work for years to change one of them. That's the old Medes-o-Persians that don't change. See, see? That's right. Bombay, India, I--I don't know. I don't--just don't know how many. You couldn't number them, just oceans of black hands up. One time...
L-103 Now, we Pentecostal people who claim to kiss the rim of the golden blessings of the cup of God, how can we stand still and see the Holy Spirit moving around us, Christ Himself with His Word, proving that He's here? And then just set still, and say, "Well, I wish that something'd take place." He could do no more.
And remember, I'm telling you, in the Name of the Lord. If you believe me to be His servant, in the Name of the Lord, you'll see no greater sign than you're seeing now. You'll never see it. Now, you mark it down in your Bible. If you do, then you call me up. This is... You're seeing your last thing. Just remember, the church is going. It's going into Laodicea, just where she's at now.
L-104 Now, you pray. You believe. Just be real reverent. No matter where you are, just pray. Be real quiet. See, each one of you is a spirit. And when that Holy Spirit comes to the anointing, every spirit that moves (See?), you can feel it. It's just tense. That's the reason Jesus led a man outside of the city to heal him: too many there (See?) too much... He took at Jairus' house and put them all out before He rose his daughter, raised her up. See? Just too much unbelief, they was laughing at Him and everything. See? You can't do it where unbelief is. It just won't work.
But I'm asking God tonight to prove that I've told you the truth. Let Him speak. Man can speak... But I've told you the truth. You be persistent and say, "Tonight is my time. That little old preacher don't know me, knows nothing about me. But God, You're a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, and I'm touching You by faith. I believe I have it. Let me touch You, Lord. Then You speak back through Brother Branham and tell me, like You did when You spoke through Christ the Son of God, and told Him the woman with the blood issue, and blind Bartimaeus, and all the rest that He did like that. By a vision tell me." You pray. Just be in prayer. [Mark 5:40], [Hebrews 4:15]
L-105 There's a lady setting right back here to my left, right through here on the end of the row. She's suffering with trouble with her ears. You believe that God will heal you and make you well, lady? You that's looking at me, you believe He will heal your ears and make you well? You do? All right. Have you a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card. You don't need one. See, you... That's... See, that's that unknown faith that you have. You wasn't--didn't even expect it hardly, but faith is a hidden thing. Now, you just believe with all your heart. But if you don't believe and won't accept it, your ears will get worse. Now, just remember. If you'll believe it, you've touched Something.
What about down through here, down through this part of the aisle? Somebody that's got faith, wants to believe... Just touch His garment. Not me, it won't do a thing; I'm just--just a sinner.
Here's a man. Yes, right then when he bowed his head, right here, praying, "Let it be me, Lord."
Stomach trouble, that's your trouble. I'm a stranger to you. Is that right? That's your trouble though, isn't it? Got a peptic condition, sour in the stomach and everything, always upset. You've had it for a long time. Let me tell you something else. You're not from here. This is not your home. You're from Portland. You believe with all your heart now, you can go back, be made well. You accept it, and believe it'll be made well? God bless you. Go on your road; believe.
L-106 There's a lady setting right back here, looking at me right here. There's that... Can't you see that Light over that woman? Look here. Look real close, right here. See? She's suffering with an arthritis. If you'll believe with all your heart, you can be healed of the arthritis. Mrs. Trapp, if you'll believe with all your heart... She's going to miss it. I never seen the woman in my life. I seen the--it was fixing to leave you, lady. That's the reason I had to call your name. Don't get strange at that. Jesus of Nazareth told Simon Peter who he was and who his father was. See? He's the same Jesus.
Now, if I'm a stranger to you, lady, raise up your hand, the lady that was just called. Sure, never seen her in my life. She's just a woman setting there. You believe it. You believe? That proves the Presence of Jesus Christ. Amen.
L-107 Here sets a woman setting right here looking at me. There's a dark shadow over her. She'll die if something don't help her. She's got cancer. You believe that God will heal you and make you well? If you do, you can be healed. But you got to believe it. Have faith; don't doubt it.
I see that cancer dance, that sign, from over that, went over on a man. He's setting looking at me. You believe with all your heart, sir, God will heal that cancer on your hand and make you well? I'm a stranger to you, but God knows you. By the way, you should believe it. You're a missionary, wanting to go back to Formosa again to preach the Gospel. You believe God can tell me who you are? You know I'm a stranger to you. You believe God can tell me who you are? Mr. Graves, believe with all your heart, and you can go back, and be healed, made well.
L-108 You believe Him? Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. You believe? How many believe it with all your heart, raise up your hand. Now, in His Presence why don't you lay your hands on one another and let me pray for you here? See? And it'll concerns me. It'll help me to go on. There it is across the building. Go talk to these people. You know where they've been, where I've, six or seven of them, or whatever it was here. Just ask them. Some of you in the audience, in the balcony back there, believe.
I challenge any of you in the Name of Jesus Christ; believe it. Be persistent. Hold on to it. And I challenge you to lay your hands on one another as believers, and pray for one another, and believe that you'll get well, and you'll do it. [Hebrews 13:8], [Mark 16:18]
L-109 I challenge any person that's been a sinner and hasn't believed to stand on your feet now and ask for mercy, and you shall obtain mercy, if you mean it from your heart, if you held back awhile ago, which, there's a dozen of you setting in here that ought to have raised--ought to have raised up as sinners. Now, tell me I don't know; I do know. And I know you're setting there unbelieving. I could call your name. You know that.
How many's been in meetings, and seen that done before? Sure you have. But what it does, it hurts the congregation they come from. Jesus said, "Let the weeds and wheat grow together." He will... He's the one that'll bind it up. See? But you're setting here. How could you hide yourself? You better stand and accept Christ. Let me tell you, you'll never be any closer in His Presence till you see Him face to face.
For let me say to you this; here's my Bible here before me, Jesus Christ the Son of God has raised from the dead. He's here tonight in the form of the Holy Ghost. He's the One that permits this work to be done. Remember, believe Him. [Matthew 13:25], [III John 1:2]
L-110 Put your hands on one another now, and let's pray one for the other. I'm going to pray for these handkerchiefs first. And while I'm praying, you be praying for the person you've got your hands on. They'll be praying for you.
Heavenly Father, I bring these handkerchiefs to You. They are representing sick people. We're taught that one day Israel was on its line of duty, going to the promised land, and the Red Sea got right in the way. Israel, in the line of duty, following the commandments of God, and the Red Sea got right in its way to cut them off from the promise. One writer said that God looked down through that Pillar of Fire and the sea got scared, and it rolled back itself, and made a dry path for Israel to cross over in the promised land. You're still the same God tonight.
Sickness and disease has cut people off from the--walking right in the line of duty. And You said, "Above all things, I would that You prosper in health." And may the God Who gave the promise not only look through the Pillar of Fire, but through the Blood of His own Son, Jesus Christ. And may them diseases get scared and move back off of the people. For we ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now, Satan, you who bound the people and hindered them all these years, kept them bound in sickness, we come as representatives of Christ. And we adjure thee by Him, Who gave us the authority to do so, leave the people. Come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ.
May the power that raised Christ from the grave break every doubt above the people's hearts, that they might receive their healing just now, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-111 All that believe it, stand up on your feet in the Name of Jesus Christ and accept your healing, regardless of what's wrong with you. Amen. "I will praise Him, I will praise Him." I will praise Him. Let's give Him praise, everyone.
... praise Him, I will praise Him,
Oh, praise the Lamb for sinners slain,
Give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
L-112 Now, to get the coldness off, and the shackles broke from around us, the spooks drove away... That's what's... What's the matter, people? Can't you realize that we're entering in after the message, into a spirit of worship? Let's just raise our hands to God, and worship Him, and say, "Praise the Lord. Praise be to God. Thanks be to the Father, Who gives us the Son of God, resurrected from the dead, alive forevermore, Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star, He that was, which is, and shall come, the Root and Offspring of David.
How we praise You, Almighty God, for Your omnipresence, for Your visitation to us tonight, for the power of Your resurrection, for the assurance of salvation, for Your great manifestation of Your Word in this last days that You promised that You'd do it. In the face of criticism, and formalities, and everything, You still remain God, the same God yesterday, today, and forever. How we thank You for it, Father. Amen. Amen. [Revelation 1:18]
L-113 Oh, don't you feel good, say, "Praise the Lord." Oh, that don't sound like Pentecost to me. "Praise the Lord." That sounds better. Amen. Glory to God. I love Jesus. Praise God. Amen.
I will praise Him, (Let's raise our hands now. Sing it.) I will (Make it ring out.) praise Him,
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain,
Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood can wash away each stain.

You love Him? Say, "Amen." You love your neighbor? Say, "Amen." Now, let's shake hands with one, somebody around you, front of you. Just stand still. Just shake hands, somebody around you, saying, "Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord." Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise God. Praise You, Lord. Praise the Lord.
Don't you feel good? Amen. Now, let's sing it again.
I will praise Him (Raise your hands.), I will praise Him (real big now),
Praise the Lamb for sinners slain,
Oh, give Him glory, all ye people,
For His blood has washed away each stain.
L-114 Let's bow our heads now just a moment. Do you believe in an old fashion revival? Do you believe in the power of God? Do you believe in old time religion? Oh, it don't whitewash, but washes white and makes clean as snow. You believe it with all your heart? Let's pray hard now that God will start one of them revivals. Let's put our shoulders, friends...
We've got to keep pressing, pressing. Let's be persistent. We must see this happen. It must happen. We must do it.
Now, while you have your heads bowed, I'm going to present the pastor now, the chairman of the meeting, here at the platform, and let him take the service to whatever...

62-0720 - National Guard Armory, Salem, OR (Paragraphs: 87 - 101)
L-88 Now, in the quietness and in the Presence of the Almighty, we still have about ten minutes. Let's... We couldn't call too many prayer cards. Tomorrow night, I'm just going to come in and call the prayer cards, if the Lord willing. I want you to believe it without prayer cards. I'm going to do something else, just in a moment.
But how many in this building that does not have a prayer card, and you believe that Jesus Christ is the same Christ that I gave that testimony after testimony, had those disciples to testify how they knowed He was the Christ... And Hebrews 13:8 says, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. How many believe that you have faith enough to touch His garment? Just raise your hands up, say, "Pray for me. I believe," you without prayer cards, without the prayer cards. Now, please, be reverent, just a moment more. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-89 I know it's--it's late, but it's not too late. It's twenty minutes earlier than we was last night. But just be reverent. Now, pray. Just each one bow his head in his own way, and then you pray while I watch, committing myself to God. If you're interested in God and your salvation, and to see the signs and wonders that I have said here in the Bible that He did, and you want to know whether the One that you're professing your faith in... And you that raised your hand awhile ago, lay--may He come tonight because of this altar call, and prove to you that He's your Saviour, that He does know your heart, and it was Him that spoke to you, and He's the One that can speak back now.
Just be reverent. Just pray. Don't doubt. May you raise your heads just a moment?
L-90 Peter and John, passing through the gate called Beautiful, said, "Look on us." That... Not that they were something to attract. Now, you was confessing to God, praying for some certain trouble. Now, you believe with all your heart now. Be alert. The Holy Spirit is very timid (How many knows that?), very timid It just won't tolerate nothing wrong. So as soon as It's called, answer quickly. Just pray. Believe.
Now, the Bible said that Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He's right now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Do you believe that? Well, if He is the same High Priest, if you touched Him, He'd act the way He did yesterday, the day that when He was on earth. Do you believe that? Sure.
See, the woman touched His garment, and she went off and set down. And He said, "Somebody touched Me." He looked around till He found the woman, told her what her trouble was, and her faith had healed her. Now, He's the same today. [Acts 3:4-10], [Hebrews 13:8], [Hebrews 4:14-15], [Matthew 9:20, 22], [Mark 5:24, 27, 30]
L-91 Please, please, don't move around. I'm not scolding, but look. See, here's what the devil keeps saying to me, "They don't believe you or they'd listen to you." See?
You remember what He told me at Green's mill? How many in here the--is here when I was here the first time? All right. You remember me coming to you, and I put my hand out, and you'd touch my hand, and I... And then if I just kept still, don't try to use my own thinking, It would tell you what was wrong with you. You remember that?
You remember me telling you that He told that it'd come to pass that I'd know the very secret of their heart? You remember me telling you that? Now, raise your hand, if you remember me saying that what--that He told me if I'd be real reverent... See, there you are. Now, it has come to pass. See? So that makes it true.
The Bible said, "If there be one among you who's spiritual, or a prophet, and what he says comes to pass, then you hear him. If it doesn't come to pass, then don't you fear him, 'cause I'm not with him." That's no more than sense (See?), because if God's there He will make it true. Now, you just pray. [I Corinthians 14:37], [Deuteronomy 18:22]
L-92 You without prayer cards. You with the prayer cards, God willing, I'll get you in the line tomorrow night up here on the platform. Without prayer cards, be real reverent. "They that wait upon the Lord shall..."
All right. He's here now. Did you ever see that picture of It, the Pillar of Fire, Light. When I meet you at the judgment bar, It's not a foot from where I'm standing right now. That's right. He's here. See if It's the same Christ. See if that's His Spirit or not. You pray. Touch His garment, say, "Lord Jesus, let me touch You. Speak back through Brother Branham. It'll prove to me that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever." [Isaiah 40:31], [Hebrews 13:8]
L-93 I can't make... Yeah, I see a woman just bowed her head right here. There's the Light right over the little lady. Look this way back there, lady, second one setting in back there. You're suffering with stomach trouble, complications. Do you believe that God will make you well? Do you do it? The little lady setting second one in, with her head down yet. If she'll believe with all of her heart, she may have it. Do you believe it? You missed it. It's gone from you. Shame on you. That...
It's over this little lady setting here. You believe me to be God's prophet or His servant? The lady setting back there. You believe? Look, thin looking woman setting there by the man. You believe with all your heart. You're suffering with heart trouble. That's right. Let me tell you something about yourself. You've got heart trouble so bad till they have to keep oxygen in the house, whether if you have an attack or not. Now, that is true, sir. You know that. You believe it with all your heart? You can have your healing. It's up to you.
L-94 What's the matter with these people? No wonder you're dead. You'll always be that way. There's a numbness of your spirit. Can't you awake unto Christ? Don't let the innocent suffer for the guilty, God. Grace and mercy provided and still won't even recognize it, what are you going to do?
Lady setting right there seems to have faith, looking right at me, suffering with diabetes, diabetes. She might not understand me very well because she's a Scandinavian, a Dane. You believe me to be God's prophet, lady? Thank you. Thank you, lady. You believe with all your heart and the diabetes will leave you. You're not from here anyhow. You're not from the group around here. You're from up in Oregon, but you're up on the Columbia River (That's right.), a place called Dallas, or something like that. Uh-huh. Your name is Mrs. Lund. That's exactly right. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. You accept it, and believe it, and it'd be over.
L-95 What's the matter with the church anyhow? That man setting there looking at me from Eugene, got eyes and ear trouble. If you... Is that right, sir? Stand up on your feet there and accept your healing. Have you got a prayer card? You don't need one. Jesus Christ makes you well by your faith.
What's the matter with the church? Has it gone numb to the Gospel? Hallelujah. Let's praise Him. Hallelujah. Thank You, Lord Jesus. How we praise You for Your goodness. You that raised your hand awhile ago, and you believe me to be God's servant, come down here. Let's have a word of prayer together. Walk right out of your seat, every one that raised your hand, and you that--that don't think that you're right with God. In the Presence of God come right down here now, and stand here at the altar. Let's have a word of prayer together. Every soul that wants to be saved, come.
Now, that's it. That's right. Come out of the balcony up there, in the Presence of Christ. We got to break this old cold spirit in here, friends. We're never going to have a meeting till we get this thing broke out of here. There's--there's--there's too much devil unbelief around here. That's exactly right. Run for your life. Get to Christ as quick as you can. Something's going to happen. Judgment will follow this. Don't you believe it? Shake away from that cold, formal devil that's trying to bind you down. Let every soul that's not right with God, get around this altar right now. In the Presence of God I call you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Come now.
L-96 You know the song, "Oh, Why Not Tonight?" You know that chorus? "Oh, Why Not Tonight?" Help us to some song that you want to...?... Where's different ones? That's fine. We got the old...?... All right. Give us a song for your altar call. We're going to sing an invitation song, while these precious people are gathering up here.
Friends, I speak to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You might've done a many thing in your life that's been good. No doubt but what you have. But this is the greatest move you've ever made, is to come to Christ. That's exactly right.
While we're singing now, I want every person in here that's not right with God to get--come around the altar right now. You come up here and get right with God, and get that coldness away from you. Get that unbelief away from you.
Why are you afraid? Jesus was standing here tonight He'd say, "Do not be afraid. It's I." Isn't that the same way He did when He was here before? Look at the grace of God when them people wouldn't accept it. They'll probably die with them troubles. And there He went right out through the audience and pulled them anyhow, to show that He's God. Certainly. All right. Let's sing.
... could I go, where could I go?
Seeking a refuge for my soul?
Needing a friend to guide me in the end,
Where could I go but to the Lord?
Where could I go?
Won't you rise up now and come? Where else can you go? Go to your church? It'll perish with you. Go to your friends? They'll die, and rot like you will. Go to your creeds? God will ignore it. But you come to Christ...?... Then you have Eternal Life. To know Him is Life, to know Him. And His Presence, when He's here proving He's the same God that was with them out there that night. Won't you come? One more time we're going to call. Come on now. If there's any condemnation in your life, come on.
Seeking a refuge for my soul? (Here's what you're going to do.)
Needing a friend to guide me to the end,
Where could I go but to the Lord?
L-97 Now, while these people are still coming, I want some of you that's real--and on praying grounds with God. I want some of you pastors, go down here now. And I want the pastors, and those Christian women that knows God, to come around these women here, you men who know God and interested in souls.
You know what the Bible said? In this last days the prophecy said that the people would be so cold and indifferent that... And when the Holy Ghost come through just to seal those who sighed and cried for the abominations done in the city.
I want each one of you ministers to point out to me in your congregation that person that sighs and cries, day and night, for the sins of the people in the city. Could you put your hand on that person? And remember, the Holy Spirit is commanded to only seal those. Touch not the others; they're going to perish. [Ezekiel 9:4]
L-98 What are you playing church for? There's no need of playing. Don't play with God. God's not a play instrument. He's God. Now, you that's got enough strength and believe, and wants to see souls saved, come around here and stand by these women, you women, and around these men, you men that really know God, and wants to see souls saved, and wants to see a revival, wants to see something happen. Come stand around them now, and let's show them that we love them, and we want to see God save them. Minister brothers, get right among them. That's right. Hallelujah.
Now, listen. I want to talk to you while they're coming. Have faith. You come up here. "He that will confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father." Now, you confess what you--where you're dilatory, how dilatory, how you've neglected God. You confess that as wrong, and say that "I'm sorry, God, that I did that." Find favor with Him, then watch what He will do for you. You just confess that you're wrong, and He will take care of the rest of it. [Matthew 10:32]
L-99 Now, let's let the whole audience bow our heads. And every person, wherever you are, if you're interested in these people, pray. Everybody now. Walk up close, you all here, and lay your hands upon somebody that's standing there.
Our heavenly Father, we are deeply grateful to see the Holy Spirit in the hour of grace and understanding, break through the shackles of unbelief, tear down and shake the very subtags of hell into the devil's eye, blinding from the Gospel, and yet go beyond that and pick out them souls and bring them in.
You're still God. You're still Jesus, the risen one. We thank Thee for these. They're standing here. They're Your children. There's only one thing they can do, is come and confess that they're wrong. And he that will confess his sins shall have mercy. He that hides his sins shall not prosper. You said so, God. And pray, God, that You'll break up the old cold, formal spirit that tries to hold this revival in captivity. We take it over in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and break the powers of Satan by the Gospel of the resurrection, and the Presence of Jesus Christ in this dark, evil hour.
L-100 Satan, turn the people loose. Come out of them. You're a loser, and there's not a one that God's ordained to Life that you can hold. They'll come anyhow, no matter what you do. They're coming anyhow. God said they would. "All the Father has given Me will come to Me, and none of them is lost." I pray, God, that You'll hear now. And make the Satan, that evil one, turn these people loose. Make each one of their homes springs of...?... May their loved ones, may their hearts be on fire.
May they pray all night tonight, all day tomorrow. May there be such a thing take place, until the shaking of the Holy Spirit will start a revival in their hearts, in their homes, in their churches, in the community. Grant it, Lord. We love You. We believe You, that You are the Son of God. They have confessed that they're wrong. They've confessed that they have did wrong, they have emptied their souls to You, Lord. You promised in Your word that You would...?... You promised it, and Thou art...?... Grant it, Lord. Give them salvation...?... the enemy...?... Grant it, Father, in the Name of Jesus...?... [John 6:37]
L-101 Every one of you that's standing here that accepts that God's forgiven your sins and your unbelief, raise up your hands, say, "I accept it. I feel it in my heart that God forgives me." Raise up your hands, people that are standing around here. That's it. Right along, fine.
Now, right on the same grounds you're standing, receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Turn your heads down. You that's got the Holy Ghost, the Bible said they laid hands upon them, and the Holy Ghost came...?... and He's here, here's the place to receive the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Each one pray. Everybody out there in the audience don't... Just put your head down, pray, and keep sincere...?... God bless you. O God, grant, Lord Jesus, have mercy, dear God. Grant it, Lord. Have mercy. Let the Holy Ghost fall.

62-0721 - National Guard Armory, Salem, OR (Paragraphs: 73 - 92)
L-74 Now, each one with your head bowed, your eyes closed, I want you to just say in your heart, just pray a little prayer, "God, be merciful to me." That's right. Just have faith. Don't doubt.
Oh, God... Each one of you that feels that Christ is near you, just raise up your hand, say, "I--I just believe He's real near me tonight. I just feel His Presence." God bless you. Just keep praying. That's right. "God, I long to see it." Just have faith. Believe. "Make me a Christian, Lord, just like, just as much Christian as that--as that deer was a mother."
L-75 How many's never been in the meeting before? Raise up your hand, never been in the meeting. Well, God bless you, many. Raise your heads just a minute if you're finished praying. I want you to look this a way.
I talked this week of a Jesus that's a living. I ain't told you from a creed; I've told you by a Bible, by His Word. I give His promise, that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. You believe that? Now, if He... If you could see something real, you'd want it, wouldn't you? Don't... You don't want nothing bogus; you want something real.
May God show you tonight right here, that I've told you the truth. He's Messiah, living. Don't doubt now. You believe. Look this way and say in your heart to Christ, "You're that High Priest. I believe it. Remember. Let me plainly make it I'm not the High Priest. I'm just your brother. He's the High Priest. My touch will mean nothing; His touch will do it. Your touch is what He's waiting on, your touch, your faith touch. And if He did that in His day, He will do it again today. Don't you believe it? [Hebrews 13:8], [Hebrews 4:15]
L-76 That man setting there with high blood pressure, hand up to his jaw; you believe that God would grant your healing of that high blood pressure, sir? You believe it? Raise up your hand, say, "I'll accept it." I don't know the man. But that's true.
The lady setting next to you there, has a female disorder also. If she'll believe with all her heart... You believe it, sister? Raise up your hand. Is that something real? That's Jesus Christ the Son of God.
That woman that could touch back there by the feeling of her infirmities, that woman touched too. Just don't doubt. Have faith.
Lady setting right down here, she has cancer. She's praying for cancer. Also she's got a grandchild she's praying for. The grandchild is retarded. You believe that God will heal? I'm a stranger to you. If that's right, wave your hands like this.
Now, why didn't you have that kind of faith last night, you all? Just believe. Don't doubt. Put your hand on that lady right next to you. Will you do me a favor? She suffers with a throat trouble. Just have faith.
L-77 See how easy it is if you just believe it? Don't doubt. Just believe with all your heart. Isn't He good and wonderful? Isn't that real?
Man setting right over here, he's suffering with complications, got stomach trouble, liver trouble. (God, don't let him miss it.) Mr. Brines, believe. You got it. It's too sweet now. Don't--don't do nothing to interrupt it. Let it be going. I don't know the man; I've never seen him. God in heaven knows that, and here's my Bible over my heart. He can strike me dead this minute.
What's he touch? Who did he touch? Ever who that was over there, if we don't know one another and we're strangers, raise up your hand. Ever who the person was, any of the people's been called, if we're strangers to one another, raise up your hand. We don't know one another. Raise up your hands, ever who was them people has been, that was just called just now. Why, sure. See?
L-78 What about somebody in this way? Lady setting there, looking right at me; she's scared to death of that cancer. She's wondering. You're wondering if it's you. "Is it me?" That's one you're talking to. I'll tell you who it is. Your name is Mrs. Brown. Now, you know who I'm talking to now. You believe that God's healed you? If you do, raise up your hand, say, "I accept it." God bless you.
That alcoholic that you're praying for, you believe. You tried with all your heart, but it didn't work so good. But don't you worry. He knows about it. Now, if that's true, wave your hand like this. Nobody knows that but you and God and me. How'd I know what you was praying about? You must believe. You must have faith. Don't doubt.
That colored lady setting there by you from Portland. Yes. You believe with all your heart? Mrs. Beck, you can--you can go home and be well too. Jesus Christ healed you. Amen.
L-79 You believe there's something real here tonight? Who is it? Jesus Christ the Son of God. Don't you believe that? Now, if you want to be a real Christian, you believe me. How could I stand here? How could the Holy Spirit work like this in here through--through a hypocrite? You think God would honor a hypocrite? No, sir.
I surely got some conception of Him of twenty--thirty-one years of service, around the world seven times. Surely there's all kinds of... God wouldn't permit that. I'm telling you the truth, friends. This is truth. And it's honestly true.
Now, I know it's right now... I--I'm way past. I was going to... I told you to call them prayer cards. But it's almost ten o'clock. I--I don't know where the time goes. I'm sorry to keep you like this. I promised I wouldn't do it. I'm trying to get this away from...?...
L-80 So help me, God of heaven knows it's the truth. That Angel of God that you see on that picture is right now right here at the platform. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See something real. Believe it. If I have to stand here tomorrow afternoon until the sun goes down, till ten o'clock tomorrow night, I'll pray for every person that wants to be prayed for that has them cards, if you just don't let me keep you too long tonight.
I wonder something. I was going to ask you a question. Each one of you that knows that you're not as--as much Christian as that mother was--as that deer was a mother, while you see something right in your face here...
I seen something happen right there again, that woman setting right there.
Here's the man with that prostate trouble, getting up at night. God bless you, brother, it's over. Now, it's just whirling everywhere, just going everywhere. When I... When that unbeliever saw something real, he was ready to repent right there.
L-81 I wonder tonight if we couldn't have a good consecration service right now. Let me pray first for you, where you're setting. Let me pray over these handkerchiefs. Let's bow our heads.
Heavenly Father, I lay my hands upon these handkerchiefs. Bless them...?... in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. God, watch over these. And heavenly Father, there's many sick out in the audience. There's many praying for their loved ones. I can feel it, see it. They see there's something going on, Lord. I'm getting weak, weaker all the time.
I pray, God, help me. Now, help me to pray a prayer of faith for them, God. They set here and suffered it out through heat; many of them come through difficult. Don't--don't let them miss it tonight, God. You--You--You're here to do it. Let--let them see it real.
L-82 Father God, one day there was a little boy herding his father's sheep. We know him as David. He was interested in his father's sheep. He'd given a charge over them sheep, and he must watch them. None of them must be lost. And a lion come in and got one.
Little David didn't have a magnum rifle. He only had a slingshot, but he trusted in You. He went forward. He got that little sheep that that lion took. He slew the lion, and brought the sheep back to shady green pastures, and laid him down by the still waters; because it was his father's sheep.
And dear heavenly Father, tonight diseases like heart trouble, cancer, tuberculosis, cripples, them devils of lions is come in and got some of Your sheep, is dragging them out. They've drug through every doctor's office and clinic. He's dragging them out. I'm going after them tonight, Lord.
I ain't got nothing but this little slingshot of prayer. But You promised, "The prayer of faith will save the sick." They're Your sheep, and I'm coming after them.
Satan, you're going to have to turn them loose. I'm bringing them back tonight, through a prayer of faith. Turn them loose, and let them alone. I claim them for the Lord God. In the Name of His Son Jesus Christ, may your grip of unbelief break across this building and every one of them be healed. Grant it, Father, in Jesus' precious Name. [James 5:15]
L-83 Don't doubt it; believe it. Do you believe it? Raise up your hand, say, "I believe it, Brother Branham. I believe it." If God can stand here and use for this... Didn't He also say, "The prayer of faith shall save--save the sick?" You used it in all ways.
Now, how many in here that don't know God, and wants to become a Christian, raise up your hand. Just say, "I want to raise my hand, Brother Branham. I want to become a Christian." How many church members here, that really knows that you're not living the way you ought to live; there's things that you just can't understand; you're--you're all mixed up, you don't know what to do, and you would really like to be a real Christian? Raise your hands, say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham." God bless you.
I wonder, while we sing a song, if our organist will give us a chord, "I love Him, I love Him, Because He first loved me." [James 5:15]
L-84 I wonder, just as many that believes that God would hear my prayer, and you have a need of God for such, won't you come and say, "I'm surrendering my life, soul... I see something real, something that's out of the Bible, real. And I'm coming up tonight and stand around the altar. I'm coming to make my stand right now. And from this day henceforth, so help me, God, I'll dedicate my life to Him. I'll be a better member in my church. I'll be a more consecrated Christian. From this hour on I sell out to everything of the world. I'm going to be a real Christian from this hour on by the grace of God. I'm coming up, Brother Branham, to stand here. I want you to pray for me."
Will you come while we sing? Come. Just rise right up and come. God bless you, that... Whoever you are, come right on now. That's it. Consecration, that's what we want.
I love Him (Do you really love Him? Is your soul anything to you now?) love Him
Because... (I want to try to shake hands with you...?...)

[Brother Branham shakes hands with those who have come up around the altar walking away from the microphone, his words not understandable--Ed.]... altar together...
L-85 Won't you come down and consecrate your life? If you are a Christian, and not living just in victory like you should, you know if Jesus would come tonight, you wouldn't be ready to go. You'd be scared. There'd be something wrong. If you'd go home, started down the road, and you feel your heart failing... The doctor had to look at your pulse, say, "Oh, oh, can't help it. They're gone."
What if a wreck, and the blood starts running out, you feel your heart moving; you're under a car, pinned down... Oh, you wish you would've come. It's too late then. Come now. Don't you take a chance at no time, friends. Come.
L-86 Now, let me tell you; you'll never see nothing any more real from God until you see Jesus face to face, 'cause that's exactly what He did when He was here. And He would do it again, if He was standing here, while this day is going on. Won't you come?
I love (Everybody sing. Let's raise our hands), I love Him
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's tree.

Someday You want Him to say, "It's well done, My good and faithful servant. He that will confess his sin..."
"But if I regard iniquity in my heart, then God will not hear my prayer," said David. What is iniquity? Iniquity is something that you know that you're doing that you ought not to do and still won't repent of it. If I regard iniquity in my heart, knowing that I should do it, and don't do it, then God promised, the Bible promises that God will not hear your prayer, if you know you should do it and won't do it. That right, brethren? That right, brother ministers? It's true, if you regard iniquity... [Matthew 25:21-23]
L-87 Now, if you belong to these churches, you say, "Well, there stands my pastor. He believes me to be a Christian." Right. Come consecrate yourself over. Your pastor will be happy for it. Certainly he will. He will be happy to know. He knows a real sincerity, the desire of your heart is to do that what's right. I have... If it was my church, I sure would. And you are my church. The whole world's my parish. So you are my church, and I'd be happy.
Consecrate your life while we sing one more time. Then we're going to pray. Come now.
I love Him,(...?... love's Him.) I love Him
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary's...

[Brother Branham begins humming "I love Him."--Ed.]
Let's bow our heads now, humming. Going to get among the people down here now. Everybody praying. Now, you come here. Now, the only thing that you can do is confess from your heart, confess your wrong and believe.
L-88 Now, God seen you walk up here. He's infinite. He knows all it. And He seen you walk up here. He was the One Who spoke to you. He knowed your heart. He spoke and you come forward. He sees you right now. You confess your wrong, say, "God, I'm sorry I did it. Help me tonight, Lord; I want to live for You. By Your grace I'll stand true to You to the end of the world. I'll be Your servant." Now, let everybody in the audience bow and pray.
Oh, God, our Father, we are approaching Thy throne of grace. Standing around this altar tonight stands some--large group of people. Many of them are members of churches. Some of them maybe have never made a confession yet. Some of them has made it and failed. But, God, I know You have confidence in a man, that while he's trying, he fails, and then enough soldier to rise up on his feet and try again.
God, I pray that You'll answer every one of their requests. They're standing here now, their heads bowed, their hearts bowed. They're believing You. You're their God. They're confessing their wrong, and they--they're wanting to be right, Lord. They want all unbelief to be taken away from them. Let their little besetting sin that does so easy upset them, let it be taken from them tonight and never to return again.
L-89 I plead for each of them. You watched them when they raised from their seat, come down from the balcony, come down out of the aisles. You say, "Well, that... I could stood back there and done just as well." God, the altar call was to come up here, and that showed that they wasn't ashamed to admit their wrong. And they're come, confessing before God and the holy Angels, confessing before their fellow man, that they been wrong, and they want to be right. When they walked up here, they--their own walking up here made their confession.
Now, You promised that they'd be forgiven, and I know they are, Lord. And I turn them to You now, as Your servant, in a word of prayer, believing, feeling in my heart the great Holy Spirit is well pleased with what they've done.
L-90 And I pray, God, that they'll live a victorious life all the rest of their days, the rest of their days may be full of victory. May Satan, may sickness, leave them. May there not be a thing bother them. And may they serve You all the days of their life. And someday, if You tarry, and they go down to the hour of death, and the old chilly winds begin to break across the bedside, or the cold vapors of the Jordan catching across their face, we know that the old ship of Zion will blow her whistle and she'll come by and pick up that pilgrim to take it across the river. Grant it, Lord. Land them in the--the land of promise safely.
Give them Eternal Life, Lord, and raise them up at the last days. Grant it, Lord. May tomorrow each of these church members go to their church with a shining face and a testimony to the glory of God, that they found a new Anchor tonight and they are now dedicated Christians to Your service. In Jesus' Name I commit them to You with my prayer.
And O Lord, if I've found grace in Your sight, take each one of them. I give them to You with all my heart, in Jesus' Name.
L-91 Now, the ones that's around the altar here, that's come up to make your confession that you have been wrong, and you believe that God forgives you, I want you to raise up your hands like it. Raise up your hands, say, "I feel in my heart that God has forgive me. And from this night on I pledge that I will serve God better the rest of my days."
Now, I want you to turn right around to the audience. Just turn right around, all you at the altar. Turn right around to the audience, right around this way. Now, raise up your hands again towards the audience and say to this, "Pray for me." Say it with me, "Pray for me." All that... The people standing here, repeat after me, "Pray for me, [Those at the altar repeat after Brother Branham--Ed.] that I'll always be true to God. I know, brother and sister, that I will serve God, and I desire your prayers."
L-92 Now, all of you out there that will do that, raise your hand out to them, and say, "My brother and sister, [Congregation repeats after Brother Branham--Ed.] I pledge my prayer and my support to you: my love and my loyalty, as my brother and sister. God, help me to do so." Amen.
Now, all of us with our hands up to God...
I love Him, I love Him...

[Brother Branham speaks to the pastor--Ed.] All right, pastor. Remember tomorrow's services (Sorry to be late), you tell them that I'll get every one of them, if I have to stay till midnight tomorrow night.

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