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Prayer Line 64-03
64-pl-03, Prayer Line 64-03, 53 min

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64-0209 - Kern County Fairgrounds, Bakersfield, CA,
L-99 The old method of praying, laying hands on the sick, that's good. That was Luther's days, friend, back in the automobile, or so forth. We're beyond that now.
L-100 Remember, Jesus come to the Jews, the old days, Jairus said, Jairus said, "Come and lay Your hands upon my daughter, and she'll live." But the Roman said, "I'm not worthy that You come, just speak the Word." See? To rec-... He recognized the power of Christ, that He was over all things. [Mark 5:23], [Matthew 8:8]
L-101 Now, if Christ is over all things, He's--He's got to keep His Word. He is King. He is God. He must keep His Word, "The works that I do, shall you also." Now, as far as healing somebody, nobody can do it, because it's already done. It's already done. It's just the recognition of it, see, the recognition that He is in our presence. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now pray for a few minutes, say, "God, be merciful." [John 14:12]
L-102 Heavenly Father, that the people might know; there might be strangers here, that they might know that this that I speak of is true. I--I'm just in my poor, humble way, Lord, I try to present the Gospel the best that I know how. Lord, may the people overlook my grammar and just realize what I'm trying to say. I pray that You will confirm this and making it real, for the glory of God, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-103 Now, friends, there is probably two or three hundred prayer cards here. It would be hard for me to ever take them up here, one by one. Or, after you got about four or five of that discernment, I'd be laying on the floor, perhaps, maybe, or so weak I wouldn't even know. A vision, when you see a vision, it's got to be interpreted, too, you know. Many times it just isn't just exactly, it's just got...
L-104 Now you do that, yourself, your own faith is the one. The woman's faith touched the Lord Jesus, and she believed that He was--He was God's Son. And it drawed the power from Him, to her, give her desires, and He turned around and told her her condition had been healed.
L-105 See, "Thy faith has saved thee." Now there is scholars sitting here, I know. That word is "sozo." "Thy word has saved thee." "Thy faith has saved thee." Just like your faith saves you from sin, your faith saves you physically, see, from sickness. Now you must believe it. [Luke 8:46-48]
L-106 Now I'm asking all to be real quiet and real reverent, for a few minutes. And may the Holy Spirit now, just at least two or three people in this audience is all I ask for, that you might see that it just isn't spontaneous and whatevermore. The Holy Spirit is here to manifest Hisself.
L-107 Now somebody in the audience. Now, I don't know one person, outside of my beloved Sister Upshaw sitting here, that I can see in the audience at this time, that I know. She is the only one. And now I can't...
L-108 It's just like your conscious. See, your subconscious is where you dream.
L-109 I had a physical examination, here a couple, three years ago, by time wave, brain wave, you know. And the doctors come out they said, "Hey, you're a funny guy."
I said, "What's the matter?"
L-110 Said, "You know what?" Said, "You could dream when you was wide awake."
I said, "What?"
Said, "You can dream when you're wide awake." I said...
L-111 Said, "Here is your first conscious," said, "it's controlled by your seven, or your six senses; see, taste, feel, smell, and smell. Your first conscious is only active as long as you're in the six senses." Said, "Here is your subconscious." Said, "When these are inactive, then you go to your subconscious. When these are inactive, you're asleep, and you go over here and dream a dream, some part of you goes over there. Then when you come back over here," said, "then you remember what you dreamed when you was out of your senses of feel, taste, see, smell, and hear." See? And said, "That's the ordinary."
L-112 Said, "We never seen it before. But both of yours are laying right here together," said, "both of your timing waves, from subconscious and your other conscious. They never heard of it before, in my life." Said, "Man, you could dream a dream, standing up and wide awake."
I said, "Doctor, did you ever hear of a vision?"
He said, "No, I don't believe I ever did."
I said, "Are you a believer?"
L-113 He said, "I am Presbyterian, Brother Branham, but," said, "that's all." Said, "The pastor has got some people down there, every Thursday night," said, "all I hear is 'Presbyterian, Presbyterian, Presbyterian.'" Said, "I don't even go down."
I said, "Did you ever read in the Bible?"
He said, "I have."
L-114 "Did you ever hear what the old prophets, of the Old Testament, went off in another dimension and that?"
He said, "Is that what you're talking about?"
I said, "That's it." And I said...
L-115 He said, "Well, that would be wonderful. Say, Brother Branham, you ought to go..."
L-116 I said, "I already been interviewed by Mayo's, see." And I said he... I said, "But, look, do you ever dream a dream, doctor?"
He said, "Oh, sure."
L-117 I said, "Dream me a dream, then. Just go to sleep and dream me a dream, tell me what to do. You couldn't do it. But ever who controls you, could give you a dream, of me, and then you could wake up and tell it."
L-118 I can't do it, either. I can't say what, in here. It's got to be Him that does it. And your faith, in Him, confirms this Word. Just, that woman, no matter what anybody said, she believed if she could touch His garment, it would be, it would happen. Now, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now that's the only thing it is.
L-119 You see, when you see impersonations, and so forth, friend, it kind of makes you a little upset. But just go on, anyhow. It'll--it'll be all right, see. Now, look, you've got to be born for that. You are born, and all natural gifts come to you. "Gifts and callings are even without repentance." Like a man... Like I was talking to Paul Cain, a while ago, about... Like Ernie Ford, and Red Foley, and Elvis Presley, those fellows with them big talents of singing, and using it for the world. God gave them them talents, and see what they're doing with it?
L-120 It's like Judas Iscariot getting thirty pieces of silver out of it, to the One Who gave it to them. They ought to be using it for the Kingdom of God. And when you mix it, I think they shouldn't be allowed to sing a hymn; that belongs in the church and with the people, not out there to make more hypocrisy. Go into South Africa, and they was so, "Why, Elvis Presley is a very religious boy, he sings hymns." Oh! That doesn't mean nothing. To me, it's another Judas. And all them people that takes them gifts of God and perverts them. [Matthew 26:14-15]
L-121 Even to a minister that will take it and pervert it to a creed, instead of the Word of God, and use his influence to influence by a creed and not the Word of God, it's a secondarily Judas. I don't...
L-122 I oughtn't to have said that. You, if I hurt you, forgive me. I--I'm not supposed to say them things here. All right.
Here is one thing, I can say what He tells me. You pray.
L-123 Now, Lord, one Word from You will mean more than I could say in a lifetime. I'm believing. You promised it. I'm Yours. Let them see that Your Spirit is here, then when they come up to this prayer line, to be prayed for, they'll understand, Lord. "A prayer of faith shall save the sick." I pray that they'll see that it isn't Your servant. It's You. I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen. [James 5:15]
L-124 Just sit quiet, just a moment. I can't make this. You say, "Brother Branham, what?" I can't tell you. I only can as He shows me.
L-125 Jesus said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me, first. What I see the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." [James 5:19]
L-126 Here, if you got your heads up, looky here. See, sitting right here at the end of the row, that little lady? She is suffering with a female trouble, a lady's trouble. That's right, young lady. That's right, drainage and everything. Is that right, raise up your hand? You're a total stranger. It's a little lady, there is the Light right over sister, right at the end of the row there. It's a little lady, a young woman with hair... I see her at the bath. If you will believe right now! Now, you know something happened right then. Just all at once, Something just went through you. Wasn't it? That was your healing. See, that's just when it relieved and took away. Your faith saved you.
L-127 Isn't that the same thing our Lord did? Thy... She had a blood issue, that woman. She touched His garment, and turned around. He felt it. He looked. He said, "It's your blood issue," she felt stopped. There is exactly the same thing Jesus Christ did. What is it? It's Him. Oh, I--I know you seen everything, but I'm--I'm only responsible for this. God is only responsible to His Word.
L-128 Here, that you might know. Sitting right behind her is a lady sitting there with epilepsy, has epilepsy spells. If you believe, God will take the epilepsy away from you, lady. He'll do it if you'll believe it. Have faith. Don't doubt.
L-129 See what I mean? Now somebody over in this section over here, somewhere right in here, so that you'll see. See, what it is, you are looking...
L-130 Let me say this one thing before I go now, to kind of rest myself.
L-131 See, that, that gets you. That takes more strength than what I preached. Certainly. See, that's you using God's gift. If God had give the gift au-... or give the--the vision automatically... Like Jesus saw Lazarus die, and went away from home and waited; and then told them what would happen, and went back and did it, He never said He got weak. But that one little woman, that was the woman using God's gift. It's you. God's gift, when He operates it, it doesn't do it. But when you operate it; that's when God's got you in His hands, and say, "This will be this way, here and here and here. This is the way it'll be." That's the way it is; it don't bother you. But when them persons reach in and pull that, that's what does it. That's what does it. [John 11:1-15, 20-27, 33-45]
L-132 The people today, the Laodicea Church Age, the last countdown. Did you see, the other night, just before the pope of Rome made his first visit, in all history, to Jerusalem? There never has been a pope in Jerusalem, sent, before. See, he went from Rome to Jerusalem. The church, the moon represents the church, reflecting the light of the sun, in its absence. God does the signs in the heavens before He declares it on earth. Did you notice the moon went to a complete blackout? Jerusalem is the oldest church in the world. See? And when this Ecumenical Council and these things that...
L-133 Man, I hope, if you're here, that this really goes through you. When you are joining yourself, don't you know you're taking the mark of the beast, my friend? "Oh," you say, "if I see it happening!" It's too late then. You've done done it. See? It's too late at that time. Remember, they come to buy Oil, but there was... couldn't do it.
L-134 Did you notice what happened, what made that moon black out? The world got in the way of it. So has the world got in the Light of the Scripture, amongst the Presbyterian, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, and all of us. That's what the blackout is for.
L-135 And did you notice the Laodicea Church Age, also, was the only church age that Jesus was on the outside, trying to get in? Did you notice He never said "let them alone"? Jesus is the Word (is that right), the manifested Word. Now He... Now listen. He was not, see, walk away and left them, but He was trying to get some cooperation somewhere. "He that will open the door, I'll come in with Him, sup with Him, and he with Me." But, no door, see; just trying to get in, on the outside. They don't reject man. They reject God. [Revelation 3:20]
L-136 Do you believe that, little lady sitting there with the sunglasses on? Yes. You believe that? Had some deep thoughts right then. Your eyes will be healed if you'll believe it.
L-137 Now let me tell you. Someone says, "She's got glasses on, the reason he knew it." No.
L-138 Look here. Come here; not come here, just look at me just a minute. Do you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? Do you believe it? You do it. You should have, with them thoughts you were having then, thinking of how mysterious, "What a great revelation that was, of the moon, and representing that." Is that right? Is that right, raise up your hand.
L-139 Now how could I know what she was even thinking in her heart? "The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, a discerner of the thoughts that's in the heart." [Hebrews 4:12]
L-140 Now pray for somebody, or do something. Here, here is what pops in your heart right now. Here, here is what's in your heart. You've got two brothers that you're praying for, and they're both alcoholics. If that's right, raise up your hands. All right.
L-141 All right, see, there you are. See? See there? See? "It's sharper than a two-edged sword, a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Don't you see it, friends? We've passed speaking in tongues. We're an astronaut age.
L-142 Here, here is a man right in front of her, with his head bowed. He's got thin hair, wearing a white coat, got glasses on. He's got a spiritual problem that he's... John Thom-...
L-143 Oh, wait a minute, I know that man. Wait a minute. I'm sorry. I--I know the man. That's right. I believe I--I've met him once, somewhere. I can't think of it. I believe it was in Tucson, here not long ago, I shook their hands at a... And--and that's right.
L-144 But you was calling God right there. You got a great spiritual problem that you don't know how to control. Look, Mr. Thomas, don't worry, it's going to come all right. Now that you might know that this... You said, "Well, he--he knew the man." Well, that's his wife sitting by him. I didn't know that was Mr. Thomas' problem. He, he'll witness that. But his wife sitting next to (her) him there, has an ear trouble that she is suffering with. Is that right? That's right. All right.
L-145 Here, take the next lady, the next lady to her. Look this a way, lady. Do you believe me to be His servant? The little lady with the red coat on, do you believe me to be His servant? You suffer with a trouble, too. You have headaches all the time. Do you believe God will heal them? If you do, raise up your head, hands, and say, "I believe it." All right. That's all right. See? All right, if you believe it!
L-146 Here, the little lady with the blue coat on, sitting next to her. Do you believe, sister? Do you believe God can heal heart trouble and make you well? You do? All right, you can have it.
L-147 The lady sitting next to her, the olderly lady, grayheaded. Do you believe God can heal, too, high blood pressure, and make you well? All right, you can have your healing. See?
L-148 The lady sitting next to her, you have trouble with your ears, also. You believe God heals ear trouble? Then you can have your healing.
L-149 The lady sitting next to her. Do you believe, lady, with all your heart, that God heals? Got something you're praying about. Do you believe with all your heart that God heals? All right, if you believe that with all your heart, your stomach trouble can be well. You can go home, eat your dinner and be well.
L-150 Mister, you sitting next to--to her. Do you believe that--that God can heal you, also, and make you well? Would you accept it?
How many, the rest of you, will believe it with all your heart? Sure, you will. [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-151 Stomach trouble, heart trouble, God heals it all, makes it well. That's right. If you...
L-152 The man sitting next to her, has got back trouble. Do you believe God heals back trouble, sir? You do?
L-153 The lady sitting next to you has back trouble, also. You believe God heals back trouble, lady? All right, you can have yours. That's right. Oh, only thing you have to do...
L-154 The lady sitting next to that has colon trouble. That's right. Do you believe God will heal your colon trouble, lady? You do?
L-155 Here, on down the line, look. There is a brain injury sitting there. Do you believe God heals brain injury? You do? You can have it.
L-156 The one sitting next to you has epileptic fits. Do you believe God heals epilepsy?
L-157 One sitting next to you has... he has eye trouble. Do you believe God heals eye trouble, sir?
L-158 The one sitting next to that, that little boy, he also has epilepsy. Do you believe God heals the epilepsy?
L-159 His loved one sitting there with him has trouble with her head. Do you believe that God will heal your head trouble, lady? All right, you can have it.
L-160 Amen! What is it? The Word of God for this day is sharper than a two-edged sword, Jesus Christ in astronaut power! Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-161 What was our first prayer cards? [Someone says, "A's."--Ed.] A's. All the people that's got prayer card A, stand up over this a way. Now come quickly, prayer card A, while the anointing is moving the way It is. Prayer card... []
L-162 Right down here, so I can get down and pray for them down here. I believe it would be better. Come... [Someone says, "You want the mike? You want the neck mike?"--Ed.]
L-163 Go down this way, friends, down this way so we can make a line. All prayer card A, stand first, they've been holding their cards longer. Let everybody that's got a prayer card A, stand up over here. Billy, you go down and see if they're in line.
L-164 Now prayer card B, let them follow them. All that's got prayer card B, follow A's. Go, go around through the other aisle there, if you can, and make your line come around that way; A, B.
L-165 If you'll only believe! Just astronaut once, get away from the automobile and airplane. Let's go on in till all things are possible.
L-166 A, B, now anybody got prayer card C, join right in behind them. Prayer card C, go back at the back here, go through this a way, the middle aisle, and go across and form your line there. Prayer card A, B, C. [Somebody says, "Might be some left. There might be some more. Just call all the cards."--Ed.]
L-167 Back this a way now. That's right, form your line right through that way, that way. Turn right in this a way, so we can be sure to get in the line. Prayer card A, B, C, let them line first.
L-168 Just hold your card in your hand, I'll have some ushers to take your cards. I don't know how we're ever going to get them lined up according to numbers. I guess it'll be all right, anyhow. [Somebody says, "It's all right, Brother Branham."--Ed.] Just let them.
L-169 A, B, C, now D. A, B, C, D, prayer card D. A, B, C, D. Is there any D's? I guess I done run out. Prayer card A, B, C, D. All right. Anybody that's got prayer cards now, line up. Everybody with prayer cards, get in your sections and line up. There is no way for us, at all, to ever be able to do, to keep them all perfectly in line by numbers.
L-170 Now I want to know how many in here is going to be praying with me while you're... while we are praying for these sick. Listen, do you...
L-171 Now, look, if you're going to come through over here to be prayed for, just say, "Well, I'll go over see how it happens," you just might as well get your seat. It isn't going to happen. See?
L-172 Now He cannot do one more thing, and will never do one more sign before the people. That's according to the Bible. I want somebody to tell me one more sign that He promised to do besides what He has done right here. "As it was in the days of Sodom," and Malachi 4, and them promises that He made, all hoods right into the same thing. There'll not be anymore sign given to the church. The next thing you'll see will be a flight into Heaven. They'll be taken up. [Malachi 4:1-6], [Luke 17:28-29]
L-173 Don't, don't miss it, friend. Remember, listen at my Voice. It'll haunt you all your life, if you haven't got in. Out yonder, when you're suffering for your punishment, and where weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, that Voice will scream back and forth, you hear It all the time in that weary, spooky place of hell. Don't fail. Now is your opportunity.
L-174 Now, oh, there is just so many! I wonder if I could get... Would it be all right, you brothers to pray with me, to help me pray for them? [A brother says, "Yes."--Ed.] Now, is these ministers, over here? ["Yes."] I--I wouldn't leave this place...
L-175 Now, look, I've said some pretty rough things about airplane, automobile. Remember, they are horsepower, too. All of it is horsepower. The church is just moving up, Holy Ghost power. It is the Holy Ghost that we're justified by. You ministers know that, don't you? The Holy Ghost sanctifies us. The Holy Ghost fills us. The Holy Ghost gives us rapturing faith, see, as we move up.
L-176 Now, I wouldn't leave this country here, and you all thinking that your... that, "Oh, Brother Branham is something!" I am not. I ain't even worthy to sit with them pastors. I--I have no schooling. I, I'm one out of season. And that's the reason God just lets me do this little thing here, just to confirm what your pastor has been teaching you. They are man of God.
L-177 Listen, if you're sick, you don't have to wait for Brother Oral Roberts, or Brother Paul Cain, or me, or anybody. Your godly pastor, his holy sanctified hands upon you, you know you called him to pray for you. He lays his hands upon you when you're burning with a fever; first thing you know, in a few days you haven't got that fever, and you're well. What is it? It's your pastor's faith, with yours. Yes, sir. He's not a side-line man. He is God's servant, right up in the front line, with a two-edged Sword in his hand. Certainly. He sure is.
L-178 I'm going to ask these pastors to come here, stand with me while we pray. Will you do that, all of you? Come right here and just... I'm going to get right down with you, and let's make a double line right here. Now when the people are healed, they can't say, "See..." I want your hands, pastor; you, my brethren. And now we're... you're... If you'll just...
L-179 If you come, saying, "Well, I'll try. I'll..." No, don't do it. Don't, don't take somebody else's place. See? You come, knowing that you're going to get what you've ask for.
L-180 Just look at here, what a bunch of ministers! Oh, my! I've met most of these man. I know them. I know them, by meeting them at breakfasts, and--and so forth. They're godly people. They're God's servants.
L-181 Now look at here. On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost separated Itself, and tongues of Fire set upon each one. The great Pillar of Fire separated, and each one received a portion of that Holy Spirit, upon them, like tongues of Fire. Well, if you put one tongue of Fire, and two tongues of Fire, together, you got twice the strength that you had in one. Remember, wasn't it Ezekiel, in his vision of the two sticks in the hand, you see? [Acts 2:1-4]
L-182 Now look at here, look here what you got, all these man of God! Besides that, how many in the audience out there is going to be praying, raise your hand? Looky here! Now, you people in the prayer line, look at this. Look out here what's going to be praying for you, hundreds of people.
L-183 Now the Holy Spirit is here right now, Jesus Christ, proving Himself, He's here. He can't do no more than that. Now how many in the prayer line believes it, raise your hands? Now let's all.
L-184 Now I'm going to have Brother Borders, or somebody, the song leader. Who is the song leader? You got the mike there? All right. I'm going to have some of them to come here and sing that song, Only Believe. "All things are possible, only believe."
L-185 Then as they sing this song, I want every person to be in prayer. Don't--don't, 'less something outstanding happens, don't even look up.
L-186 Now you've got to be sincere. It's between death and life, to some of these people. They're right there with cancer, and tumor, and TB, and everything, dying. What if that was your mother? It's somebody's, remember. Now be real reverent. And when they come by and we lay hands upon them... I'm coming right down with these man. And as they, we, lay hands upon those people, you pray that they'll be healed.
L-187 And now you in the prayer line. Now let me, I can only tell you. Now, back there, and all that'll be in the prayer line. When you come through, do this now, if you're going--if you're going to believe me. Look, when you come through this line, and when the... You walk in that line, just remember, like you're walking under the shadows of the Cross. You're doing... These men are doing exactly what Jesus said for them to do. "They shall lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." I'm coming down, as I said at the beginning, spreading my net with them, that we might do everything we can to help you people. Will you believe? [Mark 16:18]
L-188 Now let's pray, first, 'cause It said... You know, Peter went and prayed in a side of the room where Dorcas was, dead, and then went over and laid his hands upon her. After he prayed, he got up and went over and laid hands on her. Elijah walked up-and-down the floor, until the Spirit come on him, then he went and laid his body on the dead baby. You remember that? Now we're going to pray, and then lay hands on you as you pass through the line. And you come through here and, as soon as those hands touch you, raise up and accept your faith, and go on off, praising God. Be an astronaut now as you come through, just fly away from all the unbelief. [Acts 9:36-42], [I Kings 17:17-24]
L-189 Our Heavenly Father, this comes to the climax and the crucial moment, the greatest thing can happen, to the sick people, is right now. Where, a mass here of hundreds of people will be passing through a prayer line of ministers that You have called from all walks of life, and they've give their life to You, in honor of the Word of God and their calling.
L-190 Here in this box is handkerchiefs, going to the sick and afflicted. Lord Jesus, let each of them recover, as we send them in the Name of Jesus Christ.
L-191 And as these sick people come through this line, may every one of them, Lord, have faith now. May they make up in their mind, and say, "I've been playing around. I'm not going to play anymore. If I'm going to believe, I'm going to believe right now. I've seen the living Word of God made manifest. I know, in this room, Jesus Christ is somewhere. Surely the one that He manifests Himself through will not tell us wrong, for You said, 'If there be one who is spiritual, or a prophet, and what he says comes to pass, then hear him.'"
L-192 Lord God, may that be in the people's mind, that I'm trying to tell them that You are not dead, that You're living right here now, and You--Your anointing is upon Your Church and Your people. Let them be healed as they pass through. I pray this prayer in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
L-193 Now let's keep in prayer, while Brother Borders or ever who is going to lead the singing. Keep your heads bowed, and I'm coming down now to stand at the line here and pray with these people.
L-194 [Brother Branham and the ministers now pray for everyone in the prayer line, while the congregation prays, and sings, "Only Believe."]
Lord, I believe,
For all things are possible, O Lord, I believe;
O Lord, I believe, (let's raise your hands as we sing it), O Lord, I believe,
All things are possible, O Lord, I believe.
L-195 You know, I don't believe I ever went through a prayer line in my life, that I ever witnessed any more faith than I did in that line. Really the finest prayer line I believe I ever had in the United States, in my life, to see a line going through like that. I am just as sure as my name is William Branham, and I'm a standing here at this platform, you pastors will hear about your people that's went through line. It was really a grand faith, some of the best I ever knowed in my life, according to the only way I have to witness it, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It was really marvelous. Thank you, people.
L-196 Now all that believes you're healed, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] There, listen at that! God bless you.
L-197 God be with you till I meet you again. If the Lord willing, I'll be up here at this Tulare. Is that what's the name of that? Tulare, Tulare up here, this next week.
L-198 Now let's all stand to our feet, just a moment, while we are dismissed in a regular procedure. And then they're going to give out the prayer cloths here, and so forth. God bless you.
L-199 And God bless you ministering brothers. That's what makes it so real, when you brothers, there was Paul Cain and all these pastors, and all standing along here, a great support in faith.
L-200 I've really enjoyed this meeting, immensely. I consider it one of the red-light meetings I ever had in the United States. I've had ones that's bigger.
L-201 God bless you, sister. [Sister Upshaw says, "I just wanted to shake hands with you. Oh, hallelujah!" Senator William D. Upshaw was instantly healed during Brother Branham's discernment service in Los Angeles on February 8, 1951, after being a cripple for sixty-six years--Ed.]
L-202 God bless you, Sister Upshaw. There isn't a week goes by that I don't think of you and--and Brother Bill. I'll meet you on that shore There, sister, where all the old things are passed away. We'll be There that day. Amen.
L-203 Now let us bow our heads while we ask the pastor here, one to come and dismiss us in prayer, officially. Let us bow our heads. Brother, the Lord bless you.

64-0212 - Elliott Auditorium, Tulare, CA,
L-129 When you raise your arm, that does something to you. It certainly does. It gives you a feeling that you've done something that's right. There ain't a person put up their hands... I see you, way back in the back. Yes. There ain't a person that put up their hands but... God bless you. I see you there, again, and you here. Yes. My, that's good. Remember, if I miss seeing your hand, He'll see you. He knows all about it. Remember, He know. God bless you, young sister. He knows it.
L-130 Our Heavenly Father, they're Yours now. They couldn't have raised that hand; there is Something told them to do it. And yet, maybe, none of them has ever seen the visible outstanding signs of Your Presence here on earth in the last days, but they see it here, the Scripture said so, and may they understand tonight. That, even the Bible has been preached for all those years, and, still, people disbelieve. But when You got Cleopas and his friend, and then turned and did something just the way you did it when You were alive on earth before the crucifixion, they knew that was the same Jesus. Now, Lord, do the same for us tonight. Do, tonight, for these sick people, just like You did before Your crucifixion; then, after two thousand years, men and women will know that You live. We wait upon Thee, Father, through Jesus' Name. Amen.
L-131 Now to you that raised your hands, I want you to set real reverent for a few minutes. I'm going to call a prayer line. I don't say that God will do it. But I want to ask you a solemn question, people. As there is, oh, several hundred here, or five or six hundred, or whatever it is, look, that's--that's a whole lot of people. But, look, I want to ask you something. We are responsible to God. We are. And He is responsible for His Word. Now if He makes that Word live again, you--you--you--you... I want each one that raised your hand, and you that didn't raise your hand, immediately afterwards come here and stand at the altar, just as soon as we pray for the sick.
L-132 Where is Billy? Did... One, prayer card B, one to a hundred? All right. Let's, we're in a hurry, so we'll just start from number one. Prayer card B, number one, who has got it, raise up your hand. Look in your prayer card, see what it is. If you can't walk, why, some of you get down there so he... B, number one, two, three, four, five, stand up right here, if you will. One, two, three... If you can't walk, raise your hands, and they'll pack you. One, two... I only see one, so far. Would you come quickly, just as quick as you can, one, two, three, four, five.
L-133 If somebody would speak it in Spanish; I see there is many Spanish people. B, one, two, three, four, five. One, two, three... All right, there is three. One, two, three, four, there is another one. Number five, who has prayer card number five? Raise up your hand, somebody. How would you say it in Spanish? Is that prayer card number five, sir? [Someone says, in Spanish, "Cinco."--Ed.] Huh? ["Numero cinco, el numero cinco." "Here is five."] There it got it. Thank you. One, two, three, four... Then, well, which is missing? ["All there, five."] Is there five there? ["Yes."] Yeah, I see now. I didn't see him standing out there. All right.
L-134 Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Say... [ Someone says, in Spanish, "Seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez."--Ed.] Now stand here just a minute. Six, seven, seven, eight, nine... That's it. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. ["Once, doce, trece, catorce, quince."] That's good. That's fine. Just a minute, let's call a few more. Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. One to twenty. Start? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine... thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen... That's it. All right, that's fine. That's good enough. Let's start with them. Thank you, brother.
L-135 How many here doesn't have a prayer card, raise your hand, and yet you're sick? Now remember, you don't have to be up here. You don't have to be here. Just believe.
L-136 Now let everyone be real reverent. I'm going to ask, in Jesus' Name, that nobody stirs for the next, about ten minutes, fifteen, anyhow, ten or fifteen minutes. Just let's--let's--let's give God that--that great respect. Everybody settle right down. Let's get real quiet now. Just a moment, and he'll have the line here. Now while he, they're waiting there, listen close to me now.
L-137 Now do you realize where I'm standing here? How many understands what I've preached about? See? And I've claimed that He has raised from the dead. Now He is raised from the dead, and promised to do this. Now it hasn't been in any years since the apostles, until this time, as far as we know, but He promised at this time, "The Son of man would be revealed like it was at Sodom." Now you read that in Luke 17, about 20 to 30, and see if that isn't right. He promised it.
L-138 Read Malachi 4. Don't mix it with Malachi 3, now. Malachi 3 was John the Baptist. See? But Malachi 4, as soon as this was over, the wick-... the righteous walk out over the wicked, and the world was burnt with fire, see. It never happened in the days of John's time. We're expecting that great anointing upon the Church, that will turn the hearts back to the original Doctrine of the fathers, back to the real genuine pentecost. [Malachi 3:1], [Malachi 4:5-6]
L-139 All right, be reverent. Billy, holler as soon as you get them all lined up, down there. All right, all ready? Okay. Now, real reverent. Somebody is going to help, walking alongside. Now everybody be real quiet, just a few minutes.
L-140 I want you to make me a promise. I promised God that I... And He knows my heart and He knows yours. Now, I'm only obligated to say this, what's Truth. That's all I'm obligated to do. God wrote It; I never. It ain't me, it isn't me; it's the Bible. You know it. Now if He will reveal that, won't that bring Him right here alive among us? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] See?
L-141 What if you didn't have the sense of sight, nobody did, and you would walk out into the sunshine. Sometimes you wouldn't know where you was walking, 'cause you was blind. And you walked in the sunshine, you feel real something around you, real warm, then after a while you'd walked into a shade, and you'd say, "It isn't there now." Nobody never knowed what sun was, never had that sense of sight, see, you wouldn't know what it was.
Someone say, "That's the sunlight."
L-142 "What is sunlight? What is light, and what is the sun?" See, you never heard of it. See?
"Well, it's a light that comes down."
"What is a light?" See?
L-143 Now that's the way. We feel the Presence of God, then, and we don't feel It, then we walk in That. See? And you're in a--a dimension that you see. You can say what It is. See? You know what That is.
L-144 Now, if God is raised up from the dead and is here tonight, He promised it. Now His corporal body sets on the Throne of God; He took, set down on the Throne of God. But the Holy Spirit is here, which is Christ, in Spirit form. The word Christ means "the anointed One." And that anointing was upon Him, is upon the Church, we all. Now it's just kept coming, from justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, restoration of the gifts, right down, to the top of it. Right. It's coming in the minority all the time, is together now. And now there is a church, and now a Bride will come out of the church; see, church goes through the tribulation period, not Bride. Excuse me, I mustn't preach doctrine. Sorry. All right.
This is the lady. Come here
L-145 Notice, I don't believe there is a person in here that I know, that I'm looking at. If every one of you here are strangers to me, raise up your hands, you know I know nothing about you; so that the people are strangers in here.
L-146 Now, please, please don't move around. Sit still, will you?
L-147 All that's in the prayer line, that doesn't know me, and know I don't know nothing about you, raise up your hands. There we are.
L-148 Now here sets a group of ministers. See, it's just right out here where we can all look, see.
L-149 Now this lady here is a stranger to me. (Now ever who is on that, the engineer, watch that mike.) All right, now I'm going to talk to her. Here, here comes back, Saint John 4, where Jesus talked to a woman and told her what her trouble was, and she believed that was the sign of the Messiah. If that was the sign of Messiah then, it's still the sign of Messiah, 'cause He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Met like this. [John 4:5-29]
L-150 Now, I'm not Jesus, and no doubt this woman here isn't that type of woman. But what I'm trying to say, it's the same; here's a man meets a woman, and then something wrong there, and if something will come in here to reveal it, that shows it has to be God. Now I wouldn't know, 'cause I--I never seen the woman in my life. See? And she raised up her hand that I didn't know her, and she don't know me, and here we just stand here.
L-151 Now I just want to talk to you a minute, after been speaking like that, preaching, sister. And if that's... So, you see, one is a preaching, another one is anointing, something else.
L-152 Now if the Lord Jesus could explain to me, or show me by a vision, something that you want, something that maybe it might be a sickness, it might be financial, it might be domestic, it might be for somebody else. I don't even know, see, don't have any idea. But if He would tell me something that's--that's wrong, or something is wrong in your life, or--or something, and it's you're terribly sick, or somebody else is sick, or something is wrong. If He would tell it, you would know whether it was the truth or not. You, you can say whether it's truth or not. Well, if He knows what has been, then He certainly knows what will be. If He can tell the past, He can tell the present and the future. Now would it make you believe with all your heart, that you would get what you're asking for?
L-153 Would it make the audience believe that they would get What this...?... [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now don't move around now. I just a waiting and see, to see what He would tell me, 'cause I don't know. I just, meeting after meeting, getting nervous, you know, and preaching, and hurrying up, and watching this and what you've promised, and I should get you out of there at nine- thirty; it's nearly that time now; makes me nervous, so just have to quieten myself. See? It's a...
L-154 A gift is not something like you take a knife and chop something. That isn't a gift. A gift is to get yourself out of the way so the Holy Spirit can use you. And that's the only thing I have to do, is get William Branham from the scene, see, so God can come on.
L-155 Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I take every spirit in here under my control, for His glory, that the Words that I have preached might be manifested. He is here now. I--I wish I could tell you how it is. My, oh, my! If He would tell me that tomorrow morning to go to the Presidential graveyard and raise up George Washington, I'd tell you come watch it. Just what He would say now. See? I don't know what He would say, but, what He says, it'll be truth.
L-156 The lady is suffering with trouble with her eyes. She has got trouble with her eyes. It's bothering her. She's got back trouble that's bothering her. She is nervous, extremely nervous. Right. Isn't that right? If that's right, raise up your hand. Say, another thing, you are a minister of some sort, you're like a woman... You're a woman preacher. That's what it is. Now you believe with all your heart, go, and you can have what you've asked for.
Do you believe it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-157 Come, sir. We are strangers to one another, I suppose. The Lord knows both of us. Do you believe that God can tell me? Now, that was a woman; here is a man. Do you believe that God can tell me what's your trouble? Would it cause you to believe? You suffer with a nervousness. You've also got trouble with your eyes; they're going dimmer all the time. It's been doing that for some time. Another thing, I see something over your arm. Oh, it's your high blood pressure. That's what it is, you got high blood pressure. That's right, isn't it? Well, raise up your hand if them things are right. [The brother says, "Thank You, Jesus! "--Ed.]
L-158 The more you'd talk to him, more it would be, see. Now watch, look, watch. Just take your hand down. We haven't got too many there; just take your hand down. Now, I don't know what I said to him, but it's on the record there, see, that's how it's on the tape. I don't know what He said.
L-159 But let's see now. Yes, it's eyes, that's for one thing. And then, another thing, you got a blood clot and that's on the brain, and you've had a stroke. That is true. Well, do you believe now? You believe you're going to be all right? Do you believe that that's God talking, not me? All right, then go, believe it. That's all you have to do, is just believe. If they could just believe, that's all. If they just believe, it's finished.
L-160 How do you do? Do you believe that God can reveal to me your trouble? [The sister says, "Yes, I do."--Ed.] And if He can, will it make you believe Him? ["Yes."] It would. What you scared about? Can't tell, can you? Like it's just darkness, nervousness. And then another thing, you've got trouble in your neck. ["Yes."] That's right. Your trouble is in your neck. Then you got somebody on your heart, that you're praying for. ["Yes."] You're having a lot of trouble with it. ["Yes."] And that's over alcohol. ["Yes."] It's your husband. ["Yes."] He's an alcoholic. ["Yes."] And you are praying for him. ["Yes."] You believe for him? ["Yes, I do."] Then I'll pray that Jesus Christ will do these things for you. All right.
L-161 Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now that, practically, right... Those two, three, or what, four, whatever has went by, that's as much as Jesus did in the entire Bible. See? That's right. He done it to a woman, told that woman that one thing, and He went down to Sychar; He never said one more thing to anybody down there, but they believed because the woman's testimony. Yeah. That woman don't have to testify to you; you stand right here looking at it, yourself. You just must believe. Course, some wouldn't believe, there is nothing in them to believe with.
L-162 How do you do? Now, we're a strange. Wouldn't I be a terrible person standing here if... A lovely gray-headed woman like that, and think of things, and my own precious mother would have been about that age, and she just passed on here a couple years ago. And if anything I can do to help that poor lady, I'll do it. I know, if--if she is sick, if I could take and--and push a coin with my nose around this city, I'd do it. I don't care who would laugh at me. I--I want her to get well. If I could help her, I'd do so. But I can't help her. And much as He has done it, God had already did that. And He loves you more than I do. He died for you; and I never did that. But He loved you enough to die for you.
L-163 But then He sent me back just a little gift. He sent your pastor here to pray and lay hands on the sick, and, you see, that's been done so much in the revival, that that's kind of in the past, you know. And now it's up in some other, you know what I mean, a bracket, something else.
L-164 Now if the Lord will reveal to me what's your trouble, you believe me to be His prophet, or His servant? You believe it's Him? [The sister says, "Yes. I know it."--Ed.] You, you, well, I thank you, sister. ["Sure."] Now I believe that kidney trouble you've been suffering with will leave you. Do you believe that, too? You've got a request in your heart, you want to ask me. ["Yes."] What if I reveal that request before you ask me, would you, make you believe more? ["Sure."] You want me to pray for your daughter. She is not here. That's right. You want me to reveal what's her trouble? It's a real nervousness. Now you believe, and she'll get well. See? God bless you, sister.
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible." See?
L-165 What does the Word of God... See if these ministers don't say this. The Bible said, in Hebrews, New Testament, 4th chapter, "The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, cutting asunder, even to the marrow of the bone, and a discerner of the thoughts, intents of the heart." That right, brethren? [The ministers say, "Amen."--Ed.] See? [Hebrews 4:12]
L-166 What is it? It's the Word lotted for this day. The Word lotted for this day, fulfilling this promise, "When the Son of man shall be revealed, the days of Sodom, all these other things promised," here it is, it's the Word of God being revealed, 'cause it's the Word Itself discerning the thoughts that's in the heart. See? That's exactly right. [Luke 17:30]
L-167 Now, this lady, I know her not, another kind-looking person. What would I be, an awful person, if I could help and...
L-168 Now just a moment. Somebody else, it was a man, it was a man appeared, and somebody out there praying. Just have faith. I--I see now it's... I'll just have to say what I'm looking at. See, that's all I can say, is what--what I'm seeing.
L-169 You are, yes, you are suffering with a stomach condition. It's in your stomach. Then you want to ask me a request, and that's for your mother. She isn't here, but she is sick. You want me to pray for her. Isn't that right? You've got another request. It's for... It's somebody that's not here. It's a way away from here. And I see it's way... It's in another country. It's way away from here. And it's a--it's a young person, child suffering with some kind of a disease, tropical disease. South America, that's exactly. It's on you. That's exactly the truth. Right. But believe with all your heart now.
L-170 I don't heal. He has already healed. Can't you realize that's His Presence again? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]. I'll have to just keep going on and on, now it's begin to blind me a little, you see.
You say, "That?"
L-171 Well, brother, sister! Jesus, a woman touched His garment, He turned around and seen what it was, and He said, "Virtue went from Me." Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen!"--Ed.] Well, He was, that was God. What about me, a sinner? You must believe. Don't doubt. Believe. This is...
L-172 Do you believe? A young woman, and you believe that God can reveal to me what your trouble is? Well, would you, will you accept it and believe it with all your... You know it would be true. See? Now the one thing that's your trouble, is in your back, you have a back trouble. And then you have a great desire in your heart, for something, and, that is, you are seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's exactly right. Do you believe it? Well, you're going to receive It. Amen. Now go on and believe it with all your heart, and you'll receive the baptism.
L-173 Do you believe God can heal that arthritis and make you well? Now, just keep on walking and thanking Him. That's right, now. See? If you just will believe! All right, sir.
L-174 Would you come, lady, just as you was sitting there, please. Will you come? Do you believe with all your heart? [The sister says, "How can I doubt it?"--Ed.] Now that's the way, then you won't have arthritis. You won't be crippled with it. Just go on your road, and rejoicing. That lady's trouble stops, also. Just go, thanking the Lord, saying--saying, "Praise be to God!" All right. All right.
L-175 Now you believe setting there, lady, do you believe? All right, sir. Now that lady's trouble you've had, female trouble, for a long; just believe with all your heart, and go and it'll get... you'll get well, and won't have it no more, if you'll believe it. You have to believe it.
L-176 All right, bring the lady, the little girl. Come here, honey. Now, sis, here, I'll take her hand, just a minute. Come here, sweetheart. I thought that's what it was. Get choked up sometime, don't you, can't get your breath, hardly? That old asthma is awful bad, but God can heal it. Don't you believe that?
Lord Jesus, I pray that You will heal the child...?...
L-177 Don't doubt, sister. It'll leave her. Go and believe now, with all your heart.
L-178 God heals diabetes. He can make anything well He wants to. Don't you believe that? [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe He'll heal you? ["Amen."] All right, say, "Thank You, Lord," and go right on, just rejoicing.
L-179 Just a minute. I keep seeing a man coming up here, I see. Here it is. Little fellow setting there, holding a little boy in his arms. Do you believe, sir? I'm a stranger to you. You believe God can reveal to me what you want? See, you touched Him. I don't know you. But you're suffering with a trouble, a bone disease. That is right. Your little boy there has got it. Your little boy setting next to him has got it. That's your little girl setting next to that. Her, is in her arms, and she is cross-eyed. If that's right, raise up your hand. Now do you believe? Don't doubt. Have faith in God. Just don't doubt. Just believe. All things are possible to them that believe.
L-180 What's you weeping for, little lady, sitting there, up on the end, with your handkerchief up to your face, crying? Do you believe me to be His servant? Do you believe God can reveal to me what your trouble is, from here? You got a spiritual problem you're studying about. Is that right? It's all going to clear up. It'll be all right.
L-181 That lady sitting next to you there, you just talked to her a minute. She just put her handkerchief up to her face. You believe God can tell me what's your trouble, sister? Will you believe me, as His prophet, His servant? You will? All right. That sinus trouble that's been bothering you, she'll go away from you if you'll believe it. Will you believe it? If you will, raise up your hand, say, "I believe it."
L-182 You want to eat your supper, from that stomach trouble, next to here, lady. You believe with all your heart, too?
L-183 The next lady has got a spiritual problem there. And you got a rash, too, that's bothering you. You got a daughter that's got a rash, also. Isn't that right? Yes, sir. She is set in. Do you believe that? All right, you can be healed if you believe it.
L-184 What about over this way? Here, see this little, Mexican man sitting down here on the end, looking right at me? Don't you see that Light hanging over him? The man is darkness above that, see, what it is there around him, that is epilepsy. Do you believe God can heal you of epilepsy, sir? You do? All right, He'll do it.
L-185 Say, the little man next to you there, little, Spanish man, he has a rupture. Do you believe God can heal your rupture, sir? Do you believe that with all your heart? You do?
L-186 Next, has got a stomach trouble. You that's nodding your head there, you have stomach trouble. Do you believe God healed you? Then go eat your supper, He'll do it.
L-187 Tell me what they are touching, all the way across the audience. What is it? It's the manifestation of the Word of God. Do you believe it, yourselves? Do you believe it? [Congregation rejoices--Ed.]
L-188 Where is some of them here? Here, here is a man laying on a cot. Sir, I don't know you. I've never seen you. Do you believe me? Do you believe what you've heard is the Truth? You believe it with all your heart? If--if God would tell me here what's wrong with you, will--will you... would you believe it? I'm going to tell you something now. And you know it, sitting by him. He is shadowed to death. It's cancer. It's cancer. And you're a minister of the Gospel. I see you standing in the pulpit. And that's right. And you're from out of town. Now you believe with all your heart. You believe with all your heart. Why do you lay there till you die? See? You can't lose.
L-189 There was some lepers. You remember the story, when Samaria was besieged, them lepers come in there? They said, "Why will we sit here till we die? If we sit here, we die; if we go in the city, we die."
L-190 The doctor has done all he can do. There can't nothing be done, is his answer in that. You only got one chance. Them lepers had once chance, if they went down to the house of the enemy; if they saved them, they lived; if they didn't, they was going to die, anyhow. But you're not asked to an enemy's house. You're in the Presence of your God. You're expecting to... Why don't you rise up, and take that cot and go home, in the Name of Jesus Christ. And believe it, and go home and believe you're healed.
L-191 Will the rest of you believe the same thing? If you do, stand up on your feet.
L-192 I'm asking those people who raised their hands, if they wanted to be saved, and wanted to accept Jesus Christ, I want you to come up here and stand here by me, just a minute. Will you come now? Come up here, you that believed and want to accept Christ. You'll never be any closer to Him till you meet Him visible. Remember, the Word, and I have preached, God has confirmed It to be the Truth. Come on, come up this way, every one of you. Everyone that didn't know Christ, that raised your hands, and come here; say you were sinners, and you wanted to be saved, come here and stand for a minute, for prayer. Will you do it? Will you come while He is so close? [Acts 2:37-39]
L-193 You mean you could see here the Word preached, see God turn around and say that Word is the Truth, "That's Me, that's Me, I'm standing here, the very God that's going to judge you," and then hold back? Don't do it, you might cut yourself off forever. See? Here is three of them standing here. There is about two dozen. Come right now, will you?
L-194 No, no song, you don't have to have a song. Christ is your song. Christ is your conviction. The Word is what tells it.
L-195 That's right, here comes two young man. Come right on out, you that's sinners. Come right down here just a moment, will you? Right while I just feel led, I stopped that prayer line for this purpose. Come right here now. Come right here. We'll get to the prayer line. Just... That's right. Yeah, ladies come right on in here, young things.
L-196 Right in this day when these young folks are coming, in this great hour when there is still teenagers on the rampage of immorality, these people are coming to... And I trust that God will make them such examples till, the neighborhood, where the people will see that Jesus Christ still saves the lost.
L-197 Won't you come? Come right out, where you're at. Move down here, just a moment. That's right. God bless you, boys. That's good. Come right up and stand. Come, come. Way back in the back, some people way back raised up your hands, won't you come on down now?
L-198 I'm almost persuading you. I'm... [Brother Branham begins knocking on the pulpit--Ed.] The Word is standing on the outside, knocking, trying to get in. "Lo, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man will open and come in, let Me come in, I'll sup with him, and he with Me." Won't you come? Come right down now, stand here. Look, the Word has been preached, It's been proven, Christ is raised from the dead, here He is doing just what He said He would do. Not connected with organizations, denominations, to take you into something; that's your choice. I want you to take Christ now. [Revelation 3:20]
L-199 Come, won't you? Is there another? Is... God bless you. That's right, bring him right on up here.
L-200 Brethren, will you walk down here? Now these will be members of your churches. Come down here.
L-201 Come on, somebody else. Right in the Presence of Christ, I can just feel the Spirit just calling in my heart. Surely, if that's doing that in my heart, there is somebody out there should be coming. Is there a backslider out there that should come? Come, stand here. Will you do it, some of you? Backslider, will you come? That's right. God bless you. Come on. That's it, come right on down. Certainly. That's the way. Be a real man; real lady. God made you, a lady. God made you, a man. That's virtue. That's strength. Come now, won't you? Come, stand around here. That's right. That's right. God wants you in His Divine Presence. Remember, the very...
L-202 Who is God going to judge the world by? Jesus Christ. Who is it promised to do this in the last days, to reveal Himself? Jesus Christ. It's not me. It's Christ. Christ is the One that's here revealing Himself. Humility, like He was; coming out of nothing, like He did; coming into us, like He has. He is God. [Romans 2:16]
L-203 Now each one of you ministers gather right down around these people, right quick now get right down among them here, stand right around them. We're going to pray for them.
L-204 Someone else wants to come in this prayer? Just a moment. All right.
L-205 These will be members of your churches, friends. This will be... You, you'll have to take them from here on, now. They see the Lord Jesus in His power of His resurrection. They are here to become members of your church. You baptize them in Christian baptism, take them into your fellowship. They are yours now, from here on. You're the caretaker at the inn.
L-206 Let us bow our heads, everyone. Each one, Christian out there, that's sincere, offer prayer for these people.
L-207 And if these ministers wants to take them into the room, where they can be instructed further, all right.
L-208 Heavenly Father, this is the results of the meeting. Here comes sinners, fifteen or twenty of them gathered around the altar, wanting to give their hearts to You. I pray, Father, that you will receive them, in the Name of Christ Jesus the Lord. I pray that You'll receive them, give them Eternal Life. They're Your heritage, Lord.
L-209 Each person in here, that's sick now, lay your hands on one another. Reach over, lay your hands, and start praying, one for the other. Lay your hands on one another, start praying, one for another.
L-210 Ministers, lay your hands upon these people here. That's it. There is power and glory and blessings upon us, and Satan is defeated in the Presence of Christ.

LWB is dedicated to all who are looking for the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ; to you we owe credit for the materials used herein."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."[Heb 10:25]."So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase."[I Cor 3:7]
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