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William Marrion Branham Sermon Transcripts 1960

Click on any of the titles below to download the unabridged William Branham Sermon Text Files preached in 1960.

We recommend that you save the William Branham Sermon texts on your computer, instead of opening from location.

May God richly bless you as you study these sermons.

Title Location
60-0108 Conference With God Tifton, GA
60-0109 Sirs, We Would See Jesus Tifton, GA
60-0110 The Queen Of Sheba Tifton, GA
60-0210 The Revelation That Was Given To Me San Juan, PR
60-0221 Hearing, Recognizing, Acting On The Word Of God Jeffersonville, IN
60-0228 Conferences Phoenix, AZ
60-0229 The Oncoming Storm Phoenix, AZ
60-0301 He Careth For You Phoenix, AZ
60-0302 From That Time Phoenix, AZ
60-0303 Former And Latter Rain Phoenix, AZ
60-0304 Thirsting For Life Phoenix, AZ
60-0305 Be Not Afraid, It Is I Phoenix, AZ
60-0306 It Wasn't So From The Beginning Phoenix, AZ
60-0308 Discernment Of Spirit Phoenix, AZ
60-0309 Why? Phoenix, AZ
60-0310 Elijah And The Meal-Offering Phoenix, AZ
60-0311 Mary's Belief Phoenix, AZ
60-0312 Door To The Heart Phoenix, AZ
60-0313 Hear Ye Him Phoenix, AZ
60-0326 The Unchangeable God Tulsa, OK
60-0328 Is There Anything Too Hard For The Lord? Tulsa, OK
60-0329 It Is I, Be Not Afraid Tulsa, OK
60-0330 Blind Bartimaeus Tulsa, OK
60-0331 From That Time Tulsa, OK
60-0401E The Queen Of Sheba Tulsa, OK
60-0401M Why? Tulsa, OK
60-0402 Believest Thou This? Tulsa, OK
60-0403 As The Eagle Stirreth Tulsa, OK
60-0417M Go, Tell Jeffersonville, IN
60-0417S I Know Jeffersonville, IN
60-0515E Adoption #1 Jeffersonville, IN
60-0515M The Rejected King Jeffersonville, IN
60-0518 Manifested Sons of God Jeffersonville, IN
60-0522E Adoption Jeffersonville, IN
60-0522M Position in Christ Jeffersonville, IN
60-0604 To Whom Shall We Go? Jeffersonville, IN
60-0606 To Whom Would We Go? Chautauqua, OH
60-0607 Hearing, Receiving, And Acting Chautauqua, OH
60-0608 Having Conferences Chautauqua, OH
60-0609 Be Not Afraid Chautauqua, OH
60-0610 The Rejected King Chautauqua, OH
60-0611B Fellowship Middletown, OH
60-0611E Faith Is The Sixth Sense Chautauqua, OH
60-0612 Speak To This Rock Chautauqua, OH
60-0626 The Unfailing Realities Of The Living God Jeffersonville, IN
60-0630 God's Provided Approach To Divine Fellowship Tulsa, OK
60-0708 Sir, We Would See Jesus Klamath Falls, OR
60-0709 God's Provided Way Of Approach To Fellowship Klamath Falls, OR
60-0710 The Queen Of Sheba Klamath Falls, OR
60-0711 The Door Inside The Door Klamath Falls, OR
60-0712 Hear Ye Him Klamath Falls, OR
60-0713 Blind Bartimaeus Klamath Falls, OR
60-0716 From That Time Klamath Falls, OR
60-0717 Be Not Afraid Klamath Falls, OR
60-0720 Be not Afraid, It Is I Lakeport, CA
60-0722 Watchman, What Of The Night? Lakeport, CA
60-0723 Speak To The Rock And It Shall Give Forth His Water Lakeport, CA
60-0724 The Unchangeable Word Of God Lakeport, CA
60-0729 What It Takes To Overcome All Unbelief: Our Faith Yakima, WA
60-0731 Show Us The Father And It Will Satisfy Us Yakima, WA
60-0802 El-Shaddai Yakima, WA
60-0803 Jehovah-Jireh Yakima, WA
60-0804 As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest Yakima, WA
60-0805 Lamb And Dove Yakima, WA
60-0806 Hear Ye Him Yakima, WA
60-0807 Debate On Tongues Yakima, WA
60-0911E Five Definite Identifications Of The True Church Of The Living God Jeffersonville, IN
60-0911M As I Was With Moses, So I Will Be With Thee Jeffersonville, IN
60-0925 That Day On Calvary Jeffersonville, IN
60-0930 Visions Of William Branham Jeffersonville, IN
60-1002 The Kinsman Redeemer Jeffersonville, IN
60-1113 Condemnation By Representation Jeffersonville, IN
60-1124 It Is I Shreveport, LA
60-1125 Conference Shreveport, LA
60-1126 Why? Shreveport, LA
60-1127E The Queen Of The South Shreveport, LA
60-1127M It Wasn't So From The Beginning Shreveport, LA
60-1204E The Patmos Vision Jeffersonville, IN
60-1204M The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Jeffersonville, IN
60-1205 The Ephesian Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1206 The Smyrnaean Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1207 The Pergamean Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1208 The Thyatirean Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1209 The Sardisean Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1210 The Philadelphian Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1211E The Laodicean Church Age Jeffersonville, IN
60-1211M The Ten Virgins, And The Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand Jews Jeffersonville, IN
60-1218 The Uncertain Sound Jeffersonville, IN
60-1225 God's Wrapped Gift Jeffersonville, IN
60-1231 Revelation, Chapter Four #1 Jeffersonville, IN
60-pl-01 Prayer Line 60-01 N/A,
60-pl-02 Prayer Line 60-02 N/A,
60-pl-03 Prayer Line 60-03 N/A,
60-pl-04 Prayer Line 60-04 N/A,
60-pl-05 Prayer Line 60-05 N/A,
60-pl-06 Prayer Line 60-06 N/A,
60-pl-07 Prayer Line 60-07 N/A,
60-pl-08 Prayer Line 60-08 N/A,
60-pl-09 Prayer Line 60-09 N/A,
60-pl-10 Prayer Line 60-10 N/A,
60-pl-11 Prayer Line 60-11 N/A,
60-pl-12 Prayer Line 60-12 N/A,

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