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January 2008 Newsletter - Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers
When one receives the Holy Spirit, have they also received Adoption?
"Positionally placing the church where they belong, each one, how we're called by the adoption. God has adopted us unto the sons; we are sons by birth, adopted and positionally placed by the Holy Spirit. Look. They were every one Hebrews, when they crossed the river, but Joshua divided the land and give each one his land according to the utterance of his mother at the birth, where the Holy Spirit told her." [Adoption 60-0515e, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"What is adoption? Now, let me get this now; I don't know whether... I won't have time to get through this, but I'll hit it. Then if there's a question, you can a--ask me a little later on sometime in the message, something. Listen. Your adoption is not your birth. Your adoption is your placing. When you were born again, John 1:17, I believe. When we are born of the Spirit of God we are sons of God. But we were predestinated. Now, here's what I'm trying to get you to, for this sons of the last day, you see, to the... See? We were predestinated to--unto adoption. Now, now here we are. Now, this is what hurts Pentecostal a little. They say, "I got born again. Praise the Lord, got the Holy Ghost!" Fine. You're a child of God. That's right. But yet that ain't what I'm talking about. See, you were predestinated unto adoption. Adoption is placing a son." [Adoption 60-0518, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"But how we going to do it this way? See? It's just bump [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.], just haphazard, any way, no placing at all. Now, that's... See, Ephesians, are trying... See, they miss that. See, then they miss it. We are predestinated unto the adoption of sons. Now, how many understands what I mean, raise up your hands. Adoption. We're born in the Spirit of God, sure receive the Holy Ghost, and cry, "Abba, Father. Hallelujah. Glory to God." We're... That's right. We're children, but we can't get nowhere. We can't whip the Philistines." [Adoption 60-0518, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"Now, placing the son. First thing after the son was in, he become a son, but then we find out his behavior is what set him to adoption, whether he behaved right or not. And it's the--the Pentecostal... Now, just let me show you that Pentecost is not a denomination. How many Baptists in here that was Baptist, that received the Holy Ghost, let's see your hand. See? How many Methodists that's in here that received the Holy Ghost, raise up your hand. How many Nazarenes in here received the Holy Ghost, raise up your hand. Presbyterian, receive the Holy Ghost, see, Lutheran, other denominations that did not belong in the Pentecost at all, just belong to some denomination, receive the Holy ghost, let's see your hand. See? So then Pentecost is not a denomination; it's an experience." [Adoption 60-0522m, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"You believe in dispensations? Bible said so, "In the dispensation of the fulness of time..." What is the fulness of time? There's been a dispensation of, well, there was a dispensation of the Mosaic law. There was a dispensation of--of--of John the Baptist. There was a dispensation of Christ. There's a dispensation of church organization. There's dispensation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Now's the dispensation of adoption, what the world's waiting, groaning. "And when the fulness of time comes, when the dispensation of the fulness of time..." What is that fulness of time? When the dead rises, when sickness ceases, when--when all the earth ceases to groan. "The fulness of the dispensation of time..." [Adoption 60-0522m, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"If that boy was a good boy, there come a certain day (oh, my.), a certain day, till there was a ceremony held for that boy. And that boy was taken out into the public square and was put on a certain royal robe. And they performed, the father did, performed the performance of adoption. And he adopted his own son, that had been born. Now, when you receive the Holy Ghost, that's one thing you're born, but now for the ceremony of adoption. Then he adopted this boy into his family, and they had a ceremony. Now, if they'd write checks, anything that boy did, was just as good--his name was just as good on the check as his father's, after that adoption. He was heir after the adoption." [Hear Ye Him 60-0806, Yakima, Washington]
"Is it the Holy Spirit? Well, if it does the works of Jesus Christ, It's the same Spirit was on Him. Then you can rest assure that you who believe in God and believe you have the Holy Ghost, that that's the same Holy Ghost, because It's doing the same thing It did when It was on the real Son of God. When It comes upon sons and daughters of adoption, It does the same thing It did there." [Abraham 61-0211, Long Beach, California]
"The church around the world knows it comes from God, because it has the same signs that it did when it was dwelling in our Lord Jesus. And we are sons and daughters of God by adoption through Him. And His Spirit that was in Him is in us. "The works that I do shall you do also." [It Is I, Be Not Afraid 61-0213, Long Beach, California]
"We are predestinated with the Lamb. The Holy Spirit is our Seal. The "Earnest" means "more is yet to come." We only have the Earnest of It now. The Earnest is just the down payment (Oh, how beautiful.), just the down payment that holds it, and secures it, and anchors it so no one else can touch it. It's the Earnest of our adoption. Amen. The Holy spirit is now the Earnest of God in our hearts (seal), the adoption of sons waiting us at the end of the road: sons and daughters of God." [Revelation, Chapter Five 61-0611, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"They've been all those years until now, now we have the Earnest of our inheritance. Oh, my, my. What do we have? We have the evidence that God lives. We have the evidence that God is with us. We have the evidence that God has not forsaken us, that we are His and He is ours, because we, in our bodies we now tabernacle the Holy Spirit of God that cries out, "Abba, Father." And there's nothing can ever take that away. We are anchored in Christ. [Revelation, Chapter Five 61-0611, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"Now, the trees does not have it; nature does not have it; but yet we are still groaning with them because as yet we haven't received the fulness of our adoption. But we have the Earnest of it, that we were picked up from the things of the world and now become sons and daughters of God. What kind of people should we be? Oh, my, when we think of that... Think of it. [Revelation, Chapter Five 61-0611, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"Now, we have the Earnest; our spirit's groaning for the full adoption, but now we have the Earnest of it. As we receive the Holy Spirit, It is the Earnest of our complete adoption or complete salvation. Oh, how beautiful. I just love that." [Revelation, Chapter Five 61-0611, Jeffersonville, Indiana]
"Now we have a Token in this day. We've been given a Token which is an antitype of that type. Of that natural token, we've been given the Supernatural, supreme Token. All that that foreshadowed has been given to this generation, has been given the Token. Now we have the Holy Ghost, is our Token, and It is our identification that we have accepted the death of the Lamb. Not only was Jesus just a human life to come back on us, but It was God Himself manifested in flesh, that brought back upon us the adoption of sons, that now we are sons and daughters of God. That is the Token. It's our identification of the passover. It's our identification that we have believed God, and God has accepted." [The Token 63-1128e, Shreveport, Louisiana]
Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington
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