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July 2008 Newsletter - Excerpts

This Month's Featured Email
----- Original Message -----
From: Regina[rexxx@xxx.xx]
Sent: Monday June 9, 2008 8:35AM

Dear Brother Robert Wilson
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping and trusting that you are well by God's grace. Here I am fine. Thank you very much for the books, The life history of the prophet and other spoken words I have received them & I am being blessed .May the good Lord richly bless you for your wonderful work you are doing of spreading the gospel.
Yours Sister Regina
---Original Message---
From: []
Sent: Thursday, June 5, 2008 8:40AM
God bless you,
I have recieved the book that you have send for me .I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you. I have begun reading the books and so far it is a blessing. I just want to say thank you. It came in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to let you know.
Keep working for Jesus. My prayer to God is that he give you the desires of your heart. May God richly bless and keep you.
Yours truly
Bro Immanuel

Excerpts From Guestbook, TestimonyBook & Eye Witness Accounts
June 25, 2008 - 03:47 PM Cynthia Easthom from Canada I have deeply appreciated the life and ministry of William Branham and thankful to you for the opportunity to have a free copy of book #1. Thank you so much!
June 23, 2008 - 02:42 AM Makopa Manyadze from Zimbabwe May the Good lord bless your wonderful WORK you are doing , l am not an end time message believer but your news letters are changing my entire life .GOD BLESS YOUR HAERT

June 22, 2008 - 09:09 AM Rawlings Okorie from United Kingdom I came across Branhamites while in campus in the middle 90s in Nigeria and I enjoyed those messages. Pastor Branham was in no doubt a man sent by God. I benefit immensely just by reading his booklets. I cant wait to get my hands on his tapes or vidoes as the case may be. I am presently living in London and seeking for a change in Church. This brought me to this site. I will appreciate if I will be directed to the nearest Church branch nearest to Stratford.

June 19, 2008 - 07:38 PM Alex Mbumba from United Kingdom God bless you saints I'm a brother in the Message. I'd like to ask if you could send me some CDs( Bilingual: English- French )and some books apart from the Biography. May our Lord Jesus Christ maintain your Ministry successful!!!!!

June 19, 2008 - 05:15 PM Kenneth Siro from Vanuatu I have already receive my request, our brothers and sisters here also love to read biography book 1-6 and they also like to have a KJV like those other four you have sent to me back here in our country KJV is quite expensive for our bros and sisters in remote area to avoid one. Thanks God bless. bro ken.
June 19, 2008 - 02:13 AM Max Palmer from New Zealand Greetings from NZ I came across a copy of book three during a holiday in Australia. William Branham was known to me via the late Peter Morrow with whom I worked for many years. Thanks for the offer -how do i purchase the other volumes? Thanks Max Palmer
June 16, 2008 - 03:26 AM Ross Jacobs from South Africa In times facing challenges and temptation, a quick browse through this website is very encouraging. God bless.
June 15, 2008 - 01:52 AM Eloisa Guieb from Philippines I thank God He directed my browser to this Blessed site
June 13, 2008 - 10:51 AM Brother Bob Linde from United States Thank you for taking the time, and effort to put together a sound website like this one. I hope that many read it, and come to see, and believe the God has Truly sent us The Message in The Messenger, Brother William Branham. We are living in the day that God is holding back nothing. If we have the ear to hear, then we will hear what "God Sayeth to those of us that are Blessed to Hear". Only Believe, All things are possible to those that Believe.
June 07, 2008 - 11:35 AM Charlene V Charles from Dominica I do appreciate the opportunity to listen to the messages at all times, knowing that now even more than ever are we to keep feeding on the revealed Word for the hour that will keep us in the midst of our trials. Thank you much and May God bless and guide you always.
Thanks again.
June 07, 2008 - 01:07 AM Phillemon Mullie from Malawi William Branham's messages have had a great impact on so many lives in Malawi and I believe he was truely a man sent from God to his end time message bride
June 03, 2008 - 06:01 PM Asenaca Uluiviti from New Zealand God is Great!! Mighty is His Strength! This morning my cab driver gave me 'In the Days of the Voice...of the 7th Angel marked 'Not for Sale'. i wonder who dropped it here in Fiji?? God is just Amazing!! and I have been on your website all morning and I thank God for His Glory Amen, As promised I will give it back to the diver as I sense that is God's purpose.......Praise God
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