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March 2010 Newsletter - Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers
Do the opened Seven Seals reveal all of God’s Word?

“Then later on when we got through and the--the sermon and went out west, and when the Angels of the Lord appeared out there for the SEVEN SEALS, and it went up into the air (which we had the picture of it here and around over the country), there He was standing there still wigged with that supreme authority. He is the Head of the church. He's Head of the Body. There's nothing like Him anywhere. He made all things by Himself. He made all things for Himself, without He there wasn't nothing made. He has all authority in heavens and earth, and everything belongs to Him. And in Him dwells the Fullness of the Godhead bodily. And the Word was God and made flesh among us, and He was the One Who REVEALED the entire secret of the whole plan of salvation that all the prophets and wise-man had spoke of. He alone was that wigged One and supreme authority.” [65-0822E A Thinking Man's Filter, Jeffersonville IN]
“A little lady here, she don't belong in this organization (this organization)--belong in this congregation. She comes from somewhere else, and she come in this morning, got a picture there. She was--give it to my son, was very much astonished. I don't know whether she ever heard about this or not. I don't know. She had a picture of this Angel of the Lord that was on the SEVEN Church Ages-- SEVEN SEALS opened out there. When it did, said, ‘looked back through there’ and she seen that standing in the sky in a dream. And she looked back through there and seen that--seen somebody in white marching forward and behind it. Said it looked, said, ‘Brother Branham, it was you.’ And said marched in there, said, ‘Behind you was people of different colors packing banners, Georgia, Alabama, all different kinds of places, marching forward coming up into the Headship to where Christ was being REVEALED into the vision.’ Oh, hallelujah. We're in the last days, and the last hours of the days.” [65-0822m Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, Jeffersonville IN] “There has to be eyes first to see, and then when that come, He opened the SEVEN SEALS and REVEALED the evening Light, taking all the MYSTERIES that's been hid down through these church ages and now REVEALED them as He promised to do in Revelations 10:1-7. Here we are TODAY setting in the midst of the Word, and the Word being REVEALED to us by Jesus Christ. Then this is God's Word.” [65-0822m Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, Jeffersonville IN]

“Like the SEVEN SEALS. The SEVEN SEALS... Someone kept saying to me. ‘There you're... The Lord will speak to you, Brother Branham, when these SEALS are REVEALED and will tell us how to get closer to God, and how to do...’ I said, ‘No, sir. It can't be, because the Bible, the SEVEN SEALS on It had the SEVEN MYSTERIES hid. It was already wrote, but they didn't understand what it was.’ Watch how they plowed along with that being baptized in Jesus’ Name. See? That wasn't it: the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. See? All those things, how it was...Cause, there's many Jesuses... I got several friends here on earth named Jesus, minister friends. It isn't that; It's our Lord Jesus Christ. No author but God could be so correct.” [65-0822m Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, Jeffersonville IN] “What was the opening of the SEVEN SEALS to do? What are all these denominations staggering around in this...?... It's to REVEAL, bring out. If you haven't got any eyes, then what's the use to REVEAL? There has to be eyes first to see. Is that right? It'll REVEAL Malachi 4, REVEAL St. Luke 17:30, St. John 14:12, also John 15:24; 16:13, and to also REVEAL Revelations 10:1-7, the opening of the SEVEN SEALS and the Seventh Angel's Message, to open up, to REVEAL when the evening Light's come.” [65-0822m Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word, Jeffersonville IN]

“Since the opening of those SEVEN SEALS, of them Angels just behind the mountain yonder, This has become a new Book. It's the things that's been hid is being REVEALED as God promised in Revelations 10 He would do it.

And we are the privileged people that God has chosen of the earth, that we might see and understand these things; which is not some mythical, fleshly mind of a person trying to make it up. It's the Word of God made manifest, proven that It's right. Proven, not by science, but by God that It's right.” [65-0911 God's Power To Transform, Phoenix AZ]

“Cain thought they eat apples. They still got that idea, but it wasn't. It was adultery: serpent's seed. And there, when the SEVEN SEALS opened, it declared it and proved it. (My book's just out on it. I think we have got a thousand here now. See?) Notice, that's Scripturally from Genesis to Revelations. At the end-time both trees are coming to the seed and proving themselves.” [65-1125 The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, Shreveport LA] “God had to open up those SEVEN SEALS, not in a denomination. I've always been against it. But out of the denomination, that He might take a Bride, not a denominational bride; He couldn't do it. It's against His own Word. He opened those SEVEN MYSTERIES in there, and it shows forth, brings forth those things that's been hid since the foundation of the world--might be REVEALED in the last days to sons of God. Been brought that forth now before the people that they see it. There you now--to this undenominational Bride.” [65-1125 The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, Shreveport LA] “Lord, I'm thankful. I'm very thankful. Thanksgiving to You, Lord, not for natural food, yet that, but Lord, the end-time's here I'm thankful for this spiritual Food, Lord, the spiritual Food of the SEVEN SEALS was promised to be opened. ‘You say that'll be something different.’ No, no, you can't add one word or take... It's already in there. It's just hid; it's SEALed.” [65-1125 The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, Shreveport LA]
“It was REVEALED to me, ‘I was going to Arizona, and there I'd meet SEVEN Angels. And they'd tell me then what--a Message that I was to preach.’ And that was the SEVEN SEALS. It happened. How many remembers me saying that, the tapes and things before it happened? And it happened. Magazines, everything else took the picture of It. That Light there in the air, they can't even understand It yet. There it was.” [65-1126 Works Is Faith Expressed, Shreveport LA]

“We're promised a church age through reformers, and we've had them. But He promised, in Malachi 4, He'd keep His pattern in the last days, what would take place, ‘To turn the hearts of the children back to the Faith of the apostolic father.’ For that very purpose! And the church is so broke up in denominations and isms, it's so tore to pieces till it's dead; it's been a carrier. And then He promised, in the hour of the Seventh angel's Message, the SEVEN SEALS would be REVEALED; and the MYSTERIES of God would be declared (Revelation 10) when the Seventh angel begins to sound his Message, not the healing service, the Message that follows the healing service.” [65-1127e I Have Heard But Now I See, Shreveport LA]

“He said, ‘In the days of the Message of the Seventh angel, the earthly angel, Seventh church age, then all these MYSTERIES that's been lost back through these other six church ages should be REVEALED right then.’ Well, that's exactly what those Angels said. There is the SEVEN SEALS, or the opening of these MYSTERIES. And you try to get it before those denominations. Contrary to what they... Brother, they close up like a clam, but they've always done it. But it's season.” [65-1127m Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being His Will, Shreveport LA]

“We're living in the Laodicea Age, and these SEVEN SEALS that's held that Book is a MYSTERY to people, should be open at that day. That's what He promised.” [65-1204 The Rapture, Yuma AZ]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister/Editor, Lynden, Washington]
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