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May 2013 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers

Does God require church attendance and hearing other ministers?


“We're going to read a Scripture and just have a little-a little few words tonight. And tomorrow night now, we're going to be down at the Municipal Auditorium. And I'm sorry that-that we made this little junction right quick, way we did, change, rather. I-I think, the brethren, some of them thought that maybe it would give the people more room so they could attend the church. And I hope that no one that goes to these fine churches around here, will-will miss their services tomorrow night; I-I hope they don't do it. If they got a post of duty, stand at that. That you stand to your post of duty at your church, wherever you go to, and pay your tithing into it, and you love your pastor, and pray for him. And if you need to be prayed for, ask him; he's a man of God; he will pray for you. And He will answer his prayer same as He will mine or anyone else's, 'cause after all, it's your own faith in God that does the work. That's right, just exactly.” [Balm In Gilead, Long Beach, California 61-0218]

“Now we're going to pray. And all these men of God, come right along here, brethren, if you would. Just come right down this way and form a double line. You know what? I'm going to tell you. It makes me proud in my heart and grateful to find SERVANTS of God that'll stand before the people and say, "I'm a witness of this Gospel, too." Aren't you proud of your pastors? Say, "Praise the Lord" if you're proud of these pastors. We're proud of our brethren. Amen. We're proud of them. They are your pastors. A pastor means "a shepherd." These, each of these men, has just as much of the anointing to lay hands on the sick as I do. Now, I'm not a preacher. They're preachers. They've got a higher office than I have. Mine is a prophetic office, and it's to prophesy. Now, they're not. They wasn't built for that. They wasn't ordained for that. But what does the Bible say? "God has set in the church, apostles (that's missionaries), prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists." Is that right? Them gifts ordained of God and anointed.” [Balm In Gilead, Long Beach, California 61-0218]

“Tomorrow is Sunday, and we are expecting all you visitors to attend somebody's church tomorrow. These men here on the platform are men who are local ministers, and they are here representing this Gospel that you're hearing us preach. They believe the same thing that we believe and setting here representing it. And fill up their CHURCHES tomorrow; have a great time. [More text.] “So, now, go to Sunday school in the morning, somewhere, and stay for church. And it's always a sin to send your children to Sunday school. You know that. Everyone knows that. A sin to send your children to Sunday school; take them, so that's so, then, then you're doing right; but doing wrong by just sending them.” [Uncertain Sound, Bloomington, Illinois 61-0415e]

“Bless our brother, our pastor, Brother Parker Thomas, Thy servant, the Holy Spirit moving upon him and helping him. Lord. He wants to serve You with all of his heart, and I pray that his desires will be fulfilled; and the desire behind every hand that was raised here this morning. Bless all Your servants throughout the land on this sabbath day. May You anoint Your ministers everywhere that's standing in the pulpit.” [Presuming, Southern Pines, North Carolina, 62-0610m]



“I just love you, I believe in you. I believe that God's going to have a church, and believe you're part of that church. And I love you with godly love. And I pray that the Holy Spirit will let that Word be interpreted in the Spirit that it was meant for, as it goes out to you. Now, I give you your pastor.“ [Presuming, Southern Pines, North Carolina, 62-0610m]

“Tomorrow is the sabbath. And now, you people that's visiting here, there is some mighty fine CHURCHES around here. Here is their pastors, and setting here. Now, attend some of their CHURCHES. They're men of God. They believe in this ministry. And they are different denominations, but we don't... When it comes to fellowship with Christ, we don't draw any denominational barriers, we just go together. I was ordained in one church, Missionary Baptist, and never have been ordained in anything else.” [Meanest Man In SantaMaria, Santa Maria, California 62-0630e]

“We thank You for the great meetings, for the ministers, for their CHURCHES, the people, their cooperation, for the auditorium.” [Take On The Whole Armor Of God, Santa Maria, California 62-0701]

“In His army, He presents His army in the form of five offices, first apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists. That's His army. That's His soldiers. That's His commanding officers, all with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, waiting out there to meet the enemy on any grounds he comes upon; to meet the enemy with the Word of God, amen, each one backing one another up, with Him the Chief Captain not out there in front, up here, above, back behind, but in them. That's the army, vindicating, vindicating (what?) His resurrection, by the proof of His works.” [Take On The Whole Armor Of God, Santa Maria, California 62-0701]

“In the morning, attend Sunday school. These men here are servants of Christ. They're people who believe in this same ministry that I preach. They're ministers, fellow workers, citizens of the Kingdom of God. They have CHURCHES here. They'd be glad to have you tomorrow morning to attend their CHURCHES, each one.” [Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here 62-0721, Salem, Oregon]

“If you're not a Christian, if you haven't been associating; you Christians, you people, if you accepted Christ when you raised up your hand; go to one of the pastors here, tell them what you've done. They'll receive you. [More text.] Go, join up with some group somewhere that you can fellowship with, preaches the full Word of God. And stay with that Word, regardless.” [Who Is Jesus? Topeka, Kansas 64-0620b]

“Do you teach that the Bride must not attend any other church unless you are preaching, preaching or else, otherwise, the tabernacle?" No. I don't teach that. I don't believe that. I do not believe it. We've got ministers setting here that's scattered all around through the country, and I believe they are part of that Bride. I believe that a man or woman can go to church anywhere they want to go, that teaches the Word. And I believe, if they don't teach the whole Word, and you can't go to church any other place where they teach the whole Word, go where they teach half the Word until you can get to where they teach the whole Word. Go to church, whatever you do. Do that.” [Questions And Answers, Jeffersonville, Indiana 64-0830m]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington USA]

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