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January 2014 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


Is character quality important in courship?


“And I will make thee swear by the LORD, the God of heaven, and the God of the earth, that thou shalt not take a wife unto my son of the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell: But thou shalt go unto my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac.” [Genesis 24:3-4]

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” [II Corinthians 6:14]

"Ahab was more or less that type of a person. Every way the wind blowed, Ahab had his sail set, if it was on this side or that side. His marriage got him all messed up, with a little woman which was a little princess, a king's daughter, a Jezebel. Very pretty to look at, very beautiful woman, but in her heart she was wicked. And she was an idolater, and she caused all Israel... Now, how I would like to border there just for a few minutes, as it was, and getting into the core of this on motherhood, see, there. And when a man starts to get married, the type of a girl, woman that he... It's more than just look at beauty. You've got to get somebody, both soul and body joined together, somebody that's really going to be your friend and pal, that'll stick with you through thick and thin. Now, but Ahab, he just fell for her because she was pretty, I suppose, and marry. It couldn't be nothing else about her, because as wicked as she was. And she come over there. And then, 'course, being wrapped up with her like that, and loved her, why, he caused all Israel to sin and to go against God, and to tear down the altars of God, built the altars of Baalam. And they had Baal worship all through Israel at the time. You take a little bitty girl, little bitty boy, put them out here, let them live with somebody... You take a man... I can take my boy, let him be out for a day with somebody; let me come in, I can almost tell you who he's been with. Certainly. Watch, that environment, that spirit catches him… You take a man that's a good moral man, and let him marry a little old woman that ain't worth a dime; it isn't long till he ain't worth a dime either. That's what happened to Ahab. Take the same, vice versa, let a nice little woman marry an old man that ain't worth a dime; the first thing you know, she's doing the same thing he is. [new parg.] How could I go, this morning, and point my hands on little broken up homes and things like that, where lovely little mothers come into a drinking dad, and things like that, and thought they could do something with them, and now the whole mother and all of them is a drinking and going on. It's environment." [Invasion Of The USA, Jeffersonville, IN 54-0509]

"You know, boys, I'm telling you tonight, and you young ladies, be careful who you marry; you'll have a broken home the first thing you know. And it's not good to--sinners and Christians to marry together. Don't be unequally yoked together, 'cause that's what got Ahab. She was pretty little thing, yes, paint all over her face, eyes like a lizard, but she was a... The thing of it was, that... Did you know what? That's the truth. That's the... Ahab just fell for her, because she was, perhaps, pretty, because he couldn't have fell for her for character, 'cause she was a murderer; she was everything else. That's right. And Ahab fell for her because she was pretty. And then, he got hisself infatuated with her, and then she just ruled him with her finger." [Separation From Unbelief, Phoenix, AZ 55-0228]

"When he come down and made fellowship with Ahab, then he got in trouble. Now, Ahab... And when you take the world that trying to find fellowship with you, just remember, there's a rabbit in the woodpile somewhere. When you take that little cigarette smoking boy, that wants to take you out at nighttime, young lady, you Pentecostal girls, that little drinker, and his hair combed down slick enough to hold his mouth open. Let me tell you something now; there's something in the making. And he says, "I marry you, dear, if... And then I'll join your church." He's a lying to you. If you loves you and loves the Lord, he will do it then; he don't have to take you. That's right. And you men, you young boys with some of these little painted up Jezebels, the same way. You shouldn't do that. Shame on the pastors that fail to say that in their church. We are called out, separated, different people, sanctified to the Lord in Israel. Yes, sir, we know the landmarks; they're wrote right down here, a plain view of it. But we're just tossed about." [Father, The Hour Has Come, Chicago, IL 56-1002a]

"Another thing, no wonder Ahab... His father was a backslider to begin with. And Ahab was a borderline, lukewarm believer, just a indebtiment to society of Christianity would be today, an indebtiment to the Kingdom of God in that day. He was just a man who was wishy-washy and not stabled at all. But I imagine he was a handsome young man with his hair slicked down, you know, and kind of a little one of these boys that's going out with these here, what is it you call them, dragging hot rods, something on that order. You see? One of these little fellows that runs around like today... And you know, it goes to show that he was that type of person or he wouldn't have fell for that type of woman. That's right. Israel was supposed to marry Israelites. They wasn't supposed to mix marriage. You know that's right. They wasn't... And you're not supposed to do it today either, yoke unbelievers with believers. That's against the law of God, against the Bible.” [Painted-Face Jezebel. Chicago, IL 56-1005]

"Separate yourself. Don't yoke yourself up with unbelievers." That's right. Young man getting married, marrying some girl that don't believe; or some young girl marrying a boy that don't believe... Don't you do that. I don't care how cute he is and--and... Or how cute she is, and what those big eyes she's got; they'll all fade out one of these days. But, brother, your soul's going to live forever. You be careful what you're doing. She ain't a real believer or him a real believer, don't you yoke yourself up like that. Stay away from such; it'll cause you trouble down the road. God calls men or women; He calls a separation.” [Hebrews, Chapter 3, Jeffersonville IN 57-0901M]

"What a blessed privilege that man has that challenge to follow the Lord Jesus, to separate himself from all his carnal associates to follow the Lord. And if any person seems not to behave themself rightly and to present themselves as Christians but love the carnal things, it's best for you to hunt another partner right away. That's right. And if no one will walk with you, there's One Who promised to walk with you: that's the blessed Lord Jesus. He will walk with you.” [Hebrews, Chapter 7, Jeffersonville IN 57-0915e]

Bible References: Genesis 24:3-4; II Corinthians 6:14

[Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington]

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