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Prayer Line 55-02
55-pl-02, Prayer Line 55-02, 63 min

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55-0117 - Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL (Paragraphs: 282 - 307)
L-283 What do you think about It, you sitting next to her? Do you have a prayer card, lady? You don't? You want to get well, too? Wouldn't you like to go eat again like you used to, have the stomach trouble over? Do you believe Jesus heals you now? Stand up if you believe Jesus Christ healed you. You had an ulcerated stomach, didn't you? It's caused from a nervous condition. You've been nervous for a long time. Especially acids and things, or I mean creates acid, and makes sensitive teeth when you belch your food back up in your mouth. That's truth. Yes, sir. It's a peptic ulcer, it was laying in the bottom of your stomach. It burns sometime after eating especially toast with butter on it. That right? I'm not reading your mind, but the Holy Ghost is infallible. You're healed now. Go home, be well.
L-284 What do you back over in this direction? Some of you over there without a prayer card, raise up your hand. Somebody without prayer cards. All right, be reverent, believe with all your heart. What about up in the balcony? Have faith in God.
I can't do this within myself, it's only His sovereign grace. Do you believe? I can only say as He shows me. As your faith... I say that to shake your faith, then see which way He'll lead me. Did you realize this--this is not your brother? You're standing in His Presence. It's not me that's doing this, it's your faith operating It. I can't operate It. It's your faith doing it. I have no way of operating It. Just a minute.
L-285 In this corner I see a colored man sitting there, kind of elderly, with glasses on. You have a prayer card, sir? Stand up on your feet a minute. You believe me to be God's servant, with all your heart? You're thinking about somebody else, aren't you? If that's right, wave your hand. Not because it's me, your brother. Now, you don't have a prayer card. There wouldn't be no way of you ever getting in line, 'cause you ain't got a prayer card. Now, if any of you's got prayer cards, don't--don't--don't raise up, see, 'cause you'll have a chance to come in the line.
But I see that Light just hanging above him. It's never broke to a vision yet. I cannot heal you, brother, I cannot. Only God can do that. But you--you--you've got faith. You're believing. And there's some--something, it's--it's caused it, some way.
If Almighty God will tell this man what's his trouble, will the rest of you receive your healing? There's a man, perfectly standing ten, fifteen yards away from me, I never seen him in my life. He's just a man standing there. If Almighty God will reveal what's wrong with that man, every one of you ought to walk right out here a well person. What more can God do? Is that right?
Sir, it's nothing wrong with you. You're weak, have a little getting up at night, prostates and so forth, but that's not what's your trouble. Your trouble is concerning your boy. And your boy is in some kind of a state institution, and he has a dual personality. Is that right? Wave your hand if that's right. That's exactly right.
L-286 How many believes now that Jesus Christ the Son of God is standing here? Let's stand and offer praise and receive our healing.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, You're here, the same Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8]
And, Satan, you've bluffed these people long enough, come out of them! I adjure thee by the living God Whose Presence is here now in the form of a Pillar of Fire, leave these people! And come out of them, in the Name of Jesus Christ!
Every one of you raise your hands and praise God, and receive your healing, every one. [Congregation praises God--Ed.]

55-0118 - Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL (Paragraphs: 57 - 68)
L-58 ...?... You remember, from the testimonies? One of them was put your hand on the people. I do not feel the Presence, but I maybe find this other way, and then can talk to the lady a little later on maybe, or something. If there's... If there's a disease, why, I'll be able to know it, if not I won't. Will you be in prayer?
How do you do, lady? I suppose we're strangers to each other. I--I do not know you, never seen you in my life. Is that right? We're perfectly strangers. I just want to take hold of your hand, just for a moment, just put... Yes, ma'am, you di... It's not a spiritual condition; it's a physical condition. And what it is, is a tumor. It's a growth.
Now, see, I could pick that up... Let me show you something. Look at my hand. It looks just like any man's hand, doesn't it? Now, I'm going to put my hand on that hand. No difference is there? Now, let me... Just put your pocketbook over here on this side. Let me have this hand over here; put this hand on my hand. No difference is there? All right, now change again, back this way, just to show you what the Holy Spirit... Now, put your hand on mine now. Now, look at it. Look at my hand here. Swelling, little bumps running all over it. Is that right? Now, just move your hand off; take your hand off. I'll put my hand on it. Now, it isn't, is it? See, look on this one here. See? It's not again.
Now, let's place this hand here, your right hand on my left, and watch what takes place now. Now, look at my hand. See there? See it swelling, see them little white things running over it? That shows you got a disease. It's a germ, a... It's some other life in you that's not--it's not your life. See? It's another life. There's a life in you.
L-59 Now, let's talk just for a few minutes and see if the Holy Spirit will diagnose where it's at, see if He will tell me. If He doesn't, I know it's a tumor. I know that that's what it is, I can tell the way it pulls it's a tumor. Is that right, that much? You just answer me. That's right, it's a tumor. All right. Now, maybe, now that's one gift work. You see?
Now, if the Holy Spirit will grant to me, that I cannot say. But if He will, will tell me where it is, where the tumor is... Yes, sir. The tumor's in the breast. Isn't that right? Now, He's here. See? That's right. You live here in Chicago. And your name is Mrs. A. Erickson. And you live at an address; I see you going in... It's called... It's 1653 Mead Street, is that true? Now, go home and get well...?...
Have faith. Don't doubt. Have faith in God.
L-60 All right, come here. How do you do? Are we strangers, sir? Are you believing there, my brother? Have faith. Let's have your hand a minute, sir. Between you and I stands a Light. You have weakness; it's true; but you're here for something else, a greater thing than yours. Just a man of your age should have a little kidney trouble and prostate making you nervous at night and getting up and so forth. You have that. But there's something else, because it just keeps moving, pulling to me. Isn't that right? You're wanting... You believe God can reveal to me what's your troubles? You believe that with all your heart? If He will, will you accept it whatever it is, no matter if it's to move away, if it's to get a new home, or it's whatever it is, you believe if your desire is great enough and standing in His Presence, if He will reveal to me what you're... I couldn't heal you; I couldn't give you what you're after, but God can. Do you believe that? Now, I can only act as His servant. Is that right?
It's someone you're here for that's close to you. It's a--it's a son. It's your boy. And that boy has something wrong with his eyes. "Astigmatism," the doctor said. The boy's not with you; he's at home. The boy has some kind of a spells, he fa... It's epilepsy. He will... And he's just kind of little bit mental retarded. Is--Isn't that right. You believe you're going to receive what you ask for? All right, then go home, and lay your hand on the child, and receive it in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
L-61 Believe God. [] Bow your head just a minute. The woman's got a deaf spirit on her. Certainly. Bow your head just a moment.
Great Jehovah God, Who made the heavens and earth, all things in them is. I do not know how bad this woman is, her ears are, but Thou art here and can heal her. I pray that You'll grant it. And make Thy Spirit to come upon her now and make her well. I now ask that this devil that binds her in the form of--of deafness, "Come out of the woman. I charge thee by the Lord Jesus Christ to leave her."
You hear me now, do you? Can you hear me? Not only that that you might know now, your hearing's to you. You had a female trouble also, didn't you? It's gone from you. You accept that, do you? It seems strange about you. You're... Between you and I is rolling green waters. You've come from some--you've come... You're--you're a missionary. And you come here from... You're from China. You was ministering to yellow people, Chinese. And you're wanting to ask me a question. And you're wanting to ask me whether you should think about going back or not. That's true. Now, you believe that you're going to go back normally and be well? Go on your road rejoicing. God be with you.
Have faith.
L-62 Yes, sir. Stomach trouble, very bad, seriously... Let me have your hand again: oh, yes, very bad stomach trouble. Only God can save you now. You believe it? How would I know you had stomach trouble by putting my hand on yours? That exactly right, my brother. You believe you're going to get well? Your first name's Allen, isn't it? Your last name's Grubbs. Isn't that right? God bless you. You come from Waukegan, Illinois. Go back and eat your supper.
Female trouble: do you believe you're going to get well? Want to ask you something. When you left the chair back there a few minutes ago, something happened, didn't it? Now, go ahead home, rejoice, and going, thanking God, being happy.
L-63 Lady's trouble, arthritis, many things wrong. You believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? I believe it too, my sister.
Heavenly Father, I bless this woman in the Name of the Lord Jesus. And now, may the Holy Ghost go to her, and may the blessing that she's asked for be granted in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go on your road rejoicing.
L-64 Do you believe? Between you and I comes blood streaming; it's turning white. Well, the cause of that, you've got diabetes. And diabetes is running you blind. You believe you're going home to be cured of diabetes and get your sight? You believe you're standing, not in your brother's presence, but His Presence? I bless thee, my brother, and drive this thing away from you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Go happy, rejoicing, believing with all your heart.
What if I told you, you were healed when you was setting right there in a chair, would you believe it with all your heart? God bless you...?...
L-65 How do you do, sir? You believe me to be... Be reverent, everyone; just a moment. You're here for somebody. It's your wife. It's something wrong in her back. There's a spinal trouble.
That woman's got arthritis in her back, setting right there, right back there with the pink looking waist on. Yes. But it's not your wife. But you got arthritis in your back, and I could see you standing, your face full, and so the lady setting next to you there has arthritis also. And the lady right behind you has arthritis, the lady in the white. Is that right, lady? Stand up, all three of you. Go... God bless you. That's what that demon was pulling at you. See? You're going to find your wife different. Don't have no trouble. And you've got a rectal trouble, haven't you? Go believing God now and be well, my brother. I bless thee in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. God bless you.
L-66 Diabetes is a bad thing. But Jesus Christ is a Healer. You believe it? You accept it? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, go and be made well. Have faith.
The colored lady setting right back there with the little red dress on, seems like It's holding over her. You got a prayer card, lady? You haven't, or have you? You haven't got a prayer card. The lady right back there with glasses on, you don't have a prayer card. Stand up just a minute if you don't. Do you believe with all your heart? You do with all your heart? Believe Jesus Christ will heal you? You're fixing for an operation. You knowed that, didn't you? Got a br--ruptured appendix. Isn't that right? But Jesus Christ will make you well if you'll believe it.
Lay your hand over on that lad se--that man setting in front of you there because he's suffering with a nervous trouble, setting out there. By the Lord Jesus, I condemn the devil that's rebuked. In Jesus Christ's Name, leave them. Amen. Amen.
L-67 Bring the lady. Oh, children of the living God, don't you realize that your Lord Jesus is here? Not your brother, but your Saviour... Have faith. We're strangers, lady. That is true. Bow your head just a moment.
Lord, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, take away this spirit of deafness from the woman that she can hear good and plain again. Almighty Father, I rebuke this devil in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Just a moment. Just want to test your hearing. Can you hear me all right now? Can you hear me now? You're hard of hearing. I want to ask you something. You believe the service tonight? Now, I could let the woman go on. But something keeps moving me to her. There's something different. Let's see your hand just a minute. No?
You believe me to be His servant? You believe that the secrets of all hearts is disclosed before God that He knows all about it? You believe if Jesus Christ was standing here, the One that gave me this suit of clothes and is wearing it tonight? As far as healing, He's already healed you. But He would know what you're... That deep something on you that's making you desire. Yeah. You had something wrong in the stomach. It was a growth. Is that right? It's dead. It's gone from you.
I keep seeing a little boy standing by you, something. Oh, it's a little boy. You've got a little boy with you. And... But it's not your boy. It's your little nephew. That's right. He can't... You can't send him to school, because he's got bad tonsils. Isn't that right? Go, lay that handkerchief on him. He get well.
L-68 You believe? Let's receive the Lord Jesus right now. Where are you at? Elected, called, anointed, placed in Christ, setting together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Do you now believe? Rise up to your feet then and receive your healing, every one of you.
O God of heaven, I rebuke every demon in Jesus Christ's Name. Come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ.

55-0119 - Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL (Paragraphs: 45 - 53)
L-46 Have faith in God. I say to you, my dear brother, my sister, the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the living God never fails. He can't fail. What have we to look to tonight? We got a Leader tonight. It's the second Joshua, none other but the Lord Jesus Himself, the Captain of the host of the Lord. He's with His people. He's here in power. He's bringing evidence into the church and proving He's the Healer. He's proving the evidence by His people. He gives them the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He comes down and lets His picture be taken with us.
He's doing everything that He can do to show you not to join the Methodist, the Baptist, or the Pentecostal, or the Branham Tabernacle, but to join Jesus Christ, believe in Him. Everything, no matter what church you going to, that doesn't have nothing to do with it. It's your heart with God, what God looks at. That's right. Believe in Him as the supernatural resurrected Lord Jesus. [Mark 11:22]
L-47 Is there a sinner here would stand up and say, "All right, now, I want to join that rank myself by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ." Stand to your feet, if there's a sinner here that would like to join with the Lord Jesus Christ and be a believer, you stand to your feet. You're asked to do it. May the Lord Jesus... There may not be a sinner in the audience for all I know. That I do not know. But Jesus Christ does know.
L-48 Lady setting there with that white shawl on, setting right down here, God healed you just now of your arthritis. Stand up on your feet. It's gone, hasn't it? If that's right, wave your hand. That arthritis pains is gone. Is that right? The Lord Jesus Christ has healed you. You're well.
L-49 That lady setting right back there with female trouble, looking over that's man's shoulder, setting right back there, just on the other side of the lady with the red coat on, with a--got female trouble, you lady, yes, stand up on your feet. The lady, right there, the little brown looking tam on, you've had female trouble haven't you, lady? You haven't got no prayer card, have you? You haven't got a prayer card? You have. All right, you don't need it; you're going home well. That's right. God bless you. You've been having a drainage from that female trouble, is that right? It's been--is an abscess, is what it was. Had pains on your side, and drainage from it. Isn't that right? Wave your hand if that's right. See? You won't have it no more now; Jesus Christ has healed you.
L-50 This lady, I see that Angel of God standing over where she's at. It's a big lady. She's got a red-like sweater on. She's been suffering from a nervous trouble. She's setting there asking to be delivered. Isn't that right, lady? If it is, shake your hand. You're delivered now; you can go home. Jesus Christ has made you well. Jesus Christ of yesterday, is today. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-51 Young man, setting right here, put your hand on that boy's shoulder setting there next to you. Tell him to go eat his supper. He had stomach trouble. He's been healed now. God bless you, young man. You go home now, and you're going to be well. You love the Lord Jesus, do you? You believe you're healed? You are. Stand up on your feet just a minute as a testimony. Now, go home. You've been all nervous and shook up and everything; you're going home to be well. God bless you.
L-52 A lady set... That fellow right back there has got sinus trouble, right back behind you there. You believe the Lord Jesus makes you well? You do, sir? You believe that He makes you well? God bless you. Your faith's healed you.
Put your hand over on the lady next to you there, 'cause she's suffering with a rupture. She wants to get healed too. God bless you, lady. You believe that you're going to get healed too? God bless you. You may have what...
The little one next to you there has kidney trouble too. You want to get healed, son? Stand up on your feet and accept the Lord Jesus Christ. You believe that you're healed? You are. God bless you. It's gone from you.
L-53 The Joshua, the Angel of the Lord that led Israel, is the Lord Jesus Christ. He's here in His power and resurrection. You don't need a prayer line. What you need is faith. Do you believe it? If you believe it, stand up on your feet right now and accept your healing and go home well, every one of you, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rejoice, give Him praise and glory. Thank Him for healing you. If you believe it, wave your hands.
Get up, sir, you can't get any better setting there. Every one, raise and give God praise. Father, in Jesus Christ's Name, heal every sick person.

55-0120 - Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL (Paragraphs: 71 - 97)
L-72 Who has B-85? Would you raise your hand? B-85, raise your... 85. Who has 86? All right. 87? All right. 88? B-88? Would you raise your hand, ever who has B-88? Ever who has prayer card B-88, would you raise your hand? Thank you. Is this it right here, lady? 88, 89? Who has B prayer card 89? Would you raise your hand wherever you are? 89? Thank you. 90? B prayer... Prayer card 90, have you... Is it in the building? 90? All right, then 91? Who had 91? All right. 92, 93, on up to 100. Just come right on now and take your places.
We'll see how many that looks like and then maybe we... If we can get that through in time, if I'm just not worn at that time, the brethren will let me stay for some more... Depends on what our Lord Jesus does.
Now, how many out there does not have a prayer card, but you want to be healed? Raise your hand. God be with you, help you, and bless you is my prayer. Now, if you do not have prayer cards... Now, while they're lining them up, I want to pray for these here in this box. Thank you, Brother Billy. Shall we bow our heads just a moment.
L-73 Kind and loving Father, in this box is handkerchiefs going to the needy, the sick, and the afflicted. Mothers, fathers are waiting for them, brothers, sisters, little baby sick and needy, blind, afflicted, crippled. Oh, how they have longed to have these handkerchiefs returned to them. And we're so thankful, Father, that we have found grace in their eyes through You that they believe if we'd ask You, they'd get help. We're not worthy of that, Father. I'm not. I pray, God, that You'll not look at my unworthiness, but will look at those poor, sick people that we're trying so hard to bring Your Son, Jesus, to them.
When these handkerchiefs are placed upon their bodies of the sick, Father, in Jesus' Name, Thy Son, may the sickness depart. Grant it, Lord. May they be liberated from these things and be made completely free.
Now, You watched the people when they wrote the letter. You're looking at them now. And You'll see them when they're returned. Now, may the Angel of God Whose Presence is here now, stand with every one of them. And when they're laid upon them sick people, may they recover quickly. For we ask it in Jesus' Name and for the glory of God. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-74 I would ask you, if you would, be just as reverent as you possibly can. I trust that you do realize what this is all about. Would you just think now? Here I am standing here just a man. God knows. And here's a line of people, fifteen or twenty, ever what lined up there. I think it was fifteen, maybe one or two of them missing. But there they are and perhaps a few more. Here sets at least sixteen hundred people, I guess, close to it, setting here before me. And there was at least a thousand hands of them went up that they were needy. And here I have spoke about Jesus Christ tonight that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Hebrews 13:8]
L-75 Now, imagine standing here. In a audience of this size, you're bound to have critics setting around. You're bound to have people that's a little suspiciously. You feel it. You can feel it. When the Spirit goes to settling, you can feel it. See? But I'm so thankful it's sure way low ebb. Faith is predominating, has been in every meeting we've been in here. See? That's right.
I wouldn't say there is a critic setting present. It may be someone just suspicious to say, "Well, now I--I'm just wondering." See? If that person only knew what effect that had and what an influence it had, well then, he'd say, "No, I believe. I believe, Lord. Lord, help Thou my unbelief."
L-76 Now, what if our Lord Jesus was standing here on the platform tonight, and He was standing right where I'm standing, now what could He do? Now, let's not--let's not look at it from the--from our own thoughts. Let's look at it in the Bible form.
Now, the first thing He said, "I can do nothing, but except My Father shows Me." And what did He... What was He? He was Jehovah's provided Sacrifice. Is that right? Do you believe He was Jehovah-jireh? He was God's provided Sacrifice.
Then when He died, He died to... He was wounded for our transgressions (Is that right?), bruised for our iniquities, chastisement of our peace upon Him, with His stripes what happened? We will be? We were; already, we were healed. Will we be saved? We already were saved. See? You never got saved just two years ago, or ten years ago, or twenty years ago. You got saved nineteen hundred years ago. You just accepted it two years ago or three years ago. Your healing's already complete. You just have to accept it. That's the reason He said, "If thou canst believe." [John 5:19], [Isaiah 53:5], [Mark 9:23]
L-77 Now, here's a lady standing here. Is this the patient? This lady here, I never seen her in my life. Put yourself up here now as a Christian to face this woman. Put yourself up here as a Christian to face the audience. Then you better feel secure that the Angel of God is standing near. That's right.
Now, what if in that line stands critics? That may be where oppression is, oppressions I feeling. What if it is? Then perhaps the... They'll be struck right here at the platform with a disease that they pretending to have. See? What if some critic setting out there, and a disease is cast away here and it goes out into the audience? That critic will have the disease. See? How many knows that's true, and how many has seen it so many hundreds of times in my meetings? See? Sure.
L-78 Many of them is in the insane institution, and laying afflicted, and everything. How about that guy yonder that come in to hypnotize me that night? He's still paralyzed. Uh-huh. That's been nearly four years ago, and he's still laying paralyzed. Hypnotizer, go around these army camps and hypnotize people and things, make them bark like dogs and so forth. But can't play with God. No, sir.
Just be reverent and be in prayer now. Just... Now, the Lord bless. All right. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, for the glory of God the Father and for the representation of His Son, Jesus, I now take every spirit in here under my control for God's glory.
L-79 How do you do, lady? Now, you just come up here if you will, lady. We're first tonight to be talking to and it was--it was making it pretty rough the first person. it... so it... That way, why, sometimes it takes me a little bit of time before I--It starts to anoint me. I'm just a man. You--you're aware of that. I'm just a man. But He is the Lord.
Now, if He was standing here and you had something that you needed, or desired... Now, if it's anything that belongs into the atonement... And what belongs in the atonement? Anything you have need of. See? For He fulfilled everything that we lost in--in Adam. He fulfilled it in His vicarious suffering at Calvary. There's where He paid the full price. Now, everything... He said, "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray believe you receive it and you shall have it." [James 5:16]
L-80 Now, if He was here and was talking to you, the only thing that He could do now tonight, if you'd say, well maybe you say, "I have need; I'm about to lose my home, and I'm got to have some money to--for my home."
Well, He'd tell you, "Do you believe it?"
Then He'd tell you, "If you believe it, you'll get it."
And if you say, "Well, I have been so mistreated, and my enemies are--are overwhelming me," or something like that.
He'd say, "Forgive them, and they'll come to you." See?
But what if it was a disease, or maybe something wrong in your life, some immoral act or something? He'd know it. But it's for... If it was for healing, He could tell you what was wrong with you, but He couldn't heal you because He's already did that. You understand that? That's right. Well then, if He's--if He's here, and I believe He is, then He will surely answer in the same manner, won't He? You believe that, Christians? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
L-81 I, just don't be in any hurry (See?), just be reverent. The woman is really sick, for there's a dark shadow hangs between me and her. [] You're ready for an operation, aren't you? That's for tumors. It's under your arm, serious. Only God can help you. That is the truth, isn't it? Do you believe now that He's here to help you? Let's bow our head.
Father God, in the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus, I lay my hands here, where a knife is to rip. If it failed to find the little place, the last of it, Satan would come right back like a roaring lion. But you know, right where it's at, it's exposed right here at the platform. Almighty, grateful God, spare the life of this woman, will You please, Father? And she knows that she's standing here in the Presence of Something that knows her. It's You, God. Hear the prayer of Your servant. It has been said in the Bible, "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Just look at the men and women in here praying for her at this time. O God, please in Jesus' Name spare her life and let her live. And we will praise Thee for it, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go happy on your road.
L-82 How do you do, lady? Now, it's a little different. The lady there was to be first just in a few moments when she realized that it was where she was standing, she could tell the effects it had on her. You can realize it now (See?), that it's not your brother. I'm just a man. I have never seen you in my life, and perhaps you've never seen me. We're just strangers to each other. Isn't that right? If God will help me and will tell me what you're here for, that you're suffering or whatever it is... If He will just reveal that to me, will you accept Him as your Healer? That's all I could do with a Divine gift.
Will the rest of you out there say, "I'll..." This woman, this is our first meeting time, is it, lady? That's true, isn't it? That is true. We know nothing of each other, no contact, no nothing. We're just total strangers. And here we are meeting.
L-83 Now, look, friends, can't you--you understand what this--what I mean? Now, there's something has to be here, some way I have to have of knowing about this woman. If anything is said, I can't do it; I'm just a man. There she looks like a healthy woman. It may not even be her health, for all I know. But then again it may be; I don't know. But if the Holy Spirit will come and just say to her... Now, as far as heal her, if it's sickness, I couldn't do it. I have no power to do it. No one else does. It'll have to come from God.
Now, you believe that this is His Word, don't you? You believe that He raised from the dead, don't you? You believe that He said, "The things I did, so will you." He said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me." And the very things that He did would be stand here tonight, as far as, if it's sickness, to heal her, He couldn't. He's already. The only thing He could do would be just some way to get her to believe it. Is that right? How many knows that to be true? Just some way to get her accept what He has done for her... [John 14:12], [John 5:19]
L-84 Well then, if it would be for this woman, wouldn't it be for the rest of you out there also, just the same? That's all He wants you do, is believe. That's all I'm trying to get you to do, is believe. Preacher wants you to believe because He's preaching the Word. I, by this Divine gift which was given sovereignly by God at my birth... All my life it's been that way, perfect every time. So don't you see, it's God trying to get you to believe. I hope you see it, my lovely children.
Now, between me and the woman I see her moving in a kitchen or something. It's at a table. She can't eat. She's got stomach trouble. That is right. Now, isn't that right, what He said? Now, if He's here, and us stranger, and know all--knows what was your trouble, isn't that enough to make you believe? Is that enough to make you all to believe? But now see, now if I talk to the woman longer, He'd tell me probably something about her young life, or something like that. Let's see?
Would you all... Not to... If God will... See, it's... Now, I couldn't say He would. But if He would, would it just doubly encourage you? If would just raise your hand, say, "It'd just double encourage me." All right. Now, may God grant it; I can't say He will.
L-85 I just want to talk to you. What was it was wrong with you? What did He... A stomach trouble. Yes, sir, a stomach trouble. Well then, if He heals your stomach of the disease in your stomach, He is wonderful, isn't He? He's--He's lovely. And do you love Him? Why, He's just wonderful, isn't He, the lovely Lord Jesus? And we're looking to Him now.
When the woman at the well stood and talked to Jesus, He carried the course... He said, "Bring Me a drink."
And she said, "Well, it's not customary Jewish and..."
What are you descent? Spanish? Mexican? I thought so. [John 4:7]
L-86 And He said... That's something like this then, isn't it, about the same way? And yes, lady, you got a brother that's sick. And he's got some kind of spells, or some... Oh, it's heart attack. He holds his heart, and he falls. I see him. I thought it was epilepsy, but it's heart spells; he falls with the attacks of his heart. You was talking to him. And you're persuading him--you're persuading him to be baptized, to become a full Christian. That is the truth.
Father God, to the poor little weeping woman standing here, knowing that the Lord Jesus Who we speak of is present now, our Refuge, our Strength, a present Help in a time of trouble. God, be merciful and grant to her the desire of her heart. And whatever those things was, Lord, that's not correct, correct them, Father. As Your humble servant, and Your Spirit that's on me now with anointing, I lay these hands upon her and ask the Father God through Jesus Christ to grant to her the desire of her heart. Amen.
Now, sister, you just have to receive what you asked for, don't you? You feel you caught a hold of the line now? Just follow it home. Amen. God bless you.
L-87 Have faith. Jesus said, "Have faith in God."
I see something moving up and down like this, over in here, just keeps moving. It's a tall something. There's somebody mashing something. Oh, it's a--it's a doctor. And he's examining a woman. And she... It's--it's this colored lady setting right down here. She's suffering with low blood pressure, setting right down there at... God bless you. Now, you can go home, be well. Follow that line that you just then struck; it'll take you to deliverance. Amen. Amen.
You believe now? The Lord Jesus, Son of God, His Presence is here. The woman there... See, only thing you have to have, just believe. See, not me, I never seen the woman in my life. I don't know nothing about her. God knows that. But her faith contacted the Spirit. See? And what did It do? Just same as the woman had the blood issue: Turned around in the audience and said, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? That's it. God bless you. Just have faith. [Mark 11:22], [Mark 5:25, 34]
L-88 The Lord bless you, lady. Lord be merciful unto you, is my sincere prayer. We are strangers to each other, I suppose. We are. And do you believe that the Lord Jesus is just the way I represented Him there in the Bible, that He raised from the dead and the lovely Son of God? You believe it with your heart? If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what is your trouble, then will you accept Him as the Healer of the trouble, if it is that? Will you do it? You will. God bless you, mother. Which you are a mother, see you are. Now, your life could not be hid. See? I have contact with your spirit and your life.
And you're here for me to pray for you, with a high blood pressure. You had high blood pressure. And you got something, and I see him looking at your knees. It's the--it's a water from under the knee caps is out. That's right, isn't it? Now, if He can reveal that, He can heal you, can't He? Sure. Yes, ma'am. Certainly He can. Isn't He lovely to help this poor woman? What's He trying to do? Make her believe, raise up her faith. Be real reverent, everyone, please.
L-89 Perhaps we'd talk just a moment, mother. It... You want me talk to you a minute? All right, I'll talk to you. All right, now, I want to ask you something then. If you believe me to be His servant... Now, you believe that God can speak to me and tell me what you're--what---what--what you want, what--what your other desire is. I see what it is right now. Yes, sir. It's for a--a son or a grandson. It's a grandson. And the boy's real jittery. He's all upset. He--he's a--he's been in the war. He was in Korea. And he got wounded. And he's come home. And he don't have any job, and he's all upset. That's the truth. Go home; he's going to get his work, and you're healed. God bless you.
Believe on the Lord Jesus. Only have faith; you shall get what you ask for. If you don't have faith, you can't have nothing. For with faith... Without faith it's impossible to please God. [Hebrews 11:6]
L-90 Now, the lady's a stranger to me. Is that right, lady? We're... Please be as reverent as you can. We'll close in a few minutes. I don't want to bore you with long meetings, but I'm trying to take my time on these people to see if it'll build faith in the audience. Don't move around; please don't. See? Spirit is setting, coming from one place, one place, like this. Then here It's switching and moving, and it just upsets you. You see? It--it--it just makes me weaken that much quicker. Now, just a moment now.
L-91 Now, to you, sister. We be strangers to each other. We don't know one another, never seen each other in life. But do you believe the Lord Jesus is here to help you? You're here for somebody else. Uh-huh. And they don't live here. They're from Duluth. And then you have... You--you're... This person has got arthritis, and can't get up. And there's something about a soldier. He--he was a soldier; that's what it was. And he--he got hurt on a horse, hurt himself. Well, that handkerchief that's in your hand, while the Holy Spirit is on you, take that and lay it on him. God bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You believe all things are possible? There was something about a soldier a few minutes ago. And there's a soldier there, and I thought it was... That's still repeating back, and that's the reason I--I watched to see where it was at. But it was--but it was different.
Lady setting there looking at me, right there, you have arthritis, don't you, lady? Lady setting there, little round thing around her hat, on the end of the row there. You want the Jesus to heal you of that? You believe He will, with all your heart? The lady setting next to you has arthritis too. And you're bothered with something or another that spits up in your mouth. Oh, it's gall. You ha... Isn't that right? Sure, that's right. Put your arms, or hands on one another there. You all lay your hands on each other.
Lord Jesus, Thou seest these things, and I pray that You'll heal her and make her completely whole, both of them, Father, for Your glory in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. [Acts 19:12]
L-92 That lady setting right back there praying, I see the Light standing over you. You're bothered with a bladder trouble, lady. You believe... Setting right, with that little brown looking dress on, looking at me right here, that's it. You have a bladder trouble, didn't you? I said, "Didn't you?" You don't now.
Way back behind you, another lady with a brown coat on, has a stomach trouble. She wants to be healed too. You believe, lady? Setting right on back behind the gentleman there looking at me, right straight back here... Yes, with your hand up, little green sweater like on. No, over here, sister, right here. No. Stand up, lady, you right here with the... Setting on the end of the row there. That's right, with your hand up, there's where the Light's a standing, right there. Stand up and accept it right now while you have the chance to accept it. That's right. God bless you. Had ulcerated stomach, it's all gone now. Your faith healed you.
L-93 God grant It'll come closer. Seem like when you're far back... Little lady, setting right down here where I was pointing right across. I thought it was over her. I see it's over her again. But I see something... It's the lady with her hand up. You that put your hand up, stand up. Got that bright red looking hat on. Yes. I thought it was the little lady setting in front of you, but it's you. Oh, it's gallbladder trouble; that's what it is. Yes, I see it now where he's examined for gallbladder, under the rib here where them pains are. That's right. Go ahead home now; Jesus Christ bless you, my sister.
Do you believe? "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Have faith. Little lady, setting right down in here with--suffering with female trouble, just have faith in God, lady. It's all you have to do. God will grant your healing. That's right, you, yes. Stand up on your feet. Now, you can go home and be well. God bless you. [Mark 9:23]
L-94 This lady here was suffering with female trouble too. That's where them demons was pulling back and forth. You have female trouble. That's right. See, that spirit was moving back and forth. There was somebody out there just then was healed with stomach trouble because you had stomach trouble too. That's right. You have an infection the--they said in the female glands, the doctor told you: infection. That's right. See them demons pulling to one another, how you can recognize them.
Now, here's the thing you need worse than all; you need Jesus as your Saviour because you're not a Christian; you're an unbeliever. Not an unbeliever, but you're--you're not a Christian. Will you now accept Him, knowing that you're standing in His Presence? You now accept Him as Saviour? Come here.
God, as this wondering child coming home tonight, this affliction laid here to bring her to the foot of the cross, and now, Lord, forgive her of every sin; heal her of the diseases of her body that she might be made well. May this blessing come on her, Father, and all sins remitted now, all habits gone. And may she be made completely whole as I bless her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Your sin forgiven you now, go rejoicing and being happy.
Believe with all your heart? Now, be reverent, please.
L-95 Sister, look here just a minute. You believe with all your heart? Well, your nervousness is gone now. You can go home. You feel quiet now, don't you? You're healed. Jesus has made you well.
Mother, would you like to get over that old diabetes so you can really live right again and feel good? You believe Jesus is going to heal you? If I lay my hands on you and ask, will--will you get it? 'Course you see this eczema, or breaking out, but that... The main thing, hidden thing, is the diabetes.
Lord Jesus, grant the request of our sister in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Have faith now. Go, believing with all your heart and you shall get what you ask for.
L-96 Come, brother. You believe me? The cross that you have hanging on you, the crucifix of the Lord Jesus hangs exactly where your trouble is: your stomach. Now, go eat what you want to.
Lady's trouble of weakness, and you have diabetes also. You believe Jesus makes you well? God bless you. Then go and may the Lord Jesus bless you...?...
Your trouble's in your throat. The asthmatic condition causes you to cough. Can't lay down, have to set up like this. You believe He healed you?
Almighty God, grant the blessings to this girl in Jesus' Name. Amen.
You believe the kidney trouble and things left you when you setting there? God bless you...?... Believe it with all your heart.
Think you can quit taking insulin, and think the Lord has made you well? Go on your road rejoicing.
L-97 Heart trouble, nothing's hard for God, is it? He just heal all kinds of diseases. God bless you. Just go on your road rejoicing, being happy.
And you had the same thing. So just keep moving; God's made you well.
And He will make every person well in this building right now if you'll believe it. Will you believe it? Stand to your feet just a minute. "God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present Help in the time of trouble." The crisis is on; the battle is on. Raise up your hands and touch the lifeline now and move home with it. In Jesus Christ's Name may you receive it. [Psalms 9:9]

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