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August 2008 Newsletter - Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers
Are all persons predestinated for Heaven or Hell?
"Man has always tried to do something to save hisself. There's nothing you can do about it. God saves you unconditionally; He just calls you, predestinated you to be saved. And somebody's predestinated to be lost. The Bible said so: "Men of old, foreordained to this condemnation..." When, Esau and Jacob, both born from the same parent, before either child was born, said Romans 9, not knowing good from evil, God said... That the election might be sure, God said, "Esau have I hated, and Jacob have I loved," before either one of them done anything about it. [Speak To The Rock, Jonesboro, Arkansas 53-0512]
"What constitutes a natural birth? It's a mixed audience, but listen. The first thing is water, blood, spirit. See? Everything in the--everything in the natural and spiritual all type together. Watch. Get acquainted with God and you'll see His great move in nature. You see Him in the sunsets, in the flowers, in everywhere. You can see Him all around you because He is all around you. That gives you perfect confidence that you're in love with Him, and you're--He's in love with you. He loved you, predestinated you, foreordained you before the world begin, has brought you here, saved you, cleansed you up, and filled you with His Spirit. Well, how could you have doubt? ...?... it. See? That gives you a perfect setting of faith. When you know those things, that gives you courage, and my, you know where you're standing. [Demonology, Owensboro, Kentucky 53-1112]
"I'm talking about some of these old hens that take you out to a little bathing beach, and all these other places, strip your clothes off of you, and set you out there and... Oh, you know what I'm speaking of. You guys down the pool room, where they take you down there, and give you a little friendly glass, and all like that. A real born-again child of God don't know nothing about it. They say, "Oh, we belong to church." But you don't understand a cluck. That's right. You're borned an eagle; God knows His own. He knowed you before the foundation of the world; predestinated you to be sons and daughters of God. [The Eagle In Her Nest, Chicago, Illinois 57-0705]
"There's no way at all of getting a man to God unless He's predestinated to be a Son of God. There's just no way of doing it. Jesus said, "No man can come to me except My Father draws Him." And that's the Truth. Everything He did, there was something contrary. If He did it this way, it was supposed to be this way; and this way, it was supposed to be back that way. See, it's just unbelief. But wisdom is justified by her children. So you, you see...Now here, I'm trying to say to--to this congregation of people, this, that Jesus Christ was that Royal Seed. It's not us; it's Him. We are just heirs of that, but all things are ours. [Possessing The Enemy's Gates, Jeffersonville, Indiana 59-1108]
"Tell a dead man he's a hypocrite and see what happens. Kick him on the side and say, "You old hypocrite, you..." He'll not say a word. And that's right; he'll just lay there. And a man that's dead in Christ, you can call him hypocrite, call him anything you want to; he'll never rise up about it. If anything, he'll slip off somewhere and pray for you. That's right. But, oh, some of them's very much alive. That's what I think about; we're supposed to bury dead people. Them that's dead in Christ, we bury them in water. Sometimes we bury too many people that's alive: too much malice and strife, and there's too much in the church. But we can't separate that, but God does. He knows His people. He knows His sheep. He knows every voice. He knows His children. He knows who He can call out; He knows who He's predestinated. He knows who He's given these things to, what He's making Hisself known through. How He... God can put confidence in His children on what to do, knowing that they will do exactly. You believe God does that? [Adoption, Jeffersonville, Indiana 60-0522e]
"I don't mean any individual, Catholic, Jewish, whatever it might be, or--or Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, any organization, and no organizations, and--and non-denominationals and all, God has His children sitting out in there. See? And many times I believe they're out there for a purpose: to give light, pulling out those predestinated ones from all around everywhere. And--and on that great day we'll see then, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be called to the--to the great meeting time in the air, and we'll all go up to meet Him, and I'm--I'm looking for that hour. [The Seventh Seal, Jeffersonville, Indiana 63-0324e]
"Our Heavenly Father, now it's up to You. Persuading man, I try; but to make man, I cannot. And You never work against a man's will; because, if a man or woman is predestinated to Eternal Life, when the Light of God flashes over that seed, it'll come to Life. And if there is Life among us tonight, Father, that You flashed Your Light over, and they've seen the Truth, may they walk humbly and sweetly to the pool, to be baptized into the Name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ. [The Flashing Red Light Of The Sign Of His Coming, Jeffersonville, Indiana 63-0623e]
"Because, there is Something, Someone made this one fertile, and ordained this one, too. It's predestination, my brother. Sure. God has to determine whether it's going to be boy or girl, red-head, black-head, or whatever it is. It's determined by God. More mystery than a virgin birth, to me. But, notice, the rest of them die. There were two million people come out, sung, shouted, done everything. Spoke in... not ever spoke in tongues. But they shouted, and--and give God glory, and danced up-and-down the sea, and done everything that all the rest of them did, but there were only two went into the promised land. Caleb went in, Caleb and Joshua, only two. That's one out of a million. It's one out of a million in natural birth. Every one of them had the same blessing. Oh, you Pentecostals, I hope you don't wake up too late. One out of a million. Look. There is supposed to be five hundred million so-called Christians in the world today. If Jesus would come, there'd only be five hundred go with Him, then, if that statistic would run true. Why, there's more than that missing every day, over the world. They know nothing about it. [The Invisible Union, Shreveport, Louisianna 65-1125]
"When we find out, now, there's that big church has moved down, through the ages, bearing its fruit. And as the limbs quit, they prune them off. In Saint John 15, never pruned the Vine out, now. He took the branches off, cut them out, because they wasn't bearing any fruit. And--and we...Jesus wants fruit of, for Hisself. His Wife must bring forth the kind of a children that He is. Then, if it don't bring forth children, Bride children, Word children, then it's the denominational child. Then, her first love, for the world and denomination, she's gone back to that. And it can't bring forth a real, genuine, born-again Christian, 'cause there's nothing there to bring It forth. Just like if you take a lemon branch and stick it in there, it'll bring a lemon, but it can't bring a orange, because it wasn't there at the beginning. But it was ordained at the beginning, foreknowledge of God, predestinated and born, it has to bring forth an orange. It can't bring nothing else. [The Rapture, Yuma, Arizona 65-1204]
"The man who's seen the vision or heard His voice, never altogether understood It. In many cases he didn't know, because he's just an instrument of God. It's God's thoughts expressed through man's lips; a thought, course, is a word expressed. God does His own choosing by His--His predestinated choosing. He done it in every age, He set forth the man for each age. Like when Moses, when he was to fulfill what He told to Abraham. Moses was born a proper child, he couldn't help being that way. He was born that way because he was born for that purpose. And so we find out that God does that in every age. God does His own choosing by His own predestinated choosing, choose His prophets and things for the age. Fixes--fixes his nature, the man's nature, the man's style of preaching, to honor his gift, and all that He does is to meet the challenge of that day. God creates that man and sent him. And in His own mind, as I preached on last night, we are a germ of the gene of God. He knowed that man would be there at that age, before there ever was a molecule, or a light, or anything else in the earth. [Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, California 65-1206]
[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington]
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