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August 2008 Newsletter - Subject of the Month

"For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.[I John 5:4]
"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. [Revelation 3:21]
"All those gifts are without repentance. Office gifts are sent by God, foreordained of God. And they're set into the church. They're borned in you. Them traits are borned in you when you come to this world. You just find your position, go on with Christ. And all those things are in the Kingdom of God. And all of it's for the perfecting of the Church and to bring it together. [Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today And Forever, Macon GA, 55-0603]
"We see this age that we're living in. This Laodicea Church Age is the grandest of all the church ages, because it's the ending of time and the blending of Eternity. And, then, it's the greatest sinful age. It's more sin in this age than there's ever been. And the powers of Satan is--is many times harder to fight against than it was in any age. See? Here! Back there in early ages, a Christian could, for his profession of in a church, of belonging to Christ, could be beheaded for it. He could be killed, and put out of his misery, and go to meet God, quickly. But now the enemy has come in, in the name of the church, and it's so deceiving. This is the great age of deception. When, Christ said so, "The two spirits would be so close in the last days till it would deceive the very Elected if it was possible." See? See? See? Remember, Christ spoke of an elected people for the last day. See? "It would deceive the very Elected if it were possible." So close! The people so live, people can live a clean, holy life; not be sinful, adulterers, and drinkers, and liars, gamblers. They can live above that, and still not with It. That's right. [How Can I Overcome, Jeffersonville IN, USA, 63-0825M]
And then, there, you take a Christian, that's supposed to be a Christian, let the Life of God go from him, and the experience, the joy of serving Christ; and, living in a church where such is going on, he rottens twice as quick, right, living right under. So, if we are trying to follow the Message of the hour, or at least this part of the Message, we should live constantly in the Life of Christ. See? Cause, if it don't, you lay around, and know That, these things that you're supposed to do, and don't do it. The Bible said, "He that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it's sin." Then you become doty, rotten, when you're separated from the Life of God. So, strive with all that's in you, to stay in the Life of Christ, that you be fruit-bearing. [How Can I Overcome, Jeffersonville IN, USA, 63-0825M]
And there's always been an ark in God's economy. There was an ark in the days of Noah, for the saving of His people. There was an ark in the days of the law, ark of testimony. In the days of the law, they followed the ark. And there is a third dispensation now; like Noah's time, Lot's time, and now this time. There is an ark now. And that ark is not a denomination, neither is it a good works that you do. "It's by one Spirit," Romans 8:1, "we are all baptized into one Body, in the domain of that Kingdom, one Spiritual baptism." No matter how good, how bad, whatever, you're in that Kingdom by--by Holy Ghost baptism. See? That's the only way you overcome. It's all that is under the shed Blood is overcomers, 'cause you cannot overcome, yourself. It's He that overcome for you. You're resting. "How will I know then, Brother Branham, that I'm in There?" Watch what kind of a life you're living. Just look around. See if it's just lived out of you, automatically. Or, you have to strain and pull, see, then you're doing it. But don't try to do it. Did you ever try? Yeah. Don't. [How Can I Overcome, Jeffersonville IN, USA, 63-0825M]
"Overcome means "to recognize the Devil in every one of his tricks." Lot of people says, "There is no Devil. It's just a thought." Don't you believe that. There's a real Devil. He's just as real as you are, anybody. A real Devil, and you must recognize him real. You must know he's a devil. Then, the same time that you--you recognize him, and know that he's a devil and he's against you, then, to overcome, you must recognize that the God in you is greater and mightier than he is, that the One that's in you has already overcome him. And, by His grace, you are more than a match for him. Amen. There's real overcoming, when you recognize. [How Can I Overcome, Jeffersonville IN, USA, 63-0825M]
"Jacob had a V-day one time. He was scared to go back to his brother, because he had done evil. But, yet, the Holy Spirit begin to warn him, in his heart, "Return back to the homeland where you come from. You come from the homeland. You done evil over there, now I'm sending you back." And when he got closer, he got... Course, certainly. That's what the Devil is so after us about. See? That's what the Devil is so after the Bride, the Church, so, for now, it's getting close to V-day. That's right. She is getting real close. That's when the enemy does his worst, to reroute. The Bible said, "Woe unto the earth, because the Devil is like a roaring lion, in the last days, going around, devouring what he will, you see. Woe unto them, the persecutions and things would take place." Hold right to It. Don't you move, right or left. Stay right with that Word. God said so. That does it.[Victory Day, Sierra Vista AZ, 63-0421]
"God lets disappointments happen, to show victory. Oh, if we could only see that! See? You'd only see that these things that seems to be so burring you, and upsetting you, they are trials. They are things, to stand still, focus your glasses on the Word of God. And speak the Word, and then just walk forward. That's all there is to do it. We get to a time, we say, "God, I don't know what to do. I'm up against it." Speak the word, "Lord, I believe." And just start walking forward. God does the opening up of the sea. You just keep walking. See? [Victory Day, Sierra Vista AZ, 63-0421]
"If you notice, it said, "She has made herself ready." So many says, "If the Lord will take this evil spirit from me, from drinking, or from gambling, or from lying, or stealing, I'll serve Him." But that's up to you. You got to do something too. "They that overcome shall inherit all things," they that overcome. You have power to do it, but you must be willing to lay it down. See? She has made herself ready. I like that Word. You see, God could not push us through a little pipe, pull us out on the other end, and then say, "Blessed is he that overcometh." You had nothing to overcome; He just pushed you through. But you've got to make decisions for yourself. I have to make decisions for myself. In doing that, we show our faith and respects to God. [The Marriage Of The Lamb, Phoenix AZ, 62-0121E]
"If the little baby keeps trying, "Oh, I can do it. I can do it." And he's just everywhere. He can't do it. Neither can you, neither can I, but if we'll just hold still and let Him do it. Just yield to Him, "Here, Lord, here I am. Just--just let me be nothing. I--I yield. You put my hand in the right place." That's the victory. That's overcoming. The thing you have to overcome is yourself, your idea, your thing, and surrender yourself to Him. He overcome for you. He knows the way; we don't. [How Can I Overcome, Jeffersonville IN, USA, 63-0825M]
When looks like everything has gone wrong, God is giving you a trial. He's got confidence in you. He don't have to baby you around. You're not a hotbed plant, a hybrid. You're a real Christian. God is giving you a test, see what you'll do about it. Amen. No wonder Peter said, "These fiery trials, why, count it a joy. It's--it's more precious to you than gold." And many times we hum and haw, "Oh, well, if I just..." Well, that, well, that's something God give you, to overcome. He knows you'll do it. He's put his trust in you. [Victory Day, Sierra Vista AZ, 63-0421]
Our Bible Study Subject for August 2008: "You Are Born An Overcomer"
We pray that God will make the unseen visible to you to enable you catch the vision of who you are. Remember us also in your prayers, that our scarce resources will be directed to where it is needed the most.
Bro. Robert Wilson
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