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September 2013 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


How should women keep their hair? Is there anything wrong with wearing extensions such as weaves, braids or wigs?


"Well, I wouldn't think it would be any more for a man, if he wanted to, to wear a hairpiece, than it would for a woman to wear one of these mouses or rats, ever what they put in their hair like that, to make it up." [The Revelation Of The Seven Seals, The Fifth Seal, 63-0322]

"And of course, I know women wants to look pretty; that's nature; and that--that's what they should be. See? They should be that way. And so, that's fine, but just don't--don't, otherwise like this, don't look like the world. See? Don't pattern after the world, things wrong, you want it cut off like that; but don't cut your hair now. If you got the braids hanging down, or--or whatever it is in your hair, you leave it long. Don't cut it, like it's going to look like the world." [Questions And Answers 3, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830M]

"If a woman, her hair isn't long enough, she wants a switch of hair in it, I'd say, put it on, sister. [Questions And Answers 3, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830M]

"Why is it that we make so much of a big issue of women's dress (Oh, oh, I'm getting it on this one, ain't I?)--big issue of women's dressing and cutting of hair, and do--nothing said about the hair of the men or the way he dresses? Well, sister, I'm going to agree with you one thing. First place, the Bible said that a man should not have long hair. And if he had long hair, I'd tell him, just the same as I tell you. He's wrong. But most men, lot of them's like me, don't have any at all. But most men cut their hair, look like men. And now, if they didn't do it, they'd be told not to do so, to leave their hair grow out like a woman's hair. You'll get all of this in the marriage and divorce vows and things when we preach on it. The big issue such of man's--or woman's dressing..." [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E] [I Corinthians 11:1-16]

  "If a woman has got real thin hair, and she wants to wear one of those rats or ever what you call it, I think that's... My wife wears it. It's a... She says her hair's thin, and she's got some kind of a thing about that big around, looks like a great big, oversized biscuit. And she wraps her hair around that and pins the pins in it. And now, the--as far as I'm concerned, that--that don't bother anything as long as your hair's long. A minister said his wife was--was condemned, because she had a--a tint in her hair. And I found out from a question, that means a paint or a coloring in her hair. I can't say that's wrong; I have nothing about it. If she got long hair, that's all I can say about it." [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E]

"And now, a man... This person said this morning taking off their hair, putting it back on. Now, this kinda got here too, about a haircut. See? Now, if--if a man doesn't have hair, and his wife... I've heard women say, "Well, if I could just get John... I think he'd look better if he--if he wore a hairpiece. What do you think about it, Brother Branham?

Is it wrong for him to do it?" No, sir. No, indeedy, it is not wrong, not at all. If he wants to wear it, that's fine, no more than wear false teeth or whatever that come along." [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E]

"By the way, I've got three false teeth myself. I wished I didn't have them. They're on a wire; it's always shortening my voice, and cutting my tongue, and everything else, but I have to have them to eat. And if I... When I'm overseas on them outside meetings, I wear a hairpiece; not because the looks of it, 'cause you know I stand right here if I didn't have a hair on top of my head or whatever it was. Wouldn't make me no different; I'm here to represent Jesus Christ. But when I stand out there, about the first night in one of them tropical storms, the next night my throat's so sore I can't get out there." [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E]

"So then, if--if it was something I wanted to do it, and felt to do it, I'd do it. Yes, sir. There's not a thing says not to do it. Not a thing says, sister, that you can't wear a rat, or switch of hair, or something or another in your...That's perfectly all right, but let your hair stay long. And men, you cut yours off. What you got, keep it cut. See? Then that settles that. [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E]

"And woman, you dress like a woman. And men, you dress like a man; don't try to be a sissy and wear women's clothes. And women, don't you try to be masculine and wear a man's clothes, because God don't want you to do it; the Bible condemns that." [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E]

"But now, about wearing a piece of hair or wearing a hair... What is one of those rats? Did I make a mistake a while ago or is that a mouse? It--it's something to--it's something that a--a woman puts in her hair to make it look more. Ever what it is, see, there's nothing wrong with that. Go ahead; it's all right." [Questions And Answers 4, Jeff. IN, COD 64-0830E]

{Comment: Both Apostle Paul and Brother Branham, according to I Corinthians 11:1-16, simply said that a woman should not "cut" her hair. Neither of them said that women could not wear "extenders" or do something that would give their hair the appearance of being LONGER than their natural hair. Also, neither Paul nor Bro. Branham said that the woman's hair even needed to "appear" long, only that they should not "cut" it. Because, as we well know, some Sisters' hair still appears short even after they have not to cut it for many years. Women’s hair is naturally short among certain African ancestry tribes. So the length of "how long" is long enough, is not what God looks at, but He simply tells them to not "cut" their hair.}

Bible References:1 Corinthians 11:1-16; Deuteronomy 22:5

[Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, WA USA, and Bro. Donny Reagan, Pastor, Happy Valley Church, TN, USA]

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