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October 2014 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


How are believers identified during courtship?


Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” [I Timothy 4:12]

“Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness.” [II Peter 3:11]

“Well, he was a good church member. He done good for the neighbors.” That's fine. We believe that. That's good. I have nothing to say against that part. But did you realize what kept the people out of the promised land? They were border line believers. They went so far, but wouldn't go any farther. That's the way men and women, people do today. They'll go so far in God. They'll say, "Yes, I'll--I'll believe. I'll--I'll be baptized. I'll do this, that, or the other, any rules the church has to lay down." But when it comes to surrender everything to Christ, your life, and all... That's where the line lays. That's what makes people say, "Well, I look at the rest of them." And here to you older Christians, to the younger: the younger women look at the older women, the younger men look at the older men, and see the way you conduct yourself, to see what you do. And they presume that they're all right: is because you do the way you do.” [Presuming, Phoenix, AZ 62-0117]

“Some few days ago wife and I, 'fore we come out here, went to a supermarket. We found a woman had a dress on. Meda said, "Isn't that strange, that lady?" She said, "Billy, I want to ask you." Said, "I know some of them women. They sing in choirs here in these denominational churches." Said, "Why is it our people..." I said, "Honey. Look, look. We are not of the world. See? When I go to Germany, Germany has its way of doing. I go to Finland, it has its way of doing. I go to other nations, they have their way." And I said, "America, it has its way." But I said... She said, "Well, aren't we Americans?" I said, "No, honey. We're not Americans; we're Christians. We're living here, certainly. As a nation, this is ours." But I said, "We're from above. Then our women must act like up there. We must conduct ourselves like up there. That's the reason we don't act like the people of the world. We're different.” [From That Time, Spokane, WA 62-0713]

“If the law says you can shoot a fawn, remember, that's all right. I was game warden for years. And so, if the law says you can shoot a fawn, that's all right. It's not the--the size, sex, or whatever the animal is; it's whether they let you shoot it or not. Abraham killed a calf and fed it to God. See, nothing about the little part about it. But just to be mean, that's a murder to me. That's right.

Kill just for the fun of killing, that's not right. You should never take but what the law says, and take it decently and manly. Everything you do, do it right. That's right. Cause, you're written epistles read of all men, the way you conduct yourself and the things you do as Christians.” [Behold A Greater Than All Is Here, Spokane, WA 62-0715]

“Character. Always you... All you people of the church of God, live good, live right. People's watching the way you're living. And if there's anything that's a hindrance to Christianity today, is the way that professed Christians live: dishonest, dishonorable, and living any way. Don't do that. We are Christians. Somebody's watching your life, correctly. Be honest. Let everybody know. Let your dealings be fair and square, and--and--and don't take nothing doesn't belong to you. Don't say nothing but what's the truth. And you can always tell the truth every time, and God will honor the truth. And always do what's right. Treat everybody right. If they don't treat you right, you treat them right anyhow. See? Jesus treated us right when we didn't treat Him right. And His Spirit in us...” [It Is I, Be Not Afraid, Port Alberni, BC 62-0726]

“If we are the sons and daughters of the King, the King of kings, let's conduct our character as Christians. That's right. Yes, we are aliens; we're pilgrims and we're strangers here. This is not our world. We're seeking a Kingdom that is to come. This is not our home. Though we be tossed about and made fun of by the world, and called this, that, and the other, and "old fashion," and all like that, what do you care? You don't want to be patterning yourself after a--some kind of a movie star, or some television star, or something. You're a daughter of God. You're a son of God. Let's act like God. We are the children of God; we know that we're sons and daughters of the King. Let our character reflect His Presence, no matter how rough it gets. “A tent or a cottage, why should I care? They are building a palace for me over There! With rubies and diamonds, of silver and gold, His coffers are full, He has riches untold. We're the children of the King! With Jesus our Saviour, I'm a child of the King!” Let's conduct ourselves like our Father, knowing someday we will go home to be with Him. Yes. Yes.” [World Is Falling Apart, New York NY 63-1115]

“What a rebuke to Christianity. We're supposed to represent God and Eternal Life. There's only one form of Eternal Life, and that's God. He alone has Eternal Life. And we are products of His, because we're genes of His Spirit. Then we should conduct ourself, women and men, like the Bible said for us to do, not Jezebels of the street, and Rickies of the organization; but Christian gentlemen, sons and daughters of God, borned of the Spirit of God, manifesting the Light in our days and scattering It. That's exactly right.” [Leadership, Covina, CA 65-1207]

Bible References: : I Timothy 4:12; II Peter 3:11

[Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington]

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