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January 2016 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


How does God regard the poor and uneducated?


“It came into the room and walked to me that time, a Man, somewhat six foot tall, but of an olive-looking complexion, dark hair to His shoulders, weighing about two hundred pounds in human weight, and told me that I was brought to this world to pray for sick people. If I'd get them to believe and be sincere when I prayed, that nothing would stand before the prayer. I questioned the Man, being poor, for one thing, and I uneducated. And I said, "People would not believe me." I said, "I couldn't make people believe me." And He told me I'd pray for kings and monarchs, and so forth. I could hardly believe that. A boy with a grammar school education, and to pray for, and for kings and monarchs, I couldn't hardly believe it. Yet I knew that It'd never told me nothing wrong. But He was standing near. I'd heard the voice, and seen signs.” [My Commission, Los Angeles, CA 51-0505]

“Because some human being, poor and uneducated, and so forth, is declaring it, don't look at the man. Look at the God. If a man would run in here tonight with a telegram or a money order for you for a hundred million dollars, you wouldn't care whether he was dressed ragged, whether he was colored, yellow, who he was. It's the message that he brings.” [The Angel Of God, Toledo OH, 51-0720]

“You can't bless what God has cursed, neither can the devil curse what God has blessed. It's an individual affair, no matter how poor, or how stupid, how unlearned, how uneducated; what God's blessed is blessed. What God has cursed is cursed. Know to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.” [Enticing Spirits, Jeffersonville, Indiana 55-0724]

“We find out that now when God sends down a great healing campaign, or great miracles and signs, and the signs that were in the Bible returned back to the Church, what does the great intellectual group say? "The days of miracles are past. There is no such a thing as Divine healing. There is no baptism of the Holy Spirit. I will give my congregation to know this, that just the poor, just the outcast, just the--the illiterate type of people attend those meetings. Go around to them and find out." And true the man is. The man is true when he says that. It's usually the poor, the--not the intellectual type. It's the uneducated type. "It's the common people who heard Him gladly," said the Bible.” [What Does It Take To Make A Christian Life, Chicago IL, 57-0113]

“Did you know Dwight Moody was--was so uneducated till, honest, his writings were poor as I don't know what. They had to fix up his messages, all the time. He--he was such a poor writer, very uneducated.

Did you know that Peter and John, of the Bible, were so unlearned till they couldn't even write their own name, and wouldn't know it laying before them? The Apostle Peter, who had the keys to the Kingdom, wouldn't know his name signed before him. Think of it. The Bible said, that, "He was ignorant and unlearned." So, that gives me a chance. Amen. Yes, sir. That goes right on down, to find that God could do that to a man.” [Hebrews, Jeffersonville, IN 57-0828]

“We found out last night, that Abraham was just an ordinary man. He was a man that God looked at and seen his heart. Now, that's the way God looks upon man; He looks upon the heart of man. Man looks at the outward appearance; God looks on the heart. So no matter how poor you are, how unqualified you seem to be, how uneducated you are, how literate you are, that has nothing to do with it. God looks at your heart. Always remember that. It's in the heart God deals with.” [El Shaddai, Los Angeles CA 59-0416]

“As a man, with all the pomp of the world offered Him, everything laying right in His hands, to become the greatest of all men, the richest of all men; Who could tell people where fish had coins in their mouth, could pump the best water out of the wells and turn it into wine, that could change anything that He wished to change, that could take five biscuits and feed five thousand, with a power in His hands to become a great man, but still chose to be poor: didn't even have a grave when He died He had to borrow one. "Immanuel, this will be a sign." How does God come? In the poor. How does God deal? It'll be an everlasting sign with the poor, the uneducated.”[A Super Sign, Jeffersonville, IN 59-1227m]

“He revealed Hisself to poor fishermen. He was revealed, that Package, what was on the inside of it was revealed to the poor fishermen, to the unlearned, uneducated. He revealed Himself to men who couldn't write their own name. They couldn't be a deacon, or--or something another in the church. They couldn't be that. They were so unlearned, oh, my, they were terrible, so He revealed Himself to them. To the unwanted, those who were cast-outs, He revealed Himself to them. To the unloved, He was lovable to those who were unloved. To the sick, they needed healing, they was willing to look into the Package to see what about It, He revealed Himself to them. And to the hungry, He fed with loaves and fishes. Oh, we could stay... I've got a lot of stuff wrote down on that, but we have to skip that. See? Revealed Himself to all those people, the unlovable, when no one wanted them, called them fanatics, He revealed Himself to them. "I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them." Unlovable, unwanted, sick and needy, hungry; He revealed Himself. Yes.” [God's Wrapped Gift, Jeffersonville, IN 60-1225]

[Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]

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