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March 2018 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


What Is Your Spirit Conscience?


“I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost.” [Romans 9:1]

“Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.” [I Timothy 3:9]

“The only way you can be a Christian, is being born again of the Spirit of God. That's the only remedy: under the Blood of the Lord Jesus. And when you confess your sins to God, and you do have pardon from God, then you are not a sinner. He that's born of God does not commit sin. If he does it, it's unwillfully. "The worshipper once purged has no more conscience of sin." For instance, in the Old Testament the blood of bulls and goats just covered sin; it didn't take it away. But the Blood of Jesus takes it away. It divorces it. There's no more to it.” [Show Us The Father, Tucson, AZ 63-0606]

“Now, this case, the blood was the token. Literally, it had to be applied, because it was just chemistry is all they had, because it was a lamb's blood, a animal, a lamb's blood. So the life that was in the blood, the life that was gone out, so the blood was shed. See? The life went out, but it couldn't come back on the believer, because it's an animal. But it only spoke of a good conscience, that there was coming One, a perfect Sacrifice.” [Desperations, Jeffersonville, IN 63-0901E]

“Another thing, we find out in Hebrews 9:11, that pardoning produces purity, the worshipper having no more conscience of sin, and has cleansed hisself from dead traditions. When we really come under the Blood, we are cleansed from dead traditions. The Scripture says so, Hebrews 9, watch, "Cleanse your conscience from dead traditions." Then, if you do that, forget that you are a Baptist, forget you are a Methodist, forget you are a Pentecostal, whatever you are, and forget those dead traditions, and come to the Blood. Come to that.” [Pardon, Tucson, AZ 63-1028]

“It's not easy for a person to go to hell. A man fights his way to hell. The first lie you ever told, you know it was wrong. The first cigarette you ever smoked, you knowed was wrong. The first evil you did, you knowed was wrong. But in your conscience, told you it was wrong, but you continually run through the red light, run over the barricades. You're reckless. You want to do it, anyhow, show you're some big guy. See? But, remember, you fight your way to hell. It's not easy to go to hell. You have to reject Truth.” [What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ? Jeffersonville, IN 63-1124M]

“Peter said, "The promise is unto you," when they wanted to repent, "and to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." How many? "As many as the Lord our God shall ever call." Now, the church might call you, your conscience might call you. But when God calls you, He knows how to dress His servant.” [Influence, Shreveport, LA 63-1130B]

“Our conscience, God can use every part of us if it's converted to Him. Everything that we are, when it's given completely into the hands of God, and converted to His service, He can use us in dreams, He can use us in speech, He can use us in all senses. And everything that we are, is converted to God, then God can use it. Do you believe that? See, when we are, everything is converted to Him, He can use it. When our whole being is converted, then Christians can have, this day, spiritual dreams that can mean something, that can foretell them of things. We know that that's the truth.” [We Have Seen His Star And Have Come To Worship Him, Tucson, AZ 63-1216]

"Whether I'm right, or He is right. Is my conscience right, or is His Word right?" You're in the judgment place now. "What I have believed, is it right, or is His Word right? Do I think it's all right to have short hair, wear shorts? Do I think it's all right to belong to a denomination?" What did He say?” [Recognizing Your Day And Its Message, Jeffersonville, IN 64-0726M]

“If we disagree, it's all right; but, you see, water does not remit sins. It's an answering towards a good conscience.” [Questions And Answers, Jeffersonville, IN 64-0823M]

“There'll be thousands there that's been baptized in Jesus' Name; you just go down a dry sinner and come up a wet one. See? See? But as the genuine, true believer, that you must walk in all of the faith and good conscience towards God, when you see it, you are baptized. But I believe that it's only in an outward expression showing that a inward work of grace has been done.” [Questions And Answers, Jeffersonville, IN 64-0823M ]

“I come with this Message. Sometime it seems like I just hate to say It, but yet I'm--I'm duty bound, brethren. If I don't do it, I'm a hypocrite. If I don't do it, I'm a traitor to my own conscience, and my own--own faith in God's Word. I must do it, not to be different, but to be true to my calling. And I want to help you all, I want to do everything I can.” [Why It Had To Be Shepherd, Tucson, AZ 64--1221]

“Balaam using this phony text for his conscience. See? He said, "Well, I'll--I'll find out. I'll try again." Now, there is where you come, secondarily. How many Balaams have we got tonight, that likes to use that phony text of Matthew 28:19 just for their conscience's sake? How many wants to use Malachi 4 for their conscience's sake? How many wants to use Luke 17:30 just for conscience's sake? How many wants to use these things, yet, "Well, I tell you, I--I believe they're all mixed up on That"?And then here was Balaam trying to say, "Perhaps maybe God got mixed up. I'll try again, see, see what He said." Now, He knows your heart. Notice, Balaam used this phony text for his own conscience's sake, because, actually, he wanted that money. He wanted that dignitary. He wanted that. He wanted that job. He wanted that position, to be looked up to, as Doctor So-and-so. So he--he--he said, "I'll try again." Oh, at the Balaams in the world tonight, promised positions, popularity! My, oh, my! They numb their conscience by them. Because of their denominations, they say, "If you do that, out you go. I know you're a good man, and we love you," and he is a good man, "we love you. But you can't preach that. Our--our doctrine says you can't do that. Doctor So-and-so said this is the way it is. Now you've got to believe it this way, if you stay with us. Now, if you want to, I know you had a hard time, well, I'll see if I can't get you promoted, maybe change churches." Oh, you Balaam! When you know the will of God, you do it! God ain't going to change His mind.” [Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word 65-0418E]

“You speak with tongues and then refuse to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ? Something wrong somewhere. Yes, indeed; any of those things, any of those orders God give. There is something wrong. Just search your own conscience, and see what--see what the Bible said. Show me some place where somebody was baptized in the name of the "Father, Son, Holy Ghost." See? It's not there. But, you see, sometimes for your conscience's sake, you say, "Well..." You say, "God speaks to the women about how they must do, not wear shorts and things, but, you know, the pastor said..." So they take the easy way.” [Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0418E]

“Even I know a Pentecostal preacher, all of them, started now giving a round kosher. Which means, Ashtoreth, the "moon-god," a kosher wafer. Say, "Shut your eyes and take it, if it hurts your conscience." Shut your eyes? A round wafer, what does it mean? We are taking a broken body, Jesus Christ, broken; not a round moon-god, Ashtoreth, who Mary took the place of. And the Roman kosher is still round, for the moon-god, goddess, not god. We have a broken kosher, certainly. [Does God Ever Change His Mind About His Word, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0418E]

“I challenge this whole audience, in the Name of Jesus Christ! If you could, if... Your conscience, don't let it be seared with unbelief, don't let it be flustrated. Can't you see the Son of man, the Son of man in the form of prophetic Message, returning back again in His Church, in prophecy, revealing Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? It's never been done through the age, till this time. See? There is the proof of it.” [God's Provided Place Of Worship, Los Angeles, CA 65-0425]

“In the Hebrews, I believe the 10th chapter, said, "There was a continually remembrance of sin, each year, those beasts' body was offered. But in this case, the worshiper once purged has no more conscience of sin, no more desire to sin." The whole thing is gone from you, because you have been quickened into a new Life.” [Does God Change His Mind, Los Angeles, CA 65-0427]

“Father, You are God, yet. The same Word said that this would happen in the last days. Many honest person, as we said last Sunday, putting their hand to that Ark upon a new cart, and not the shoulders of the Levites, has fell dead, "dead in sin and trespasses," argue against their own conscience. Many ministers setting in his study, read that Word, and change the page quick; to keep from having to blast out, to know he'll lose his social standing with the public, with his church and with his denomination. God help us to never do that!” [The Anointed Ones At The End Time, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0725M]

“God's veil, yet today, can look and not lust. They turn their head. It's a Holy Veil, see, Holy Veil. God had their eyes... they were both, one was man and the other was woman, and they did not know they were naked, because the holiness of God kept their eyes veiled. Notice, God hid their conscience from sin, by the Holy Veil. Wish we had some time to lay on that, a few minutes. Looky here, "For he, the worshiper once purged," Hebrews, "the worshiper once purged, has no more conscience of sin." Sin has passed from him.” [Satan's Eden, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0829]

“That little inside of the inside, that's where you start, which is your soul; then come from that, you're a spirit; and then you become a living being. Now, the living being has five senses, to contact; the second has five senses. That's the outside body: see, taste, feel, smell, and hear. The inside body has love and conscience, and so forth, five senses. But the inside of the inside, the control tower, it's either God or Satan.” [Power Of Transformation, Prescott, AZ 65-1031M ]

“Let the Holy Spirit search your conscience, and you'll agree with Daniel 5:12. When the queen come in before Belteshazzar, and said she found out that there was a prophet, Daniel, was among them, and he was a dissolver of doubts. You let the Holy Spirit. He is the Prophet of the day. Let Him come into your heart right now and examine with the Word of God, and the doubts about the Message will be all dissolved. He dissolves all the doubts. You find out, it's exactly on the Word for this day.” [The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, Shreveport, LA 65-1125]

“Look at yourself for a few minutes. You say, "That Message you're preaching, Brother Branham, is wrong." Look at yourself a little bit. Let the Holy Spirit search your MINDS with the Word, you'll agree with the Message. Let Christ, the anointed Word, search out your own conscience. Let Him get into you, see if That's right or not. And that's just one or two things I mention, when there hundreds of them.” [The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ, Shreveport, LA 65-1125]

“You say, "I got the baptism, the Holy Ghost." That don't mean that you're saved, not by a long ways. Looky here. You are a triune being. You are. Inside this little fellow here is the soul, the next is the spirit, and next is the body. Now, you got five senses in this body, to contact your earthly home. They don't contact the rest of it. You got five senses of the spirit, here: love and conscience, and so forth, of that. But in here is where you live. That's what you are.” [The Rapture, Yuma, AZ 65-1204]

“There's three people of you. The outside is the body. You got five senses, that you contact your earthly home with that. The inside is a spirit. There's five senses there, love and conscience, and so forth, you contact. But the inside of that is the soul. [Things That Are To Be, Rialto, CA 65-1205]

“There's many people just can't believe It, even Spirit-filled people. I'm going to give you one that'll choke you. The baptism of the Holy Ghost don't mean you're going in, not at all, not on that, don't have anything to do with your soul. That's the baptism, see. Here's the inside soul, in here, that has to come from God. But then on the outside you have five senses, and five out... inlets to your... contact your earthly home. The inside, you have a spirit, and in there you have five outlets: your conscience, and love, and so forth, five outlets to that spirit. Remember, in that spirit you can be baptized with the genuine Spirit of God and still be lost. It's the soul that lives; that was ordained of God.” [Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy, San Bernardino, CA 65-1206]

Bible References: Romans 9:1; I Timothy 3:9

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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