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June 2019 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


Are Women Slacks Ungodly?


“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” [Deuteronomy 22:5]

“Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’: “but I say unto you, ‘That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” [Matthew 5:27-28]

“Yesterday in Saint Edward's hospital I heard a doctor tearing a girl to pieces back there. He got up the steps where I could shake his hand. Everybody in the hospital was listening and looking. It was the girl back there, some of you little ungodly clothes on, little britches like. “You know what the Bible says about that?” He says, “It's an abomination in the sight of God for a woman to wear trousers like a man. Right.” And there she was. Well, the doctor said, a little crippled fellow. I know him, but I can't think of his name. He said, "Do you mean to tell me that the sister let you get in this hospital like that?" Said, "Well, you're a disgrace to the hospital. Get out of here." I said, boy, I want to shake your hand. Certainly. Said, "How did you ever get by the front? Ain't you ashamed of yourself to come in here dressed like that?" I thought, oh, brother, that's right. I admire a man with enough courage to call right ‘right’ and wrong ‘wrong,’ regardless of who he is.” [The Lamb's Book Of Life, Jeffersonville, IN 56-0603]

“The Bible claims that if a woman cuts her hair or a lock, her husband has a right to divorce her and send her away. The Bible said so. She dishonors her husband. And a dishonorable woman shouldn't be lived with. Oh, you say, "I'm just as pure as a lily." That might be true, sister; it's because the preacher never told you about it, or either your stubborn will that won't let God come in. Maybe it didn't come into the preacher's heart. I know that's rough. I don't mean to hurt you, but that... We can't handle the Gospel with white gloves on no more. You've got to pull your gloves off and tell the truth. That's what people like. In all this modern day when you women let your girls, and even you, grandma, get out on the street with them little old ungodly clothes on and call yourselves Christians? Oh, you say, "I don't wear shorts; I wear slacks." That's worse.” [Jesus At The Door, New Haven, CT 58-0529]

“It's a disgrace that our American woman ever put on a pair of overalls and went into a war plant to work. I don't care how much that hurts, but it's a disgrace. It's a breaking the backbone of this nation. That little baby of yours needs you. God gave you that baby to raise yourself, not some babysitter. That's right.” [The Great Coming Revival And The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit, Chicago, IL 54-0718a]

“Happened to meet a lady today, and she was very much upset on what I said the other night about women wearing little short clothes; it was not nice for Christians to do that, and it was absolutely unscriptural. She said, "Young man, you'll--you'll ruin your ministry." I said, "Oh, no, no. If I don't, it'll be ruined. See?" She said... I said, "Are you guilty?" She said, "No, sir, I don't wear shorts." I said, "Well, then, what's you fussing about?" She said, "I wear slacks." I said, "That's worse." She said, "Oh, no," she said, "it's--it's decent like if..." And said, "You--you put a--like, what are you going to do with a woman out in the field?" I believe is the way she put it. Said, "Yeah, riding a horse." Said, "Out with my husband to help round up some cattle. You think I ought to wear a skirt?" Said, "You ar..." I said, "You oughtn't to be out there in the first place. That's what's the matter; women's trying to take man's work now; we got so many men out of work." That's right, that's right. She said, "What about in the garden when you're--when you're pulling up stuff, a garden with a--with a dress on. Don't you think it'd be better with--with slacks?" I said, "No, ma'am. My wife has no trouble about it, neither did my mother. I don't think you will either, if you'll just take care of yourself." I said, "I don't..." She said, "And slacks is wrong?" I said, "The Bible said that a woman that'll put on any garment that pertains to a man, it's an abomination in the sight of God." That's right.” [Abraham's Covenant Confirmed, Long Beach, CA 61-0210]

“One day I was speaking against women wearing shorts, and a woman said to me, "I don't wear them." I said, "What's that you got on?" She said... What is them things? Pedal pushers, or ever what it was, like that. I said... No, dungarees.   I said, "It's... That's worse than ever. The Bible said it's an abomination for a woman to put on a garment that pertains to a man." That's right. Up in Klamath Falls, recently, a lady wrote me a big long letter. She said, "What about a woman then out riding horses in a mosquito infested area, out there riding, rounding up the cattle? What do you think about her wearing a dress out there? Or when she's in the garden, when she has to stoop over and pull up things from the garden?" I said, "My mother and my wife both wear dresses, and they had no trouble. They wear them long enough when they stoop down, that's all of it." Then I said, "Another thing, on…out there on a horse, riding a horse, a woman ain't got no business out there. That's what the ruin of our nation today, is women trying to take men's jobs. She's trying to be a man; and a man's wanting to be a woman. God made them different." Right. Got no business being like that. She's out of her category. And a man's out of his category.” [Jehovah Jireh, Richmond, VA 61-0312]

“Talk about the lid off of the kettle: demons going around, powers of the devil under the name of Christianity, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men, theological seminary doctrines, leaving the Bible alone. Hallelujah. Who's able to... Who's strong enough, who's wise enough? Who's powerful enough to tame this legion stripping the clothes off of our women in the name of preachers, Methodist, Baptist, and even Pentecostal? Painting their faces like Jezebel, and bobbing their hair, and wearing pants just like men. Our preachers, not enough getup about them to tell them about it. Devil-possessed! It was the Legion that tore his clothes off of him. Who is this roaring devil?” [Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness, Jeffersonville, IN 61-1119]

“Women and men that won't follow God's Word and His Teaching after they claim to be born again, there's something wrong. I'm going to speak with the women just a minute. If a woman that knows that God's Word condemns bobbed hair, and wearing shorts, wearing slacks, and dressing immorally, and haven't got the decency enough to let your hair grow out and put on clothes that look like a Christian, you're deceived.” [You Must Be Born Again, Jeffersonville, IN 61-1231m]

“But this Angel that stayed with the Church elected, Abraham and his group, set with His back turned to the tent. And, Sarah, she was a little different from some of our modern sisters today. You know. Don't it make you feel kind of bad when, you know, men start talking, and women come out and butt right in, oh, it's kind of rude? You know, when God made a woman, He gave her the feminish spirit to be dainty and sweet, like the real Christian sisters are. But these women with overalls on, and a cigarette in their mouth, and stomp right out and cuss, and sing, "God bless America." See? And that, it just don't seem--seems rude. It just don't... There's something that's wrong...?... That's right. And... But little Sarah was a little Pentecostal sister that stayed back to take care of her business. She was back in there cooking some dinner.” [It Is I Be Not Afraid, Columbia, SC 62-0611]

“It's an abomination. A woman said to me, "I don't wear shorts." Said, "I wear these…What do you call them, when they pull like? slacks." I said, "That's worse than ever. The Bible says it's an abomination for a woman to wear a garment that pertains to a man." It's a shame, oh, our women, our men! And you men with a wishbone instead of a backbone, to let your women smoke cigarettes, and act like that. Shame on you. I don't call that a ruler of his own house. I call that led around by the ears somewhere. Shame on you! Oh, "Our whole body," Isaiah said, "has become putrefied sores." We need a housecleaning and a Holy Ghost revival, for the Coming of Lord Jesus Christ.” [A Greater Than Solomon Is Here, Santa Maria, CA 62-0628]

“I said something about it one time, and a lady met me outside. She said, "Mr. Branham, I give you to understand I'm Pentecostal." I said, "Well, praise the Lord. Then act like it." She said-she said, "Well," she said, "do you think it's wrong, then, for a woman? You said about a woman putting on a man's garment?" I said, "The Bible said." She said, "I don't wear shorts." She said, "I wear slacks." I said, "That's worse. The Bible said it's abomination for a woman to put on a garment pertains to a man." Right. God is infinite. God can never change. His decision is perfect. Show me one time God changes. He doesn't.” [Hear Ye Him, Spokane, WA 62-0711]

“If they say, "Well, now, dear, it don't hurt for you to do this." Don't you believe it, when God... Said, "It don't hurt for the women to cut their hair," when God's Word says it's an abomination to Him, to do it. When you say, "Why, I wear slacks. I don't wear shorts." God said a woman that will put on a garment pertains to a man, it's an abomination to Him. The Bible said it's wrong for a woman to cut her hair, it's even uncommon for her to pray and so forth like that. Even with her head uncovered, she dishonors her own head. God forbids it! And that system that tells you it's all right to do it, don't you believe it. It's a false anointed. It's a false Christ. It's against God's Word. The righteous hold onto the Word of God because It's the program of God's Eternal system.” [The Falling Apart Of The World, Jeffersonville, IN 62-1216]

“Seminary ministers, what did they do? Worldly-dressed women, wearing shorts, bobbed hair, and man with not enough Spirit about him to condemn it. Any man let his wife do that, needs a good Gospel whipping. That's right. She proves herself dishonorable, and you admit it. Any man would take his wife out on the street, with those little old trousers of a thing on, they walk out here with, so tight the skin on the outside, and walk down the street like that, absolutely a disgrace to humanity. To me, it shows there is a lack of something inside. It shows an emptiness.” [Just One More Time Lord, Phoenix, AZ 63-0120e]

“Take a good look around you. Examine the people as they walk by. In the multitudes you see, can you pick out those that have the appearance of Christians? Watch how they dress, watch how they act, hear what they say, see where they go. Surely there ought to be some real evidence of the new birth amongst all those we see go by. But few there be. Yet today the fundamental churches are telling us they have millions saved and even Spirit-filled. Spirit-filled? Can you call women Spirit-filled who go around with frizzy bobbed hair, shorts and slacks, halters and briefs, all painted up like Jezebel? If these are adorned in modest apparel as becometh Christian women, I would hate to think what it would be like if I had to witness a display of immodesty.” [Laodicean Church Age, 7 Church Ages Book 65-1206x]

“Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy had this here water-head haircut, and look all the women. She wore them little old sack-colored aprons, or things like that, it's a scandalous for the woman to be on the street, with them stretched on like that. Look at all the women doing the same thing. It's an impersonation, but that's in the world. The church people picked it up, and it's a shame that they do it. It's wrong for them to do it, and it's a disgrace. And when we see it creeping into Pentecost, it's more disgraceful. That is right. But, you see, the church puts up with it and lets it go.” [Does God Change His Mind, Los Angeles, CA 65-0427]

“Say, "What's wrong with them slacks?" Or, whatever they call it, pedal pushers, or ever what it is. The Bible said, that, "Any woman that'll wear a garment that pertains to a man, it's an abomination in the sight of God." That's THUS SAITH THE BIBLE.” [The God Of This Evil Age, Jeffersonville, IN 65-0801m]

Bible References: Deuteronomy 22:5; Matthew 5:27-28

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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