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September 2020 Newsletter: Questions & Answers

Featured Questions & Answers


What Is Holiness Life Manifested?


“That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; and be renewed in the spirit of your mind; and that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.” [Ephesians 4:22-24]

“Did I say something? All right. Yes, sir. I'm concerned that they back up on the issue of God, saying, that, "Jesus Christ is not the same yesterday, today, and forever." I'm concerned about them backing up, and saying, "HOLINESS don't belong into the church. There's no such a thing as sanctification of the Spirit." I'm concerned about them saying, "The days of miracles is past." What's the matter with them? What's the matter? We're concerned. If they're afraid to do it, we've had an experience out here. We met the Devil. That's right. And the God that could defeat the Devil in my life, and pour into me the baptism of the Holy Ghost, can--can slay that uncircumcised devil out there, that's trying to defy the armies of the living God. Amen. [Convinced Then Concerned, Tempe, AZ 62-0118]

“Father God, I have taught tonight that You are still the same God. And the people, Lord, I trust that You will make Yourself so real, this way, Father. They, they've heard preaching. We got some of the finest ministers, I believe, Father, that there is in the world, lives along in this country, and real holy, dedicated men to the service of God, in these fine churches throughout these, this country here. I believe that. They're my brethren. And I come, Lord, among them, even as a stranger one day, and they received me. And they've taken me in, and they--they love me. And--and, yet, many times that I have to scold and say things. See them sometimes going along with some organization, denominations getting them off of the beaten path, then I scold them. And still they're just as sweet, and love me, then I know that they're Your servants, Father. And they know that I don't do that to be nasty; Lord, You'd never deal with a person like that. Now, Father, to know that it, the way back, is through HOLINESS, and through sanctification of the Spirit, and the consecration of lives.” [Convinced Then Concerned, Tempe, AZ 62-0118]

“The denominations, the great organizations of the world, what do they expect when they see the... revival break in the city? What does the denominations expect? "A great intellectual speech. He has to come by fine education, swell words. And able, with a personality, to get cooperation everywhere, and--and everything like that, and a great big program." What do you do? Get up to the altar, a bunch of painted-faced Jezebels that never wash up, a bunch of cigarette-smoking guys that claim to be Christians, and have never straightened their life, still as crooked as a barrel of snakes. You tell me that that's the Holy Spirit? No, sir. The Holy Spirit is HOLINESS, and power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Amen. That is true, my brother, not no slight.” [The Unchangeable God Working In An Unexpectable Way, Phoenix, AZ 62-0120]

“Samson, he presumed it was all right. God was still there. That's what the church thought, when they went out here. "Well, God's still there. He's a good God. He don't care." You old-timers here, when your mammy and pappy, back yonder fifty or sixty years ago, when they come out of them organizations, and things, to be free with God, to worship God, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, come up out of Egypt, why, if you'd have talked to them, if they'd ever went right back and done the same thing that Egyptians done, the world, they'd have laughed in your face. But they did it. They did it. "Oh, we presume it'll be all right." Don't presume. Stay with the Word. You had to compromise. What did you have to compromise? Your great evangelical doctrine to even get in the--the World Council of churches. What are you doing? Acting just like they're doing. What's the churches, acting like they're doing. What's their schools, same thing. Even our HOLINESS schools are getting so bad and things like that, the perversion and everything else setting in among them. What we need is the power of God in there to call out that sin. And right here it's pouring out, say, "Here you are." That's what gifts are sent in the church.” [Presuming, Cleveland, TN 62-0408]

“I seen the women burn their hands almost in shame, holding that cigarette behind them. A man drinking will make an escape, get around somewhere. See, they... That's the type that there's a hope for. But there is some of those that would walk right up and curse just in the presence of a Christian to act smart. That man's beyond hope. When you preach against wrongdoing, HOLINESS, preach that women shouldn't wear immoral clothes (these little old clothes, shorts they wear), they wear them just to be mean. And when they do that, there's no place of refuge for them. If it was there, they wouldn't even seek for it. So sooner or later, they're going to be caught up with.” [Letting Off The.Pressure, Green Lake, WI 62-0518]

“I want to say this right now. The Blood of Jesus Christ is all-sufficient. See? Christ never died for them Seraphims. No, no. But They were created Beings. He never died for Angels. He died for sinners. Uh-huh. He never died for holy people. He died for unholy. And long as you think you're holy, He never done you no good. But when you realize you're nothing, then He died--He died for you. See? When you realize that you're nothing, then He is the... You was the one He died for. Hum! God is all holy. There is nothing to Him but HOLINESS, that's all, purity.” [The Influence Of Another, Jeffersonville, IN 62-1013]

“Now what if we got down to Bible Doctrine of wearing shorts, and bobbing hair, and stuff like that, see, where to godliness, women professing godliness and HOLINESS? Card parties and everything else, tattlers, blabbers, not having been able to hold their own tongue. Own tongue talking and tattling, and going around. How about the men? Card parties, golf games, out there half-dressed, little old dirty-looking clothes on, with them women hanging out there.” [The Stature Of A Perfect Man, Jeffersonville, IN 62-1014m]

“You can look, you know your way around here. Oh, my, yes. You know what--what, how to stand on a certain hand of cards. You know what the dice, when it rolls, what it means, and everything like that. But when it comes to know the HOLINESS and righteousness and the power of God, and how the Holy Spirit operates and what It does, you better stay right behind the Word, the Guide. See? You've never passed this way before. Well, you say, "I was a pretty smart man, I had--I had two degrees in college." You better forget it. Yes, sir. "I've went through the seminary."

You better forget it. Yeah. You better stay behind the Guide. Let Him lead you. He knows the way; you don't. You haven't passed this way before. "Well," you say, "they have." See if they have. Jesus said, "Those that passed this way, these signs will follow them. My Name, they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues; or take up serpents or drink deadly things, it won't harm. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Most of them refuse It, deny It, say It's not even inspired. They're not following the Guide. They're following a man-made creed. You better stay right behind the Word, because you haven't passed this way, you know. But you're born again, and you've been born into HOLINESS. You've not passed this way before. You've pa-... If you pass this way, you have to come through HOLINESS, because it's a new Land, a new Life, a new people.” [A Guide, Jeffersonville, IN 62-1014e]

“Heavenly Father, let that be the depths of our heart, Lord. Truly millions now in sin and shame are dying. Right here in the city of Phoenix, literally thousands groping in sin. And here we stand, this morning, enshrouded with the Presence of the Holy Spirit. We're all conscious of His august Presence. I feel Him in my heart. I feel Him upon the people. O God, may a vision come to us, that we can see the HOLINESS of God, see how little we are. May the temple posts be moved in our presence, and there while we're in His Presence, Lord. May the power of the Holy Spirit just shake us so, Lord, that not only the temple posts will be moved, but the posts in our heart will be moved, the post of indifference, that'll let the door of God's opportunity to come in. Be moved away, the stone of unbelief taken away.” [Influence, Phoenix, AZ 63-0112]

“Even our people are getting away from the practice of HOLINESS. We begin to let down so many bars. See? We got to come to that place of our profession. He is our example, and He is our sin Bearer. And then if we profess that He is our Peacemaker, He is our Propitiation, then if we profess that, then that is supposed to reflect Him back in us. And we are a written epistle, a looking glass, that people can see Christ in us. And now, if they don't, then we're--we're--we're looking at something else, and we're not looking to Him. "Look to Him, all the ends of the world, and live." The only way you can.” [Identification, Phoenix, AZ 63-0123]

“That's what's the matter in the nation today. It's the people's own stubborn will. Not because we don't have the same God that crossed the Red Sea, with His people, that fed them forty years in the wilderness. It's not because we don't have the same God that we had in the beginning. It's the people's own stubborn way. They don't want to bow down. They don't want to--to have anything to do with the HOLINESS and purity of living the Bible way of living. They would rather belong to church and put their name on a book, and live like the rest of the world, than to bow down to the promises and the Commandments of Almighty God. That's what's the matter today. That's the reason things are going the way they are, people get away from the Word. You'll never be able to get straightened out till we get back onto the right path.” [Why? Hot Springs, AR 63-0626]

“Say, "I just have to smoke. Something just makes me smoke." Try the inoculation one time, and find out whether--whether it works or not. You say, "I--I just can't keep from doing this. I--I..." Well, you just--you just take God's toxin one time and see how it does to you. A woman said to me not long ago. I was getting onto her about wearing these little old scandal clothes. And she said, "Now, Brother Branham, let me tell you, you have no right to say that. We got a right to wear shorts if we want to." I said, "I guess that's right. But if you was a Christian, you wouldn't want to wear them." She said, she said, and she said, "Well, now wait, Brother Branham." She said, "You know, they don't make any other kind of clothes but just those sexy clothes, and so forth, like that." I said, "They still got bolt goods and make sewing machines. There is no excuse." That's right. It's because they don't want to take the inoculation of the fillings of the Holy Spirit, old-fashioned, God-saved, camp-meeting HOLINESS. Amen.” [Why? Hot Springs, AR 63-0626]

“Then you beginning to find, and your patience gets from about that long, till it just don't have no end. Anybody just keeps saying things about you, "Well, I don't care what you say!" Don't get stirred up. If you get stirred up, you better go pray first, 'fore you talk to them again. Yeah. Yeah. Don't get in fusses. Don't like to get in fuss; if you like to see somebody raise up in church, say, "You know what? I'll tell you, So-and-so did so-and-so." You say, "Now, brother, shame on you." If you say, "Oh, is that so?" Listen to that scandal? Watch out. The Holy Spirit is not a cesspool. See? No, no. No, no. The heart is occupied by the Holy Spirit, is full of HOLINESS, purity. "Thinketh no evil, doeth no evil; believeth all things; endureth, long-suffering." [Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel, Jeffersonville, IN 63-0630e]

“Somebody said to me, the other day, some woman asked me, said, "Well, where do you think you'd find?" I said, "If the Lord asked me to pick a dozen out, over the world, I'd be--I'd be scared to death." When, by the discernment of the Spirit, stand there and watch them, and stand like that and see them things over them; the dirty, filthy, low-down, cigarette-suckers, out there carrying on like that, and stand in a robed choir and sing in that condition, and let the audience see them. They'll say, "Well, if she can do it, I can too." A Christian life is a life of HOLINESS and purity, innocent! I indict them, in the Name of Jesus Christ, for their filth and dirt. They have brought the Gospel to a disgrace. And those who try to hold It, are called "fanatics," calling, "That's old-fashioned nonsense." I indict them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Just modern stripteases on the street, sing in choirs, cigarette-smoking, tell dirty jokes, three or four husband, and after the sixth one, and then sing in the choir because they got a voice. You poor intellectual, spiritual deprived, rejected upon your own grounds. You read the same Bible that any other man can read, but you've turned down the Spirit of God, till the Bible said you'd "be given over to a strong delusion, to believe a lie and be damned by it." You actually believe that you're right, and the Bible says that you would believe it and be damned by the same lie that you believe to be the Truth. Therefore, I indict you by the Word of God. You are teaching the people a error, and crucifying the principles of Christ, of HOLINESS and Life above, that the person might walk out on the street and be a different person.” [The Indictment, Jeffersonville, IN 63-0707m]


Bible References: Ephesians 5:26-27

 [Answer provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Lynden, Washington, USA]


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